Heavy Duty Dog Leashes: The Roughest, Toughest, and Strongest Leashes Around

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Strong Dog Leashes

Lots of things can make you feel powerless, but few can match the gut-wrenching feeling you’ll experience while watching your dog run off into the distance, dragging the remnants of a broken leash behind her.

As dog owners, we often take the integrity of our pet’s leash for granted. Few of us worry that our dog’s leash will break while she is lunging toward a squirrel or dragging you around the neighborhood during her nightly walk.

But be sure: Leashes can break.

I learned this unfortunate lesson first hand a little while back. We’ll talk about my experiences a little later, but for now, we’re going to discuss some of the reasons leashes can break, as well as the things you want to look for when buying a heavy-duty leash.

We’ll then recommend six of the roughest, toughest, and strongest leashes on the market.

Note that we’re not talking about leashes that are built to withstand your dog’s teeth; we’re talking about leashes that should resist your dog’s pulling and lunging.

There’s likely plenty of crossover between the two types, but we’ve covered chew-proof leashes before. If chomping is your dog’s main issue, check those out. Otherwise, if sheer strength against your dog’s power is what you’re worried about, keep reading!

See our quick picks below, or keep reading for full reviews and more details (also be sure to check out the chart following the product reviews, which will help you figure out the best leash for your situation)!

Quick Picks: Best Heavy-Duty Dog Leashes

  • Pick #1 — Paw Lifestyles Extra Heavy-Duty Leash: This 1-inch-wide leash is twice as thick as most others, and it features quality components that are built to last. As a bonus, it’s very affordably priced.
  • Pick #2 — Mighty Paw Rope Leash: This is a great option for owners who’d prefer a leash made from rope rather than webbing. It also comes with one of the strongest carabiners of any leash on the market.
  • Pick #3 — Leashboss Dog Leash: This leash is not only well-built, strong, and durable, it is also available in 10- and 15-foot-long versions, which will give your dog more room to explore.

How Do Leashes Break?

In order to select a leash that’s unlikely to break, you must begin by identifying the reasons leashes typically fail.

To that end, we reviewed dozens of stories, photos, and complaints regarding broken leashes. Some of the most common ways that leashes break include:

  • The main portion of the leash can snap.
  • The hardware used in the leash can break.
  • The stitching – particularly the stitching that keeps the handle together — can fail.

Although our review shouldn’t be taken as a rigorous, scientific study, it appears that leashes fail most often in response to broken hardware or stitching, rather than a default in the main portion of the leash. The only caveat to this occurs when dogs chew on the main portion of the leash, which obviously weakens it.

It is also important to note that dogs can escape when the clasp becomes unhooked. This may be due to the leash –the collar or harness clasps of some leashes appear to slip open more frequently than others – or it may be due to your dog’s Houdini-caliber skills.

Either way, the security of a leash’s clasp is an important consideration for owners of all dogs, but especially those with big, strong, or escape-minded pups.

What Should You Look For in a Heavy-Duty Dog Leash?

Because dog leashes can fail in a few different ways, manufacturers employ different methods to prevent different types of failure.

Ideally, you’ll select a leash that satisfies all of the criteria listed below, but this isn’t always easy. Just try to pick one that addresses as many of the following issues as possible, while still suiting your dog’s needs.

Select a Dog Leash Made from Strong Materials

We’ll start with the most obvious criteria you’ll need to look for: You need a leash made from materials with sufficient tensile strength (essentially, the amount of weight or tension the leash can support).

Fortunately, most leashes are made from strong materials, but there are a few differences between the materials you should consider when making your choice.

The three best leash materials for owners who need a super-strong leash include:

  • Nylon Webbing – Nylon webbing is one of the most popular choices for dog leashes, and most forms are more than up to the task – particularly varieties that are at least 1-inch wide. The exact tensile strength of different webbing products varies, and manufacturers rarely go into details about the ratings of the webbings they use, so it is often difficult to know what you’re getting when you buy a leash made of nylon webbing. However, the material’s design is inherently strong and used by mountain climbers and on cargo ships.
  • Rope – Ropes vary widely in their strength and thickness, and they’re also made from a variety of materials. Some will struggle to support the weight of wet laundry, but the ones used in most dog leashes are pretty resistant to breakage. The best leashes are made from genuine mountain climbing ropes, which are obviously engineered to support very heavy loads and absorb powerful shocks. They also stretch a little bit, which make rope leashes great for dogs who lunge or jerk at squirrels and cats.
  • Leather – Leather is another strong material used in leash construction. The strength of a given leash will depend on the width, thickness, and grade of the leather, but high-quality lengths that are at least three-quarters of an inch wide are often strong enough to resist the pulls and lunges of large dogs. Leather is also attractive and durable, plus it feels pretty nice to the hand. It also stretches like rope does.

There are two other materials that are occasionally used for leashes, but for a variety of reasons, they’re not always a great choice for dog owners.

