Dog-Friendly Bars in Denver: 16 Mile-High Spots for Drinks and Dogs



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dog-friendly bars Denver

Are you seeking a mutt-friendly hangout in the mile-high city? It shouldn’t be hard to find one –  there are tons of dog-friendly bars to check out with your pooch in Denver. 

Below, we’ll identify some of the best dog-friendly bars in Denver for your next canine-accompanied adventure. We’ll also share a couple of tips to ensure that your night out with your furball runs smoothly. 

The 16 Best Dog-Friendly Bars in Denver

best dog-friendly bars in Denver

Ready to grab your mutt and hit the town? Here are a few of the best dog-friendly bars in Denver to enjoy with your fur friend! 

1. Spot Bar & Grill

About: This hound-friendly hangout is one of the best dog-friendly bars in Denver to visit with your pup – the walls are even adorned with vintage portraits of pups, so your furry friend will feel right at home! Your furry friend is welcome on the patio while you enjoy delicious smoked wings and $3 beers. 

This bar also partners with local rescue organizations periodically, giving you another reason to support this spot! 

Address: 98 S Pennsylvania St, Denver, CO 80209

Phone Number: (303) 733-1299

2. The Watering Bowl

About: The Watering Bowl is one of the best dog-friendly bars in Denver for social butterfly sniffers, as it features an off-leash backyard area where your pup can play with other fur friends. But it’s not just for your dog – you will also love this fun little pub on the southeast side of the city, thanks to the array of beers and apps adorning the menu.

The bar also hosts unique human events like a mystical indoor putt-putt course

Address: 5411 Leetsdale Dr, Denver, CO 80246

Phone Number: 720-379-8417

3. Denver Beer Co. 

About: You’re sure to find plenty of best buddies at Denver Beer Co.! This nifty little place is a dog-friendly beer garden that even crafts some of the brews on the menu. Dogs are welcome inside and out, and the brewery features a huge patio with water bowls galore.

Your dog might even get to try a “Dog Beerscuit” – a tasty dog-friendly treat made out of recycled brewing grain. 

Address: 1695 Platte St, Denver, CO 80202

Phone Number: 303-433-2739 

4. Welcome Home Brewery

About: Welcome Home Brewery invites pups inside and regularly hosts fun four-footer festivities, such as regular puppy adoption events, making it one of the best dog-friendly bars in Denver for those looking for puppy lovins’. But they also have great people-oriented activities, such as poker nights, karaoke, and even – get this – yoga at the brewery!

A community favorite, Welcome Home Brewery offers 16 different hand-crafted beers on the menu, as well as a ton of seltzers to keep you coming back! 

Address: 19523 Hess Rd #103, Parker, CO 80134

Phone Number: 303-362-1213

5. Low Down Brewery 

About: Looking for a friendly and relaxed little place to grab a drink with your doggo? Your pooch is welcome to pull up to the spacious outdoor patio of Low Down Brewery. Not only are dogs welcome here, but you’ll find they offer complimentary waste bags and water bowls (not to mention a rotating beer list for you to enjoy).

The food menu is crafted from fresh local ingredients, so it’s not a bad place to catch a meal, either. 

Address: 800 Lincoln St, Denver, CO 80203

Phone Number: 720-524-8065

6. Black Shirt Brewing Co. 

About: Dogs are welcome out on the patio at Black Shirt Brewing Co. This bike-friendly brewery may specialize in red ales, but you can also find plenty of tasty eats and live music hosted at this neighborhood favorite.

This spot also has an artisan pizza kitchen, so don’t miss out on a pie while out and about with your pooch! 

Address: 3719 Walnut St, Denver, CO, US, 80205

Phone Number: 303-993-2799 

7. Dougherty’s Neighborhood Pub

About: This pet-friendly sports pub encourages visitors to hang out on the patio with their pooches while checking out the game, making it one of the best dog-friendly bars in Denver for sports lovers! The staff is happy to bring out a water bowl for your furry friend, and you can enjoy plenty of pints, good eats, and live music at this classic pub. 

