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dog coats with legs

Most dogs will appreciate a coat when walking in inclement weather, but some may require a little extra protection.

Typical dog coats and sweaters usually have a poncho-like design, which shields a dog’s back, neck, and head, but some coats also feature legs, which will help keep your dog’s lower extremities warm and dry.

But some coats with legs are better than others, so it is important that you compare the various options carefully, and pick one that will work well for your pup.

We’ll talk about some of the things you may want to look for in a coat with sleeves and recommend five of the best options below.

See our quick picks here if you’re short on time, or keep reading for more details!

Quick Picks: Best Dog Coats with Legs for Winter

Do Dogs Really Need Coats?

Some dogs were bred to live in the coldest and wettest weather Old Man Winter can throw at them, so coats aren’t always necessary.

For example, huskies, malamutes, sled dogs and similar, long-haired, double-coated breeds will usually remain comfortable even when snow covers the ground.

But, most other dogs can become chilled when the mercury falls, and they’ll appreciate a little extra insulation during winter walks.

This is especially true for short-haired breeds and those without an undercoat like boxers, beagles, and pit bulls. However, coats are most important for small dogs, who are particularly susceptible to the cold.

Even if the temperatures in your area don’t plummet terribly far during the winter, you may want to provide your dog with a water-proof coat if rain is common.

Wet dogs can become chilled very easily, so it is always a good idea to keep your dog dry while going for walks.

If you live in an area where rain is frequent, but temps don’t require a heavier snow jacket, you may want to consider a lighter dog rain coat for your pup!

dog coats with legs 2

Dogs Who May Benefit Most from a Coat with Legs

Most dog coats have very short “sleeves,” which don’t really offer any protection for your dog’s legs.

While these types of coats may be fine for moderately cool temperatures, your dog may require additional coverage to cope with very cold weather. Dog coats with legs for winter temperatures are perfect for such occasions.

Sleeves are especially important for some dogs, including those who meet the following criteria:

Very Small Size

Generally speaking, the smaller the dog, the more important it is to keep him warm.

Very small dogs radiate body heat into the air remarkably quickly, so you have to bundle them up to keep them warm.

Sleeves are usually a good idea for Yorkies, Chihuahuas, Papillons and other dogs with single-digit body weights. Not seeing a jacket that fits your petite pooches needs here? Make sure to also check out our guide to the best dog coats for small dogs in particular!

 Long Legs

Even though they are fairly large, Weimaraner’s, Dalmatians and other long-legged breeds may benefit from a full-body coat which shields their legs from the cold winter air. Your dog’s legs effectively work like radiators and constantly let body heat escape, so it is important to give these types of dogs the extra protection sleeves provide.

 Dogs with Hip, Knee or Elbow Problems

Dogs who have joint issues may benefit from a little extra warmth, so sleeves are often a good idea. By keeping your dog’s hips, knees and elbows warm, your dog may experience less pain and enjoy greater range-of-motion while walking around in cold weather.

 Dogs Who Love to Splash Around or Play in the Snow

Some dogs love to splash in every puddle they encounter or jump into every pile of snow they can find. And, while fun, this can cause their legs to become soaking wet, which can cause them to catch a chill. But coats with sleeves will allow your pup to play the way he wants to, while still keeping him relatively dry in the process.

dog coats with legs

Things to Look for When Purchasing a Coat

No matter what type of dog you have or what the temperatures are like in your area, you’ll always want to consider a few key factors when making your decision.

This will help ensure you get a high-quality coat, which will keep your little canine cozy.

 Machine-Washable Design

Your dog’s coat will get dirty over time, so you’ll need to wash it regularly. While you can wash virtually any coat by hand in your sink, this will quickly become a tedious chore. Accordingly, it is almost always preferable to select a machine-washable coat, to save yourself some time and effort.

Just be sure to follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions to ensure it holds up the way it is intended. For example, some machine-washable coats must only be washed in cold water and some are not designed to be put in the dryer.

 Ample Insulation

A coat isn’t very helpful if it doesn’t keep your dog warm, so you’ll want to select a coat that provides plenty of insulation. However, it is always important to strike a balance between insulation and mobility, as some coats are so thick and bulky that they can make it tough for your dog to move around.

 Reflective Materials

It’s always a good idea to make your pup as visible to motorists as possible, but it is especially important to do so in the types of low-light conditions that are common in the winter. Some good coats feature reflective or glow-in-the-dark patches, while others rely on reflective stitching to catch the eye of nearby drivers.

