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Whether you’re exercising with your pet, going on a road trip with Rover, or simply enjoying a long walk, you must be sure to keep your pooch well hydrated.  Fortunately, there are a number of water bottles for dogs on the market that make this a snap!

Below, we’ll explore several types of portable water bottles, compare the features and benefits of each, and provide some hound hydration tips so that you can be sure your pet remains hydrated on your next adventure!

Best Dog Water Bottles: Quick Picks

  • MalsiPree Dog Water Bottle [Best Overall Dog Water Bottle]: Equipped with a host of nifty features, including an attached drinking dish and a “water key,” which allows you to save unused water, this is easily the best dog water bottle around.  
  • Gorilla Grips Dog Water Bottle [Most Affordable Dog Water Bottle]: While this bottle doesn’t have all of the fancy bells and whistles that some others do, it still gets the job done at a great price. 
  • PupFlask [Best Large-Capacity Dog Water Bottle]: If you have a large breed pup or you go for long hikes with your hound, a high capacity water bottle like this one that will hold plenty of water. 

What To Look For When Buying a Dog Water Bottle

Depending on your specific needs, there are several details to consider when picking out your dog water bottle.

Dog Water Bottle Materials: What’s It Made Of?

Stainless steel and BPA-free plastic are durable and pose no risk to your pet’s health, making them great materials for dog water bottles.

Plastic bottles are an excellent low-cost option and are usually dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. However, you’ll want to make sure you select a bottle made from pet-safe, food-grade plastic that’s made without BPAs.

Stainless steel water bottles are a great alternative, as they’re quite durable and most are also dishwasher safe. As a bonus, many of them are fantastic for helping to keep your dog’s water cold.  

Drinking Cup Feature For Lapping Up Water

dog water bottles

Most dog water bottles feature a cup or a detachable bowl (essentially a travel water bowl) that will allow your dog to easily lap up the water and eliminate the need to bring an additional bowl.

Separate bowls can also get messy and take up more space in your bag, so having a lid that doubles as a cup is a huge benefit.

Different designs have various shapes and sizes for the bowl, which means finding the right fit for you and your dog’s needs and personal preferences!

Size: What Capacity Do You Need?

In picking out a dog water bottle, it is important to find one that is the right size for your travel needs.

Find a water bottle that is small enough to travel with, but large enough to provide your dog (and you as well, if you’re sharing) with enough water. 

The perfect size will depend on the size of your dog, the season, and the activity you are packing for.  

Best Dog Water Bottles: Reviews & Top Picks

best water bottles for dogs

Below, we’ve assembled the very best water bottles for dogs on the market. You really can’t go wrong with any of these, but as always, be sure to pick the one that is best suited for your pet’s specific needs.

1. MalsiPree Water Bottle

Best Overall Dog Water Bottle

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MalsiPree Dog Water Bottle, Lightweight, Leak Proof Portable Travel Dog Water Dispenser - Perfect Puppy Drinking Bowl On The Go for Outdoor Walking and Hiking - Pet Accessories (12oz, Blue)

MalsiPree Water Bottle

A feature-packed dog water bottle with a button dispenser and attached drinking cup for canine convenience.

About: The MalsiPree Dog Water Bottle is one of the best dog water bottles you can find with a leak-proof button dispenser, attached drinking cup, and a convenient carrying loop. One of the things we like most about this water bottle is that it only dispenses water when you press the “water key” button, allowing you to avoid wasting water while your dog drinks.  


  • Water key button dispenses water to prevent water leakage
  • Made from food-grade plastic 
  • Attached carrying lanyard 
  • 12 or 19-ounce bottles 


  • Buttons make it easy to fill the bowl and “recapture” unused water 
  • Most owners reported little to no water leakage 
  • Lightweight and easy to carry thanks to the attached lanyard


  • It’s not dishwasher safe
  • Plastic isn’t as durable as stainless steel  

2. Gorilla Grip Bottle

Most Affordable Dog Water Bottle

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No products found.

Gorilla Grip Bottle

A high-quality yet budget-friendly dog water bottle that comes with a built-in drinking bowl on top.

About: The Gorilla Grip Dog Water Bottle is a  super functional dog water bottle that comes at a budget-friendly price. To use this water bottle, simply “unlock” the cap, and squeeze the bottle portion to let the water flow into the built-in water bowl. And for extra convenience and easy storage, the bowl flips down over the bottle top when not in use. 


