Big Barker Dog Bed Hands-On Review: Is It Worth It?

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Meg Marrs


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Let’s face it, dog’s sleep – a lot!

For many humans, a mattress is one of the biggest purchases of an individual’s lifetime.

The argument behind this? You spend half of your life sleeping. By that argument, dogs deserve an even better bed, because they spend even more time than that snoozing.

Providing your pooch with a quality bed is important for a number of reasons – it provides your dog with a safe space to call his own and keeps him comfy. Quality dog beds also protect your dog’s joints as he ages, minimizing arthritis pain.

For large and giant breeds, the need for a reliable, reputable dog bed is even more extreme, as joint problems become exponentially more severe with bigger canines.

Finding a good dog bed for XL dogs can be tougher than you’d think – most beds simply aren’t durable enough to support giant pooches. And that’s where Big Barker comes in.

Today we’ll be showing you a hands-on review of the Big Barker dog bed, we’ll delve into the science of how the Big Barker works, and help you decide if this high end bed is worth the price (because we’ll tell you know, it ain’t cheap)!

big barker review
My dog Remy testing out Big Barker himself – Remy approved!

The Breakdown: What is Big Barker?

The Big Barker is a dog bed designed specifically for large and extra large dogs.

It’s widely considered to be the best dog bed for giant and large breeds, as its packed with quality layers of foam that other beds can’t even hold a candle to.

Best for Big Dogs

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Big Barker Orthopedic Dog Bed w/Headrest - 7” Dog Bed for Large Dogs w/Washable Microsuede Cover - Elevated Dog Bed Made in The USA w/ 10-Year Warranty (Headrest, Large, Khaki)

Big Barker

Ultra high-quality bed with 7″ of foam to support large dogs

Major features of the Big Barker include:

  • Support & Comfort Foam. 7 inches of USA, high-quality comfort and support foam.
  • 100% Won’t Flatten Guarantee. Big Barker is guaranteed to not flatten – if it goes flat within 10 years, you get your money back.
  • Made in the USA. Big Barker beds are completely made in the USA, from USA-sourced foam to zippers!
  • Optional Waterproof Liners. For senior dogs facing incontinence, Big Barker also offers waterproof liners, protecting the bed’s quality orthopedic foam from any accidents.
  • High Praise From Owners. Big Barker receives nothing but praise from owners – it’s one of the highest-rated dog beds on Amazon, full of positive feedback from the many owners who have witnessed how much their believed four-legged pals love Big Barker.

Our Hands-On Review of Big Barker

As a 60 lb dog, Remy just made the cut for being a suitable tester for Big Barker. Despite being three years young, Remy has been dealing with a leg injury lately, so I was thrilled at the opportunity to test out Big Barker myself.

When the Big Barker first arrived, we opened the box to find it neatly rolled up in vacuum-sealed plastic. Considering how big this bed gets, I was pretty impressed that it came in such a manageably-sized box.

big barker box
big barker roll

After letting the bed fully expand Remy was pretty psyched to test it out. He plopped down on it eagerly, happy to have a new hangout spot.

remy stretching

How Big Barker Provides Science-Backed Support

It’s quite difficult to find a dog bed that truly provides the support extra large canines need.

There is a lot of misleading marketing out there preying on owners who want to provide their pooches with the best, but don’t really know where to start.

Most owners trust Big Barker due to the unparalleled rave review they have earned from customers, but now there’s research to back up Big Barker’s impressive anecdotes.

big barker bed review

The Big Barker team has conducted experiments using a pressure sensor device called a Tactilus (which is also used by NASA, so you know the tech is legitimate) to evaluate competing dog beds on the market, finding that most beds don’t provide nearly enough support for larger fur kiddos.

Big Barker was another story – no pressure point marks showed up at all for this giant breed favorite.

big barker pressure points

It’s worth noting that this study was conducted by Big Barker, so they certainly aren’t an objective source in this study.

However, in 2020 we received independent evidence that Big Barker does in fact have a significant impact on larger dogs’ quality of life.

The University of Pennsylvania completed a clinical trial studying the impact Big Barker beds have on dogs with arthritis.

The results? Less pain and improved mobility for dogs over 70 lbs!

big barker clinical study

If that study isn’t enough to reassure you that Big Barker is the real deal, it’s also worth looking at some of the feedback that veterinarians have given in regards to Big Barker.

“I’ve been a veterinarian for 20 years, and I’ve never found a better bed or better product than the Big Barker… I have found this bed to be amazing. Not only is my own dog happy, but I can’t get him off this bed!”