They include:

  • Metal Chain – Thick metal chains are also very strong, and heavy-duty versions are unlikely to break when your dog pulls. However, chain is a bit heavy, and you won’t feel it stretch at all, so it isn’t as owner-friendly as some of the other materials listed here. Additionally, few manufacturers make chain collars with thick enough links to restrain big dogs. On the plus side, it will withstand your dog’s teeth.
  • Metal Wire – Thick metal wire is likely the strongest material used in leash construction, although the specific tensile strength of any given product will vary based on the strand count and thickness. However, metal wire hardly stretches at all, which can be hard on your body. It’s also stiff, which makes it awkward to use.

We don’t include any chain- or wire-based leashes among our recommendations, but they are theoretically viable choices for owners who simply want the strongest leash possible.

 Select the Widest, Thickest Leash You Can

For any given material, wider and thicker pieces will usually support more weight or tension than thinner pieces will. This principle only applies when comparing leashes made from the same materials, but as a matter of practice, opt for the thickest and widest version of any given leash if you are prioritizing strength.

 Pick a Leash with a Strong and Durable Handle

A troubling number of owners have reported that their leash broke at the handle. In some cases, this was the result of poor stitching (which we’ll get to in a minute), but in other cases, the actual material used snapped in two.

Accordingly, it is important to ensure that any leash you consider features a high-quality handle.

Padding is also nice, but it doesn’t make the leash any stronger. Personally, I don’t really mind using an unpadded leash, but YMMV.

 Stick to Leashes That Have High-Quality Stitching

Just as a “chain” is only as strong as its weakest “link,” it is important to avoid nylon, rope, or leather leashes that feature substandard stitching. This will drastically reduce the strength of a leash, making it more vulnerable to breakage.

Note that the stitching used in most leashes will fray over time. Just be sure to take good care of your leash and inspect it regularly for signs of fraying. Stop using it once this starts to happen. Some of the best leashes surround stitched areas with plastic or rubber sleeves, which helps to prevent fraying.

You can usually avoid poor stitching by simply sticking to products made by premium manufacturers. Stitching isn’t a terribly expensive component of leashes, so high-end manufacturers rarely cut corners here.

 Look for Leashes Made with Heavy-Duty Hardware

You must look for leashes featuring high-quality hardware. This encompasses all of the different metal pieces on a leash, including rivets and rings, but it is especially important to look for leashes that have strong collar or harness clasps.

Be sure to consider not only the thickness and durability of the main portion of the clasp but any wires, pins, or springs used in its construction too.

 Pick a Leash with a Secure Clasp

Although we’re primarily focusing on leashes that are particularly strong, it is also important to ensure that you select a clasp that remains securely connected to your dog’s collar or harness. Dogs who constantly jerk, twist, and pull on their leash can cause the clasp to open, which will allow your dog to run free.

Most of the best leashes feature locking mechanisms to prevent such things from happening. These are a bit more difficult to clip to your dog’s collar, but the additional safety they provide is worth this minor inconvenience.

Heavy Duty Dog Leash

If you have an especially escape-prone pup, you’ll want to consider purchasing an escape-proof dog harness to go with your heavy duty leash. Generally when it comes to Houdini-halting harnesses, the more adjustment points, the better. A multitude of adjustment points allows you to make sure the harness is nice and snug, no with wiggle room for a spry contortionist canine to squirm out of.

What Kinds of Dogs Require a Heavy-Duty Leash?

Not all dogs need a leash capable of restraining a hippopotamus – many will remain safely tethered to their owner with nothing more than a run-of-the-mill leash.

But, heavy-duty leashes should be considered mandatory for dogs that fall into any of the following categories.


If your dog drags you around the neighborhood during your daily walks, you’ll need to go with a heavy-duty leash for dogs who pull that can withstand this type of constant stress.

 Reactive or Aggressive Dogs

If your dog tends to freak out when she sees people, dogs, cars, or anything else, you should always pick a heavy-duty leash. This includes dogs who act out due to excitement or frustration, but it is especially important for those dogs who are known to react aggressively.

 Excitable Dogs

Some dogs become so excited to see other people or pets that they’ll jump, pull, and twist their leash while trying to play and interact with others. This can cause leashes to break and sets up a potentially dangerous (or at least unpleasant) situation.

Understand that while dog lovers may be comfortable with a friendly pooch jumping all over them, many people are frightened by dogs, so you’ll need to prevent your dog from acting this way around strangers. A strong leash will make this much easier to accomplish.

 Big and Strong Breeds

Leash strength is always an important factor to consider for breeds that are bigger and stronger than most.

So, opt for a super-strong leash if your dog is a member of one of the following breeds – even if she is very calm and well-behaved.

  • Mastiffs (including boerboels, and other breeds that don’t actually contain the word “mastiff” in their name)
  • Great Danes
  • Irish wolfhounds
  • Scottish deerhounds
  • Large bulldogs, pit bulls, American Staffordshire Terriers, and similar breeds
  • Rottweilers
  • Dobermans
  • Saint Bernards
  • Great Pyrenees

This list certainly isn’t comprehensive, so be sure to err on the side of caution. If your dog is a member of a breed that is frequently mentioned with other large breeds, a heavy-duty leash is probably appropriate.

