19 Tiny and Tenacious Yorkie Mixes

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Breeds By Kelsey Snyder 6 min read March 5, 2020 10 Comments

Yorkie Mixes

The Yorkie (more formally known as the Yorkshire terrier) may be small, but he does not lack confidence!

A tiny lap dog with spunk, he’s never afraid to voice his opinion or throw down in the name of fun. This makes for a lively companion who can easily go from couch cuddles to adventure.

Yorkie crosses can also be fantastic, and they begun taking the dog world by storm. In fact, if you keep an eye out, you’ll likely spot one of these adorable crosses at the local dog park or pet store.  

Let’s explore 19 of the cutest Yorkie mixes together below!

1. Chorkie (Yorkie / Chihuahua)


Mixing two of the world’s smallest breeds creates sure makes one big personality! The Chorkie is a saucy companion who packs the terrier tenacity and chihuahua chutzpah in spades.

Since these pint-sized pooches are so small, care should be taken around children to avoid accidental injuries. Dental issues are another concern, so brush your pup’s chompers regularly to prevent problems.

2. Yorkipoo (Yorkie / Poodle)


This curly-cue canine is beyond adorable and is one of the most popular Yorkie crosses.

He’s an excellent lapdog and companion, and his sweet side helps to balance out his feisty terrier spirit. While his coat is beautiful, regular grooming is a must to keep him looking (and feeling) great. 

3. Yorkichon (Yorkie / Bichon)


These plush puppers are prized for their fuzzy fur and cuddly temperament.

The Yorkichon does, however, require grooming to maintain his beautiful coat. And while Bichon crosses are popular for those seeking a hypoallergenic companion, not all inherit the low-dander skin of the Bichon (and remember: No dog is truly hypoallergenic — some breeds simply produce less dander, making them gentler on your allergies).

4. Morkie (Yorkie / Maltese)


Cute, clownish, and incredibly playful, the Morkie is always ready for fun. He does have the tough-guy terrier side as well as the stubborn streak of a Maltese mix, so hands-on, reward-based training from an early age is a must. 

5. Yorkipom (Yorkie / Pomeranian)


The Yorkipom is beloved for his foxy appearance and big-dog spirit. He may be tiny, but he’s got attitude for days and needs daily exercise to burn off all his energy.

The tenacious terrier ‘tude can be a concern, making regular training sessions a must. A great way to keep him engaged and curb naughtiness is through agility training

6. Shorkie (Yorkie / Shih Tzu)


An affectionate companion who’s an excellent lapdog and playmate, the Shorkie is one of the best family dogs among Yorkie crosses.

He’s not quite as delicate as smaller mixes, and the Shih Tzu side tends to mellow out the dynamic terrier temperament. Special care should be taken surrounding his grooming, however, as his coat will matt easily if not maintained.

7. Corkie (Yorkie / Cocker Spaniel)


The Corkie is another larger Yorkie mix that makes a great family pup. He’s confident and playful, happy to play rounds of fetch with his loved ones. Corkies have a dense coat that can get quite long, so ongoing maintenance is required.

8. Snorkie (Yorkie / Miniature Schnauzer)


A strong personality is the Snorkie’s standout feature, as he’s bold, brave, and ready to play! He’s an outgoing little guy with plenty of energy, making him an excellent companion for walks around town.

Grooming can be an issue, as Snorkies can have a somewhat coarse coat that may need clipping. 

9. Jorky (Yorkie / Jack Russell)


Holy energy, Batman! The Jorky is a sporty guy that might just outlast the Energizer Bunny. He needs regular exercise to stay out of trouble, and a good game can go a long way in keeping him occupied.

The good news is, this Jack Russell Terrier mix is super playful, making him an out-of-this-world family dog.

10. Yorkie-Cav (Yorkie / Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)


Looking every bit like a stuffed toy, the Yorkie-Cav is one of the cutest puppers in the land.

He’s a gentle soul with an affectionate streak, ideal qualities for a mellow lapdog. His long, beautiful locks sure do compete with Fabio’s, but they require frequent grooming to stay gorgeous.

11. Peekie (Yorkie / Pekingese)


Peekies are one of the top lapdog candidates on this list with their mellow temperament and regal looks. A short walk is all they should need, though regular grooming is required thanks to the long Pekingese coat.

Note that these are not ideal dogs for families with young children, as Peekies will not tolerate roughhousing.

12. Yorkillon (Yorkie / Papillon)


Yorkillons are curious canines with a friendly, happy demeanor. He’s a great candidate for dog walking games due to his energy and playfulness.

This pup is eager to please and a quick learner, but with a lack of structure, he can become destructive.