  • Dog bottle comes in 12-, 16-, or 20-ounce sizes and 4 color options
  • Top flips up to create a bowl; flips down for storage or travel 
  • Twist mechanism design to prevent water leakage 
  • Bowl/cap made from dishwasher-safe, food-grade silicone 
  • Included “drain” allows you to recapture leftover water 


  • Built-in water bowl top is super handy
  • It’s affordably priced 
  • Dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean


  • Some owners found this bottle tricky to twist open
  • A couple of pet parents had trouble draining unused water 

3. PupFlask

Best High-Capacity Dog Water Bottle

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PupFlask Large Dog Water Bottle | 27 or 40 OZ Stainless Steel | Convenient Dog Water Dispenser | Puppy Travel Water Bowl | Portable Pet Water Bottle | Leak Proof Bottle Perfect Size For All Dog Breeds


A 40-ounce, stainless-steel dog water bottle with an attached drinking dish that’s great for extended walks.

About: If you enjoy hiking or going on extended walks with your furry friend, you’ll want a tool like the large PupFlask, which holds lots and lots of water.

Made of stainless steel to ensure it lasts for years, this bottle comes with a cap attachment that acts as a built-in bowl. Best of all, it folds over the bottle when not in use so that the bottle remains easy to carry and doesn’t take up too much room. You can also purchase an insulated neoprene carrying sleeve separately to help keep your pet’s water cold and make the bottle easier to tote around. 


  • Stainless steel bottle comes in 27- and 40-ounce sizes 
  • Features flip-up drinking tray 
  • Quick release button makes removing the cap easy
  • Comes with a lanyard strap for added convenience
  • Water drainage system makes it easy to recover excess water


  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean
  • Pet parents report the drainage system works well
  • Large bottle capacity  is great for large pups and long walks 


  • It’s a bit heavier than some other options
  • A couple of owners reported leaking (yet others reported that it worked flawlessly)

4. Lesotc Water Bottle

Dog Water Bottle with Most Color Options

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lesotc 2022 Upgraded Pet Water Bottle for Dogs,Dog Water Bottle Foldable,Leak Proof Dog Travel Water Bottle,Dog Water Dispenser,Lightweight & Convenient for Outdoor Walking,Hiking,Travel,BPA Free

Lesotc Water Bottle

A free-standing dog water bottle that’s available in a litany of adorable colors to match Spot’s sense of style.

About: Have a fashion-forward four-footer who needs a water bottle that looks as good as it works? Well, the Lesotc Water Bottle may be just the ticket!

Perfect for travel thanks to its compact size, leak-proof design, included carabiner clip, and built-in bowl top, this bottle is available in a range of sizes and 17 different colors. You can even pick up a matching insulated coozy (sold separately) if you like! 


  • Water-stopping “lock” to prevent spills 
  • Available in 14-, 18-, and 20-ounce sizes 
  • Bowl-shaped top flips out of the way when not in use 
  • Available in 17 different colors
  • Made from BPA-free plastic 


  • The bowl flips out of the way easily when not in use, making it great for travel
  • Bottle’s design makes it easy to drain unused water
  • We love the rainbow of colors this bottle comes in 


  • Owners report that the water dispensing method doesn’t work well once it is half empty  
  • It doesn’t fit into some car cup holders

5. H2O4K9 Water Bottle

Easiest Dog Water Bottle to Carry

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H2O4K9 Stainless Steel Dog Water Bottle and Travel Bowl, Small, 270 ml, Lime Green

H2O4K9 Water Bottle

A compact water bottle that’s lightweight, easy to carry, and perfect for short walks with your woofer.

About: Need a dog water bottle that’s super easy to carry? The H2O4K9 Water Bottle is a super-compact container that’s easy to sneak in your bag or carry while on walks.

While it only holds about 9 ounces of water, it’s a great choice for small dogs or short walks around the neighborhood; it’d also be great for bringing in the car while your running errands with your pet, as it fits in most car cup holders. Like many other dog water bottles, the cap can be flipped over to act as a doggie water bowl.  


