Maltese Mixes: The Cutest, Cuddliest Mixed Breeds Around!

Mixed Breeds By Meg Marrs 7 min read February 1, 2024 42 Comments

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Maltese Mixed Breeds

 Maltese dogs are very one of the most friendly and dependent pups that are always great to have around!

They are one of the oldest breeds in the world today. In the past, the Maltese were known as wealth and luxury pups! Maltese were the cuddle fur ball of choice Marie Antoinette and Elizabeth Taylor.

It’s also believed that ancient Greeks worshiped the Maltese, as they’ve even been depicted in famous paintings through time.

Today, many different Maltese mixed breeds roam the earth. Below are some of the most common and popular Maltese mixes that we know today!

1. Maltipoo (Poodle x Maltese Mix)

The Maltipoo is a Maltese Poodle mix, and they’re known for being affectionate dogs as well as charming and fun-loving little creatures. They are certainly a great companion to have around! Just make sure to have plenty of puzzle toys and enrichment activities around, as Poodles are some of the smartest dogs around, and this mix will need a way to keep busy.

2. Malshi (Shih Tzu x Maltese Mix)

malshi mix

These little fur ball Malshis are quite charming! Having a Maltese Shih Tzu mix running around will keep you laughing and playing all day long. Both breeds are known for being delightful lap dogs, so this furry pal is sure to be a cozy companion. The Maltese Shih Tzu mix is one of the more popular designer dogs out there, and it’s no surprise why — just look at that smoochable face!

Check out some great foods for shih tzu and Maltese to find a great chow for these mixes!

3. Malchi (Chihuahua x Maltese Mix)

The Malchi is a Chihuahua Maltese mix and a pint-sized cutie. Imagine looking at this pup every morning! The Malchi is a great listener and loves to follow his favorite giant (yes, I am talking about you). The Chihuahua can be a sensitive little guy, and this Maltese Chihuahua mix is no different, so respect his autonomy and help him build up his confidence to ensure a happy, well-adjusted pup.

4. Morkie (Yorkshire Terrier x Maltese Mix)

morkie puppy

The Morkie is a truly adorable combo, as a Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier mix. They are known for being playful and rambunctious, with plenty of cuddles to give too. Despite being small, this Maltese Yorkie mix has plenty of brains too, so consider training games or even a dog sport. Just keep an eye out for this little one – you won’t want to lose him around the house!

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5. Malteagle (Beagle x Maltese Mix)

Malteagles are great to have around anyone! They designer dogs are kid-friendly and are affectionate little pups, though they are a little challenging to train because they do tend to be stubborn with that classic Beagle temperament.

6. Maltichon (Bichon x Maltese Mix)


The Maltichon are one of the most fearless creatures yet very gentle with their family, as a mix with a Bichon Frise and Maltese parent. As an easy-going and affectionate dog, they are one of the most common Maltese mixes and are great therapy dogs! Be sure to use that as an excuse to get one ๐Ÿ˜‰

7. MaltiPug (Pug x Maltese Mix)

The Maltipug is a mixed breed cross between a Maltese and a Pug! These little guys are easygoing and make fantastic lap dogs, with both parent breeds being fairly low-key. If your hybrid dog has that squished nose Pugs are famous for, watch out on walks, as you don’t want this little guy overexerting himself due to their breathing issues.

8. Maltipom (Pomeranian x Maltese Mix)

The Malitpom is a gorgeous, luscious-locked hybrid dog combining a Maltese and a Pomeranian! This little Pomeranian mixed breed in particular may need consistent grooming due to that long fur. This hybrid dog tends to rock some adorable hair styles too, so if your pup is up for it, try a hair bow!

9. Cavamalt (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Maltese Mix)

The Cavamalt is a Maltese and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix. With both these parent breeds being known for their sweet, docile temperament, it’s no wonder that the Cavamalt is a fan favorite! Expect long, silky locks from this hybrid dog – you’ll probably need to devote at least some time to grooming and regular brushing.

10. Silky Cocker (Cocker Spaniel x Maltese Mix)

The Silky Cocker is an adorable Maltese and Cocker Spaniel mix! With the Maltese tends to be a fairly mellow lap dog, the Cocker Spaniel is a birding breed, so expect this mix to have a bit more energy than your average Maltese. We imagine this cross breed would be perfect for those who are looking for a wee walking companion.

11. Caltese (Cairn Terrier x Maltese Mix)

The Caltese is a Maltese and Cairn Terrier mix. As you can imagine, being crossed with a terrier parent breed means that this spunky little pup has quite a bit of energy. The Cairn Terrier is one of the working dog breeds, so you’ll probably want to keep this little spitfire well-exercised and mentally challenged. He’d be a great choice for agility work or other dog sports!

