How to Select the Best Airline Approved Pet Carrier for Your Dog & 12 of Our Favorites!

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airline approved pet carrier reviews

Have an upcoming flight with your four-footer? You’re in luck!

Today we’re covering the basics of air travel with your furry friend! We’ll detail how to select an airline approved pet carrier for keeping under the seat in front of you, in the cabin of the airplane.

If you’re looking for info on checking your dog in the cargo hold of the plane, see our post on the best airline approved dog crates for cargo hold air travel.

Best Airline Approved Pet Carriers for Cabin: Quick Picks

  • Prodigen Airline Pet Carrier [Most Affordable Airline-Approved Pet Carrier]: This ultra-affordable carrier includes four panels of mesh ventilation plus three zipper openings to give you easy access to your pooch.
  • X-Zone Expandable Pet Carrier [Best Expandable Airline-Approved Pet Carrier]This expandable pet carrier features tons of mesh ventilation and two expandable panels to give your pooch more room when needed.
  • Katziela Pet Carrier [Best Airline-Approved Pet Carrier with Wheels]: This mesh-paneled carrier’s removable wheeled base allows you to tote your traveling canine around with ease.
  • Sleepypod Air Dog Carrier [Best Luxury-Caliber Airline-Approved Pet Carrier]: Sleepypod’s carrier features luggage grade materials for top-notch durability. Fits dogs up to 17.5 pounds.

How to Pick the Best Airline-Approved Pet Carrier: Features to Look For

pet carrier

There are several variations of different airline approved pet carriers to choose from. Some differentiating features include:

  • Wheels. Some airline friendly carriers have wheels for easy maneuverability, while others function more as standard dog backpack carriers or pet purse carriers, with handles and shoulder straps. If you have a weak shoulder, you may want to opt for wheels over traditional over-the-shoulder style carriers.
  • Zipper or Velcro. Some carriers have velcro closings, while others use zippers. Velcro can be opened potentially by boisterous pets, but provides faster access. Zippers are more secure, but can be a nuisance.
  • Ventilation. You’ll want to make sure that your airline approved pet carrier has plenty of ventilation for your dog to breath and feel comfortable.
  • Pockets. Pockets are always handy to have on your pet carry on bag. Pockets allow for easy storage of toys, treats, and other supplies. Some airline pet carriers will have more pockets than others.

Best Airline-Approved Dog Carriers

You can check out some of our favorite airline-approved dog carriers below.

Please note that there is no one official airline approved dog carrier, as carrier requirements vary between airlines. However, all of these carriers have been used for air travel and should suit your needs.

Still, we suggest you always double check your specific airline carry-on dimensions with any carrier you consider ordering.

Looking for a carrier you can check in cargo during your flight? See our guide to airline approved dog crates for cargo hold.

1. Prodigen Airline Approved Pet Carrier

Most Affordable Airline-Approved Pet Carrier

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Prodifen Airline Approved Pet Carrier

Prodigen Airline Approved Pet Carrier

A 3-door, bag-style carrier that’s budget-friendly and features a strap for easy toting.

About: The Prodigen Airline Approved Pet Carrier is a feature-packed carrier at an affordable price. We’re especially big fans of the four-sided mesh panels (ventilation is very important for airplane dog carrier), along with several zipper-opening panels.


  • Airplane-Friendly Dimensions. Customers have confirmed that this carrier is accepted on most major airlines, including American Airline, United, JetBlue, Delta, & others!
  • 3 Door Design. This carrier has three doors – a top zipper panel door, along with two side zipper panels, which makes it easy to slip a hand inside and comfort your dog when necessary.
  • 4 Mesh Panels. Four sides of quality, claw-proof mesh panels for superior breathability and ventilation for your dog.
  • Fleece Pad. Removable fleece mat on the inside bottom to keep your pup cozy. Can be easily removed and washes for cleaning.
  • Pockets. Includes pockets for storing your pup’s treats, leash, etc.
  • Inside Clip. There’s a small lead clip inside the carrier which keeps your pup safe and makes sure your dog won’t jump out when you open the carrier.
  • Luggage Strap. Included luggage strap makes it easy to attach carrier onto your suitcase.
  • Available in Several Colors. Comes in Grey, Blue, Green, Pink, or Purple!


  • One Size: 17.5″ x 10″ x 11″; accommodates pets weighing up to 14 pounds


  • The 4 breathable mesh panels provide plenty of ventilation 
  • Great quality for the price 
  • Compact design is easy to haul around


  • Some owners reported the carrier has an odor
  • The soft sides don’t provide much structure

2. X-Zone Airline-Approved Pet Carrier

Best Expandable Airline-Approved Pet Carrier

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X-Zone Airline-Approved Pet CarrierX-Zone Airline-Approved Pet Carrier

X-Zone Airline-Approved Pet Carrier

An affordable, airline-friendly carrier with two expansion panels for extra room.

About: The X-Zone Expandable Pet Carrier is stylish, reasonably priced carry on dog carrier that can be expanded or retracted through the use of fold-out panels. It can even be collapsed completely for easy storage and transport.


  • Foldable. Lays completely flat when unzipped to save space.
  • Expandable. Sides zips down to provide extra space while sturdy wire frame maintains shape.
  • Zipper Opening. Pet entrance has 2 zippers for easy access.
  • Adjustable Shoulder Strap. Allows for comfortable carrying for you and your pet.


  • Small: 17″ x 11″x 11″ (before expansion); accommodates pets weighing up to 15 pounds
  • Large: 19.7″ x 12″ x 12″ (before expansion); accommodates pets weighing up to 18 pounds


  • Pets love the “porch” that comes with this expandable pet carrier
  • The frame features sturdy wire for stability  
  • Breathable mesh design keeps canines comfy


  • It’s challenging to open the expander when your pet is inside 
  • Some reported the strap was weak

3. Sleepypod Dog Carrier

Best Luxury-caliber, Airline-Approved Pet Carrier

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Sleepypod Dog Carrier

Sleepypod Dog Carrier

A high-end, all-in-one pet carrier featuring luggage-grade materials and a sleek design.

About: The Sleepypod Under Seat Dog Carrier is the whole package – it functions as a airline carry-on carrier, a car seat, and a dog bed!


  • Flexible Size. The Sleepypod airline approved pet carrier fits pets up to 17 ½ pounds, but is also compressible to fit under different size seats on airlines or fold up when not in use.
  • Sleek Design. Very well designed, giving pets maximum room without sacrificing sturdiness or style.
  • Luggage Grade Fabric. High quality nylon outside with super comfy plush inside for a class A airline approved dog carrier.
  • Easy Access. Both the top and ends open, making it easy to access pets.
  • Multiple Colors. Comes in Dark Chocolate, Glacier Silver, Jet Black, Orange Dream, Strawberry Red, and Robin Egg Blue.


  • Single Size: 22″ x 10.5″ x 10.5″; accommodates pets weighing up to 17.5 pounds


  • Sturdy carrier that’s built to last 
  • Doubles as a car seat and dog bed
  • Pet parents love the luggage attachment insert


  • It is a bit pricey
  • It’s bulkier than many owners want

4. Bergan Soft-Sided Airline Pet Carrier

Best Overall Airline-Approved Pet Carrier

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Bergan, Comfort Carrier, Large, Black

Bergan Soft-Sided Airline Pet Carrier

A stylish and discreet, duffle-bag style carrier with a fleece lining for comfort.