 Removable Sleeves and Hood

Sleeves may be great during really cold or wet weather, but they aren’t always necessary – they may even make your dog too hot in mild temperatures. Because of this, it’s often preferable to select a coat with removable sleeves, so that you can adjust it to suit the current conditions.

Similarly, removable hoods are often a nice feature, as some dogs simply don’t like them, and will put up less of a fuss if provided with a hoodless coat.

 Adjustable Leg Straps

Adjustable leg straps help to provide a better fit and prevent the sleeves from creeping up your dog’s legs. This is especially helpful for keeping the coat’s rear sleeves in place.

 Leash Accommodations

Even if snow is on the ground and few cars are on the road, you still need to keep your little pooch safe, so you must select a coat that will work with his leash and collar or harness. Fortunately, most high-quality dog coats and sweaters will either feature a metal ring to which you can attach the leash or a slit in the back of the coat, through which you can access your dog’s harness.

The Eight Best Dog Coats with Legs

The following eight coats should keep your little four-footer’s legs warm while you go on walks or play outside. Just be sure to select one that addresses your dog’s specific needs.

1. Fitwarm Waterproof Dog Jacket

About: The Fitwarm Dog Jacket is a cozy, full-coverage coat that’ll keep your dog’s entire body — including his legs — warm and toasty in cold weather. In fact, this jacket will not only help shield your pup from the wind, it’ll also help keep him dry while playing in the snow too.

Fitwarm Waterproof Pet Clothes for Dog Windproof Jackets Outdoor Fleece Hooded Coats Black Medium
430 Reviews
Fitwarm Waterproof Pet Clothes for Dog Windproof Jackets Outdoor Fleece Hooded Coats Black Medium
  • Medium (Chest16" Back12")
  • Made of soft and warm fleece fabric
  • Perfect for everyday wear, outdoors and walking
  • High quality material offer excellent water resistance

Features: The bulk of the garment is made from soft fleece, but the hood is lined with faux fur to provide additional warmth. It features a bunched waist, and each of the legs comes with contrasting cuffs that add a bit of pizzazz to the coat.

This coat is easy to put on or take off via the included snaps. It is machine-washable, so cleaning it is a breeze, and it comes in four sizes, making it suitable for dogs with chests measuring 16″ to 23″.


Most owners were really happy with the Fitwarm Jacket. Several owners were impressed with the thickness and the jacket’s ability to keep their dog warm.


A few owners mentioned that these jackets appear to run small, so be sure to measure carefully and opt for the larger size if your dog is a “tweener.” It’s also a bit disappointing that this jacket doesn’t come with a hole on the back to accommodate your dog’s leash clip.

2. DogHelios Thunder-Crackle Full-Body Dog Jacket

About: The DogHelios Thunder-Crackle Full-Body Jacket is a premium winter coat, designed to keep your dog warm and dry in even the worst weather conditions. A water- and wind-proof coat, the DogHelios Full-Body Jacket features a number of high-tech design features and materials to keep your dog comfortable.

DOGHELIOS 'Thunder-Crackle' Full-Body Bodied Waded-Plush Adjustable and 3M Reflective Pet Dog Jacket Coat w/ Blackshark Technology, Medium, Grey
746 Reviews
DOGHELIOS 'Thunder-Crackle' Full-Body Bodied Waded-Plush Adjustable and 3M Reflective Pet Dog Jacket Coat w/ Blackshark Technology, Medium, Grey
  • Full bodied Outer shell features a remarkable heating system that is waterproof and windproof
  • Inner-Layer features very thick anti-static fleece and outer-lined with 3m reflective technology
  • Can withstand hurricane force winds and the most extreme weather conditions and frigid temperatures
  • Adjustable straps by each leg, leash slit holder on the back

Features: The DogHelios Thunder-Crackle Jacket features a thick, anti-static fleece liner to help trap your dog’s body heat, while the outer shell is a designed to withstand hurricane-force winds and frigid temperatures. The outer shell also features reflective 3M technology to keep your dog visible during low-light conditions.

The top of the jacket features a zipper closure to make it easy to put on or take off your dog. Additionally, the zipper is covered by a Velcro-closure, which helps prevent drafts and retain your dog’s body heat. Adjustable straps on each leg help ensure a good fit, and a slit on the upper back allows you to attach your dog’s leash to his harness quickly and easily.

The DogHelios Thunder-Crackle Jacket is available in five sizes (extra-small, small, medium, large, and extra-large) and four colors (Blue Wave, Grenadine Red, Grey, and Sporty Orange).


