40+ Akita Mixes: Protectors of Japan!

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The ancient Akita Inu breed has protected Japan for over 10,000 years. Commonly referred to as simply “Akita”, this dog built its legacy hunting in packs and taking down everything from deer to wild boars and even bears!

Built for winter, their webbed paws allow them to be agile hunters. Their reputation has led them to become a symbol of happiness, good health and longevity in Japan. They weren’t introduced to the United States until 1937 when Helen Keller brought an Akita back from her first trip to Asia.

Recently, Akita mixes have been growing in popularity in America and across the globe. Below, we’ll share some of the cutest Akita combos out there so that you can find the right furball for your family.

Getting To Know The Akita

It’s important to understand your mutt’s parent breeds to get a window into your dog’s possible personality and temperament. 

The Akita is a large member of the working group, weighing anywhere between 70 and 130 pounds. This ancient breed is known as a solid family protector, with a dignified and loyal nature. Akitas span about 26 inches at the shoulder and live between 10 and 14 years. 

These pups have a strong prey drive and can be independent thinkers, so they’re not recommended for homes with small pets and need experienced pet owners. Akitas are also wary of strangers, so pet parents will need to invest in plenty of socialization training. 

For pet parents that understand the breed’s unique needs and boundaries, the Akita is an affectionate, loving dog. They might not open up to people outside of their family pack, but at home, the Akita is sweet and silly. 

These furry friends shed quite a bit and need plenty of exercise to keep their tails wagging. Akitas are prone to health conditions like hip dysplasia and progressive retinal atrophy, but they are generally healthy dogs. These protective pooches make excellent watchdogs for families that understtand their dignified personalities.

41 Akita Mixed Breeds

Are you ready to meet these marvelous mutts? Without further ado, here are some adorable Akita mixes.

1. Akita x Husky (Huskita)

What a way to start the list! The Huskita combines the hunting instincts of a Husky with the protective instincts of an Akita.

For this akita and husky mixed breed, you can expect a big build but also a fairly active animal. Be ready to spend lots of time outside, because these guys love being outdoors (especially in the cold). You can expect this akita hybrid to have a double coat, which means they’ll need regular grooming alongside lots of exercise!

A perfect outdoors dog, this playful and energetic mix also makes a great watchdog. It’s no surprise many people are curious about the Akita and Husky mix. After all, the parent breeds of this cross both boast that striking wolf-ish appearance and adore cold weather. You can expect any Akita / Husky mix to be majestic as heck, although both breeds are known to be a bit of a challenge to train, so make sure you’re ready to put in the work and have a good trainer on call.

Too many other animals at home probably isn’t a good idea for the Huskita as they can get territorial but one animal companion isn’t an issue.

2. Akita x Labrador (Labrakita)

Cross the energetic Labrador with the loyal Akita, and you get the lovely Akita Labrador. With a high prey drive, these pups might not be the best pick for multipet households, but they seem to do well one-on-one with humans. Just don’t make it a habit of inviting too many guests over as Labrakita’s won’t respond well to this.

They’ll have a very thick double coat and the tail may or may not curl like the Akita’s!

3. Akita x Saint Bernard

What do you get when you mix two large breeds? Large bones, for one. The Akita Bernard is a cuddly canine companion that is incredibly loyal and loves his human family.

This very strong dog is fit for more experienced dog owners as it typically grows to over 100 lbs (46kg) and lives more than 10 years. They don’t do well alone but rather prefer to hang with a pack of humans or other dogs.

4. Akita x Newfoundland

You can’t help but fall for the adorable Akita Newfoundland. This dominant mix is quite energetic and even a bit quirky.

They usually love other dogs and are very outdoorsy. Owners report that they can be extremely friendly (that’s the Newfoundland blood) or quite independent (the Akita).

5. Akita x German Shepherd (Shepkita)

The Akita / German Shepherd mix can be quite serious but make for great companions – they are typically courageous creatures! Many owners believe the strength of the German Shepherd and the temperament of the Akita make for an ideal combination. But make sure you have a fence as Akita Shepherds tend to be roamers and wanderers.

Both parent breeds are highly intelligent and tenacious, so you can expect the hybrid to be on par, if not above average when it comes to intelligence. The Shepherd Akita mix needs an experienced dog owner to understand this unique canine cross’ needs.

6. Akita x Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Originally bred for dog fighting, this mix is extremely strong. They require an experienced dog owner as they can be a handful. Rescuing this mix is one of the best ways to continue the decline of dog fighting

7. Akita x Chow Chow

Japanese and Chinese breeds combine to make this loyal Akita Chow. This Akita Chow hybrid will likely be on the bigger side, and isn’t going to be a dog you want to mess with! This Akita Chow will likely posses an intimidatingly large bark, and coming from two long-haired parent breeds, you can expect this hybrid to have all the fluff!

