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Meg Marrs


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Everyone has been howling over BarkBoxes this year, as more owners signup for these canine care packages.

What Is It? BarkBox is a monthly subscription service delivering treats and toys to your doorstep.


How Does BarkBox Work?

BarkBox sends you a curated collection of doggy treats, toys, and accessories each month to delight your doggy!

The whole process is very simple – just choose your dog’s size, choose your subscription length, and wait for your BarkBox to arrive!


BarkBox will customize your box based on your dog’s size. Bark Boxes come in several different selections depending on your dog’s size. Sizes include:

  • Small BarkBox aka “Small & Cute”: 0-10lbs
  • Medium BarkBox aka “Just Right” : 20-50lbs
  • Big BarkBox aka “Big & Bold” : 50+ lbs

barkbox sizing

Bark Box Review Contents: What to Expect

When you order a Bark Box, each month you’ll receive 4-6 items customized for your canine. Every box has at least:

  • 2 All-Natural Healthy Bags of Treats
  • 2 Innovative & Super Fun Dog Toys
  • A dog chew

Outside of this formula, every BarkBox is a mystery – and that’s half the fun!

BarkBoxes have fun themes each month that often match the season – during the holidays, expect holiday-themed toys and treats your pooch can play around with!


BarkBox Quality: Top Vendors, Top Ingredients

There are plenty of different monthly subscription boxes for dogs on the market, but BarkBox continues to be one of the most popular and highly-recommended dog boxes available.

BarkBox only provides treats and toys from trusted, reliable vendors who use the highest quality ingredients.

When it comes to BarkBox toys, know that goodies are tested by the BarkBox team’s own puppy squad, so your Barbox-delivered dog toys and treats are guaranteed to delight your four-legged pal.

BarkBox Review 2017: Is BarkBox a Good Value?

Money wise, BarkBox is a pretty decent good value, as the combined cost of the treats and toys you receive is usually substantially higher than what you pay for your monthly subscription.

Take this real Bark Box example.

bark box review
image from flickr user Loren Sztajer

This Bark Box contained:

The total cost of these items would normally be $31.52 if you bought them independently. However, depending on your Bark Box subscription, this package could cost you as little as $21.00. Not a bad deal!

If you regularly buy your dog treats and toys, it’s likely that BarkBox is a good value and worth giving a try. However, if you don’t usually spend $20-$30/month on dog treats and toys, BarkBox might not be a great deal for you.

BarkBox Subscriptions Prices

BarkBox prices vary depending on how long you sign-up for. For the best value, it’s recommended that you subscribe to the 12 month Bark Box plan. It ends up being $22/month, but you’ll have to pay the entire cost for the year upfront ($228 total).

Please make sure you understand – when committing to a 6 month or 12-month plan, you are committed to paying those months. You can’t get the discount for signing up for a 6 or 12-month plan and then cancel.

Most people who are unahppy with BarkBox cite this as their compliant, as they don’t always read the fine print and realize that signing up for a 6 month plan means you are committed for 6 months (although you should be able to change delivery dates or move months around if you are going away and will be out of town).

barkbox cost

12 Month Bark Box Plan $21/month [best value]
6 Month Bark Box Plan $25/month
1 Month Bark Box Plan $29/month

BONUS COUPONSOrder from BarkBox with this link and coupon code K9OFMINE to get 1 FREE BarkBox month added to your subscription!

In addition to your monthly subscription plan, you also have the option of adding a premium toy to your box each month for an extra +$9. Something to consider if you’re looking for bonus toys.

Subscriptions include free shipping, unless you live in Hawaii or Alaska (sorry guys, you’ll have to pay $5).

It’s also important to note that plans renew automatically, so make sure you set up a reminder or event on your calendar to cancel your renewal when your subscription period is about to end.

You can actually cancel anytime, and that will simply mean that you are canceling your renewal – NOT your current subscription. Subscriptions are processed by the 3rd of each month, so make sure to at least cancel by then if you don’t want to be renewed in the following month.

BarkBox for Allergies

BarkBox knows that some canines have allergies, but that doesn’t mean they should miss out on all the fun!

All BarkBoxes are wheat, corn, and soy free (which is awesome), so you don’t need to do anything special if you dog is allergic to those ingredients.

