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There’s no doubt that dogs have tough feet – much tougher than your ours, for sure. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t wise (and occasionally necessary) to give your dog’s paws some protection.

The best way to accomplish this is by outfitting your canine companion with a set of high-quality dog shoes, or booties, as they are often called.

There are a gazillion different booties on the market, but most are not very helpful. They’ll either fail to protect your dog’s feet, come off too easily, or frustrate you in countless other ways.

With that in mind, we’ve identified some of the best choices, which should keep your pup’s paws safer and more comfortable during your outdoor adventures.

Quick Picks: Best Booties For Your Furry Friend

  • #1 Kurgo Winter Boots [Best Overall Dog Booties]: These flexible booties will keep your pooch’s paws pristine throughout any season with their long-lasting, safety-enhanced design. 
  • #2 Dimicoo Breathable Dog Boots [Most Affordable Dog Booties]: They may not last quite as long as some other options, but these booties are great for budget-limited owners looking for paw protection.
  • #3 Muttluks Fleece Boots [Best Dog Booties for Winter Use]: Need something to keep your terrier’s toes toasty during walks? These boots from Muttluks are a fantastic choice.
Need an alternative to booties?

Scroll down to read about Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips — another way to give your dog additional traction. Or, you can just pick up a set of your own via their website

Are Dog Booties Really Necessary?

Most dogs walk around barefoot their whole life without sustaining a major foot injury, so many pet parents wonder just how necessary booties are.

There are a number of situations when dog booties may be a solid option, including:

1. For Adventurers

The need for rugged outdoor booties depends upon whether your dog is likely to step on a sharp stick, trudge through knee-deep snow or cross a lava-hot concrete parking lot.

If your dog regularly encounters these types of challenges, then booties are probably necessary.

Winter warriors are especially in need of dog booties – not just for snow, but to protect paws against ice melt salts that cover sidewalks and roads in the winter.

2. For Older or Injured Dogs Who Need Traction

Booties provide plenty of value for other dogs too, even those whose rowdiest adventures are limited to walks in well-manicured backyards. For example, boots help many dogs – especially older or sick individuals — get traction on slippery floors.

Boots may also be helpful for protecting injured or infected paws. This includes dogs who have cracked or damaged nails, ripped pads, or even yeast infections of the paw.

3. For Owners Who Want a Clean Home

Booties will also help you keep your floors clean, and prevent your pooch from tracking mud, water, or snow into the house after every trip outside.

You could also use a paw washer to clean off your dog’s paws, but that wouldn’t help much with preventing your pup from slipping and sliding.

4. For Protecting Your Floor

Some owners also find dog boots appealing because they can prevent your dog from scratching up surfaces.

While simply opting for dog-proof flooring to avoid claw marks is probably the best long-term solution, booties can be helpful in short-term situations when you want to stop claws from gouging flooring (for example, visiting the in-laws who just had new hardwood put in).

So, as you can see, while not always strictly necessary, booties are helpful for the majority of dog owners!

Important Considerations When Shopping for Booties

To help distinguish good booties from those you’re better off avoiding, you’ll need to consider several different characteristics of the dog boots in question.

Some of the most important considerations include the following:

Proper Fit

You don’t want to walk around wearing the wrong size shoes, so don’t make your dog do it either.

Carefully refer to each manufacturer’s fitting instructions or size guidelines when making your selection – some will require you to trace the outline of your dog’s foot and then measure the drawing to ensure a proper fit.

The video below shows how to take your dog’s paw measurements!

 Easy to Put On

Getting your dog’s booties on and off of his feet can be a frustrating chore, so it’s always wise to seek out booties that are designed to slip on and slip off easily.

Usually, the best dog booties featuring wide split seams are the easiest ones to get on your pup’s paws.

 Snug Straps

Most booties rely on straps to ensure a snug fit – boots that lack straps are usually very easy for dogs to remove on their own (something your dog will likely attempt to do). You’ll want to ensure that the straps are easy to operate and of high-quality.

Some straps feature Velcro closures, while others use buckles or snap-locks; any of these will work, although Velcro closures are usually the best and easiest to manage.

 Durable and Comfortable Materials

Many low-cost booties are made from substandard materials, which will fall apart after only a short period of use, so you’ll always want to be sure that you select boots made from materials befitting your dog’s typical activities.

Additionally, it is important to make sure that the boots are comfortable for your dog’s feet, so give special consideration to those boots with super-soft interiors.