Dr. Kim Bowers, DVM All Pets Veterinary Hospital

Another vet notes that:

“Most dogs over 50 lbs will develop joint problems as they age. It’s important that we address the problem before it becomes a problem. A supportive mattress, like the Big Barker, can help prevent or reduce unnecessary suffering – especially if it’s introduced before joint conditions develop.”

Dr. Marc S. Kraus, DVM Veterinary Cardiologist

Big Barker Sizing: The Only Bed Designed for Giant Canines

The Big Barker – as its name describes – is big!

This bed’s major claim to fame is being the one and only dog bed designed specifically for large, extra-large, and giant breed dogs.

In fact, those are the three sizes it comes in:

  • Large (48″ x 30″ x 7″) For dogs under 25″ tall like Labradors, Golden Retrievers, and Boxers.
  • Extra Large (52″ X 36″ X 7″) For any dog bigger than a Labrador but smaller than a Great Dane
  • Giant (60″ X 48″ X 7″) Specifically designed for Great Danes!

There’s not even a medium or small option, because Big Barker is not a dog bed designed for tiny dogs or even average dogs – it’s made to meet the specific and unique needs of large canines (although there is a Big Barker Junior option for more petite pooches).

Owners can also choose between three different colors:

  • Burgundy
  • Khaki
  • Chocolate
  • Grey

In addition, owners can also choose between the the Headrest edition vs the Sleek edition. The Headrest edition features a raised surface for your dog to lay his head on, while the Sleek edition is one level surface.

If your dog loves to cuddle up on the couch with a pillow under his head, he’ll probably prefer the headrest edition. Otherwise, the normal version is probably fine.

Big Barker Materials: What’s It Made Of?

Big Barker’s major claim to fame is its inner working – an impressive 7″ of high-quality memory foam.

This isn’t just mystery, generic “memory foam,” but rather furniture-grade, American-crafted foam.

Most dog beds feature 3″, maybe 4″ layers of foam. Big Barker beats them a mile with 7 inches of high-quality foam.

big barker foam

Big Barker features:

  • H45 Foam. Firm support foam that holds the shape and structure of the bed. Also keeps your dog’s body elevated off of the ground and provides support for joints.
  • H10 Foam. Soft comfort foam to provide a comfortable, more giving layer to lie on.

A bed full of just support foam wouldn’t be too comfortable (it’s extremely thick), so the Big Barker sandwiches these dual foam layers.

The initial bottom layer of foam is 2″ of H10 comfort foam. The 2nd, middle layer consists of 3″ of firm H45 support foam, followed by a final top layer with 2″ of H10 comfort foam.

If you have the headrest edition, there’s even an addition 4″ of contoured foam headrest!

This allows your dog to have comfort and support, all in one awesome bed.

American-Made Foam: Why It Matters

Big Barker foam is made in the USA and is certified CertiPUR-US – an independent, non-profit group that evaluates foam durability and safety.

big barker made in the USA

The vast majority of foam inside dog beds made in China (which, unfortunately, are quite a few), are not made with CertiPUR-US approved foam. These sub-standard beds can be found in box stores and online – it’s an epidemic!

Uncertified foam can also be quite dangerous, as some contain nasty chemicals like formaldehyd, phthalates, mercury, and other toxins.

On top of being downright dangerous, Chinese foam is also often made with filler materials, and can degrade quite quickly. Rip apart any standard “memory foam” dog bed online, and there’s a decent chance you’ll find shredder filler memory foam that’s substandard quality.

This poor quality foam results in most dog beds going flat – if not within a few months, than within a few years. The quality of Big Barker’s support and comfort foam layers mean that its dog bed will last for your dog’s lifetime, rather than a year or so.

It’s upsetting to think that so many dog bed manufacturers are more interested in the bottom line than the safety and comfort of canines (not to mention their owners’ safety as well), but that does tend to be the norm, sadly.

Big Barker beds are 100% made in the USA, with good ol’ US of A foam. Even the zippers are made in America – that’s something you don’t see every day.

Honestly, this is probably a better quality bed than most humans sleep on. Don’t go trying to steal your dog’s bed though!

Where’s the “Memory Foam”?

Many owners will search online specifically for a memory foam dog bed, since that’s what they look for themselves.

However, while memory foam is comfortable as heck for humans, but not so great for dogs.

Memory foam is comfort foam – not support foam! And when dogs are using foam as their bed, you need support and comfort foam – just one or the other won’t cut it!

Big Barker Warranty: No Flattening Allowed!

Big Barker offers a unique guarantee – their “Can’t Flatten, Won’t Flatten” 10-Year Warranty promises your money back 100% if your dog bed flattens out anytime in the next decade.

