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best deodorants for dogs

Dealing with dreadful doggo odors? Don’t worry! This problem plagues many pet owners, but there are ways to curb your canine’s aroma. 

Doggie deodorants are likely the most popular solution among dog owners, so we’ll share some of the best options on the market, as well as some other ways to combat Spot’s stinkiness below.

Best Dog Deodorants: Quick Picks

  • #1 Bohdi Dog Cologne [Best Spray-On Deodorant for Dogs]: An easy-to-use, spray-on deodorant that’s available in eight great-smelling scents.
  • #2 Nature’s Miracle Wipes [Best Deodorizing Dog Wipes]: Gentle cleansing wipes that help keep your dog clean and smelling his best.
  • #3 Tropiclean Spray [Most Affordable Spray-On Deodorant for Dogs]: An affordable yet effective, baby-powder-scented spray-on deodorant.

Do Dogs Need Deodorant? Is It Really Necessary?

do dogs need deodorant

Unpleasant odors are a pretty common complaint of canine owners. And unfortunately, there are a number or reasons your dog may smell bad.

Some dogs love to roll around in terrible-smelling things any chance they get, while others may smell bad because of their coat, the frequency with which you bathe him, or simply genetic quirks that lead to foul odors. For that matter, some dog breeds are simply stinkier than others due to a variety of factors including skin folds and coat type. 

Deodorants can help address these issues, but we wouldn’t call them “necessary.” After all, your dog probably doesn’t care if he stinks — it’s pretty much a “you” problem.

Nevertheless, many owners like doggie deodorizers and find them very helpful.

Dog deodorants can, for example, be used to improve your four-footer’s fragrance between baths, or as a finishing touch after cleaning your canine. And some owners just like to keep them on hand for quick spritzes before meeting up with other people or pets.

Do note that not all dogs will like deodorant as it can cover up their natural scent, so you will just have to see how your pooch reacts to them.  

How to Pick a Dog Deodorant

There are quite a few doggie deodorants on the market, which leaves many owners wondering how to pick the best one for their pooch. But you can use the following considerations to help whittle the options down:

  • Use a deodorant made for dogs. Don’t  use human deodorant for your pup. Human skin has a different pH level than dog skin, and human-oriented skin products may lead to irritation and drying. Instead, pick out a deodorant that’s made specifically for your four-footer. 
  • Consider the scent profile of the deodorizer. Whether it’s lavender or a more neutral scent like baby powder, your dog’s deodorant should feature a scent that you’re pretty fond of since it may get on your dog’s bedding and toys along with his coat. Your pooch may have a preference as well. For example, some dogs don’t particularly like citrus scents so it may be wise to avoid these options altogether. 
  • Make sure you select an option that’s easy to apply. The majority of dog deodorants come in either spray-on or wipe form. Sprays may work best for some, but wipes do the trick for others. Note that sprays are often better for immediately improving your dog’s aroma, but wipes help to actually clean your dog while making him smell better.
  • Spot test the solution. Above all, you’ll need to select an option that doesn’t irritate your dog. This may take some trial and error, so it’s a good idea to spray or wipe a small portion of the deodorant on a section of your dog’s coat before committing to a full-body spritzing. Leave your dog be for a couple of hours and then recheck the area for any signs of irritation. This way, you can make sure the deodorant is a great choice for your furry friend before fully committing to it. 
  • Fragrance-free options are sometimes best. While most deodorants use a scent to help cover up your dog’s odors, a few are instead designed to eliminate your pet’s foul odors without simply masking them. These can be the best option for dogs or owners with sensitive sniffers.

The 6 Best Dog Deodorants 

deodorants keep dogs smelling fresh

Ready to help your pooch put his best paw forward? Here are 6 of our favorite dog deodorant options to help silence some of Spot’s stench. 

1. Bohdi Dog Cologne

Best Spray-On Deodorant for Dogs

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Bodhi Dog Natural Dog Cologne | Premium Scented Deodorizing Body Spray for Dogs & Cats | Dog Perfume w/Natural Dog Conditioner (Baby Powder, 4 Fl Oz)

Bohdi Dog Cologne

US-made, spray-on cologne that’s available in eight fantastic scents.

About: This dog cologne by Bohdi Dog is made in the USA and will keep your four-footer smelling fresh. Choose between eight different scent options and lightly spritz your fur friend’s coat. And because it’s packaged in a travel-size bottle, this is a great product for on-the-go touch ups. 