Be aware that both the Akita and chow chow are known for being considerably aloof, so we wouldn’t suggest this breed if you want a clingy cuddle buddy (the same is potentially true for many chow chow mixes). These dogs can be quite strong-willed if not trained when young and their thick coat requires frequent grooming.

8. Akita x Corgi Mix

The Akita and corgi mix is sure to be one of the cutest pups you’ll see! Depending on the lineage, you could end up with a dog that has the build of an akita, or perhaps takes on more low-to-the-ground, stocky corgi physique.

The Akita corgi hybrid could end up looking like either breed (or like a little happy hybrid mishmash of both). Either way, you can expect this hybrid to be a real spitfire!

9. Akita x Poodle Mix (Akipoo)

These friendly little guys can be stubborn but make up for it with oozing friendliness. Great with other animals and children, the Akipoo is a quite high-energy dog in need of regular exercise. They don’t do well alone for long times, but who could stay away from this face for that long anyway?

10. Akita x Pit Bull Mix (Akita Pit)

The Akita Pitbull mix is an Akita hybrid dog that often features the characteristics of both parent breeds. It’ll hard to know for sure if the Akita Pit will inherit the calm yet protective nature of the Akita or the energetic and rambunctious attitude of a pittie! Either way, you can expect this hybrid to be loyal to its family.

Loyal, friendly, and at time stubborn, their enthusiastic nature makes it clear that they wish to please their humans.

11. Akita x Shar Pei Mix

The Shar Pei Akita mix is absolutely adorable. While they can be more reserved around strangers, the Shar Pei Akita mix loves to play with his favorite humans.

This mix will most likely need a solid foundation of training. They can be stubborn and territorial. The Akita/Shar Pei mix likes to perform tasks and might not play when ‘on duty’. They require a high level of exercise and are not recommended for inexperienced dog owners.

12. Akita x Border Collie Mix

Friendly with strong herding instincts, the Akita Collie needs a lot of exercise. You’ll need to challenge them mentally too as they are extremely smart. With so much energy, they won’t do well in urban apartments. They prefer chasing small fast things, so keep an eye on any other small animals at home.

13. Akita x Mastiff Mix

This mastiff and akita mix stands to inherit the protective nature of the akita and the big build of the mastiff. You can expect this akita hybrid to be athletic and strong, with a tough-guy exterior that’s not afraid to stand up for its family!

These very powerful and strong dogs may have a high prey drive. You’ll need to be an experienced dog owner or have a well-trained Akita/Mastiff. It gets along well with other dogs in most cases but might not be the best with small children.

14. Akita x Golden Retriever Mix

It’s hard not to fall for the Akita Golden retriever mix. This canine cross has a happy, friendly demeanor and enjoys spending time with his favorite humans.

This hybrid dog will likely inherit the gorgeous golden coat of one or both parent breeds, with some hybrid variation. You can expect this dog to be athletic and ideally you’ll find the Golden’s easygoing attitude even out the bolder, more confrontational nature of the Akita.

15. Akita x Rottweiler Mix

If you’re looking for a hybrid dog that is sure to turn heads, the akita and rottweiler mix is a great choice! This akita mix has the potential to take on the best qualities of both parent breeds, making for a confident and powerful dog. The rottweiler brings strength and intimidation, while the akita contributes its independent nature and strong protective instincts. With two such determined and powerful parents, this hybrid is sure to be a force to be reckoned with. However, early socialization and training are essential, as this hybrid can be quite aggressive if not properly managed.

16. Akita x Malamute Mix

The akita malamute mix is a gorgeous mixed breed akita that’s perfect for those who love fluff! It’s hard to know for sure if the Akitamute will inherit the protective nature of the Akita or the friendly disposition of the Malamute. Either way, you can expect this akita mix to be loyal to its family, boast an epic fur coat, and withstand snow like it’s nothing.

17. Boxer x Akita Mix

The Boxita that’s a mix of the Boxer and Akita dog breeds may take on the color coat or look of either parent breed, so looks can vary quite a bit. You can expect this pup to be fairly sporty and athletic. Ideally you’ll have the boxer’s easygoing nature even out the bolder, more confrontational nature of the akita, but temperaments can lean towards one parent breed or the other, so be sure to meet the pups before making a choice!

18. Shiba Inu x Akita Mix

If you’re considering an akita/shiba inu mixed breed dog, be aware that you’re looking at a pretty aloof animal. Akitas and shiba inus are two of the existing dog breeds most close to being feral, which means they are both highly aloof and very independent. They can be beautiful companions, but don’t expect a cuddle buddy!

