The Five Best Couch Covers and Sofa Shield for Homes with Dogs

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Best Couch Covers for Dogs

If you’ve had your pup for any length of time at all, you probably already know about something I call the dog-furniture-destruction-equation.

This refers to the inverse relationship between the length of time you’ve owned your dog and the condition of your furniture. Of course, this equation doesn’t apply to clever owners, who purchase and use couch covers – protective sheets of fabric that slip over your couch.

Quick Picks: Dog Couch Covers

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Why Use a Dog Couch Cover?

Simply put, couch covers, uh, cover your couch. They form a sort of protective barrier between your four-legged family members and your sofa.

Couch covers are certainly a good idea for high-impact dogs, but you aren’t required to have a destructive dog to benefit from protective couch covers.

My Rottie is relatively well behaved and doesn’t chew on furniture or other off-limits items, but you can still see claw scratches and hair on everything my wife and I own – especially the couch. We finally started using a cover, but I wish we had started doing so earlier.

Little dogs that pee when over-excited can certainly compromise couches too. You’ll be glad that you can simply remove and wash your couch cover, rather than having to have the couch cleaned, the next time your Shih Tzu tinkles on the sofa.

At the end of the day, there are a number of reasons to use a couch cover, and very few reasons not to. They protect your sofa from a number of the indignities your dog will inflict upon it, and many of them look pretty snazzy too.

But for the sake of clarity, here are a number of the most important reasons to use a couch cover:

  • Couch covers keep your couch cleaner. Look, as much as we love them, dogs are messy little creatures. You don’t want your dog rubbing drool into the cushions or walking across the couch with muddy paws (paw washers can help, but you’re bound to miss those toes sometimes). You don’t want little food crumbs getting into the cracks and crevices, nor the occasional droplet of pee soaking into the fabric. Couch covers provide some protection from all these things.
  • Couch covers protect your couch from your dog’s nails. This is perhaps the most important reason to use a couch cover, particularly if your couch is made from leather or a similar material. Sure, you can keep your dog’s nails trimmed, but that won’t protect your couch very much. There are also special kinds of dog-proof furniture designed to hold up against pets better than common fabrics, but if you already have a beloved couch, a cover might be the superior option.
  • Couch covers can discourage chewing on the seams and corners. Lots of dogs – particularly bored or under stimulated ones – like to nibble and rip at various parts of couches. Couch covers can shield these places from your dog’s inquisitive and indefatigable mouth.
  • Couch covers help shield your furniture from shed hair. No, most covers won’t protect your couch from all of your pup’s shed hair, as this isn’t what most are designed to do, but they will help to some degree.

Things to Look for in a Quality Couch Cover

There is a big difference in a high-quality couch cover and a worthless piece of over-priced fabric. To distinguish the good from the bad, consider the following characteristics and traits:

Look for a couch cover that is made from durable materials.

While this is an important consideration for all dog owners, it is especially important for those who have large dogs. The difference between a Great Dane’s claws and a Chihuahua’s are considerable, and you’ll need all the durability you can get to protect your couch from the former. Declawing a dog isn’t really an option, and while well-trimmed nails can help, your couch is still sure to suffer from canine wear and tear, especially if your dog is allowed up on the couch. A sofa made of durable materials has a much better chance of withstanding your pup’s claws and paws.

 Take your time and select a cover that matches your couch and décor.

If you purchase a cover that doesn’t look good in your living room, chances are, you won’t use it as consistently as you should.

 Choose a color that matches your dog’s hair to reduce the visibility of shed fur.

This may not be a huge deal for owners of greyhounds or similar, short-haired breeds, but your Siberian Husky, German Shepherd or other high-shedding breed will quickly coat the entire cover in hair.

 Couch covers should be machine washable.

This should be a given, but some cheap couch covers are simply too flimsy to stand up to machine washing. Avoid these entirely.

 Reversible covers offer double the value.

Not only do reversible covers provide you with two different color and pattern options, they also give you a “backup” surface, should something permanently compromise the opposite surface (such as a big barf stain).

 Good couch covers usually fit snuggly.

Various designs employ different methods for attaching to your couch, and it is important to select one that fits your couch well and doesn’t slide around when your dog jumps up on it. Part of this involves sizing the cover properly too, so make sure you pay attention to the size of your couch and the size of the cover you select.

Couch Covers for Dogs

5 Best Dog Couch Covers for Families with Dogs

It can be a little difficult to sift through all the couch covers on the market, but we’ve gone ahead and detailed five of the best options below. Give them a look and pick out the best one for your family’s furniture.

1. Sure Fit Deluxe Pet Couch Cover

About: The Sure Fit Deluxe Pet Cover is a quilted polyester pet couch cover that will provide protection for your sofa’s seat, back and arms.

Price: $$$$


  • Available in five colors: Burgundy, Sable, Ivory, Chocolate and Dark Gray
  • The Sure Fit Deluxe Pet Cover is machine washable (gentle cycle)
  • Specially made protective finish helps protect the cover from stains and odors
  • Non-skid backing keeps the cover in place


The Sure Fit Deluxe Pet Cover is easy to install and it covers a lot more of your couch than some lesser-quality covers. It also looks great and provides a comfortable surface for both you and your dog. Most owners report that it fits and performs better than most other models they tried.


The Sure Fit Deluxe Pet Cover is much more expensive than most of the other products detailed here. This product is also made in China, which may turn off some potential customers. However, the country of origin is not as important a consideration for durable items, as opposed to food or treats.

