Best Washable Dog Beds: Low-Maintenance, Easy-to-Clean Beds for Messy Canines!

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Dog Beds By Ben Team 11 min read May 4, 2020 6 Comments

best washable dog bed

Even indoor dogs who rarely venture outside have a supernatural ability to collect dirt, dust, and various residues while going about their daily routine.

And unless you bathe your pooch daily, these foul and filthy substances are going to end up on her doggie bed.

This will not only make the bed look terrible, it will make it smell pretty bad too. Fortunately, there are a number of good dog beds that are easy to wash, so they’ll continue to look and smell their best for years.

Below, we’ll explain some tips for keeping any bed clean and point out a few of the best options on the market.

Best Washable Dog Bed: Quick Picks

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Wait a Minute, Aren’t All Dog Beds Washable?

To an extent, this is true: Most dog beds can be washed. But that doesn’t mean it is always easy to do so, nor does it mean the bed will survive the process. In practice, many beds are as good as worthless once they become soiled.

There are a few reasons this is true, including:

 Some beds have covers that can’t be removed. You could probably wash the whole bed in a commercial-sized washing machine, but you’ll have a hell of a time trying to get the stuffing dry afterward.

Many bed covers are a pain to take off and put back on. This is often the case with covers that fit very tightly, or beds that feature multiple core layers, which can be difficult to get stuffed back into the bed properly.

Some covers are simply not durable enough to survive repeated washings. At first, you’ll notice a few frayed threads, which will become more numerous with every subsequent wash. Eventually, the cover will develop holes or fall apart entirely.

 Some cover materials tend to hold on to dirt and stains more tenaciously than others. The best washable dog beds feature stain-repelling fabrics which will come out of the washing machine looking brand new; but less-than-stellar dog beds will often come out of the wash looking just as bad as they did going in.

Some bed covers feature closures that will fall apart if spun around in a washing machine or dryer. A high-quality zipper (or any other closure, really) should come through the wash without a problem, but low-quality zippers will break if you don’t treat them with kid gloves. And unfortunately, many bed manufacturers try to save costs on these types of things.

good washable dog bed

4 Best Washable Dog Beds

If you are looking for a dog bed that provides the kind of comfort your dog demands, while still being easy to wash and keep clean, you should find a suitable choice among the four options detailed below.

Just be sure to consider your dog’s specific needs when making your selection.

1. Kuranda Dog Bed

Kuranda Walnut PVC Chewproof Dog Bed - Large (40x25) - Cordura - Smoke

About: The Kuranda Dog Bed is an elevated bed that will keep your dog cool and comfortable while she naps.

Constructed from a strong PVC frame and super-durable Cordura sleeping area, the Kuranda bed is very easy to wash and is guaranteed to stand up to repeated cleanings.

Price: $$$$
Our Rating:


  • Cordura fabric is as durable as canvas, while still being comfortable for your pup
  • Available in five sizes and four colors (Burgundy, Smoke, Forest Green and Khaki)
  • Backed by the manufacturer’s 1-year warranty
  • Elevated design takes pressure off your dog’s joints

PROS: Most owners loved the Kuranda Dog Bed and dogs appear to find it very comfortable – it even helped several dogs with joint issues to suffer from less pain. Several owners mentioned that the bed was very easy to clean; you simply wipe it down with a damp cloth or take it outside and hose it off.

CONS: While most owners were happy with the Kuranda bed, a few owners reported difficulties assembling the unit. Also, while most dogs jumped right up on the bed, a few dogs did not seem to like the elevated design.

2. BRINDLE Memory Foam Bed

Brindle Shredded Memory Foam Dog Bed with Removable Washable Cover-Plush Orthopedic Pet Bed - 34 x 22 inches - Khaki

About: The Brindle Memory Foam Dog Bed is an orthopedic mattress that comes in several sizes that will work with most standard dog crates.

The 3-inch-thick shredded memory foam core will take the pressure off your dog’s joints, while the removable micro suede cover is machine washable (tumble dry), making it easy to keep clean.