19. Great Pyrenees x Akita Mix

A Great Pyrenees and akita mixed breed is sure to result in a large-sized dog with a ton of fur, so make sure you have a powerful vacuum at the ready! As a livestock guardian breed, the great pyrenees is known to be independent and aloof.

With the Akita Great Pyrenees cross, you’re mixing two very independent dog breeds, so don’t expect a pet whose a clinger! Again, this mix will want to spend a ton of time outdoors (in fact, you may want to consider this breed as a primarily-outdoors dog).

20. Pomeranian x Akita Mix

With two dogs that are such vastly different sizes, it’s hard to know if you’ll end up with an akita hybrid dog that takes after the akita (big and strong) or the pomeranian (smaller and more delicate). Regardless there should be plenty of fur!

21. Great Dane x Akita Mix

If you’re considering an akita/great dane hybrid dog, be aware that this hybrid dog will end up being an absolutely enormous dog with a big build that will take up serious space. Great Danes are known for being goofy and relaxed, while akitas are more serious, so you could end up with a real mix of temperaments depending on the litter.

22. Chihuahua x Akita Mix

akita chihuahua mix

The Chihuahua and Akita mixed breed dog is a hybrid that mixes some pretty opposite personalities, as the Chihuahua is known for being petite, while the Akita is known for being strong and extra independent. Sizing could be all over the map with this one!

23. Akita x Bernese Mountain Dogs 

Cross the loyal Akita with the loving Bernese mountain dog and you get a huge teddy bear of a dog. These furballs make amazing family dogs that are sure to demand you attention and affection. 

These pups can still be aloof around strangers, so early socialization is essential. You’ll also need a trusty vacuum to assist you with the magnificent mane of the Akita Bernese mountain dog mix. 

24. Akita x Australian Shepherd Mix 

If you’re looking for an amazing running buddy, you can’t ask for a better breed than the Akita Australian shepherd. These pups have plenty of energy and will need active owners who can keep up with them.

Australian Shepherd Akitas will likely bond closely with one or two special humans. They are naturally aloof around strangers, so early socialization is essential. 

25. Akita x Blue Heeler 

The Akita Blue Heeler mix is an excellent farmhand or watchdog. This energetic canine cross needs to stay active to feel his best. 

These pups aren’t cuddly couch potatoes, but they’re sure to express love through their endless loyalty. Akia Blue Heelers need experienced owners who can provide consistent, positive training sessions. 

26. Akita x Cane Corso 

When you cross two protective pooches, you unsurprisingly get a loyal, steadfast companion that’s happy to watch over your family. Note that these dogs are massive, so you’ll need plenty of room to keep these canines comfortable. 

The intelligent Akita Cane Corso cross is fairly easy to train, though they can be strong-willed, so they need patient, experienced owners. 

27. Akita x Pug

The Akita Pug is a well-balanced canine companion that’s happy to spend time wherever his family is. This breed is an amazing family dog, that will love spending time with kids and adults. 

Note that the Akita Pug is likely to follow you from one room to the next, so this canine cross is great for families seeking a true companion. Akita Pugs appreciate plenty of playtime, so make sure you have plenty of fun toys around the house! 

28. Akita x Rhodesian

The Akita Rhodesian Ridgeback Mix is a large, dignified guardian. This rare designer dog makes an excellent pooch protector that’s incredibly loyal to his family. 

These strong willed mixes need an owner who can provide plenty of focused training sessions centered around positive reinforcement. 

29. Akita x Samoyed 

Looking for a lively canine companion? The Samoyed Akita is a cheerful, marvelous mutt that loves spending time out doors. 

This canine crossover is an excellent watch dog that is sure to alert you whenever a squirrel passes through the driveway. These pups do have a strong prey drive, so they might not make the best pick for multipet households. 

30. Akita x Bullmastiff 

If you love massive mutts, you’re sure to fall for this Akita Bull Mastiff cross. These massive furry friends are natural protectors, making them amazing watch dogs. 

While these calm protectors make great guardians for your family, they can be wary of strangers, so early socialization is key. Pet parents of these pooches need homes with plenty of space to accommodate for the breed’s massive size. 

31. Akita x Bulldog 

The Akita Bulldog mix is a well-balanced companion that knows how to keep himself busy. Don’t get us wrong– these pups love cuddles, but they’re also curious enough to spend sometime on their own. 

Akita Bulldog mixes can be strong willed and need a patient owner. If you’re up for the challenge, these peppy pooches make amazing furry family members. 