2. Chiara Rose Anti-Slip Armless One- Piece Sofa Shield

About: The Ciara Rose Sofa Shield is a very stylish choice for pet parents that want to protect their furniture, without ruining the aesthetics of their living room. It is designed for armless sofas or situations in which you do not want the arms of the couch covered.

Price: $$


  • Made with anti-slip, rubber dots on the back side to keep the cover in place
  • Stain-proof design is both durable and machine-washable
  • Made from 100% polyester


Most users were very pleased with the Chiara Rose Sofa Shield. Most people loved the cover’s stylish looks and ease of use. Many also spoke highly of the texture and feel of the shield, which combine to ensure the comfort of you and your dog.


There aren’t many downsides to the Chiara Rose Sofa Shield, but it is not a good choice for owners of dogs who like to rest on the arms of a couch, as this area remains unprotected.

3. Elegant Comfort Quilted, Reversible Furniture Protector

About: The Elegant Comfort Furniture Protector is a plush dog couch cover that is as comfortable as it is durable. The reversible design provides you with two different color options to suit your home best.

Price: $$


  • Features extended back section to help keep the product in place
  • Available in 14 different colors and patterns to match any home décor
  • Made from soil-resistant polyester to ensure it looks great for years to come


The Elegant Comfort Furniture Protector is a great-looking sofa cover that works well and provides great comfort. Most owners were quite happy with their selection, and they found that it was easy to install, remove and clean.


Because the Elegant Comfort Furniture Protector is reversible, it is smooth on both sides. This means it is not a great option for those with leather couches, as it will likely slide right off.

4. Celine Linen Reversible Quilted Dog Sofa Cover

About: The Celine Linen Sofa Cover is an attractive canine couch cover with a different color pattern on each side, which gives you the chance to change things up from time to time. The quilted design provides a very comfortable surface that your dog will enjoy snoozing on.

Price: $$


  • Available in 14 different color and pattern variations so you can select the best one for your home
  • Made from soil-resistant polyester and coated with a water-repellent finish
  • Extended back section to help keep the cover in place when your pup jumps on the couch


Most owners report great satisfaction with this couch cover. Most found the colors and patterns attractive, and the quilted design ensures that it is quite comfortable. Additionally, the Celine Linen Furniture Protector features straps to help keep the couch cover in place.


This particular cover is not ideal for leather sofas, given its double-sided design. Some customers complained that the sizing guidelines were slightly misleading.

5. Le’ Benton Stretchable Dog Sofa Cover

About: The Le’ Benton Stretchable Sofa Cover is made to stretch over your couch, thereby providing more protection than typical covers provide. The textured fabric not only works great for protecting your couch, it is quite pleasing to the touch too.

Price: $$$


  • 49% cotton 48% Polyester 3% Spandex construction provides the comfort, durability and elasticity you need
  • Available in five different colors: Beige, Brown, Gray, Burgundy and Taupe
  • Machine washable fabric makes it easy to keep clean and looking its best


No other cover in our review provides the total protection that the Le’ Benton Stretchable Cover does, and it is the best option for homes with dogs who shed profusely. Most customers were surprised that the cover actually looked better in person than it does in online photos.


Some people found it difficult to put the Le’ Benton Sofa Cover on, but most customers found that the procedure gets easier with practice.


Do you already use a dog couch cover? We’d love to hear all about it. Has it been working out? Does it stay put once it’s in place? Let us know in the comments below.

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How do these stack up against Orvis? Is Orvis worth the premium price?

Ben Team

Hey there, Jonah.
You mean this Orvis Couch Protector?
It really depends on several things. Personally, if I had an expensive couch, I’d probably go ahead and spend the extra money. It also looks like it would fit more securely than more affordable options, and some owners probably think it looks sharper too.
But at the end of the day, ~$240 is simply more than many owners want to spend on a couch cover.
Best of luck with your choice! Let us know how you like it.


Never declaw a dog or a cat! That is inhumane!


We have a Lab/Rott 1 year old. She loves to chew our sofa! What do you recommend for a 3 piece sectional? Thanks!


The colours look awfully dull and drab. Are there no brighter colours?

Ben Team

Hey, Trudy. Most of those come in different colors, which you can see by clicking on the individual products. The Celine Linen Cover (#4), in particular, comes in 14 different colors.
Best of luck!

Cindy Arvizu

My Siberian pup has chewed huge holes in my sectional couch. Is there a good cover for that?

Alicia Applegate

Which of these is the most durable? I have tried the Le’Benton and my dogs tore through them within weeks.

Ben Team

Probably the Celine Linen cover, as it’s pretty thick and comes with straps to keep it in place.
Let us know how it works out for you!


Hello! Which would you recommend for a dog that likes to dig?

Ben Team

Hi there, Paola!

I’d probably recommend the Le’ Benton Stretchable Sofa Cover, since it is probably the least likely to come loose when your pup starts pawing at the couch.

Let us know how it works out!


I would not recommend the Le’Benton cover for a dog that digs, the material tears easily. I am in the process of trying to find a cover that will hold up to my dog’s desire to dig, as well.

Ben Team

Hey, Alicia.

Thanks for sharing your experiences. That’s pretty disappointing though, as the cover provides more complete coverage than many of the others.

How long did it last for you?

Jacqueline K Christopher-Richards

Is there a sofa cover just for the sofa seat only?


I’m in the process of saving money to cover my 2nd hand leather couch in thick blue denim, as my cats’ claws seem to scratch everything possible, even my legs at times! I reckon it’s gonna be the perfect cover..

Meg Marrs

Good luck Kim!


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