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Best Dog Subscription Boxes: Quick Picks

  • BarkBox [Best for Standard Doggos] The most popular dog box on the market, BarkBox regularly offers fun-themed toys and goodies at reasonable prices.
  • KONG Club [Best Value] Packed with KONG toys and treats, each 1st box comes with a full-sized classic KONG, along with other high-value, durable toys and treats. Plus, a KONG club membership comes with 24/7 access to online vets.
  • GoodyBox [Best One-Time Box] Chewy’s toy and treat doggo box packed with tasty training treats, chews, and toys. No subscription is needed, which means this box is great for a gift. Plus, you can choose based on your dog’s size or even order a special occasion box (such as a birthday-themed box or holiday-themed kit).
  • BoxDog [Best For Picky Dogs] BoxDog offers seasonal dog boxes where you can handpick the items included, ensuring you never get a toy or treat that your pooch won’t like. Also includes other item options like jackets or blankets you don’t see in other dog delivery boxes.
  • Pet Treater [Best For Foodies] If your dog is a hungry hippo, Pet Treater deals primarily in delivering high-quality treats and cookies for your canine. Toys and other gear sometimes make an appearance, but the focus is on treats.
  • Bullymake [Best For Tough Dogs] Are you the owner of a bully boy who tears apart standard run-of-the-mill toys? Bullymake is designed specifically for tough doggos, delivering extra-durable toys and gear your strong buddy won’t shred in minutes.

Subscription boxes are all the rage these days, and so why shouldn’t our beloved canines get in on the action too?

There are many dog subscription boxes on the market, specializing in everything from grain-free treats and geeky goodies to boxes just for puppies or curated collections of toys for tough chewers.

In this guide we’ll be covering a huge number of monthly subscription boxes for dogs. While there is a lot that differentiates these boxes from one another, there are also some aspects that cover most, if not all boxes.

Monthly Subscription Boxes For Dogs: What to Expect

When choosing a monthly subscription box for your dog, consider these factors:

  • Dog Size. Pretty much all dog subscription boxes allow you to customize your doggy box based on your dog’s size. Most boxes provide a small, medium, and large option. A few boxes (such as Surprise My Pet) allow for an extra-small under 10lb dog option, but this isn’t too common. Most boxes start with a 20lbs and under for their small dog option.
  • Treats, Toys, & Accessories. Most dog subscription boxes deal exclusively with providing treats, toys, and other doggy accessories. Only a few boxes (such as BullyBundles) have an ultra-specific offering (in the case of BullyBundles, they provide bully stick subscriptions).
  • Extra Customization. Dog subscription boxes come with a wide array of customization options. While all boxes take into account your dog’s size, some also consider gender, environment, allergies, toy temperament (gentle or rough with toys), and other preferences. Generally, the more customization options you have, the pricier the box will be, but this isn’t always true. We make sure to note when certain boxes provide extra customization features, so if you know specific things you do or do not want in your doggy subscription box, be sure to look for boxes that provide that extra level of personal customization.
  • Made in the USA. Many of these subscription boxes for dogs source their treats (and sometimes toys as well) from the USA. Some source them from the USA and other areas, but promise that nothing comes from China. We tried to make note of sourcing information in this guide, but if this is important to you (and it probably should be – especially when it comes to treats), make sure to check the box’s website for the full details on where products are sourced from.
  • Save Money With Longer Subscriptions. Nearly all dog boxes provide discounts when you subscribe to several month subscriptions. Some of the dog subscription boxes may require you to pay in a lump some for whatever number of months you commit to, while others simply hold you to your promise. Others will let you cancel without too much fuss. This is worth being aware of and taking note of before committing to a lengthy subscription.

Monthly Subscription Boxes For Dogs: An Owner’s Guide

Choosing between the multitude of monthly dog subscription boxes available online can be quite overwhelming! That’s why we’ve created this breakdown guide to explain the details of the most popular dog subscription boxes.

