Where Can I Surrender My Dog for Free?

Dog Adoption By Ben Team 11 min read December 19, 2019 100 Comments

how to surrender a pet

From time to time, people find that they cannot properly care for their dog, and they need to place him in more capable hands.

While this is a difficult process with which affected dogs must cope, it is certainly better than allowing them to suffer and endure a poor quality of life.

No matter the circumstances, this is usually a tough time for owners. Many are not sure where to turn, and don’t know where they can surrender their pup. We’ll examine some of the issues central to the challenge here, in hopes of providing a little assistance for families faced with this dilemma.

Reasons You May Need to Surrender Your Dog

It is always preferable to keep a dog for his entire life, as changes in familial status can be quite traumatic. Dogs bond deeply with their families, and they can become depressed, anxious, or suffer from a variety of behavioral problems in response to such upheaval.

However, it isn’t always possible to keep a pet. Sometimes, the universe simply throws you a curveball, forcing you to do things you never thought you’d have to do. We have an entire guide to help you decide whether or not it’s time to rehome your pet. Some of the most common reasons people must surrender a dog include:

  • A change in the family composition. For example, the person who normally cared for the dog may go away to school, or a new person who is not comfortable living with a dog may join the family.
  • A change in living situation. You may be forced, for example, to move to a place that is not pet-friendly, or your landlord may decide he no longer wants your dog to live in the house.
  • The dog may have unresolvable behavioral issues, such as aggression.
  • One or more of the people in the home may develop pet allergies.
  • You may suffer an injury or illness that precludes you from properly caring for your dog.

Places to Surrender Your Dog Free or Nearly Free

Most major metropolitan areas are home to several non-profit organizations that will accept your dog. Such organizations may be more difficult to find in rural areas, so you may have to travel some distance to find an acceptable place.

As a rule, shelters are typically managed and operated at the local level. So, you’ll have to look around a bit (Google is your friend) to find the shelters operating in your area.

Different shelters have different policies regarding surrendered dogs. Some will take any dog presented to them, without charging any fees.

However, because most shelters are non-profit organizations that lack the financial wherewithal to care for an unlimited number of dogs, many will charge owners a fee to surrender their dog.

Such fees can vary from as little as $20 to as much as $150 or more. Even if you find a shelter that accepts dogs for free, you should probably consider giving them a small donation if you can.

If the fee will be an issue for you, simply inform the shelter staff that you don’t have the funds, and they’ll most likely be able to take the dog for free or use money previously donated to cover the surrender fee.

Just call ahead and find out what the procedures and policies of the shelter are before making the trip over. You may, for example, also be allowed to donate any uneaten food, as well as toys, crates and other pet-care supplies.

Don’t worry about the shelter staff making you feel bad or giving you a guilt trip about surrendering your pet. In fact, most shelters train their employees to be understanding and considerate of owners in these types of situations. Most shelter employees are pet lovers themselves, and they will understand just how heartbreaking it is to surrender your four-footed friend.

how to rehome a dog

A Completely Free Rehoming Option

If you can’t find a local shelter or rescue that works for you and your pooch, you may want to investigate Rehome. Rehome is affiliated with Adoptapet.com, and it is intended to help owners find a new family for their four-footer.

The process is completely free for owners (adopters will have to pay a small fee), and you’ll have the chance to pick out the family or individual who ends up with your pooch.

We decided to check out the process by setting up a dummy account. This way, we could help our readers understand what to expect. Don’t worry – I let a Rehome representative know we were doing so. We didn’t want to create any additional work for the staff.

Here’s how it works:

Start by visiting the Rehome Home Page. There, you can check out some information on the program and see a cute video of a darling little doggo. Once you’re ready to begin, just click the “Get Started” icon.

On the next page, you’ll need to start answering questions about the pet you’d like to rehome.

  1. Are you rehoming a dog, cat or other pet?
  2. Has your dog bitten anyone in the last 10 days?
  3. Is your pet spayed or neutered?
  4. Why do you need to rehome your pet?
  5. How long are you able to keep your pet while we help you find a suitable new home?

The first few questions are simple enough. The question about biting is likely a way that Rehome seeks to filter potential rabies cases (dogs with rabies rarely live longer than 10 days).

The fourth question, however, may make some owners squirm a bit. Just be honest to ensure the best outcome for your pooch. Rehome isn’t trying to judge you or make you feel bad; they’re just trying to understand why you need to find a new home for your pet.

There are several options available from the dropdown menu, including things like ongoing costs, behavioral issues, landlord problems, and allergies.  

The final question gives you options ranging between less than 1 week to more than 2 months (there’s also an “other” option, which allows you to enter a date).

On the next page, you’ll provide more basic information:

  • Email address
  • Password (you’ll make one)
  • Personal info, including your name and phone number
  • Pet’s location (city, state, and zip code – no street address necessary)
  • Receive adopter questions via text? (Yes/No)

You’ll then need to check a box affirming that you’re over 18, and another affirming that you agree to Rehome’s terms and conditions.

