50 Amazing Gifts for Dogs & Dog Lovers!



Meg Marrs


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Need a gift for the dog or dog lover in your life? We’ve got you covered!

We have assembled a collection of fantastic gifts for four-footers and their people, including products from just about every category imaginable.

Check ’em out!

Below are some of our top favorite gift ideas – keep reading for our full list!

Quick Picks: Best Dog Gifts

  • Petcube Bites 2. [Best For Techie Owners] This digital dog camera offers high-quality HD video, a clear and crisp 2-way microphone, plus the option to shoot treats to your dog from the camera’s companion app!
  • Bob-A-Lot. [Best Beginner Puzzle Toy] Great for any dog new to puzzle toys before, this toy offers mental and physical stimulation for pups while they chow down, along with adjustable difficulty.
  • PocoPet Dog Carrier. [Best For Small Dog Owners] The world’s smallest and lightest dog carrier, the ultra-portable PocoPet folds up into a square just like a reusable shopping bag! Great for owners of tiny pooches who like to bring their four-legged friends anywhere and everywhere they go!
  • DogSmart Card Game. [Best For Owners With Kids] This educational card game is designed to teach children how to read dog body language and avoid bites! Great for homes with young kids.
  • Paint Your Life. [Best For Art Fans] Get a custom portrait of your pooch (or a friend’s), plus get 20% off as a K9 of Mine reader with code K9OFMINE20.

Dog Gifts For: Geeks & Tech Addicts

These gifts are perfect for geeky dog owners in your life! Whether they love the latest tech or want their pets to reflect their favorite fandom, there are plenty of geek-tastic gifts here to choose from!

1. Petcube Bites 2 Dog Camera

Best for home-alone dogs
Petcube Bites 2 Pet Camera

This feature-packed dog camera keeps tabs on your dog while you're away. Say "hi", stream live, and even throw your dog treats via the app.

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The Petcube Bites 2 Dog Camera is one impressive piece of dog tech – part canine camera, part treat dispenser, the Pet Cube lets you keep an eye on your pooch while you’re away, and dispense treats with the touch of a button via the companion smartphone app.

It has some really epic features like:

  • A swipe-controllable treat-slingin’ feature that allows you to fling your dog’s treat across varying distances depending on the strength of your swipe.
  • The ability to set up automatic treat-dispensing times so your dog gets regular noms throughout the day.
  • A two-way audio feature that lets you talk to your pup and offer calming words of reassurance if he seems stressed out.
  • A night mode function that makes it easy to see your pup, even when the lights are low.
  • Sharing functionality that allows you to show your dog’s live feed to friends, family, or even the general public (you can also keep it totally private if you prefer).
  • The ability to use your own treats or kibble, instead of having to buy special treats to use the camera!
  • 1080P HD video with a wide-angle view, which uses 160-degree wide-angle lens so you can see exactly what your pup is up to.
  • A 4x zoom feature so you can see your dog in all the detail you’d want.
  • Alexa assistant is built-in!

You can even set up Petcube to automatically detect when your dog is barking (for an added subscription fee) and send a push notification to your phone so that you can jump on the app and see what is happening with Fido.

Yup, Petcube 2 is one impressive piece of pet tech – and it makes a great gift for a dog owner friend or for your own four-legger! We’ve even used it ourselves – check out our full Petcube review for more details!

2. PupPod

Best for smart dogs
PupPod Dog Enrichment System

This premium dog enrichment system offers dozens of interactive games and activities to keep even a clever canin occupied.

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PupPod is a cutting edge interactive toy that rewards your dog for knocking the PupPod rocker by shooting out a treat from the Bluetooth-connected feeder.

Choose from several trigger noises, various difficulty levels, and unlock new badges as you explore everything PupPod has to offer!

Want to learn more? Make sure to read our full PupPod review for all the details.

3. FluentPet Talking Dog Buttons

If you’ve ever seen videos of Bunny the “talking dog” on TikTok, you already know all about these dog communication buttons!

Best for Communication
FluentPet Dog Talking Buttons

Made famous by Bunny on TikTok, these buttons allow you to record words, which your dog can step on to "speak".

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Basically, you record a word for each button.

When your dog steps or taps on a given button, the recorded word will play, and you’ll help your dog create the association between that spoken word and a reaction or reward.

So, for example, when your dog taps the “treat” button, he gets a treat. When he taps the “outside” button, he gets to go out in the yard for a few minutes.

Eventually, your dog will be able to express his wants and needs!

It’s a really great system for owners who are looking to better communicate with and understand their dog. However, it’s not a gift for just anyone — there’s a fair amount of work and training involved to help your dog understand the buttons, and it requires some real dedication.

But, if you’re shopping for someone who is head over heels for their dog, this could be a really fun and special gift that allows an owner and dog to grow even closer!

4. LED Dog Collar

For Night Walkers

This light-up dog collar is just the thing for dog and owner pairs who love to walk at dusk and dawn when it's still dark out!

