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best hoodies for dogs

When the temperature outside dips, your dog might need some extra help staying warm around the house or during walks, especially if he has a short coat or slim build.

There are plenty of great dog winter coats available, but sometimes these are a bit much for “sweater weather.” In these cases, you may want to check out dog hoodies! They provide a fun way to keep your canine cozy, and of course, they’re pretty darn cute too! 

Below, we’ll share some of our favorite dog hoodies and discuss how to pick the best one for your four-footer.

Best Dog Hoodies: Quick Picks

  • #1 Expawlorer Fleece Dog Hoodie [Best Overall Dog Hoodie]: Modeled after a classic human hoodie, this sporty top features top-notch craftsmanship and provides great bang for your buck.
  • #2 Gooby Fleece Hoodie [Best Dog Hoodie With Leash Attachment]: With a rear hook for leash attachment, walks are super convenient in this cute and comfy dog hoodie.
  • #3 Zack & Zoey’s Basic Hoodie [Easiest Dog Hoodie to Put On]: A simple over-the-head style dog hoodie that’s easy to put on and available in a rainbow of colors.

The 9 Best Dog Hoodies

Many dog hoodies are available today, but we’ve retrieved our favorites, from the basic to the brilliant. Check out our top picks.

1. Expawlorer Fleece Dog Hoodie

Best Overall Dog Hoodie

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EXPAWLORER Dog Hoodie with Pocket, Polar Fleece Dog Sweatshirt Fall Cold Winter Sleeveless Sweater with Hood, Warm Cozy Pet Clothes for Small to Large Dogs Boys and Girls (Red, L)

Expawlorer Fleece Dog Hoodie

A high-quality polar fleece hoodie that’s available in several sizes and colors and equipped with a cute little pocket.

About: The Expawlorer Fleece Dog Hoodie is a premium pullover that’ll keep your canine snug as a bug without making him feel like he’s wearing a bulky coat. Fashioned after human hoodies, it’s an adorable, no-frills find that provides a great fit for most doggos.


  • Made of polyester polar fleece
  • Small back pocket for stowing poop bags and other small accessories
  • Small sizes include a rear leash attachment; large sizes come with a leash cutout
  • Machine washable

Options: Available in five sizes from small to XX-Large and six colors, including Gray, Pink, and Blue.


  • The fabric is slightly stretchy, making it extra comfy.
  • Owners report the hood even works great for pibbles and other big-headed breeds.
  • The hoodie’s durability drew tons of praise.


  • Some owners felt the fabric was too thin.
  • The sizes appear to run large.

2. Gooby Fleece Hoodie

Best Dog Hoodie with Leash Attachment

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Gooby Fleece Vest Hoodie Dog Sweater - Purple, X-Small - Warm Pullover Dog Hoodie with O-Ring Leash - Winter Hooded Small Dog Sweater - Dog Clothes for Small Dogs Boy or Girl, and Medium Dogs

Gooby Fleece Hoodie

A comfy hoodie featuring a built-in leash attachment on the back for maximum dog walking convenience.

About: The Gooby Fleece Hoodie provides plenty of comfort and cuteness in a lightweight package. With a cropped bottom and a built-in back leash attachment, this hoodie scores well in the convenience department and makes walks (and potty breaks) fuss-free.


  • Made of 100-percent polyester 
  • Features built-in leash attachment for easy walking
  • Machine washable
  • Pullover style

Options: Offered in five sizes ranging from X-Small to X-Large and eight colors, including Black, Blue, and Pink.


  • The included leash attachment is a very nice bonus.
  • Quality was frequently praised by owners who found it well worth the affordable price.
  • The hoodie’s fit and weight were warm without being too warm.


  • Owners report that this hoodie runs small.
  • The head hole is narrow and doesn’t stretch much, which can be an issue for blocky-headed breeds.

3. Zack & Zoey Basic Hoodie

Easiest Dog Hoodie to Put On

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Zack & Zoey Basic Hoodie for Dogs, 30' XX-Large, Parrot Green

Zack & Zoey Basic Hoodie

A cute and casual canine hoodie with short sleeves and a generous fit that’s easy to slip over your dog’s head.

About: The Zack & Zoey Basic Hoodie is a simple style that pops right over your pup’s head for a secure fit. Featuring a long-back and a roomy hood, it will keep your four-footer snug and stylin’ without being too restrictive. 