About: The Bergan Soft-Sided Airline Pet Carrier is a soft, duffle-bag style carrier that allows for discreet transportation of your canine as a carry-on.

It’s a mid-priced carrier, not the cheapest on our list, but not the most expensive either.


  • Removable Fleece Bed. Soft fleece bedding and rigid insert panel helps the carrier hold its shape. Both removable for easy washing.
  • Comfort Your Pet. Exclusive “Pet Connect” zipper opening allows you to comfortably and safely interact with your pet while traveling – an excellent choice for airline approved dog carriers for in cabin travel.
  • Shoulder Strap. Optional shoulder strap included is padded and adjustable.
  • Multiple Zipper Openings. Several zippered mesh panels allow for maximum viewing and ventilation.
  • Multiple Safety Features. This airplane pet carrier has locking zippers, seatbelt loops, and reflective strips.
  • Lead & Phthalate Safe. There are no harmful chemicals for you or your pet.
  • Multiple Colors. This airplane friendly dog carrier comes in Black, Mineral Blue, Rose Wine, and Spinach Green.


  • Small: 14″ X 6″ X 8″; accommodates pets weighing up to 7 pounds
  • Large: 19″ x 10″ x 13″; accommodates pets weighing up to 22 pounds


  • Cozy fleece-lined interior for comfort 
  • Mesh doors provide easy access
  • The extra “pet connect” zipper allows you to touch your pet while inside


  • Some reported the carrier had an unusual smell
  • Several owners complained about its capacity (only the smallest dogs will fit)

5. AmazonBasics Soft Travel Carrier

Best All-Mesh Airline-Approved Pet Carrier

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AmazonBasics Soft Travel Carrier

AmazonBasics Soft Travel Carrier

Budget-friendly, all mesh pet carrier that’s suitable for most domestic flights.

About: The AmazonBasics Airline Dog Carrier is an airy, affordable, duffle-style carry-on carrier with abundant mesh windows, providing extra ventilation for your pooch.


  • Airline Approved Cabin Pet Carrier. Suitable for travel on most major domestic airlines.
  • Flexible Frame. Springy wire frame with soft-sided carrier material flexes to fit under various seat dimensions.
  • Straps. Includes both seatbelt and luggage strap for easy carrying and safe travel.
  • Easy Entry. Contains both top and side entry panels as well as full mesh panels for ventilation.


  • Small: 15″ x 10″ x 8.5″; accommodates pets weighing up to 8 pounds
  • Medium: 18″ x 11″ x 10.5″; accommodates pets weighing up to 16 pounds
  • Large: 19″ x 11.8″ x 11.5″; ; accommodates pets weighing up to 22 pounds


  • The mesh panels provide great airflow
  • Embedded fleece pad provides additional comfort 
  • Large model is pretty roomy


  • The thin straps can be hard on your shoulders
  • While roomy, the recommended pet size range appears too large

6. Katziela Pet Carrier

Best Airline-Approved Pet Carrier with Wheels

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No products found.

Katziela Pet Carrier

A telescopic handle and a removable wheeled base make this rolling carrier a hit at the airport.

About: Katziela’s Pet Carrier features a removable wheeled base for easy pet transport while still being airline compliant. Convert it to a tote or shoulder bag as needed with included handles and a shoulder strap.


  • Ample Mesh Panels. Large mesh panels on the carrier’s top and sides offer plenty of ventilation and visibility.
  • ID Panel. Clearly displays your canine’s information for convenience and safety during travel.
  • Removable Interior Bed. Fleece bed keeps your dog comfortable or can be swapped out for your pet’s preferred bedding.
  • Telescopic Handle. Easily maneuver the carrier around busy terminals with its accessible handle.
  • Storage pockets. Carry leashes, bowls, and more within the generous side storage.
  • Solid Coloring. This airline-approved pup carrier comes in two color options: Black and Gray.


  • One Size: 19″ X 13″ X 15″; accommodates pets weighing up to 22 pounds


  • Removable wheeled base makes for easy transport while still being airline-compliant
  • Offers plenty of ventilation for canines
  • Versatile, allowing for use as a wheeled carrier, tote, or shoulder bag


  • The wheeled base needs to be removed for under-seat storage during flight
  • Some travelers were told the bag was too big for their chosen airline, so triple-check requirements before booking a flight

7. Sturdibag Airplane-Friendly Dog Carrier

Best Privacy-Style, Airline-Approved Pet Carrier

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STURDI PRODUCTS SturdiBag Large Pet Carrier, Evergreen

Sturdibag Airplane-Friendly Dog Carrier

Lightweight, duffle-style carrier with closable flaps to provide skittish pets with privacy.

About: The Sturdibag Large Airplane-Friendly Carrier is another duffle-style carrier with multiple doors, straps, and windows for your canine’s comfort during flight.


  • Lightweight. Made of very lightweight durable 600 denier polyester with flexible rods that help maintain arch shape.
  • Comfortable Straps. Easy to carry with an adjustable 4-point padded shoulder strap and leather hand grips.
  • Multiple Mesh Panels. Several mesh windows for viewing and ventilation that can be covered as well for privacy or comfort for your pet.
  • Safety Straps. Perfect to strap in airline seats or for car seat belts.
  • Huge Color Selection. This dog carry on bag comes in 11 color options including Hot Pink, Lavender, Evergreen, and more!


  • Small: 10″ X 10″ X 18″; accommodates pets weighing up to 30 pounds
  • Large: 12″ x 12″ x 18″; accommodates pets weighing up to 50 pounds


  • Cushy interior provides plenty of comfort
  • You can choose between 12 different color  
  • Flexible shape makes it suitable for a variety of situations


  • Only features a single door 
  • Only available in one size
Reader Comments

One of our readers likes the Sturdibag Airplane-Friendly Dog Carrier so much she felt compelled to reach out to us and share her experiences!

Overall, the bag has worked very well for her 10-pound Yorkie. She explains that it is incredibly roomy, and the vented window and privacy shade are highly appreciated features.

8. PetAmi Airline Approved Dog Carrier

Most Stylish Pet Carrier

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PetAmi Dog Purse Carrier for Small Dogs, Airline Approved Soft Sided Pet Carrier with Pockets, Ventilated Dog Carrying Bag Puppy Cat, Dog Travel Supplies Accessories Carry Tote, Sherpa Bed, Dark Gray

PetAmi Airline Approved Dog Carrier

A sleek canine carrier with crisp lines and heaps of color options for fashion-forward floofs.

About: PetAmi’s Airline Approved Dog Carrier lets your four-footer travel in style with its modern design available in multiple solid prints and playful patterns. Sherpa bedding keeps your canine cozy, while a safety lead prevents pupper escapes during travel.


  • Durable Construction. Made with quality 600D high-grade polyester.
  • Ventilation. Mesh panels offer airflow and visibility for pupper comfort.
  • Storage. Side storage pocket for toting pup accessories.
  • Easy Access. Large top opening allows for quick access to your dog and cleaning as needed.
  • Long Handles. Carry as a stylish handheld tote or sling over your shoulder.
  • Multiple Styles. This airline-approved dog carrier is offered in Black, Chevron Teal, Floral Gray, Heather Charcoal, Heather Gray, Pink, Polka Dot Black, Purple, Stripe Black, and Turquoise.