If your dog is allergic to beef, chicken, and turkey, BarkBox offers a special allergy-friendly option for them, providing hypoallergenic dog treats and goodies just for your pooch. You’ll just need to contact them directly to get the allergy-friendly box.

Other Cool Things About BarkBox

In addition to their neat doggy subscription service, it’s also worth noting that BarkBox…

  • Gives 10% of all profits to animal shelters, plus they have a BarkGood program to help out over 3,000 shelters and rescue groups across the USA and Canada!
  • Has the Scout’s Honor Guarantee, which promises that if your pup doesn’t like something that arrives in his or her BarkBox, you can get a replacement item for free!
  • Avoids as much processing as possible, using wheat-free, soy-free, corn-free, filler-free, and even organic items whenever possible. They’re doing the best to move towards limited, even single, ingredient products.
  • Sources all treats from the USA and Canada. In addition, chews come from the USA, Canada, South America, Australia and New Zealand. The BarkBox crew promises they wouldn’t send your pup anything they wouldn’t give their own fur babies.
  • They have an amazing blog, the BarkPost, which is an unending source of canine cuteness!
  • Your pup can become an online sensation since BarkBox encourages customers to post pictures of their pooch enjoying their BarkBox on the PuppyFeed!
  • Allows you to give BarkBox as a gift to another doggy pal.

 BarkBox Subscription Reviews

We’ve detailed everything you need to know about BarkBox, but sometimes it still helps to see some unboxing videos to get a better sense of what BarkBox is all about.

Here are some BarkBox reviews from customers on YouTube that you may find helpful…

Meg Turney and her dog Penny unbox their delivery in a BarkBox review.

Another BarkBox review from YouTube user fancytaffypop and her dog, Dugan.

This review from Natasha Torcuato serves as a great look at one you can expect to find when you open a bark box.

There is one major downfall to Bark Boxes – no MeowBox. No worries though – check out our list of cat monthly subscription boxes, which basically serve as a kind of Bark Box for cats.

If you LOVE getting special toys and treats delivered to your pooch each month, also make sure to check out our collection of other dog subscription boxes!

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Written by

Meg Marrs

Meg Marrs is the Founder and Director of Marketing at K9 of Mine. She is a lifelong canine enthusiast and adores dogs of all shapes and sizes! She loves iced coffee, hammocks, and puppy-cuddling!

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  1. Tracy Avatar

    Bark Box sucks! They contain sub par ingredients such a chickpeas and peas and do not honour their allergen-free promise for their treats! This month my box contained chicken treats when I clearly stated that my dog is allergic to chicken, turkey, and grains. When I messaged to discuss, first I was told it was because my subscription had been cancelled and my info lost. I called the person on that and they changed their tune and told me it was because I was in Canada and so my box couldn’t be customized!!!! This is terrible customer service and is just another example of why I cancelled my subscription and why I will NOT recommend this company to anyone else!

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Not sure that we’d agree that chickpeas and peas are “sub par ingredients,” but we’re really sorry to hear that your experiences with Bark Box haven’t been better!
      Thanks for sharing your experiences, Tracy.

  2. Cyril R Avatar
    Cyril R

    Absolutely not worth the money! Difficult to cancel. I would not recommend this service.

  3. Edward G Tavender Avatar
    Edward G Tavender

    Stay away from BarkBox! I ordered a 5 or 6 month gift subscription for my nephew and his wife’s pups. They had my credit card on file and charged me for 13 months. What started out as a $149.99 a month subscription ended up at $199.99 a month for 7 additional months. They did refund the final month when I realized what they were doing.
    Bad Dogs!

  4. Melissa Batterton Avatar
    Melissa Batterton

    We enjoyed the Bark Boxes when we received them. The last few times they have been delayed or lost in the mail. Of course the people at Bark Box point blame to the Carrier and how it’s shipped, but when I look at tracking on my box it hasn’t even left their facility yet. Super frustrating! We will be canceling our membership.

  5. Shannon Frank Avatar
    Shannon Frank

    BarkBox has the worst customer service EVER!!