On the next page, you’ll start providing more information about your pet. This includes:

  • Your pet’s name
  • Your pet’s breed
  • Your pet’s second breed (if you have a mixed breed doggo)
  • Gender
  • Age (puppy, young, adult, or senior)
  • Size (under 25 pounds, 26 to 60 pounds, 61 to 100 pounds, or 101 pounds or more)
  • Color (there are nearly 30 options)

You’ll then be prompted to upload one to four photos of your pupper. You can even add a video if you like.

After uploading photos and videos (if you choose), you’ll need to answer some more basic questions about your pooch. Each question listed below gives you three options: yes, no, or unknown.

  • Shots up to date?
  • Microchipped?
  • House-trained?
  • Good with dogs?
  • Good with cats?
  • Good with kids?
  • Purebred?
  • Has special needs?
  • Needs experienced adopter?

The last three questions are optional – you needn’t answer them if you don’t want to.

You’ll then have a chance to “share your pet’s story.” Include some adjectives to describe your pooch and be sure to let prospective owners know about her personality. This is your chance to “sell” your doggo and show prospective adopters how awesome she is.

Below this section, you’ll have the chance to explain what food your dog eats, and any dietary facts prospective adopters should know.

On the last page, Rehome will ask you to agree to a fee. But this fee is not charged to you it is charged to whoever adopts your dog. Note that you don’t get the fee; Rehome uses the funds to help support rescues and shelters. It appears that you have no choice in this matter.

They’ll then ask you one final question: How did you hear about Rehome. There are a few options from which you can choose. After making your selection, you’ll be prompted to check your inbox and verify your email address. Click on the button in the email and your pet’s profile will go live.

At this point, you simply need to sit back and wait for texts from prospective adopters.

How to surrender your dog

The Dos and Don’ts of Surrendering a Dog

Regardless of the specifics involved for you and your pet, there are a few things you’ll always want to do when finding him a new home, as well as a few things you should avoid doing.


  • Try to find a home for your pet before defaulting to a shelter. Shelters are collectively faced with millions of abandoned, surrendered, and stray pets each year, and the fewer pets they take in, the better.
  • Continue to care properly for your pet while seeking a suitable shelter or home. It is not your dog’s fault that you must surrender him (even if he is suffering from behavioral issues), and he still deserves to be treated well in the interim.
  • Strive to select a new family for your pet that will suit your pet’s personality. For example, you don’t want your husky to go to a family of homebodies, nor do you want your sensitive Shih Tzu to go to a family that already has three rowdy dogs.
  • Research the reputation of animal shelters in your area. If you do end up needing to take your dog to a shelter to surrender him, do your research! Different shelters have different policies, and not all are five-star organizations. Do your due diligence when choosing a reputable animal shelter where your furry pal will get his best 2nd chance. Don’t be terrified of taking your dog to an open-admission shelter (aka a “kill shelter), as many of these only put down dogs with extreme aggression issues or dire medical problems. Discuss with the shelter staff what your dog’s chances are of finding a new home quickly – everyone wants your dog to succeed!


  • Leave your dog unattended outside a shelter in the middle of the night. This is dangerous for your dog and irresponsible. However, some shelters place a kennel outside their front door, for owners who are too ashamed to drop their dog off in person. While this will still be traumatizing for your dog (and should be avoided if possible), it is safer than just tying him to a tree.
  • Withhold important information, such as behavioral problems, to convince someone to adopt him. Doing so only perpetuates the pet-surrendering cycle, as the new owner will not be prepared for the problems your dog presents, and will likely have to surrender him to another shelter.
  • Set your animal free in the wilderness. Dogs are domestic animals who are likely to suffer greatly if forced to live “on their own.” While it is true that some dogs adapt to a feral lifestyle well enough, the majority surely fall victim to disease or injury in a brief period of time.

Alternative Approaches for Finding Your Dog a New Home

Before finding a place to surrender your pet, you should explore some alternative approaches to your problem. After all, approximately 20% of the dogs who enter shelters nationwide ultimately end up being euthanized, so you owe it to your pooch to give him the best chance at a long, healthy life.

For example, you may be able to avoid surrendering a dog for behavioral issues by simply working with a competent trainer. If you have health issues which prevent you from walking your dog regularly, you may find that one of the neighborhood kids would be happy to help out with these duties.

If your landlord is not happy with your pet situation, try to sit him or her down for a heart-to-heart discussion. Try to negotiate a compromise that will satisfy all parties. For example, you may offer to pay an extra deposit or pay for the cleaning bills once you move out.

Fortunately, landlord-tenant problems relating to pets are likely to become less common in the future.The number of pet-loving families has exploded over the past few decades, and many rental homes and apartments now welcome pets (yes, even large dogs) with open arms.