 Water Resistance

Most good booties should be water-resistant enough to keep your dog’s feet when walking through wet grass for a minute, but only a small number of boots will keep your dog’s feet dry while playing in a creek or trudging through snow for an hour.

Typically boots with greater water resistance will cost more than those that offer less protection, so you’ll want to decide how important water resistance is before making your selection.

 High Visibility

Most of the best dog boots feature reflective patches, stripes, or stitching, to help make you more visible to passing motorists. But even if your walks take place miles from the nearest road, reflective booties can make it easier to keep an eye on your pooch, or find him if he runs off.

 Dew Claw Complication

Be aware that some booties tend to work better for dogs who have intact dew claws than others. However, thanks to the differences in fit between various booties, and the different builds exhibited by dogs, this can be tricky to determine in advance.

The best way to proceed is by reviewing the comments of owners who’ve already tried the model you prefer.

 Pleasing Aesthetics

No, your dog does not care what color his booties are, but you may. And while fashion choices aren’t as important as other considerations, there’s no reason you shouldn’t consider the color and pattern of your dog’s boots, after ensuring they are otherwise well-suited for your pooch.


The Eight Best Booties For Dogs

Now that you understand the benefits booties can provide and some of the things to look for when making your choice, we can move on to some specific dog bootie recommendations. Let’s jump right in!

1. Kurgo Winter Boots

Best Overall Booties For Dogs

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Kurgo Step N Strobe Dog Shoes, Water Resistant Dog Shoes, Dog Boots for All Seasons, Dog Snow Boots, Anti Slip Dog Boots, Black/Orange (K01355)

Kurgo Winter Boots

Durable, lightweight footwear for Fido that’s designed to protect paws in any terrain.

About: The Kurgo Winter Boots for your best buddy are ultra-rugged and will protect your pooch’s paws from snow, ice, hot pavement, salt, broken glass, and anything in between. With light-up LED boot soles and 360-degree reflective strips, you’ll be able to spot your canine companion from a distance while he’s romping around in this flexible footwear set. 


  • Water-resistant booties are perfect for use throughout the winter
  • Rugged sole gives dogs traction while walking around
  • Boots provide protection from heat, ice, snow, salt, and debris
  • High visibility with embedded strobe LEDs and reflective design
  • Breathable mesh design 
  • Easy fit with adjustable strap and bungee cord lock for a snug shoe experience


  • Owners were impressed with the high-quality design of these boots and appreciated that the set could be used in any season. 
  • Pooch parents found these booties super durable and had no trouble putting them to good use on a daily basis. 
  • Included LED lights provide additional doggo visibility.
  • These booties effectively protected paws throughout any season. 


  • There isn’t a way to access the battery compartment of the LED lights embedded in the soles of the shoes. 
  • Some owners found that these booties ran slightly larger than expected. 

2. Dimicoo Breathable Dog Boots

Most Affordable Booties For Dogs

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Dimicoo Breathable Dog Boots Nonslip Rubber Soft Sole for Summer Blue L (Pack of 4)

Dimicoo Breathable Dog Boots

Affordable, lightweight booties to protect your pup’s paws without breaking the bank.

About: If you’re seeking affordable, lightweight dog shoes that will get your pooch’s paws through the summer, these booties by Dimicoo deserve serious consideration. These booties have built-in ventilation holes, and a textured rubber role to give your dog some traction while strolling around town. 


  • Breathable, neoprene dog booties that feature air holes for ventilation
  • Adjustable booties come in sizes ranging from small to extra-extra-large
  • Durable rubber sole has a textured bottom to give your pooch some traction
  • Affordable boots can be used for outdoor or indoor paw protection
  • Reflective straps add visibility


  • The affordable price makes this a great starter bootie set while Spot gets used to his new shoes. 
  • Some owners successfully used these dog booties to help guard their dog’s paw wounds while healing. 
  • These booties are perfect for protecting pup paws against hot asphalt. 


  • These economical boots will likely break down quicker than more premium options. 
  • These boots are not designed for long-term use in the cold, winter months. 

3. Muttluks Fleece Boots

Best Dog Booties For Winter Use

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Muttluks, Original Fleece-Lined Muttluks Winter Dog Boots with Leather Soles for Cold Weather - 4 Boots

Muttluks Fleece Boots

Cozy, fleece-lined footwear that’ll keep your pup’s paws warm and dry in the winter.

About: If you live in a colder area, these fleece-lined booties may be perfect for keeping your pooch’s paws warm. These adjustable boots are ultra-durable with leather soles and an adjustable, lightweight design. 