  6. Wendy Avatar

    My German Shepard destroyed almost every toy within 30 minutes of opening the box and it was NOT due to owner neglect. It was due to the toy not being “tough” enough. Horrible customer service! I tried many times to resolve the issue, including cancelling my 6 month subscription, but all they wanted was my money. They talk a good talk about “toy safety” “durability” “replacements” “ making things right”. NOPE – never happened. No matter how many times I reached out – they would promise me they would make things right – but all I have is a dozen or more destroyed “durable” toys! And less money in my bank account. ???? I regret ever subscribing to Bark Box and if I could change things…..I would never have subscribed and would have used the money at Pet Smart.
    My advice – if you have a strong chewer – stay away from this company their promises our just a bunch of “bark” ????
    Positive note – the treats!

  7. lori spiewak Avatar

    BARKBOX IS A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME AND NOTHING BUT GARBAGE. Their customer service is NON EXISTENT, even their “live customer support chat” NOBODY HAS EVER ANSWERED. The toys are DISGUSTING and nowhere near the quality BARKBOX portrays them to be and you are never allowed to cancel regardless of your unhappiness with their service and products. GARBAGE.

  8. Ruth Colwell Avatar
    Ruth Colwell

    Best expirience. Not only are their products creative, funny, amazing, and tailored for dogs (not their humans), but their customer service is ridiculous. They are so accommodating, available, and immediately responsive. I walked away feeling like I came out on top; most customer service experiences I leave knowing they’ve taken both my time and my money. I can’t recommend this company more.

  9. Kelly Toler Avatar
    Kelly Toler

    PURE JUNK! and they are a bunch of thieves. You are locked in to the contract even before you get the first box. It was a bunch of cheap crap worth about $10 MAX! I have made it my mission to tell everyone I know on all social media not to get scammed by this company!

  10. Sarah Cummings Avatar

    The barkbox package is always delivered to my house whenever I am out working in the day. And my dear dog is smart enough to recognise it as a treasure. So when I come back from work, most of the time, the box would have been destroyed and the goodies finished, or opened and half finished, in one day lol

  11. Terri VanHorn Avatar
    Terri VanHorn

    I am extremely DISAPPOINTED with this product and their so called guarantee. I signed up for the three month subscription (January, February, and March). I sent an email asking details about the product. I explained my dog was a pitbull and tears up everything in a matter of hours or minutes. If they could send me products that my dog would not tear up, they would have a customer for life. The person who I was cooresponding with was quite the salesman and assured me, my dog would not tear up the toys and if he did they would be replaced. The first two months were great and we still have the toys and our dog loves them. The third month, March was a hat made of hard plastic and it only took our dog two hours to bite into the hat and start tearing it apart. I sent pictures to Bullymake. Their response was insulting. They instructed me to watch their video and order toys more suitable for my dog. Keep in mind I had already exchanged emails with the company and explained my dogs tendency. What this told me is they don’t really match boxes with dogs or take the time to make notes to ensure they do not send the wrong products to dogs. The hard plastic can cause a dog to choke so, I was grateful to be home that day and took all the pieces away to avoid serious injury to my dog.

    I never heard anything further or received a replacement toy as described in their guarantee, but when it was time for renewal there was an attempt to process my credit card for another three months. I had that particular card suspended so no charged could be posted so they did not get any more of my money.

    I cannot in good conscious recommend Bullymake to anyone who loves their dog, all they want is your money. They make sure you are satisfied for the first couple months but after that…..too bad.

  12. SCOTT Avatar

    I am surprised but my dog loves his bark boxes!! we open the lid and he takes out the toys and loves the treats!!

  13. SCOTT Avatar

    I am surprised but my dog loves his bark boxes!! we open the lid and he takes out the toys and loves the treats!!

  14. Haley Avatar

    I tried the Super Chewer box because one of my dogs is a toy killer. Was hoping they’d have something he couldn’t tear up. I’m happy to report he’s only destroyed one of the six.

    I’m less happy to report the reason for that is that the one he destroyed is the only one he ever touched. They’re all just boring hunks of solid rubber he wants nothing to do with.

    Very disappointed and going back to just giving him cow bones.

  15. Tinka Farrow Avatar
    Tinka Farrow

    Tinka ( my little daschound) has been a multi year subscriber. On the start of her 3rd year the package came with 2 toys instead of 3 as we are on the extra toy plan. The following month is here and still haven’t received information on the whereabouts of this months Barkbox ( it is the 20th of April)
    Perhaps being a continuous subscriber Tinka and I are being taken for granted and attention is being placed on new members.

  16. Dan Avatar

    This applies same for all big & small dogs ? Or any different packages ?

