7 Best Dog Bike Baskets: Safe Bicycle Riding With Dogs

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Dog Carriers By Meg Marrs 10 min read October 14, 2020 19 Comments

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Quick Picks: Best Dog Bike Baskets

  • PICK #1: Solvit Tagalong Pet Bike Basket [Up to 13 lbs]. The Solvit carrier comes in a wicker or mesh design, with a unique bracket system that makes the carrier easy to remove or attach to your bike.
  • PICK #2: Pet Pilot MAX [Up to 25 lbs]. Extremely sturdy with a specialized sway-free design through original handlebar mounting. Also includes safety leash for securing your pup.
  • PICK #3: Snoozer Soft-Sided Bike Basket [Up to 14 lbs]. Soft-sided carrier that can simply be strapped to your bike. Includes a rain cover and plenty of pockets for storage. Some security is sacrificed for convenience, but still a solid pick for small dogs.

Dog Bike Baskets: Why Get One?

A dog bike basket lets you take your canine on the road, no matter what the terrain. Dogs love the wind in their face just as much as you do, so giving your canine their own dog bike seat for rides will bring on plenty of tail-wagging.

Continue reading for our in-depth guide to canine bike baskets, or check out our quick guide below!

Which Type of Dog Bicycle Basket Is Best?

When choosing the dog basket for your bike that you want to buy, note that there are several different kinds of baskets for you to choose from and different features you may want to consider.

Harness Hook Ups. Some bike baskets come with leash or harness attachments that allow you to hook your dog into the basket to prevent him from jumping out.

Dome or Mesh Tops. Other bike baskets use domes or mesh-material basket tops that zip up, also used to stop your pooch from jumping overboard.

Pockets. If you’re taking your dog on your bike for a day out, you’ll likely want to bring along a leash, treats, and maybe a couple of toys. While it’s easy enough to slip these items into your own backpack, some carriers contain pockets for additional storage, which can be a handy bonus.

Positioning. Certain canine-friendly bike baskets are designed to sit towards the bike’s handlebars, while others are designed to sit behind your seat, on the back rack. Some baskets can even do both! Think about what positioning makes sense for your dog and his temperament. It’s certainly easier to keep an eye on your dog if he’s sitting at the handlebars, but the handlebars position is only suitable for very small dogs.

Multi-Use. Some dog baskets for bikes are designed to also be used as car seats, portable carriers, or as a dog bed. If you want an all-in-one basket, keep an eye out for products that highlight their multi-functional use. However, if you plan on constantly taking the bike basket on and off the bike to use it as a bed or car carrier, make sure the basket is also easy to disassemble and reassemble quickly for convenience sake.

Which Types of Dogs Do Best in a Pet Bike Basket?

It may seem obvious, but most dog bike baskets can only handle fairly small dogs, less than 20 lbs. However, this doesn’t mean larger dogs have to miss out on all the biking fun!

For bigger breeds, a bike trailer is an alternative solution, in which your dog can be pulled behind you as your ride around.

Ideally, your pooch should also be relatively chill. An anxious or neurotic dog won’t be as likely to enjoy the trip and may try harder to leap out.

If you want to test the bike riding waters with your pup, start by just placing your dog in the bike carrier and see how they react. If they don’t seem too freaked out, try a loop or two around the driveway (all while dispensing treats and praise).

Be patient with your pooch and help them enjoy their first bike ride! With enough encouragement, you may soon have a real road warrior on your hands!

7 Best Dog Bike Basket Reviews

We’re reviewing the best dog bike baskets for your pooch so he or she can ride in style and comfort, just as you do. Each pet bicycle basket carrier is reviewed for safety, comfort, and function so that you can make an informed choice when choosing.

1. Solvit Tagalong Pet Bike Basket

Best wicker style

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Pet Bike Basket

Solvit Tagalong Pet Bike Basket

Classically-styled basket

Features a unique wicker design with a comfortable sheepskin liner and multiple straps to keep your pet in and safe during the ride.


