35 Tiny and Tenacious Yorkie Mixes: Yorkshire Terrier Mixed Breeds!

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Yorkie Mixes

The Yorkie (more formally known as the Yorkshire terrier) may be a small dog, but he does not lack confidence!

A tiny lap dog with spunk, he’s never afraid to voice his opinion or throw down in the name of fun. This makes for a lively canine mix who can easily go from couch cuddles to adventure.

Yorkie mixes can also be fantastic, and they begun taking the designer dog world by storm. In fact, if you keep an eye out, you’ll likely spot a Yorkie mix at the local dog park or pet store.  

Let’s explore 19 of the cutest Yorkie mixes together below! We’ll talk about the traits of the various mixes and how they spring forth from both parent breeds, and we’ll also let you know some of the most important things to know about each little doggo, so you can decide which one would work best for your family.

Getting To Know The Yorkshire Terrier 

The Yorkshire Terrier, affectionately known as “Yorkie” is a small pooch with a huge personality.

These pint-size pups are a member of the AKC’s Toy group, and they typically weigh just 7 pounds (if that), making them some of the smallest canine companions around. They’re short too, as most stand only 7 inches at the shoulder. But, like most other small breeds, they live long lives, which often range between 11 and 15 years. 

As a true terrier, these purebred pooches have strong prey drives and bold attitudes that outsize their small frame. These pups have plenty of personality and serve as surprisingly effective watchdogs – no, they won’t tackle a robber, but they’ll bark up a storm anytime suspicious things are afoot. 

These pups can be a bit strong-willed, so they need pet parents that can provide consistent training sessions. But once trained, these fiery furballs make amazing, affectionate companions that will always keep you entertained. 

You’ll have to brush these pups fairly often, though their unique “hypoallergenic” coat doesn’t shed all that much. Yorkies are susceptible to a few health issues, including tracheal collapse and portacaval shunts, so be sure to remain in close touch with your vet to give your floof a long, happy, and healthy life.

Generally speaking, these fantastic furballs make amazing and loyal companions.

19 Yorkie Mixes: Adorable Little Doggos!

Yorkies are British

Without further ado, let’s jump right into some of our favorite Yorkie mixes!

Just remember that all dogs are individuals, so while we’ll share some of the typical traits these mixes bring to the table, there are never guarantees when it comes to four-footers and you have to be ready to roll with the pupper punches!

1. Chorkie (Yorkshire Terrier x Chihuahua)

Mixing two of the world’s smallest breeds sure makes one big personality! The Chorkie is a Yorkie mix who packs the terrier’s tenacity with the Chihuahua’s chutzpah in spades.

Since these small dogs are so small, care should be taken around children to avoid accidental injuries. Dental issues are another concern, so brush your pup’s chompers regularly to prevent problems.

2. Yorkipoo (Yorkshire Terrier x Poodle)

yorkie poodle mix

This curly-cue canine is half Yorkie and half poodle, making this small dog super adorable. In fact, this is one of the most popular Yorkshire terrier crosses around. This actually shouldn’t be terribly surprising, as both parent breeds are among the most popular breeds themselves.

This mix is an excellent lapdog and companion, and his sweet side helps to balance out his feisty terrier spirit. While his coat is beautiful, regular grooming (including a daily brushing) is a must to keep this dog looking and feeling great. 

3. Yorkichon (Yorkshire Terrier x Bichon Frise)

This plush pup mix (who’s also known as the Bichon Yorkie or Yorkie Bichon) is prized for his fuzzy fur and cuddly temperament.

The Yorkichon does, however, require grooming to maintain his beautiful coat. And while bichon frise crosses are popular for those seeking a hypoallergenic dog, not all inherit the low-dander skin of the Bichon frise (and remember: No dog — Yorkie mix or not — is truly hypoallergenic; some breeds simply produce less dander, making them gentler on your allergies).

4. Morkie (Yorkshire Terrier x Maltese)


Cute, clownish, and incredibly playful, the Morkie is a Yorkie mix who’s always ready for fun. These small dogs have the tough-guy terrier side as well as the stubborn streak of a Maltese, so hands-on, reward-based training from an early age is a must. 

5. Yorkipom (Yorkshire Terrier x Pomeranian)

The Yorkipom (or Yorkie pom, depending on your preferred spelling) is beloved for his foxy appearance and big-dog spirit. He may be tiny, but this Yorkie mix has attitude for days and needs daily exercise to burn off all his energy.