  17. Kathleen Dawkins Avatar
    Kathleen Dawkins

    I would like to order a Bark Box for a very active, tear apart toys, dog. Can’t tell you to breed because I’ve never heard of it. But a slim herding type very fast dog and usually takes about 30 min. to pull a toy apart. However, I let her have the dragon from our Misters box. It was her favorite. she carries it everywhere and 3 weeks to tear it up!! So, I would like to gift a box with your toughest toys for her. Either as a substitute for 1 of our dogs or sent to her separately. How can I do that? And it would be perfect to get here ASAP. Have a Birthday soon. Thank you.

    1. Meg Marrs Avatar

      Try some of these dog subscription boxes! A few of them are designed specifically for rough and tough dogs.

  18. Shannon Link Avatar
    Shannon Link

    Can we have this one month for our big dog and one month for our small dog?

    1. Meg Marrs Avatar

      I don’t see why not!

  19. Brad martin Avatar
    Brad martin

    I think you the most adorable girl I’ve ever seen. Keep it up :]

  20. Brandi Lamey Avatar
    Brandi Lamey

    No I would not it is not a deal

  21. David Avatar

    Be SUPER careful before you sign up for BarkBox. Make sure you check out their BBB complaints and the plethora of many other legit reviews on Hiya before you join. Also, search complaints via the Secretary of State of NY Office. Just be CAREFUL.

  22. Cornflake Avatar

    Beth, when you chatted with them, did you tell them to set you up for the heavy chewers option? Mine have it, and while they still rip up stuffed toys, at least it will be stuffed with a ball that lasts, instead of stuffing.

  23. beth Avatar

    I just recently signed up for boxbark, and I’ve fallen in love with it. When we tried to go to the store to get toysfor our dog, she destroyed them. So I thought getting her a rotating box would help she was going though them so fast anyway. She still has the first toys she got from barkbox and still brings it to play, and when I chatted with BarkBox, they replaced the ones she destroyed. I did cancel with no trouble, and then got an email asking to come back at a lower price. I did go back and the treats she loves, and the toys she loves, and I love the customer service. 5 stars for barkbox.

  24. Carmen golz Avatar
    Carmen golz

    i got charged 2 times in 3 days and cancelled a week prior to this. i dont like this service and do not want to continue they are bad business with taking money oit of your account withour authority

  25. Amber Avatar

    I agree Bark Box are scammers. They have “free box” promotions and “cancel anytime” all over their website, but come to find out, they add the “free” boxes to the end of the subscription, but since it is an auto-renewing subscription there is no end. and if you try to cancel your service, it only cancels the renewal, and once you have canceled the renewal of your subscription, you become ineligible for free boxes since you are no longer a subscriber. Either way, the customer loses.

  26. Jenn Avatar

    I haven’t had an issue with BarkBox and Customer Service has always been amazing! I had a toy my dogs both destroyed in minutes and after a quick message to the people at Barkbox we got a free replacement. Love them and love the fact that the first time I signed up I got a free Barkbox and a free premium toy for using promo code FREEBARKBOX4U.

  27. Kevin Avatar

    What are the dimensions of the actual box? Curious to how big of parcel we will be receiving.

    Great review, thanks!

    1. Ivy Avatar

      Hey Kevin – mine have varied a bit, but in general, roughly a little bigger than 8.5″x11″ (piece of paper) and maybe 4″ to 6″ tall?

  28. Jessica DiGregorio Avatar

    We offer a box for cats too! And it’s only 9.99 this month! or contact me for info! [email protected]

  29. Andrea Avatar

    I just wanted to TRY it for one month. I couldn’t find a place to just order one time.

    1. Meghan Avatar

      Hi Andrea – you should be able to find a 1 month option – it’s under the other subscription options. Good luck, let us know how it goes!

  30. Brooke Jones Avatar
    Brooke Jones

    Barkbox sucks. I signed up for a one month plan, they jipped me and kept me signed up for three months. I called customer service and the woman said that they automatically keep you signed up unless you cancel it. Don’t support Barkbox, they are scammers.