  • Long-wear, durable boots have a convenient machine-washable design
  • Fleece-lined booties keep your canine companion cozy
  • Adjustable, reflective straps keep your furry friend visible during walks
  • Available in 7 different colors to highlight Spot’s sense of style
  • Flexible leather paw soles are form-fitting for Fido 


  • These high-quality booties are designed to last season after season with their adjustable design. 
  • The booties have an embedded fleece lining which keeps dogs nice and warm while trekking through snow, ice, or rain. 
  • Owners were impressed with the durability and quality of these winter dog booties. 
  • Pooch parents love that these booties are machine washable. 


  • These booties are much pricier than some other options. 
  • Some owners found the booties somewhat difficult to put on. 

4. QUMY Waterproof Boots

Best Value Pick Dog Booties

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QUMY Dog Shoes for Large Dogs, Medium Dog Boots & Paw Protectors for Winter Snowy Day, Summer Hot Pavement, Waterproof in Rainy Weather, Outdoor Walking, Indoor Hardfloors Anti Slip Sole Black Size 7

QUMY Waterproof Boots

Waterproof booties that provide the perfect blend of affordability and durability.

About: If you’re looking for a set of booties to keep your pooch’s paws dry without emptying out your wallet, this selection from QUMY is a serious contender. The rugged boots are designed to protect your pup’s paws from sand, water, and hot pavement. 


  • Adjustable boots with a reflective strap for visibility
  • Rugged boot design for a variety of terrains
  • Anti-slip soles give furry friends traction while walking around
  • 7 different size selections to choose from
  • Easy to put on with split-seam design


  • These booties can be used throughout any season making them super versatile. 
  • Owners were impressed with these booties’ level of durability for the price. 
  • Unlike some other dog shoes, these booties stayed put for most dogs.


  • The inside stitching of the booties caused chafing for some dogs. 
  • The adjustable buckle was too delicate for some owners. 

5. HiPaw Summer Boots

Best Dog Booties For Summer Use

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Hipaw Summer Breathable Dog Boot Reflective Strap Rugged Nonslip Sole for Hot Pavement

HiPaw Summer Boots

Breathable booties with mesh fabric to keep your canine cool and comfortable.

About: If Spot needs a pair of breathable booties to protect his paws throughout the summer, this set from HiPaw is a great pick. The booties are constructed out of mesh fabric which provides plenty of airflow while still protecting paws from hot or jagged pavement. 


  • Rugged, anti-slip sole designed to give your dog traction on most terrains
  • Closed toe cap and breathable mesh fabric make these perfect outdoor boots
  • Two adjustable straps helps these booties stay firmly in place while in use
  • Reflective stitching adds visibility for safety
  • Straps are easily adjusted for a snug, secure fit


  • Owners were impressed with the long-lasting design of these booties for the affordable price. 
  • Breathable booties are ideal for dogs living in warm environments. 
  • Roomy boots were excellent for big best buddies. 


  • There aren’t a lot of sizing options for small-sized furry friends.
  • Some pooch parents had difficulty getting these booties to stay on for extended periods of time. 

6. RUFFwear Outdoor Boots

Best Booties For Hiking And Adventures

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RUFFWEAR, Grip Trex Dog Boots, Outdoor Booties with Rubber Soles for Hiking and Running, Blue Spring, 2.75 in (2 Boots)

RUFFwear Outdoor Boots

Premium paw protectors designed for furry friends who love hitting the trail.

About: Does your best buddy have a thirst for adventure? If so, it might be a good idea to pick up these durable RUFFwear booties specially built for spending time out on some trails. The booties feature a breathable mesh design and a strong, textured sole to keep your canine comfortable while adventuring. 


  • Trail-ready booties with a textured, gripping sole
  • Breathable tightly-woven mesh fabric
  • Reflective trim for added visibility
  • Cinch closure strap for an adjustable fit
  • Can be machine washed for convenience


  • These breathable booties are flexible yet strong enough for regular use on hiking trails.
  • Owners loved that these booties could easily be cleaned through the wash.
  • Dog booties held up well to frequent daily use for most dogs.


  • Mesh design makes them inappropriate for use during the cold months.
  • These booties are not waterproof. 

7. TEOZZO Paw Protectors

Cutest Dog Booties

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TEOZZO Dog Shoes Dog Boots & Paw Protector, Anti-Slip Sole Winter Dog Booties with Reflective Straps Dog Snow Boots for Small Medium Dogs 4PCS Pink 4

TEOZZO Paw Protectors

Lightweight booties for dogs who need a fashionable form of paw protection.