The Ten Best Heavy-Duty Dog Leashes

Any of the leashes discussed below should stand up to big and strong dogs, as well as those who pull on their leash constantly.

Just be sure to select one that addresses your needs, as well as those of your dog.

1. Pets Lovers Club Heavy Duty Dog Leash

The Pets Lovers Club Heavy-Duty Dog Leash is built like most standard pet leashes, but it incorporates high-quality components and design features that make it suitable for large and strong dogs.


  • STRONG AND LONG LASTING: Our bestselling double-layer heavy duty dog leash is built to last....
  • STAY SAFE WHILE WALKING YOUR DOG. Our leash is a classic, but it still features some special...
  • PROVEN, PROFESSIONAL DESIGN. Carefully designed leash is a trainer-recommended six feet in length....
  • A CLASSIC, STYLISH PET ACCESSORY. Non chewable sturdy leash suitable for large and extra large dogs...

Features: The Pets Lovers Club Heavy-Duty Dog Leash is a 1-inch-wide, 6-foot-long leash made from nylon webbing. It comes in a traditional one-layer version for small dogs, but we’ll be focusing on the double-layer, heavy-duty version here.

Given its double-layer construction, this leash is approximately twice as strong as most single-layer nylon leashes.

Metal components – including an accessory ring and a thumb-pull style clasp – are used to provide durability. The handle is padded to keep your hands comfortable and prevent some of the discomfort that can occur when using unpadded nylon leashes.

This leash is backed by a pretty cool warranty: If you are dissatisfied with the leash for any reason, you can contact the company and receive a full refund. However, you needn’t send the leash back to the company if you don’t want to – you can donate it to a local shelter instead.

The Pets Lovers Club Leash is available in five colors: Black, Red, Blue, Reflective Black, and Reflective Blue.


If you are the type of owner who values positive owner reviews, the Pets Lovers Club is probably the best choice among the leashes we recommend. Unlike some of the other heavy-duty leashes we’ve reviewed that don’t have a high number of reviews, this leash has received more than 2,000 reviews, and most were positive.

Most owners found that the leash was strong, durable, and easy to use. The clasp seems easy to operate, and most owners reported that the handle was comfortable.


The reviews provided by owners were overwhelmingly positive, so there weren’t many complaints about the Pets Lovers Club Leash. However, we’d point out that this leash doesn’t include many design concepts or features to specifically address the problems created by strong or large dogs, aside from its double-layer construction.

The clasp doesn’t feature any type of locking mechanism, and it is also a little on the small side.

2. Paw Lifestyles Extra Heavy-Duty Leash

The Paw Lifestyles Extra Heavy-Duty Leash is designed to be one of the strongest leashes on the market, and it is specifically intended for medium to large dogs.


  • MAXIMUM TOUGHNESS AND DURABILITY: Nearly 2X thicker and stronger than standard dog leashes. 3mm...
  • PLUSH PADDED HANDLE FOR COMFORT: Features a premium neoprene padded handle for amazing comfort....
  • BE SAFE AND VISIBLE AND NIGHT: 2 seems of luminous reflective threading keeps you both safe and...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN AND STYLE: Premium weather resistant nylon is designed to last. Enjoy a large...

Features: At first glance, the Paw Lifestyles Leash looks like most other nylon webbing leashes. However, this leash is made from 1-inch-wide, 3-millimeter-thick webbing. That means it’s nearly twice as thick as most similar leashes.

The Paw Lifestyles Leash features a padded, neoprene handle that makes it comfortable for owners to hold, and metal hardware for strength and durability. The leash also features reflective stitching for safety, and a metal D-ring for convenience.

The Paw Lifestyles Leash is available in three different color combinations: Black and Blue, Black and Green, and Black and Magenta. It is also backed by the manufacturer’s 100% money-back guarantee.


The Paw Lifestyles Leash received a lot of really positive reviews from owners who tried it. Almost all of the owners who tried it found that it was strong, durable, and comfortable to use. In fact, even though it is not marketed as a chew-proof leash, several owners reported that it held up to their dog’s teeth well.


A handful of owners reported broken clasps, but there weren’t many other complaints about the Paw Lifestyles Leash. A few owners also noted that this leash is simply too heavy for small dogs.

3. Mighty Paw Rope Leash

The Mighty Paw Rope Leash is a strong and durable lead made from weather-resistant climber’s rope to provide a strong and sturdy leash for dogs who like to pull during walks.


  • Made for Comfort: Our soft tubular webbing handle is perfect for long walks and adventures!
  • Built Mighty Strong: Made with super strong lightweight climbing rope and an aviation aluminum...
  • Caught in the rain? No problem: Our leash is weather resistant and can handle any climate.
  • Perfect for both small and large dogs: 6 feet long premium climbers rope for freedom and control.

Features: The Mighty Paw Rope Leash is made from lightweight, 3/8-inch, lightweight climbing rope, and it comes equipped with a large carabiner to clip to your dog’s leash. The handle is made from tubular nylon webbing and features extra padding to keep your hands comfortable.