  • Unique Style. Brown wicker is comfortable and stylish for your pet.
  • Comfortable Sheepskin Material. Soft, cream sheepskin liner keeps your pet comfortable throughout the ride.
  • Comes with Warranty. The company offers a 1-year warranty for the basket so you can buy with peace of mind.
  • Ideal for Small Sized Dogs. Holds pets up to 13 pounds


Very stylish and comfortable, multiple straps keep the pet in and safe during the ride.


Not as easy to install as some other dog baskets for bikes.

2. Pet Pilot

Most sturdy bike carrier

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TRAVELIN K9 Pet-Pilot MAX Dog Bicycle Basket Carrier | 8 Color Options for Your Bike (Neon Blue)

Pet Pilot

Super durable bike basket

An extremely sturdy bike basket with a specialized sway-free design via unique handlebar mounting

About: Pet Pilot is a super durable bike basket designed to carry small breed dogs.

Working hard to improve pet weight capacity, Pet Pilot partnered with WALD and used their patented mount to develop a new basket fitted with the mount.

The results? A bike basket that can safely hold heavier dogs. This is one of the rare and few dog carriers for 25 lb dogs!

In fact, some folks even say they’ve managed to use it with dogs as high as 35lbs and have still had great stability. However, once you get to 35lbs, it’s really too much weight to ride around with on your handlebars, so we suggest sticking to 25lbs and under for now.

We’re excited about spring though, as Pet Pilot is promising a new model that’s designed to hold much heavier pets!


  • Color is Customizable. Basket comes with 5 different colored inserts that allow you to pick and choose the color or your pooch’s basket based on your mood!
  • Steel Frame & Handlebar Mount. Extremely durable and tough steel mounting system that keeps your dog safe and sound.
  • Mesh Venting. The physical basket features mesh material that acts as a cooling air vent, making sure that your pup doesn’t get overheated.
  • Reflective Siding. This unit’s reflective siding can help keep both you and your booth visible at dusk.
  • Added Pockets. Features mesh pockets to store your water bottle, keys, cell phone, leash, treats, or other necessities!
  • Patented Stability Design. This basket features a unique patented handlebar locking design for increased stability. Can hold dogs up to 20lbs with ease.
  • Easy to Remove. The basket can be taken on and off the handlebar bracket easily, letting you add or remove the basket easily based on your needs.
  • Safety Leash. Features leash attachment inside the basket to keep your dog from jumping out.


Owners adore this bike basket for its incredible stability – many owners appreciate the durable steel design over the more common metal. Bikers also love how easy it is to remove the basket when it’s not needed.


The only criticism from one owner is that with the basket installed on the bike, there is no room for a front safety light, but even despite this, the owner admits she really likes the basket!

3. Snooze Buddy Dog Bike Basket

Best strap-on design

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Snoozer Buddy Bike Basket, Grey and Black

Snooze Buddy Dog Bike Basket

Strap-on carrier that attaches in seconds

This soft-sided bike carrier can simply be strapped to your bike. Plus it boasts a rain cover and multiple storage pockets.


  • Easy To Install. No assembly required. Just strap on your bike and your doggie bike basket is ready to go.
  • Convenient For Storage. Collapsible so that you can store it flat in any area.
  • Plenty of Storage Pockets. Comes with multiple storage pockets, including a large pocket on front and water bottle pocket on the side.
  • Keeps Pet Dry. Comes with a rain cover so you can keep pooch dry in rainy emergencies.
  • Easy to Clean. The dog bike carrier is made from a wipeable microfiber so you can easily clean messes with no problem.
  • Best for Smaller Dogs. This pet bike basket holds dogs up to 14 pounds.


Metal bracket on bottom keeps your pup from uncomfortably hitting the bike on bumps and only take seconds to install.


Clips do not always stay shut with heavier dogs.

4. Walky Easy Carrier Dog Bike Basket

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Walky Basket Pet Dog Bicycle Bike Basket & Carrier Easy Click Release Mounting- Up to 15lbs 15.5' Wide x 10' Depth

Walky Easy Carrier Dog Bike Basket

Lightweight bike basket

This easy-to-assemble carrier has secure brackets and floorboard to keep your dog stable throughout your bike ride.