  • Features a back slit for leash attachment
  • Made from a comfortable polyester-cotton blend
  • Machine washable, though you must hang it to dry
  • A usable back pocket is included for added human likeness

Options: Offered in six sizes ranging from X-Small to XX-Large and ten colors, including Vibrant Orange, Tomato Red, and Jet Black.


  • Most owners found this hoodie very easy to slip on their pet.
  • The poly-cotton blend keeps the hoodie lightweight and fun to wear.
  • The rear pocket is great for stowing poop bags and other essentials.


  • A few reviewers felt the stitching could be more durable.
  • Some owners found it to be a bit too long for boy dogs, leading to piddle problems.

4. Fitwarm Knitted Dog Hoodie

Fanciest Dog Hoodie

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Fitwarm Knitted Pet Clothes Dog Sweater Hoodie Sweatshirts Pullover Cat Jackets Khaki Medium

Fitwarm Knitted Dog Hoodie

A fun and fashionable knitted hoodie that’ll help give your doggo the dapper and distinguished look he deserves.

About: The Fitwarm Knitted Dog Hoodie is a fantastic-looking garment designed to keep your canine warm while also making him incredibly fashionable. Featuring an oversized stretchy hood, it’s easy to put on and will fit most small breeds with ease, including block-headed breeds like Frenchies.


  • Made of comfortable polyester blend
  • Elastic-lined leg openings
  • Includes a back hole for leash attachment
  • Pullover style

Options: Available in six sizes from X-Small to XX-Large and three plaid colors: Gray, Red, and Khaki.


  • Most pup parents praised the hoodie’s styling, durability, and overall quality.
  • The material is soft yet heavy, providing comfort and warmth.
  • The cropped belly makes potty breaks a breeze for boys. 


  • The body’s fabric has very little stretch, so pay close attention to the size chart.
  • Sizing is geared toward small breeds, so larger breeds will need to pick a different hoodie.

5. Bingpet Security Hoodie

Funniest Dog Hoodie

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BINGPET Security Dog Hoodies Puppy Sweater Cold Weather Dog Coats Soft Brushed Fleece Pet Clothes Hooded Sweatshirt for Dog Cat

Bingpet Security Hoodie

Need to ensure everyone knows your dog is in charge? This hoodie featuring a “security” logo will work perfectly.

About: Bingpet’s Security Hoodie is an over-the-head style hoodie emblazoned with the “security” label to show everyone your pooch is on the job (assuming that job entails nothing more than soliciting scritches). Featuring an attached hood and fitted waist, it’ll keep your canine covered and looking cool in chilly weather.


  • Made of 100-percent polyester
  • Short sleeves for a more comfortable fit 
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning between wears
  • Cropped bottom keeps the bathroom area open for business

Options: Available in six sizes from X-Small to 2X-Large and five colors, including Black, Red, and Pink.


  • The quality of the lettering is great compared to some canine graphic tops.
  • Pup parents praised the hoodie’s sizing and fit.
  • The hood’s drawstrings help customize your pup’s fit even more.


  • The lack of a leash attachment cutout is kind of a bummer.
  • Some owners wished the fabric had more stretch to it.

6. Expawlorer’s Princess Fleece Hoodie

Best Dog Hoodie for Pampered Pooches

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EXPAWLORER Princess Dog Cat Fleece Sweatshirt Hoodies , Pink, Small

Expawlorer’s Princess Fleece Hoodie

A princess-themed fleece pullover with a fancy crown print to make sure everyone knows your pupper is special.

About: Expawlorer’s Princess Fleece Hoodie loudly proclaims your pampered pooch’s spoiled status with “princess” and the image of a crown featured across the back. With a ribbed body and sleeves, your pup will have a snug fit to seal out the chill while looking adorable.


  • Made with a soft polyester-cotton blend
  • Short sleeves provide coverage but still allow free movement
  • Machine washable on a cold cycle, hang dry
  • Convenient, over-the-head fit

Options: Available in one color and six sizes, ranging from X-Small to XX-Large.


  • The material is thicker than most other hoodies.
  • The pricing is very reasonable, especially for the larger sizes.
  • Owners reported that it continued to look great after being washed.


  • The hood is a little short for some dogs to use properly.
  • A “prince” option would be nice.

7. SILD Denim Hooded Jacket

Best Vintage-Style Dog Hoodie

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SILD Pet Clothes Dog Jeans Jacket Cool Blue Denim Coat Small Medium Dogs Lapel Vests Classic Hoodies Puppy Blue Vintage Washed Clothes (White,XS)

SILD Denim Hooded Jacket

An absolutely adorable denim hoodie that fits well, keeps your canine cozy, and gives off throwback vibes.

