Best Weed Dog Toys: 7 Blazin’ Barker Toys



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weed toys for dogs

Love the green stuff and want to express it via your four-footer’s gear? 

Look no further than weed dog toys.

No, these pot-themed playthings don’t contain marijuana; they’re completely safe for your doggo. They simply give you a way to show your appreciation for the plant via pot-based designs.

Below, we’ll share our favorite weed-themed dog toys, from kush plushes to leaf-shaped chews.

Do NOT Give Your Dog Weed

We’re having some fun here, but please understand that you should NOT give your dog cannabis.

Weed-themed toys are fine for your four-footer; weed itself is not.

The 7 Best Weed Dog Toys: Ganja Greats for Pups 

Weed dog toys are equal parts funny and cute, offering you a laugh and photo-worthy moments and your dog heaps of fun. Check out these doobie-themed dog toys and see which spark your interest.

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1. Dooby’s Dog Toys Weed Leaf Emoji Hemp Dog Toy

Best Overall Weed Dog Toy
Dooby’s Dog Toys Weed Leaf Emoji Hemp Dog Toy

A blazed weed leaf plush featuring a squeaker and organic hemp fabric.

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About: Proudly proclaim your favorite 4/20 festivity with Dooby’s Dog Toys’ Weed Leaf Emoji Hemp Dog Toy, a plushy plaything perfect for games of toss, squeaking, and keeping your canine company during chill moments. Designed in the classic weed leaf look, this plush has comedic bloodshot eyes and a content smile in a classic “blazed and dazed” expression.


  • All materials are non-toxic
  • Measures 6.5” x 6.5”
  • Inner squeaker keeps pups chomping
  • Handmade from organic hemp fabric


  • Made of dog-safe hemp 
  • Hilarious design sure to stir chuckles
  • It’s a plushy, squeaky toy that most pups love


  • Super chewers may make quick work of this toy’s seams
  • Small size may not suit bigger doggos

2. SodaPup Colorado Maple Leaf Chew

Best Weed Dog Chew Toy
SodaPup Colorado Maple Leaf

A textured chew made of dog-safe nylon in a classic marijuana leaf shape.

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About: Satisfy your furry friend’s mutt munchies with the SodaPup Colorado Maple Leaf Chew, featuring a grooved finish perfect for coating with lickable snacks to keep him engaged. The unique shape isn’t just funny but also prevents most pups from stuffing the entire toy in their mouth, making supervised chew sessions a little safer. 


  • Made of non-toxic, BPA-free, food-safe nylon
  • Measures 5” x 4.5”
  • Dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning
  • Made in the USA by a veteran-owned company


  • Quality and durability earn high marks from pet parents
  • Affordably priced
  • Can be slathered in your pup’s goodies like dog-safe peanut butter or cheese


  • Aggressive chewers may be able to gnaw off the leaf’s corners
  • A few dogs weren’t fans of the nylon material

3. South Park for Pets Towelie Plush

Best Crinkle Weed Dog Toy
South Park for Pets Towelie Crinkle Toy

A Towelie-shaped plush with an inner crinkle feature that drives dogs wild.

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About: Towelie Plush by South Park for Toys features everyone’s favorite cannabis-loving cloth with his signature baked expression and stance and an interior crinkle with a sound and texture dogs adore. Perfect for a hilarious photo op or occupying your gentle chewer with tooth-friendly fun, this plush is sure to keep your doggo (and your buds) entertained. 


  • Made of a soft, dog-safe plush material
  • Size suitable for small to medium dogs
  • Offer in 6- and 9-inch versions
  • Made in China


  • Plush-loving pups go gaga for it, especially when they hear the crinkle
  • It’s pretty affordable 
  • No sharp edges or hard pieces to risk hurting your pup’s mouth as he plays


  • Won’t stand up to heavy-duty chewers
  • It’s made in China, which is a buzzkill

4. Bag-o-Weed Plush

Funniest Dog Weed Toy Bag-O-Weed Plush

A silly “stash” for your pup in a soft, tooth-friendly polyester plush design.

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About: Have a laugh and give your canine his own kush collection with the Bag-o-Weed Plush by, a soft toy that safely lets you and your dog celebrate a love of weed. As he plays, the hidden squeaker and crinkly paper up the fun, keeping him munching away. 