  • One Size: 17″ x 8″ x 11″; 12-pound weight capacity


  • Available in a variety of fun, fashionable patterns
  • Affordably priced
  • Well-ventilated and durably built according to pet parents


  • Weight limit suits toy breeds only
  • Not as spacious as some other pup carriers

9. Sherpa Original Deluxe Bag

Coziest Airline-Approved Pet Carrier

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Sherpa Original Deluxe Airline-Approved Dog Cat Carrier Bag

Sherpa Original Deluxe Bag

A Sherpa-lined pet carrier with mesh windows to provide the ultimate canine comfort.

About: Is your canine a cuddlebug? If so, he will probably appreciate this luxurious sherpa-lined carrier. The cozy foldable carrier features breathable mesh panels and a seatbelt strap for use while traveling.  


  • Comfy and easy to clean. Machine-washable Sherpa liner included to keep your companion cozy.
  • Dual access points. Carrier includes both top and side door entry points.
  • Soft, flexible wire frame. This provides a great combination of rigidity for safety and flexibility for tight fits.
  • Extra storage space. A rear pocket for accessories is included in the design.
  • Provides plenty of airflow. This carrier features mesh windows with locking zippers.

Sizing Dimensions: 

  • Small: 15” x 8.5” x 10”; accommodates pets weighing up to 8 pounds
  • Medium: 17” x 11” x 10.5”; accommodates pets weighing up to 16 pounds
  • Large: 19” x 11.75” x 11.5”; accommodates pets weighing up to 22 pounds


  • Super soft for canine comfort
  • Machine washable for easy clean up 
  • Large zipper pocket for holding extra accessories 


  • Some pet parents had trouble with the locking zipper
  • The mesh lining isn’t especially durable

10. Natuvalle 6-in-1 Pet Carrier

Most Spacious Airline-Approved Pet Carrier

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6-in-1 Sturdy Pet Carrier Backpack, Front Pack, Shoulder Bag, Pet Hand Bag, Car Seat Crate, Soft-Sided pet Carrier, Small Animal Travel Carrier, Airline Approved, Size Small for Pets 14-16' Long

Natuvalle 6-in-1 Pet Carrier

A spacious pet carrier that’ll accommodate larger pets than many other models.

About: Naturuvalle offers this 6-in-1 pet carrier that can be worn as a backpack, front pack, shoulder bag, or duffle bag for plenty of flexibility. The sturdy bag comes with a fleece insert to keep your best buddy feeling his best. 


  • Incredibly flexible. Can be used in 6 different positions to accommodate your pup’s preferences.
  • Built-in travel features. Comes with included seat belt loops for safety.
  • Tons of airflow. Features 4 breathable mesh panels.
  • Additional safety features. Reflective stitching for nighttime visibility. 
  • Multiple size options. This carrier comes in 4 different sizes to suit a variety of pets.

Sizing Dimensions: 

  • Extra Small: 14” x 8.3” x 8.3”; accommodates pets weighing up to 8 pounds
  • Small: 16.5” x 9” x 11.4”; accommodates pets weighing up to 16 pounds
  • Medium: 18.5” x 10.2” x 11.8”; accommodates pets weighing up to 18 pounds
  • Large: 20.8” x 11” x 14.3”; accommodates pets weighing up to 22 pounds


  • Works in your choice of 6 different configurations
  • Available in 4 different sizes
  • Several owners praised the carrier’s capacity


  • The shoulder strap wasn’t super comfortable for all owners
  • Carrier is a bit too rigid for some situations

11. Mr. Peanut’s Soft Sided Pet Carrier

Best Airline-Approved Pet Carrier For Puppies

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Mr. Peanut

Mr. Peanut’s Soft Sided Pet Carrier

A stylish, soft-sided pet carrier with mesh panels and a fleece lining for comfort.

About: Mr. Peanut’s soft pet carrier is perfect for puppies with its compact size, waterproof bottom panel and built-in seatbelt. This carrier will keep your precious puppy comfortable with its fleece-lined bedding. 


  • Tons of airflow. Breathable mesh on all sides to provide plenty of ventilation.
  • Leak-resistant bottom. Included waterproof bottom panel insert will stop leaks pronto.
  • Great-looking colors. Bag is available in 5 different stylish color options.
  • Bonus safety features. Comes with built-in seat belts for car travel.
  • Great for tight spaces. This carrier features a flexible, soft-sided design.

Sizing Dimensions: 

  • One Size: 18″ x 10.4″  x 11″; accommodates pets weighing up to 15 pounds


  • Waterproof bottom panel helps prevent leaks and messes
  • Comes with a number of helpful features like the embedded ID tag, stylish exterior, and skid proof bottom
  • Can be attached to luggage for additional convenience


  • Mesh panels won’t stand up to clawing canines
  • The shoulder strap isn’t strong enough for heavy dogs

12. Morpilot Pet Travel Bag

Best Travel Kit and Airline-Approved Pet Carrier

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Morpilot Portable Cat Carrier - Soft Sided Cat Carrier for Medium Cats and Puppy up to 15lbs, Pet Carrier with Locking Safety Zippers, Foldable Bowl, Airline Approved Travel Dog Carrier - Light Purple

Morpilot Pet Travel Bag

A comfy and collapsible airline-approved pet carrier with handy travel accessories.

About: If you’re ready to venture out with your best buddy, this carrier and travel accessories from Morpilot is certainly worth exploring. The foldable pet carrier also comes with a foldable water bowl and travel strap for easy pooch transport. 


  • Breathable design. Comes with 3 mesh doors for plenty of ventilation.
  • Cozy interior. Comes with soft pad lining for maximum canine comfort.
  • Safety first. Included inner leash hook to keep your pet secure.
  • Easy to carry. Comes with a compatible shoulder strap and portable water bowl.
  • Stays put. Anti-skid bottom to prevent the bag from sliding around. 

Sizing Dimensions: 

  • Medium: 17.3” x 12.2” x 13.4”; accommodates pets weighing up to 15 pounds
  • Large: 18” x 12.5” x 14”; accommodates pets weighing up to 20 pounds


  • Comes with a collapsible food or water bowl
  • The soft pad insert is removable and machine-washable 
  • Owners loved the carrier’s rigidity


  • Some pet parents reported a faint plastic smell
  • Rigidity makes it challenging to stow underneath a seat

Airline Pet Policy Sizing Requirements & Pricing

air travel for pets

Different airlines have different sizing regulations and prices for jet-setting pets. This can obviously be quite a headache for owners, but we’ll try to help by outlining the policies of some of the major carriers below.

For the full list, check out our guide on the best pet-friendly airlines for flying with dogs!


​For Hard-Sided Crates: Maximum dimensions for hard-sided kennels are 17.5″ long x 12″ wide x 7.5″ high.

For Soft-Sided Crates: Maximum dimensions for soft-sided kennels are 18″ long x 11″ wide x 11″ high (46 cm x 28 cm x 28 cm).

Pricing: $125 each way, plus an addition $125 for each stopover of 4 hours or more within the U.S. or stopovers of more than 24 hours outside of the U.S.

Other Details: Pets must be 4 months (16 weeks) or older to fly on United. Pets are not permitted on flights to, from, or through Australia, Hawaii, New Zealand.

Note: Soft-sided pet carriers are allowed to slightly exceed recommended since they are adjustable and be conformed to under-seat space.

For more info, see the United pets travel page.


​For Hard-Sided Crates: Cannot exceed the under seat dimensions of the aircraft – you must find the under-seat dimensions for the aircraft you will be flying with.

For Soft-Sided Crates: Can be slightly larger than hard-sided kennels if they are made of water-repellant material, are padded, or have nylon mesh ventilation on two or more sides.