About: The SILD Denim Hooded Jacket is an 80s-themed garment with undeniable cuteness. Featuring added stitching and distressed styling for a real-jean look, it’ll make your pooch the talk of the dog park.


  • Like the old-school style, this hoodie features a denim body and a fabric hood
  • Button-up design for a secure fit
  • Comes with a hood snap on back for securing when not worn
  • Lightweight design won’t weigh pups down

Options: Offered in six sizes from X-Small and XX-Large and six colors, including Plaid and White.


  • Owners praised the fit of the hoodie, reporting that it doesn’t impede movement.
  • The material seems surprisingly soft and comfortable for wear.
  • The snap closure is great for dogs who hate over-the-head styles.


  • It doesn’t offer the most insulation, so it’s more for the cute factor than warmth.
  • Sizing is skewed toward small dogs, leaving large breeds out of the fun.

8. SweetPeaGarden’s Animal Hoodie

Cutest Dog Hoodie

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SweetPetGarden pet Dog Clothes Small Dog Hoodie Cosplay Costume Outfits Sweater Dog Coat Warm Sweatshirt Winter Jacket Dog Apparel

SweetPeaGarden’s Animal Hoodie

An adorable (if slightly ridiculous) hoodie for four-footers that’ll let your pooch dress up like many other animals.

About: The SweetPeaGarden’s Animal Hoodie is a full-body hoodie that’s styled after super cute critters and sure to turn heads. With a hood and long leg sleeves, it provides plenty of coverage against drafts, and the included leash hole adds convenience.


  • Made of soft cotton
  • Machine washable
  • Elastic leg holes for added comfort
  • Back opening for leash attachment

Options: Available in five sizes, ranging from small to XX-Large, and four styles: Dinosaur, Tiger, Bunny, and Shark.


  • Although you may think this is nothing but a novelty item, owners praised the hoodie’s quality.
  • The soft material is a crowd-pleaser with pups and their parents alike.
  • The over-the-head T-shirt style won’t snag any hair like buttons or Velcro.


  • Unfortunately, this is geared toward small breeds, so big doggos are left out.
  • Not every dog will tolerate hoodies with long sleeves.

9. Vecomfy Fleece-Lined Hoodie 

Warmest Dog Hoodie

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Vecomfy Fleece Lining Extra Warm Dog Hoodie in Winter for Large Dogs Jacket Pet Coats with Hooded,Red XL

Vecomfy Fleece-Lined Hoodie 

A warm winter-weather garment with added insulation to keep your canine comfy and protected in the cold.

About: Although many hoodies for dogs are primarily for cool, fall-like weather, the Vecomfy Fleece-Lined Hoodie is warm enough for winter wear. Made with polyester fill and a cozy lining, it’s also a comfortable alternative to coats. And because it snaps up, it’s an excellent choice for dogs who hate over-the-head attire.


  • Made with polyester and a warm fleece lining
  • Snap belly closures
  • Back opening for clipping on your pooch’s leash
  • Short arm sleeves for free movement

Options: Offered in seven sizes from X-Small to 3X and six colors, including Pink, Red, and Blue.


  • Pricing is very affordable for winter attire.
  • The cropped cut keeps your doggo’s downstairs free for potty breaks.
  • The fit received praise from most reviewers.


  • Some owners had a hard time keeping the hood up.
  • May not be warm enough for truly frigid winter weather.

Picking a Hoodie for YOUR Dog: Things to Think About

best hoodies for dogs

Selecting the right hoodie for your dog requires careful consideration of several aspects, including:

