25 Dog-Friendly Bars in Chicago: Sippin’ Some Suds with Spot!

Lifestyle By Kate Brunotts 12 min read July 11, 2023

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dog-friendly bars in Chicago

Are you ready to grab a beer with your best buddy? If you’re a resident of the Windy City, you can! Chicago hosts plenty of hound-friendly bars so that you and your canine companion can catch a cold one with the boys (and the good boys). 

Below, we’ll detail some of the best dog-friendly bars in Chicago. We’ll also share some general tips for making your bar adventure with Spot go smoothly. 

25 Dog-Friendly Bars in Chicago

bring dog to Chicago bar

Without further ado, here are some of the best dog-friendly bars in Chicago. From dive bars to craft breweries, this list has something for every pet parent. 

1. The Corner Bar

About: Looking for a dive bar to explore with your dog? Check out the no-frills Corner Bar which offers cheap drinks, retro vibes and dog-friendly spaces inside and outside. Enjoy a full selection of beers in Bucktown while hanging with your best buddy.

Address: 2224 N Leavitt St Chicago, IL 60647

Phone Number: 773-697-9934

Website: https://thecornerbarbuckto.wixsite.com/home

2. Ranalli’s 

About: This pub and pizza joint is a great place to spend time with your canine companion. Your dog will love kicking back on the dog-friendly patio and you can easily pick up your drinks from the convenient walk-up window. 

Address: 1925 N Lincoln Ave

Phone Number: 312-642-4700

Website: https://www.ranallislincolnpark.com

3. River Shannon 

About: This classic Irish pub is known for two things – its whiskey and an undeniable love for dogs! This makes it the perfect place for pet parents to bring along the four-footers while enjoying some tasty brews. Other pluses include alleged free popcorn, karaoke nights, and a puppy love photo booth to take snaps with your furry friend. 

Address: 425 W Armitage Ave

Phone Number: 312-944-5087

Website: https://therivershannon.com

4. Lizard’s Liquid Lounge

About: This funky bar won’t just welcome your canine companion with open arms, the staff also offers up treats for visiting furry friends. Lizard’s Liquid Lounge will keep you and your furry friend endlessly entertained as they offer in-house activities like open mic nights, billiards, and trivia. 

Address: 3058 W Irving Park Rd

Phone Number: 773-463-7599

Website: https://www.lizardsliquidlounge.com

5. Archie’s Iowa & Rockwell Tavern

About: If you’re looking for a local favorite, check out this charming dive bar, where all well-behaved pups are welcome inside. This sweet spot boasts a working jukebox, pool, and board games to keep you entertained. 

Address: 2600 W Iowa St

Phone Number: 872-206-5119

Website: https://www.facebook.com/ArchiesBar

6. The Moonlighter 

About: This neighborhood hang out is known for its craft beers and dog-friendly patio. You can also enjoy great eats from a menu of house-made burgers and salads. And because it’s only a short walk away from Palmer Square Park, it’s a great place to relax after trotting around with your canine companion.

Address: 3204 W Armitage Avenue

Phone Number: 773-276-3600

Website: https://www.themoonlighterchicago.com

7. The Empty Bottle

About: Mutts and mimosas are rampant at The Empty Bottle on the weekends. One part-bar, one part-live music venue, this establishment opens up its patio to all furry friends. The Empty Bottle is located in the heart of the Ukrainian Village and is perhaps best known for its cheap drinks. 

Address: 1035 N Western Ave

Phone Number: 773-276-3600

Website: https://www.emptybottle.com

8. Paradise Park

About: Paradise Park provides tasty cocktails and beers, all served on an expansive, dog-friendly patio. The whimsical outdoor bar is super charming, and it’s complete with swings (for adults!) and neon signs, making it easy for you to take the ultimate selfie with your dog

Address: 2417 N Milwaukee Ave

Phone Number: 872-206-5526

Website: http://thenativechicago.com

9. The Native

About: If you’re looking for old-school cool, check out The Native’s house cocktails paired with a retro atmosphere. Dogs are welcome in the impressive backyard patio, and the bar hosts new events every week, so you’re definitely in for a night of fun here. 