12. Scottese (Scottish Terrier x Maltese Mix)

The Scottese is Maltese and Scottish Terrier mix. This cutie pup is likely to be independent and strong-willed with that terrier energy. This mixed breed Maltese terrier might end up being quite clever, so make sure to keep him occupied and engaged – the Scottese likely won’t enjoy being bored (and trust us, you won’t like it either).

13. Mauzer (Miniature Schnauzer x Maltese Mix)

The Mauzer is a Maltese and Miniature Schnauzer mix. This hybrid dog is likely to be a spunky little fellow, with a whole lot of energy and personality! The Mauzer is likely to inherit the impressive intelligence of the Miniature Schnauzer, so make sure to give him plenty of stimulating toys and activities to keep him busy. Since Schnauzers were traditionally used as ratting dogs, lure coursing would be a fun sport for this fellow!

We can’t get enough of that mighty mustache the Schnauzer is known for – will the Mauzer inherit that too? It’s hard to say for sure, but it’s always possible!

14. Malti Pin (Miniature Pinscher x Maltese Mix)

The Malti Pin is a Maltese and Miniature Pinscher mix. As another breed that has been bred to hunt vermin (specifically rats), this Mini Pinscher mix will likely enjoy harassing squirrels in your hard while still managing to look cute as a button.

15. Jatese (Japanese Chin x Maltese Mix)

The Jatese is a Maltese and Japanese Chin mix. As you can imagine, this hybrid dog is liable to be one gorgeous pup! The Jatese is likely to have a long, silky coat, with the potential for unique markings of the Japanese Chin.

16. Boston Malterrier (Boston Terrier x Maltese Mix)

The Boston Malterrier is Maltese and Boston Terrier mix. This pup is likely to have the best of both worlds – the loving, gentle personality of the Maltese combined with the goofy, hysterical antics of the Boston Terrier. The Boston Malterrier is sure to be a playful, fun-loving pup who will adore being part of all your family’s adventures!

17. Ratese (American Rat Terrier x Maltese Mix)

The Ratese is a Maltese and American Rat Terrier mix. As you might expect, this pup is likely to have quite a bit of energy and spunk! The Rat Terrier was originally bred as a rat-hunting dog, so the Ratese is likely to enjoy plenty of outdoor activities. This pup would be perfect for those who love to go on short hikes or long walks in the park.

There you have it – our list of the most popular Maltese mixes! These designer pups are sure to warm the hearts of all your family members. Do you have any favorite Maltese mixes we didn’t mention here? Tell us your favorites in the comments!

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Meg Marrs

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Margue Farmer

We have a Maltese x Chinese Crested Powder Puff. She is adorable, but getting on now. She will be 14 in July 2023, just over a month’s time. She is still very playful, but the periods are shorter. We still have a daily walk of 40 minutes or so. In the evening she will take a flying leap on to the sofa for her treats. She is very much a dog of routine especially as she has got older; in her youth -up to the age of 10 – she travelled through France and Spain with us during the the summer months. She is a much travelled dog! She is in fact a Malti-Crest (or Malti-Puff), a crossbreed seldom seen sadly. They are so cute, funny and loving, soft and gentle dogs. She loves everyone, each one of us is a potential friend.

Ben Team

She sounds great, Margue! Thanks for telling us about her and her adventures.

Kathy E

I have a Maltese Papillon mix. I’ve seen that as Malpillion and Papitese. (not sure which is correct). He 15 mo’s old. Very loving, loyal, energetic if he needs to be but will lay with you as long as you are laying down. They do like to bark. But is wary of other people

Ben Team

Hey there, Kathy. Thanks for telling us about your little guy!
And honestly, breed combination names are all made up anyway, so you can call him a Malpillion or a Papitese.
We suspect you could also call him a cutie pie and it would be appropriate.


I have a JRT/Maltese who is the funniest, happiest dog I’ve ever known!


I have a Maltese/Papillon. He’s the cutest and sweetest dog I’ve every had.

Tracey Hobbs

I have 2 Cavatese female sisters that I got for mother’s day 2019 (cavalier king Charles-Maltese) and they are absolutely adorable
only 6 pounds. They are super sweet and I just love them. They are very smart and love to cuddle. I have never had small dogs, but now that I have these 2 girls, I will never go back to a big dog again.

Ben Team

They sound wonderful, Tracey.
Thanks for sharing!

