Irish Setter Mixes: 19 Incredible Irish Mutt Mashups

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Irish Setter Mixes

Irish setters are distinguished doggos with beautiful coats and a long history of hunting faithfully at their owner’s side. They’re also all-star family dogs and lovers to the core.

While Irish setters are undeniably great dogs for some families, there are also Irish setter mixes waiting to meet their perfect someone.

Below, we’ll discuss the ins and outs of Irish setters and share some of the cutest Irish setter mixes. 

Irish Setter Breed Basics

Irish setter breed basics

The Irish setter is a stunning red sniffer, with her coat coming in three shades: chestnut, mahogany, and red. It can also include white markings, per the standard. Surprised? 

Read on to learn more must-know facts about this dashing darling.


Irish setters date back to the 1800s in Ireland, where they began as beloved bird-hunting dogs. Originally called red setters, the “setter” part of the name comes from the breed’s habit of lowering to their belly or “setting” to signal the presence of game birds. The multi-talented mutts also flushed birds from thick brush and retrieved prey once downed.

The breed was developed by combining several dogs, including the Gordon setter, the English setter, various spaniels, and the pointer. Talk about one blended barker!


The Irish setter is a tall, slim breed, with males standing up to 27 inches at the shoulder. The breed’s maximum weight is 70 pounds. Females measure 25 inches at the shoulder and weigh 60 pounds at the most. 

This sizing puts the pup on the edge of being a “large-breed dog” by definition, so check with your vet to see if large-breed recipe is the best food for your Irish setter.


Several health concerns of Irish setters are shared by other big dogs, like a risk of hip dysplasia.

Irish setters are beautiful dogs

Other potential problems include thyroid disease and an eye disease called progressive retinal atrophy. Avoiding these issues starts with selecting a breeder who performs health testing before breeding to ensure healthy pups.

Another major concern in the breed is canine bloat, a dangerous condition in which the stomach fills with air, which is seen most often in deep-chested breeds. So, learn to recognize the symptoms of this potentially deadly condition before bringing one of these beauties home. 


The Irish setter is one of the most affectionate dog breeds. She is patient with kids and great with other animals, making her one of the best choices for family life. While sweet with her people, she’s also ready to play at a moment’s notice. She will gladly drop everything and fetch toys flung around the yard. 

This lovey-dovey, playful nature is an excellent match for active families, but if you work long hours, you’ll want to look into doggy daycare or a dog walker to ensure she gets the attention and exercise she needs to thrive. She’ll also happily join you on hikes in your free time. 


Irish setters are intelligent and eager to please, making them easy to train. Treats and positivity go a long way with these pooches. Forget harsh corrections, as these sensitive souls don’t respond to them. You can easily set a setter back significantly in learning and damage your bond with aversive training methods

Keep her focused on training lessons by making your routine diverse and non-repetitive. Remember: She’s smart. You don’t need to run down the same commands over and over. Switch it up, and watch her shine.


The Irish setter’s trademark flowing coat is pretty, but it takes some work to look that great. Brush her coat a few times weekly to prevent tangles, especially around her long ears, tail, and leg feathers. Some owners also opt to have their setters professionally groomed, ensuring the legs and tail look tidy.

As with any pup, regular toothbrushing and nail trims are essential. You’ll also want to check and clean her ears as needed – they’re pretty long, which can leave her at risk of ear infections.

19 Great Irish Setter Mixes!

mixes with Irish setters

Ready to meet some amazing Irish setter mixes that are big, small, and everything in between? Let’s get to know these awesome pups, from their grooming needs to personalities to play styles.

Every Dog is Unique

You can’t always predict a pup’s looks or personality, especially a mixed breed pooch like an Irish setter mix. These are general overviews. Some dogs meet the behaviors of both breeds to a T, while others are the polar pup opposite.

1. Golden Irish (Irish Setter x Golden Retriever)

Sweetness overload is the likely result of this affectionate-doggo combo. Considering how great both goldens and setters are with kids, this pooch will probably be a family dog at heart, too. All this love requires tons of one-on-one attention, so be sure you’re ready to handle this golden retriever mix’s emotional needs, as she can be a Velcro dog breed.