  31. Kristine Avatar

    Barkbox charged me $30/month for a 6 month plan that should have been $21/month! I got a premium toy added each month for free from a discount they were running, so that took $54 off the plan subtotal, but I still got charged $180 instead of $126!! I emailed them this morning and am waiting to hear from them about this.. I’ll be really disappointed if they don’t correct this issue, that’s a pretty hefty sum of money to overcharge someone for something like a Barkbox. Otherwise, I like this company and boxes I’ve gotten in the past (from a gift subscription). Hopefully this will get remedied quickly.

    1. Kristine Avatar

      Turns out I read the receipt wrong! The way it was set up didn’t show any discounts off the subtotal, and I didn’t even bother to look at the total because the subtotal was $180. It was my fault for not reading it correctly. I talked to someone over the bark chat, and they were very helpful. And then they emailed me back promptly, however.

  32. Mark Avatar

    My dog requires grain free treats. The box came with some. I also specified no toys from China. (Do NOT let your dog chew on anything from China. Dogs have died from toys, food and treats from there.) It appears ALL the dog toys were made in China. Otherwise, the quality and value is excellent. I tossed the toys, but my dog loves the treats and bully stick.

  33. Vancouver Girl Avatar
    Vancouver Girl

    I purchased a 3-month subscription to Barkbox after reading lots of great reviews online. I was sorely disappointed with what ended up receiving. The Barkbox site is set up so you choose a box based on the size of your dog. As my dog is 14 lbs, I went with the “Small & Cute” option, for 0-20 lbs. Each box is supposed to contain at least one toy, along with food/treat items. While the latter were merely “ok” approximately half the toys I received for my 14 lb dog were too small they had to be given away. Barkbox sent me toys that were so small, they were choking hazards and were best suited for teacup dogs that are under 7lbs. One toy, a stuffed cornucopia with mini squeaker toys inside was so dangerous, I threw it out immediately, as the mini squeaker toys were too small for even my friend’s 6 lb chi.

    In terms of value, all the treats/toys/food items can be found online or at places like Ross/Marshalls for less. If you live in the US, you might “break even”, but if you live in Canada, like I do, once you add in the exchange rate and additional shipping costs, you’re better to buy from your local pet retailer.

  34. Richard Avatar

    I was thinking of purchasing a subscription to BarkBox for both of my dogs. I’m glad I read all the comments about the terrible customer service. It probably saved me a lot of frustration.

    1. AMNESIAMOOSE Avatar

      Richard, I will say… I’ve had BarkBox before when I had foster pups in the house. I cancelled because I stopped fostering, and my one small dog was then collecting way too many toys and treats, and the stuffed toys don’t last. HOWEVER, I now have two dogs, and have chatted with customer service multiple times in considering coming back. The “heavy chewers” option (which seems to only be available via chatting as I have been all over my account online and haven’t found where this is indicated) sold me on signing up again. I just got my first box since reenrolling, and sure enough – nothing is stuffed; it’s all tough toys. My girls are 25 and 35 lbs, but heavy chewers for their size, and they fight over toys a fair amount – lots of tugging. I’ve gotten nothing but wonderful service both times I’ve been signed up. I have a few toys left from my first enrollment maybe 2 years ago that are in great shape. No dogs have turned up their noses at the treats from the boxes, and they have all been high quality treats. I do not feed my dogs crap food or table scraps – they will not be fed crap treats. I know “Lindz” is on here, running around trying to do damage control, but really, I don’t think the experiences posted here with issues are all that common. I will say, I always just do one month subscriptions, and try to refer people…
      *Side note: I asked BarkBox (after I cancelled the first time) if I could purchase more of the toys that have lasted two years for a foster in the group that’s in treatment for mange and suffering a lot of solo time in his crate. They knew their toys well enough to send me duplicates of something they had TWO YEARS AGO, and they did it at no charge for this group, EVEN THOUGH I was not a current subscriber and had no intention of rejoining. These guys love dogs. 🙂

      1. Richard Avatar

        Thanks for the reply but my concern is more about the reports of terrible customer service than it is about the value of the product. I refuse to do business with companies that don’t value their customers enough to provide a decent level of service. I once purchased a product from a company that didn’t arrive until about a month after it was promised. It took forever to get hold of someone and even then they just gave me the run around. The product that finally arrived was great and I would have loved to reorder it. Because of the customer service, I wouldn’t reorder even when they offered a huge discount. In my opinion, the amount of effort a company puts into it’s customer service shows how much they value their customers. If they don’t value me, I’ll do business with a company that does value me.

