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does my dog miss me when Im gone

Does My Dog Miss Me When I’m Gone?

Many pet owners notice their dog’s excitement when they return home – whether it’s after five minutes or five hours. But do our furry pals really miss us? Dogs and their memories are a tricky subject,

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why does my dog stare at me when pooping

Why Does My Dog Stare at Me While Pooping?

We get plenty of questions from readers and this has to be one of the weirder ones on the list; still, we’ve never been afraid of a little weird. So why does your dog stare at you when he poops? The

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why does my dog yawn

Why Does My Dog Yawn So Much?

Your dog yawns because you’re boring – if you were more fun, your poor dog wouldn’t yawn so much. Jokes aside, dog yawning is an interesting topic. Why do dogs yawn? Does it perform the same

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why does my dog follow me everywhere

Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere?

Most people want companionship when they add a new dog to the family, but sometimes, you get more than you bargained for. Some dogs seem to be gravitationally bound to their owner’s feet, making sure

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why does my dog lick carpet

Why Does My Dog Lick the Carpet? 

As pet owners, we accept the fact that our dogs do strange things — it’s part of their charm. Some dogs chase their tails, while others like to roll around in the foulest smelling thing they can

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Why Do Dogs Like to Be Petted?

When you really think about it, dog petting is kind of a weird thing. You don’t go up to your friends and start scratching them on the belly or petting them on the top of their head, no matter how glad

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how to stop my dog from eating poop

Why Does My Dog Eat Poop (And How Do I Stop It)?

We all love puppy kisses, but who wants to get up close and personal with their pup after they have just finished eating poo? In this article we’re covering all things poop – including why dogs

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