  • Sizing: Hoodies that are too small cause restriction and discomfort, while those that are too large present tripping hazards. So, measure your dog carefully and follow a manufacturer’s sizing chart to ensure a proper fit.
  • Potty-friendly: Bathroom breaks while wearing a canine hoodie require a particular cut, especially for male dogs. Make sure any prospective hoodie is cropped enough to keep the bathroom exits clear for use.
  • Materials: Hoodies can be made from any of several fabrics, from lightweight cotton to knitted wool. Different materials have different pros and cons, depending on where you plan on your dog wearing his hoodie. Looped fabrics like wool are better for wear around the house, whereas polyester are usually better for outdoor adventures.
  • Warmth: Hoodies come in differing levels of thickness, with a dog in Bismarck requiring more insulation than a canine in Boca Raton. Your dog’s warming needs also vary by his breed, with a short-haired Chihuahua needing more insulation than a thick-coated Schipperke. If you think a hoodie may be insufficient, opt for a full-body dog coat with legs to provide as much warmth and insulation as possible!
  • Leash compatibility: If you’re planning on walking your doggo while he’s rocking his hoodie, look for a coat that features built-in harness hole cutouts, allowing you to attach a leash to his collar or harness worn under the hoodie with ease. 
  • Durability: There’s no sense wasting your hard-earned money on something that’ll only last a few wears. Always look for well-made garments, and pay close attention to an item’s design for hints of trouble, like odd stitch placement. 
  • Machine washable: Pay close attention to a hoodie’s care instructions. While a hoodie might be super cute, it might also be hand-wash only, which is hardly convenient. For doggos, machine-washable garments are always best.
  • Comfort: Your dog’s well-being is always the most important aspect of a hoodie’s fit, and if he’s not comfortable, the hoodie isn’t worth it, no matter how cute it might be. 

Why Buy a Dog Hoodie? Do They Actually Work Well?

Dogs have a natural coat, so why do they need another, right? Well, for a number of reasons, including:

  • Warmth: Dogs in cold climates may need an extra layer of insulation in the winter, especially if they’re short-haired or thin, like a greyhound.
  • Visibility: Wearing a brightly colored hoodie during walks or backyard play makes your pup easier to spot as an added safety boost.
  • Alternative to heavy coats: Bulky coats can weigh your dog down, impacting his movement and making outdoor time less fun. A hoodie is a more lightweight option that lets him frolic freely but still offers a much-needed layer of warmth.
  • Cuteness: It’s hard to deny that a dog in a hoodie isn’t adorable, especially with the hood up. Sometimes, you just need a little something more to a fall photo or party, and a dog hoodie can be that.

Getting Your Dog to Wear a Hoodie: Tips & Tricks

getting your dog to wear a hoodie

Wearing clothing isn’t natural for floofs, but with practice, your dog might happily don one to saunter around the neighborhood. There are some simple steps you can take to make it more enjoyable for your doggo.

Most importantly, when introducing a hoodie to your dog’s wardrobe:

  • Keep it fun: Never get frustrated or punish your pup for not wanting to wear something. Remember: This is new to him, so you need to keep things upbeat and happy. Maintain a high-pitched, cheery tone and offer plenty of praise and treats as you slip him into his new attire.
  • Don’t force it: If your dog is not in the mood to wear something, don’t force it and risk frightening him. Some pups take longer to warm up to clothing than others, so you might have to dress him slower. Maybe start with letting him sniff the hoodie, then practice draping it over him before ultimately slipping it on during another session.
  • Watch for overheating: Dogs have built-in coats, so an added layer can risk overheating. Never dress your dog in a hoodie during warm weather, and always keep an eye out for signs of heat distress, including panting, drooling, or rapid breathing. (Don’t worry — you can fit your dog with a cooling vest in the summer to keep him fashionable year-round.)
  • Measure carefully: Nothing ruins the fun more than a poor fit, so always pay close attention to a hoodie manufacturer’s size chart and pick accordingly. As with humans, sizes can range significantly from supplier to supplier. This is especially important if you have a stockier breed like a pug or bulldog, as their bodies are a little beefier in the shoulders than others.
  • Check for tight spots: Always test the neck, waist, and armholes of your dog’s hoodie during every wear to make sure it isn’t too snug. This is super important with long-haired dogs who may see their size change between groomings. Too tight of a fit can lead to skin irritation and discomfort.
  • Make sure it doesn’t impede movement: Your dog should still be able to run, jump, walk, and play in his new hoodie. If it holds him back in any way from living his best dog life, it isn’t the best pick.
  • Avoid dangling accessories: As fun as tassels and other ornaments can be, they’re also super tempting to chewers. You’re better off skipping them, both to preserve the integrity of your dog’s hoodie and to protect him from accidentally swallowing a stray scrap of fabric.
Another Cool Weather Alternative

Don’t get discouraged if your dog won’t wear a hoodie without putting up a fight. Just check out some of the best dog sweaters around instead!

Many pups who won’t wear a hoodie will wear a sweater without much fuss.


Does your fur friend have any of the dog hoodies on our list? Does he have another he loves? Share with us in the comments. We’d love to hear!

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