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Canines and cuteness go hand-in-hand, but some barking beauties are in another league of adorable. From fluffy coats to sweet personalities, these precious pups are out-of-this-world cute.

Below, we’ll share the cutest dog breeds, from jumbo giants to little lap dogs.

Cute Is In The Eye of the Beholder

Everyone has an opinion of what’s “cute.” Of course, we think ALL dogs are cute. The ones we’re discussing today are just some of those most praised for cuteness by pet parents. Have a cuter contender? Tell us about them in the comments!

What Makes a Dog Cute?

Puppy looking away

“Cute” is a subjective term. What one person finds adorable, another may find hideous.

That said, a few doggy traits usually fall into the “cute” category for most mutt fanciers.

Most people find the following features irresistibly adorable in doggos:

  • Small size
  • Underbites
  • Small heads
  • Warm eyes
  • Fluffy hair
  • Curly tails
  • Floppy ears
  • Expressive faces
  • Personality
  • Big feet
  • Toe beans

These are just some of the many things you could find cute. While they’re fun to coo over, remember a dog is far more than its appearance. Always carefully research a breed before welcoming it into your family to ensure a proper fit.

The 31 Cutest Dog Breeds

White fluffy dog on snowy grass

Now that we’ve defined “cute,” we can dig into what you’re really here for: the cutest dog breeds. Get to know these cute canines with us and see if any may be a good match for your lifestyle.

1. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier looking away

As tenacious as she is tiny, the Yorkie is a small terrier breed packed with personality despite weighing seven pounds or less. With doe eyes and silky hair, she has the classic looks of a cutie, with her saucy attitude only adding to her appeal in the eyes of breed fanciers. 

Yorkies are fragile, however, and best suited for families with teenage children and above who know how to handle a petite pooch. She should also be trained in basic obedience and boundaries, as she’s a breed prone to developing small dog syndrome, which isn’t cute.

2. Labrador Retriever

Black Labrador Retriever

A bouncy babe with a mastery of puppy-dog eyes, the Lab is undeniably cute. She’s also a great match for families with kids, leading to epic cuddle and play sessions that up her adorableness. 

Labs can be a lot to handle regarding daily exercise, as this sporting sniffer runs on go-go-go until she’s roughly three years old. Prepare your arm for lots of rounds of fetch, though investing in a dog ball launcher is a nifty idea too.

3. French Bulldog

French Bulldog lying on wooden floor

This flat-faced French lady has an expressive pout you can’t help but adore. She has big eyes you can get lost in and bat ears for days, making people swoon left and right. Don’t even get us started on that wiggling little booty.

Frenchies are one of the calmest dog breeds, which makes them a top-notch contender for apartment life. Just be sure she gets in her daily steps and watches her treat intake, as excess weight puts unnecessary stress on her joints – not good for a pup already prone to serious health concerns.

4. Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel on bed

Cockers have perfected the art of the long, luscious coat and warm eyes, easily earning them a place in the ranks of the cutest dog breeds. You can keep her hair flowing or clip it short, though both styles require brushing a few times weekly to remove tangles, particularly around her floppy ears.

Cocker spaniels can be great family dogs, but they’re less tolerant of kiddos than other sporting breeds like Labs and goldens. They’ll do best in families with older kids who appreciate her playfulness but don’t overcrowd her when she wants to relax alone.

5. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever puppy lying on grass

This Velcro dog breed is as sweet as can be with her soft coat and sunny disposition. Then there are her ever-expressive eyes, capable of cracking your heart in two at a glance. It’s no wonder the breed’s always one of the most popular.

As a retriever, it’s vital to keep fetch toys on hand for this golden girl so she can flex her talents and burn off energy. She should also learn house manners early since she’s prone to bounciness and jumping on people if given free rein. 

6. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terrier lying on ground

The Staffy smile is as sweet as can be, but her puppy dog eyes and pout are unmatched in the dog world. With one look, she’ll snatch your heart and your stash of treats forever. She’s also a cuddle bug, with some Staffies preferring your lap while others adore nothing more than being wedged by your side on the sofa. 