Browse through and see which doggy subscription box is the best fit for your canine!


dog subscription box

What Is It? BarkBox is the most popular and most well-known dog subscription box around. Each month, BarkBox delivers 4-5 toys, treats, and sometimes hygiene products or bonus dog gadgets to you and your canine.

You’ll always find something new in each box – no repeats allowed!

BarkBox prides themselves on high-quality ingredients and vendors, with all treats being sourced from the USA and Canada, while chews are sourced in USA, Canada, South American, Australia, and New Zealand.

In addition, while all BarkBoxes are free of wheat, corn, and soy, BarkBox also makes special allergy-friendly doggy boxes for canines who are allergic to beef, chicken, and turkey.

To learn more about BarkBox, check out our full BarkBox review!

Price: $21 or more depending on subscription length.

Fine Print: BarkBox also allows the option of including an extra toy upgrade for an additional upcharge per BarkBox. They also promise to replace any toy or treat your dog isn’t a fan of, so you don’t need to worry about getting stuck with something your pup isn’t in to.

Why Your Pup Will Love It: BarkBox is the most established dog subscription box brand, and canines are sure to love the wide selection of toys and treats they’ll serve up each month.


KONG, one of the most popular brands (and arguable the most well-known) in the canine universe, makes their own dog subscription box that is included as part of their KONG Club membership!

Remy inspecting his delivery
kong club
Our Kong Club haul – wow!
remy bandana
Remy looking smashing in his new fall-themed bandana

KONG is known for their durable, high-quality dog toys, so you know you’re bound to get good stuff in their subscription box.

KONG Club starts at $34.99 and offers a ton of value making it well worth the membership.

KONG Club includes:

  • KONG Classic. One of the most popular dog toys of all time, you’ll get the big red KONG with every first box.
  • KONG Training Toy. Each month you’ll get an additional KONG toy – there are tons of different styles and types, and each one is durable and designed to last.
  • KONG Personality Toy. The KONG team provides you with a unique toy selected just for your pup based on the profile you fill out – for us it was an ultra-tough squeaky plush my dog loves.
  • KONG Treats. Treats designed to be used in KONG toys for a perfect fit!
  • KONG Recipes & Tips. Get unique KONG recipes for whipping up tasty meals!
  • Bonus Toy. You’ll also get a bonus toy each month.
  • Vet Consultations. Your KONG Club membership includes 24/7 personalized pet care from AskVet veterinarians. When you have questions, they’re always there to answer!
  • Monthly Themes. Each month you’ll get toys and gear based around a monthly theme – from turkey treats around Thanksgiving to shreddable Santa toys around Christmas.

Considering the average KONG toy runs $10 – $20, this box seems like a really great deal – especially for heavy chewers who need tougher-than-normal toys that KONG is famous for!

Goody Box

chewy good box

Goody Box is a dog goodie box from Chewy filled with six pup-tastic products! Choose a box based on your dog’s size and get a selection of special doggie delights catered just for your pooch.

One of the things that makes the Goody Box so unique is that no monthly subscription is required – just order a Goody Box for your pup or a friend – no commitment necessary!

We tried the Large Goody Box, which contained:

  • Chicken Freeze-Dried Dog Treats (which are great for training)
  • Oven-Baked Crunchy Turkey Biscuits
  • USA Beef Flavored Filled Dog Bone
  • Dinosaur Dog Toy (that makes a grr sound Remy adores)
  • Chewy Bandana
  • Beef Patty (it looks kind of like a stroopwafel)

Chewy has a selection of Goody Boxes for a variety of occasions – and for cats too! Options include:



What Is It? A personalized doggy subscription box delivered to your door. Pupjoy curates all-natural, organic, grain-free treats for your pup, so that they’re only getting the best. Pupjoy seeks out well-crafted dog toys from USA suppliers and prides themselves on working with socially conscious partners.

One cool thing about Pupjoy is that they allow for monthly, bi-monthly, or even quarterly boxes, so you don’t need to get stuck with a one-box-per-month-plan structure that most other dog subscription boxes use.

