15 Great Rottweiler Mixes: Rottie Mixed Breeds For the Win!

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Breeds By Meg Marrs 3 min read September 24, 2021 31 Comments


Rottweilers are great dogs, who are typically sensitive, affectionate, intelligent, and protective.

But many people have bred Rotties with other dogs to create a number of incredible mixed breed pups! We’ve listed 15 of the most common and eye-catching below.

Let us know what you think about these pups in the comments!

1. Pitweiler (Rottweiler / Pitbull)

Rottweilers and pit bulls are both strong breeds, but this combination pup looks like he’s ready to pull a house! Imagine this guy dragging you around the neighborhood!

2. Rottsky (Rottweiler / Husky)


Source: Pinterest

This Rottysky’s mixed heritage is obvious when you check out that single blue eye! Careful – that blue eye can look directly into your soul, so always sit on this dog’s left.

3. Labrottie (Rottweiler / Labrador Retriever)

rottweiler lab mix

Given how much labs and Rotties love their owners, this Labrottie probably never ventures more than 5 feet from his person.

4. Mastweiler (Rottweiler / Mastiff)


Source: Pinterest

This beautiful mix has the loving expression of a Rottweiler and the impressive mass of a mastiff.

5. Golden Rottie (Rottweiler / Golden Retriever)


Source: Pinterest

This cute little gal (I’m taking a guess) looks like the perfect companion for patrolling the couch on lazy Sunday afternoons. Just be sure to share a bit of your popcorn – she likes to snack too.

6. German Rottie (Rottweiler / German Shepherd Mix)

Rott GSD

Different German Rotties (aka Shepweilers) often look very different, but we think this glorious\pup is one of the best. German Shepherds are a popular breed, and there are plenty of GSD mixes out there for you to choose from.

7. Borderweiler (Rottweiler / Border Collie)

rottweiler border collie

Wow! Combine the energy of a border collie with the drive and power of a Rottie; what could go wrong? One thing’s for sure, that pup is probably one smart dog! Border collies and Rottweilers are two of the most intelligent breeds.

8.  Rottle (Rottweiler / Poodle)


Source: 101DogBreeds.com

Who couldn’t love this little bundle of adorableness? This pup would probably make one of the best cuddle-companions the world has ever seen.

9.  Rotthound (Rottweiler / Basset Hound)


Source: Pinterest

This Rotthound photo looks like it’s photoshopped, but that’s probably just because of the bizarre mixture of genes at work. I just want to know how the mating process worked…

10. French Bullweiler (Rottweiler / French Bulldog)


Source: TheRottweilers.com

And the winner for “Strangest Dog Mix Ever” is…drumroll, please….the French Bullweiler. Who decides to mix these two breeds? Strange though the mixture is, the results are undeniably awwwtastic.

11. Boxweiler (Rottweiler / Boxer)


Source: Pinterest

This beautiful expression is exactly what you’d expect to get from breeding a Rottie with a boxer. Think about how wonderful it would be to look into those eyes when you need a little pick-me-up on a bad day.

12. Weiler Dane (Rottweiler / Great Dane)


Source: Allmutt.com

Both Rottweilers and Great Danes share one common personality trait: They’re lap dogs who fail to understand their bulk. If you want to add one of these lap lovers to your life, you better be prepared to accommodate a big ‘ol bundle of love laying on you anytime you sit.

13. Rotterman (Rottweiler / Doberman)


Source: DesignerDogBreeds.com

Hailing from the same general area and possessing very similar personalities, it makes perfect sense to mix Dobermans with Rottweilers.

14. Saint Weiler (Rottweiler / Saint Bernard)

Alright, any puppy photo is cute, but this little Saint Weiler is so cute I can’t stand it. We’d love to see this pup all grown up!

15. Weimarrott (Rottweiler / Weimaraner)


This gorgeous little Rottie-mix looks a lot like a black lab, but that’s probably what you’d expect when mixing a Rottweiler with a Weimaraner. Either way, this is surely an energetic and playful pup.

Source: IMfamous.info


So, there you have it – 15 of the greatest Rottweiler mixes. Tell us which one you liked best and which ones you think missed the mark.

If you have your own majestic Rottie mix, make sure to check out our guide on the best dog food for Rottweilers. And don’t forget to share your Rottie-mix photos. Send them to us via Facebook, Twitter or link to them in the comments below!

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Meg Marrs

Meg Marrs is the Founder and Director of Marketing at K9 of Mine. She is a lifelong canine enthusiast and adores dogs of all shapes and sizes! She loves iced coffee, hammocks, and puppy-cuddling!


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Julieta corpuz

Is rotweiler mix with the japanese spitz ok.can it be a good vombinagion

Ben Team

That’d be quite an unusual mix, Julieta! Not even sure what to expect from that one, but just about any breed mix can be good in the right situation.