Pricing: $125 per kennel

Other Details: Pets must be 4 months (16 weeks) or older to fly on American Airlines within the US. The exception is flying from or to Puerto Rico, in which case pets must be 8 weeks or older.

Carry-on dogs are not permitted in business class or first class due to lack of under-seat storage. They are also not permitted on these aircrafts:

  • Boeing 757-L
  • Boeing 757-EW
  • Boeing 767
  • Boeing 777-200
  • Boeing 777-300
  • Boeing 787-8
  • Boeing 787-9
  • Airbus A330-200
  • Airbus A330-300

International Flights: While pets are allowed on most flights up to 11 hours and 31 minutes, no carry-on pets are permitted when traveling to:

  • Parts of the Caribbean (Barbados, Jamaica)
  • Hawaii
  • Parts of South America (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Venezuela)
  • Transatlantic flights
  • Transpacific flights
  • Australia (service or assistance pets only – no information available on carry on vs cargo)

There are also additional rules for certain regions:

For more info, see the American Airlines pets travel page.


For Hard-Sided Crates: Maximum hard-sided carry on crate dimensions cannot exceed 17″ x 11″ x 7.5″.

For Soft-Sided Crates: Maximum soft-sided crate dimensions cannot exceed 17″ x 11″ x 9.5″.

Pricing: $100 each way

Additional Info: Option to bring two pets in the main cabin, when adjacent seat is purchased by the same customer. The pet counts as your carry-on allotment – this means you can bring your pet + a personal item, but not a pet + personal item + standard size carry on bag.

Allows option for two pets of same species and similar size ​may travel in a single carrier.

Airbus aircrafts do not allow pets to be kept in first class seating.

For travel to:

  • Hawaii: Dogs or cats may be permitted, but since Hawaii is the only rabies-free state, there are additional rules about traveling to Hawaii with pets in Alaska Airlines (details here)
  • Nome, Kotzebue: Must have proof of parvovirus and rabies vaccination

For more info, see the Alaska Airlines pet travel page


Sizing Info: Maximum dimensions depend on your flight and the size of the aircraft – you’ll need to contact the reservations desk for exact info.

Pricing: $125 each way (US, Canada, Puerto Rico) / $200 (Virgin Islands, International) / $75 (Brazil).

Delta has recently stopped allowing pets to travel as checked baggage, but they’ve started offering another travel option for pets, called the CarePod.

The CarePod is a specially designed, triple-locking, GPS-equipped crate that comes with a lot of pooch-friendly features. Flying in the CarePod isn’t cheap (it costs approximately $850 one way), but it may be a good option for some owners.

Additional Info: Your pet counts as your personal item. Pets must be 10 weeks old for domestic travel, 16 weeks old if traveling to other countries.

With Delta, pets are not allowed to travel in cabin to/from the following destinations:

  • Australia
  • Barbados
  • Dakar
  • Dubai
  • Hong Kong
  • Iceland
  • Jamaica  
  • New Zealand
  • Republic of Ireland
  • South Africa
  • United Kingdom
  • United Arab Emirates

Pets are also not allowed in certain sections of Delta flights:

  • Rows 30-35 in A330-200 aircrafts
  • Rows 30-43 in A330 -300 aircrafts
  • Center seats in 757-200 aircrafts

For more info, see the Delta pets travel page.

Editor’s Note: Delta has recently changed many of their procedures and regulations for owners traveling with pets. For example, they no longer allow pets to fly as cargo on any flights on the Boeing 767, nor are pets allowed to fly in-cabin in the international business section.


Maximum Dimensions: Maximum carry-on carrier dimensions cannot exceed 17″ long x 12.5″ wide x 8.5″ high and the combined weight of your pet and the carrier can’t be over 20 pounds.

Pricing: $120 each way, only one pet per passenger is permitted.

Additional Info: Pets are not permitted as carry-on for flights to/from: Jamaica, Barbados, St Lucia, the Cayman Islands, or Trinidad & Tobago. 

For more info, see the JetBlue pets travel page.


Maximum Dimensions: Maximum dimensions for carry on crates are 18.5” long x 8.5” high x 13.5” wide.

Pricing: $95 each way

Additional Info: Cannot travel as carry on for international flights.

Allows option for two pets of same species and similar size ​may travel in a single carrier. Pet carriers qualify as either: a) a personal item or b) a carry-on item. This means you can bring the pet carrier and a regular-sized carry on bag.

For more info, see the Southwest Airline pet travel page.


Important! NO PETS are permitted to fly in the cabin with Virgin Airlines. Only service dogs are permitted in-cabin, all others must go in cargo.

Maximum Dimensions: Insubstantial information online – contact airline for details.

Pricing: Cost varies on destination, time of year, and size of carrier. Contact airline carrier for more info.

For more info, see the Virgin Airlines pet travel page.


Maximum Dimensions:  9” high x 16” wide x 19” deep.

Pricing: $100 per segment per carrier

Additional Info: No more than two pets per carrier are permitted. Each paid traveler may have one carrier each. Only cats and dogs are accepted.

For more info, see the Allegiant Airline pet travel page.


Maximum Dimensions: 18″ long x 14″ wide x 8″ high.

Pricing: $75 each way

Additional Info: Pets only travel in cabin, no cargo hold options. Pets are allowed on international flights to/from the Dominican Republic and Mexico. Dogs must be at least 8 weeks old to travel. Soft-sided carrier recommended.

For more info, see the Frontier Airlines pet travel page.


Maximum Dimensions: 18″ x 14″ x 9″, and must be able to fit under the seat. Combined weight of the pet and carrier may not exceed 40 pounds.

Pricing: No information available

Additional Info: Two pets per container are permitted. Not pets allowed on international flights.

For more info, see the Spirit Airlines pet travel page.

Other Airline & Flight Details to Consider When Traveling With Pets

Flying with your pet can be a complicated endeavor, and there is a lot to think about. Just review the following list of important notes to ensure you’ll be prepared for a problem-free journey with your doggo!

  • Most airlines require that dogs be able to stand up and lie down comfortably in their carry-on travel carrier.
  • Crates must be in good condition and without cracks, breaks, or tears. Airlines may reject carrier if it is not in good condition.
  • Each flight can only allow a certain number of carry-on pets per flight. Often, this number is quite small (often just one to two pets for first and business class seating, and four to five for cabin seating). Because of this, it’s important to book your flight as soon as possible.
  • Pets must stay in carrier for the entire flight.
  • When taking a pet as a carry-on, you may not sit in the exit row or any row where under-seat space is not available in front of you.
  • Most airlines do not allow the transportation of snub-nosed dogs. If you need to get a snub-nosed dog from point A to point B, you may have to opt for a private pet transport service.
  • Pets younger than 8 weeks not allowed to fly. Additional age restrictions may exist depending on airline.
  • Pets cannot fly with unaccompanied minors.
  • The CDC requires that all pets coming to the US are immunized against rabies and must be completed 30 days before arrival.
  • Some airlines allow multiple pets of same species and similar size in one carrier, while others do not.
  • Crates must be leak-proof and ventilated on at least two sides.
  • Carrier regulations and requirements may vary for a single airline depending on the aircraft and the flight destination.

For more guidance on what you should know when flying with a pooch, be sure to check out our guide on tips to know before flying with your dog.

Dog Carriers for Airplanes FAQ

What size dog carrier fits under airplane seat?

The exact carrier dimensions required for an airplane animal carrier vary depending on the airline, but on average, you’ll want a carrier that approximately fits the dimensions of 18″(L) x 14″(W) x 9″(H).