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Light up your neighborhood with this fun and flashy LED Dog Collar! With several neon colors and sizes to choose from, you can pick the one that best matches your canine’s personality.

This collar is more than just flashing fun – it also greatly improves your dog’s safety when out for nighttime walks, as the glowing collar ensures that your dog will stay visible to pedestrians and motorists alike.

Gifts for Dog Walkers

See our full collection of the best gifts for dog walkers if you’re looking to get a present for a dog-walker in your life!

5. PETLIBRO Granary Camera Monitoring Feeder

PETLIBRO Automatic Pet Feeder with Camera

Program your pet's feeding schedule and watch them chow down!


You may be always on the go, but that shouldn’t mean that Fido has to go hungry! This remote pet feeder from Petlibro lets you feed your furbaby simply by logging into the companion app and tapping the feed option.

You can also set up scheduled feeding times – or even dispense your pup’s kibble over the course of up to 10 mini-meals, which is great for dogs who gobble their meals too quickly!

You can even record a meal-time call and use the built-in camera to keep tabs on your dog’s eating regiment.

This food dispenser is primarily designed for cats and small dogs, with the max kibble size being just over half an inch (0.59 inches/15 mm), so heftier canines with bigger kibble pieces may require a different model to fit more than a few days worth of food.

Petlibro not right for you? Check out the eufy D605 pet camera!

6. Pooch Selfie

Best for Instagram dogs
Pooch Selfie

Capture the perfect selfie with your pup thanks to this handy canine selfie stick!

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Pooch Selfie is a selfie stick designed specifically for your canine!

Sick of trying to force Fido to look at the camera? Or maybe your dog has camera-phobia like so many other pooches? The Pooch Selfie is irresistible for canines – with a tennis ball topper, it’s hard for dogs to look away.

This is definitely the best way to get a good shot of you and your pooch with your pup finally looking into the camera! Be sure to check out our article about taking selfies with your dog to learn some more tips and tricks, while you’re at it.

Dog Gifts For: Playful & Fun Loving Pups

Some dogs are certainly more exuberant than others, but most dogs love (and need) tons of playtime. Check out some of these goodies, which will speak to your dog’s inner puppy!

7. BarkBox

Best for toy-lovers
Barkbox Dog Subscription Kit

Order a customized dog goodie box complete with epic seasonal toys, treats, and more!

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Do you love how excited your pooch gets over new toys and treats? Then you’ll definitely want to give BarkBox a try!

BarkBox is a dog subscription box service, delivering brand new toys and treats to your doorstep each month! It’s a unique dog gift that’s great for that pooch that can’t get enough of new toys and goodies!

Like the idea, but not big on BarkBox? See our full list of the very best monthly subscription boxes made just for dogs!

8. Swiftpaws Canine Capture-The-Flag

Swiftpaws Capture-The-Flag-For-Dogs is a product that promises a fun and energy-burning workout for your pooch!

Best for energy-burners
SwiftPaws Lure Course

This sport-level lure course can easily be set up in your backyard and will have your dog running circles.

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The device is actually a backyard dog lure course, featuring a flag that flies along a line of string around the yard. Luring is a popular dog sport for many speedy canines, and now your own dog can get in on the fun at home.

We love this gift idea for any owner who is looking for new and creative ways to give their pooch exercise!

9. Flirt Pole from Outward Hound

If the SwiftPaws system seems like overkill, you may want to consider the Outward Hound Flirt Pole instead!

Great for high prey-drive dogs
Outward Hound Flirt Pole

This flexible flirt pole is perfect for dogs who go nuts chasing after squirrels and critters.

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Flirt poles appeal to the same types of dogs who enjoy lure coursing, as it utilizes the same concept. But instead of utilizing a motorized critter to get your canine movin’, you wave the toy back and forth through the grass that he can chase.

Flirt poles are basically giant, durable cat toys for dogs. These toys are especially appealing to terriers and working dogs who were bred to chase and catch small prey.

If you’re looking for ways to burn off a dog’s excess energy, definitely give flirt poles a try — some dogs (like my Remy, seen in the video below) go nuts for this game!

It’s also a great toy for kids to use with dogs, since children can play with a pooch while still keeping their hands safely out of harm’s way.

10. Dog Bite Prevention Card Game

Best for homes with kids
Dog Bite Prevention Game for Kids

This fun and engaging card game is a great way to teach kids about interacting with dogs safely.

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Are you in a household that has both dogs and kiddos? Or maybe you have a friend whose family is composed of both furry and not-so-furry little ones? The Dog Bite Prevention Card Game from Good Dog In A Box is essential for any mixed-species household.

This tool teaches kids how to recognize and respond properly to dog body language, helping prevent mishaps and bites in the home – all within the context of a card game!

11. Dog’s Best Friend Game

We have another game for you, but this one is more of a board game!