  • Made in the USA  
  • 8 different scent choices and 3 different size options
  • Easy-to-use spray bottle
  • Paraben-free product
  • Conditioning cologne helps soften Spot’s fur


  • Owners were impressed with how effective this cologne is for masking mutt odor
  • Cologne leaves dog’s fur soft and conditioned 
  • Convenient travel bottle is perfect for portable use


  • Owners reported that this spray was heavily concentrated, so be sure to use it sparingly 

2. Nature’s Miracle Wipes

Best Deodorizing Wipes

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Nature’s Miracle Wipes

Nature’s Miracle Wipes

Alcohol-free wet wipes that safely eliminate dirt and odors from your dog.

About: These deodorizing wipes from Nature’s Miracle have a light scent and are gentle enough to use with puppies. Made without alcohol that may dry out your dog’s skin, these wipes are perfect for wiping down your pup’s paws or giving him a quick refresher in-between baths. 


  • Wipes can be ordered in quantities ranging from 25 to 1200
  • These wipes gently remove dirt and debris 
  • They’re available in two subtle scent options 
  • Can be used on a daily basis 


  • Perfect for owners and dogs with sensitive sniffers 
  • Gentle formula can be used daily and throughout any life stage
  • Owners loved using these versatile wipes for cleaning up pooch paws, drool, and freshening up their furry friends in-between baths


  • These deodorizing wipes have a subtle scent, so they may not be strong enough for super-stinky doggos. 

3. Burt’s Bees Dog Wipes

Best Fragrance-Free Deodorizing Dog Wipes

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Burt’s Bees Dog Wipes

Burt’s Bees Dog Wipes

Fragrance-free, pH-balanced wipes that are gentle enough for puppies.

About: If you’re seeking a cost effective way to keep your canine smelling his best, these deodorizing dog wipes from Burt’s Bees are certainly worth considering. The fragrance-free wipes are designed to wipe away dirt while nourishing your dog’s skin. They’re also made with honey and gentle enough for adult dogs and puppies alike. 


  • pH-balanced wipes are gentle enough for puppies and adult dogs
  • Honey infused wipes help moisturize skin while removing debris and odor
  • Scent-free wipes are great for dogs with sensitive sniffers
  • 50 wipes per package
  • Made in the USA


  • Owners loved how gentle and non-irritating these wipes are
  • Wipes seemed to work well for freshening up pups in between baths
  • Unscented wipes were tolerated by most dogs 


  • Scent-free wipes may not be strong enough to combat certain smells
  • Smaller sized wipes may not be the best pick for larger dogs

4. Nature’s Miracle Spray

Best Deodorant for Eliminating Wet-Dog Smells

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Nature's Miracle Freshening Spray for Dogs Clean Breeze Scent 8 Ounces, Helps Neutralize Pet Odors

Nature’s Miracle Spray

Odor-neutralizing, alcohol-free spray for use between or after baths.

About: This spray from Nature’s Miracle gives your pooch a light, clean scent and helps neutralize odors at the source. This spray is perfect for freshening up your pooch in-between baths, and some owners also found it helpful for addressing lingering smells in Fido’s bedding. 


  • Neutralizing spray has a “clean breeze” scent and helps target the odor source
  • 8-ounce bottle can be purchased in a 6-pack quantity for bulk use
  • Easy to apply — simply spray your pooch and massage or brush into the fur
  • Alcohol and dye-free
  • Can be used on dog bedding and furniture as well


  • Owners were impressed by the efficacy of this odor-neutralizing spray
  • Spray works to neutralize the odors while simultaneously providing a fresh scent
  • Great for bedding, furniture or freshening up Fido in-between baths


  • Some dogs found the smell too strong and disliked using this product 

5. Tropiclean Spray

Most Affordable Spray-On Dog Deodorant

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TropiClean Baby Powder Dog Perfume Spray Long Lasting | Naturally Derived Odor Removing Dog Deodorizing Spray | Cat Friendly | Made in USA | 8 oz

Tropiclean Spray

Affordable doggie deodorant that’s available in bulk sizes for perpetually stinky pooches.