The Mighty Paw’s carabiner is large, made from aircraft aluminum, and attached via a heavy-duty swivel to prevent the rope from becoming twisted during use. According to the manufacturer, the carabiner will support 400 kilograms (approximately 880 pounds) of tension.

The Mighty Paw Rope Leash contains reflective threads to ensure you and your dog remain visible to motorists. It is available in two colors (Orange and Green) and measures 6 feet long. It is made in the USA and backed by a 90-day, money-back guarantee.


Most owners who tried the Mighty Paw Rope Leash were very pleased with the product. Most reported that the leash was strong and that it allowed them to remain confident while walking big dogs and strong pullers. The handle also appears to be well made, sturdy, and comfortable to use. Additionally, this is a very reasonably priced leash.


A few owners reported that the carabiner was lighter than they’d have liked, but if the manufacturer’s claims can be taken at face value, it should be strong enough to hold up to your dog’s pulling and jerking. The carabiner does not, however, come with a lock of any type, which is somewhat disappointing.

4. Mycicy Rope Leash

The Mycicy Rope Leash is a high-quality rope leash that comes with a few helpful features to keep your pooch safely tethered during walks.


  • Highly Reflective Design: Added reflective stitching, lights up when any light hits it at night....
  • SAFETY LOCK CATCH: Large swivel snap, with a locking safety lug for the snap release. Prevent metal...
  • Exclusive Woven Design: 1/2” x 6 ft red + light blue dog leash is constructed with high-quality...
  • Comfortable Handle: Rope dog leash to increase durability and comfort, the handle is cushioned, soft...

Features: The Mycicy Leash is built around a 1/2-inch-wide, six-strand mountain climbing rope, which has a tensile strength of approximately 1,000 pounds. Reflective strips are woven into the rope to ensure you and your pooch are easy to see during nighttime walks.

The handle of the Mycicy Leash is made from nylon webbing for strength, and it features padding to help keep your hands comfortable. It features a heavy-duty metal clasp to clip to your dog’s collar, and the clasp comes with a special lock catch to prevent it from opening accidentally.

The Mycicy Rope Leash is available in 4- or 6-foot versions, and it comes in five colors: Black, Blue, Pink, Green, and Red. It is also backed by the manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee.


Most owners loved the Mycicy Leash and rated it highly. Most reported that the leash was strong, well-built, and comfortable to use. The colors and reflective strips also drew plenty of praise.


The most common complaint about this leash was that it would fray relatively quickly. However, a very small number of owners also reported that the leash clip broke during use.

5. ADITYNA Leather Dog Leash

The Adityna Leash is a premium dog leash made from genuine leather and specifically designed for large to extra-large dogs.  


  • Superior leather dog leash made to last for years; the Adityna leather leash is made of a single...
  • Perfect leather leash for large and extra large dogs such as german shepherd, great dane, caucasian...
  • Soft and strong at the same time, the adityna 6 foot leather leash can prevent the burning hands...
  • Our mission is to keep your dog safe and happy; we take pride in making long lasting premium pet...

Features: Unlike some other “leather” leashes, which are actually made from imitation materials, the ADITYNA Leash is made from a single piece of real, premium-grade leather. This not only means that it is exceptionally strong, but comfortable to hold too.

The ADITYNA Leather Leash also features high-quality components, such as metal rivets that keep the leash securely assembled and a 360-degree, rotating, stainless-steel leash clip.

The ADITYNA Leather Leash is available in 3/4 or 1-inch-wide versions, and you can get it in black or brown. It is also backed by the manufacturer’s two-year warranty, so you can purchase with confidence.


The ADITYNA Leather Leash received some of the best reviews of any leash around. The vast majority of owners found that it was strong, durable, and easy to use. Most also reported that unlike many other leather or faux-leather leashes, the ADITYNA was very comfortable on the hands. Several owners were pleasantly surprised that the leash came with a storage bag.


There weren’t many complaints about the ADITYNA Leash at all. A few owners didn’t like the way the leash smelled, and a very small number of owners reported manufacturing defects. A few owners also complained that their dog chewed through the leash, but that is easily avoided by not allowing your dog to chew on the leash in the first place.

6. Kruz Pet Heavy-Duty Click-and-Lock Leash

The Kruz Pet Heavy-Duty Leash is a short, rugged leash designed to keep your pet safe and securely by your side during walks.


  • LOCKING DOG LEASH - The Kruz Click and Lock Hook Leash gives you complete control and peace of mind...
  • NIGHT TIME SAFETY - This premium leash for dogs is made from 100% high quality nylon, and the lead...
  • DURABLE, HEAVY DUTY DESIGN - The Kruz dog leash is constructed with heavy duty stitching and a heavy...
  • PADDED COMFORT HANDLE - This nylon leash is designed for your comfort as well as your dog’s...

Features: While standard leashes are usually 6-feet-long, the Kruz Pet Heavy Duty Leash is a bit shorter. Measuring only 4-feet-long, this leash is designed for owners who need to keep their dog a little closer during walks.