  35. Elle Avatar

    VERY DISAPPOINTED!! I have a teacup chihuahua and they sent me toys big enough for a great dane– they were almost the same size as my dog. I clicked “small dog” when I started my subscription so was very surprised. The worst part was that customer service was extremely rude and told me to “donate” the toys if I wasn’t happy with them. In this day and age, with so many other options available, they might want to think twice about the way they treat customers.

    1. Lindz Avatar

      Elle so sorry for this response! Our team should have let you know they were replacing the items and you could donate these large ones to a pup in need. I would like to look at this email you had with our team. Can you email me personally and include the email address which your account is under so I can handle this for you. Thank you! [email protected]

  36. Amber Avatar

    I ordered bark box with the “popular” 6 month subscription stating it is 21/month plus 5 shipping… I was charged 212.00 for six months so that’s 30 a month with shipping… while this isn’t a huge difference its still a difference on an already expensive package. I have yet to receive my first package but have already cancelled the renewal due to this.

    1. Lindz Avatar

      Amber we are happy to take a look at this for you! Feel free to chat live with our team at or email me personally at [email protected] 🙂

  37. Vicki Avatar

    Yesterday we got our very first Barkbox and was extremely disappointed. The two toys that were in the box Rocky had destroyed in no time at all!!! For what I paid for this box the toys should last more then 10 minutes!! I won’t be continuing my subscription.

  38. Vanessa Avatar

    Very disappointed. Signed up and received box with ONE item only. Paid $38 for one month and extra toy. Have emailed them 3 times and NO response. Had to put a claim in with USPS who they use to ship to see if theft occurred or if this how they really package. Total waste of time and money.

    1. Tessa Avatar

      Vanessa, Thank you for the comment! I am so sorry that your first box had only one Item in it. There must have a mistake with the Warehouse pups. And so sorry that you did not get a response right away. Please feel free to email me at [email protected] and I can help you out with this!

  39. Jess Avatar

    Very poor customer service when there’s a problem. I have canceled my subscription due to a subscription rental that I did not want but they will not even respond to emails to change or reimburse money. Not even a response.

    1. Lindz Avatar

      Jess our team is available at [email protected] from 9am-9pm and we are also available on live chat at I would love to take a look at your emails personally. Can you email me at [email protected] so I can take care of this for you?

  40. Joseph Jensen Avatar
    Joseph Jensen

    Just subscribed. First bark box has nice toys & nice treats. I signed up for another bark box for stepson’s dog. Had to email to correct a couple errors I made in the order, got a reply back fixing the problem within 12 hours – on a weekend.

  41. David Avatar

    Nice review! We offer a similar service but for bunnies and guinea pigs instead!

    1. Lacey Avatar

      what is the service for bunnies? where can I find it?

  42. Betty Avatar

    I’ve only just subscribed to BarkBox and my baby loves it! For reference I have an English bulldog who is definitely a chewer! She especially loved her the Treats that came with it!

    Also want to mention if you sign into your acct you can cancel from there if you wanted to. Hope that helps 🙂

    1. Chris Avatar

      Hello! I am interested in getting a bark box for my English bully too! I was just wondering what the best size for him would be. He is 55 lbs right now.

      1. Lindz Avatar

        HI Chris!

        Not sure if you received any assistance! 🙂 You would want to sign up for the large + we can mark your account for chewing. If you need assistance email [email protected] and we can lend a paw.

      2. AMNESIAMOOSE Avatar

        Chris – really recommend the heavy chewers box, but they don’t advertise it anywhere. You have to chat with someone and ask them to set up your account for it.

  43. Bunny Box Avatar

    We love BarkBox – we recently purchased one for our Husky, Milo!