Pupjoy’s big perk is their emphasis on personalization. In addition to box size (choose the 4-5 items box for one dog or the 5-7 items box for multiple dogs) you can choose special selections based on dietary needs, toy preference, dog size, and box type (just toys, just treats, or all).

Not only are all their treats organic and manufactured in the USA, but they also allow options for grain allergens and protein allergens, making them very unique and ideal for dogs that require hypoallergenic dog treats.

Cost? $29 or more depending on subscription.

Fine Print: In addition to their awesome personalization options, Pupjoy is known for having fantastic customer service.

They also have a very unique no-contract setup, which means you can cancel at any time and would receive a pro-rated refund. Many other dog subscription boxes will lock you into a monthly plan in exchange for a certain discount. However, PupJoy doesn’t have these types of restrictions, so it’s great for owners who want flexibility.

They also donate $2 of every box order to the BISSELL Pet Foundation, which helps fund over 3,000 rescue organizations, funding everything from vaccinations and microchipping to spay/neuter programs!

Why Your Pup Will Love It: PupJoy sets itself apart from the pack with a myriad of customization options not seen in other subscription boxes for dogs and unmatched flexibility. If your pup has particular preferences or canine food allergies, PupJoy is for you!



What Is It? DogBox is a seasonal dog goodie box packed with 6-8 premium dog products, including handmade bakery treats, vegan skincare products, and unique not-seen-in-stores canine toys, gear, and gadgets.

With each box you can handpick your selection from a variety of items, including dog blankets, chew toys, jackets, balls, bandanas, leashes, and more! It’s a box of customizable canine happiness!

Price: Varies depending on the number of items chosen – starts at $39.99 for a 2-item box.

Fine Print: In addition to the standard seasonal box, you can also add on extra items at steep discounts (sometimes as much as 70% off). The ability to pick and choose from various items also means you won’t get stuck with unwanted toys that aren’t tough enough for your bully or treats that your dog will turn her nose up at.

Why Your Pup Will Love It: BoxDog is unique in that you get to handpick each box, making sure only items your dog truly will love are selected. Plus, the seasonal aspect of each box adds a fun element that makes each box unique.

Pet Giftbox

pet giftbox review

What Is It? Pet Giftbox delivers a monthly canine care pack to your doorstep each month. These boxes are unique in that each box usually has a theme connected to an upcoming holiday or season, and there is a big emphasis on this box as a gift.

Pet Giftbox provides subscriptions for both dogs and cats, so feline friends can get in on the action too!

Price: $25 or more depending on subscription length

Why Your Pup Will Love It: Pets who love to celebrate the seasons will have tons of fun with Pet Giftbox. Pet Giftbox is also one of the better dog subscription boxes to give as a gift, since the outside of the box is designed to look like a gift box.


pooch perks box

What Is It? This subscription box for dogs allows you to receive a bundle of 4-5 doggy delights delivered whenever you want them!

Owners have a number different criteria they can choose from to create their perfect, fully customizable dog box – whether you are looking for something for tiny dogs (they offer a “Little Bit” box for dogs under 10 lbs), have a home with multiple, different-sized dogs, or need extra durable toys for those rough and tough chewers.

PoochPerks even allows customization for grain allergies, so even canines with hypoallergenic food needs will get something good to nibble on!

Owners can choose a variety of subscription options from month-to-month, 3 months, 6 months, or a year of boxes. You can also choose if you want them sent monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly to spread out deliveries. PoochPerks is all about customizing your dog’s box to work for your schedule!

One very cute aspect that separates PoochPerks from other boxes is that they usually have a specific theme for each month’s box. For example, one box’s theme was dessert party!

Cost? $11.95 or more depending on selections and customization.

Fine Print: All treats from PoochPerks are made in the USA, and PoochPerk toys are held to the same rigorous standards as children’s toys to ensure safety and quality. As a bonus, a portion of your PoochPerks subscription is donated to organizations that helps out rescued and abused canines.