Dog’s Best Friend from Westpaw is a fun new take on board game night that allows your dog to play alongside human family members too!

Designed by per behaviorists and game designers, it offers a series of fun mini-games for the entire family to engage in together, building lasting memories between four-legged and two-legged family members.

I haven’t gotten the chance to play this one myself, but it looks super cool!ilities. Plus, it’s made of durable plastic that can be easily disassembled for easy cleaning – hurrah!

12. Hide-A-Squirrel

Best for food-free fun
Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel

Dogs go nuts for this fun stuffed puzzle toy, where you can stuff the squirrels into the log and have your dog drag them out!

Buy on Amazon Read Our Full Review

There’s a reason why this is so many dogs’ favorite toy around! Dogs who love to chase prey or burrow will adore this toy, which features several soft, squeaky squirrels that can be hidden inside of a stuffed tree stump.

Dogs have to grab the squirrels and pull them out!

This is one of our favorite puzzle toys that doesn’t require any food to still be tons of fun and super stimulating for dogs.

13. Nina Ottoson Dog Puzzle Toy

Nina Ottosson Interactive Treat Puzzle Dog Toy

These dog puzzle toys come in a range of designs and difficulty levels for unbeatable canine enrichment!

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Nina Ottoson is arguably the biggest name in the dog puzzle toy world. With multiple lines of canine brain-boosting toys, they are plenty of options depending on your dog’s skill level.

But, if you’re just starting out, the Level 1 toys (such as the one pictured above) are easy enough for most dogs to get the hang of!

14. OutwardHound ZipZoom Dog Obstacle Course Kit

Outward Hound Zip & Zoom Indoor Dog Agility Kit

Great beginner agility set to start basic agility work with your dog!

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Is your dog an awe-inspiring athlete? You may want to give him a fun way to train by setting up your own doggie obstacle course! This ZipZoom Dog Obstacle Course Kit comes with a dog agility tunnel, weaving polls, jumps, and more! Begin your dog agility training adventure with this kit.

Fun times guaranteed!

15. Biothane Long Line

We are huge fans of long lines over here at K9 of Mine. Because the truth is, the vast majority of dogs should not be wandering around off-leash at parks — if you don’t have perfect recall, your dog should never be off leash, for their own safety and for the comfort of others around them!

But there’s no denying that off-leash action has that tremendous benefits and is just really good for dogs.

Enter, the long line.

It’s like giving your dog all the fun and enjoyment of an off-leash adventure, while still having a drag line to step on or reel your dog in with should an emergency arise.

And, even if you know someone who already has a long line in their arsenal, this biothane version is a real improvement, as biothane tends to move a lot more smoothly on the ground and doesn’t snag as easily as nylon.

Not sure how long lines work? Check out our demo video for a full explanation:

16. 2Hounds Design Harness + Leash Combo

Best for better walks
2 Hounds Design Freedom Leash + Harness Combo

A dual-leash harness provides more control with a front loop allowing you to steer and redirect your dog as needed.

Buy on Chewy Buy on Amazon

Have a pup who is a bit too playful? Maybe a dog who pulls and yanks their owners all over the street? The 2Hounds Freedom Harness + Leash Combo may be your saving grace!

Extremely popular with dog trainers who handle reactive dogs or super-strong pullers, the 2Hounds set is designed to provide greater walk management without hurting or injuring your dog.

And with the dual-leash setup, you can connect to the front and back section of your dog’s harness simultaneously for unparalleled control over even the most chaotic canines.

Dog Gifts For: The Fashionable Pooches

Do you and your pooch dress up to the nines before heading out the door? If so, you’ll want to check these out! Below, we’ve listed some of the best gifts for dog lovers and their pals who live for fashion and love to accessorize!

17. Holiday Dog Sweater

Best for fashionable pups
Blueberry Winter Dog Sweater

This cute and cozy canine sweater is perfect for dogs who like to dress warm

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This cozy Blueberry Holiday Dog Sweater will keep canines warm and fashionable all winter long! This sweater comes in several different festive patterns, so you can choose your favorite design.

Several sizes are available based on back length, so be sure to measure your pooch before buying.

18. Roodie Pet Carrier Hoodie

Best for cuddle-bugs
Roodie Pet Carrier Hoodie

This ulta-cozy dog sweatshirt makes it easy to tote your dog around the house in a kangaroo-style pouch.

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Are normal dog carriers just not your style? Check out the Roodie Pet Carrier – it’s a hoodie that can hold your pooch!

Perfect for those cold winter nights, you can put on the Roodie Hoodie and stay warm yourself while snuggling with your pup (or kitty).

roodie hoodies

The Roodie can hold pets up to 15 pounds and comes in several slick colors including blue, purple, turquoise, pink, and grey.

It’s worth noting that these sweatshirts are pricey, but they’re also very high-quality, with customers raving about the quality of fabric, materials, and dyes used.

roodie carrier qualirt

19. Dogily Best Friend Necklace Set

Clipboard01 4

Dogily’s Best Friend Set is a pawrent-pup duo of a necklace and collar tag for fashion-forward folks and floofs.