Most owners were relatively pleased with the DogHelios Thunder-Crackle Jacket, citing the jacket’s impressive insulation and the materials used in the construction. The 3M reflective stitching, leg straps, and leash-harness slit are all helpful features, and many owners reported that this jacket provided a better fit than any other model they’d tried.


The most common problems owners experienced with the DogHelios Thunder-Crackle Jacket related to the zipper, which seemed to break for some owners quite easily, and the fit. Most owners found that the jacket ran a little small, so it is very important to measure your dog carefully when making your choice.

3. Doggie Design “Ruffin It” Winter Full Dog Snowsuit

About: The Doggie Design “Ruffin It” Winter Snowsuit is designed to keep your dog warm and dry while looking fantastic. Made with plenty of cute features and high-quality materials, this jacket gives your dog a chance to stay comfortable and stylish during cold winter walks.

Dog Coat - 'Ruffin' It' Snowsuit - Pink - Small/Medium (S/M)
67 Reviews
Dog Coat - "Ruffin' It" Snowsuit - Pink - Small/Medium (S/M)
  • TOP of the Line Dog Snow Suit is Pure Quality in every way.
  • It is designed to keep your little girl or boy Warm, Cuddly and Dry on those cold fall and winter...
  • It is fully lined inside, with a very soft and thick Sherpa Fleece.
  • The Outer Shell is made from a soft, flexible water repellent Polyester/Nylon Blended fabric, with...

Features: The Doggie Design Winter Snowsuit features a thick Sherpa Fleece lining, which will help trap your little four-footer’s body heat and keep him warm, while the water-resistant outer layer is made from a nylon and polyester blend to cut the wind and protect your dog from the rain.

The jacket also features a zippered hood, which can be removed in warm weather. A Velcro closure is situated along the belly, to make it easy to put on or take off your dog. A leash ring is located on the upper back to make it easy to hook your dog up and head outside.

This jacket is available in five sizes (extra-small, small, small/medium, medium, and large) and three different colors (Pink, Red, and Black and Gray). Each color is silkscreened with the words “Ruffin It” on the back for maximum cuteness.


The Doggie Design Snowsuit received very positive reviews from the majority of owners who purchased it. Most reported that it looked great, fit well and helped keep their dog warm. The inner Sherpa Fleece liner was very popular with owners, who praised it for being exceptionally soft and warm.


There were relatively few negative reviews of the Doggie Design Snowsuit, as most owners really liked the product. However, as with most other snowsuits and coats, sizing problems were reported by a number of owners. The Doggie Design Snowsuits seem to run small, and most owners who had issues recommended erring on the large size when making your selection.

4. Scheppend Adidog Dog Coat

About: The Scheppend Adidog Coat is a relatively light-weight, full-body jumpsuit, which is designed to keep your dog warm in cool, if not cold, weather. Fashionable and cozy, this coat will help keep your dog comfortable while still allowing for a full range of motion.

No products found.

Features: The Scheppend Adidog Coat is made from soft cotton fleece to ensure maximum comfort. The attached hood will help shield your dog’s ears and neck from chilly breezes, while the button-style closures make it easy to put the coat and take it off.

The Scheppend Adidog Coat is available in nine colors (Black, Blue, Green, Grey, Orange, Pink, Red, White, and Yellow) and six sizes (small, medium, large, extra-large, extra-extra-large, and extra-extra-extra-large). All models feature “Adidog” lettering and double-stripes on the legs and hood.


Most owners liked the Scheppend Adidog Coat and found that it fit well and looked adorable. Several owners reported that their dog seemed to have no problem going to the bathroom while wearing this coat, and the jackets appeared to keep dogs very warm in moderately cool weather.


Although a handful of owners experienced sizing issues, relatively few had anything negative to say about the Scheppend Adidog Coat. It should be noted that this is not a water-proof coat, and it is not appropriate for extremely cold temperatures, rain, or snow. 

5. Touchdog Quantum-Ice Full-Bodied Dog Jacket

About: The Touchdog Quantum-Ice Full-Bodied Jacket seeks to provide your dog with top-notch protection from cold and wet weather, while still providing a comfortable fit. Made with all of the bell’s and whistles you’d want in a full-body jacket, this coat is made for dogs who must confront especially cold and wet winters.

