Shiba Inu Mixed Breeds: Shiba Mash Ups!

Mixed Breeds By Meg Marrs 1 min read May 25, 2022 5 Comments

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Shiba Inu Mixes

Love Shiba Inus? Who doesn’t? These fox-like pups are adorable and have the attitude to match.

Shibas are infamously stubborn and aloof, with many owners claiming that they’re “the cat person’s dog.” While these guys don’t tend to be the cuddliest canine around, after seeing our collection of awesome Shiba mixes, you’ll be hankering to hug the next Shiba mix you see.

And who knows – mixing the tenacious Shiba Inu with one of these other breeds might calm their moody demeanor.

Take a look at our favorite Shiba Inu mixes – and share your own favorites in the comments!

1. Shiba Inu / Corgi Mix


2. Shiba Inu / Husky Mix

3. Shiba / Chihuahua Mix

And we’ve got another Shiba Inu / Chihuahua mix below, the adorable Ricky Bobbie!

If you’re wondering what a Shiba + Chihuahua mix looks in his golden years, this dapper dude can show you!

Check out these two Shiba / Chihuahua sisters submitted by a K9 of Mine reader. Thanks, Ken! They’re both adorable!

Shiba Chihuahuas

4. Shiba / Border Collie Mix

And here are some baby Shiba + Collie pups – too cute!

5. Shiba / German Shepherd Mix

6. Shiba / Golden Retriever Mix

This pup shows off the cuteness of Shibas with the good nature of the Golden mixes!

7. Shiba + Alaskan Malamute

That concludes our list of incredible Shiba mixes! Have a Shiba mix of your own? Share your Shiba with us!

If you’re curious about other Japanese dog breeds, make sure to check out our collection Akita mixed breeds too!

malamute mixes
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Taylor Murphy

I have a Shiba Inu / French Bulldog mix! Where can I post a picture?

Ben Team

Hey, Taylor.
Just head over to our photo submission page.


Hi, my boyfriend and I are really interested looking in for a breeder for a short haired shiba inu or a mix shiba short haired, do you have any? Or know any other breeders?

Ben Team

Hey, Dorota.
Just do a Google search for your area. You shouldn’t have much trouble finding a cute new Shiba!
Be sure to share photos with us once you get your new pooch!


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