Choose from six cute looks, including butterflies, hearts, and letters in gold or rose gold finishes, for a sweet, subtle, and dog-friendly way to connect with a special canine. Each set is made from high-quality, 14 karat gold PVD material, making them not only waterproof, but rust-resistant too. They’re also designed to be fade-resistant and durable enough to stand up to daily doggo life.

Overall, we think having the chance to coordinate your jewelry with your canine is too precious for words. But don’t just take our word for it — these necklace sets were also selected as an editor’s choice by Vogue!

33. Thundershirt

An Anxiety-Soothing Compression Garment
Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Jacket

A pet-parent favorite for nervous pups, this calming jacket can help soothe anxious canines through gentle pressure.

Buy on Amazon Buy on Chewy

OK, admittedly this one is less fashion, more fearful, but there’s no denying that the Thundershirt is an absolute must-have for stressed out pooches. Dog owners rave about this innovative canine jacket that wraps around your dog’s body, helping him feel safe and secure in stressful situations.

21. Bow Tie Collar

Best for sophisticated gentleman
Lionet Paws Dog Bowtie Collar

This oh-so elegant bowtie collar is perfect for the handsome hound in your life.

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This too-cute-too-handle Lionet Dog Bow Tie Collar is the perfect way to dress up your pup for special occasions. This stylish collar comes in several sizes and designs, making it easy to ensure your hound looks handsome!

22. Wolfgang Dog Collars

Most unique dog collars
Wolfgang Man & Beast Dog Collar

These bright, artist-crafted dog collars are perfect for adding some flair to your pup and the Martingale style is ideal for pullers.

Buy Now

Wolfgang Man and Beast is a pet-oriented company that specialized in making creative gear for dogs and the humans who love them.

Wolfgang’s collars and harnesses feature bright, artistic patterns and designs you simply won’t find anywhere else. If you’re shopping for a pup who could use a brighter look, you can’t go wrong with Wolfgang’s dog collar collection.

23. Zee.Dog Air Leash

Zee.dog Airleash

This colorful, shock-absorbing leash is perfect for strong pullers who love to explore (while staying stylish).

Buy on Amazon Buy on zee.dog

These colorful leashes from Zee.Dog boast bright pops of color and a proprietary elastic webbing technology that absorbs the pulling impact from “excitable” canines.

If you’re looking to reduce those jolts from an over-exuberant walker, the Zee.Dog Air Leash is effective and stylish as heck!

Dog Gifts For: Adventurer-Seekers

Do you know a human and canine duo that are always on the move? These gifts for dog owners (and their dogs) are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and those with an adventurous spirit!

24. Whistle GPS Tracker

Great for off-leash roaming
Whistle GO Explore GPS + Health Dog Tracker

Whistle's all-in-one dog GPS collar tracks your dog's location as well as his fitness activity.

Buy on Amazon Buy from whistle.com

Do you know a dog that is half Houdini? Ensure that your escape artist always stays safe with Whistle GPS Pet Tracker.

Simply attach the pet GPS tracking collar to your dog and use Whistle’s companion app to monitor your dog’s location.

You’ll get phone alerts anytime your pet gets out, and you can even monitor your pet’s exercise levels to make sure Spot’s getting the workout he needs to stay healthy.

  • Uses AT&T 3g cellular service cell towers to track your pet nation-wide.
  • Automatic alerts to your phone or email when your dog leaves home.
  • Keep track of your dog’s daily activity and see how your pet measures up for their age, weight, and breed.
  • Super durable and waterproof! Waterproof to a depth of up to 3 feet for a duration of 30 minutes.

25. PocoPet Carrier

A lightweight sling for small dogs
PocoPet Packable Small Dog Sling

This super packable dog sling is perfect for smaller pups who may need to be carried while running errands with Mom.

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PocoPet is a first-of-its-kind ultra-compact carrier than can be easily folded and stored in your purse when it’s not in use.

It’s the smallest and lightest carrier on the market. Designed for dogs up to 15 lbs, you can keep this carrier in your car’s glove compartment and whip it out when you need to take your dog inside!

The PocoPet is a great gift for owners of small dogs – especially owners who love to take their petite pooches everywhere they go.

26. Dog Car Seat Hammock

PetSafe Happy Ride Hammock Seat

A mess-free way to travel in the car with your pup while protecting your car seats!

Buy on Amazon

The PetSafe Hammock Dog Seat Cover makes it easier than ever to take your pup pal with you around town!

Easy to install and adjustable, the Solvit hammock seat protects your car’s backseat from dirt, dander, and any other dog-incidentals. Heavy-duty, waterproof, and machine-washable, this is the perfect gift for owners who are always on the go with their four-footed friend.