Steven Motshoeneng

I have a pitrot male cross, I have a pitbull terrier cross and German shepherd stay together in the house


The most adorable, majestic, sweet, funny, generous, athletic dog I’ve ever known…. Indy…rott /american bulldog mix!

Meg OHanlin

I am actually embarrassed to share a name with someone who thinks Rotts and Basset Hounds should breed. These dogs have so many health issues to begin with… so let’s help it with artificial insemination!

Ben Team

Hey, Meg. We weren’t endorsing the breeding of basset hounds and Rotties — we’re just sharing photos of cute pups.


We had a Rottweiler / Australian mix named Thor and he was such a gentle giant. He looked like a bear if we let his hair grow long. When we had him groomed, he looked more like a Rottie. I miss him so much.


Hi! We have 8 month rottweiler/affenpincher mix. He is 9 kg and adorable. Greetings from Norway

Ben Team

Thanks for reading the site, Bea!
Don’t hesitate to share photos of your pooch with us.

Kim Siever

Here’s my Rottweiler, border collie, Belgian malinois mix.


Winzday Johnson

How about THIS… ( I hate YET to see or find ANYTHING on a ROTTSKY & a put (brindle) mix. My ROTTSKY just had 7 of em less than a week ago, & I know NOTHING about that breed….
[email protected]

Vito Capano

The first one is a pocket bully. The American pit bull terrier mixed with a Paterdale terrier is the 2 breeds that make up that dog.


that first dog is an American Bully. Very far from being a pitbull\rottweiler mix.


I have a rottie dalmation mix….wonderful girl dog!


I have a rottie dalmation mix….wonderful girl dog!

Kelli Esposito

Thank you so very much for this blog, Meg. My heart belongs to my Rottie who left me much too soon. Seeing the many mixes of Rotties cheered my soul ❤️

Faith Highlander

I had a Rockwilder/Collie mix. Her parents both with AKC papers. My daughter brought her home and she ended up being my dog. She was the most loving & caring dog I have ever had in my presence and I’ve owned many beautiful dogs and been around so many more. She was superb.. full of life, energy, patience and so very smart. She seem to understand practically every word I spoke and obeyed with excellence and loyalty. She loved life, people and even saved a child from drowning. I’m so very proud of her and miss her still. I miss all my beloved pets! I would give up practically everything. Her name was “Katie”.

Brian Musella

cac you please tell me the breeds that are in a rotty

Tina Blackmon

Do you know any Golden Rottie breeders? Our son has a Golden Rottie and he is such a wonderful mix—a gentle giant. We would love to have one of our own. Thank you for any information you may have.


I have a papalawn /rottie…moma laid down to the pap.

King Rottweilers LLC

Nice Blog!!!! Thank you for sharing this blog about rottweiler mixes. Really its’ a very helpful blog for me …..Good job………Keep it up

Milton Pete

Looking for a Rottweiler/German Shepherd mix puppy


Just got a puppy given to me… the father is 100% rottweiler and the mother is 100% Thai Bangkaew Dog. I do not know yet what this puppy’s temperament and intelligence like.

Lindsey Roy

My rot mix is EXACTLY like yours without the white spot on tail. They said he was a rot boxer when I rescued him, but he seems to have more retreiver traits. He also, holwls, along with songs, is very vocal, great with kids, and VERY protective of the family. I’ve been trying to figure this out for 12 yrs w no luck.
The answers to the 4 questions were:
1. Large
2. Bat or button ears…lg and flop down
3. Saber tail
4. Convex face


this was no help plz anyone who has or had a rottweiler mix that has long tail with a white tip and white chest and paw. if u know what the other have is plz!!

Caitlyn B.

I don’t think that is a rottie Bassett Hound mix, I had a dog Ditka he needed more room to play so I had to rehome him, he was half rottie half dapple mini dachshund, that is so uncanny it could be him.

Diana Bonnar

Hopefully you might be able to help me before too long. I want to get a rott mix puppy but my husband wants a 45-60 lb. dog, and he thinks all rott’s are big 100 lb dogs, that are hard to handle. Help me win this one, please!! He so rarely admits to me being right.


I raised rotties and they listen well. Just start to train them when a pup. Youll love your dog!!!!!

Jill Reed

I ended up having a litter of Yellow Lab/Rottweiler we later figured out puppies. Mom was a small Lab. We kept one and she was about 65#s and was a Therapy dog. I will see if my husband can help post pictures

Tessa-Lee Dredhart

Lol you think a boxer crossed with a rottie is unique? How about my Rottweiler/German Shepherd/Irish Wolfhound mix. He’s like a rottie with wolfhound fur

Meg Marrs

He sounds like a keeper!


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