  • Made with non-toxic polyester material
  • Reinforced stitching for added durability
  • Measures 8” x 4”
  • Designed to mimic a baggy of your favorite green stuff


  • Pet parents praise the product’s quality and laugh factor
  • Squeaker and crinkle features entertain as your pup plays
  • Comes with a satisfaction guarantee from the manufacturer


  • May be a little too large for small dogs
  • Not intended for heavy chewers

5. Nestpark Puppy Chiefer 3000 Plush 

Best Bong-Style Weed Dog Toy
Nestpark Puppy Chiefer 3000

A barker bong plush with a fun squeaker and a comical design.

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About: Let your best fur friend blaze safely with the Nestpark Puppy Chiefer 3000 Plush, a bong-shaped soft toy suited for light chewers needing a new plushy. The squeaker inside is a sweet surprise, encouraging your pup to continue chomping and playing.


  • Made with a soft plush material and inner mesh lining for added strength
  • Measures 9.5” tall
  • No hard areas or sharp corners, letting your dog toss, carry, and squeak safely
  • Made in China


  • The detailed bong look is sure to stir up laughs and epic photos
  • Most owners report top-notch quality and some longevity with gentle chewers
  • Affordably priced for a novelty toy


  • Not meant for aggressive chewers 
  • Made in China

6. Nestpark Doogy Doobie

Best Blunt Weed Dog Toy
Nestpark Doggy Doobie

A barker blunt toy with inner squeakers and crinkle texture for keeping canines a’chompin’.

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About: Mimic a smokin’ good time as your pup plays with Nestpark’s Doogy Doobie, a blunt-shaped weed dog toy that’s the perfect shape to toss, chew, chase, and carry. Two inner squeakers and a fun crinkle texture encourage your dog to nibble and shake for more.


  • Made with plush material, double stitching, and interior mesh for added durability
  • Measures 9.5” x 2”
  • Joint design with a glowing red tip 
  • Made in China


  • Blunt-style shape perfect for laughs (and easy for dogs to hold!)
  • Sizing great for medium to large-sized pups
  • Dual squeakers and crinkles keep doggos entertained


  • Not a good option for aggressive chewers or shredders
  • Too large for toy breeds

7. Huxley & Kent Baked Bone Plush

Cutest Weed Dog Toy
Huxley & Kent Baked Bone Plush

An adorable leaf-printed “Baked” bone plush with a squeaker.

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About: Make a cute memory with Huxley & Kent’s Baked Bone Plush, a soft sniffer toy with a playful print of weed leaves and a simple “baked” message. Bone-shaped, this plush play item is a breeze for dogs big and small to enjoy, whether carrying it to show visitors, posing for a photo, or lightly chewing to enjoy the squeaker inside.


  • Exterior is a soft, plush material 
  • Available in Small (8.5” x 4”) and Large (12” x 6”)
  • Machine-washable for cleaning as needed
  • Nylon tape and mesh provide interior support 


  • Bone-shaped design is as cute as it is practical
  • Soft nature is tooth-friendly compared to other dog toys
  • Most pet parents praise the toy’s look and quality


  • Not a good match for heavy-duty chewers
  • Shape may encourage pups to gnaw the ends away quickly

Weed-Themed Toys Are OK, But Keep Your Stash from Spot

keep weed from your pet

While it’s safe for your sniffer to enjoy the toys we shared under your supervision, never give your dog real weed, including edibles, as marijuana is toxic to dogs. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) found in the plant has a dangerous sedating effect that can impair your pet’s breathing.

Keep all forms of marijuana out of reach, preferably in a secure container high in a cabinet so your dog can’t swipe it off a counter. Store ashtrays out of your doggo’s reach, too, since some four-footers have an affinity for smoked butts, and remember to secure any plants!

There are plenty of ways to safely celebrate 4/20 with your dog, including: 

What About CBD and Hemp?

cannabis oil cbd

Marijuana differs from dog-safe products like cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp, which do not contain significant amounts of THC. Since they’re (essentially) free of THC, they avoid the dangerous sedating effect seen in weed. 

CBD oil may combat joint pain and as a natural calming method in canines for pups with separation and car anxiety. Hemp fiber frequently appears in eco-friendly dog beds and sustainable dog toys.  Ensure any CBD or hemp product is intended for dogs before offering it to your pup. 

Always ask your vet before offering a CBD or hemp oil product to ensure it’s safe for your sniffer, especially if he has underlying health issues or is on medication.


Do you have any of these weed dog toys for your woofer? Is there another that lights up his day? Share the deets with us in the comments! We’d love to hear!

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Kelsey Leicht

Kelsey is a lover of words and woofs. She worked hands-on with dogs for several years at a boarding kennel as a shift runner and office manager before venturing into the world of writing. She lives in New Jersey with her crew of crazy canines.

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