You can also try to place your dog in a new home yourself. Get the word out by putting up a message on social media or placing signs at the local pet store or shelter. Just be sure that the new owner understands any issues your dog may have and gets along well with your dog (be sure to set up a meeting before making a commitment).

It is also worth noting that a number of organizations exist solely to provide owners with help, so that they can avoid having to surrender their pet. Such organizations may be able to help you find appropriate housing or even assist with medical bills. Many shelters will help provide owners with food, bedding, and any other costs that may be impeding you from keeping your dog.

Shelters know that your dog will be happiest with his family, so they’re often more than willing to help in any way they can. Don’t be afraid to call and discuss your situation!

Have you ever been forced to rehome or surrender a dog? We’d love to hear about your experiences, if you are up to it. It’s definitely a difficult thing to endure, but your story may help others in the same situation.

dog adoption guide
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I’ve got a very sweet king Charles spaniel that I need to relinquish. She’s six, spayed and up to date on shots. I’m in a homeless situation. I love her dearly but want the best for her. Any ideas you can provide willbe helpful


I don’t know if it’s too late to ask but I would gladly take your king charles. I have one and he needs a companion. I had to relinquish a mastiff. Email me at segarcia1(at)msn(dot)com if you are still in this situation. Thanks,

Ben Team

Hey, Saul. I hope you guys are able to connect!
Just FYI — I edited your email address to protect you from the bots!
Good luck!


We have two six year old Great Danes that were left with us March 29 for one week, and the owners have since left the country. They are well behaved, but we have no vehicle to transport them, nor a fenced in yard. Anyone who could take them, we would truly appreciate it. Thanks.


I have a 8 month chihuahua mix. He has his first shots. He gets along with dogs and cats. He like to play, fetch and likes car rides. Looking for a forever home.


I have to move and can’t take my dog I have two pitbull male he 5 years and a female 4 years good dog but getting divorce and cans take them to my apartment

Mandy Dufour

I am moving out of state tomorrow and have a female 1 1/2 beagle mic. She very loving and full of energy. Unfortunately where we are moving to we can not have pets. A friend of mine was supposed to take her but backed out this morning. The two places near me are closed today and the other is full. What do I do. Shes a wonderful dog. I want her to have a happy home.

Meg Marrs

I’d say either drive (even if it’s far) to a shelter that is open or delay your move-in date. It’s your job to make sure your dog ends up in a good home, or at least an opportunity to find a good home. Maybe there is some kind of favor or monetary compensation you can provide to sway your friend who backed out at the last minute.


I have a 3 year old pitbull named Ross I moved I cannot take him with me I’m looking for him a home so he won’t have to go to a shelter please help me


I have a female pitbull/ boxer mix who is 15 months old and unfortunately, my living situation changed several months ago and I just don’t have space or time for her. She deserves a good home with a yard and a family that has time for her.


I have a 6yr old Australian Kellie that needs a new home he protects his home but is very friendly if introduced to someone.
Wife is out of country and I leave to start new job and travel and cant have animal with me for 6 months.

Darwin Rieland

Have to surrender my dog looking for a place to send him

Rose kidd

I have a female pitbull. She is 6 years old. Great with kids. She takes time to get used to adults. But when she comes around she’s an amazing family dog.
If anyone is interested please let me know. I have to move and can’t take her with me. I would rather not take her to a shelter.


I have to surrender my German Shepard boy he is going to be 3 years in September. Really loving dog loves kids. My wife is allergic to him so we have to surrender.


I have a male and female pit labs mix. A female pit mastiff a blue cat with 3 black kittens and 2 blue all need a new home. I have had a recent decline in health and cannot care for them I also have a pit that just had 7 pit labs mix puppies. 2wks old. My neighbors dog ( pure black lab)comes here he hasn’t been neutered . My dogs in their own yard on runs or in dog lot. But I get stuck with more and more dogs .I’m on a fixed income and can’t afford to spay the females. The hummane society was going to pay for the spaying but vet refused because I had given my dogs their vaccinations instead of vet. I just don’t understand. I am or was a nurse I can administer the injection as well as them . Anyway if any one interested please contact me sheiladenise701@gmail.com dogs are well mannered get along with cats. Love attention. Thanks I just don’t want to have to surrender.

Meg Marrs

Hey everyone – we appreciate all the effort to find pets good and safe homes, but this page is not intended to be a pet adoption message board. In the future we’re going to begin removing e-mail addresses and phone numbers posted here because 1) leaving personal information via comment sections on the internet puts you at great risk for robo scrapers and spam. 2) You’re going to have much more success finding homes for your pets locally than through an online page’s comment section.

Please use the resources and information detailed in this article instead!

Marquez Roundtree

I don’t have the funds to pay my landlord who wants $350 my dog is Leah is up to date on shots is registered and has a tracking chip.


