5 Ways to Guarantee That You Never Lose Your Dog Leash

Leashes By Meg Marrs 3 min read February 24, 2022

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Note: This is a guest post provided by the writers at Rad Dog

Are you tired for searching for your leash in your car when you’re headed on an adventure?


What if you could have the freedom from ever having to search for your leash again as well as freedom from clipping and unclipping a leash?

Here are five great ways for keeping track of your leash everyday.

1. Always put it in a designated place

Whether in the pocket of the side door or in a designated bag for your dog, or your dog’s own backpack, you know where to find your leash because it’s always in the same place.

The benefit of this method is that it’s inexpensive and does not require you to purchase anything. However, if you have young children or are distracted with work running through your mind, it is easy to become distracted when loading up the car. And, in our case, our 18-month-old loves to walk the dog, and hold on to the leash, so frequently it ends up in the most unusual places rather than the designated place.

2. Make the leash easier to find

Make your leash easier to locate by buying brightly colored leashes, such as red, bright pink, or blaze orange.

Buying brightly colored leashes doesn’t prevent you from losing the leash, but it can help so that the leash stands out among all your other gear as well as the car upholstery.

3. Attach the leash to something important

Attach your leash to something important such as your wallet or cell phone tether. If you rarely lose your purse, wallet, or cell phone, you might consider clipping the leash to one of these items.

This method may not be the most convenient, as your leash may not clasp nicely to your phone or you might unclip it when accessing a credit card and then not remember where you placed it.

4. Use technology to help you

There are a variety of tracking devices that are used to track keys, but can be attached to a leash instead. The downside of these is that you have to be within a certain range for the leash to be found.

5. Use a Release N Run

Release N Run, created by Rad Dog, allows your dog’s leash to always be on, so you can relax. The Release N Run, a collar and leash in one, lets you be assured that you can gain quick control of your dog without having to struggle to attach a leash.

rad dog collar

Here is what one fan of the RNR has to say,

This made Noah[‘s] (my dog) and my life so convenient. Road trips, street crossings in the middle of a mountain biking adventure, trail running, hiking, or even just hopping out of the car near a parking lot or busy road have never been so simple when he ALWAYS has a leash with (on) him.

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A Bit About Rad Dog

Guided by honesty, a love for dogs, and a passion for the outdoors, Rad Dog creates quality, innovative products that give dogs and dog owners opportunities for freedom and convenience to head outside.

Our flagship product, the Release N Run, ends the frustration of carrying your dog’s leash while on outdoor adventures. With the Release N Run, the collar and retractable leash in one, your dog carries the leash on off-leash adventures.  

Note: This article is a guest post provided by Rad Dog. I was not paid to promote or publish this blog post.

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