About: If Spot is a serial stinker, you’ll need an affordable option that’s available in bulk quantities. This deodorizing spray by Tropiclean comes in 8-ounce and single gallon sizes making it a great choice for keeping your four-footer smelling fresh on a daily basis. The spray helps break down pet odors and comes in eight different scent options. 


  • Targets doggie odor and leaves behind your choice between 8 different scents
  • Tropiclean spray can be purchased in bulk for frequent use 
  • US-made spray is easy to apply
  • Safe for dogs and cats over 12 weeks old 
  • Made without parabens or dyes


  • Bulk option is great for everyday use
  • Great for multi pet households since the spray is safe for cats as well
  • Owners loved how effective the spray was at eliminating sour smells 


  • Strong citrusy scent may be too intense for some pups 

6. Honeydew Odor Eliminator

Best Deodorant-Calming-Spray Combo

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Lavender Oil Dog Deodorizing Spray - Dog Spray for Smelly Dogs and Puppies and Dog Calming Spray with Lavender Essential Oil - Lightly Scented Dog Deodorizer for Smelly Dogs and Dog Essentials

Honeydew Odor Eliminator

Lavender-scented pet deodorant that may help keep some dogs calm.

About: This gentle deodorizer from Honeydew is made with soothing lavender oil. Lavender not only smells great, but it may also help calm down some canines. The spray helps eliminate pooch odors and is made without parabens or sulfates. 


  • Helps target doggie odors and clean fur
  • Can be used on dogs of all ages
  • Spray can be used to help detangle fur 
  • Lavender infusion may help calm some pups
  • Paraben- and sulfate-free


  • Owners loved the lavender scent of this product 
  • Dogs seemed to tolerate this non-irritating formula fairly well
  • The lavender scent did seem to help calm some pups and effectively covered up strong odors 


  • Some owners found that the smell of the lavender essential oil doesn’t last super long, so you may need to reapply this product more often 

What’s the Difference Between Dog Deodorant, Dog Perfume, and Dog Cologne? 

dog deodorants vs colognes

Technically speaking, these terms refer to different things when concerning people products. Generally speaking, deodorants should neutralize odors, while perfumes and colognes attempt to mask odors.

However, in the case of dogs, these terms are often used interchangeably and primarily for marketing purposes

Just be sure to read through a manufacturer’s description carefully before committing to a doggie deodorant to determine whether the spray is meant to mask scents or target odors at the source. 

Other Ways To Keep Your Canine Smelling Fresh 

bathing eliminates odors

Dog deodorant can be a great way to keep Fido smelling fresh, but it should be combined with other mutt maintenance methods for the best results. Here are some of the ways you can keep your fur baby smelling his best. 

  • Maintain a proper bathing schedule. Generally speaking, dogs should be bathed at least once a month. This amount varies greatly depending on your dog’s skin, coat type, and breed. Regardless, make sure you stick to your dog’s bathing schedule to keep him smelling fresh. If your dog has sensitive skin or other special considerations, you’ll need to pick out grooming products that are suited to his individual needs. 
  • Keep Fido’s fur properly groomed. Make sure your hound is up to date on his haircuts. Unkempt fur can harbor debris and excess sweat that can cause Spot to get stinky. Make sure you keep up with Buddy’s brushing schedule as well. 
  • Wipe down your pooch in between baths. In order to keep your furry friend smelling great, wipe him down with doggie deodorant, wipes, or even a dry shampoo
  • Monitor your pup’s ears. Make sure to keep your dog’s ears clean to cut back on odor, especially if Spot likes to swim. This means you’ll want to pick up an ear cleaner for your furry friend, if you don’t already have one. 
  • Talk to your vet about odors that linger. If your furry friend has a lingering odor, it’s a good idea to set up an appointment with your veterinarian. It’s possible that your pooch could be suffering from allergies or an infection that’s exacerbating his smell. Yeast infections on your dog’s paws are often responsible for the stinky “corn chip” like smell on your dog’s paw pads.
  • Vaccum more regularly. In some cases, it’s your dog’s fur and dander that’s really the culprit of the offending odors. Be sure to read through our hacks to get rid of dog odor in the home or consider lighting some dog smell-busting candles when company comes over.


Doggie deodorant can be a great way to keep your furry friend smelling his best. While they aren’t substitutes for bathing your buddy and general mutt maintenance, they can certainly help cut back on some of Spot’s stench. 

Has your dog used deodorant? How do you keep him smelling fresh? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments below! 

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