About: If your compact canine simply needs a bootie set to add another layer of protection, these paw protectors from TEOZZO are a great fit. The vibrant booties are doggone adorable and have a water resistant design to keep your pooch’s paws dry.  


  • Drawstring adjustable booties are easy to put on and take off
  • Lined booties keep compact canines cozy 
  • Reflective strip for added visibility
  • Anti-slip soles help dogs have a strong grip
  • 5 different color choice to choose from


  • These paw protectors are ideal for small dogs, and they come in cute color options. 
  • Owners found these dog booties easy to take on and off. 
  • Lined boots are perfect for keeping dogs warm during the cold months.
  • They provide a tight fit, thanks to their form-fitting drawstring closures. 


  • These dog booties are only suitable for small to medium-sized dogs. 
  • The soft shoes won’t hold up very long against extended hikes or outdoor activities along rough terrain. 

8. PawZ Dog Booties

Best “Disposable” Dog Booties

This is a sponsored placement, in which an advertiser pays a fee to be featured in this article. Learn more

PawZ Rubber Dog Boots for Paws up to 2', 12 Pack - All-Weather Dog Booties for Hot Pavement, Snow, Mud, and Rain - Waterproof, Anti Slip Dog Socks - X-Small, Black

PawZ Dog Booties

Disposable, biodegradable rubber dog booties to protect your pup’s paws.

About: While less durable than our other picks, these disposable booties from PawZ are a great alternative to traditional booties for some dogs and owners. Featuring a lightweight design, affordable price tag, and cute appearance, these booties are ideal for owners who only need to use booties occasionally. 

Note that these disposable booties can be a bit tricky to put on your pooch, so you may want to grab Jawz for Pawz — which work kind of like a shoehorn, and make it easy to slip these on.


  • Protect your pup’s paws from dirt, water, snow, and road grime
  • Lightweight and made from flexible all-natural rubber
  • 100% biodegradable, keeping them eco-friendly
  • Sold in packs of 12, giving you three different complete sets
  • Simply use them until they wear out, and then discard them   


  • While they weren’t right for all dogs and owners, some reported that they were the perfect solution for protecting their pet’s paws.
  • These are great for keeping your dog’s paws dry.
  • They work in a variety of circumstances and climates.  


  • Some owners found they were too tight and difficult to put on. 
  • These are not especially well-rated products (they’ve earned a 3.6-star rating on Amazon), but we’ve included them because they may be the best choice for some owners in unusual circumstances. 
Injured Paws? Consider Gauze Bootie Inserts

If your pooch is healing from a paw injury, you may want to put something between his paws and the booties to prevent irritation or friction during the healing process.

These gauze bootie inserts by Healers wrap tightly around your dog’s paws and have an adhesive backing so that they stay firmly in place while your pooch is wearing his booties.

These gauze inserts come in sizes suitable for pint-sized pooches and big dogs alike, and they can easily be replaced as they wear out.

A Different Dog-Traction Option: Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips

Booties not a great option for your pooch? Don’t worry — there’s another way to help your pooch get a grip!

Dr. Buzby’s ToeGrips: A K9 of Mine Staff Review

Hey there, pet parents! Meg here to talk about a new and different way to provide your pupper with some much-needed traction on slippery floors.

They’re called ToeGrips, and they’re a great option for pets who don’t like wearing booties.

Designed by veterinarian Dr. Julie Buzby, ToeGrips are essentially little rubber cylinders you slip over your canine’s claws.

Once applied, the rubber material contacts the ground, thereby providing more traction for your pooch and enabling him to get around better on hardwoods, tile, and other types of slick floors.

Dr. Buzby was nice enough to send me a set to try out with my Remy, so we wanted to share our experiences.

Overall, we really liked them!

They did provide Remy with better traction and seemed to help him get around on my hardwood floors and tile better.

A few important notes to share about ToeGrips and our experiences:

  • Remy really doesn’t like his paws touched. This isn’t a huge problem except that it makes nail-trimming very difficult, which means that his nails are longer than would be considered ideal. And that means he has extra trouble getting around on slick floors. But despite his foot-touching aversion, I was actually able to put the ToeGrips on Remy fairly easily – much more easily than trimming his nails!
  • ToeGrips are intended for senior dogs, rather than young adults like Remy. As explained on the ToeGrips website, “Though ToeGrips® dog nail grips can be helpful for dogs of all ages, they are unlikely to reliably stay on the nails of young, active dogs. In other words, they are for “walkers”, not “runners”.” In our case, they did fall off of Remy’s nails within a few weeks, but they still worked well while they lasted. I’m sure they’d have stayed in place for much longer were Remy not so young and active.
  • Remy did not really chew on or lick them excessively. I was a little worried that Remy would try to remove them immediately (potentially eating them in the process). But he really didn’t! In fact, once they were in place, he didn’t seem the least bit bothered by them. He pretty much ignored them and went on with life. Note that ToeGrips are made from natural, non-toxic rubber and they are generally thought to be small enough to pass right through a dog’s digestive tract if swallowed. This means that pet parents needn’t worry about them causing obstructions.