This beautiful bully breed is one heavy-duty chewer, so only give her toys made for aggressive chewers to ensure a safe, lasting plaything. You’ll also want to start her training and socialization with people and other dogs early, as she can be a little hard-headed and aloof with strangers if not appropriately guided.

7. Dachshund

Dachshund puppy being carried

Everyone’s favorite wiggling wiener dog has plenty of cuteness with her big ears, soulful eyes, and unique frame. She’s also an expert blanket tunneler, managing to burrow her body as close to you as possible so she’s as snug as a bug in a rug.

The Dachshund is a digger at heart, requiring a safe, appropriate outlet like a sandbox to release this instinct. Otherwise, she’ll redecorate your flowerbeds, which can be more than upsetting if you have prized petunias.

8. West Highland White Terrier

West Highland White Terrier on grass

This regal ratter is one cute critter with her perky expression and fluffy coat. Keeping her white tresses in good shape isn’t as tricky as you’d think as long as she’s not tempted by any dirt to dig. But you’ll need to get her ‘do clipped every six to eight weeks if you’re after the classic Westie style.

As a terrier, the Westie can be scrappy, so start her training and socialization as soon as possible to prevent any problems. Since the breed was originally used for controlling vermin, you’ll also want to monitor her around small pets like cats and rabbits.

9. Samoyed

Samoyed standing in water while smiling

The smiling “Sammie” is one gorgeous girl and an ancient dog breed, as her kind dates back more than 2000 years! Her plush white coat is her trademark, and those cute polar bear-like ears inspire lots of oohs and ahhs too. Just brush it regularly to prevent tangles and remove her mountains of shedding hair.

She’s one of the rarer dog breeds, and she’s expensive to buy. This cutie has some high-octane activity needs, considering her sled dog roots. That makes her a great candidate for hiking, jogging, and skijoring.

10. Scottish Terrier

Scottish terriers are cute

How can you not fall head over heels for this bearded beauty? This distinguished darling is one posh pupperino with her chic cut. She’s quite the queen of confidence, strutting her stuff and sounding the alarm at perceived threats with a mighty bark.

Scotties thrive in families with older kids or adults, as this no-nonsense lady has no time for shrieking little ones. She’s just not as patient as other pups. She’s a fantastic companion for quiet days at home and super independent if you’re seeking a not-so-clingy canine.

11. Pomeranian

Cute Pomeranian

The Pom is one of those dogs that forever looks like a stuffed animal, whether she’s a pint-sized puppy or an adult. 

Pomeranians are one of the more outgoing toy dog breeds. While content on your lap, this pup isn’t afraid to meet new people or tackle new challenges. She’s a good choice for doggy sports like agility, surprising many with her athleticism.

12. German Shepherd

Two German Shepherds Running in Grass

Now, some people wouldn’t think of this police dog breed as being “cute,” but they’re sorely mistaken. The shepherd’s satellite-like ears and devotion to her owner make her one of the cutest large breed dogs. Her curious expression doesn’t hurt, either.

As one of the smartest dog breeds, the German shepherd can be demanding. Daily physical and mental exercise is essential for her happiness, preferably combined with a job like herding. You’ll also want to switch up training and keep her engaged with dog training toys and high-value treats.

13. Shiba Inu

This Japanese gem exploded onto the internet scene with her pointed ears and plush coat. Her alert expression and frequent head tilt send her cuteness into the stratosphere, not to mention that curled tail.

Since she’s stubborn and aloof with strangers, the Shiba isn’t a good fit for beginners. Early, ongoing training is a must. Even then, sometimes she decides her way is best and will ignore you entirely. Patience and humor are essential with #shibalife.

14. Boston Terrier

Black and white Boston Terrier puppy on grass

This bug-eyed beauty gets mixed reactions, but this American doggo is solidly in the cute column for us. Her pout is more than precious, while her playful nature and eagerness to entertain earn her extra adorable points.

The Boston is a brachycephalic dog breed, so special care is needed in extreme temperatures to keep her safe. Air conditioning is this breed’s best friend, along with quick potty breaks outside in hot weather.