  44. Karen Avatar

    I have been a subscriber for quite and while and I have been a big fan of Bark Box. However, in the last few months, I have noticed a big decline in the quality of the products you provide. I still have stuffed toys from the early Bark Boxes that my dogs play with every day. The last 2 or 3 months, the stuffed toys have become very low quality toys from China that have a lifespan of about 15 minutes. I am involved in a very large dog sports community, and many of us have loved subscribing to Bark Box. I checked with my friends on facebook yesterday. 8 of them have cancelled recently due to the declining quality of the product. 9 more (plus me) will not continue with our subscriptions if the quality continues at current levels. Please review what you are doing. Many of us used to sing the praises of the fun stuff we got in our boxes every month. Now we are comparing how bad it is…

    1. Lindz Avatar

      Karen thank you for this feedback. Do you or your friends happen to be signed up for the heavy chewer box? I would love to personally hear more about your recent feedback and make it right for all of you. Email me at [email protected] so we can take care of this for you. 🙂

  45. Lauren Avatar

    No it’s not worth it. There are too many treats and the toys are not durable. Also they don’t tell you when you sign up, it’s an auto renew and charge your account without any warning. Skip bark box and go to your local pet store instead

    1. Meghan Avatar

      Thanks for your input Lauren. It’s important for people to realize that when you agree to a monthly commitment (and pay a lesser price as a result), you are locked into that monthly renewal for the number of months you signed up for. Thanks for sharing your experience.

      1. Alivia Avatar

        No, she means that once the 12-month subscription ends, they automatically re-enroll you for another year and charge your credit card $219 again. They send me an email every single day with stupid doggy YouTube videos, but can’t send an email telling me they are going to charge my credit card without my permission. Then when you try to cancel you can’t get anyone from customer service to respond. Save yourself time, money and frustration and go to the pet store.

        1. Meghan Avatar

          I see, yes, that sounds pretty frustrating! Thanks for informing readers about that.

        2. K9Doe Avatar

          Actually in order for a recurring payment to be setup you have to agree to it.
          When I signed up for barkbox it was very clear that I was setting up a recurring (auto-renewal) payment. All you have to do is log into your paypal or credit card account, whichever you used, and go to the manage payment authorizations section to cancel any active recurring payment subscriptions you have. Or you can call them.
          And if you don’t want the everyday e-mails just un-subscribe at the bottom of the e-mail.

          1. K9Doe Avatar

            They also state it in the order confirmation e-mail you get.
            “Your BarkBox order has been confirmed and your subscription is now active – high paws! You’ll be automatically renewed on ****-**-**, after your plan ends. Future renewals will take place on the 3rd and you can always check on renewal timing from within your account. “

        3. Cheri Avatar

          I have to agree with you…I have tried to cancel my subscription from BarkBox and I can’t seem to get anyone to answer my emails or messages. I only signed up for a month at a time and so I cancelled on June 23, 2016 and lo and behold, I received another BarkBox on July 16, 2016. Went in and cancelled for August and so will see if I receive another box. This is so upsetting as I can’t spend $29 a month right now.

    2. Brittany Avatar

      It says right when you sign up that it’s an auto renew. ..

      1. Sherry Bemb Avatar
        Sherry Bemb

        I see all these ,complaints I considered getting bark box ,but if anyone read fine print …when you sign up ,they auto magically charge you for the entire term …268. dollars you can not cancel that year ! ,However it is automatic renewal everyyear,cancelling will stop next year!

  46. Linde Avatar

    Customer service is terrible. I changed my mind about subscribing and cancelled. Appears it only cancelled my next years renewal!! I can’t seem to get anyone to email or call back. Very disappointing. “0” stars. I agree with the previous reviewer.

    1. Meghan Avatar

      Thanks for your input Linde, sorry things didn’t work out well with BarkBox. I’d be interested in hearing more about your experience. If you want, feel free to email me at [email protected].

    2. Lindz Avatar

      Our support team is available at [email protected] from 9am-9pm and we also have live chat available on When a customer goes online to cancel it will cancel their next renewal however you can always reach out to our support team or you can reach me personally at [email protected] should you ever need help.

    3. meghan Avatar

      I agree that BarkBox customer service is awful. I’ve already wasted too much time with them to get into details here, but I won’t use them ever again and instead of recommending friends, will advise them not to waste their time and money.

  47. Janet Yoshitake Avatar
    Janet Yoshitake

    It’s difficult to contact Barkbox. Once you’ve signed up it’s difficult to make changed.

    1. Sheila Avatar

      That’s right, good luck!!!

    2. Tessa Avatar

      Hi Janet! I am so sorry that you have found it difficult to contact us! Our support team is available at [email protected] from 9am-9pm and we also have live chat available on When a customer goes online at it will appear! And you can always email me directly at [email protected]

  48. Melissa Avatar

    What if I just want to buy for 1 month? How much is it then?

