Flexpet Review: Can It Help Cure My Dog’s Joint Pain?

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Dog Health By Meg Marrs 10 min read June 9, 2021 7 Comments

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flexpet review

If you’ve ever watched your beloved dog grow old, you know how hard it is to see your furry pal begin to slow down.

The truth is that arthritis isn’t just a human problem – it’s a canine one too. Chances are your dog has had many of joyful years leaping across the sky to snatch frisbees and jogging through the woods. Even a life as well led as a dog’s life has some aches and pains in the later years.

old dog slowing down

Watching my own senior dog Benzy slow down was really tough. The dog who once leapt up to greet me every time I walked in the door started to have difficulty just rising up.

He would struggle to get in the car or go up stairs. Sometimes his back legs would just give out while he was standing.

Benzy was my first dog, and I didn’t know much at the time about canine arthritis.

I wish I had known more about supplements like Flexpet back then, because they might have really helped Benzy be more mobile in his golden years.

Today we’re going to give you the complete breakdown on Flexpet – what’s in it, how it works, what kind of results to expect, and whether it’s worth the price.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Dog Joint Supplement

What Are Joint Supplements Used For?

Joint supplements are designed to relieve pets suffering from joint pain. This includes dogs who have:

  • Arthritis
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Recovering from an injury

Will This Improve Your Dog’s Quality of Life?

It’s important to note that Flexpet is not a cure for old age. No supplement or medicine is.

old doggyNo pill can give eternal life – although if anyone deserves to lap at the fountain of youth, it has to be dogs.

Make sure to manage your expectations and understand exactly what joint supplements can do, and what they cannot do.

Consulting Your Vet

In many cases, a joint supplement can do wonders for your dog. However, your dog’s pain could be due to a more serious underlying illness outside of arthritis or joint issues.

Make sure you consult your vet to understand the root cause of your dog’s pain before trying any supplements. Once you know that your dog’s joints are the issue, you can begin trying different treatments.

Flexpet Review: What Flexpet is All About?

does flexpet workWhat Is FlexPet?

Flexpet is a dog joint supplement produced by the same manufacturers of Flexcin, a well-regarded joint supplement for humans.

It uses many of the same ingredients as Flexcin, relying on human grade ingredients to cure your canine of his joint issues.

What Sets It Apart?

 Flexpet’s main claim to fame is its use of Cetyl Myristoleate (CM8), an ingredient said to lubricate joints and muscles, as well as reduce any inflammation.

Flexpet uses CM8, along with several other ingredients with histories of reducing inflammation and joint pain, to create the supplement.

What Are The Benefits of Flexpet? 

Flexpet promises to :

  • Increase energy and mobility
  • Improve Demeanor
  • Support Stronger Cartilage
  • Promote better joint function and stimulate lubrication in joints

That’s quite an impressive list – but can Flexpet really do all it promises? We’ll examine the ingredients and find out.


  • All Natural Ingredients. Flexpet is made with all natural ingredients – no mystery chemicals or drugs that can wreak havoc on your dog’s body.
  • Available In Chewable Form. Flexpet comes in a chewable form that is easy for your dog to take. This is a huge benefit for owners who often have trouble figuring out how to get their dogs to take medications.
  • Little To No Side Effects. Since the ingredients in Flexpet are natural, there are little to no side effects, putting many owners’ minds at ease.
  • May Eliminate Need For Surgery. Some dogs with joint issues like hip dysplasia end up requiring surgery. If it performs well, Flexpet could potentially avoid the need for such operations.
  • Treats Issue Rather Than Symptoms. Many owners end up giving their dogs pain medication when they see their pets suffering. However, pain medication simply covers up symptoms of a deeper issue, ignoring the root cause (this goes for humans as well). Quick band-aid fixes don’t usually resolve much, and may even make things worse in the long run as the real illness goes untreated.
  • 100% Guarantee. Flexpet provides a full refund if you’re not satisfied with your order. This covers up to 90s days worth of treatment. It’s always good to see businesses providing a guarantee, as this usually means they are confident in the success of their product.
  • Works For Cats Too! Cats can take Flexpet as well, which is a nice benefit for multi-pet households.