For smaller dogs, consider getting your pup a dog car seat to help them stay safe while riding around in the car with you! You can also check out our list of the best dog car seat covers — there are tons of options to choose from!

27. Musher’s Secret

Best stocking stuffer
Musher's Secret Dog Paw Wax

Musher's Wax is the same paw balm used by mushers up in Alaska, designed to add a waxy layer of paw protection against ice and salt!

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Winter can be really tough on your doggie’s paws! Help your dog’s paws stay warm and protected with Musher’s Secret – a wax-based cream that protects paws from sand, hot pavement, ice, and salt.

It’s commonly used with musher dogs, with canicross, and with bikejoring and skijoring. This is just the stuff for active outdoor dogs! 

28. Dog Water Bottle

For the thirsty boys
KONG H2O Dog Water Bottle

A durable dog water bowl that has it's own dog bowl built-in!

Buy on Amazon

Do you know a dog and owner pair who are both outdoor enthusiasts? Consider getting them the KONG dog water bottle, perfect for four-legged and two-legged friends.

This dog water bottle features a special cap that can be used as a portable dog water bowl, ensuring that humans and canines alike stay safe and hydrated when water isn’t readily available.

The Leash Links No Tangle Multiple Walker is a handy tool for multi-dog households that allows you to walk up to three dogs on the same lead without the twisting and tangling that happens with some other models.

Crafted with heavy-duty cable and chew-proof covers, it’s an excellent choice for walking large dogs who are still learning leash manners!

K9 of Mine Hands-On Review!

One of our regular contributors — Kelsey Snyder — had the chance to try out the Leash Links No-Tangle Multiple Walker with her own pupperinos!

Bottom line: She loved it. But here are some of her key takeaways from the experience:

  • It’s tangle proof. My girls are the queens of twisting their leashes together while exploring the neighborhood’s smells, and with this, those problems were history.
  • It’s also chew proof. The non-toxic PVC leash covering protects the cable from curious chompers. It’s not a material that’s particularly tempting to chew either, which is a bonus for those with mouthy puppies. This would be a gamechanger with chew-happy dogs, like Labs.
  • It’s also super strong. I had zero worries walking my two 60-plus pound pit bull mixes, even when a bunny bolted by, thanks to its construction. This thing isn’t flimsy!
  • It’s a versatile leash. It’s easy to add and subtract connection points as needed. You can use it on its own for a single walk or add one or two more points to bring along some fur friends. I only tested it with two large dogs, but I can see it working just fine with three large dogs. 
  • It prevented my puppers from straying. There isn’t much give on the cable, so my dogs weren’t as tempted to wander off course and sniff the neighbor’s leaf piles. The leash coverings also seemed to keep them on target, as straying led to the covering poking their backs gently, nudging them along.

Maya and

Kelsey’s pibbles — Moxie (left) and Maya (right) — enjoying a walk with the Leash Links Multiple Walker.

Kelsey did find that the leash was a bit noisy, so you may need to give skittish pooches the time to familiarize themselves with the leash. However, Kelsey’s dogs adjusted to the unusual sounds pretty quickly.

30. Mountainsmith K9 Cube

Best for traveling dogs
Mountainsmith K-9 Cube Organizer

This ultra handy dog travel organizer has everything a pup on the move needs - built-in food and water bowls, a TPU lined food container, and space to pack all your dog's essentials.

Buy on Amazon Buy on Mountainsmith.com

I’ve used this with my own dog for cross-country travels and I have to say, it’s so convenient to just have a single bag dedicated to all your dog’s needs.

When you’ve been driving for seven hours straight, the last thing you want to do at your hotel is dig through all your clothes and bags trying to find dog food and a clean water bowl.

With the K9 Cube, all your dog’s gear is always pre-packed and ready to go!

31. Hands-Free Dog Leash

Best for runners
Tuff Mutt Hands Free Dog Leash

This hands-free dog leash secures to your waist, making it easier to jog or run with a canine companion.

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Know someone who loves running with their pooch? Or maybe you’re the one who runs cross-country with your four-legged pal alongside you. Either way, a hands-free dog leash can be a game changer for those who like to jog with their dog.

This Tuff Mutt Hands-Free Leash is a great place to start. The kit includes a harness for the owner’s waist and a bungee line that connects the runner to the dog’s harness.

Once you’ve got the basics of hands-free dog jogging down, consider upgrading to canicross – a sport where dogs and humans run as a team, with your dog pulling you to help you get across the finish line!

32. Ruffwear Vert Winter Dog Jacket

Best for cold-weather trekkers
Vert Winter Dog Jacket

This premium winter dog jacket offers protection against any kind of wintery mix -- and it can even be used with your existing harness.

Buy Now

Ruffwear is a popular brand for serious dog folks — everything they make it really solid, and their Vert winter jacket is no exception!

This insulated waterproof jacket will keep your pup warm no matter how chilly the temps. It’s even designed to provide hip and thigh coverage for added warmth, and the jacket’s leash portal allows it to be worn over a harness without it being a struggle.