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15. Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise

As a curly-haired canine with a sweet spirit, no one’s surprised to see the bichon ranking among the cutest dog breeds. Her soft coat and affectionate ways make her one of the best lap dogs, too. 

The bichon is one of the most versatile small dogs, thriving in both adults-only households and those with children. The only major hurdle with the breed is grooming, but scheduling a professional cut every six to eight weeks makes regular maintenance a breeze.

16. Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen

Also known as the PBGV, this fuzzy hound has the long, low frame you’d expect from a Basset but with a coarse coat and lighter build. She’s happy at heart and out-of-this-world adorable in puppyhood, with floppy ears and enchanting eyes you just can’t say no to.

PBGVs aren’t house dogs at heart, so don’t expect yours to lounge around without a care. She’ll need a long daily walk, preferably somewhere secure she can explore with her nose.

17. Papillon

Brown Papillon

Meaning “butterfly” in French, this toy breed gets her name from her ears’ butterfly-like appearance. Her friendly disposition also earns her a gold star in the personality department, with many finding the breed as charming as she is cute and cuddly.

Grooming the papillon’s fine coat isn’t too tricky. Just keep up on regular combing to prevent matting, especially around her ears, legs, and tail. You’ll also want to brush and monitor her teeth often since she can develop dental issues.

18. Alaskan Klee Kai 

Alaskan Klee Kai

Resembling a small husky, this floof monster is crazy cute. She has a fox-like expression that tugs at your heartstrings, plus a fluffy tail she’s happy to hold high as she explores new places at your side. She’s also a loyal lady, adding to her appeal in the eyes of many.

Keep this canine’s toy basket well-stocked, as she’s a playful pup with loads of physical and mental energy to burn. Another idea is to rotate the offerings in her collection so she never grows bored and redirects her focus on your favorite throw pillows.

19. Chihuahua

Chihuahua on platform

Holy guacamole, is this petite pup adorable! As the smallest dog breed, the Chihuahua is a breeze to tote around like a baby and spoil, adding to her cuteness. At the same time, you’ll want to remember to teach her manners and socialize her from puppyhood to prevent any problem behaviors like excessive barking.

Chihuahuas come in long-haired and short-coated varieties, with both shedding a fair amount and needing regular brushing to remove loose strands. You’ll also want to keep an eye on this pup’s teeth and stick to a cleaning schedule, as they’re prone to dental woes.

20. Basset Hound

basset hound

This droopy dreamboat has ears for days and the most adorable puppy dog eyes, easily making her a star among the cutest dog breeds. She also has a long, heavy build on short legs that people go gaga for.

Bassets are an excellent match for pet parents that work long hours or dislike Velcro pups, as they’re one of the more independent dog breeds out there. However, this independence is both a blessing and a curse, as she’ll often choose her way during training, making lessons a challenge for newbie dog owners.

21. Corgi

Corgi lying on grass

This lovely lowrider has captured the hearts of millions with her big ears, big smile, and even bigger personality. Her fuzzy hair doesn’t hurt, either, giving her a stuffed toy appearance. Just be sure to brush it regularly to remove shedding fur. 

Corgis are great dogs for families with kids, but special care is needed in training to ensure they won’t herd your kiddos. You’ll also want to teach your little ones not to roughhouse with her, as her long, low build is at-risk of back injuries.

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22. Newfoundland

Black Newfoundland on snow

This gentle giant is among the fluffiest dog breeds, resembling more of a cuddly bear than a canine. However, all that hair requires a lot of brushing, and you’ll want to invest in a good vacuum for dog hair to keep your home from being overrun with mega-sized tumbleweeds of fuzz.

Newfs are excellent for families with kids, provided your pup learns basic obedience early, so she doesn’t send toddlers flying. You’ll want to keep lessons positive and reward-based, too, since she’s a big softie at heart.

23. Beagle

Beagle standing in on grass

Everyone’s favorite hound dog is one cute creature thanks to her big ears and expressive face. Her personality also wins her cute points since she’s one of the best dogs for kids because of her love of play and gentle nature. 