TOUCHDOG 'Quantum-Ice' Full Body Bodied Adjustable and 3M Reflective Pet Dog Coat Jacket w/ Blackshark Technology, Small, Red, Charcoal Grey
406 Reviews
TOUCHDOG 'Quantum-Ice' Full Body Bodied Adjustable and 3M Reflective Pet Dog Coat Jacket w/ Blackshark Technology, Small, Red, Charcoal Grey
  • Inner-Lining adopts an Exclusively developed Blackshark fabric that is Windproof, Waterproof,...
  • Inner-Layer features very thick Anti-Static Fleece and Outer-lined with 3M Reflective technology
  • Can withstand Hurricane force Winds and the most Extreme weather conditions and frigid temperatures.
  • Adjustable straps by each leg, leash slit holder on the back.

Features: The Touchdog Quantum-Ice Jacket features an anti-static fleece liner to trap your dog’s body heat and a specialized Black Shark Fabric shell, which is windproof, waterproof and tear-resistant. Each leg features an adjustable strap to ensure a good fit and a leash-holder slit, which makes it easy to hook your dog’s leash up when it is time to walk.

The top of the jacket features a zipper closure to make it easy to put on or take off, and a Velcro closure covers the zipper and helps to keep your dog’s hair from getting caught in the zipper teeth. It also helps to prevent drafts to ensure your dog stays warm.

The Touchdog Quantum-Ice Jacket is available in five sizes (extra-small, small, medium, large, and extra-large) and four color combinations (Black & Grey, Light Yellow & Grey, Ocean Blue & Grey, and Red & Charcoal Grey). Accented embroidery and printing help make the jacket as stylish as it is warm.


The majority of owners who tried out the Touchdog Quantum-Ice Jacket were happy with their choice. It seemed to keep dogs dry and warm in bad weather, and most owners liked the way it looked. Additionally, while the jacket is very well-insulated, it doesn’t appear to impede the mobility of most dogs.


The most common problems reported by owners who tried the Touchdog Quantum-Ice Jacket related to a poor fit or the zippers, which seemed to break frequently. A small number of owners complained that the legs were not long enough, so this is probably not the best choice for owners of long-legged canines.

6. Pet Artist Winter Dog Coat

About: The Pet Artist Winter Dog Coat is a “puffy” jacket that will keep your dog warm and ensure he looks his best while strutting around your snow-covered neighborhood. Made with a splash-proof exterior and a super-snuggly fleece lining, this jacket is a great option for dogs living in cold climates.

PET ARTIST Winter Puppy Dog Coats for Small Dogs,Cute Warm Fleece Padded Pet Clothes Apparel Clothing for Chihuahua Poodles French Bulldog Pomeranian Red Chest:18’’
1,530 Reviews
PET ARTIST Winter Puppy Dog Coats for Small Dogs,Cute Warm Fleece Padded Pet Clothes Apparel Clothing for Chihuahua Poodles French Bulldog Pomeranian Red Chest:18’’
  • ▶Experienced Size Chart: XL(chest:18”/46cm,back length:15”/38cm),Please make sure to measure...
  • ▶High Quality&Splashproof: The dog clothes are made of soft and thick warm fleece fabric,windproof...
  • ▶Stylish Design: Super nice and cute pattern design make pet looks adorable,perfect for small...
  • ▶Features:Button closure type with elastic waist,and elastic four-leg style,easy on and easy off;...

Features: The Pet Artist Dog Coat features a turtleneck design to help keep your dog’s neck warm, and each of the legs features an elastic band to ensure they stay in place while you’re pup saunters around. This jacket uses button-style closures that make it easy to put on, and the waist features an elastic band to provide a great fit.

The Pet Artist Coat is available in red and blue, and it comes in four different sizes, which are suitable for dogs with chests measuring between 16” and 22”. It is also backed by a 100% quality guarantee, which allows you to buy with confidence.


Most owners seemed to like the Pet Artist Winter Dog Coat. Most felt that it kept their pooch very warm, and the jacket seems to fit well in most cases. Additionally, most owners who purchased the jacket thought that it looked great on their pup.


While this jacket will resist incidental moisture, it is not truly waterproof. Additionally, it lacks a hole in the back to attach your dog’s harness to the leash.

7. Kailian Hooded Coat

About: The Kailian Hooded Coat is a vintage-style jacket that looks great and is sure to keep your pooch warm. It only features front legs, so it may not be ideal for those living in exceptionally cold climates, but we’re betting that it’ll still work well for dogs living in places with relatively mild winter weather.