What kind of dog carriers are allowed on planes?

Both hard and soft dog carriers are allowed on planes, placed under the seat in front of you where a personal item or carry-on bag might normally go.

However, many airlines have slightly different size dimension requirements for hard-sided crates, usually requiring that hard-sided crates be smaller. Soft-sided crates, on the other hand, can be slightly larger since they have enough flexibility to be pressed down slightly in order to easily fit beneath an airline seat.

While most airlines allow both soft and hard crates, we’d suggest using a soft-sided crate when flying with your dog in the cabin.

Do airlines actually measure pet carriers?

Usually airlines won’t bother to measure your pet carrier, so long as it looks like generally appropriate dimensions and it can fit beneath the seat in front of you.

Can I buy a seat for my dog on an airplane?

While the rules can vary depending on the exact airline, most major airlines will not allow you to buy a seat for your dog. This is because your dog must remain in a crate at all times during the flight — buying an extra seat won’t change this.

However, you could buy two seats, keep your dog crated under the seat in front of you during take off and landing, and then move your crated dog to the seat beside you at cruising altitude.

Can a 25 lb dog fly in cabin?

Probably not. Airlines won’t measure your dog alone, but they will take into account the combined weight of the carrier and dog. A 25 lb dog will likely be too large to fit in an airline-friendly carrier.

How strict are airlines with dog weight?

How strict airlines are on their dimension and weight requirements can really vary depending on the airline and the individual staff member you’re interacting with. However, we’ve heard from many individuals that many airlines are quite relaxed about the guidelines, so long as your dog isn’t way too large or big for the carrier and the space underneath the seat in front of you.

Can I fly on a plane with a puppy?

Yes, but the exact age requirements vary by airline. Most require puppies be at least 10 weeks old in order to fly.

Can I take two dogs on a plane with me?

Many airlines will allow you to take two dogs onto a plane with you. Some require the animals be in two separate crates, while others will allow multiple dogs to be in a single crate, so long as they have enough space to be comfortable.


Do you have any experiences with airline pet carriers you’d like to share? Tell us about your favorites and review your top picks in the comments section!

Want more ways to travel with your pooch? Check out our guide to dog bike baskets!

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Do you have a hard carrier suggestions? I am moving with my dog via Alaska Airlines, and last time I moved with her, we used a soft kennel, but she’s 20 lbs and it was sagging on the bottom, and not easy to rest on a large suitcase without stability (so that I can roll her to have both my hands free for my two suitcases and keep my dog and cat on each suitcase). I am just trying to find some that are as close to the size limits/as big as possible. Also, do you know if they literally pull out a tape measure to size it? If it’s .5-1″ larger, will they care?


If you need to go on a transatlantic flight to Spain (or first point of entry in Spain) and need to use American Airlines miles (One World), you can book a flight with Iberia (spanish airline). Iberia allows animals in cabin (however only 1 animal per flight is allowed so best to call the airline and reserve the spot ahead of time).

Ben Team

Thanks for the tip, Bruno!




From American Airlines website January 6/2021. “Dogs must be at least 8 weeks old when traveling within the U.S. and Puerto Rico”. 16 weeks if traveling into the U.S. from high-risk countries.


I have been reading your articles with interest, as I may be traveling with a small dog soon. It appears the soft sided carrier I bought many years ago is too big for current standards. It would be helpful if your reviews would list the dimensions of all the carriers in the same order, i.e. either consistently l, w, h or l, h, w. My head is swimming. Otherwise, great info.


I also mean the airlines’ dimension limits, too. Thanks!

XE88 indonesia

Thank you for any other informative web site.

The place else could I get that kind of info written in such an ideal method?
I’ve a mission that I’m simply now operating on, and I have been on the look
out for such information.


Hi Meg,

I’m travelling with my 4 kg cat from Mauritius to Toronto via Paris on Air France, overall 29 hours duration (Mauritius-Paris 12 hours, transit 8 hours, Paris-Toronto 9 hours).

Can you plz help me with soft carrier specific dimensions and other rules applied.

I’m very anxious for him as it will be his first time travelling.

Thank you.


Para Paris


Just FYI your website says Alaskan Airlines. It’s Alaska Airlines…no N at the end

Ben Team

Oops! Thanks for the catch, Lisa. It’s fixed now!

Lilnda S

I am flying Allegiant Airlines soon and was wondering if anyone who mentioned they were going that airlines had any problems with their pet? Having some problems finding a carrier to use and wondering if they are a little lenient With the soft sides as they can squash down to fit under seat. Also can I carry on the dog stroller as my carry on?

Debra salo

It is so hard to find a flight from Minneapolis to Seattle for cat carrier. Measurements so strict and where can you find one that small? Alaska Airlines measurement is 9.5x11x17. HELP few carrier close by like an inch.


Hi everyone! I’ll be traveling with my Boston Terrier in to France and am hoping everything goes off without a hitch. For those of you who have travelled with your pets in the hold, did the airline carrier weigh the dog and carrier when you checked in? If so, what airline did you travel with? I’m a little nervous because my dog weighs ~18 lbs and the policy states 17 lbs with the carrier (I’m looking into a flight with TAP). Would love to hear about other people’s experiences/tips. Thanks in advance!

Jene Martins- Richards

Very good info on your website! Thank you! I wondered if you could help with my situation. I have 2 nine pound Havanese spaded females, named Q-Tip and Chloe.

I am having a hard time finding a wheeled carrier that will handle both of them. I prefer a separation, because Q-tip can be a little mean to her sister, Chloe.

Can you suggest options that are Airline Compliant, as well as any other key pointers, as I have never traveled with pets? Thank you in advance for your consideration and expertise,
Anxious Mom – Jené Richards

Ben Team

Hey there, Jené. So glad you found the article helpful (and we love your dogs’ names — especially Q-Tip).
Unfortunately, we aren’t aware of a wheeled model that features a divider. You may be able to figure out a DIY solution, but you’ll likely just have to use two separate carriers.
Sorry we don’t have a better answer for you! Best of luck!


Love the list but I wish it also listed the weight of the carriers. Some airlines have weight restrictions for the dog/carrier combo. I know how much my dog weighs, how much will it be altogether?

Meg Marrs

Good thinking Lynn! All these products do have the size in the product links, but we’ll work on adding that information into our review, as I’m sure it would be helpful for our readers to know.

Joanna Bennett

Can you tell me where to get a carrier with the specifications for Allegiant air lines. 9”high. 16’W.10’D.


Do you have a list of which airlines allow two of the same species in one carrier? I have two 4 lbs Yorkie sand would like to take them onboard in same carrier.


Im traveling with KLM and im having a very hard time finding a kennel with a hight of max24 the problem is that if is less than 24cm or 9,44″ my dog won’t be confortable, does anyone have traveled in KLM with pets in cabin that can tell me id the are so extract in the measures because i have found kennels with 25cm or 9.8″


Can you recommend a pet carrier that Frontier will accept. Our dog is 17” x 10”

Emma williams

I am traveling to Thailand with KLM the final flight , a 1 hr long, domestic flight is with Bangkok airways.
KLM allow pets to travel, in the cabin, therefore in a soft bag, however the later flight with Bangkok airways, only allow for dogs to travel in the hold
Can my Maltese travel in hold in a soft bag or is that dangerous and forbidden?