The beagle is among the dogs with the best sense of smell, so you’ll need to keep her leashed when she’s outside a fenced area. Otherwise, she’ll follow her nose instead of your commands.

24. Havanese

Havanese puppy

As soft as she is stunning, the Havanese is a legendary lapdog and a member of the cute dog committee. She’s also a charmer and a comedian, quick to put on a show for her people if it gets her extra attention.

Grooming a Havanese is a lot of work, but everyday maintenance is easier if you keep her clipped shorter. Schedule her for professional grooming every six to eight weeks so you only have to worry about light brushing to prevent tangles between appointments. Also, pick up one of the best dog foods for Havanese to ensure her coat stays looking its best.

25. Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog in field

The Bernese is one cute colossal canine. She can weigh close to 100 pounds but don’t fool yourself into thinking that doesn’t mean she’ll find a way to wiggle into your lap. As a highly affectionate floof, she’s as cuddly as she is adorable.

The Bernese’s dense coat requires frequent brushing, particularly during shedding season. Speaking of shedding, if dog hair around the house isn’t your thing (or drool), this isn’t the pup for you.

26. Maltese

Maltese puppy

Polished and petite, the Maltese is the ultimate cute companion. She’s a proud member of the small white dog breed family and a true doggy diva, requiring frequent combing to remove tangles if her hair is left long. Keeping her face trimmed or fastened in bows is recommended so her eyes aren’t irritated by stray strands.

As a toy breed, this little one only weighs up to seven pounds maximum, so she’s not the best choice for families with small kids. She is, however, a fabulous candidate for apartment life since her exercise needs can be met through a daily walk and indoor play.

27. Shetland Sheepdog

Shetland Sheepdog lying near lake

Often confused with the collie, the Sheltie is a petite herding honey with adorably pricked ears and a coat of floof you can’t help but love. A loyal lass, she’s also cute as can be in personality.

Shelties are sensitive sniffers but on the active side. She should have her mind put to work with obedience training as well as her body with a sport like agility. As a farm dog at heart, she’s happiest at work.

28. Boxer

Boxer tilting head

A lovable goof at heart, the boxer is one cute class clown. Her trademark pout is a real heart melter, as are those deep brown eyes loaded with love when you have food she’s interested in.

Boxers are one of the most affectionate dog breeds. They’re also incredibly playful, which makes them a great canine candidate for active family life. Just be sure you have enough time daily to devote to her exercise and emotional needs.

29. Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs on grass

This tricolor treat of a dog is one big baby, as she often weighs north of 100 pounds. Her happy-go-lucky spirit is infectious, and those soul-filled eyes are too precious for words. She’s rare, too, so expect lots of compliments and questions when you two go out and about.

Swissies are some of the best giant breeds with kids, having a sweet nature and interest in play. While she is family-oriented, you’ll still want to focus on training and socialization early to ensure she’s well-adjusted before she’s too much to handle.

30. Schipperke

Black Schipperke on grass

Once used as a barge dog, this black beauty has a foxy expression and plush coat that are next-level adorable. If her looks don’t leave you in awe, her personality will, as this confident cutie is the first to explore and take on life’s challenges with gusto.

Schipperkes are a good match for active families looking for a big dog in a small package, as her small stature means nothing when it comes to her love of play and sport. She’s a top candidate for sports like agility or simply hiking or jogging by your side.

31. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cute Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavy is cuteness in dog form with her warm, expressive eyes and soft coat. She’s quite the charmer and uber-affectionate, thriving in settings where she’s with her favorite people. She’s also a social butterfly, doing well in households with other dogs and pets.

The only downside to the Cavy is the breed’s susceptibility to several major health concerns. To keep your Cavy as healthy as possible, have annual checkups performed and help her maintain her weight through proper diet and exercise.


I am sure this was just an oversight, Kelsey, but you neglected to include the two cutest breeds of all.

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Great Pyrenees

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Is your sniffer one of the cutest dog breeds we listed? Is she another adorable doggo? Tell us about her in the comments. We’d love to get to know your canine cutie.

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