Kailian Dog Winter Jacket Puppy Hooded Coat, Dog Apparel,Dog Snowsuit, Faux Shearling Fabric Coat Cotton Clothes Red-L
212 Reviews
Kailian Dog Winter Jacket Puppy Hooded Coat, Dog Apparel,Dog Snowsuit, Faux Shearling Fabric Coat Cotton Clothes Red-L
  • Size 3: Chest: 16", Neck:11.5, Back Length:12", Fits dogs 7-11 lbs.
  • Material: Made of soft and warm fleece lining,faux suede fabric, keep your furry friend warme and...
  • Design Creative: Exquisite stitching, snap-on button closure, easily put on and take off. Fashion...
  • Features: durable, stylish, vintage, fine in detail, lightweight, wind-proof, cute hoodies

Features: The Kailian Coat features a faux suede exterior and a soft and warm fleece lining. The seams all display a bit of the fleece material, which helps make it especially stylish, and the included hood will help keep your dog’s noggin warm while braving the elements.

The Kailian Coat comes with snaps to make it easy to put on or take off, and it is safe to machine wash and dry. It is available in red and brown, and you can purchase it in four different sizes (appropriate for dogs weighing between 5 and 20 pounds).


Most owners liked the Kailian Coat and reported that it was both thick and rigid (in a good way). Most owners mentioned that it was very well made, and the coat’s attractive styling garnered almost universal praise.


While most owners liked the quality of the coat, several experienced sizing issues. So, be sure to carefully review the manufacturer’s sizing guidelines before ordering this coat. Also, it is important to note that (as mentioned earlier), this coat does NOT feature back legs.

8. Hurtta Slush Combat Suit

About: The Hurtta Combat Suit is primarily designed to be a raincoat, but it may be warm enough for long-haired and large dogs too (it can be used in conjunction with the breathable, foil-lined Hurtta Body Suit if you need to provide your dog with some extra protection from the cold). Like most other Hurtta dog coats, the Slush Combat Suit is designed in Finland, where cold and wet weather is a way of life.

Hurtta Slush Combat Suit Waterproof Dog Overall, Orange Camo, 24M
25 Reviews
Hurtta Slush Combat Suit Waterproof Dog Overall, Orange Camo, 24M
  • NO TWO DOGS ARE THE SAME - Don’t guess on the size. Use the size chart along with the “Measuring...
  • WEATHERPROOF - The fabric of the suit is laminated with a breathable and waterproof Houndtex...
  • ADJUSTABLE - With its adjustable waist band, collar and legs the Slush Combat Suit has the perfect...
  • UNRESTRICTIVE – Due to its exact fit it is easy for the dog to run and play while wearing the suit

Features: The Hurtta Bodysuit is a completely water-proof body suit – the entire jacket is laminated with a Houndtex membrane to keep out ice, water, and snow. It is also designed to let your dog move freely, and it comes with a bunched waist and cuffs to help ensure it moves well with your dog’s body.

Like many other Hurtta dog coats and sweaters, the Slush Combat Unit features 3M reflector prints, which help make your dog easy to see in the dark. The Hurtta Bodysuit is available in three color patterns (Raspberry Trim, Orange Camo, and Bolete Trim), and it comes in a vast array of sizes, so you should be able to find one that fits your pooch perfectly.


Most owners who tried the Hurtta Slush Combat Suit were very pleased with the way it looked and functioned. It does not appear to impede your dog’s movement in any way, it’s easy to put on and take off, and it’ll keep your pooch dry in wet weather.


A few owners were disappointed in the thinness of the material, but the majority of complaints related to sizing issues. Just be sure to measure your dog carefully and consult the manufacturer’s sizing guidelines to avoid such problems.

Our Recommendation: DogHelios Thunder-Crackle Jacket or the Casual Canine Snowsuit

When selecting a dog coat with sleeves, you’ll want to pick one that provides your dog with plenty of warmth, as well as the types of features you want. Both the DogHelios and Casual Canine products do exactly this, as the former provides a leash-slit, adjustable leg straps, and high-quality closures, while the Casual Canine coat features removable legs and an easy-to-use Velcro belly closure.

Additionally, they’ve both proven effective for other dogs and their owners, and they’ve enjoyed mostly favorable reviews.

Does your pooch need a coat with a little extra protection from the elements? Have you found a coat that worked especially well? We’d love to hear about it. Let us know the name of the coat and the reasons you have found it effective.

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    This company makes raincoats and snowsuits for any breed! They make it custom, according to your dog’s individual measurements.

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    Hi Ben, thank you so much for all of the great information in your article. I’ve been checking out full dog snowsuits for my 5lb Chi and there are so many products on the market, it was making my head spin. The two you chose as your “best picks” are the same ones I found that appealed to me based on their features. As you know Chihuahuas are a small breed, especially the short haired ones and finding items to fit can be challenging. Your information is very helpful. Thanks again!

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