Dottie Thore

I would like to adopt or rescue a mixed Maltese

Geri Ball

I have a Havamalt havanese Maltese mix she is mostly white but with black spots…absolutely adorable


We have a maltese/pekinese. Great dog and fun to be around.

Helen Pickering

I just lost my precious fur baby lost without her would love a Maltese mix do you know where I could find one thank you would like a puppy

Julie or ken

Do you have any ouos . What is the price

Ben Team

Hey, Julie. We don’t sell dogs — we just provide info on them.
Just do a Google search for your area, and you should be able to find a good breeder.
Best of luck!

Chrisanthy V

Iโ€™m a little concerned everything I read about malshi puppies they should only weigh up tp 12 lbs my 8 month old weighs 15 lbs and is 23โ€ long BUT cute as a button! I feel I have been taken by the breeder!

marionne Bryson

I have a Bichon/Shihtzu mix. Rocky is very feisty and a bitter. Not like a real bite he nips. I do know puppies goes through a teething process. Having a hard time also potty training. Had several dog that surpassed the dog age. Had no problem training them but. Rocky giving me some trouble. Love him to pieces.

Kathy Rice

I want to get one the Maltese puppy
Could you please let me know, how
Kathy Rice

Ben Team

Hey, Kathy. We don’t actually sell these puppies — we just provide information about them.
A simple Google search in your area should turn up plenty. ๐Ÿ™‚
I removed your phone number to protect your privacy.
Thanks for reading!


Forgot Hottese . Maltese/dachshund

Mary Rafter

Iโ€™m a senior, active, retired single woman looking for an adult Maltese mix who needs (or could be) re-homed. I live in Fairbanks, AK and can provide a loving, relaxed home…with plenty of exercise (in spite of the cold). I just donโ€™t want a puppy who could outlive me!!!

Leslie Brown

The best and cutiest mix is the NewHighland Westie and the Maltese.
Oh and He can count to 10. They are So smart. I have pictures but cant post

Berenice Aspeling

Thsy so beautiful can find these beautiful puppies in South Africa


We have a Cotonese ( Coton de Tulear/ Maltese mix. She has such a big personality and we love her so much.

Kim c. Douglas

I have a peekashit / Thats a Pekingese and Shih Tzu mix. Were talking quite a handful very cute but has a mind of her own. Love to have other one for a playmate

Tricia Marie

My baby is a Havamalt! A beautiful Maltese/Havanese mix! She’s the sweetest little genius ever. But crazy lazy

Becky L Sams Quillen

I would like to purchase a puppy please

Barbara Dean

I love dogs, I lost my Bichon Frise 3 weeks ago, Booboo, I had 3 Bichons, Yogi, Bear, and Booboo and a Dashhound Ranger. Ranger is the only one left. I am looking at Maltichon, I would like to find one, even one that is resue. I am reslly lonely with out my Booboo. If anyone knows of one, puppy preferably let me know. Send the picture to my emsil: [email protected]. Thank you, Barbara and Doug Dean.


I have a Morkie and he is a mess, he was born april 18th, 2019, all he wants to do is chew, especially on me
he has bones, toys even chews on his potty pads, any suggestions, he is very smart and lets you know when
he has to go outside, but still uses the puppy pads, but like I said he is chewing on them now.

Maureen Wallace

How and where can I be able to adopt either a maltichon (bichon-maltese), maltese/shih tzu or a morkie/yorkshire Terrier. Iam retired and I do need a small puppy as my companion . Please let me know

Laura Knapp

Looking for a Maltese Bichon? How much is one shown ?

Ben Team

We don’t sell dogs, Laura. Those are just examples.

Avery Kelley

I am looking for a fluffy no shedding
Maltese breed for cheap

Linda Ponder

Lhasa Apso Maltese. Need info on a good haircut.

Brenda Rudolph

Looking 2 adopt young dog or puppy

Brenda Rudolph

Looking 2 adopt young dog or puppy

Judie Baker

Looking for maltichon in Tennessee


Can you breed a Maltese with a corky


I am looking for a Maltese/Pekingese Maltese/ Pug or Maltese / shihtzu close the o Charlotte North Carolina

Hellene Burling

I’m looking for a maltese cross, pref. maltese bichon or shih tzu

Sherry Stone

Love my Mauxie. Maltese and dachshund

Shirley bramon

Looking for a one to five or six year ole Maltese mixed


I have a Maltese /Pug puppy, he has been so easy to train, is fun loving, obedient, and very cheeky. I have had no anxiety, and he’s willing to give everything a try.
A very loving loyal puppy.
Would recommend this breed .


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