  • Quick Assembly. Just snap the basket in and ride. Release the adapters to take off in seconds.
  • Safe and Comfortable. Includes a reflective strip for night riding and a padded bottom for comfort.
  • Large Storage Pockets. Big front envelope on front with zipper and extra large water bottle storage on the side.
  • Zipper Top. Comes with a zippered top to keep dogs from jumping out, plus a  leash for added security.
  • Multiple Uses. When you’re not riding, the padded shoulder strap can be used as a pet carrier.
  • Holds Medium Dogs: Holds dogs up to 20 pounds.


Secure bracket and floorboard keeps your dog stable throughout the ride, very lightweight for easy riding.


Clips can sometimes come undone if not secured correctly, causing problems with the safety of the basket.

5. Snoozer Rear Dog Bike Basket

Easiest to Install

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Snoozer Pet Rider Rear Bicycle Seat, Black

Snoozer Rear Dog Bike Basket

Quick and easy installation

Suitable for dogs up to 24 lbs, this carrier boasts a secure snap system and works great with existing bike rack setups.


  • Fast And Easy Install. Simple click system keeps the basket tight on your bike.
  • Best Used With Bicycle Rack. This dog bike basket works great with existing bicycle rack installations.
  • Safe and Clean: Easily remove the cover and wash when dirty. Comes with a reflective strip for night riding.
  • Keeps Pet Secure: Tight security strap means your pet stays put in the carrier.
  • Best for Slightly Heavier Dogs. This pet bike carrier can hold pets up to 24 lbs.


This dog bicycle seat is sturdy enough to carry heavier pets, and the secure snap system ensures your pet can’t jump out.


You won’t be able to see your pet as you’re riding.

6. Petsfit Dog Bicycle Basket

Best for Small Dogs

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Petsfit Safety Dog Bike Basket Pet Bicycle Carrier Dog Travel Car Booster Seat for Small Dogs and cat with safety rope,reflective strips,adjustable shoulder strap,two side storage pockets

Petsfit Dog Bicycle Basket

Great for smaller dogs

This bicycle basket features a safety leash, a drawstring mesh top, and a two-sided mat for summer or winter rides!


  • Mesh Top. The mesh top allows for better breathability and can help prevent your dog from getting too hot in the warm weather.
  • Visibility. Includes reflective trim for improved visibility in low-light situations.
  • Doubles As Carrier. This soft-sided carrier can easily be detached from the bike and can be used as a carrier when you’re out and about.
  • Pockets & Storage. This carrier provides ample pockets for added storage.
  • Comfortable Inner Mat. Includes an inner mat for pet comfort that can be removed if needed. Mat is also two-sided – one side is plush for winter, while the other is nylon for summertime rides!
  • Safety Leash Clip + Drawstring Top. Inner leash clip keeps your pooch secure, while drawstring top can be used for added security to deter your pup from jumping out.
  • Straps to Secure. Doesn’t use any metal attachments – just straps to secure to bike handle.
  • Great For Smaller Dogs. Holds Pets up to 10 lbs


Owners loved how easy it was to attach this carrier to their bike, and appreciated the extra storage pockets.


In addition to being too wide to fit on the handlebar of some bikes, several owners noted that the security straps broke, which is pretty terrifying! Tread carefully with this one – definitely don’t use for dogs over 10 lbs, maybe even less.

7. Cocoon DoggyRide Doggie Bike Basket

Best for Multi-Use

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DoggyRide Cocoon Bike Basket for Pets, Green

Cocoon DoggyRide Bike Basket

Multi-functional dog carrier

This canine bike basket can be converted to a pet bed, carrier, or car seat for your pooch!


  • Multi-Functional. Can be converted to a pet bed, carrier, or car seat for your pet.
  • Mesh Dome for Protection. Comes with a cover for rainy days and a mesh dome to keep your pet inside the basket.
  • Durable, Water-Resistant Material. Made out of durable polyester and is water resistant.
  • Appropriate For Small to Medium Sized Dogs. Ideal for dogs weighing 16 pounds or less


Easily cleanable and rainproof, as well as plenty of storage.