Made from high-quality nylon webbing, the Kruz Pet Leash is available in three different widths (5/8, 3/4, and 1-inch). However, if you need the strongest leash possible, you’ll definitely want to opt for the 1-inch-wide version.

The leash features a heavy-duty, locking carabiner to help prevent escapes, and a neoprene padded handle for comfort. It also comes with reflective stitching to improve your pet’s visibility in dim light.

The Kruz Pet Leash is available in four colors: Red, Orange, Gray, and Blue.


The Kruz Pet Heavy-Duty Leash has not yet received a ton of reviews. That said, owners who have used this leash have been quite pleased with its performance. Most owners reported that it is extremely strong, well-made, and comfortable on the hands. Additionally, the locking carabiner appears to work very well.


There weren’t any truly negative reviews of the Kruz Pet Leash. However, a few owners did mention that the leash would be even better if it were longer and had thicker padding on the handle.

7. COLLAR Heavy-Duty Dog Leash

The COLLAR Heavy-Duty Dog Leash is a unique and innovative leash that is specifically designed for large, strong dogs.


  • HEAVY DUTY DOG LEASH - 9,84 Feet Long for LARGE Dogs & EXTRA LARGE DOGS (up to 220 lbs)
  • GLOBAL LIFETIME WARRANTY - whatever happens with Pet Leash EVOLUTOR no matter where we change it for...
  • INNOVATIVE CARABINER - Leash for Dogs EVOLUTOR equipped with Aviation grade aluminum alloy. The...
  • COMFORTABLE IN THE HAND - a unique texture of dog leashes for large dogs prevents slipping even if...

Features: The COLLAR Heavy-Duty Leash is made from a proprietary material called COLLARTEX, which the manufacturer claims is stronger than most other leash materials. COLLARTEX is also reported to be easy to grip, even when the leash becomes wet.

The leash is stitched together with Kevlar thread (the same material used in bullet-proof vests) for additional strength and security, and the manufacturer states that it will support 1,100 pounds of weight.

The COLLAR Heavy-Duty Leash also features a robust and durable carabiner clasp, made from aviation-grade aluminum alloy and secured with a high-quality swivel. The carabiner gate is designed to be strong, while still being easy for owners to open.

The COLLAR Heavy-Duty Leash is available in two (somewhat odd) lengths. You can opt for a 3.94- or 9.84-foot-long model, and both lengths are available in black or orange. It is backed by the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.


Few other leashes on the market include all of the helpful features that the COLLAR Heavy-Duty Leash does. It is made from an extremely strong and durable material, it is stitched together with Kevlar, and the included carabiner appears to be very secure. This is easily one of the most attractive choices available for owners of big or strong dogs.


The biggest problem with the COLLAR Heavy-Duty Dog Leash is that it hasn’t yet received many customer reviews. Nevertheless, all of the owners who did review the product praised it highly. Accordingly, we still think it warrants serious consideration.

8. Leashboss Dog Leash

The Leashboss Dog Leash is a pretty straight-forward, heavy-duty dog leash except for one thing: It is about two to three times longer than most other leashes, which will give your dog more room to roam.


  • Distance with control - 10 or 15 foot leashes allow your dog to explore while maintaining control.
  • Comfort handle makes you say wow - Soft as a baby's bottom! The neoprene padded handle is designed...
  • D-ring gives you options - Attach a poop bag dispenser or make an impromptu tie out! Loop through...
  • Premium USA assembled quality - We aren't the "Leashboss" for nothin! You can feel immediately that...

Features: The Leashboss Dog Leash is a 1-inch-wide leash made from high-quality nylon webbing. It comes with a neoprene padded handle to protect your hands, and it features metal hardware (including a D-ring near the handle) to keep your dog safely secured.

The Leashboss is available in 10- and 15-foot lengths, which should give your dog a little more elbow room when walking at the park. According to the manufacturer these lengths are perfect for use during hiking or camping trips.

The Leashboss is assembled in the USA, and it is available in two color combinations: Orange or Black/Red/Grey. It is backed by the manufacturer’s 5-year warranty, which not only covers product defects, but chewed leashes too.


Simply put, the Leashboss received glowing reviews from the vast majority of owners who tried it. Most reported that it was extremely well made and that it worked well. The length of the leash also provides more freedom for your dog — something most doggos will appreciate.


Most of the complaints about the Leashboss involved dogs chewing through the leash. A few owners reported that it was too heavy for small dogs, but it should work very well for medium to large pooches.

9. Misthis 6-Foot Dog Leash

The Misthis Leash is not only strong and built from durable materials but it is also a multi-function leash, which can be used in several helpful ways.


  • 【4ft-6ft Bungee Dog Leash】 - Wear resistant bungee dog leash is durable and solid enough to...
  • 【Multifunctional Car Seat Belt】- Can also be used as car seat belt, lockable car safety buckle...
  • 【2 Paded Handles Design】 - Superior high-quality leash with innovative secondary traffic control...
  • 【Reflective Strips 】-Reflective strips on both sides provides better visibility and safety in...