Not surprisingly, grooming this long-haired lady will likely be a lot of work. Expect to brush her a few times weekly to prevent matting. You’ll also want to get her shaped professionally every few weeks. If not, her legs and ears can look a little scraggly.

2. Irish Setter x Brittany

Family dogs unite in this cute combination of sporting breeds. With the setter side being sweet as pie and the spaniel portion being playful, this canine may be a great choice for life with kiddos who know how to treat her respectfully.

Active owners would enjoy an action-packed pupper like this setter-spaniel smashup. This pup’s likely to be happy at home or on the trail as long as she’s with her favorite people. Consider canine sports, such as obedience, to ensure her day-to-day life has enough enrichment activities to ward off boredom behaviors.

3. Irish Setter x Akita

Pairing the strength and confidence of an Akita with a sweet setter can create one incredible canine who’s as diverse in her personality as her looks. She may inherit the Akita’s curled tail or the flowing coat of the setter. Maybe even a combination of the two! 

Plenty of socialization with strange people and pets is vital with this pup, as Akitas and Akita mixes can be unsure of newcomers. Obedience training with lots of rewards is also critical since Akitas are known to be stubborn and one of the most independent dog breeds.

4. Irish Husky (Irish Setter x Siberian Husky)

Will this setter-husky mix be as vocal as her sled dog side, or will she be quiet and content indoors, like her setter roots? There’s no telling, but you’ll surely have a pup with personality. Both huskies and setters are active, so it’s safe to assume you’ll be doing lots of daily exercise with this floof. Her dense coat may shed heavily, too, so you’ll likely spend a fair share of your time brushing your barker and vacuuming.

This combination isn’t for newbies, as Siberian huskies are one of the worst dog breeds for first-time owners. Patience and a sense of humor are needed during training sessions. You’ll also want to keep training treats handy and switch up your routines to make learning fun.

5. Irish Doberman (Irish Setter x Doberman Pinscher)

This highly unusual pairing is likely to produce one unique-looking four-footer. She may get the short, sleek coat of a Doberman or the flowing locks of a setter, and her coloring is just as hard to predict. The good news is both parent pup breeds are known to be loyal and loving, so your pooch will likely follow suit, making her an excellent companion for those who’d like a clingier canine.

Canine bloat is something to watch for since both parenting breeds are deep-chested. You can take several safety interventions to lower your dog’s risk of this medical emergency, including special care about mealtimes, drinking, and exercise. Talk with your vet for more information.

6. Irish Doodle (Irish Setter x Poodle)

Training this curly-haired combo will probably be easier than most, considering the poodle’s among the smartest dog breeds. However, you’ll need to practice positive reinforcement training methods, as both parent breeds are known to be sensitive. No harsh corrections, please!

Grooming this gorgeous girl can be challenging. Brushing her several times weekly is critical for keeping mats at bay. To make it easier, have her professionally clipped every six to eight weeks and keep up on frequent brushing between sessions to keep her comfortable and cute. You can also buy grooming tools and learn to tackle her ‘do yourself to save some dough.

7. Irish Setter x Afghan Hound

What a luxurious lady! Combining two pups with famously flowing coats will create one beautiful barker! All this hair is a lot to handle, but combing her thoroughly a few times a week keeps her hair healthy and tangle-free. Since Afghans and setters are loyal and affectionate, this pup has the potential to be your new favorite shadow.

Training this mixed mutt can be difficult. While setters are eager to please, Afghan hounds consistently score very poorly on intelligence tests. But this isn’t necessarily because they aren’t bright. Instead, it’s because they’re uber-independent. While this pup may like being with her family, she’ll likely prefer to walk to the beat of her own drum, so she’s not recommended for newbies. 

8. Irish Setter x Pit Bull

Fuzzy and fierce, this mutt is easily among our list’s cutest Irish setter mixes. As with other mixed doggos, her looks and personality can be a tossup of either parenting breed, but she’ll likely be a medium-sized canine with a playful nature and need for daily exercise. Just know she can be leggy like the setter or stout like a pit bull.

Positivity and rewards go a long way in training this combo cutie. Aversive punishments should never be used, as both parenting breeds are sensitive spirits. Socialization with strange people and dogs is recommended, along with confidence building through obedience training, as pitties can be selective of strangers and unsure of new situations.