Ultimately, Remy is probably a bit too young and active to be the perfect ToeGrip candidate. However, we’d heartily recommend them for older dogs, dogs with mobility issues, and couch potato canines.

For that matter, they’d be a marvelous bootie alternative for active dogs, provided that you don’t mind replacing them a little more often than usual.

Go ahead and try ToeGrips with your dog and let us know how they work!

remy-wearing-toe-grips dog toe grips

Dog Bootie FAQs

Still have questions about booties? We have you covered! Just check out these dog bootie questions and answers below!

Do dogs need booties?

Not all dogs need booties, but any dogs who spend extended periods outdoors and traveling across rough terrain might benefit from booties. In the winter, ice melts can burn a dog’s paws and the hot pavement can do the same in the summer, making booties a great choice for extreme climates.

How do I get dog boots to stay on?

The most important element to getting a dog’s boots to stay on is proper fit. Measure your dog’s paws and ensure you have the proper sizing for your pup. Adjustable velcro straps are also helpful for securing your dog’s paws inside the booties.

How do you measure your pet’s paws for dog booties?

There isn’t a set of universal dog bootie sizes, so your dog’s paw should be measured according to the individual manufacturer’s guidelines of your selected booties. It’s also a good idea to read a couple of verified reviews — pet parents often comment on the fit of a particular set of dog booties, so giving the review section a quick scan can help you build an accurate idea of how the shoes may fit on your furball. 

Do dogs like wearing booties?

Some dogs like wearing booties as they can help dogs feel comfortable while exploring or simply walking around the house. Other dogs don’t enjoy wearing booties, but they can learn to tolerate the practice if it means lots of treats and keeping their paws protected. Make sure to do a couple of indoor “test runs” with your furry friend before going on a walk with your booties of choice. This will give your dog time to acclimate to the boots, and also serves as an opportunity for you to help create a positive association with your dog’s booties. 

Are there any alternatives to booties?

This depends on what you’re using the booties for. For example, if your pooch simply needs something to keep him warm or provide some extra gripping around the house, dog socks with a gripping texture on the bottom may do the trick. Paw balm or waxes may be enough to keep your pup’s paws protected while adventuring during the colder season. 


If none of the booties we reviewed here suit your fancy, you can also always trying making your own DIY dog booties!

Are you a dog-bootie devotee? We’d love to hear your experiences, whether they involved one of the products detailed above or not. What did you like about them? Did they last as long as you’d hoped? Did your dog mind wearing them? Did they keep his feet warm and protected?

Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Meghann Avatar

    To protect dog wounds and bandages, I’ve used Nooby’s booties in the past with much success. An 8 pack lasts a long time for when going potty outside and are very affordable.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, Meghann.
      Those look pretty neat, but it appears that they’re disposable or intended for one-time use. For the same price as an eight-pack, you can just get a set of boots that’ll last for a long time.
      But they may very well be great for owners in some circumstances (protecting injured paws, etc.).
      Thanks for sharing!

  2. Linc Denise Marie Benkert Avatar
    Linc Denise Marie Benkert

    IN RESPONSE TO YOUR FEBRUARY 2019 SUGGESTION to try the Ruff Wear booties for my then puppy Dobie who walks on Florida hot sidewalks……Well, he is NOW a 100 lb huge beautiful 2.5-year-old Speed Demon!. YES, he is tall and big for a Dobie, but is not overfed and looks like a lean and mean athlete. He sleeps next to me as a good service dog and my husband moves to another bed usually during the night if Justice repositions his paws…but I sleep much better with fewer nightmares when Justice is there. So husband understands and all is well. Loves to trot alongside my 559 Catrike, connected with a spring rod to his harness. BUT HE LOVES TO GALLOP WHEN I PERMIT HIM TO DO SO ON THE STRAIGHTAWAYS, and the neighbors wave as we fly by…Dobies can run as fast as Greyhounds and my “Ruff Justice” has the need for speed…my Catrike is very stable and close to the street level, balanced well and so I let Justice RUNNNNNN with the big dog smile on his face, powering us through the neighborhood. This is expected I suppose of such a high-energy breed and we can only play so much during the heat of the summer day. WE ARE FINALLY ORDERING THOSE BOOTIES YOU RECOMMENDED as before I did not see the ventilation factor they provide…..but not certain about those socks the website recommends to be purchased with the booties…will they counteract the ventilation/perspiration issue? OH, and mushers salve is a staple here too to keep those pads in shape and not drying out.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Sounds like things are going great! And we’d recommend skipping the socks if you’re worried about ventilation for your pup’s paws.