Features: The Misthis Leash is a 1-inch-wide leash made from nylon webbing. It also features an elastic section, which enables the leash to stretch from 4 to 6 feet in length. This can help absorb some of the shock you’ll feel when your dog lunges at something.

In addition to the padded neoprene handle, the Misthis Leash also comes with a traffic control handle. This makes it easy to keep your dog right by your side when walking through crowded places. It also features a seat belt insert, so you can buckle your pooch in while riding in the car.

The Misthis Leash is available in Black and Orange, and it is backed by the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.


Most owners who tried the Misthis Leash loved it. The consensus opinion seems to be that it is very durable and strong, and several owners raved about the included elastic section. Most owners also appreciated the ability to use the traffic handle and seat belt insert when necessary.


Most complaints about the Misthis Leash’s related to its durability. However, the majority of these complaints appear to be the result of dogs chewing on the leash. Additionally, a few owners mentioned that the seat belt insert was nice, but the leash’s length was too long for it to be an effective restraint.

10. Mexvell Leash with Unbreakable Carabiner

The Mexvell Leash is a well-built leash that is not only designed to be strong and durable, but escape-proof too.


  • INTENSE CONDITIONS DOG LEASH ROPE: Made with strongest and durable materials to be used outside,...
  • ORIGINAL CARABINER FROM MEXVELL: The carabiner is hardened, solid, one of the best in the market....
  • COMFORTABLE AND TOUGH HANDLE: Reinforced, double stitching, cross stitch provides highest...
  • CARABINER's LOCK a hybrid between a dog leash carabiner and heavy duty interlock used by...

Features: Made from a 6-foot length of heavy-duty woven nylon webbing, the Mexwell Leash is strong, yet still flexible and comfortable to use during long walks. According to the manufacturer, this 1-inch-wide, 3-millimeter-thick leash is twice as strong as comparable models produced by other companies.

The most notable feature included with the Mexvell leash is its “unbreakable” carabiner (the manufacturer calls it a carabiner, but it is better known as a clasp).

Made from real steel, the clasp features a sliding mechanism that allows you to open and close the gate, and it is attached to the leash via a heavy-duty zinc alloy ring. The clasp is designed to require quite a bit of force to open so that it does not do so on its own.

The Mexvell Leash’s handle is padded for your comfort and double-stitched to ensure that it won’t break with normal use. A metal D-ring is attached to the handle and gives you a place to attach a flashlight, poop bags, or a portable water dish.

This leash only comes in a black-and-red color scheme. It is backed by a 30-day, money-back guarantee.


Most owners who tried the Mexvell Leash were pleased with the product. Several mentioned that the leash feels noticeably thicker and stronger than other nylon webbing leashes. Most reported that the carabiner was very secure, and it appears to be very durable. By and large, the majority of owners appeared to have great confidence in this leash.


Several owners complained that this leash clasp was very hard to open. Some owners even began leaving the leash attached, simply removing their dog’s collar upon returning home. But this is a deliberate design feature of the leash – the carabiner is supposed to resist opening during normal use. But the fact remains, owners who don’t have strong hands may find this leash a bit difficult to use.

Which of These Leashes Is Right for You?

You may feel a bit overwhelmed after reviewing the tips and leash recommendations above – there’s a lot to think about and several different products to consider.

We’ll try to help clarify things with the following chart.

If you want a leash that:You probably want the:
Features a very secure claspMexvell Leash with Unbreakable Carabiner
Is made from some of the strongest materials availableCOLLAR Heavy-Duty Dog Leash
Can be used in several different configurationsMisthis 6-Foot Dog Leash
Has received the most positive reviews from ownersPets Lovers Club Heavy-Duty Dog Leash
Absorbs the most shock from sudden pulls and lungesMisthis 6-Foot Dog Leash
Is comfortable on your hands and stretches slightly ADITYNA Leather Dog Leash

Don’t take the chart above as the final word on the issue – you’ll still need to consider your dog’s individual needs when making a choice. But, this should help point you in the right direction.

Take Responsibility for Your Pet’s Safety

The tips and recommendations provided above should help you make a good choice, but don’t rely solely on our advice: You must take responsibility for making sure your dog stays safely tethered and under your control, no matter which leash you use.

Make sure that you inspect your dog’s leash before each and every walk. If you notice broken or malfunctioning components, significant fraying, or any other type of damage, refrain from using the leash. In fact, it is always a good idea to keep a backup leash on hand, in case your primary leash starts showing signs of wear.

It’s also a good idea to try out any leash you select in the safety of your home or backyard before taking it to the streets (as the kids say). Be sure to give it a good workout so you can ensure that it’ll hold up when you are out in public.

Dog Leash for Pullers

Be Sure to Address Any Behavioral Problems That Require You to Use a Heavy-Duty Leash

The leashes recommended above will certainly help keep your dog safe, but buying one should only be considered a stop-gap measure. It is important to work to instill good walking habits in your pet.

You may be able to fix some of these issues, such as excessive pulling, on your own, but don’t hesitate to work with a professional trainer if your dog’s problems are severe, or if you are unable to fix the issue yourself.