Address: 2417 N Milwaukee Ave

Phone Number: 872-206-5526

Website: http://thenativechicago.com

10. Mott St. 

About: If sake is more your style, head out with your hound to Mott St. An Asian-fusion restaurant and bar featuring a dog-friendly patio and a peaceful, quiet atmosphere, this hidden gem is a great pick for first time bar barkers. 

Address: 773-687-9977

Phone Number: 1401 N. Ashland Ave. 

Website: http://www.mottstreetchicago.com

11. Carol’s Pub

About: If your canine is a country mouse at heart, head to Carol’s Pub – a honky-tonk bar featuring line-dancing and endless country bangers. Your pooch is welcome to join in on the action indoors or outdoors, but note that this venue occasionally features live music, which might be a bit much for some furry friends. 

Address: 4659 N Clark St

Phone Number: 773-754-8000

Website: https://www.carolspub.com

12. Off Color Brewing

About: Well-behaved pups are allowed on the patio after 6:00 PM at Off Color Brewing. This brewery and taproom features plenty of local libations to quench your thirst while enjoying the establishment’s chill atmosphere and one-of-a-kind beers. 

Address: 1460 N Kingsbury

Phone Number: 212-254-3000

Website: http://www.offcolorbrewing.com

13. Clark St. Ale House 

About: Enjoy craft beers and whiskey at the classy yet casual Clark St. Ale House. This pet-friendly space welcomes dogs inside and out and has plenty of water bowls to keep your hound hydrated. This historic speakeasy has plenty of history, so be sure to check it out with your pooch! 

Address: 742 N Clark St

Phone Number: 312-642-9253 

Website: https://www.clarkstreetalehouse.com

14. Roots Handmade Pizza

About: The appeal for Roots Handmade Pizza is simple and sweet: delicious eats and a unique Midwestern beer selection. This pizza parlor and bar offers a pooch-friendly patio, and the hosts are happy to provide water for your furry friend, too! 

Address: 948 N Western Ave

Phone Number: 773-645-4949

Website: https://www.rootspizza.com

15. Sportsman’s Club

About: Looking for something a bit more upscale? The Sportsman’s Club has a chic vintage aesthetic and serves craft cocktails, and they also have an expansive fenced-in back patio that is open to all pooches. Just FYI: This is a cash-only bar. 

Address: 948 N Western Ave

Phone Number: 872-206-8054

Website: https://drinkingandgathering.com

16. Barrio

About: Barrio is made to please furry friends and goes so far to have a dog-safe menu so that you can treat your pooch while out on the town! The dog-friendly patio will keep your canine more than comfortable – don’t forget to ask for “Woof-Cream” for dessert. You’ll get to enjoy an extensive tequila selection, cocktails, and delicious Mexican food. 

Address: 65 W Kinzie St

Phone Number:


Website: https://www.barriochicago.com/

17. The Publican 

About: Beer enthusiasts with doggos will certainly want to check out The Publican. This classy eatery has an impressive brew list, featuring imported Belgian pints, and your dog will have a blast keeping your company on the property’s dog-friendly patio. 

Address: 550 Plandome Rd, Manhasset

Phone Number: 516-627-7722

Website: http://www.thepublicanrestaurant.com

18. The Promontory 

About: The upscale Promontory is a nifty bar that features two dog-friendly patio levels for your precious pooch to enjoy. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the on house cocktails and plenty of tasty food. Your server will be happy to bring water for Fido if you ask. 

Address: 5311 S Lake Park Ave W

Phone Number: 312-801-2100

Website: https://www.promontorychicago.com

19. Lo Rez Brewery & Taproom

About: This warehouse-esqe brewery is truly one of a kind. Your pooch is welcome inside and outside this funky space, and dog bowls are provided by the bar! Enjoy an impressive selection of beers and a rotating artist residency at this hipster-chic establishment. 

Address: 2101 S Carpenter St

Phone Number: 888-404-2262

Website: https://lorezbrewing.com/

20. Saint Lou’s Assembly

About: Take your pooch out to the adorable fenced-in backyard at Saint Lou’s Assembly. This venue features old-school eats and hosts a whole lot of charm. Enjoy craft beers, signature cocktails, and boozy floats. 

Address: 664 W. Lake Street Chicago

Phone Number: 312-600-0600

Website: https://www.saintlouschicago.com

21. Midwest Coast Brewing Company

About: Are you hoping to catch some tasting flights with Fido? Midwest Coast Brewing Company has quite the beer selection and hosts pop-up food trucks on the weekend. Best of all, your canine companion is welcomed in both the indoor and outdoor portions of the venue. 