  • Also available in larger size that holds 24 ounces of water
  • BPA-free lid acts as a built-in travel bowl
  • Clip loop attachment for easy transport
  • Stainless steel construction ensures it’ll last
  • Available in 5 colors


  • Compact size is convenient for travel 
  • We love that it fits in most car cup holders 
  • Ergonomic shape is easy to hold


  • It doesn’t hold enough water for big dogs or long hikes 
  • Some owners found that the bottle dented easily when dropped 

6. Vivaglory Water Bottle

Most Durable Dog Water Bottle

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VIVAGLORY 25oz Stainless Steel Water Bottle & Neoprene Bottle Carrier Combo, Dog Drinking Bottles and Water Bottle Holder, Great for Hiking & Traveling with Pets

Vivaglory Water Bottle

A super-durable stainless steel water bottle that comes with a neoprene sleeve for additional damage protection.

About: If you’re looking for a rugged water bottle for dogs that’s ready for your just about any adventure, you may want to check out this bottle from Vivaglory.

Made from stainless steel (which is already pretty durable), this bottle also comes with a neoprene carrying sleeve that will help protect the bottle while also making it more convenient to carry. Like many other dog water bottles, this one features a cap that flips out to create a built-in water bowl for watering your pooch. 


  • Durable, stainless-steel bottle is built to last
  • Included neoprene carrying holster
  • 25-ounce capacity 
  • Bowl cap attachment with carrying loop
  • Adjustable shoulder strap 


  • It’s one of the best-rated stainless steel options on the market
  • Pet parents report that the bottle is quite tough and durable
  • The included holster protects the bottle and also helps keep water cool


  • Some owners reported that the bottle leaked
  • Some owners found it challenging to pour unused water back in the bottle 

7. Cibaabo Dog Water Bottle

Best Food-and-Water-Bottle Combo

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Cibaabo Dog Water Bottle with Food Container, Travel Puppy Water Bowl, Portable Pet Dispenser, Dog Stuff Accessories Items, Puppy Essentials Necessities for Yorkie Chihuahua Cat Walking and Hiking

Cibaabo Dog Water Bottle

An easy-to-use doggie water bottle that comes with a secondary storage container for treats or food.

About: If you’re looking for a portable solution for your dog’s water and kibbles, look no further than the Cibaabo Water Bottle.

This bottle not only features a standard water reservoir but it also comes with a kibble compartment that fits conveniently in the bowl attachment for storage when not in use. To dispense water, simply remove the kibble insert, “unlock” the bottle and the water will dispense into the long cap attachment. 


  • Can hold 10 or 19 ounces of water (depending on size chosen) 
  • Locking water dispenser helps prevent leaks 
  • Comes with a built-in carbon water filter 
  • Food attachment fits in top compartment of water bottle 
  • Included carrying lanyard 


  • Added food/treat compartment is a nifty feature
  • Water lock helps prevent leaks 
  • Built-in carbon water filter helps ensure your pet gets clean water


  • There were very few negative reviews, but some owners noted its difficult to replace the filter
  • It’s not dishwasher safe 

8. Gulpy

Skinniest Dog Water Bottle

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Gulpy Water Dispenser for Pet, 20-Ounce(Colors may vary)


A slender, easy-to-carry dog water bottle that features a long-and-skinny drinking tray.

About: The Gulpy Water Bottle features a long-and-lean design making it very easy to stick in a backpack (especially the narrow pockets many hiking packs feature) or clip on the outside of your bag with its built-in carabiner hole.

The Gulpy Water Bottle also has a long drink tray, so dogs can easily access water. To use this bottle, simply squeeze to dispense water. 


  • Works with the included bottle or standard plastic bottles 
  • Slender design is easy to pack and store
  • Easy open and flip to close
  • Built-in belt clip for convenience
  • Available in 5 colors


  • We love that it can also be used with standard disposable bottles 
  • Easy to store and the included belt clip provides additional convenience
  • Long drink tray provides easier access for some pups


  • It’s hard to recapture unused water  
  • Some owners found that this bottle leaks if left upside down

Why Dog Water Bottles Are Handy

car rides with dogs

A great dog water bottle allows you to keep your dog healthy and hydrated without having to worry about leaking water or bulky luggage.  

Rather than carrying separate collapsible bowls and inadvertently wasting water when your dog doesn’t finish what you poured, dog water bottles allow you to conveniently offer your dog water without any mess or waste.