  • Takes Some Time To Become Effective. Most owners don’t report seeing a change in their pet until at least one month of treatment. If Flexpet doesn’t end up working for your dog, sinking money to a month’s worth of unsuccessful treatment could be disheartening.
  • Not Cheap. Flexpet costs $40/bottle, which lasts one month. However, if you do the buy two, get one free deal, it comes out to just under $27/bottle, which is certainly much more affordable.
  • May Require Several Doses. Depending on the size of your dog, you may need to provide Flexpet 3-4 times per day (we cover dosages in detail below).

Flexpet Ingredients: What’s In It?

Flexpet is made with all-natural, human-grade ingredients and is produced in the USA. Natural ingredients mean that you don’t need to worry as much about dangerous side effects, minimizing the risk of trying a supplement like this.

Ingredients include:

[toggle title=”Cetyl Myristoleate (CM8)“]This is Flexpet’s key ingredient, and what they say sets them apart from other joint supplements.

While there is limited information about this naturally occurring fat, it is believed to reduce swelling and lubricate joints.

The benefits of CM8 were first discovered when certain mice did not develop arthritis in a lab experiment where researchers were purposely trying to induce arthritis. It was found that these mice had natural CM8. When injected into other animals, the CM8 was found to protect them against arthritis as well.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Glucosamine“]

 A natural chemical compound present in your body (as well as your dog’s) that keeps your cartilage and joints healthy. Glucosamine is a common ingredient in many joint supplements – some owners choose to give their pets pure glucosamine, with varied success.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Methyl-Sulfonymethane“]

An organic sulfur compound that aids in joint support and reduces inflammation. It also can help with allergy relief.[/toggle]

[toggle title=”Hydrolyzed Collagen II“] A joint cartilage compound that has been shown to reduce inflammation, maintain connective tissue, and improve joint health when ingested orally.

[/toggle] [toggle title=”Bromelain“] A natural enzyme often found in pineapples, which have been used to treat indigestion, as well as reduce swelling and inflammation for centuries in Central and South America.

[/toggle] flexpet review

flexpet dr randallVet Recommended

On the official website, it is noted that Flexpet is veterinarian recommended, endorsed specifically by a well-known Florida veterinarian, Dr. Randall. Dr. Randall even celebrates the supplement as his #1 choice for pain relief.

After digging in to Dr. Randall’s credentials, it’s safe to say that he is indeed a highly-praised vet running Big Cypress Animal Clinic, which is recognized as one of the most trusted veterinarian facilities in Southwest Florida, and receives rave reviews from his patients.

Having Dr. Randall in Flexpet’s corner is certainly a reassuring endorsement. When a veterinarian is willing to put their hard-earned reputation behind a product, it’s likely worth giving that item a second glance.

Flexpet Customer Reviews: Many Delighted Owners & Dogs

I’m often wary of supplements, especially in an age where the “amazing benefits of fish oil and Omega 3 fatty acids” seem to be continuously debunked every other week.

However, there are plenty of true conversion stories when it comes to Flexpet – owners are often blown away by their pet’s improvement.

flexpet review
One owner, Chelsea, notes that her dog used to take Rimadyl (pain killer) daily, and so she wanted to find a more natural solution that healed her dog’s body rather than simply cover up pain.

Chelsea says that after a month of giving her pet Flexpet, she noticed her dog becoming much more active and noticeably less depressed. Since then, she has given Flexpet to all three of her senior dogs, and says that their renewed energy and activity is astounding. People even mistake them for puppies rather than seniors!

Another owner, Sasha, tells of how she noticed a huge improvement in her dog, but after she ran out of Flexpet, she began transitioning her dog to pure glucosamine.