  3. Linc Denise Marie Benkert Avatar
    Linc Denise Marie Benkert


    Hi, I went to the Amazon website and in the fine print, there is a statement that an India Company provides the “mukluks” on Amazon. I checked that out and it is actually a group of rather high skilled vets. Due to the commerce connections among England, Canada and India perhaps the Amazon address does make sense in a way. But the website in India has a remarkable amount of specialty items and information to aid injured, disabled animals and the goal is to assist all animals, not just the animals in India. I didn’t see any paw items I was looking for, but there is an email address and phone number directly to it which I am going to try next for advice about what to use for my Dobie to run on urban hot Florida streets. Best wishes during your search for the best paw boot/shoe for your pup!

  4. Linc Denise Marie Benkert Avatar
    Linc Denise Marie Benkert

    Doesn’t think there is an answer that is safe for my huge Doberman service dog, is there? Suggestions? Yes I do apply mushers salve on his paws routinely. His bloodline DNA is free of markers of heart issues, bleeding disorders, etc. found in many Dobermans from inbreeding but he NEEDS to run….trotting on a harness with a spring-rod attached to my Catrike every evening for miles is ok, BUT HE HAS THE NEED FOR SPEED, natural for this high energy breed. Dobies can run as fast as Greyhounds…and he does that on the straightaways with a very big dog SMILE. I cannot pedal as fast as he is allowed to run. Need to protect his pads and paws from heat and various tiny pieces of sand/stones in our urban neighborhood streets, but his pads need air to sweat properly No, there are no grassy areas long enough around, and it is summer with tropical thunderstorms daily….so some of the grassy areas are flooded. Too hot during day to trot to run him.

  5. Kevin Rice Avatar
    Kevin Rice

    Beware of anything from My Busy Dog or My Busy Pet. If you look up My Busy Pet, LLC on the BBB site you will find many people who were charged but never received their order or any response back.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Thanks for sharing, Kevin! We’ll look into it.

  6. Maggie Avatar

    I’m curious, why don’t you link instead of an Amazon link?

    After a looking at the photos, the muttluks you link are knock off from China. Muttluks is a small business in Canada. Glad I found their website.

  7. Khanhv Avatar

    Wow! Great post–I just discovered this site. I’m a huge fan of the Ruffwear grip Trex. My dogs are guide dogs, I’m a pretty active person and my guides and I walk anywhere from one to five miles regularly on a plethora of terrains, so good pawwear is critical. I’m currently between dogs but want to have a few additional boot options for my next dog.
    Again, great post! Concise and well-researched.

  8. Linc Marie Benkert Avatar
    Linc Marie Benkert

    My large male Doberman service dog walks with me for my balance. We walk a great deal. Then he needs to run or trot for HIS exercise. Found the device for his running to power a 3 wheeled recumbant bike I set in. Florida streets and sidewalks can fry eggs. What type of paw protection is there for that heat/burning year round conditiion when he runs? Thanks.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, Linc.

      I actually lived in Florida for years, so I’m quite familiar with the lava-like sidewalks!

      Most booties should provide some protection, but if I were in your shoes, I’d probably try the Ruffwear booties discussed above.

      They should not only protect your Dobie’s paws from the heat of the sidewalk, but they are breathable too, which should also help.

      Best of luck! Let us know what you decide to go with and how they work out!

  9. Riyaz Avatar

    Excellent research oriented article.

  10. Susan Avatar

    Hi. I have a border collie/lab mix she is a year and a half and plays hard. She has injured her dew claws a few times now, claw and pad. I see a lot of reviews on boots for dogs that they are hard on their dew claws. Can you recommend something? She plays and runs hard and don’t want to take that fun from her.

  11. Barbara Roth Avatar
    Barbara Roth

    We use Bubble Paws. They are disposable and easy put on. Check them out

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