32. Akita x Beagle 

Cross a friendly beagle with a more reserved Akita and you get a curious canine that loves his family. The Akita Beagle mix is super playful and will let you know with plenty of vocalizations when someone is approaching your doorstep. 

Note that these pups can be independent thinkers, so they need patient pet parents who have plenty of training treats to help these dogs build mutt manners. 

33. Akita x Catahoula

This rare designer dog is a gentle, curious canine companion that will love playing with his favorie humans. While these pups aren’t the most affectionate, they show their love through endless loyalty to their owners. 

These working dogs like to keep busy and appreciate having a job to keep them busy throughout the day. Akita Catahoulas need early socialization and consistent training sessions to develop proper boundaries between work and play. 

34. Akita x Australian Cattle Dog

If you’re searching for a hard working hound, this Akita Australian Cattle Dog cross is a great pick. These designer dogs like to keep busy and are happy to watch over your home. 

This marvelous mix needs lots of physical activity to feel their finest. They can also be strong-willed at times, so they will need patient pet parents who can provide plenty of training. 

35. Akita x Doberman

The Akita Doberman is strong, and surprisingly sensitive. With that in mind, this mix needs an experienced owner who’s happy to provide consistent, positive training sessions. 

These dogs can be aloof around strangers, so early socialization is important. They bond closely with their favorite humans and are happy to show their affection. 

36. Akita x Vizsla 

For an active dog, the Akita Vizsla is a great choice. These dogs are happy to run, swim, hike, or do just about anything– as long as it’s with you.

These energetic dogs need plenty of exercise to keep their tails wagging and love being around their people. 

37. Akita x Jack Russell Mix

This spirited Akita terrier mix will keep you on your toes. Akita Jack Russell mixes need plenty of playtime and exercise to satisfy their boundless energy. 

Both parents make great watchdogs, so this canine crossover will keep you posted on the happenings of your yard. These peppy pups hold their own and do well in households where they are the sole canine companion. 

38. Akita x Dalmatian 

This spotted sweetheart is outgoing and plenty playful. With boundless energy, these dogs need plenty of time outside to explore and exercise.

Akita Dalmatians have a strong prey drive, so they might not be the best fit for homes with other pets. These dogs need experienced owners who are patient with their sometimes strong-willed personalities. 

39. Akita x Dachshund Mix

This dignified dog is chronically curious and will keep you engaged with their playful personalities. Akia Dachshunds are always up for the next adventure and are surprisingly active, even if they inherit the Dachshund’s smaller frame. 

These courageous canines make excellent watchdogs. They can be a bit strong-willed at times, so patience as a pet parent is a must. 

40. Akita x Rottweiler

Akita Rottweilers are sweet protectors that are total goofs at home and dignified companions outside the house. These furry friends are super loyal and will do just about anything for their families. 

These pups can have a strong prey drive, so early socialization with small pets is essential. 

41. Akita x Cocker Spaniel

The Akita Cocker Spaniel mix is a well-tempered cross, inheriting the more social traits from his Cocker spaniel parent. These pups are lively companions that are happy to play with anyone.

These pups can be a little aloof around strangers, but they warm up quickly with a couple of tasty training treats. 

How adorable! Do you own an Akita mix yourself? Tell us which one you liked best and which ones you think missed the mark.

And don’t forget to share your Akita-mix photos – send them to us via Facebook, Twitter or link to them in the comments below!

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I have a Akita /Grmnshep. She is absolutely gorgeous. Unfortunately she is getting old.I am going to try to find another breed similar is is such wonderful dog. She has really touched my life …..she is a excellent protection for our home she is allows right by myside.

Shirley WashingtonBray

Save all dogs for me.

Dorie Sparkman

Some of these mixes would be susceptible to some pretty terrible health and/or temperament issues. Example: Both Akitas and Standard Poodles carry a genetic disorder called sebaceous adenitis. And mixing a herding breed with a hunting breed could lead to some awful hard wired bejavior traits. The Akita is one of the oldest breeds on earth. They’ve done pretty well for themselves. Want a mix? ADOPT FROM A SHELTER!

Dorie Sparkman

Some of these mixes would be susceptible to some pretty terrible health and/or temperament issues. Example: Both Akitas and Standard Poodles carry a genetic disorder called sebaceous adenitis. And mixing a herding breed with a hunting breed could lead to some awful hard wired bejavior traits. The Akita is one of the oldest breeds on earth. They’ve done pretty well for themselves. Want a mix? ADOPT FROM A SHELTER!

tara canfield

If you ever revisit this article, would love to see an Akita/Boxer mix represented. My Boxita has a fabulous personality, very friendly with dogs and humans, yet still protective of the home.


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