9. Irish Collie (Irish Setter x Border Collie)

Mixing a herding legend with a field flusher may create a dog with drive and energy. She can work this out around the farm or in doggy sports, as the border collie is one of the best dog breeds for agility. Be sure you’re involved in whichever activity you choose, as this beauty loves bonding with her favorite people.

Intelligence likely won’t be lacking in this combination, considering the border collie and Irish setter are known as smarty pants pups. Training can be a delight but also frustrating since bright barkers tend to tune out repetitive lessons. Use dog training toys and training games to keep your routine fun and engaging.

10. Boxsetter (Irish Setter x Boxer)

This surprise pairing will turn heads at its mention, considering the boxer’s solidly in the bully breed arena while the setter’s strictly a sporting girl at heart. The physical characteristics alone are a goldmine of possibilities, from your pup inheriting the boxer’s pout to the flowing coat of the setter. How fun!

Boxers are high-energy and bouncy, so this likely won’t be a mutt for couch potatoes. Expect heaps of daily play sessions and exercise, whether you’re throwing a ball or hiking a trail full of cool sights and smells.

11. Irish Cocker (Irish Setter x Cocker Spaniel)

Blending the cute and playful cocker with the setter has definite appeal. The result may resemble a smaller version of the Irish setter, helping the pup fit into many apartment weight limits for dogs. Likely more compact than a typical setter, this floof may also be a top-notch travel companion for RV and camping excursions. 

Both parenting pups have high-maintenance coats, and this mix is likely to be the same. To prevent tangles from forming, brush this beauty from nose-to-tail at least two or three times a week. It may also be a good idea to look into having her clipped professionally every six weeks, especially if she spends time exploring the outdoors.

12. Irish Rottie (Irish Setter x Rottweiler)

A working dog breed like the Rottie and a hunting honey like the setter will probably create a driven doggo with moderate daily exercise needs. If you’re seeking a walking buddy or adventure buddy, she’s likely to be the dog for you, as this loyal lass loves to move and groove with her favorite people.

While we can’t predict what every Irish Rottie will look like, it’s safe to assume this will be a large, powerful pup with some fuzz to deal with, requiring brushing to remove shed hair and tangles. Start obedience training and socialization early to solidify her manners and confidence, with practice exercises continued for life to keep her happy, healthy, and well-adjusted.

13. Irish Coonhound (Irish Setter x Coonhound)

Opposites attract with this delightful duo of a doggo. Pairing the sleek and sophisticated setter with the back-country coonhound is one kooky combo, but it has the potential to form a sweet, sensitive pup who loves having fun. Give her plenty of daily exercise and attention, and she’ll reward you with tail wags and possibly the trademark happy bay of a coonhound.

Considering the coonhound’s enthusiasm for all the smells, you’ll want to keep this cutie confined on a leash outside fenced areas. You should let her release her sniffing instincts through play, with snuffle mats being ideal for everyday enrichment exercises.

14. Irish Setter x Basset Hound

Image from

Combining one of the best noses in the dog world with a sport-loving setter may result in a mutt devoted to pursuing fun sights and smells. Walking her on a long leash is a great way to put her natural skills to work, but keep that lead in place, as she’ll follow her nose wherever it takes her, ignoring your commands.

Setters are a biddable breed, but Bassets can be stubborn and independent. This might mean your combination critter is in the middle, making training challenging. To keep her focused, stock your training treat pouch with high-value rewards like chopped hot dogs.

15. Irish Setter x Vizsla

Love to exercise? This floof may be the dog for you, as setters are sporty, and vizslas are among the best dogs for running. From jogging beside your bike to rocking the agility course, this dog’s likely to give the Energizer Bunny a run for his money. This everyday need for activity can be too much for some owners.

While happy to stretch her legs as your workout buddy, this pup’s also a natural at home with her family. Both parent breeds are gentle and affectionate, which lends well to life with small children.

16. Irish Springer (Irish Setter x Springer Spaniel)

As graceful as she is gorgeous, this blended barker is likely to be athletic, given that both of her parent breeds are accomplished huntresses. While she can excel as a hiking buddy or Rally regular, she’s also content with a daily walk and backyard fun if you’re short on time. She’s also sure to be playful, fitting in well with kids and active adults. 