Dog Gifts For: The Home & Keeping Cozy

Here we’re highlighting gifts for the dog-centric home, with a focus on gifts that keep canines and humans feeling cozy and snuggly on those long winter nights.

33. Fur Zapper + Wad-Free

fur zapper and wad free

If you’re gift shopping for a pet owner who is always picking fur off of their clothes, definitely consider this combo set.

The Fur Zapper is a miraculous device you put in with your laundry to help get fur off your clothes. And I’ve used it enough to say it really does work — I won’t run a load of laundry without it!

In the wash, the zapper helps loosen fur away from the clothes so that it can be washed out with the rest of the dirty water. In the dryer, the zapper again helps loosen any remaining fur particles so that thy can be instead collected by the dryer’s lint trap.

And what about the Wad-Free? This device holds the corners of your sheets in order to stop them from getting bunched, tangled, and bundled together — an annoying and common occurrence that prevents your sheets from getting properly washed and dried (having fur on your sheets after a laundry cycle is just devastating).

I’ve used this one too and not only does it work like a dream, it also definitely saves energy with the drying machine. Because my sheets get bunched so much, I often need to run two drying cycles to really get sheets dry. With the Wad-Free, one quick drying cycle is all I need — huzzah!

Together, they’re a real tag team and make a great gift for any pet owner looking for a better, easier way to keep their clothes and bedding clean and fur-free.

34. Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed

Best for XL dogs
Big Barker 7" Orthopedic Dog Bed

This award-winning dog bed is specifically designed for large and extra-large dogs, with 7" of foam support to protect joints and provide comfort!

Buy on Amazon Read Our Review

Your canine can appreciate a warm, comfy bed as much as you can! While there is a wide range of colorful, cute, and cozy beds for dogs, one popular choice that we absolutely love is the Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed.

With 7 inches of comfort and orthopedic dog-friendly memory foam, it’ll be your dog’s new favorite hangout.

Keep in mind that this bed is designed only for large and extra-large dogs. While those 7 inches of memory foam are great for giant breeds, that much support can actually make the bed uncomfortable for smaller dogs, so the Big Barker certainly isn’t for everyone.

If you’re in the market for a dog bed, consider checking out our top 5 recommended dog beds for old dogs. The Big Barker is one, but there are plenty of other favorites too!

35. PetFusion Orthopedic Dog Bed

A fan-favorite dog bed
PetFusion Orthopedic Dog Bed

This ultra-cozy orthopedic dog bed boats layers of memory foam along with raised bolster sides and a washable cover.

Buy on Amazon Buy on Chewy

The PetFusion Ultimate Orthopedic Dog Bed is another very highly-rated, popular dog bed that’s a perfect choice if the Big Barker is a bit too XL for your pup.

This top-of-the-line bed features 4 inches of solid memory foam, covered by a water- and tear-resistant cover that can easily be taken off and washed when needed.

With its padded bolsters, it’s an especially great bed for dogs who like to curl up when they sleep, with the raised sections adding a sense of safety and comfort for canines.

36. Bolster Bed + Couch Cover

Do you ever feel like you want your pup on the couch but also, kinda don’t?

I’ve had this experience ever since I purchased my new dream Crate and Barrel couch — I want my dog with me up here, but I don’t want him destroying the couch with his digging and nails and… fluids, either.

So imagine my surprise coming upon this handy implement that serves as a cozy dog bed with a bolster (which my own dog adores), and acts as a furniture cover too!

This would make a great gift for anyone who likes to keep their furniture a bit tidier, but would be especially for anyone whose recently purchased a new couch!

37. PetFusion Ottoman Pet Stairs

Best for mobility issues
PetFusion Pet Stairs

These stylish pet steps are great for pups who need help reaching higher spots. Plus, the steps fold away into an ottoman when you need more space!

Buy on Amazon

It can be really tough watching our dogs get old and seeing them struggle to jump up on couches and beds that they once faulted up onto with ease.

For owners who want to allow their aging or mobility-challenged pets to access the bed or couch more easily, the PetFusion Ottoman Pet Stairs are an excellent choice!

These sleek, padded fabric stairs are comfortable with enough traction to allow an unsteady pet to navigate them confidently. There’s even a little perch at the top that can double as a bed or elevated hangout spot!

Oh, and did we mention these stairs include a built-in storage section? You can hide away your pet’s toys, bedding, or blankets with the stair’s hinged hideaway.

This set of stairs only holds dogs 50lbs and under, but for medium and small-sized dogs, these stairs are a lifesaver. Plus, the grey styled fabric should match most modern decors and will fit in great with a variety of homes. We are definitely fans!

Dog Gifts For: The Four-Footed Foodies

Do you know a dog who could do a world tour as a professional eater? These dog gifts are perfect for those canines who love to chow down!