As always, make sure your pup’s heartworm prevention is up-to-date before taking in the fresh breeze outside with your sniffer.

Address: 5 E Ellsworth Ave, Denver, CO 80209

Phone Number: 303-777-5210 

Make sure to pick up your dog’s favorite sports team jersey before hitting the bar!

8. Prost Brewing

About: Looking for a fun beer-tastic bar to visit with your doggo? Your pooch is more than welcome to accompany you at Prost Brewing — a charming little canine-friendly beer garden! Enjoy German beers, a killer patio, and live music all while spending time with your favorite furry friend.  

Don’t miss the great grub, either, including tasty appetizers, sandwiches, and of course, sausages.

Address: 2540 19th St, Denver, CO 80211

Phone Number: 303-729-1175

9. Recess Beer Garden

About: Looking for a pooch-friendly pub with one of the best patios around? Then you’ll definitely want to check out Recess Beer Garden – a completely pet-friendly bar that even has an outdoor projector for game day so you never miss any action.

Once there, you’ll be able to enjoy cocktails, wine, beer, and spirits while hanging out with your hound in its casual outdoor space. 

Address: 2715 17th St #103, Denver, CO 80211

Phone Number: 720-638-0020

10. Lazy Dog

About: The Lazy Dog is a family- and fur-baby-friendly bar and restaurant with an outdoor seating area you and your pooch can enjoy. But this isn’t just another bar that’ll let you bring your pup along – they really cater to dogs and even offer a special menu for your canine companion.

The Lazy Dog is one of our top picks on our list of dog-friendly restaurant chains, and it’s no surprise why! Pups are treated like royalty and brought personal water bowls, all while you enjoy draft beer, wines, mojitos, mules, and margaritas. 

Address: 14618 Delaware Street, Westminster, CO 80023

Phone Number: 719-445-5851

11. The Matchbox 

About: Want to bring your dog to a bar with some great vibes and even greater artwork? You and your furry friend should definitely check out The Matchbox, a hip hangout you don’t want to miss!

In addition to dog-friendly tables, this neighborhood gem features cheap drinks, daily specials, and tasty tacos. Talk about an awesome hound hangout!

Address: 2625 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205

Phone Number: 720-437-9100

12. Romero’s K9 Club and Tap House

About: There are bars that tolerate dogs, and then there are bars that are completely built around bringing four-footers along! So, if you and your furry friend need a pleasant place to blow off some steam, check out the dog park and bar at Romero’s K9 Club.

This spot features a large off-leash dog area where pups can play to their heart’s content while pet parents can enjoy craft beers, wine, and ciders. 

Address: 985 S Public Rd, Lafayette, CO 80026

Phone Number: 720-485-5968

13. Forrest Room 5

About: This hipster haven loves dogs and encourages you to enjoy their enchanting outdoor space with your floof! Well-equipped with a cozy bonfire, Forrest Room 5 is open late and has plenty of craft beers and unique eats for pet parents.

Just note that weather conditions may affect their hours, so you may want to check the forecast and give ’em a call before heading out. 

Address: 2532 15th St, Denver, CO 80211

Phone Number: 303-433-7001

14. Postino

About: Lots of the best dog-friendly bars in Denver are super-casual, but there are also some fairly upscale places that welcome four-footers too! Take this hip wine cafe, for example – it is sure to earn two paws up from you and your pooch, thanks to its pet-friendly patio at the Lohi location.

Outside of beers and wine, humans are free to enjoy unique menu items like tuna tartare and gluten-free bruschetta. 

Address: 2715 17th St, Denver, CO 80211

Phone Number: 303-433-6363 

15. Hopdoddy Burger Bar

About: This trendy burger bar will keep your canine comfortable on the pet-friendly patio, complete with a community water bowl and dog treats. Humans can enjoy a delicious burger paired with craft beer or booze.