Price: $$
Our Rating:


  • Shredded foam design helps keep the mattress a little cooler for additional comfort
  • Interior baffles keep the shredded foam in place to prevent clumping
  • Backed by the manufacturer’s 3-year warranty
  • Available in 7 sizes and four color patterns (Khaki, Red, Stone and Teal)

PROS: The Brindle Memory Foam Bed received stellar reviews from most owners who tried it. It appears to be very comfortable for dogs and provides the kind of support dogs with ailing hips or knees need. Several owners also praised the cover’s ability to stand up to repeated cycles in the washing machine, which helped keep it clean and smelling fresh.

CONS: Complaints about the Brindle Memory Foam Bed were relatively rare, but a few owners were disappointed that the bed was not waterproof, so it’s probably not a good bed for dogs who like to mark their territory or have frequent accidents.

3. BarksBar Orthopedic Dog Bed

BarksBar Large Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed - 40 x 30 inches - Snuggly Sleeper with Solid Orthopedic Foam, Non-Slip Back

About: The BarksBar Orthopedic Dog Bed is a plush and cozy dog bed that is built around an orthopedic foam core, which will provide your dog with plenty of support for her joints and back.

The bed comes with removable, machine-washable cover and a bolster that encircles the entire bed and gives your pup a place to rest her head.

Price: $$$
Our Rating:


  • Non-slip rubber backing prevents the bed from sliding around on the floor
  • Ultra soft, quilted polyester cover provides the kind of comfort your dog deserves
  • Suitable for dogs weighing up to 100 pounds
  • Fashionable cover will suit any home’s decor

PROS: Dogs and owners alike seemed to love the BarkBar Orthopedic Bed. Dogs loved the super-comfortable cover and the supportive foam core, while owners loved that the cover was so easy to keep clean (you can wipe it down or place it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle). Several owners were also pleased to find that both the foam core and the bolster cushion could be removed when necessary.

CONS: While most owners were very happy with the BarkBar Orthopedic Bed, several complained about the durability of the product. This is probably not the ideal choice for dogs who like to chew things up or scratch at the ground before laying down.

4. Milliard Orthopedic Dog Bed

Milliard Quilted Padded Orthopedic Dog Bed, Egg Crate Foam with Plush Pillow Top Washable Cover (41 inches x 27 inches x 4 inches)

About: The Milliard Orthopedic Dog Bed features an egg-crate core to provide enough support and a thick pillow-top upper layer to ensure your pup’s complete comfort.

The zippered cover can be removed and machine-washed to ensure the bed looks and smells its best for years to come (be sure to air-dry the cover after washing).

Price: $
Our Rating:


  • Designed to fit in standard sized kennels
  • Available in two sizes
  • Backed by the manufacturer’s 100% satisfaction-guaranteed warranty
  • The bed is 4 inches thick to ensure complete support

PROS: The majority of owners who tried the Milliard Orthopedic Dog Bed were very happy with their choice, and dogs seem to love the comfort it provides. Many owners reported that the cover was easy to clean and that the bed completely supported dogs in the 60- to 70-pound range, and kept their body up off the floor.

CONS: There weren’t many complaints about the Miliard Orthopedic Dog Bed, but a few owners were disappointed in the bed’s durability.

Our Recommendation: The Kuranda Dog Bed

As long as your dog doesn’t mind the elevated design, the Kuranda Dog Bed is easily the best choice for those seeking a dog bed that is easy to wash.

Instead of having to remove the cover, throw it in the washing machine and then let it dry, you can simply take the Kuranda Dog Bed outside and hose it down.

And while this alone is enough to make this bed one of the best dog beds available, it is also quite durable and will help keep your pooch cool while she sleeps.

An Alternative Option: Molly Mutt Dog Duvets

Molly Mutt Large Dog Bed Cover - Med Dog Bed Cover - Dog Calming Bed - Puppy Bed - Pet Bed - Large Dog Bed Cover - Washable Dogs Bed Cover - Pet Bed with Removable Cover - Dog Bed Covers, Royals, Medium/Large (dd54b)

If you prefer a standard (non-elevated) dog bed, but still want one that can be machine washed, you can try a Molly Mutt Duvet.

The Molly Mutt Duvet is 100% cotton canvas, and will stand up to repeated washings with ease; simply unzip the cover, remove the padding and place the cover in your washing machine on a cold-water cycle. You can then take it out and place it right in the dryer, as long as you use a low, tumble-dry setting.

Note that these “beds” do not come with any padding or stuffing, so you’ll have to stuff it with memory foam, cotton fill material or old clothes. This is a bit of a headache, but it also gives you the chance to customize your pup’s bed, so that it provides exactly the amount of cushion and support she requires.