I have 5 puppies now 18 weeks up to date on shots. Mother was returned from previous adoption. And was in heat. Unaware of this placed in pen with my other dogs, and I believe she bread with her father. I was able to find homes for 2 but I can’t keep them . 1 girl who is deaf and 4 boys. 3 boys have hair growth issues and I believe are hermaphrodite. 1 male normal. All have had vet checks. I just had mother spade and can’t really keep her. I’m desperate. They are Aussie blue heeler. Are out doors. I have not been able to do anything with them other than feed and water and shots. Need help ASAP

Crystal jones

My ex friend just left him with me knowing that I could not keep her dog in my apt. I need to surrender him or if somebody wants a free dog they can have him. He is 4 years old and very friendly. He was updated on his shots but I am guessing it’s been a year since he had any. He is fixed also.


I have a French bulldog 2 years old and can’t keep him we both suffering from allergies .


Where share you located? My sister in law is searching for one

Lori jabbori

I have a two year old French bulldog that would love a friend. I am familiar with breed and would provide a loving home.

Ibis Serrano

Hi guys, It is with a heavy heart that k write this message. My son has developed asthma and we have tried everything to reduce the triggers and it has come down for me to make a tough decision. I need to find my dog a forever home. I was hoping you guys can help. Zero’s birthday is 10/21/14 he will be 4 this year. He’s neutered house trained great with kids and other dogs. He’s is sensitive to weather changes he does better indoors.


I am having to take my two Doberman pit mix pups to shelter because the neighbors refuse to contain their dogs, their dogs dig under our fence and eat their food and get into fights with our dogs,I have complained for 2 years to the animal control yet nothing is ever being done. I can’t handle it anymore I’ve got to get them a new home fast. I’m thinking of the dog pound in Pellcity al. At least there they’ll get to eat their own food

Bradford Kyles

I have a pitbull terrier mix he got loose for a week and 2 weeks later he started developing lumps on his coat they are getting to be all over his body ifeel terrible but i know i must surrender him but he might be aggressive towards other people what should i do


I am wanting to find out about re-homing a dog I got as an unexpected gift. How do I go about this? Most of the shelters in my area are either kill shelter or because I don’t live within the city limits of the surrounding towns I can’t send him to any of those. I just need some guidance in what steps to take. Thank you for any advice.

Meg Marrs

Hi Pheama – open admission shelters (aka “kill shelters”) won’t likely put down a healthy dog that has a decent chance of adoption. If you’re concerned, talk to them about your worries. I am confident that they can help you find a good home for the dog!

Kimberley Ann Nivison

We need to surrender our dog asap. Please help. Job relocation AMD the person that was gonna pickup today backed out.


My friend has a strong dog (boxer mixed with something else. I helped her walk the dog and he almost got away from me trying to attack another dog. Today, 12/30/18, my friend walked the dog and he pulled her down to the floor, got away and stacked another dog. Please help she needs to give this dog away today if possible!

Tanvi joshi

Want to give my pet……..he is well trained but due to some persnol reason have to give him away…

Carlette Mitchell

Hi I have a English bulldog that’s three years old. Bought him from the pet store in Hartsdale @ 11 weeks old. He is a pure bred. I’m working long hours and my live in boyfriend is no help with Bat. That’s his name. And he’s becoming aggressive when I want him off my bed. I just dont have the time or energy anymore. Want a good place for him. Have papers on him. He cost us about $5,000 with interest.


I have a female German Shepherd mix that is not quite a year old who I can no longer care for properly (she’s extremely energetic and playful) due to a very busy schedule. Does anyone know someone who might want a great dog who loves people, but needs more attention and playtime than I can provide?


I had to give up on my thought of keeping a pet dog because i am facing difficulty in managing her.
Suggest me any responsible and caring hands for my dog.

Ben Team

Hi, Vijay. You’ll just need to look into some of the resources discussed in the article. I’d also recommend that you consider working with a certified trainer before you throw in the towel. A little bit of professional help can work wonders.


I have to get rid of my pitbull. he 16 months old . he is big and loves to play . I cant have him anymore cause my little sisters allergies. I work and dont have the time to care for him.

Ben Team

Hey, Deja. Make sure you check out some of the resources in the article. Best of luck!


Help! I found a beautiful Pitt Bull that was injured and starved, he’s now a whooping 75lbs. I just can’t keep him though. I have lots of information about him to give you if your untested! He’s a big baby that needs a lot of TLC. If you have room in your heart and home, he’ll make the best buddy for you!


Help! I found a beautiful Pitt Bull that was injured and starved, he’s now a whooping 75lbs. I just can’t keep him though. I have lots of information about him to give you if your untested! He’s a big baby that needs a lot of TLC. If you have room in your heart and home, he’ll make the best buddy for you!


I have three Yorkie puppies, one who just had puppies two weeks ago, so six total in all Thai I cannot keep..they are free to good homes. I need to get them to a good home as soon as possible. Any takers.