The tenacious terrier ‘tude can be a concern, making regular training sessions a must. A great way to keep him engaged and curb naughtiness is through agility training

6. Shorkie (Yorkshire Terrier x Shih Tzu)

SHih tzu Yorkie mix

An affectionate companion who’s an excellent lapdog and playmate, the Shorkie is a great Yorkie mix for the right families.

He’s not quite as delicate as some of the other small mixes we’ve discussed, and the Shih Tzu side tends to mellow out the dynamic terrier temperament the Yorkshire terrier brings to the table. Special care should be taken surrounding his grooming, however, as his coat will matt easily if not maintained (thanks largely due to the Shih Tzu parent’s luxurious yet high-maintenance coat).

7. Corkie (Yorkshire Terrier x Cocker Spaniel)

The Corkie is another larger Yorkie mix that makes a great family dog. He’s confident and playful, happy to play rounds of fetch with his loved ones. These cocker spaniel mixes have a dense coat that can get quite long, so ongoing maintenance is required.

8. Snorkie (Yorkshire Terrier x Miniature Schnauzer)

A strong personality is the Snorkie’s standout feature, as this Yorkie cross is bold, brave, and ready to play! He’s an outgoing little mix, thanks to his Yorkie parent, and he has plenty of energy, making him an excellent companion for walks around town.

Grooming can be an issue, as Snorkies can have a somewhat coarse coat that may need clipping. 

9. Jorky (Yorkshire Terrier x Jack Russell Terrier)

Holy energy, Batman! The Jorky (also known as the Yorkie Russell by some) is a sporty Yorkie mix who might just outlast the Energizer Bunny. He needs regular exercise to stay out of trouble, and a good game can go a long way in keeping the Jack Russell terrier mix occupied.

The good news is, this Jack Russell Terrier mix is super playful, making him an out-of-this-world family dog.

10. Yorkie Cav (Yorkshire Terrier x Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)

Looking every bit like a stuffed toy, the Yorkie-Cav is one of the cutest pupper mixes in the land.

He’s a gentle soul with an affectionate streak, ideal qualities for a mellow lapdog mix. His long, beautiful locks sure do compete with Fabio’s, but they require frequent grooming to stay gorgeous.

11. Peekie (Yorkshire Terrier x Pekingese)

Peekies are some of the top lapdog mixes on this list with their mellow temperament and regal looks. A short daily walk is all these mixes should need exercise wise, but regular grooming is required thanks to the long Pekingese coat.

Note that this Yorkie mix is not an ideal designer dog for families with young children, as Peekies are not mixes who will tolerate roughhousing.

12. Yorkillon (Yorkshire Terrier x Papillon)

Yorkillons are curious canine mixes with a friendly, happy demeanor. This Yorkie mix is a great candidate for dog walking games due to his energy and playfulness.

This pup is eager to please and a quick learner, but with a lack of structure, he can become destructive.

13. Westkie (Yorkshire Terrier x West Highland White Terrier)

The Westkie is a scrappy Yorkshire terrier mix that thrives in an active environment. While he is small, he loves to play — sometimes surprisingly roughly. This means that this Yorkie mix might not be the best choice for families with kiddos.

His coat requires regular grooming as well, with grooming clippers a must for most.

14. Pugshire (Yorkshire Terrier x Pug)

A mellow meatball that’s made for companionship, the Pugshire is an all-around lapdog mix.

He may get short bursts of the goofies, but soon after, he’s back to cuddling up by your side. Since pug mixes do tend to have short snouts, special care should be taken to keep them cool during warmer weather — as you would with any brachycephalic (short-faced) mix. 

15. Dorkie (Yorkshire Terrier x Dachshund)

A spunky sweetie with the cutest name around, the Dorkie is a little mutt mix who’s sure to steal your heart. He’s incredibly playful but doesn’t require much exercise, making him an excellent choice for apartment living.

Just note that Dorkies are one of those Yorkie mixes that has a mind of his own, so owners should prepare themselves for ongoing training.

16. Affenshire (Yorkshire Terrier x Affenpinscher)

Affenshires are loyal little mixes with huge hearts. Naturally playful and mischievous, this Affenpinscher-Yorkie mix is a comical companion who doesn’t need a whole lot of exercise aside from a walk.

