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Is Cookie the Cockapoo due for a new ‘do? Sometimes a trim isn’t enough, and you need to kick it up a notch with color. 

That’s right; we’re talking dog hair dye!

Dog hair dye is a great way to help your pup look fantastic, but many people have questions about these products (and many, we’re guessing, have never even heard about them). 

How long does dog hair dye last? Do you have to use a special kind of dye? Can I dye my dog’s hair with Kool-Aid? 

There are tons of questions surrounding dye, and while it’s loads of fun, as with all pooch products, you have to do your homework so the fur doesn’t fly.

Below, we’ll run down everything you need to know about dog hair dyes, explain how to apply them, and identify a few of the best options on the market.   

Best Dog Hair Dye: Quick Picks

  • Opawz Dog Hair Dye Gel. [Best Gel Dye] Gentle gel-based semi-permanent pet hair dye that lasts up to 8 washes. Available in 13 different colors!
  • Petway Petcare Pet Paint Spray [Best Dye Spray] Ultra quick and easy spray dye that paints your pup with just a shake and spray. Great for stencils and designs. Easy to wash off and designed for one-off occasions. Comes in 9 color choices!
  • Opawz Hair Chalk Pen [Best Hair Chalk] Mess-free pet-friendly paint for single use situations. Great when you value precision and detail for covering just a small area of fur. Comes with 10 color options in a pack!

Why Would You Dye Your Dog’s Hair, Anyway?

It’s fair to wonder why you’d dye your dog’s hair in the first place. After all, it isn’t an especially common practice among dog owners. 

Simply put, the best reason to dye your pooch’s hair is because it’s a blast! It can also help your pooch stand out and look extra-fancy for special occasions. 

For example, you could celebrate your pupper’s birthday by adding a splash of pink to her fur, or help her enjoy some extra attention by coating her in ghoulish gold for this year’s Halloween parade. 

You can even cheer on your team together with matching maroon mohawks! Dog hair dye has a lot of uses for various occasions, and the memories you’ll make together (and the pictures) will last a lifetime! 

And aside from the aesthetic upgrade dying can provide, dying your dog’s hair is also a great way to bond with your pupperoni!

What Kind of Hair Dye is Safe for Dogs?

First of all, it is important to use dyes that are safe for dogs — you don’t want to hurt your floof while trying to make her coat look fabulous! 

This means, among other things, you’ll want to turn your nose up at products that aren’t specifically designed for dogs. This will help you avoid using a dye with ingredients that may be harmful to your pooch. 

Additionally, you’ll want to follow these doggy hair-dos and hair-don’ts to ensure a healthy and happy experience for everyone: 


  • Only use hair dyes made for dogs.
  • Purchase dyes made by reputable manufacturers with clearly marked ingredients.
  • Skip the dyes if your pup often suffers from allergies.
  • It’s always a good idea to start with a small spot of color for a patch test. This will help ensure your pup can tolerate the dye and also give you a chance to make sure you like the color. 
  • Grooming procedures can be a drag for your dog, so keep doggy hair day fun by giving your pet lots of rubs and a treat or two after you’re finished. 
  • Keep dye away from sensitive areas such as your pooch’s eyes, noses, and ears.
  • Wear gloves while applying to prevent discolored digits.
  • Have realistic expectations, as dyes don’t always work well for dark-haired doggos  
  • Set out all supplies before you begin dyeing to avoid messy mishaps.


  • Let your dog ingest or lick dyes.
  • Don’t push your pupper’s limits and pay attention to her stress level during the dyeing process. 
  • Apply dye to dry, damaged, or sensitive skin.
  • Dye puppies less than 6 months old. 

The Best Hair Dyes for Dogs

While there are many products out there, a few dog hair dyes clearly sit head-and-shoulders above the crowd. These items earned tons of tail wags.  

1. Opawz Dog Hair Dye Gel 

About: A gentle formula with doggy-safe ingredients, Opawz Dog Hair Dye Gel wins all the bones with us. This dye is packaged in 4-ounce tubes for convenience and ease of use. 

OPAWZ - Pet Pink Hair Dye - Dog Grooming Supplies - Semi Permanent Hair Dye - Completely Safe for Dogs & Puppies Over 12 Weeks Old - 5.3 Oz Tube
  • Safe Dog Hair Dye: Dog hair dye temporary colors are gentle on the coat of your pet and will wash...
  • Fashionable Pet Grooming: Give your pet an exquisite and superior coloring. Results in just 20...
  • Semi-Permanent Hair Color: Play around with vibrant colors and try out different combinations with...
  • No Off-Putting Smell: No harsh chemicals means no harsh smells. Most suitable for white-haired coat...

Features: Lasting up to 8 washes, this gel-based formula offers bright color that’ll last. The gentle formula doesn’t contain ammonia or other harsh chemicals, which is always a win.

Supplied in an easy-to-handle tube, there’s no need to worry about fussing with pumps or mixing colors with this gel. Just dispense, apply, and wait.

Offered in 13 eye-catching colors including a peppy purple and rich navy blue, there’s no shortage of options here, and best of all – there is no funky smell!

Safe for use on cats and horses too, your other fur friends can even get in on the action!


With color that pops and an easy application procedure, this gel received plenty of praise from pupper parents. There is no overwhelming smell, and it offers great coverage on a number of coat types. Multiple colors can be used without running results, allowing for works of puppy Picasso art.


While long-lasting looks are ideal for some, others may prefer a more temporary option. The application is also messier and more time-consuming than other products such as spray-on dye. Lastly, since this is packaged in a tube, excess product cannot be saved for future use.

2. Top Performance Dog Hair Dye Gel

About: Top Performance Dog Hair Dye Gel is noteworthy for its gentle yet powerful coloring. Each 4-ounce jar contains enough color to make a statement and is sure to leave your pooch strutting their stuff in style. 