Support system is a little more lacking than other dog bike carriers.

Dog Biking Safety Tips

Make sure to also keep these safety tips in mind when biking with your pooch beside you!

  • Don’t Go Over the Weight Limit. It can be tempting to try to get your medium-sized pooch in a bike basket, but it’s best to stick to the manufacturer’s weight limit for safety’s sake.
  • Use the Leash Clip. Nearly all pet bike baskets come with an inner attachment that allows you to clip it your dog’s harness. This prevents your dog from hopping out of the basket, and is pretty essential to keep your pup safe! Make sure to only use the clip with a harness or short lead that attaches to a harness – if you clip it to your dog’s collar and your dog tries to leap out, he could end up choking himself!

We hope this guide has helped you in deciding on the right dog bike basket for your pet! If you have any favorite recommendations you want to share, or have your own experiences with pet bicycle baskets, share your thoughts in the comments!

Looking for more ways to take your dog around with you? Check out our list of the top dog carrier purses. For more doggie travel options, see our post on dog car seats and (for air travel) airline approved dog carriers!

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We have a tandem soft ride bicycle, would like to use a carrier from the second rider’s handlebars – are there other things to consider when using a carrier like this sort of bike?


I have a 12 lb dog. I have a sun trike with rear basket. What is solution for taking dog with me on bike?


I have a dog basket that I am not happy with, I think it is cancerous as it waggles about, I would like the solving Tagalog but I live in Spain and am finding hard to find anyone that will ship here. Any ideas???


I have absolutely loved the buddyrider for my 20 lb. pug, and it’s worked well with several bike styles.

Kieron Williams

I have a small 11lb Mini Poodle and I am looking for the best basket that I can put on the front of my bike so which one of these baskets would you recommend please?

Meg Marrs

We recommend all these baskets – that’s why this article is here 🙂 Solvit Tagalong is our #1 pick, but you could try any basket that can hold pets 11 lbs or over.

Jean Hampshire

I have a miniature dachshund and wish to purchase a front facing dog basket for my bike. I would like for my dog to be able to see where he is going so not solid sides

Ben Team

Hey there, Jean.
You may want to check out the Sunite Basket — it provides pretty good views in all directions.
Let us know how it works for you and your pooch!


I have a 65 pound pup that loves to go bike riding. We just recently moved to an area with lots of traffic so he can’t walk to the park. Anyone have any ideas on how we can get there without him on the ground?


I am looking for a carrier that will hold both my small dogs comfortably. They are both 13 lbs. any suggestions? Thank you

Meg Marrs

If they’re 13 lbs, then any of the carriers listed here should be appropriate!


I’m looking for a front carrier for a dog who weighs 20 lbs. I don’t want 20 lbs to be it’s max. Any suggestions?


Can you suggest pet baskets for bikes without fenders?


What about bike riding with dogs over 50 lbs? Cargo bikes? My 7 month old lab mix is already 50 lbs. He is not old enough to “run alongside” without potential joint concerns.
Also, found article on international travel MOST helpful as we are heading out to Cambodia in January for few years!

Meg Marrs

So glad you’ve found the site useful Mamabel! As far as bikes, I haven’t come across many bike baskets that are capable of holding larger dogs. You might want to look into a trailer-style bike attachment, or maybe a dog scooter! Best of luck – and enjoy Cambodia, sounds amazing!


Hi Meg. This is a great guideline for bike carriers. Thank you for writing it.

Can you tell me please, is Balance affected when riding with a dog in a front carrier; especially if the dog moves around as you ride? Or will I not even notice it (my dog is small – only 12 pounds).


Meg Marrs

Hi Carol – it’s really hard to say, as it does depend to some degree on the force of your dog. However, once you begin moving, you shouldn’t be too affected by your dog’s motion. I would imagine it would barely be noticeable against the momentum of the bike. Hope that helps!


Thank you for this post, it was very helpful! Could you do another one for all of the cheap dog bike baskets (under $40), and all the best ones?

Thank you in advance!



Hey Emmaline – I’ll definitely try to update soon with a best economy bike basket!


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