His flat muzzle means he needs to be kept cool in warmer weather, however, and this mix’s dense coat needs regular care.  

17. Borkie (Yorkshire Terrier x Beagle)


The Borkie is a joyful Yorkie mix who easily makes new friends. He’s playful and happy-go-lucky, making him the perfect designer dog for a family with children. At the same time, he is a cross between two headstrong dog breeds (despite being so cute, Yorkshire terriers are pretty willful), so training can be challenging. 

18. Lorkie (Yorkshire Terrier x Lhasa Apso)

Get your grooming gear ready — here comes the Lorkie! This long-haired Yorkie mix (who also goes by the name Yorkie apso) needs ongoing care to prevent matting, though shorter clips can keep the tangles away.

A laptop at heart, the Lorkie is one of the calmest Yorkie mixes, and he doesn’t need much exercise. This is not an ideal Yorkshire terrier mix for small children, however, as this dog won’t tolerate roughhousing or shenanigans.

19. Cotonshire (Yorkshire Terrier x Coton de Tulear) 

The Cotonshire is the rarest Yorkshire terrier mix on our list (and one of the rarest Yorkie mixes in general), but he definitely isn’t one to miss. He’s a cuddlebug and a bit of a comedian who is right at home on your lap. While he’s naturally playful, he doesn’t need a ton of exercise.

This Yorkie mix’s coat is quite high maintenance, however, so you’ll either need a good groomer or your own hair-care equipment.

20. Carkie (Yorkshire Terrier x Cairn)

Cairn terriers are energetic compact canines that love to stay active. Don’t let the small size fool you, these furballs make surprisingly effective watchdogs. 

These dogs like to stay busy and appreciate having lots of toys to play with. Carkies might not be the best fit for homes with small children, but these peppy pups bond closely with any family members that understand their boundaries. 

21. Frorkie (Yorkshire Terrier x French Bulldog)

Frorkies are true family members that love spending time with kids and adults alike. These canine companions are super sweet and will reward their favorite humans with plenty of puppy kisses.

These friendly furballs tend to do well in multipet households. Just note that these pups are happy to play all day long, so you’ll need plenty of toys to keep them entertained! 

22. Torkie (Yorkshire Terrier x Toy Fox Terrier)

The Torkie is a well-balanced mix that inherits the playful, active nature of the Yorkshire Terrier and the endless devotion provided by the Toy Fox Terrier. These canine companions typically bond with one special human.

The Torkie mix prefers to be the only pooch in your palace, but don’t worry – their unique spirited and sweet nature provides endless entertainment. 

23. Corkie (Yorkshire Terrier x Cocker Spaniel)

If you’re seeking a fun family dog, the Corkie is a great choice. This pooch has a happy-go-lucky demeanor and is super playful. 

This Yorkie cocker spaniel mix is a great companion to both adults and kids. Just note that these “Velcro” dogs are at their best when they’re around people, so they should preferably be in a full house. 

24. Boston Yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier x Boston Terrier)

Are you seeking a comical canine companion? The Boston Yorkie is a curious companion that shows his goofy side to his favorite humans.

These pups can be somewhat wary of strangers, so early socialization is essential. As a true terrier, these floofs make excellent watch dogs and have a surprising amount of energy for their stature. 

25. Scorkie (Yorkshire Terrier x Scottish Terrier)

This terrier crossover produces a courageous canine that loves to stay in the action. These pups are fairly independent and enjoy spending their days as loyal watchdogs and playmates.

While these pups aren’t super affectionate, they show their love through endless loyalty to their families. Pet parents of these marvelous mutts should provide plenty of positive training sessions to help these pristine pooches thrive. 

26. Griffonshire (Yorkshire Terrier x Brussels Griffon)

Are you seeking a dog who’s always by your side? The loving Griffonshire bonds closely with one or two special humans and is likely to follow you from one room to the next. 

These pups are natural watchdogs and have a surprisingly bold attitude for their stature. Note that these mutts can be wary of strangers, so start socialization training as soon as possible. 

27. Yorkie Pin (Yorkshire Terrier x Miniature Pinscher)  

The Yorkie Pin is a bold best buddy in a small frame. These little guys  are always up for an adventure alongside their favorite human – luckily, they’re pretty portable at less than 10 pounds.

