Which Dog Pooper Scoopers are Best For Keeping Yards Clean?

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Gear By Meg Marrs 8 min read January 4, 2023

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Dogs bring us joy. Picking up dog poop does not. But, hey, we gotta do it.

In response to this not so fun chore, we humans invented a surprisingly large number of devices to make picking up poop as easy, simple, and sanitary as possible – and we aptly named them “pooper scoopers.”

Quick Picks: Best Dog Pooper Scoopers

See our quick picks below, or keep reading for more info and full reviews.

What to Consider When Buying a Dog Pooper Scooper!

There are so many scoopers on the market that it can be overwhelming to decide which one to buy. Below are the top things to consider when making a pooper scooper purchase.

1. shovel vs claw style scooper

In general, there are two main types of pooper scoopers – those that function like a shovel and those that use a spring-loaded claw to pick up your dog’s mess.

Shovel style scoopers are simpler and less likely to break after extensive use, but are more likely to get covered in your dog’s waste as you maneuver your way under it.

Claw style scoopers are better for scooping up waste in one simple grabbing motion, but can break because they depend on springs that eventually wear out.

2. what size scoop do you need?

Larger dogs make larger poops. Smaller dogs make smaller poops. It’s science! And it’s also a critical factor in selecting the best scooper.

For large dog owners, make sure the scoop part of the scooper is large enough to fit around your dog’s waste.

For small dog owners, make sure the scoop doesn’t have any holes that would allow anything fall through! Reading reviews is the best way to make sure you select the right size.

3. short handle or long handle scooper

Pooper scooper handles range in length from approximately two feet to three feet or more.

Shorter scoopers are ideal for travel and are generally lighter weight, but still require most owners to bend over to use them.

Scoopers with long handles are ideal for taller dog owners or those with injuries that make bending over difficult. A longer handle also means you get to stay as far away from your dog’s poop as possible!

4. what surface will you use the scooper on?

Some pooper scoopers are built specifically for grass. Others are built for concrete. And still others are created to work on all surfaces.

Think about where you are most likely to use your new pooper scooper and make your selection accordingly. Will you be teaching your dog to potty in a certain spot? If so, take note of your pup’s potty zone and shop accordingly.

5. should your scooper come with plastic bags?

Picking up your dog’s waste is the first step in waste removal, but then what?

The next step often involves carefully transferring the poop to a plastic bag before making its way to the garbage can (or via another dog poop disposal method).

Some scoopers combine these two steps into one by allowing you to insert the poo bag right over the end of the scoop so there’s no transfer necessary.

If the idea of accidentally touching dog waste is really unpleasant for you, this might be a feature worth going for.

6. what is your scooper budget?

Pooper scoopers range from approximately $10 for low-priced scoopers to around $50 for higher-end scoopers. A higher price isn’t always indicative of a higher quality product, but in many cases it does mean more durability.

Once you’ve answered these six questions, it’s time a take a look at the various scoopers on the market. See below to learn about five of the best options out there!

PICK #1: Bodhi Dog Complete Poo Pack

The claw with the whole kit and caboodle


  • COMPLETE CLEANING KIT: Our new complete Poo Pack includes everything needed to get started with a...
  • AWARD-WINNING QUALITY: Winner of the 2020 Family Choice Awards. A coveted consumer award program...
  • STRATEGIC DESIGN: The handle offers ergonomic finger slots and an easy hang hole. Whether in the...
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Try our Peaceful Poo Pack for yourself & then decide. We are a small...

The Bodhi Dog Complete Poo Pack is a mid-priced “claw” style pooper scooper that not only includes the scooper itself, but also comes with poo bags and a dog bone shaped bag holder that make the final steps of clean up easy and sanitary.

It is one of the only positively reviewed pooper scoopers that allows dog owners to insert the poo bag right over the end of the scooper and scoop the poo right in without having to touch anything!

It’s built to work on surfaces of all kinds (grass, concrete, etc.) and has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which is a great perk for online purchases.

The folks at Bodhi Dog pride themselves on building a durable scooper made only with premium grade plastics. The handle is 24 inches long and the scoop itself is large enough to work for dogs of all sizes.

It also comes in two colors – blue and pink – so you can scoop your dog’s poo in style (if that’s even possible).

PROS: Owners of this poo pack love this product for one simple reason – it just works! Many also like that the scooper is lightweight and easy to take on dog walks.

CONS Owners of this poo pack love this product for one simple reason – it just works! Many also like that the scooper is lightweight and easy to take on dog walks.