If you have a large dog, you’ve probably already gone through a few, if not several dog beds. Big Barker, with this impressive warranty, could potentially be the last dog bed you ever need to purchase.

The Big Barker beds aren’t cheap, and they are certainly an investment, but many owners testify that these beds truly last a lifetime.

Regardless of flattening, even if your dog just doesn’t like the bed (which is virtually unheard of), Big Barker promises to give a full refund (and even pay for the return shipping).

Washing: Is Big Barker Easy to Clean?

Dogs like to get messy, which means cleaning your dog’s bed is often a common, ongoing task. Finding a dog bed that is easy to clean is essential if you don’t want to spend hours spot cleaning.

Thankfully, the Big Barker is quite easy to clean. The removable cover can be zippered off easily, and is made to withstand cycles in the washing machine.

big barker cover

Some dogs beds make you wrestle with the cushioning in order to put the cover back on, but since the Big Barker orthopedic foam is so dense and sturdy, the cover is quite easy to zip off and back on.

Big Barker Price: A Hefty Cost For A Hefty Bed

The only downside to the Big Barker is that high quality doesn’t come cheap.

Big Barker can cost anywhere from $200 – $400 depending on the retailers and which size you get (as well as if you go with the headrest vs. normal edition).

So yes, it’s a pricey one. But don’t forget that this bed lasts way longer than other dog beds. In the long run, you’d likely spend more money needing to replacing cheap dog beds that fall apart or sag (sometimes after just a few months, although more often after a year or so).

Who Is Big Barker For?

The Big Barker dog bed was made specifically for:

  • Large and extra large dogs
  • Arthritic dogs
  • Dogs suffering from hip dysplasia
  • Dogs with ACL injuries
  • Dogs recovering from surgeries or injury
  • Senior dogs

A Word on Doggie Arthritis

Sadly, many times canine arthritic pain goes unnoticed by owners.

While dogs feel pain just like humans, they instinctually hide their pain and try not to show any weakness.

Showing any kind of physical weakness or illness in the animal kingdom can turn you into an easy victim of predators, so dogs evolved to act tough, even when they feel rough.

I wish I had known this with our family’s first dog.

We didn’t even buy him a dog bed until he was 14, since he seemed “happy enough,” but knowing now what I’ve learned about how dogs hide pain, I wish I could have gotten him a Big Barker to provide comfort for my senior pal’s golden years.

Find out if your dog is suffering from arthritis by examining the signs, and if he is, don’t delay.

Many owners are blown away by the improvement they witness in their arthritis dogs after purchasing a support foam dog bed like the Big Barker.

Big Barker Is Great, But It’s Not For Everyone

Big Barker is designed specifically for large dogs, and is actually not suitable for smaller dogs.

Larger dogs require more support than small dogs, to the point where a bed with too much support could be uncomfortable and strain your pooch. Instead, get a dog bed designed for small canines.

Big Barker Recap: The Best Option For Big Dogs

From our research, we feel that Big Barker dog beds are the best in the biz when it comes to providing support for XL canines.

If you have a big dog, you should get this. If you have a giant dog, you need to get this.

If this sounds like the right choice for your dog, check out the Big Barker and see what it’s all about!

Have you ever bought a Big Barker bed? What did you think? Share your experience in the comments!

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Meg Marrs

Meg Marrs is the Founder and Director of Marketing at K9 of Mine. She is a lifelong canine enthusiast and adores dogs of all shapes and sizes! She loves iced coffee, hammocks, and puppy-cuddling!

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  1. Jeannette Avatar

    My dog loves her 7″ bed. Money very well spent. The shopping experience is top notch, 100% American made is the only way to shop.

  2. Teresa Avatar

    I ordered the x-large bed about 5 years ago and it is still the best bed I have ever bought. Still in the same shape and has held up to two dogs. I give it a 5 star ⭐️ 100%!Awesome rating!!!!!!! Will never own another bed but this brand.

  3. Migdalia quiles Avatar
    Migdalia quiles

    I love the bed the bed was wonderful if I could get one my size I would buy it how ever don’t get the so called waterproof lining because it’s not waterproof is not worth the $80

    1. Teresa Avatar

      When I bought it I took the cover off of it and put two large garbage bags on it … one on one end and one on the other end so that it covered the whole bed, then I put the cover back on it… They have peed on it and licked it and all I have to do is take the cover off of it and wash it .

  4. Migdalia Quiles Avatar
    Migdalia Quiles

    I loved the bed if i could get one my size i would buy it. However don’t get the “waterproof”

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