Note that the Yorkie Pin’s strong-willed personality can sometimes land him into trouble. These pups should have patient pet parents who can provide consistent training sessions to build strong mutt manners. 

28. Yorkeltie (Yorkshire Terrier x Shetland Sheepdog) 

These unique pups are more on the quiet side of terrier mixes. Yorkelties are fairly reserved around strangers, but they blossom when alongside their favorite humans. 

These patient pups love spending time with little humans – in fact, they make great kiddo companions. Just note that they my “herd” your children, and that their magnificent mane requires a bit of maintenance. 

29. Mini Yorkshire Aussie (Yorkshire Terrier x Mini Australian Shepherd) 

This highly intelligent canine cross bonds closely with one or two special humans, and he likes to keep busy. Mini Yorkshire Aussies appreciate having a job to do, and they make great running buddies. 

Mini Yorkshire Aussies tend to do well with other dogs as well as human kids. They’re also super alert, making them excellent watchdogs. 

30. Corgi Yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier x Corgi) 

The Corgi Yorkie is a wonderful watchdog. These peppy playmates are incredibly alert and have strong prey drives, so that might not be the best pick for homes with other furry friends.

These pups are naturally intelligent and easy to train, but note t that their herding nature can make them be somewhat protective, so early socialization is key. 

31. Lab Yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier x Labrador) 

The Lab Yorkie is an exuberant canine companion who is full of energy and love for his family and friends. This mixed breed needs plenty of exercise, and appreciates an active household where someone is usually around to keep him entertained. 

Lab Yorkies are great for multi pet households since they get along well with other pets and kids alike. These energetic mutts typically love running, hiking, and swimming with their favorite people. 

32. Yorkie Pitbull (Yorkshire Terrier x Pitbull)

The active Yorkie Pitbull is a surefire companion that will provide endless loyalty to his human family. Yorkie Pits are super sweet to their loved ones, and most will likely be friendly with strangers too, thanks to the pittie parent influence. 

These dogs like to stay active and will appreciate homes with plenty of space for them to run and play. Yorkie Pits are great family dogs and tend to get along well with kids. 

33. Goldenshire (Yorkshire Terrier x Golden Retriever) 

If you’re seeking a social butterfly, look no further than the delightful Goldenshire. These fantastic furballs love just about everyone they meet and are always up for the next game of fetch. 

These pups make amazing family dogs so long as their pet parents are providing consistent training to reign in the Goldenshire’s sometimes mischievous side. 

34. Crustie (Yorkshire Terrier x Chinese Crested)

Crusties are unlike any other mix, thanks to their boisterous personalities and free-flowing hairdos. These pups are eager to please and naturally intelligent, making them easy to train.

These Chinese Crested mixes thrive on activity, and need lots of exercise to feel their finest. As true companions, these pups bond closely with everyone in the family. 

35. German Yorkie Shepherd (Yorkshire Terrier x German Shepherd) 

For the ultimate loyal companion, enlist the paws of the adorable German Yorkie Shepherd. This canine cross will do anything for his family and loves spending time playing and exercising. 

These dogs can be somewhat reserved around strangers, so early socialization is essential. German Yorkie Shepherds can be strong-willed at times, so they need patient pet parents who are willing to work through consistent, positive training sessions.


Where Can You Find Yorkshire Terrier Mixes?

Tracking down any designer dog, including Yorkie terrier mixes can be a bit of a challenge. However, with a couple of strategies you might be able to find the perfect pooch for your family:

  • Start with a shelter or rescue group. Be sure to contact your local shelter to see if there are any Yorkie mixes available. Yorkshire terrier rescue groups are another great place to generate leads. Adopting is absolutely awesome! Just make sure you get your potential pup’s full history from the shelter staff before bringing him home. 
  • Online search engines like PetFinder are best for pet parents who are seeking a particular canine cross. Locating the doggo of your dreams can be tough, but online search engines allow you to search by specific breed and breed mixes, allowing you to quickly track down any particular pooch. 
  • Niche breeders might have designer dogs, too. You can also seek a canine cross through a breeder. However, you’ll need to take the time to seek out a reputable breeder to avoid supporting unscrupulous, profit-chasing puppy mills.

