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Puppy Period Panties

The Best Period Panties for Dogs: Undies For Your Girl In Heat!

If your pup is an unaltered female (meaning that she hasn’t been spayed), you will eventually have to deal with her first heat cycle. Although the process doesn’t unfold exactly as it does in humans,

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Best Dog Raincoats: Staying Dry in a Downpour

Just like their owners, dogs vary in their tolerance for nasty weather. Some are fearless, rough-and-tumble pups willing to go outdoors in anything short of a typhoon, but others refuse to venture out

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Dog coat works with harness

Best Dog Coats and Vests with Built-In Harnesses or Harness Holes

Coats and vests for dogs are not only adorable, they can help keep your canine safe and comfortable too. But many of these garments have one big problem: They are impossible (or at the least impractical)

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Best Dog Booties: Top Footwear For Your Furry Four-Footer!

There’s no doubt that dogs have tough feet – much tougher than your ours, for sure. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t wise (and occasionally necessary) to give your dog’s paws some protection. The

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Best Dog Vests for Hunting: Keeping Fido Safe on the Hunt!

Dogs are fantastic hunting companions. They not only provide a bit of company, they can help you achieve success in the field. Most hunting dogs are tasked with finding or retrieving birds, but some breeds

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Best Dog Coats For Large Dogs: Jackets For Giant Canines!

While having a large four-legged companion has its perks, one consistent challenge is finding accessories that fit your jumbo dog well. This is especially true for dog jackets. There are so many options

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best dog backpacks

The Best Saddle Bags for Dogs: Canine Backpacks For Hiking Any Hill!

Do the two-legged members of your family find it necessary to spell out words like P-A-R-K or W-A-L-K to keep the four-legged members of your family from rocketing toward the front door at full speed? You

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dog coats with legs

The Five Best Dog Coats with Legs For Full Canine Coverage in the Cold!

Most dogs will appreciate a coat when walking in inclement weather, but some may require a little extra protection. Typical dog coats usually have a poncho-like design, which shields a dog’s back, neck,

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Best Dog Sunglasses: Lookin’ Too Cool For School

Whether you are trying to protect your dog’s eyes or simply help her look a bit cooler at the dog park, most dog owners should have a pair of sunglasses for their dog – even if you only use them occasionally. However,

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best winter dog coats

12 Best Dog Winter Coats: Keeping Your Canine Warm This Winter!

Brr! When winter comes and the air gets that cold, biting edge, it’s important to bundle up. If your dog also gets chilly, you might want to find a dog coat for him too so you both stay toasty and still

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