Please I need urgent help first time I’m travel with my cat and to small finch birds united airline told me I need these sizes to have them on the plane with me for the hard bird cage size 17.5inches wide x12inches wide x7.5 inches high and also for my cat I need “18×11″X11 please help me I cand find in the store thank you

Ben Team

Hey there, Oya. We don’t have any recommendations for the bird carrier (birds are a bit outside our focus), but the Sherpa Deluxe Carrier discussed above may work for your cat.

Best of luck!


we have bought a home in florida and also live in another state we decided we wanted to fly home. Well we have a small dog he weights 16.8 lbs . Our problem is Frontier has a ad get a carrier that your dog will be happy with can stand, turn around and lay down then the dimesions 18″x14″x8″ where can i find that size of a carrier. I know our dog will not beable to stand but we have to do something it is costing more for our dog to fly then what we are paying for both me and my husband i ask if i could buy a seat for our dog and was told no then i would beable to find a carrier that he would be comfortable in Help we are flying home in May Thanks

Tina V

I am also interested in the question about tranquilizers or something to calm an anxious dog. I will be taking my 6lb maltese to Mexico for a month this summer. That is one of my biggest worries. What if he barks and won’t settle? I’m going to visit the vet and ask for their recommendation. The potty business is worrysome too. How far out of the way do I need to go to find a place for him to go? Also, if anyone has taken a dog to Mexico and returned to the US, did you have to do any additional vet checks in Mexico prior to returning?? Uff… so many questions!! Glad that there are so many people here asking questions and providing answers/experiences!!

Inga-Lill Noren Fousing

My brother will be traveling with SAS from Chicago nonstop to Stockholm, SAS has very strict rules and restrictions regarding their pet carriers, it’s is almost impossible to find a pet carrier with the measurements SAS gives 16″ x 9.8″ x 9. I’m very nervous over this whole thing and want everything to go smoothly for my brother and his little dog a Chihuahua/dashhound mix around 10lbs, measurements 15×15 from tip of nose to rump not including tail and from ground to tip of his ears. 11×11 from chest to rump with tail added and from ground to his withers. What do i do, i’m a wreak worrying over this, can you please shed some light on this for me. Thank you in advance.

Peggy Yorvey

Thank you so much for this Q&A I will be flying allegiant next December with my bichonpoo
She is very frightened of driving in a car she cries and sounds like Canadian goose. LOL she is very frightened of driving in a car she cries and sounds like Canadian goose lol.
First of all what kind of bag do I need to carry her she’s 18 lb.
And what in the world can I do to keep her quiet
I plan on buying the carry bag two months before our trip and I will be putting her in it every day increasing the time that she goes in and after she settles in for an hour I will start taking her in the car I’m hoping this will help without tranquilizing her I do have to tranquilizer to groom her so I might have to do that. anything help you can give me I would really appreciate I don’t want to be thrown out the window of the airplane ha ha
Or would it be better to put her in the cargo hold I really don’t want to do that if I don’t have to.
This is an amazing site for beginner travelers with our dogs


Hi, Have you received an answer yet, i’ve also sent a question about air travel with pets.


If she’s that frightened, I would highly recommend tranquilizing her. It’s certainly better for her than having an anxiety attack.


Hello dear Meg
I am traveling with air Canada .my dog is 15ib ,dimensions for Air Canada are 21.5 L ,10.5 H ,15.5 W ! I can not find this size ! I am traveling next week & I am really frustrated! Please kindly advise


I understand your frustration as iäm in the same situation


Has anyone flown on Allegiant with their pet? Having trouble finding a carrier that meets their specs. The Delta deluxe by Sherpa is an inch or two higher but will collapse down. Will that work? It is approved by most airlines but doesn’t specify allegiant.

Meg Marrs

Hi Tammy, most airlines are a bit more generous about soft carriers – so long as they can squish within a couple of inches to fit under the seat, it should be fine, but it’s best to contact the airline and ask.

Vicki Robinson

Please HELP! We will be traveling with our cat to Mexico on Volaris airlines and they require a rigid plastic carrier 17.5L x 12W x 7.5H that goes under the seat and I can’t find it anywhere. Do you know where I can find one that size? I called the airlines and they said it had to be that size. Thanks


Have you looked on Amazon, i’ve seen many pet carriers there that might comply to yoyr needs, try writing pet carrier 17.5L x 12W x 7.5 on Amazons site, maybe that will help. Good luck! 😉


Hi. Did you end up finding a carrier for Volaris? I am having the same issue. I call the airline and they have NO clue. As far as I can tell, there is no such thing as a 7.5 inch rigid carrier!! I did find and old carrier on EBay that is 8″ and that is the closest I can come. Just wondering what happened with you and your pet 🙂

sausha hansen

I am trying to find good crate for my girls they’re just under 30lbs and 30”from snout to butt and 23” tall and 10” wide .. we are moving to Hawaii and this is the most stressful part of all of it!!

Monika Smistek

Hey Meg! Really need help. I’ve been looking for crates for my big dog poodle 14inH 17inL 7inw. And a crate for a year old puppy. Can you help me out? I’m going on Air Canada

Nicola Verdi

Can you recommend any pet carrier for Turkish Airlines for my needs? My dog is 7.5 kilos and the dimensions for the allowed cabin per carry-on is 23x40x55 cm (width x height x length). The total weight of the bag and dog shd not exceed 8kg, therefore I am looking for a lightweight but strong bag and hope that an extra kilo may be permitted or I may need to out him on a diet:) my dog is a daschund mix so he is quite long:)

jean noordhoff

how about air canada please… reading max height of 8.5 inches for in cabin. sheesh tell me this is not true. softsided carrier? from toronto to curacao (international flight) airplane 320


Okay, got the whole carrier part down. Now let’s talk about the potty situation. Any ideas

Meg Marrs

Go before and after, if you have a layover then take your dog out there. On-airplane pottying isn’t really an issue with house-trained dogs.


Would like to konw how to bring my dog from Bangkok to Hanoi vietnam
Pls let me know ASAP


Hello! I need help finding a kennel soft or hard for Alaska Airlines. It cant be bigger than 9.5x11x17 for my 13 pound cat

Cindy Q

Has anyone found a mesh that is chew-through proof? Our 10 lb minpin/chihuahua does not like to be confined. Taking him on a short 1.5 hour flight and need to make sure he doesn’t chew is way out (which he has in the past). Thank you for any ideas!


You might want to talk to your vet about an anti-anxiety medication. I would try it out at home first in case of any bad reaction but a calm dog will help-what a crazy place an airport must be for a dog!

Claire Miller

Hi there, we are hoping to fly with TAP Portugal but to take a cat in the cabin with you they expect the carrier to be 40cm x 33cm x 17cm – are they for real? I have searched and searched and searched and have yet to find one within these measurements. Does anyone know of any? Thanks!


I have flown with my cat in this carrier on Lufthansa, LOT, American Airlines, Austrian, Czech. No one has measured the case. They just weigh it at check in. On some flights it fits under the seat but not on all depending on how they put the lifejackets under the seats.

Meg Marrs

Thanks for the tip Regina!


Hi there,

I’m looking into flights with TAP — do you recall what brand of carrier you purchased?

Eileen Manthei

I ha ve an “airline approved carrier on wheels that is 19x14x12 for my 15# Havanese.i have used it for 6 years but on my last Delta flight I couldn’t get it under the seat as the have added electric plug ins in that space and their leg space is now less. Luck lady attendants helped me by moving me up to a comfort seat in one flight and allowing be to have it only partially under the seat on another.


Hi Eileen, I also have a Havanese going on first flight Jed BLue, where did you get the carrier on wheels or brand name? thank you!