Elethea Townsendno

Hello, I need help fast, I am moving out my apartment at the end of the month and I have 4 dogs :2 are puppies and 2 are the parents of the dogs. They are Jack Rustler Terrier mix with(Shish) I don’t know if I spelled it right but anyway I can’t take the dogs with me. If U can help me with some organizations that can help me out for free because I don’t have any funds to pay at this time. PLEASE help.


I have been searching online for solutions to my dog’s aggressive behavior toward people she doesn’t know. I have a 12-year-old German Shepard (maybe a mix) whom I adopted from a family member who had adopted her from a shelter when she was a puppy. Neither I nor my family member know anything about her past life, but we do feel that she was abused somehow. My family member was going to euthanize her because she had bitten the granddaughter, and there was even an appointment scheduled for euthanasia, then they thought of me and asked if I would take her. I live alone, and I have had her for 7 years. Wherever I am, she is right beside me. She is completely devoted to me and minds me well, yet she is afraid of strangers and has bitten other people she doesn’t know. She has never bitten me or acted aggressively toward me. I am engaged but we know that I can’t bring her to live at my fiance’s house because we can’t trust her around people she doesn’t know. She bit my fiance’s adult son when she was outside alone and he approached her to pet her; she doesn’t know him. Another behavior is if she is in the car, she will only allow myself and my fiance to approach the car. Before she got to know him well, she wouldn’t let him approach the car either. She actually bit him once when she was in the car and he reached in to pet her (before she knew him well). She also has severe anxiety caused by thunder, wind, and loud noises such as fireworks and gunshots. During these episodes of anxiety, she can’t be calmed. She often suffers separation anxiety when I leave her home alone. I see her shaking when I am leaving. I don’t want to give her up because it will break her heart (and mine), and she is not adoptable with this behavior and at her age anyway. I would like to know if she can be rehabilitated so I can trust her with other people and also so she can live with me at my fiance’s house without risk of her being a liability. I would conder surrendering her – with great reluctance – to a sanctuary where I know she will be treated well, but I am very skeptical that any place that will accept her will really rehabilitate her and give her a good life. I don’t want to see her euthanized. I will greatly appreciate any info you can share. Thank you.

Marlene Bueno

I have a German Shepherd mix with hound, he’s almost 2 years old. His name is Shiloh. I can’t keep him because my family don’t know where we’re going to move, I have cats and 2 small dogs so he wants to play with them but can hurt them cuz of his size. He doesn’t know how to play with them. He’s friendly and loves to play.


My dogs are killing my livestock and I’m having no luck rehoming please help

Janice A stark

I have to move and must surrender my 2 year old Shih Tzu. He’s neutered and up to date on all vaccines.


U still have tha free

Vykie Rosales

I have a 12 year old Cairn/Norwich mix that needs to be re-homed. He is up to date with his shots and gets along well with kids and other dogs. Unfortunately I have to give him up because I am moving out of my home and unfortunately cannot take Gizmo with me. Could someone please take my dog? He has a very sweet and chill disposition.

Sad doggy mom

I have 2 very beautiful brindle amstaff/bulldog mix female dogs that are fixed, house trained and have had their basic manners training. They are only 2 years old. I desperately want to keep them in my home, but the state of Massachusetts won’t let us get my step daughter out of fostercare with our dogs in the home, because of their breed. They are incredibly sweet dogs, that are good with kids. They are up to date on their shots. This whole situation is heartbreaking, but when the state makes you choose between a child and your pups, unfortunately it becomes a lose/lose situation. We have to do what’s right, to take care of my children’s little sister. This will break my kids heart, but it has to be done. We have 3 active children in the home, and our dogs are good with all of them. One of our children even have ASD and our dogs are well behaved around him when he has a meltdown too.

I have asked my friends if they could foster our dogs until we adopt my stepdaughter,. Once an adoption is complete the state would no longer be involved with her, and we could take our pups back. but nobody is able to watch my dogs for that long. So that leaves us with only one option.

If someone can help, or knows someone that would like 2 loving, playful dogs, please message me

Ben Team

That’s heart-breaking, Jackie. It’s always sad to have to give your pups up, but having to do so because of breed-specific legislation is absolutely infuriating. Hopefully, municipalities will eventually learn that there is no evidence backing the efficacy of breed bans. As put by the AVMA, “while BSL may look good on the surface, it is not a reliable or effective solution for dog bite prevention.”

Best of luck. We hope you can find a good (potentially temporary) home for your floofs.

Lurlyne Blockmon-Grover

I have an 8yr male chiwauwa. I originally got him for companionship. But I’ve become very ill and i can no longer manage his care. I’m a senior age 66 and I need him in a family atmosphere. He is very cuddly and kid friendly. He just wants to be with you and your family
Thank you


Hi, I’m in a very tight situation at the moment. I Was homeless for a week due to personal reasons and i just moved a few days ago. I cannot financially support my dog. My roommates daughter is starting to get allergies and my landlord does not want any pets at the house. I need her to be in a new home by today. She’s a Kelpie x Cattle and is turning 4 in June.