Top Performance Dog Hair Dye Gel, 4-Ounce, Glamour Gold
  • Pet hair dye gel is the hottest new trend in pet grooming
  • Completely non-toxic and semi-permanent lasts 4 to 6 washes
  • Coloring results may vary with coat type and breed
  • Comes in 4-ounce jar with glamour gold color

Features: A non-toxic dye that lasts up to 6 washes; this product is a great pick for semi-permanent results. A no-fuss fix for your crazy color needs, this dye is easy to use.

There are 6 vibrant colors currently available, and the formula is safe for both dogs and cats.


The rich pigment of this gel coloring wows, and it is strong enough to use on a variety of coats and colors. Application is straightforward, and the tub design allows for extra product to be saved rather than wasted. Win!


There aren’t very many hues available, which limits how color crazy you can get. This gel does take a bit of time to set too, and some colors performed better than others. If you’re looking to create complicated, intricate color patterns, you may want to look elsewhere, as this formula can be runny. Cleanup is also a buzzkill, so make sure you have supplies ready to avoid staining. This dye also appears to fade faster than some other options too.

3. Petway Petcare Pet Paint Spray

About: Petway Petcare Pet Paint Spray offers bold colors in an easy-to-apply formula. With a quick shake and spray, all you have to do is wait for it to dry and poof – a festive floof!

Features: Forget fussing with traditional dyes that require a lot of time – you and your pupper have balls to throw and squirrels to chase!

With this spray, you get vibrant results with just a quick spray. You can freehand spray or stencil on a pattern (stencils not included), creating a memorable look.

Available in 9 eye-popping colors like pink and orange, finding the ideal dye for your cockapoo’s ‘do should be a breeze. Nontoxic and free of strong smells, this is a worthy product for incredible color in a flash.


The ruff-sults are in, and this dye’s incredible color won big with the paw-dience. The easy cleanup is a winner as well since no one likes to scrub-a-dub-dub the tub. Its temporary results are a favorite too among those looking to walk on the wild side briefly. 


Some may be disappointed in the short-term results that others adore. Hound hairstylists also have to be careful of their surroundings when applying to avoid unplanned graffiti. Lastly, there are few reviews, which can be a deterrent.

Hair Chalk and Hair Pens: Interesting Alternatives

If you’re still on the fence or looking for something less dramatic, you may want to consider hair chalk or hair pens — temporary products that only require a quick rub through the fur to change up your dog’s color!

Hair chalk and hair pens usually only last until you wash your pooch, making them great choices for special occasions like Super Bowl Sunday and Halloween.

Another great benefit hair chalks and pens provide is that — unlike traditional dyes and sprays — there’s no threat of a streaky tub or backdrop. Some may, however, rub off around the house.

If these types of products sound good to you, consider the Opawz Hair Chalk Paint Pen Pack. Easy to use and less messy than traditional dog hair dyes, these deserve serious consideration.

No products found.

Features: These chalk paint pens are all about precision, allowing you to let your creativity fly! Rather than struggling with a temperamental liquid or gel, you’re gifted with pen that allows to apply the color directly to your dog like you’re coloring, allowing for elaborate designs if you’re like.

This set comes with a whopping 10 colors, so feel free to draw flowers and more with the rainbow collection. Best for coloring small areas, these pens are perfect for a pop of color.


Tails are wagging at how easy it is to use these pens, and with so many colors included, you can really let your inner artist soar. They’re not as messy as traditional dyes, and there are no funky smells to deal with. 


These pens aren’t ideal if you’re looking to dye a large section of fur, and the color isn’t as bold as other options. They work best on white or light-colored doggos only and are not ideal for coarse coats. The color only lasts for 1 or 2 washes and can rub off around the house. 

Need Some Hair Dye Ideas? Check Out These Colorful Canines!

Check out some of the cutest and most colorful puppers we found on Instagram below!

How Long Does Dog Hair Dye Last?

Dog hair dyes have differing longevity, with some lasting as short as a single wash and others clinging to your canine’s coat for several weeks

Typically, traditional dyes supplied in a liquid form last longer than alternatives like  dog hair chalk.

A nice middle ground would be dog hair dye spray, which usually has the easiest application. Kool-Aid is another paw-friendly pick for coloring according to Albuquerque Vetco, though be sure to pick traditional varieties, as sugar-free forms can be harmful.

Color longevity also varies significantly with your dog’s coat color and type. 

A lighter colored dog with finer hair, such as a Maltese, will retain color far longer than an apricot-colored Cocker Spaniel, for instance. To make color last longer, avoid rain and baths until you’re ready for you canine’s kaleidoscopic colors to revert to normal.  . 

And, while we hate to be the bearers of bad news, hair dyes rarely work well for dark-colored doggos. 

How Do You Get Your Dog’s Hair to Return to Normal?

Most floofs look fantastic with dyed hair, but eventually, you’ll probably want your pooch to look normal again. Fortunately, this isn’t hard to accomplish. 

To remove the dye, just wash your four-footer thoroughly with plenty of dog-friendly shampoo and water (if your pooch is normally white, you may want to consider a shampoo specifically designed to keep their coat looking bright). 

Sometimes it may take repeated washes to remove all the color from your dog’s coat. To avoid irritation and potentially drying your pup’s coat out, we suggest spacing out your pooch’s baths a bit to let her skin recover.

You may also want to use a dedicated dog bath tub to avoid getting color dye all over your bathroom!


Dyed dog hair is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, and deciding whether to dye your dog is a personal choice. But as long as you and your pupper are both up for it, dyeing your doggo can be incredibly rewarding. 

Have you dyed your doggo? Have you found a hair dye for dogs that worked especially well? Let us know in the comments below! 

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