Oh, and did we mention their fries? They alone are worth the visit. 

Address: 1747 Wynkoop Street, Denver, CO, 80202

Phone Number: 303-446-2337

16. EastFax Tap

About: Pop into EastFax Tap with your pooch to take in live music, a spacious patio, and food trucks serving up great grub. The pup-positive place also hosts dog-focused events like adoption gatherings and fur-supporting fundraisers, giving back to canine causes while offering great drinks and fun times.

With fun gatherings like trivia and concerts, this is one cool canine haunt you don’t want to miss.

Address: 8001 East Colfax Avenue, Denver, CO 80220

Phone Number: (720) 287-4581

Thinking more about food than drink? There are also a lot of great dog-friendly restaurants in Denver you can check out!

Tips For Heading To The Bar With Your Best Buddy

managing dog at dinner party

Before heading out to the best dog-friendly bars in Denver with your floof, there are some steps to take to ensure everyone has a safe and happy outing, ranging from common-sense safety measures to burning off excess energy prior to pawed party time.

Check out these tips to make sure your experience is as smooth as possible: 

  • Dogs can’t have alcohol. You shouldn’t feed your dog any alcohol and need to make sure that he doesn’t lap up any left-behind liquid on the floor. Alcohol is not a safe food to share with your dog, and it can cause breathing difficulty, vomiting, and even death in dogs. For a fun “doggy beer,” you can serve him a non-alcoholic DIY dog beer.
  • Dogs can’t have weed. Yes, you’re in the mile-high city, and the green stuff is legal for humans, but marijuana can make your dog sick if ingested. Stick to Fido-safe 420 activities to celebrate the doggy devil’s lettuce with your pup.
  • Keep your eye on your furry friend. Not all patrons will be pooch enthusiasts, so you’ll need to make sure your mutt knows his manners. You also need to actively monitor your pooch, especially in off-leash areas. Ensure your pup has adequate identification, including an easy-to-read ID tag and, ideally, up-to-date contact information loaded on his microchip.
  • Take a long walk beforehand. Exercising your dog before hitting the bar will give him a chance to use the bathroom so that you don’t run into any accidents. It can also help your dog feel more relaxed in a social setting like the bar. 
  • Pack for your pooch. Some dog bars have amenities like community water bowls, but you can’t count on these services. Be sure to pack waste bags and a doggie water bottle, and a towel is never a bad idea to have handy too.  
  • Don’t offer your pup table food without investigating if it’s dog-safe. Human food is loaded with fat, calories, salt, and even potentially toxic ingredients to dogs. Stick to foods you can safely share with your pup, and if he has a sensitive stomach, skip table food entirely for treats you bring from home. Just remember that not every dog shares, so don’t offer food items around other pups.
  • Don’t get hammered with your hound. You need to know your limits so that you and your furry friend can get home safely. Anytime you head out with your canine companion, expect to drink lightly. This way, you can keep yourself and your best buddy safe while enjoying a relaxing evening. 
  • Your dog’s safety and enjoyment come first. If your best buddy isn’t a fan of bar hopping, don’t force it. You can obviously take him to one of Denver’s best dog parks for some socializing and playtime, but there are plenty of dog park alternatives to enjoy with your furry friend, as well. Your dog’s safety and enjoyment come first, so if he’s not having a good time, call it a night and head home.

There are plenty of other dog-friendly activities in Denver you can enjoy! Check ’em out!


Denver hosts plenty of dog-friendly bars that you and your canine companion are bound to enjoy. Have fun exploring the mile-high city with your darling doggo!

Have you been to any of our picks for the best dog-friendly bars in Denver before, or do you love another? Which spot is your favorite? We’d love to hear about your experiences below!

And if you’re looking for more dog-friendly bars, make sure to also check out our guide to the best dog-friendly bars in Chicago as well as the top dog-friendly bars in Seattle.

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