Antonio Ricardo Jennings

I have a 4 year old male bully pit great with people great with kids not too fond of other animals can’t afford to keep him anymore so I’m trying to surrender him for free to whoever wants him if interested please give me a call 254-768-8261 or email me at my email address thank you


I’m trying to re-home my 1 1/2yr old female lab/pit mix. She’s super sweet but over the last 6 months we’ve developed anxiety. Penelope has high energy but my work schedule has become 10-12 hour days 5-6 days a week and my daughter has been in and out of home for the last year. She’s not getting the attention or exercise she needs. I’ve tried doing more exercise and even work with trainer but I simply am not home enough. She’s spayed, house trained, uses doggy door, gets along well with my cats but dominance issues are present. Really should be an only dog. I’ve been trying since December to find her a great home. Tried everything to avoid taking to human society but situation is getting progressively worse. Please help and all positive suggestions welcome


I have a 3 year old pit/lab mix who does not get along with our other dog. They have had several fights…we try to keep them seperated even with crates but its not working and today my son got injured trying to pull them apart…i need to rehome her asap so that i do not have to take her to a shelter….she is great with adults and kids even male dogs, just not females.. please help.

josh aponte

I have a good Siberian husky age 8 needs a good home great with other dogs.


I have 2 dogs and im having to move i need help with what to do

Karen B Orr

My mom is going into a nursing home and has a sweet dog we need to surrender
in Tulsa Oklahoma , Barry is up to date on shots may need a bath . He is Australian Shepard

Bryan baldwin

I have a 3 year old German sherperd that my wife rescued he was left in a barn for his first 3 years of life. He is a very good dog very friendly to my 4 year old son. He just doesn t like other dogs or other animals. We have are own dogs so we can’t keep him


hi there
I have German Shepard 1year Female.Her name is Luna. We are looking a new home for her. please help

Fran Bishop

We have a 5 month old lab mix that needs a good home. He is a rescue but is not adapting to the other 2 smaller dogs in the house. He is becoming more and more aggressive toward them these last couple weeks. We think he is a wonderful boy that just needs to be the king of his house. Gorgeous black with white chest. Perfect health, neutered and comes with kennel, toys leashes and harness. 100 % sweet to humans but not shih tzus

Feel free to send me an email for pictures

zenobia chavous

I am trying to help the owner of a Louisiana Catahoula Leopard dog named Sooner. He is a one year old purebred neutered male. His owner can no longer take care of him. They work long hours and because of this Sooner gets bored and anxious and will begin chewing things. He is house broken and uses the doggie door. He will sit on command when you look at him and say sit. He really is a sweet dog but needs a ‘job’ as he is a work dog. He is in excellent condition, up to date on all shots. We want him to to have a place he can run, be around people and other animals. He loves to cuddle an give kisses and he is not aggressive. If you feel Sooner could be a wonderful addition to your family please reach out. Sooner lives in Augusta Ga .

Carmen Linda Roman

I need to give up my 2 blue healers. I am desperate.


I have a shi’tzu he is 9yrs old i no longer have the time to keep up with him far as grooming he is up to date with shots im looking to give him away


I have a Chihuahua that i cant keep because my new apartment building doesnt allow pets. He is super friendly and loves everyone. He doesn’t bite nor is he spayed.

kristen angus

I have a 5 year old german shorthair pointer, she is spayed and such a sweet heart! She keeps escaping from our yard and so it is best if she finds a new home.

Heather Moore

I have to give up my german shepherd ASAP. I have a 1 1/2 year german shepherd that is aggressive. Landheim said he is not a lost cause, however we have a 5 year old autistic neighbor that does not understand that he can’t come into our back yard. I am not willing to be responsible for any type of accident. We simply just can not keep him. He is up to date with all of his shots. He needs a good home.


I have a 1yr 2-month pitbull (red and blue nose mix) I cannot keep not take care of him any longer. House dog very playful. Can anyone help. I live in east Orange NJ


Hi, I have 8 beautiful pitt Australian Sheppard vmi puppies most of them have blue and green eyes as well. Iv tried finding them homes and havnt had much luck. As much as I’d hate to take them to a shelter I think I have to,but i really dont have a 50 $ fee per pup. If the there is anyone willing to help I’d greatly appreciate it. There 9 weeks old and wonderful pops with great personalities. Please help.


hi. I live in Santa Ana Ca 92707. A friend of ours abandoned their German Shepard. Couldn’t stand the thought of seeing it go, thinking they would maybe have a change of heart. They haven’t and we already have a dozen dogs here so another is just not possible. We need help asap. I don’t know where to go or who to trust.
The dog has papers and shots and I believe it is registered.