PICK #2: Advanced Jaw Scoop for Pet Waste Pick Up

The longest scoop in all the land


  • Lightweight and easy to use. Picks up from all Surfaces - Grass, gravel or concrete
  • Picks up from all surfaces
  • Antimicrobial product protection
  • Non-stick plastic

The Advanced Jaw Scoop for Pet Waste Pick Up by Nature’s Miracle is also a mid-priced spring-loaded scooper that is built to be lightweight and work on multiple surfaces.

What sets this scooper apart from others is its much longer handle. It comes in two size options, medium and jumbo, which are 30 inches and 36 inches long respectively.

The advanced jaw scoop is made of special non stick plastic, which is designed to make clean up easier. The plastic is also treated with an antimicrobial solution to keep strong odors at bay!

PROS: This is yet another scooper that owners like because it does exactly what it’s supposed to do and does it well. The longer handle means that it’s great for taller dog owners or for those with injuries who are unable to bend over.

CONS: Some owners noted that the extra strong springs that clamp the jaw shut can break after extensive use, but that the creators have excellent customer service and are willing to send replacement springs.

PICK #3: Grass Wire Grate Scooper

Best budget pick for shovel-style scooper

The Grass Wire Rake Dog Scooper from Four Paws is a low priced scooper meant specifically for use in grass and sand.

What sets this product apart from other scoopers is that it works like a shovel rather than depending on a spring-loaded clamshell to clamp around the poo.

This scooper works best for larger dogs that leave behind larger gifts. It has a special coating on it to prevent rusting and has a comfortable grip handle.

PROS: Owners of this scooper like that it doesn’t have moving parts or springs that can easily break, and that it works really well on flat, grassy surfaces. Some also noted that because there are no sharp teeth, poo doesn’t get stuck as much as with other pooper scooper models.

CONS: Some owners found that the tines are a bit too far apart to pick up turds from small dogs, so it’s definitely better suited for those with big furry friends. This option also may not be for you if you have very thick grass as some owners noted that the scooper can get bent out of shape when passing through.

PICK #4: Spotty Metal Tray with Rake

Durable metal scooper made to last


  • The Spotty metal outdoor/kennel tray & rake from Royal pet is a lightweight aluminum scoop set...
  • No more bending and scooping with short handled trowels to clean up pet waste
  • Tray and rake snap together for easy and convenient storage
  • Easy to use and light enough to carry for everyday use

The Spotty Metal Tray with Rake is a mid-priced, shovel-style scooper best for use in yards and kennels. It comes with two parts – a long-handled rake to scoop the poo and a long-handled tray for catching the waste.

This product is unique because it is made of aluminum and wood, which tend to hold up better outdoors and break less frequently than other scoopers made of plastic.

It also features a long 36 inch handle so no bending over is required!

PROS: Owners love this product for its durability. Many had tried several other “clamshell” style scoopers and determined that a shovel simply works better since there are fewer pieces that can break.

CONS: Some owners with more than one large dog or who like to do bulk clean ups say that the tray is a bit small and requires frequent dumping.

PICK #5: Dogit Jawz Waste Scoop

Lightweight scooper for jaunts in the park 


  • Practical, easy to use and very convenient dog poop scooper
  • Features sharp, jagged teeth, ideal for scooping dog waste from grass and gravel, and the...
  • Lightweight design is perfect for dog walks, cleaning up your backyard, or when traveling
  • Spring loaded pooper scooper enables quick and easy waste collection in one simple motion

The Dogit Jawz Waste Scoop is a low-priced clamshell style pooper scooper that is unique because it comes in two varieties – one built specifically for grass and one for gravel. It’s also intentionally built to operate with one hand.

As a lighter weight option, it’s perfect for travel and for carrying on dog walks.

PROS: Owners of this scooper are most pleased with the product’s price. It’s one of the least expensive clamshell style scoopers and works well. The ability to operate the spring-loaded handle with one hand is also seen as a perk along with its ability to pick up pieces of waste from small dogs that other scoopers miss.

CONS: Some owners found this scooper to be a bit flimsy. It also is one of the shorter options at only 25 inches tall, which will require some bending for most adults.

Have you had good luck with one of the pooper scoopers on this list or have any recommendations for other great products? Tell us in the comments section below!

If you’re sick of following your pup around for 20 minutes with a scooper on hand, waiting for them to drop their stuff, also check out our article on how to get your dog to pee and poop more quickly!

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