I, too, would appreciate any info about traveling with a pet on Allegiant. I am trying to locate a pet carrier for my 18 lb Lhasa/Peke that will fit their requirements of 9″Hx16″Wx19″D. Luckily he is short. He will, hopefully, be flying with me after Christmas.


I have used several airlines Allegent Frontier and Spirit. Spirit does not charge for taking your pet with you. Allegent wants the standard bag size. Frontier was very courageous and I was permitted to use the back pack style that she sits against your chest with the pet facing forward. My pet was secure and calm.


I’m really worried my soft sided carrier won’t meet Frontier’s size requirement due to being over 8” in height. I cannot find one 8” anywhere that will fit my 14 lb cat. How strict are they? Would hate to not make the flight. Thanks!


I’m having the same problem trying to find a 18x14x8 for a Frontier flight. Any luck??


Hi. Just wanted to mention I have a flight booked on Spirit and they do charge $110 for a pet. They also only allow four per plane, so you need to book in advance. They seem very strict about the dimensions of the carrier too. I searched for hours to find one to hold our 8 pound cat and finally found one! PHEW!


I am going to be flying with my dog for the first time and also had to pay. Can you tell me what your found? Thank you


We’re going to move to Panama in December and are taking our cats with us. What dimensions were the carrier you got for Spirit Airlines and soft or hard case?

Lin Leslie

Hi, I will be flying with my rabbit for a month visit to New Mexico, via El Paso. I will be flying Frontier as there are only two airlines that I know that allow rabbits in the cabin. Do you know of an airline approved carrier that has chew proof mesh? I’ve bought several carriers, but none that is exactly 18x14x8 (total 40″). If the soft side totals no more than 40″ will they let it slide? Thanks.


You might note that size descriptions are length x height x width ( not length x width x height as with plastic and wire crates.) I bought a couple different carriers before I finally bothered to measure and then did considerable research. Many of the agents who answer the phones on websites have no clue that the description of size dimensions is different for the soft side CARRIERS.


Thanks for this post – so helpful!

I called JetBlue and they did say they allow soft carriers larger than the listed size as long as they can be squeezed into the listed dimensions.

Delta quoted me $150 fee and 13″x13″x8″ for the 757-200 I’m flying for a transcontinental flight which seems kind of crazy. You can see slightly outdated but pretty close numbers by plane type at http://www.flygob.com/images/delta_underseat_2017.pdf

Finally it seems like the underseat storage width can actually vary by seat, with middle seats often being the widest, so the actual width there may be bigger or smaller than the carrier limit depending on how the airline decided on their limits and you may want to make your seating choices accordingly.

Donna N

How can Alaska Air only allow 7.5 inches tall and expect a cat to stand up and turn around?

Meg Marrs

Hi Donna – I’d suggest opting for a soft-sided carrier if 7.5 seems way too small, as the soft-sided carriers can be up to 9.5 inches tall.

Riz Campos

I just found out that INTERJET is the less expensive regarding both human and pet air fair. for humans you have to do your quotation and for pets is just $30.00 flat fee in cabin from the US to MEXICO and in Cargo is also $30.00, flying from Tijuana to Mexico city is just $$550.00 MX pesos around $26.86 Dollars. I am a new customer with INTERJET so far so good. very inexpensive and very reasonable. not like all other airlines that for pet travel they charge and arm and a leg and the pet has to go under as it on the floor paying over $100.00 is ridiculous .


Hi Meg! Thanks for the informative page. I was wondering if you had any recommendations for backpack style carriers for small pets (8lb cat in my case) that I can use for both everyday travels (hiking) as well as flying in cabin? Seeing some on Amazon (ie https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B01M0AAEB0/ref=sspa_mw_detail_3?psc=) but am not sure what to choose since there are so many options! Would love your thoughts. Thank you!

Meg Marrs

Hey Joyce – we actually have an article all about backpack carriers! We focus on dogs, but maybe one of those would work well for you and your kitty.


When you say “snub-nosed dogs aren’t allowed” does that refer to travel in the cargo? I have a shih tzu and was planning to carry him on in one of the approved bags but is there a chance he’d be turned away at the airport? I have seen people fly with pugs and frenchies and just assumed he’d be fine as long as he is under the seat!

Meg Marrs

No, many snub nosed breeds are banned from any kind of air travel. It depends on the airline of course, but after the recent issue with a French bulldog suffocating on a United flight, United had since banned snub-nosed dogs from flying, even in the airplane/under the seat.


Nothing here mentions breeds https://www.united.com/ual/en/us/fly/travel/animals/in-cabin.html

Meg Marrs

Ah, apologies Melissa – you’re right, the rule is just for dogs flying in cargo.


Need help! having a hard time finding TSA approved carrier for my french bulldog ( 35 lbs, he is muscular).. Please help

Viana Zucchet

Also interested for Frenchie


Hello Meg, just wanted to ask if dog carriers are more advisable than kennels in an international flight (in cabin). Hoping for any feedback. Planning to travel with my pet in cabin, international flight

Meg Marrs

Hi Maria – while hard or soft carriers are usually allowed by most airlines, I’d opt for soft as they can be easier to adjust and fit under the seat in front of you. My best suggestion is practice with whatever carrier you plan to use prior to the actual trip – try car rides, train rides, etc.


According to Spirit website, only soft carriers are allowed.


Elizabeth, I am looking for a 9h x 16w x19 d carrier for my 13 pound miniature schnauzer. Can you please tell me where I can find a carrier of such size? I have searched everywhere. Thanks Pat

Deb Harris

Pat I am in the same boat. Found only 1 carrier with a 9″ measurement & only if you laid it on its side. I have sent an email to Allegiant but they have not answered me. I think they have given these measurements as a way to curtail travel with our dogs.. No way my 14-15 lb dog can stand in a 9″ high carrier.


I’m having the same issue wth Allegent airlines requirements . I can’t find the 9″height requirement. I checked their web site and spoke to an agent to get this info. I woner if I could make one?


I am a travel nurse and need to head to Texas. I have two 10 pound maltese. How would you recommend traveling with them on a plane?

Meg Marrs

Hi Elizabeth – you’ll probably need to check with airlines, as some allow for multiple pets in a single carrier, but others do not. With 10lb dogs, you’re probably best off with two carriers, but that will likely mean purchasing an additional seat as well.


We’ll be moving soon and taking our two maltese with us. I just need to clarify because I read about many owners traveling with dogs that are much taller than 9.5 inches. As long as the dog can stand up and turn around in front of the agent and then the kennel can be squished down to fit under the seat for take off and landing the kennel is good to go? My Malte’s are both around 7 lb’s and 14 inches in height.

Meg Marrs

Hey Joules – I think your best bet will be to contact the airline. They’ll be able to tell you exactly, without a doubt, what they allow on their airline.


hello how i can contact you? i need a carried i wanna buy

Meg Marrs

Hi Rojin – we don’t sell carriers, we just review the ones we deem best for airplane travel. You can find all these products on Amazon (see links in the article) and can order from there. Good luck!

Darlene C. Samuels

I want to travel with my two (2) chihuahuas in one carrier. Can you tell me which size carrier is airline approved that fits under the seat?


Hi Darlene! I was wondering what type of dog carrier you bought. I have the same situation.


I have a 12 yr old welsh terrier. She weighs 18 lb and is 18 inches when standing. I am wondering if she just misses the mark for traveling in cabin for a short flight.


