What Breed is My Dog?

Mutt owners often love to proclaim how great it is having a mixed breed dog – and who can blame them? Mutts are a delight! But have you ever wondered about what kind of dog(s) your mutt is?

dog breed family tree

What Breed is My Dog?

Owners who adopt dogs from shelters often wonder about what breed their dog is and question their dog’s genealogy and ancestry.

While there are some distinguishing features from various dog breeds that can be identified in mixed dogs, most breed qualities won’t be obvious at first glance.

In fact, many owners who purchase a dog genealogy test are shocked with the results! Your dog may have several breeds in them you never expected!

Dog Breed Identifier Kit: Is It Worth It?

One great way to discover your pooch’s dog family tree is by purchasing a dog breed identifier kit. You take a DNA sample of your dog and send it away to the lab (it’s nothing scary – just a quick and easy cheek swab).

In a couple weeks, you’ll get all kinds of awesome information about your pup’s dog genealogy.

You may wonder, why should I care about my mixed dogs ancestry? There are numerous reasons why taking a dog breed identification test is worth the effort.

  • Understand Your Dog’s Behaviors. Does your dog love to dig? Or maybe he’s a big barker? Your dog’s breed may have something to do with it!
  • Potential Illness. Revealing your dog’s breed ancestry means you can prepare for potential health risks associated with certain breeds.
  • Mixed Breed Ancestry: Trace back your dogs breed origins, back to great-grandparents! Just as it’s fun to learn about your own human ancestors, it’s a ton of fun to learn about your dog’s family tree too! Your dog probably doesn’t care much, but it’s fun for owners.
  • Weight Range Prediction. Dog ancestry tests help determine how big your puppy will become and what can be considered a healthy weight for your mutt.
  • Prevent Purebred Inbreeding. For purebred dogs, a breed identifier test can help provide breed certification as well show the level of genetic diversity inbreeding.

Everything from your dog’s ear shape to their tail style says something unique about your dog and their history. A dog genealogy test helps you learn everything you could ever want to know about your dog and discover their breed background!

Wisdom Panel 2.0 Dog DNA Test Review


Price: $60

This easy-to-use dog DNA test provides an official dog ancestry report, tracing your dog’s genetic background. Just swab your dog’s cheek and send it off with Wisdom Panel. You’ll get a detailed report 3 weeks later.


  • Simple & easy. All you need is a quick cheek swab for DNA testing.
  • In-depth breed insights. Advanced and detailed breed insight to help understand behavior, weight expectations, and possible health problems associated with specific breeds.
  • Excellent customer service. Customers rave about Wisdom 2.0 customer service and the speed of results.
  • Discover your dog’s great grandparents. Test mixed breed, purebred, or designer dog breeds back to great-grandparents.

Interested? Order Wisdom Panel 2.0 Breed Identification DNA Test Kit!