13. Westkie (Yorkie / West Highland White Terrier)


Westkies are scrappy terriers that thrive in an active environment. While he is small, he loves to play — sometimes surprisingly roughly. This means he might not be the best choice for families with kiddos.

His coat requires regular grooming as well, with grooming clippers a must for most.

14. Pugshire (Yorkie / Pug)


A mellow meatball that’s made for companionship, the Pugshire is an all-around lapdog.

He may get short bursts of the goofies, but soon after, he’s back to cuddling up by your side. Since pug mixes do tend to have a short snout, special care should be taken to keep him cool during warmer weather. 

15. Dorkie (Yorkie / Dachshund)


A spunky sweetie with the cutest name around, the Dorkie is a little wonderdog. He’s incredibly playful but doesn’t require much exercise, making him an excellent choice for apartment living.

Just note that Dorkies do have a mind of their own, so owners should prepare themselves for ongoing training.

16. Affenshire (Yorkie / Affenpinscher)

Photo from ThePaws.net.

Affenshires are loyal little guys with huge hearts. Naturally playful and mischievous, he’s a comical companion that doesn’t need a whole lot of exercise aside from a walk.

His flat muzzle means he needs to be kept cool in warmer weather, however, and his dense coat needs regular care.  

17. Borkie (Yorkie / Beagle)


The Borkie is a joyful pup that easily makes new friends. He’s playful and happy-go-lucky, making him the perfect dog for a family with children. At the same time, he is a cross between two headstrong breeds, so training can be challenging. 

18. Lorkie (Yorkie / Lhasa Apso)


Get your grooming gear ready – here comes the Lorkie! This long-haired four-footer needs ongoing care to prevent matting, though shorter clips can keep the tangles away.

A laptop at heart, the Lorkie is a calm companion that doesn’t need much exercise. He is not ideal for small children, however, as he won’t tolerate roughhousing or shenanigans.

19. Cotonshire (Yorkie / Coton de Tulear) 


The Cotonshire is the rarest Yorkie mix on our list but definitely isn’t one to miss. He’s a cuddlebug and a bit of a comedian who is right at home on your lap. While he’s naturally playful, he doesn’t need a ton of exercise.

His coat is quite high maintenance, however, so you’ll either need a good groomer or your own hair-care equipment.


Do you have a Yorkie mix at home? What’s he mixed with? Which parent does he take after most?

Let us know all about him in the comments!

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Kelsey Snyder

Kelsey is a K9 of Mine contributor who has worked with dogs as a shift runner and office manager of a boarding kennel. When she’s not writing, she can be found throwing a ball or losing at tug of war. An animal lover to the max, she lives in South Jersey with her husband, her five dogs Boomer, Taj, Batman, Maya, and Moxie, some kitties, and two grumpy turtles.


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Jennifer S

We have a yorkie-pin. He’s a yorkie mixed with minpin. I think he takes after the min pin side more than the yorkie, although he’s a good mix of both.

Ben Team

That sounds like a cute mix, Jennifer!


we have 3 chiweenie chorkie mix puppies and they are so cute. Is there a name for this cross breed?

Ben Team

Not that we know of, Jim. Most well-established mixed breed names are applied to two-way crosses, rather than your four-way(!) mixes.
Maybe, chiweechorkies?


Great article! My guy looks exactly like the first pic- what mix is that one? Ou dog is a rescue so we know nothing about his parents.

Ben Team

Glad you enjoyed it, Shannon!
Unfortunately, that is just a stock photo, so we don’t know for sure. It is really hard (read: impossible) to determine a dog’s breed from his appearance, but if you made me guess, I’d say something like a Jack Russel.
However, you should check out our article on the Embark Dog DNA kit — that’s one way to find out what kind of cuties are crawling around in your canine’s family tree!

Dog Lover

At least half of the picture links to show the breed mixes aren’t loading on your website. The Instagram links are showing but not loading. If you click on the links it directs us to Instagram but that takes too much time flipping back and forth between your site and Instagram. Much better if the pictures showed up in the article on your website. Examples are the first several mixes listed and the Yorkie/Dachshund picture. Thanks

Ben Team

Hey, Dog Lover. 🙂
Sorry about that — it’s a technical issue we’re working to fix.
Thanks for reading!

Katalin H Heymann

I have an 11 year old Yorkie-poo. She has a smaller body than her daddy (miniature poodle) and the face of her yorkie mommy. Her original coloring was black and tan but she now has the yorkie coloring of black, blond, cream, and silver. The fur is wavy as it gets longer and not curly like a poodle. Brushing is required at least every other day to prevent matting. She is feisty like a terrier but trainable like a poodle.

Kelsey Snyder

Hi Katalin. She sounds like a cutie! The terrier ‘tude can be a hoot to watch in action.


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