38. The Farmer’s Dog Fresh Dog Food

Have a dog whose favorite thing in the world is dinner? Give him the gift of their lifetime with a box of The Farmer’s Dog fresh dog food!

Best dog food for picky eaters
The Farmer’s Dog

Nutritious, high-quality, US-made fresh dog food made by a forward-thinking, eco-conscious manufacturer.

Special Discount: With K9 of Mine, you can get 50% off your first order!
Buy Now (Get 50% Off) Read Our Review

This fresh dog food provider offers human-grade dog foods, made with premium ingredients, resulting in dinner that’s 10 times tastier than any kibble.


39. Dog Treat Maker

Great for bakers
DASH Dog Treat Maker

Bake your very own dogs treats to spoil your pup -- or share with friends and family!

Buy on Amazon

Bake your very own doggie biscuits at home with the Dash Dog Treat Maker! This handy dandy dog treat maker comes with a huge assortment of recipes, for a variety of tasty canine-friendly goodies. Your dog will be sure to love your homemade doggie treats – especially when they’re made with so much love!

If you’re not a fan of the baker device, there are some great silicone molds out there that would work well too for using in an oven!

40. Nylabone Dental Dinosaur

Nylabone Dental Dinosaur

A durable, dinosaur-shaped, tooth-cleaning chew that's designed for power chewers.

Buy on Amazon Buy on Chewy
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

The Nylabone Dental Dinosaur is the perfect prehistoric present for your pooch! Its gentle dental nubs make this chew toy tons of fun for your canine, and they help to keep your dog’s teeth clean and healthy.

Plus, it’s a dinosaur, which is always awesome!

41. Bully Stick Dog Treats from NatureGnaws

Best for chewers
Nature Gnaws Bully Sticks for Dogs

These premium bully sticks are ultra-tasty treats that will keep a dog chomping and occupied all day.

Buy on Amazon

Most dogs go NUTS over bully sticks. In fact, they’re the very favorite treat many four-footers ever get to enjoy.

But wait — we can already hear you asking: What are bully sticks, anyway?

Well, they’re actually dried bull penis (aka pizzle). Yup, that sounds pretty gross to people, but canines rarely have such delicate sensibilities — most doggos will readily devour them!

Additionally, bully sticks are all-natural dog treat that serve as healthier alternatives to rawhides. They can even provide dental benefits as your dog chews and scrapes plaque off his teeth while chewing the bully stick!

But bully sticks aren’t just tasty to dogs — they’re also great for keeping your dog mentally stimulated. They’re ideal tools for crate- or visitor-training since your dog will be much more interested in the bully stick than escaping the crate or barking at your guests.

NatureGnaws Bully Sticks are especially impressive – they come in small, large, and braided varieties, and they are comprised of only a single-ingredient. No nasty additives here!

42. Himalayan Yak Chews

Pawstruck Himalayan Yak Dog Chew

Tasty, long-lasting dog chews made from Himalayan yak cheese.

Buy on Amazon Buy on Pawstruck.com

Always on the search for new dog chews? Let us introduce you to Himalayan yak chews.

Yup that’s right — cheesy chews made from Yak’s milk!

Dogs love to nom on these, and take a good while to finish them. This isn’t any old cheese — it’s super hard and durable, making for a great long-lasting dog chew!

43. Bob-A-Lot Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

Trainer-favorite puzzle toy

An affordable, easy-to-clean puzzle toy with adjustable difficulty.

Buy on Amazon Read Our Full Review

Treat dispensing dog toys like the Bob-A-Lot Treat Dispensing Dog Toy are great gifts for dogs whose owners must leave them home alone – these treat-dispensing toys help keep dogs occupied and challenged while on their own.

Not sold on the Bob-A-Lot? Check out our list of the top 9 food-dispensing dog toys for more alternatives – meal time has never been so fun!

44. Fun Feeder Slo-Bowl

Best for speed eaters
Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl

This bowl slows down even the fastest of speed eaters, helping to prevent deadly bloat.

Buy on Amazon

Rapid eating can be dangerous in dogs – it can result in choking and even a life-threatening condition called bloat in some dogs. But there is a solution!

The Fun Feeder Slo-Bowl from Outward Hound is a feeding device designed to slow down speedy eaters (this one claims to force dogs to eat as much as 10 times slower than normal)!

Slow eating isn’t just good for your dog’s physical health – there are mental benefits as well. Making your dog work for his meals can add a bit of spice and challenge to an otherwise dull day.

The Fun Feeder Slo-Bowl is made to fit nearly any existing dog food bowls, so just pup in your dog’ favorite dish and let him have at it!

45. LickiMat Slow Feeder Mat

LickiMat Slow Feeder

Powerful enrichment tools that encourage a dog to self-soothe and relax through licking.

Buy on Amazon See Our Full Review

The Lickimat is a uniquely-designed slow feeder dog mat that gives dogs something to lick and lap to self-soothe themselves at dinnertime.