With any method, remember that welcoming a furry family member takes plenty of time and preparation. You might not find your dream dog overnight, but your future furball is certainly worth the time and effort.

Once you get your Yorkie mix, be sure to select a good food for him! Ideally, you’d pick one of the best dog foods for small breed dogs.


Do you have a Yorkie mix at home? What’s he mixed with? Which parent breed does he take after most? Let us know all about him (or any other terrier mix — we love most terrier breeds) in the comments!

Of course, Yorkshire terriers aren’t the only cute canines who end up in marvelous mutt mixes! In fact, there are tons of other adorable mixed breed doggos that may steal your hear. Check out the articles below to dive into some other mixed breed cuties!

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Kelsey Leicht

Kelsey is a lover of words and woofs. She worked hands-on with dogs for several years at a boarding kennel as a shift runner and office manager before venturing into the world of writing. She lives in New Jersey with her crew of crazy canines.

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  1. Eluna Avatar

    Our little girl is an 8 year old Borkie! DaisyElla is a Beagle Yorkie. The size of her Dad, as loud as her Dad, but the sweetest thing you’ll ever meet. She is very clingy, but so dang lovable, very smart and not too hard to train. Under her neck her fur is as soft as cotton!! But from her mid back to & including her tail, girl is wiry!! She is Strawberry Blonde & White!
    Her two brothers were the colors of the one you shared.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      DaisyElla sounds absolutely delightful, Eluna.
      Thanks for sharing!

  2. maria Avatar

    Your article is useless without images of every dog, very useless

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, Maria.

      Sometimes, Instagram and/or WordPress (the platform we use to publish the blog) change the way things work, resulting in photos not showing up. We try to fix them as quickly as we can, but given that we’re a small team with more than 1,300 published articles, it occasionally takes longer than we’d like to do so. Rest assured, we’re working to address this issue.

      In the meantime, you can just use the Instagram URLs to see the photos!

  3. Jennifer S Avatar
    Jennifer S

    We have a yorkie-pin. He’s a yorkie mixed with minpin. I think he takes after the min pin side more than the yorkie, although he’s a good mix of both.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      That sounds like a cute mix, Jennifer!

  4. jim Avatar

    we have 3 chiweenie chorkie mix puppies and they are so cute. Is there a name for this cross breed?

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Not that we know of, Jim. Most well-established mixed breed names are applied to two-way crosses, rather than your four-way(!) mixes.
      Maybe, chiweechorkies?

  5. Shannon Avatar

    Great article! My guy looks exactly like the first pic- what mix is that one? Ou dog is a rescue so we know nothing about his parents.

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Glad you enjoyed it, Shannon!
      Unfortunately, that is just a stock photo, so we don’t know for sure. It is really hard (read: impossible) to determine a dog’s breed from his appearance, but if you made me guess, I’d say something like a Jack Russel.
      However, you should check out our article on the Embark Dog DNA kit — that’s one way to find out what kind of cuties are crawling around in your canine’s family tree!

    2. Eluna Avatar

      Just wondering, is it the same one as Number 17? That is the one I see listed first. It’s a Borkie – Beagle / Yorkie mix. We have a girl. Her mom was Yorkie, Dad was a Beagle. 🙂

  6. Dog Lover Avatar
    Dog Lover

    At least half of the picture links to show the breed mixes aren’t loading on your website. The Instagram links are showing but not loading. If you click on the links it directs us to Instagram but that takes too much time flipping back and forth between your site and Instagram. Much better if the pictures showed up in the article on your website. Examples are the first several mixes listed and the Yorkie/Dachshund picture. Thanks

    1. Ben Team Avatar

      Hey, Dog Lover. 🙂
      Sorry about that — it’s a technical issue we’re working to fix.
      Thanks for reading!

  7. Katalin H Heymann Avatar
    Katalin H Heymann

    I have an 11 year old Yorkie-poo. She has a smaller body than her daddy (miniature poodle) and the face of her yorkie mommy. Her original coloring was black and tan but she now has the yorkie coloring of black, blond, cream, and silver. The fur is wavy as it gets longer and not curly like a poodle. Brushing is required at least every other day to prevent matting. She is feisty like a terrier but trainable like a poodle.

    1. Kelsey Snyder Avatar
      Kelsey Snyder

      Hi Katalin. She sounds like a cutie! The terrier ‘tude can be a hoot to watch in action.