Why Your Pup Will Love It: PoochPerks is great for owners who want full flexibility and customization for their canine’s care package.

Good Dog In a Box

good dog box

What Is It? Good Dox In a Box is a monthly doggie box specifically designed to foster a strong bond between pet and owner. It focuses on providing valuable training tools and resources, in addition to toys and treats your pooch will love.

Cost? $21.99 – $29.99 depending on subscription length

Fine Print: Each box contains dog training gear, including a halti harness and a treat pouch, dog training exercises and lessons, plus training games designed for the whole family to enjoy. They even offer bite prevention lessons and a dog body language card game that can help teach your kids how to read and respect your dog (while still having fun)! Good Dog In a Box provides the tools you need to ensure a well-integrated canine/human family.

They offer other awesome and unique boxes too – like the Calm Dog In a Box subscription for dogs with anxiety issues that offer calming gear and anxiety dog toys!

Why Your Pup Will Love It: Good Dog In a Box is a must-have for families looking to raise a social, happy, well-trained canine. The box doesn’t just contain supplies to train your dog, but also resources to train your entire human family on how to communicate with your canine companion!

Wigglebutt Box

wigglebutt box

What Is It? Wigglebutt Box is a monthly subscription box for dogs that delivers 6-8 canine-centric items to your door each month. Products can be toys, treats, accessories, hygiene items, seasonal dog kerchiefs, dog-related gifts for owners, or rolls of poop bags. You never know what you’ll get, but you know it will always make your doggy’s butt wiggle!

Cost? $35/box or more depending on subscription.

Fine Print: Edible items contain no corn, soy, or wheat, and are produced from the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, so you can rest assured your dog will never be eating something icky.

In addition, Wigglebutt Box takes into account your dog’s temperament when it comes to toys (is your pooch gentle, average, or rough?). As with some other boxes, a portion of the proceeds go to animal charities.

Why Your Pup Will Love It: If your wigglebutt pooch loves toys and treats, they’ll enjoy Wigglebutt Box (it’s also nice that Wigglebutt makes a point of including fun stuff for owners too!)


bully bundles

What Is It? A subscription box for dogs that centers on the treat dogs for crazy for – bully sticks (learn more about what bully sticks are here)!

BullyBundles bully sticks come from free-range, grass-fed Brazilian cattle, with no growth hormones or antibiotics. No preservatives or chemicals are used on the bully sticks, and they are produced in a USDA approved facility.

Choose between packs of 6, 10, 15, 30, or 60 bully sticks!

Cost? $17 or more depending on your subscription.

Fine Print: Bully sticks come between 5/8″ – 7/8″ thick. These bully sticks are also designed to be low odor, cooked longer to reduce moisture and reduce smelliness.

Why Your Pup Will Love It: If your dog goes bananas over bully sticks, Bully Bundles is an excellent choice!



What Is It? PupBox is a monthly subscription box for puppies, with 5-7 treats, bones, toys, and pup-friendly accessories geared at puppy development customized for your dog’s age.

Each box always contains a bag of training treats, plus 4-6 others items geared at helping out with whatever stage of puppyhood your fur baby is going through.

When you are working on house training your puppy, you’ll get pee spray or puppy pee pads. When your pup is teething, you’ll get some extra chew toys. Products are customized for your dog’s age and development stage, and items are never repeated so you won’t get bored!

Each box also comes with an information card with training tips and tricks geared for your puppy’s current age.

Cost? $29 or more depending on subscription.

Fine Print: PupBox can be ordered for adult dogs too, but while PupBox for puppies is customized based on your dog’s size and age, for full-grown dogs, you won’t be age customized. Another cool thing about PupBox is that is customized way beyond just size. Pupbox also asks for information on your dog’s coat length and environment (city vs. country) so that they can really provide a customized experience.