Ben Team

Hey, Sheri.
That’s terrible! I can’t believe anyone would simply abandon their pooch like this!
I removed your phone number, just for your privacy’s sake. I’d recommend calling a local shelter or animal control to be sure the pupper is fed and cared for properly.
On behalf of the dog, I appreciate you looking out for him.
Let us know how it goes!


I have a Lab and German Shepard mix I need to find a home for. My daughter has just left for her freshman year of college yesterday and left me here with her dog. He needs to be able to run around and with me being a teacher, he would be in a kennel for over 8 hrs a day. Which is not fair to him since he loves to be outside. He comes with a 10 gal food feeder and water bowl. I need him rehomed like yesterday.

Sharan McCown

I will will be homeless on August 31st I took in Sandy a chicuahua dausand mix due to his owner dieing in Jan my neighbor he’s 9 years old and wasn’t loved and he was totally changed he’s so sweet but I don’t know what to do it’s killing me please what can I do?

Kathy G

I have a two year old white and black pit bull. Beautiful girl, spayed and chipped. Our youngest grandson is autistic and it has become difficult for all of us. Juno is house broken, very loving however she can be jealous. She is nervous around new people but warms up with a treat. We have tried for more than a year to make it work but realize it is not fair to her to be in this situation. She is up to date on shots and just needs an adult who can appreciate her. Please contact us if you can give her a home.


I have a sweet 11 month beautiful black purebred female spayed lab. She is up to date on her all her shots. She is also micro chipped. She can be high energy at times, needs a yard to be able to run and play. Loves people and plays well with other dogs. Raised with cats but would be better off without. Busy work schedules and declining health situation with parents does not allow enough time for pet. Stays in crate all day long. Unfair to her. Would like a better home situation for her. Thank you!

Rosa Sanchez

Hello all, am 8n great need of finding. A new home from my 2 boys. Am relocating work reasons.


Need help surrendering 3 or 4 dogs for my son, he can’t keep the them because he going out of the state, any help will help, please help, I can send pictures, that he send me if you like please send me a email. joannmendez65@gmail.com

Sherie Roder

Sadie is almost 2 weights about 40 lbs. due to a landlord issue I can’t keep her. She is potty trained, is used to chainlink fence. She sleeps inside at night. No issues with other dogs and cats. Has not been around kids. She needs room to run. Can you give her a great home and love??


Good day, I’ve got a pitlab mix of 4 months old that I have to give away since I can’t get him approved at school I just need someone that will card for him and love him.


Need help with dog food for 3 dogs one who is pregnant please help if you can I dont want to lose my furbabies

Tina k

I HAVE to move back in with my mom she has health issues and I work 40 hrs a week my chuawa is 4 yrs old already fixed and chipped I need to find her a home I can no longer take care of her.

Tina k

I already put this out to find a home for my COCO but I really have to find a great home for her! I cannot keep her. If interested you can always text me 510-478-4365
Thank you

Mya Yamamoto

Hi, my name is Mya.
I have a red nose pit bull, he is sweet I promise. He is great just around anyone who comes around him. He loves to play and give kisses and belly rubs. He is gray and white and is a year old. I am moving and can not take him with me. I really do not want to take him to a shelter. If interested please let me know.

Aaleliah Dixon

Austin, Texas.
I have a 3 month old black “Golden Labradoodle” puppy. His name is Bear. He was born on June 13th this year. He’s an inside dog, kennel trained, follows commands and learns new ones quickly. He’s up to date on his shots and is currently on a flea, tick, and heart-worm preventative. He loves playing in the yard with my 4year old son. He also loves swimming in the lake! He has shy tendencies, but he has a VERY outgoing personality. Conflicts with my landlord will not permit me to keep him and it breaks my heart just writing this. I want him to be with an active family that will love him unconditionally and will allow him to play and be happy, without worrying about being abandoned. Someone who has the time to give him the attention he deserves and has the patience to teach him new things. Please reach out to me if you can provide him with a great, loving family that will treat him as one of their own.
Five, 1, two. 9, Three, four. 4, double eight, Two.

Thank you,
Bear’s Mama

Norma Baker

I have a Jack Russell mix little guy that I rescue from a bad situation. He is much better place, and very sweet, however due to my work schedule I’m unable to give him the attention he needs. I work twelve hours shifts and he’s alone for very long hours. I feel it’s unfair and he deserves better. Please reach out to me if you can. Thank you


With great pain I can no longer keep my pet. I had to give up my apartment and have been house and hotel staying. She is a 7 pound long hair Chihuahua. Very sweet yet protective, barks when alone. PLEASE HELP>>>>>

Jeannette C Ford

I need to surrender my 5 furry friends and I wish I didn’t have to but I have a busy schedule and I hate leaving them alone. I’m going to have a hard time letting them go but I would rather they be in a loving home.