My Rottie is sweet enough to give you a cavity. Like most other Rottweilers, she’s a bit aloof around strangers, but she’s little more than a slobber-delivering mechanism to those she knows.

However, she has a slightly problematic tendency: She is irresistibly compelled to chase anything with wheels. She has been like this since she was 10 weeks old.

This includes skateboarders, big trucks, lawnmowers, and those weird hoverboard thingies the kids ride around the neighborhood.

Let’s be clear: She doesn’t mean the people associated with these wheeled devices any harm – her reaction is playful in nature. But she’s an impressive pup, and I’m sure her reaction looks pretty serious to anyone who doesn’t know her.

A short time ago, we were walking at one of her favorite parks, and I noticed a young kid riding up behind us on his bike. I knew J.B. (my pooch) was about to flip out, so I moved us to the side of the trail and prepared for her to dislocate my shoulder when she pulled the leash taught.

I wasn’t worried about her leash. It was a pretty high-quality model, made by a premium pet product manufacturer. It even featured a relatively heavy-duty leash clasp.

But apparently, it wasn’t up to the task.

When she saw the kid come riding by, she did as I expected and jerked forward, pulling the leash taught. But this is where things went downhill.

As soon as the leash tightened, I heard a metal clang. Part of the leash clip broke and fell to the concrete path below. All of a sudden, the leash wasn’t taught at all – the end that should be attached to her was now lying on the ground.

She took full advantage of her freedom and began running after the bike at full speed.

My. Heart. Stopped.

I wasn’t worried that she was going to hurt the kid, nor was I worried that she’d run away from me, but it was still a moment I’ll forever remember in dramatic, slow-motion fashion.

I take off running after her like a doofus while yelling to the child: “She’s not going to hurt you! Just stop! She just wants to play!” Understandably, the kid being chased by the dog didn’t care what the two-legged idiot running behind him was shouting.

I’m also yelling at J.B. during this whole ordeal, shouting her “down” command at the top of my lungs. She’s impressively obedient in calm circumstances, but she doesn’t even pretend to hear me when wheels are involved.

The kid just struggled to pedal faster, and she kicked into a higher gear to keep up. He eventually veered off into the grass, which slowed him to a stop. She ran right up alongside him and immediately plopped on the ground from exhaustion.

Once I catch up to them, the boy is frightened and crying, and J.B. is smiling and looking up at me as if to say, “Look, Dad! I caught it! I caught the infernal rolling machine! Also, there’s some kid on it, and he’s upset. I don’t know what his problem is.”

I quickly work to dissolve the kid’s fears, and fortunately, he got over it pretty quickly. I explained that she was just trying to play, and I introduced the two properly so that he could pet her. Crisis averted (sort of), he pedaled off to tell his mom about the cool dog he got to meet, while I loaded J.B. back in the Jeep and drove home.

I spent the rest of the day researching heavy-duty leashes and thinking about writing this article to help others in similar situations. Everything worked out in the end, but it could have been much worse (she could have run into traffic – something I can hardly bear to write).

Since then, I’ve been working on desensitizing her to rolling objects. She’s getting better, but we still have a ways to go. We can now sit on the hillside across from the local skatepark without her freaking out, but she still tries to chase about one in three cars that pass us during walks.

And I still get a tiny surge of anxiety every time something with wheels rolls by.

Hopefully, my story will convince you to take leash safety seriously. So, take this time to assess your pup’s leash and make a change if you believe it necessary. Take it from me – this is definitely one of those times when it is better to be safe than sorry.


Share your own broken-leash stories in the comments below and let us know if you’ve stumbled upon a leash that you feel is especially well-suited for strong dogs! We may even include it in a future update.

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Written by

Ben Team

Ben is the senior content editor for K9 of Mine and has spent most of his adult life working as a wildlife educator and animal-care professional. Ben’s had the chance to work with hundreds of different species, but his favorite animals have always been dogs. He currently lives in Atlanta, GA with his spoiled-rotten Rottweiler named J.B. Chances are, she’s currently giving him the eyes and begging to go to the park.


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Email Address

Hi Ben. I have been trying to avoid what happened to you at the park when the leash broke, so I have been researching and Google-ing everything I can. The leashed you reviewed here ALL have issues. Why is so freaking hard for some company to make the entire leash well? Use a thick webbing, use Kevlar or some other really good stitching material, use a carabiner or other clip that is metal and is extremely strong and has a foolproof lock or closure that cannot be opened by accident and have a handle that does not have a way to break. I can see all that they need. Less moving parts, like I see the ones for two dogs and they have this part clipped to another part, etc. giving so many places for it to fail. I have no problem paying more money for something IF it is made well and will last. I don’t want to worry that what happened to you might happen to me. I have a 14 month old Border Collie who is the smartest dog I’ve ever known but he has a stubborn streak and turns into a wild animal sometimes when I put the leash on him. He’s quite strong for a medium sized dog and it could be I’m not as strong as I was in my younger days, but with the combination of the two, I just want a harness and a leash that I don’t have to worry about breaking. I’m not worried about the chewing part as I don’t leave him with a leash on and his leashes are hung up when not in use so he can’t chew it.