Grooming this mix’s long coat can be a handful, as you’ll need to dedicate a few minutes several times a week to brush her coat thoroughly. If you don’t, it’ll mat, causing pain, skin irritation, and a grooming headache.

17. Irish Setter x German Shepherd

The setter’s sweetness pairs well with the shepherd’s colossal heart and devotion to her owner, as the German shepherd is one of the most loyal dog breeds. The resulting Rover may be an all-star companion who adores being by your side, whether sitting at your feet as you work or joining you on runs.

Separation anxiety is a concern with this sniffer, as German shepherds are famously finicky about being away from their people. Crating your canine when you’re not around is a good idea, but some dogs do best spending time at doggy daycare if their parents work long hours.

18. Irish Lab (Irish Setter x Labrador Retriever)

Talk about one cute critter! This Lab mix’s sunny disposition is infectious, turning any frown upside down at a glance. This joyous spirit pairs nicely with family life, as this canine is likely to roll with the ups and downs of kiddos, including the occasional shrieking and toddler tantrums. Show her lots of love, and she’ll reward you with tail wags and cuddles.

This pup’s exercise and attention needs may be too much for some pet parents. By combining two hunting dogs, you’re forming a retrieving all-star who loves exploring the outdoors. This makes backyard play and daily walks or jogs necessary to burn off her extra energy.

19. Irish Setter x English Setter

Setter² is a better name for this setter smashup. Both breeds are beloved for sweet, playful temperaments, so a mix of the two is likely to inherit this pleasant personality that works well in households with children. The combination of hunting roots also means she’s sure to be active, enjoying daily bouts of backyard fun and long walks.

The parenting breeds share a similar flowing coat, with the difference being coloring, as Irish setters are typically red. In contrast, English setters are usually white with splotchy colored markings in a pattern called “Belton.” All of this means that your new combo canine could pop out looking super cool! Just brush her a few times weekly and after off-trail walks to remove debris and prevent tangles.

Irish Setter Mixes: FAQ 

Irish setter lying on grass

After meeting all those cute Irish setter mixes, you may have some lingering questions about them. We’ve rounded up the most frequently asked questions about Irish setters and Irish setter mixes and answered them for you.

How much does an Irish setter mix cost?

There’s no set cost for an Irish setter mix. You can find a pup at your local humane society for between $150 to $400 (puppies usually cost more,) or you can source one from a breeder for more, with some charging upwards of $800 or more.

Be wary of backyard breeders charging an arm and a leg for a mixed-breed pup. The parents likely weren’t health tested, so you’re being charged for the cute factor alone, which doesn’t justify a hefty price tag. 

Where can you find an Irish setter mix?

Irish setter mixes can be found at a pound, rescue, or by contacting a breeder. Use Petfinder to search for a specific breed for adoption, like an Irish setter mix. Shelters and rescues use this database to list pets in need of homes. You can narrow things down by sex and age to ensure you find the best fit for your pack.

What are Irish setters mixed with?

Irish setters descend from a combination of the Gordon setter, English setter, pointer, and several spaniel types. Today, Irish setter mixes come in all sorts of combos, from common gundogs like Lab-setter mixes to rare finds like the Afghan-setter mix.

What are the different types of Irish setters?

Officially, there aren’t different subsets of Irish setters. However, some breed fanciers sometimes use “show” and “field” terminology to distinguish heavier-built show dogs from lean and leggy hunting pups. This is mirrored in some other breeds, like the Labrador retriever, with “English” or “show” and “American” or “field” Lab terms used. 

These terms are just nicknames some people use to describe body style. Don’t fall for breeders who use the labels to overcharge for a puppy. Chances are, if a pup’s health-tested and well-bred, the breeder won’t use these terms.

Is there a mini Irish setter?

No, there’s no such thing as a mini or miniature Irish setter. Some pups may be slightly smaller than the breed standard, but they shouldn’t be marketed as miniature or bred to capitalize on their more diminutive stature.

Some Irish setter mixes resemble miniature Irish setters, particularly those mixed with spaniels, like the Irish setter-cocker spaniel mix and the Irish setter-springer mix.

Do you have any of the incredible Irish setter mixes we shared? How about another Irish setter mix? Share them with us in the comments. We’d love to meet them!

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