Address: 2137 W. Walnut Street

Phone Number: 312-361-1176

Website: https://www.midwestcoastbrewing.com

22. Taureaux Tavern

About: This French eatery and bar will send your pooch to Parisian heaven. Located conveniently in the loop, the Taureaux Tavern even offers a special menu for canine companions and even sets out custom Taureaux-branded dog bowls.

Address: 155 W Van Buren St, Chicago, IL 60605

Phone Number: 312-624-8778

Website: https://www.taureauxtavern.com

23. The Fifty/50

About: This Windy City mainstay welcomes pups on its patio and takes the traditional sports bar to a new level with eats as tasty as the drinks. This is the perfect place to catch the big game when Sunday rolls around. Enjoy football with Fido (just be sure to set up your dog with his favorite sports team jersey)! 

Address: 2047 W Division St

Phone Number: 312-333-2222

Website: https://www.thefifty50.com

24. Antique Taco

About: The minority and women-owned Antique Taco has a pooch-friendly patio with plenty of hydration for your hound. You’ll love this unique spot’s atmosphere covered in vintage antiques, as well as the unique cocktails that adorn the menu. 

Address: 1000 W 35th Street

Phone Number: 773-697-7142

Website: http://www.antiquetaco.com

25. Somerset

About: Somerset is a swanky spot right by the Viceroy hotel. Here, your pooch is welcome to join you on the patio while you sample the impressive drink menu featuring drinks ranging from signature cocktails to rare spirits. 

Address: 1112 N State St, Chicago, IL 60610

Phone Number: 312-586-2150

Website: https://www.viceroyhotelsandresorts.com/chicago/somerset

Tips for Taking Your Dog to a Bar

tips for taking dog to bar

Before heading to the pub with your pooch, check out these tips for a seamless experience with Spot: 

  • Don’t give your doggo booze. We hope this is obvious, but alcohol isn’t a beverage you can share with your dog. Alcohol can actually cause vomiting, diarrhea, breathing difficulty, and even death for dogs. Keep the drinks away from your dog and make sure he isn’t lapping up any spilled spirits. 
  • Walk your dog beforehand. Avoid accidents at the pub by taking your pooch out to pee and poo before arriving at the dog bar. Taking a long walk can also help tire out your furry friend so that he can relax while out and about. 
  • Provide your pooch with fresh water. You’ll want to make sure your pooch has access to plenty of water while mingling at the bar. Many dog-friendly establishments will have shared water bowls, but pack a dog water bottle or collapsible bowl just in case. 
  • Make sure your mutt knows his manners. You shouldn’t take your buddy to the bar until he’s mastered basic mutt manners like sit, stay, and come. Teaching your dog to settle on a mat is another great skill for going out on the town!
  • Keep an eye on your pooch. You need to keep an eye on your dog at all times, just as you would if you were checking out one of Chicago’s best dog parks. Be considerate of other patrons – they may not expect to see furry friends, so keep your dog close and always on-leash. As adorable as your dog is, don’t assume that everyone wants to be greeted by your canine companion. 
  • Know your limits.  You don’t want to end up unable to drive and then be stuck with Spot, so don’t go too hard while out with your dog. It might be worth packing a towel or two to put down for your dog in a Lyft or Uber (yes, some ride-sharing services allow you to bring your dog in the car, but it usually depends on the individual driver). 
  • Be sure it’s something your dog would enjoy. Some canines don’t like the commotion of public bars. If you suspect your dog won’t enjoy the bar, find an alternative activity that you can both enjoy. Also, if your dog appears distressed while at the bar, leave immediately. Your pup should still be your number one priority, even while out for a quick drink. It may be worth exploring the bar during an off-peak time while you figure out your pooch’s preferences. 


Dog-friendly bars can be an excellent opportunity to explore the Windy City and bond with your best buddy. Have fun exploring these pup-friendly establishments with your canine companion! 

Looking for more places where your dog can walk indoors alongside you? Check out our list of dog-friendly restaurant chains too! And if you’re traveling, we have guides to the best dog-friendly bars in Seattle and the best dog-friendly bars in Denver too!

Have you been to a dog-friendly bar? Which dog bar is your personal favorite? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

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