The lack of filling also provides one other benefit: Molly Mutt Duvets are less expensive than any of the other beds reviewed above.

Molly Mutt Duvets are available in three rectangular sizes, as well as one round configuration, and they come in 22 different color patterns.

Tips for Keeping Your Dog’s Bed Clean

No matter what type of bed you purchase, and how well it will stand up to a trip through the laundry, there are a few tips you can embrace to help keep your dog’s bed clean between washings. This will not only help keep the bed looking great, but it will reduce the number of times you have to wash it, too.

Some of the best ways to keep your dog’s bed clean include:

Wipe the bed down with a damp cloth as often as possible. This won’t remove fluids that seep into the cover, nor will it help to get out things like mud, but you can remove most of the hair, dander, and dust that comes to rest on the surface.

Select a bed that matches your dog’s coat color. Admittedly, this won’t actually keep the bed cleaner, but it will keep the bed looking cleaner, as your dog’s shed hair won’t stand out to the eye.

Select complex patterns, rather than solid colors. If you drop a teaspoon of dirt on a solid-colored bed, you’ll see it immediately. But if you do the same on an intricately patterned bed, you won’t be able to see the dirt as readily. This is another tip that won’t actually keep the bed cleaner, but it will help keep it looking better.

Use a stain-repelling spray (like this) on your dog’s bed cover. There are a variety of different fabric-protecting sprays available, and they can help prevent stains and discoloration – just make sure you choose one that is safe for pets.

Clean off your dog after playing outside. A simple wipe down with a damp cloth will help remove most of the debris that clings to her coat, which will keep it from getting on the bed in the first place. Pay special attention to her paws – it is often helpful to fit her with some booties or invest in a paw washer.

Bathe your dog regularly. The cleaner you keep your dog, the cleaner her bed will stay, so be sure to bathe her on a reasonable schedule (once a month or so is probably sufficient for most pups). Make sure you dry her off afterwards, so her bed doesn’t become soaked when she lays on it.

Still in need of some tips to keep your dog bed tidy? Check out these dog bed cleaning hacks from Martha Stewart!

Is it easy to wash your dog’s bed cover? Do you normally do so by hand, or do you just toss it in the washing machine? Has it started showing signs of wear and tear, or has it stood up to repeated trips through the laundry?

Let us know all about it in the comments below!

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J Ing

I have Shitzu that needs religious washing and gets moldy smelly itchy Easily and it is very high maintenance requires medicated shampoo with skin soothers that I don’t even need, and since the dog sweats everywhere, the dog bed gets equally stinky and after the dog got into the cat box , the dog bed definitely needS cleaning after every dog wash, but the super soft and very well loved dog bed can’t spin in the washer, the washer sounds like a sledge hammer is killing it and it just stops without finishing and so The dog bed Still needs cleanIng and It still weighs a ton, please can you help me find a medical grade super easy to wash and dry and yet comfortable dog bed?

Ben Team

It sounds like a bed with a removable cover would work better in your circumstances.
We’d recommend trying the Brindle Bed discussed above. It has a removable cover and most dogs seem to find it very cozy.
Best of luck!

melissa flynn

I was tired of taking apart our dog bed each time it needed to be cleaned so I take our large sofa-type dog bed directly to the laundromat and throw the entire thing – bolsters still intact into the largest front loading machine they have – throw in 2 detergent pods and set it on high. Same goes for the dryer. Works beautifully with minimal work.

Jo Novak

Take a look at Big Shrimpy beds. Several styles, washable, durable, and can get replacements of all parts. They also recycle if you ever give up.

cathy smogolski

Have you come across any that the whole bed can be washed but still cushy with sides? My dog is always licking which makes her bed stinky. Washing just the cover isn’t enough. She is 14 and she likes to climb on the couch, so a bed with sides is necessary to keep her of the furniture. I bought one years ago that I throw the whole thing in the washer in 2 parts, but I want a second one for upstairs.

Meg Marrs

Hey Cathy – maybe have a look at our articles on bolster beds if you need something with raised sides. The problem is that washing the entire bed can cause the innards to quickly lose their fuff. You might be better off getting some spare covers for the bed you want so you can simply toss out the old cover after a while.


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