    1. Meghan Avatar

      Hi Melissa – BarkBox costs $29/month if you want to do a single month subscription. Hope that helps!

  49. Ruth Avatar

    I’m pleased with the variety of toys and treats in the boxes. While the service is expensive, the prices are comparable to those you’d find in a local pet store.

  50. Kathleen K Avatar
    Kathleen K

    Unfortunately I had to cancel my bark box subscription. I have huge dogs, aggressive chewers. Each month they send a toy, a stuffed toy. Which lasts all of 15 minutes with my dogs. There is stuffing everywhere. I contacted Bark box month after month requesting non stuffed toys. Each month they stated OK we will fix this, each month a stuffed toy. I sent them pics of my dogs. I sent them pics of the mess. Nothing worked to get them to stop sending stuffed toys.
    These boxes are perfect for a small – non aggressive – chewer. They are not geared for big dogs. I selected the largest size they offered and nothing was geared for my size dog. I have Great Danes, so even the large size box was not geared toward a dog of that size.
    So If you have a dog that is big don’t waste the money. If you have a dog that is an aggressive chewer, an even bigger reason not to purchase.

    1. Meghan Avatar

      Thanks for sharing your experience Kathleen, that is good to know!

      1. Dawn Kelley Avatar
        Dawn Kelley

        This is not exclusive to big dogs, I’m starting to believe it’s just a dog-personality type unrelated to size. We have the same problem with our Dauchsand/Shih Tzu mix. Any cloth toy we give him just results in a stuffing filled floor and the Evisceration of the squeaker and stuffing within 10 to 15 minutes (we sometimes let him have one anyway, knowing what the result will be, but because it seems to entertain him so much to do it). I know a little beagle mix the exact same way (who I use to pet sit). At the same time, I knew a Lab (who I also pet sat) who was fine with cloth toys. Unfortunately, BarkBox does seem to favor the cloth toys.

    2. val Avatar

      You realize this is not Bark Boxes site right?

    3. Sheila Avatar

      But how did you cancel ? I’ve tried since my first bark box to cancel and I keep getting a box full of fancy treats and a toy or two that gets wrecked before I know what it is!!!
      Very bad customer service but like blue buffalo They make it look so good!!!!

      1. Sheila Avatar

        Just noticed the squeaky ball my dog is chewing on is make in China ….I had high hopes that if get high quality toys.

    4. K9Doe Avatar makes monthly subscription boxes for strong heavy chewers. It would probably suit you better than barkbox

      1. Amanda Avatar

        Thank you so much for the great infomration K9DOE- I have a VERY strong, heavy chewer and I am excited to see what BullyMake has in store for us! As a Pibble owner, I especially love the name. Thanks Again!

    5. Lindz Avatar

      Kathleen thank you for sharing your feedback and we have since made adjustments to our heavy chewer boxes. If you would like to try this out again please email [email protected] and we would be happy to get you signed back up with a discount as well as this note on your account.

    6. AMNESIAMOOSE Avatar

      I just got my first heavy chewer box and it’s looking good so far – the toys are really tough! I had a problem with the stuffed toys before, too, which caused me to cancel. Give the heavy chewer option a try! You have to chat with someone on their page to get those specifications though, but it’s worth the extra few minutes for sure!

  51. Valia Avatar

    Bark Box seems kind of pricey to me. I can buy my dog all those things, maybe not those brands, for a lot cheaper. Surprise My Pet looks like it’s going to be a good box, I’d like to see you review that when it comes out.

    1. Meghan Avatar

      Hi Valia. Yes, with BarkBox you pay a bit more more for the higher quality goods. I’ll definitely review Surprise My Pet when it comes out!

    2. Princess Avatar

      But why would you want to get your dog cheap, not good quality things??

      1. John Avatar

        Perhaps because they tear toys apart in 2 days?

    3. Lillian Blute Avatar
      Lillian Blute

      Today I received my first box and I was so surprised. Thank you! My 10 month old German Shepherd puppy Bella couldn’t wait for me to give her the toys she loves it. Very impressed with the items. She has many toy’s but when I took the ball and squeezed it omg she was excited. I was giving the other 2 dog’s treats and she wanted the toy and dropped the treats so the it was a thrill for me to see my 3 dog’s all excited to see what they were getting.
      Thank you!

      1. Meghan Avatar

        So glad your pups enjoyed the toys!

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