These licking mats are non-toxic mats that can be used with peanut butter, yogurt, pumpkin-puree, wet food, or soft, wet treats.

The licking activity is great for distracting your dog from scary happenings like unknown visitors and thunderstorms, thereby reducing stress and helping your pup keep calm and carry on.

The textured mat also helps to keep your dog’s teeth clean and improve breath, working as a kind of tongue scraper! Best of all, this unusual slow feeder is quite affordable, making it a great, easy gift for your dog or another owner.

The mat comes in several styles and sizes depending on your pet — you can even grab a two-pack to experiment with different textures!

Dog Gifts For: The Hoomans Who Worship Their Babies

Giving dogs gifts is certainly fun, but a lot of times, you may actually want to give the dog-lover in your life a present for people. If that sounds like your situation, check out some of our favorite gifts for four-footer-loving two footers!

46. Custom Pet Portrait (via Paint Your Life)

Best for art-lovers
PaintYourLife Custom-Made Dog Portrait

Get a gorgeous, hand-painted portrait of your pet that you'll treasure forever.

Special Discount: Get 20% off with code K9OFMINE20
Buy Now See Our Full Review

Pet portraits serve as fantastic gifts – who doesn’t want a lovely painting of their beloved pooch?

What I love about pet portraits is that even if you already own one, you’re always happy for another, as different artists can provide different styles and looks when painting your pup.

Paint Your Life is one great service that offers pet portrait services – simply pick the photo you want to have your artist base the portrait on and watch as your custom painting comes to life!

You can read about my personal experience with Paint Your Life here – I was absolutely blown away with my painting, it’s such a beautiful commemoration of my Benzy who passed away a few years ago.

One thing I really love about Paint Your Life is that you can see artist updates as the painting progresses, and you can ask the artist to make changes or adjust things (you get unlimited edits with your purchase) until you get the perfect result.

Paint Your Life is also offering K9 of Mine readers 20% off all paintings off with free shipping! (use code K9OFMINE20 with this link), so there’s never a better time to get a portrait of your (or a friend’s) pooch!

47. Embark Dog DNA Test

Best Dog DNA Test
Embark Dog DNA Test

Embark's all-in-one, comprehensive dog DNA test reveals your dog's breeds, ancestry, and even genetic health risks.

Buy on Amazon Buy on Embark.com

DNA tests are all the rage these days, as individuals are eager to discover their untold ancestry. Well, it’s no surprise that we want to dog into our beloved pet’s ancestry as well, and thankfully for that, there are dog DNA tests too!

There are several dog DNA test kits on the market, but our top pick is definitely Embark.

The Embark Dog DNA Test is the cream-of-the-crop in terms of canine genetics. I actually ran an Embark test with my mystery mix Remy and was surprised with what I learned – see our in-depth Embark review for more details!

With Embark, your dog’s DNA will get tested for 170 genetic diseases, including things like Multi-Drug Sensitivity (MDR1 gene), dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), glaucoma, and more.

You’ll learn your pup’s expected adult weight and size, and discover the breed history of your dog’s great-grandparents. Embark has even conducted cutting-edge research into village dogs across the world, whose genetics were previously undocumented.

Embark is the most accurate and top-notch test out there, but it’s also quite pricey because of this – Embark’s price tag is $199 (although they often run discounts around the holidays).

It’s worth noting that dog DNA tests can provide really valuable info on your dog’s behaviors. For example, it may explain why your pooch barks so much – perhaps he has some hound in him! This kind of info can then let you create a more customized training plan tailored to your dog’s inherent instincts.

Doggie DNA tests are pretty awesome gifts for owners who love their pooches (especially owners of mutts who may not know their dog’s genetic background).

48. Dog Paw Ornament

Pawprint Ornament Keepsake Kit

Create a one-of-a-kind keepsake ornament with an indent of your pup's paw!

Buy on Amazon

Looking for a special way to remember your pup around the holidays?

This canine ornament is a fun winter-time activity to enjoy with your pup, and results in a keepsake you can enjoy each year at Christmas. This kit comes with lettering stamps too, and enough clay to make two ornaments if your first attempt doesn’t go so well.

49. Dog Astrology Mug

Have a friend who is into astrology and dogs? Well do we have something cool for them — introducing our line of dog-themed astrology mugs!

Are you a fiery Aussie or a calm and steady Golden Retriever? Surprise a friend (or gift yourself) with their celestial canine match!

50. Dog House Doormat

Fun home decor
Mud Pie "Dogs Welcome" Doormat

Love dogs but are on the fence about people? This clever doormat has you covered!

Buy on Amazon

Visitors be warned – canines are the preferred species here! This adorable Dog Lover’s Doormat is perfect for any friend whose home caters to the canines!

There are plenty of other cute and clever themed dog doormats out there too, so if this one isn’t your cup of tea, keep looking!


That concludes our list of awesome gifts for dog lovers and their furry pals. Do you have any great dog gift ideas you want to recommend? Share them in the comments!

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