10 Unique Etsy Gifts for Dogs & Their Owners

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etsy gifts for dog lovers
etsy gifts for dog lovers

If you’re wondering what to get a dog or their human owner, look no further – we’ve got you covered with this collection of ten super unique, one-of-a-kind gifts for dogs and their owners.

All these gifts come from Etsy sellers, so you know they’re original, come from real artists, and can’t be found in stores!

Buyers beware though – when you see these bark-tacular gifts, you might not be able to stop at just one (we won’t tell if you get one for yourself or your dog too)!

1. Quirky Canine Art Illustrations

Take a peek at these quirky and fun canine illustrations from FabFunky. FabFunky provides antiquarian book prints with illustrations by artist Kelly Stevens-Mclaughlan.

gifts for dog owners

Choose from a large collection of handmade illustrations, painted over dictionary paper. There are tons of hilarious illustrations to choose from – you’ll be able to find the perfect one for any canine lover!

Prints are available in several different sizes and paper formats. Check them out!

2. Gourmet Dog Treats

Get your pup something tasty with these delicious gourmet dog treats from WBDogtreats!

Made with natural ingredients like oatmeal, water, eggs, whole wheat flour, and flax seed, these healthy dog treats are sure to delight your canine.

Below is the Cherry & Flaxseed Dog Treat – who wouldn’t want to take a bite out of that?

creative gifts for dog lovers

3. Dachshund Cuttingboard

This adorable dachshund cutting board makes the perfect gift for hot dog owners! Functional and cute, this bread board/cutting board is great for company or just munching on cheese with your pup. We think this would be a cute gift for a dog walker too!

best gifts for dog lovers

4. Sterling Silver Paw Print Jewelry

This gorgeous sterling silver paw print necklace is a lovely piece of jewelry any pet owners will appreciate.

original gifts for dog lovers

5. Crocheted Canine

Get an adorable hand crocheted stuffed felt version of your favorite canine!

Etsy seller Wheresannabeen produces a wide array of crocheted animals, perfect for cuddling with. You can ever order a custom stuffed animal to look just like your furry friend!

best presents for dog lovers

Be aware though that this stuffed animal is a good gift for humans, but not canines – it’s not a dog toy! Check out the adorable crocheted dogs on the Etsy store.

6. Personalized Bandanas

These beautiful personalized bandanas from Etsy make a great gift for fido.

Create your custom doggie bandana, choosing from 22 bandana styles and 29 different colors!

best gifts for dogs

Even canines who aren’t big fans of clothing will feel at ease in these stylish DIY dog bandanas.

7. Dog Shaped Paper Clips

These cute and handy dog-shaped paperclips make a great gift for office workers, so that they always have a reminder of their loveable fur friend, even while at work.

top gifts for dog lovers

8. Embroidered Dog Portrait

If a classic dog portrait isn’t your style, check out these too-cute-too-handle embroidery hoop portraits from HitherRabbit.

unique gifts for dog owners

Send your dog’s portrait to the artist, and she’ll create an amazing hoop portrait by hand, capturing your canine’s unique personality and style.

This is a true one-of-a-kind gift any dog owner will adore – grab a custom embroidered portrait from Etsy!

Custom Dog Portrait

Dog owners love their dogs, so why not get a custom portrait to celebrate your canine, in all of his or her glory? ArtbyManda creates custom canine portraits using a gouache technique on cardstock.

top gifts for fur moms

Her 11×14 portraits are made with exquisite detail and care, and she’s received over 200 positive reviews from happy customers. We recommend checking her work out and seeing if her style is a good fit for you!

Want to see more? See our post about custom pet portraits highlighting more recommended pet portrait artists.

Furry Friend Felt Replicas

You’re not seeing double, although you might think you are – these incredible miniature felt dogs are handmade and modeled after your own canine!

These handmade felt dogs from FiberFriends make the perfect gift for proud dog moms or to commemorate deceased pets.

The detail put into these felt miniatures is absolutely amazing, as testified to by the high praise from buyers.

best gifts for fur moms

That concludes our list of awesome unique Etsy gifts for dogs and their owners. If you need more gift ideas, be sure to check out our post on the best gifts for dog lovers!

For more 100% original gifts for friends and family, be sure to check out Etsy’s holiday gift giving guide to find the perfect presents for all your pals.

Do you have an favorite Etsy sellers who create awesome dog gifts? Share your favorite artists in the comments below!

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Awesome list – So many talented artists!
I have had my eye on those custom pet portraits from ArtbyManda for a while. Absolutely love her style!
We recently began selling personalized pet paper cuts on our site. We are currently offering simple silhouettes or intricate photograph recreations and would love some feedback! http://mydoglikes.com/product/custom-photograph-pet-cut-paper-art/


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