It turns out the glucosamine did not provide nearly the same benefits, and Sasha quickly switched her dog back to Flexpet, saying that her dog will likely take Flexpet every day for the rest of his life. Despite the cost, she notes it is well worth the cost!

Yet another owner tells of how his dog was in so much agony that he considered taking his dog to the vet to be put down when his poor dog couldn’t even stand up. After taking Flexpet, his dog can go on walks and even chases after tennis balls like in puppyhood.

This owner was astounded that he almost had to put his pet down due to suffering that Flexpet quickly alleviated.

Flexpet Pricing: How Much Does Flexpet Cost?

Flexpet comes well recommended, but it isn’t cheap. See our chart below to understand how pricing works.

BottlesPricePrice Per BottleNumber of TabletsDays of Treatment CoveredIdeal Use
1 Bottle$39.95$39.95/bottle60 tablets30 daysGood for a first try
3 Bottles (Buy 2 + 1 Free)$79.90$27/bottle180 tablets90 daysBest value
Trial-Sized Packets$12.00N/A21 tablets (3 per pack, with 7 packs)10 daysGreat for traveling

The “days of treatment” matches with the standard dosage of 2 tablets per day. However, depending on your dog’s size, you may need to provide additional doses. This could also have an affect on the long-term cost of Flexpet.

Flexpet Dosage: How Much Will Your Dog Need?

Before you consider trying Flexpet, you’ll want to plan out the dosage you’ll need to provide your pet daily. Note that extra-large dogs will need a considerably higher dose than very small dogs or cats, which may also affect the overall cost of the treatment.

flexpet dosage

Where to Buy FlexPet

Flexpet can be purchased on the supplement’s official website, as well as Amazon.

However, it’s worth noting that Flexpet is more expensive on Amazon, so if you are interested in trying it out, definitely order through the official website.

Plus, on the official website, you can get additional discounts that are unavailable on Amazon (such as the free bottle deal).

Flexpet Alternatives: Other Dog Joint Supplements To Try

There is no shortage of joint supplements for dogs on the market, although not many receive the praise that Flexpet does. Still, if you’re interested in trying something else, these are other well-recommended dog joint supplements that may help your pooch.

dog hip supplementTerramax Pro Liquid Glucosamine Hip & Joint Supplement

These glucosamine supplements from Terramax Pro are great for curing the aches and pains of your pup.

In addition to glucosamine, these supplements also contain chondroitin and opti-MSM, which are other supplements believed to help promote healthy joints and tissue. Since these supplements come in liquid capsules, they can absorb faster than regular capsules, potentially offering speedier results.  

best dog joint supplementExtra Strength Chewables From K9 Labs

These chewable supplements include glucosamine and chondroitin, which are classic traditional ingredients believed to quell arthritis and joint pain.

The great thing about these supplements is that they are bacon flavored, so they may work well for dogs who picky about their medicines. 

Conclusion: Is Flexpet Legit? Yes (And Probably Worth Trying)

Watching your dog grow old is hard, but don’t send your pet out to pasture before its time – it seems that the arthritic pain that is slowing your dog down can potentially be halted.

Reading some of the accounts of happy owners, it’s amazing to see what Flexpet can possibly do for your pet. It’s safe to say that Flexpet’s claims are substantiated, and that it has had a very positive effect on many dogs suffering from joint pain.

While it’s not a cheap supplement, the 100% guarantee lets you test out Flexpet without putting on too much of a financial risk.

Between research-backed ingredients, overjoyed user reviews, and a well-recognized veterinarian’s endorsement, Flexpet is definitely a dog joint supplement that has a good shot on changing your dog’s life for the better.

Interested in learning more? Click here to learn more about Flexpet!

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Hello Meg,
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So happy to hear about this product…My 8 year old rescue can certainly use it!!! Thanks!!!

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Could someone tell me if the Flexpet with CM8 tablets are chew able, normal tablets or drops please.

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The ones on the Flexpet website are chewable tablets – hope that helps!


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