Hello!! I’m taking my 16 pound terrier mix to Mexico on Alaskan they say the requirements are :
17″ x 11″ x 9.5″ But I cannot find anything that is big enough for him to turn around in. does anyone know of anything that would work? I’m desperate :(. They said dogs under 20 pounds could travel under the seat but I don’t see how with those dimensions! 🙁

Meg Marrs

Maybe you could try the Petsfit Expandable (medium) – that way you can expand for more space to keep him comfy.


About a year late, but I’m in the same boat, I was wondering if you managed to find something that works?

I have a chihuahua/Pomeranian who is only 8lbs BUT thanks to her kangourou legs, she stands at 15.5 inches tall (foot to the top of her head)
I really don’t want to put in her cargo, has anyone had success travelling with a tall small dog, in a soft carrier in cabin?

Siri Berberette

Hi Meg,
i am moving cross country 3 1/2 hour flight on Southwest my 20 pound Sheltis has to go with me there is so much conflicting information I first bought the Sturdibag Large …way to cramped for my girl…bought the Petagon Large a tight fit but looks uncomfortable then I got the Sturdibag Extra Large bingo !!! Looks great and comfy shes small but tall reviews have yes and no’s for the Extra Large Sturdibag . I cant miss my flight ..I cant leave my little girl can anyone give advice ? I’m stressed !!

Meg Marrs

Hey Siri,
Well Southwest’s website (https://www.southwest.com/html/generated/help/faqs/pets_faq.html) says that carry on carriers must have a max length of 18.5 inches and height of 8.5 inches. The Sturdibag XL is 20 inches long and 16 inches high, so that may be an issue. However, the carrier is flexible, so the ability to squish the carrier to the right size may mean it’s fine. It looks like plenty of owners have had success taking this carrier on airlines as a carry on. Honestly I think your best bet will be to contact Southwest airlines. That way they’ll be able to give you definite information and put you at ease! Good luck, let us know how it goes!


Thank you this is exactly what I needed as far as information for pet travel! I can not thank you enough!

Meg Marrs

Happy to help!


Hey Meg –

I’m traveling on Delta Airlines with my 6-7 pound chorkie (chihuahua/yorkie mix) and the maximum dimensions they gave me were 18x12x11 (LxWxH). I see on your list for the sturdi bag you have only one size but on their website I see a small. Would you still recommend the small? It’s dimensions are 18x10x10.

M. Boughnou

Hi Meg
Really need help…been searching for a pet carrier for days now that meet Delta’s requirements given to me. They are 14x12x7. I have 2 Boston Terriers traveling. Thank you for your time.

Meg Marrs

Looks like the small Bergan or the small Sherpa could work. The Sherpa is 15″ instead of 14″ but I think you could squish it and it’d work fine.

gay rifkin

HI Meg
Thanks for the site. Maybe you can help me. I am having a difficult time finding a rolling carrier for my 12 pound go for Southwest Airlines. The Measurements they allow approx. 17 to 18 L 10 H and 12 W (these are the max measurements as they confuse you with 3 or 4 different ones} I can no longer carry my dog as my shoulder is not what it used to be. thanks in advance.

Meg Marrs

Hi Gay – it actually looks like the Snoozer Roll Around 4-in-1 carrier should work for you (#5) and fits the dimensions you specified. Good luck on your trip!


Just curious; did you purchase the Snoozer Roll Around 4-in-1 carrier for your pet and was he/she comfortable. I’m looking for a rolling carrier for my dog to travel SW.

Thanks in advance


My Corgi/Chihuahua dog weighs 7.25kg. The maximum weight for a dog + carrier in the cabin is 8.5kg. Is there a lightweight carrier that would fit these dimensions? He’d be terrified in the Hold, so need to take him in the cabin. There are so many restrictions for dog travel. I wish the laws would be modernised.

Meg Marrs

Hey Olivia – not off the top of my head. You’ll have to check out the weights listed in the product description. I’ll work on adding that info here for the future!


Can you recommend any pet carrier bag for Turkish Airlines? Here is the size of allowed cages/bags for pets in the cabin is 23x40x55 cm (width x height x length) for them. All carry on cages/bags must not exceed a total weight of 8kg. We have a cat less then 8 kg and planning to fly with him from Dhaka to Toronto (about 20 hours flight time with 2 hours layover in Istanbul).

Meg Marrs

The Sleepypod might work as it can actually be compressed to smaller dimensions that I believe meet your requirement. The Petsfit Expandable carrier should work as well. In fact, many of the carriers on the list will work – I’d suggest combing through the product pages for more info. Good luck!

Bonnie Kahn

Hi Meg,
We will be flying on Allegiant Air, and their dimensions for an in cabin pet carrier are 9 x 16 x 19. Which seems pretty small. We have a 15 lb. toy fox terrier mix that is a little tall. Allegiant also says on line that the animal must be able to stand up and turn around in the carrier. That is not going to happen with these dimensions. Should I call Allegiant or have you heard anything more about this problem?

Thank you,

Meg Marrs

Hi Bonnie – I’ve never heard of Allegiant Air, so afraid I can’t help much. I’d definitely recommend giving them a call and getting more info – those dimensions sound like they’d be tough for any dog! Would love to know what they say- let me know how it goes! Good luck.


I am wondering how things went with Allegiant Air, as I may be traveling using that airline with my dog, too. Can you update us, Bonnie?

Bonnie Kahn

I still haven’t traveled with our dog on Allegiant Air. It might happen in the future as we are retired now and don’t want to drive down to Florida every time we go. Have you tried it yet?


Hi Bonnie,

Did you ever fly with allegiant with your dog? I’m looking to fly with them in a few months and I’m having trouble finding a carrier that will suit my 6 month old beagle’s needs. Thank you.

Deb Harris

Have same question about Allegiant. Have searched many sites & only found 1 carrier that had a 9″ measurement for up to 15 lbs. & that was only if you laid it on its side. I didn’t see on their site where they had to be able to stand. I sent them an email asking for clarifications but they have not answered. I recommend you call because they don’t seem to answer emails. I was wondering if the height can be more than 9″ if a soft flexible carrier since it can smash down to fit under the seat. Please give us an answer if you find anything out & I will do the same. Thanks.

Eva Hemmerling

Ms. Harris: Per your comment from Feb.2019 did you fly with your pet on Allegiant? If so what was your experience with a carrier. I also just emailed Allegiant as they don’t pickup the phone on there customer service line said it may take up to 60 days to reply ;/ Well see. I have family flying on Allegiant in July and trying to clarify a carrier, because honestly there are no carriers that meet there sizing for Large pets up to the 20 lbs. need. Any further comment of any experiences you have had or know of will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance E.H.


Hi, I’m traveling with Allegiant in a few months and wanted to take the pup. Has anyone found a carrier or gotten clarification from Allegiant?


Allegiant air requirement is 19 by 16 by 9 has anyone found a carrier this size for my 18 lb miniature Schnauzer?

Kimberly Eckley

According to Allegiants website a carrier on bag can be 15 high x 7 wide x 16d. But a pet carrier should be only 9 high x 16 wide by 19 deep. That makes no sense to me. So I’m not sure they are going to restrict a pet carrier because it is 12 high x 12 wide x 18deep. I think It will all depend on if you can fit it under the seat!! I am traveling with my new puppy in Nov, so I hope I am right because I got the largest carrier i could find. The x-zone expandable (noted above) I’m sure if he is going to be about 120 pounds full grown, he will be at least 20 pounds at 8 weeks !


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