Dog water bottles are especially useful for activities such as:

  • Exercise & Hiking: Portable dog water bottles make jogging, dog joring, canicross, hiking and other physical activities an easy, hands-free experience!
  • Traveling: Many dog water bottles are made to fit into cup holders for bringing your pup on car rides. You can even use them for airplane trips with your furry friend!

Why Doggie Hydration Matters

thirsty dog

Staying hydrated with that wondrous wet stuff, H20, is important for both you and your dog.

Water keeps cells healthy and helps regulate body temperature.  

Without access to water, your dog could become dehydrated.  Dehydration isn’t just uncomfortable for your pooch — it can also put your dog at risk of more serious illnesses such as improper digestion, decreased circulation, and even organ failure.  These health concerns are easily avoided by taking a water break periodically and providing enough access to water!

However, carrying around spare dog bowls on your jogs can be quite the nuisance. Luckily, there are several water bottles on the market that are designed to be used by both owners and dogs, allowing you to carry just one bottle on your excursions.

Whether you are going for a walk, biking, running, hiking, or taking a road trip, picking a water bottle that is portable, compact, and leak-proof can keep your pup healthy and happy!

Best Dog Water Bottles FAQ

Are you still struggling to find the perfect dog water bottle for your pooch? Check out these frequently asked questions and answers to help you find the perfect bottle for your best buddy. 

Are water bottles good for dogs?

Hydration is essential for dogs, especially while exercising outdoors. Dog water bottles are simply the most convenient way to keep your hound hydrated while out and about. 

Are dog water bottle attachments helpful?

Purpose-built dog water bottles usually have an attachment that acts as a convenient water bowl when on the go. This is super helpful as it gives your dog an easy way to drink water while you’re moving from one place to another. 

What is the best dog water bottle for walking? 

Any of the dog water bottles discussed above are great for walking, but your dog might prefer one kind over the other based on the bottle’s design.

Can you use human water bottles for dogs?

In most cases, human water bottles will be safe for dogs. But it is still a good idea to purchase a dedicated water bottle for your dog. This will make packing easier when heading on a walk or adventure, and it’ll help prevent you from confusing your bottle with your dogs! (Yuk!)

Hound Hydration Tips 

water bottles for dogs

Before stepping out with your furball, it’s key to understand some of the important things you’ll want to do to keep him hydrated. Here are some essential hydration tips to keep Spot safe on his stroll: 

  • Keep Water On You At All Times: Dogs need access to regular access to water to prevent doggo dehydration. Make sure you pack a supply of clean, fresh water for your pooch whenever you step out and be sure to keep at least one water bowl out at all times.   
  • Beat the Heat: Hot temperatures accelerate the rate at which your dog loses water. Try to avoid the hottest parts of the day for walks (typically between 12:00 pm and 3:00 pm ) and adjust the intensity level of your walks and play as the temperatures dictate.  
  • Introduce Hydrating Treats: Frozen dog treats or ice blocks can be a great way to keep your canine cool and hydrated. You can also feed your dog other liquid treats like dog-safe broth, but water should always be the majority of his liquid diet. 
  • Consider Switching To Wet Food: Wet or canned foods provide much more moisture than dry foods, which can make them helpful for poor drinkers. As per usual, you should always consult your veterinarian before switching to a new doggie diet, especially if your dog has medical concerns. 


Have you used any of these pet water bottles? Have you found one you like a bunch? Do you use some other kind of water container for your dog?

We would love to hear your thoughts!  Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!

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    A good dog water bottle should be leak proof, BPA free, lightweigt enough for dog walking and travel. I recommend Lesotc dog water bottle, it is made of food-grade material with a foldable bowl, now its the #1 best seller on Amazon this summer. every buyer was asked where to buy this bottle in the park lol

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    Linda Rogers

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    1. Meg Marrs Avatar

      Sorry to hear that Sean – let us know if you find something else that works better for you

  7. Jason Calzadilla Avatar

    I have a water bottle you can share with your dog that is BPA Free 20 0z and dishwasher safe

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      Please would you say which one? I am looking for a dishwasher safe water bottle for my labbie.

      1. Chelsea Avatar

        The Highwave one is great. I like it because it is BPA free & dishwasher safe on the top rack. It also fits in my car cup holder which is a plus