Why Your Pup Will Love It: This subscription box is tailored specifically for puppies, making it perfect for pups! The customization based on your puppy’s developmental stages makes this subscription box very unique and great for owners who want to know exactly what to expect from different parts of puppyhood.


bullymake review

What Is It? A doggy subscription box made specifically for heavy chewers, such as bully breeds! If your dog normally tears through classic dog toys and destroys all but the heartiest chew-proof dogs beds, you should definitely give the extra tough Bullymake Box a try.

Cost? $31 or more depending on subscription.

Fine Print: Bullymake box delivers a monthly box of 5-6 toys and treats designed with power chompers in mind, with tough, durable dog toys for aggressive chewers (not cheap plush ones that tear open in a few hours).

There’s an option to input allergy information, and if your dog isn’t much into treats, you can do a toys only box instead.

Why Your Pup Will Love It: Dogs who are tough chewers will love that Bullymake has curated toys and treats just for them and their powerful teeth!

Pet Treater

pet treater

What Is It? Pet Treater is a subscription box for dogs, dishing up a tasty selection of delicious treats for your canine each month. Their goal is to provide you with yummy quality treats for your dog without breaking your wallet.

Cost? $24.99 depending on subscription length.

Fine Print: All treats are made in the USA or Canada, so no worries there! While the focus is on treats, Pet Treater will also usually include an interactive toy or some kind of leash, poop bag, or grooming item. Like others, Pet Treater donates to dog shelters and organizations.

Why Your Pup Will Love It: If your doggy loves trying different treats each month, Pet Treater is a great way to get your paws on tasty treats without spending a fortune.

Buster Box

buster box

What Is It? Buster Box is a dog subscription box that delivers high-quality treats and toys to four-legged friends in Ireland (as well as the UK), making Buster Box a great alternative to other canine subscription boxes that don’t ship outside of the US.

Cost? €18 or more depending on subscription length.

Fine Print: Each Buster Box contains 4-6 treats, toys, chews, hygiene products, and canine-oriented gadgets. Buster Box also makes an effort to cater to individual allergies, so if your dog has unique needs, they may be able to offer something customized for you – that’s not something most other boxes are willing to do!

Why Your Pup Will Love It: If you and your pooch live in Ireland (or the UK), Buster Box is an obvious win!

Surprise My Pet

surprise my pet

What is it? Surprise My Pet is a monthly dog delivery box with 5-7 doggone delightful items, ranging from toys to treats.

Price: $30/box or more depending on subscription length. A nice bonus is that boxes come with free shipping – hurrah!

Fine Print: Whereas Pawpack and Barkbox lump smaller dogs into the 1-20lb group, Surprise My Pet differentiates with an under 10lbs option and a 10-20lb option, so it’s a nice choice for those with extra small dogs.

Surprise My Pet also makes a point of not using products from China, which is always a good thing to make sure of considering past instances where dogs have gotten sick from treats made in China.

They also provide donations to animal-friendly charities, so you’re supporting a good cause!

Why Your Pup Will Love It: Surprise My Pet is an especially great dog subscription box for extra small dogs, since they customize for under 10lb dogs, which most other boxes don’t do.

One Slightly Different Option: A Dog Treat Gift Box

In addition to the subscription box offers discussed above, we wanted to mention that Women’s Bean Project also offers treat gift boxes for dogs (they also sell a variety of human treats, ranging from popcorn to spice mixes).

You don’t need to sign up for a subscription to get these treat boxes, but they’d make a great one-time splurge for your pooch or gift for the dog-lover in your life.

Women’s Bean Project is a 501(c)3 non-profit based in Denver, Colorado that’s dedicated to giving women battling addiction, homelessness, and incarceration a second chance learning gourmet food production and earning a paycheck.

They sent our editor a free dog treat box to check out, so we’ll share our experiences below!

Hands-On Review from Our Editor

The package my pooch and I received from Women’s Bean Project arrived in a reasonably good-looking, graphic-laden box. There was nothing over-the-top about it, but I’d have no reservations about sending this as a gift to someone – it definitely looks nice.