Juan carlos Martinez

I would like donate my little dog. He is a male chihuahua and half paganizes. Very smart dog really well trained
also potty trained. The reason I need to get rid of him is because he needs a bigger home and a yard to play in. He also is very good with kids. I love my dog but unfortunately he needs a new home. we are very crowded in a 2 bed room apartment. and we no longer have room for him. I would like to donate him to a good home. Some one that will love him and take good care of him. He has all his shots and he is registered through the state of Salem, Oregon. Please let me know how or where I can donate him as soon as possible. his name is Peanut. Thank you for your time.

Cindi Buntin

Hi i have a female Siberian husky all white that i can’t keep she is a little over a year old and ive had to move and i have until Monday to get rid of her i have no money to surrender her and idk what to do i have to get rid of her

Meg Marrs

Cindi – most shelters do not charge a fee for you to surrender a pet, especially if you explain your financial situation. Take your dog to a shelter!


Good Evening

I live in Charleston SC I lived in a house but now I’m in an apt and can’t have my dog and my family is not able to come get her till the end of the month. I need somewhere for my LuLu to go for 3 weeks any suggestions. Please help

Ben Team

Hey, Viv.
Sorry about your difficulties. Could you board her? Three weeks probably wouldn’t be cheap, but it seems like a plausible option.
Best of luck!


I am a senior, who needs to find good home for ” Miley” She a “Pit/Boxer” mix about 1 5 months old and a sweet & loving girl. I can no longer care for her, due to the fact that she has become too strong for me to handle due to health issues, and pending surgery in near future. She is current on shots.She needs room to run, someone who can spend time with her.


We have to re home our 11 month old male Doberman. By daughter has had horrible allergies since day one. As of now my parents are fostering for us but they cannot keep him much longer. I’ve tried social media but, everyone wants small dogs.

Ginny galindo

I have to find someone that will lovingly take my Roxwiller he is a beauty, he is fixed, and great watch dog. I am no longer able to walk him and play with him, he needs someone strong and able to give him exercise and walk him


Unfortunately, my dog hes a terrier yorkie mix needs to be in a house
He loves to go out and unfortunately have to work to provide for him…I do not know what to do.
I really need advice i love him dearly hes up to date on shots and very good dog very small 10 pounds
But he really needs a house where he can run around in
I do not know where to take him to surrender him any advice and not ACC since that is where I got him from


I have a very pregnant pitbull she is 4 years old and I can no longer care for her I don’t have any money to surrender her to a shelter or any where else please help me find her a home she loves kids and do not bite.


My daughter has a pitbull that was raised with two boys and 10 year old and an 8 year old that eight year old is very active and plays with the dog all the time it’s about almost a year old now and it loves to be with family at those to be up in your arms and loves to play we just can’t keep it no more because the landlord wants a charge for more money so she needs to get rid of it so we just need someone to help us find a good place for it it does need to be trained but it’s real loving once you’re around it his name is blue please give me a call at 562-394-2979 if you have any suggestion my name is Patty thank you


Looking for a companion adult house-trained dog to join respectful skul age n adult in our home with lots of yard/field some fenced can do more if need. A walking and exploring buddy in the New ND the oil explosion has created: And Mountain forest fires have sent new animals to live here too-would be great! Any size as long as there’s a bark attached to the house-trained adult dog; Oh except Pitbulls are forbidden in our community.8


I have a shitzu mix and he has diabetes he will not eat or drink anything it has been 4 days I am afraid he is dying I need help to see where I can take him for free I just lost my job so I have no money to get him put down can anyone help me find somewhere to take him so he can stop suffering

Ben Team

Hey, Terrie. So sorry to hear about your pooch and your tough times.
If you believe that your dog is suffering and that euthanasia would be the right option, I’d recommend calling around to local vets.
Vets aren’t charities, but many would surely be willing to work with you to help put an end to your dog’s suffering.
Best of luck.

Tammy Strong

I have a shizu and I have to get rid of him due to some health issues I am having. If someone wants him you can have him. His name is Oscar and he is chipped and up to date with shots and has been fixed. Please contact me asap.

Sandra Garcia

Unfortunately I need to surrender our dog.
Her name is Maya and she’s a 5month old Retriever mix.

Ben Team

Hey, Sandra. Sorry to hear you need to rehome your pup.
Check out the Rehome program we referenced above — it should help you find a good home for your pooch, and it won’t cost you anything.
Good luck!

Danielle McGaha

I need to rehire 12 dogs 2 adults and 10 puppies


I have a 15 month old Australian Kelpie mix. We love him dearly but need to surrender him. He’s fiercely loyal to his family and loving but has fear aggression towards strangers and other animals. We’ve worked with a trainer and are currently but due to me owning a childcare out of my home the situation is just too challenging. He loves to play, run, knows basic commands, potty trained, loves his kennel, and is a great sleeper. If anyone can help please let me know. We love him dearly and are heartbroken but he needs more than we can give him.


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