These leashes you reviewed, each of them have a fault. If it has a great webbing material and stitching, the hook or carabiner seem to be weak and I see reviews of broken metal parts. Or if it has a great clasp, I see pics of where the handle came apart at the seams (due to not being sewn very well). They all have something good about them, but none of them have everything good and that is what I want.

We are about to go out of state on vacation and my dog is going with us. I am scared to death of stopping at rest stops and having a harness or leash break on me. I should not have to be so worried that there is not one available that has all good features, after all, a dog leash only needs to have good strong material, great stitching, extra stitching where the handle is sewn together and a strong metal lockable carabiner that is STRONG and cannot be accidentally opened.

So, I have ordered a new harness, the Freedom Harness I found on Amazon. It has where you can put a leash on the chest D ring and the back D ring at the same time, which for me brings peace of mind that if God forbid one of the carabiner’s were to break, there would still be one attached to the harness.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Ben Team

Hey there, Wynter.

It is frustrating that it seems like no manufacturer has addressed this gap in the market. There’s not really a leash manufacturer who has really “cracked the code” the way, say, KONG, Big Barker, or Roughwear have in their respective niches (quick FYI — we’ve written about some of our favorite niche-dominating brands before, but unfortunately we did not identify a leash manufacturer among them).

You are correct — all of these leashes above have a couple of negative reviews. But honestly, that happens with every single product on the market (even those referenced earlier). Part of that is due to the fact that no manufacturer is perfect and one-off issues can always happen. That’s undoubtedly what happened in my case.

But you also have to consider user error. If you read many of the negative reviews, you’ll see what I mean. Some of the owners were caring for their leash poorly, others allowed their dogs to chew on them, and some were simply using leashes that weren’t strong enough for their doggo.

I’m sure if you read enough reviews of any supremely high-quality product, you’ll find that someone, somewhere had an issue. And this goes for leashes, luxury automobiles, or Rolexes.

All of that said, we do think that the vast majority of owners would find any of the leashes above will work well and securely keep their doggo tethered. We obviously can’t guarantee anything (that’s up to the manufacturers to do), but I can honestly say that I would trust any of the leashes above.

Personally, I found a leash that works great for us. But unfortunately, it’s no longer in production. It’s not only super strong, but it’s a multi-function leash that comes with a locking carabiner.

I know the date at the top of this page says May 2021, but it was actually published back in 2018, if I recall correctly — the date changes when we update stuff. And over this time, my pooch and I have worked on addressing her tendency to chase rolling things (as I mentioned, this is, ultimately, the best path forward). She’s not perfect yet, but she probably only chases 1 out of 100 cars that go by, which has done wonders for my anxiety about broken leashes.

At any rate, just know that we sympathize with your frustration, but I really do think any of the leashes above would be a good choice for most pups.
Best of luck with your search! By all means, let us know if you find something perfect!

Bert de Bien

Hello! Would you like to review our Nifti SafeLatch Pet Safety Leash?
Thank you!

Ben Team

Hey, Bert. Send me an email at Ben(at)K9ofMine.com.

Michael William RayBould

Dear Friends,
I have a 60 lb. Walker Tree Hound who pulls like crazy — I know, I am working with him on this daily!!!). He has already broken 2 so called heavy duty leashes, one at the tape, the other popped the nylon cord.
To complicate matters I am in a wheelchair (a disabled vet) and simply cannot afford having the dog break leashes like this. I cannot run after him and I live in the city. I love the dog like crazy and he is here for life no matter what. I have been thinking about having a 2-3′ chain attached to the wheelchair but then he would never be able to run around and sniff.
Can you suggest a Retractable Dog Leash which could hold up to this guy? The 2 he broke were purchased at a high enough price on Amazon but they were, quite frankly, a total waste of money. I have tried fixing them but I wouldn’t trust them too much — after all he broke them while they were new, never mind repaired.
Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Rev. Michael RayBould

Ben Team

Hey, Michael. That certainly sounds frustrating.
Honestly, I’d discourage you from using a retractable leash. I understand that they are probably pretty helpful given your situation, but there just aren’t many retractable leashes (if any) that are strong enough for big, strong dogs. I’d recommend checking out one of the non-retractable leashes we mention above. I use the Cafford Leash (#3) and it holds up to my 95-pound Rottie when she takes off after a squirrel. You can also set it up in a variety of different ways, which may provide further value.
Best of luck!

Mirage Pet Products

Hey, you have listed finest quality of dog leashes in your article. I am impressed with the way you have described all of the major points. Thank you very much for writing a beautiful content.


What are your suggestions for retractable leashes?

Ben Team

Hey, Marian.

I wouldn’t recommend a retractable model if you’re looking for a super-heavy-duty leash. There are just too many potential points of failure. Some are certainly stronger than others, but this post is really about leashes that’ll work for big, strong dogs, who need something incredibly durable.

But, if you don’t need anything super-strong, we talk about some of the best retractable leashes here:

Good luck!


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