Women's Bean Project Box

Box in hand, my pooch and I opened it up to take a gander.

Women's Bean Project Opened Box

The box included three different bags of treats and a red tennis ball, which my dog immediately ran off with.

Women's Bean Project Tennis Ball

Everything inside was nestled into some cute little paper packing material, which was a nice (if slightly messy) touch. The box also included an invoice and some literature about the non-profit’s efforts.

The treats came in three flavors: Peanut butter & molasses, banana & toasted coconut, and apple & toasted almond. The treats are made with all-natural ingredients, and they are also vegan, as well as gluten-, corn-, and soy-free.

Women's Bean Project Flavors

The treats smelled kinda good to me, without being overwhelming. For her part, my doggo seemed intrigued by their aroma.

At this point, it was time to put the treats to the test. But first, let me make two quick points:

1) Unfortunately, the vast majority of the treats were broken upon arrival. They didn’t arrive crumbly or unusable, as can happen with some treats, but I think I only found a half-dozen completely unbroken ones in the bags. That didn’t bother me or my four-footer at all, but it’s worth mentioning – it may even be beneficial for owners of tiny dogs.

2) My dog is pretty picky about treats. I’ve bought more than one bag of treats only to find that she was completely uninterested in them. And this even includes some pretty expensive, well-rated ones.

Women's Bean Project Broken Treats

So, it was time for the moment of truth. Would she like them?

You betcha.

She nom-nom-nommed them like she was starving (fact check: she was not).

She absolutely loved all three varieties. She even polished off the ones I was using for photo purposes.

So, let’s talk pros and cons.


  • Made by a non-profit
  • Doggo-approved taste
  • Pretty straight-forward ingredient lists
  • Pretty nice packaging
  • Included a tennis ball


  • Most of them showed up broken

Overall, I’d readily order these as a gift for a dog-owning friend and maybe even my own pooch, once she tears through these.


There you have it! We’ve shared some of the best dog subscription boxes on the market and given you our thoughts. Now it’s your turn!

Which subscription box services have you and your four-footer tried? What did you like about them? What left you disappointed?

Let us know all about your experiences in the comments below!

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Anna Salter

My puppies got their first Bark Box today. I have a min pin/ chihuahua mix and a pug puppy. This is the first subscription I have ordered for them. To my surprise it was like they knew the package was for them because they were overly excited to the point I had to fight them to open the box. They have played tug of war with each of the toys, and I gave them both a treat out of each bag. Needless to say I have two very please puppies. we are still waiting on our first pup box subscription. But thanks to your article I will be trying other subscriptions for my fur babies.


Thanka flr doing ths research for me. Awesome


Fabulous Article! My daughter is in deep love with Pets. She have lots of Puppies and cats. I will share this blog with her, It will help her to take proper care of the. Thanks for sharing!

Meg Marrs

Thanks Nisha – we do our best!


Bullymake Box Review
I am very disappointed with Bullymake. I was excited to see this subscription service was now available in Australia. So I ordered a box in early December for Christmas. I finally recieved it today. Early February 2017. Two months later. While the staff were very communicative and apologetic and did follow through on my problems I think a 2 month wait is ridiculous. 1st the shipping department sent it within the US. My town name is the only one in the world. It bounced all over the States. Bullymake said they will resend it when it is returned by mail. Still nothing. Then they said they would reissue a box and gave me a tracking number. 2 weeks later I check it as a package from the US takes under 2 weeks to arrive in Australia. Turns out it was sitting at the postal service waiting for a label. I ask for a refund. They say no as it is on its way but will refund $10. Two weeks later it arrives. 2 toys. 4 treats. Value approx $45. I paid $49 inc shipping. So basically I saved $6 and only because I was give $10 back. So if I received it on time I would have lost $4. So probably not a good deal for Australians. Sorry guys even though your customer service was good your dispatch team let you down and the cost isn’t really a saving. Plus my dog doesn’t even like the toys. So it’s a big thumbs down from me.


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