12 Best Dog Carrier Purses: Toting Your Dog Around Town

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Dog Crates & Carriers By Meg Marrs 15 min read October 17, 2022 7 Comments

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Some dogs like to chill at home when you’re out and about, but others are social butterflies who love nothing more than accompanying mom or dad while running errands!

 The problem is, it can be tricky to keep your canine corralled and safe when navigating crowded spaces. Carrying your pet in these situations would be the best idea, but it can get old carrying around your pooch for longer than a few minutes. 

Fortunately, there’s a solution! Dog carrier purses – essentially handbags designed to carry your little doggo – can make it easier for your best buddy to accompany you on any adventure. 

Below, we’ll share some of our favorite dog carrier purses on the market and explain what to look for when selecting one for your pet. We’ll also identify some of the breeds that work best for these kinds of carriers. 

Grab your tiny pooch and read on!  

Best Pet Carrier Purses: Quick Picks

  • PetsHome Dog Carrier [Best Overall Pet Carrier Purse]: A great-looking pet carrier purse with everything most owners would want, including mesh panels, storage pockets, and a padded base.
  • Hubulk Dog Carrier [Most Affordable Pet Carrier Purse]: Affordable, well-made, and packed with features (including a removable interior base), this is a great choice for budget-conscious owners.
  • Hayner Fashion Pet Carrier [Most Stylish Pet Carrier Purse]: If you need a carrier purse that’ll keep you and your pet looking your best, it’s hard to beat this great pooch purse from Hayner Fashion.

How to Choose the Best Pet Carrier Purse: Things to Look For 

a purse for carrying dogs

Every pooch has different needs. Be sure to consider the following when choosing a pet carrier purse for your fur baby: 

  • Harness Clip: Having a way to attach your dog to the carrier purse – such as a harness clip – is key to your dog’s safety, especially while he’s getting used to using a carrier purse. You still need to take the time to teach your dog to relax safely in the carrier, but a harness clip can serve as a great backup. 
  • Durable Materials: Anything designed to carry pets needs to be durable to protect our pups. You also might want to consider waterproof or water-resistant materials if your pooch is potty training or incontinent. 
  • Adjustable Straps: Adjustable straps are key for ensuring you stay comfortable while carrying your canine around. The ideal carrier purse has adjustable, padded straps to ensure your shoulders don’t suffer. 
  • Appropriate Weight Limit: Unfortunately, most carrier purses are only designed to support dogs weighing between 5 and 15 pounds. So, make sure your purse of choice can support your furball. 
  • Pockets: Having extra pockets to carry things like training treats, waste bags, and a water bottle is super helpful while you’re out and about with your furball. We wouldn’t consider pockets mandatory, but you’ll certainly appreciate them once you have them.Your Pup’s Needs: Different dogs will need different things. Does your pooch like a bit more personal space? Or does he prefer being as cozy as possible? Make sure your carrier is suited to your pup’s preferences. 
Catching a plane with your pet?

Need something to hold your dog on your next flight? Check out our review of the best airline-approved pet carriers!

12 Best Dog Carrier Purses: Reviews

best dog carrier purses

Now that you know what to look for in a dog carrier purse, it is time to share some of our favorites. Just remember to keep your specific pooch’s needs in mind to ensure you get the best one for your four-footer!

1. PetsHome Dog Carrier

About: Featuring a padded interior, high-visibility mesh panels, and a waterproof interior lining, the PetsHome Dog Carrier is our favorite dog carrier purse on the market. In addition to these features, this great-looking purse-style carrier also comes equipped with a zipper closure, an accessory pocket on the side, and a harness clip for additional pet security. 

This carrier purse comes in two sizes (with one being suitable for pets weighing up to 17 pounds) and five different colors (you can also get it in a nylon version).

Best Overall Dog Carrier Purse

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PetsHome Dog Carrier Purse, Pet Carrier, Cat Carrier, Foldable Waterproof Premium PU Leather Pet Travel Portable Bag Carrier for Cat and Small Dog Home & Outdoor Medium Black

PetsHome Dog Carrier

A stylish and roomy carrier purse featuring three mesh panels for ventilation and a removable, padded bottom.


  • Hard-sided, yet featuring rounded “corners”
  • Comes with 3 mesh panels
  • Inner liner is waterproof 
  • Zippered closure and harness clip for safety
  • The bottom is padded and removable 


  • This pet carrier is super stylish while still being structured 
  • The included mesh panels provide your dog with a lot of visibility
  • It’s complaint with some airline requirements
  • This carrier is suitable for larger dogs than many others


  • Some owners wish this carrier was roomier
  • We wish it had a long shoulder strap

2. Hubulk Dog Carrier 

About: If you need a purse-style carrier but don’t have a lot of cash to spend, the Hubulk Dog Carrier should definitely be on your short list. Made with several pockets, a removable interior base, and six ventilation holes, this bag will keep your canine comfy and you looking stylish.  

As a bonus, this carrier bag comes with an included travel-ready water bowl for your hound’s hydration needs.

Most Affordable Dog Carrier Purse

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Hubulk Dog Carrier Bag Pet Tote Bag Doggie Handbag Cat Purse Puppy Pouch, Free Collapsible Dog Bowl Included (S Khaki)

Hubulk Dog Carrier

An affordably priced carrier featuring everything owners want, including storage pockets and a removable interior base.


  • Made from 1680D Oxford fabric
  • Rigid and removable bottom
  • Zippered mesh windows
  • Features 4 pockets
  • Carrier feet raise purse above ground 


  • Pet parents were impressed with the quality of the bag, given its low price point
  • Rigid, structured design provides plenty of “elbow room” for your pet
  • You can wear or carry the bag in multiple ways
  • The included travel bowl is a nice bonus


  • Though the ventilation holes are likely adequate, we’d prefer some mesh panels for ventilation
  • We wish it came in multiple colors

3. Adriene’s Choice Luxury Pet Carrier

About: If Fido is a fashionista, this luxury pet carrier by Adriene’s Choice will certainly help him travel in style! This fashion-forward pet carrier is complete with gold detailing and chains, and it also happens to be accepted by different airlines.

But in addition to being fashionable, this purse-style carrier is also comfortable for your canine, as it features multiple mesh panels for ventilation and a flat bottom to keep the sides from collapsing. That said, you can fold up this carrier when not in use for easy storage.  

Most Stylish Dog Carrier Purse

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Adriene's Choice Luxury Pet Carrier, Puppy Small Dog Carrier, Cat Carrier Bag, Waterproof Premium PU Leather Carrying Handbag for Outdoor Travel Walking Hiking Shopping…

Adriene’s Choice Luxury Pet Carrier

An exceptionally stylish, airline-approved pet carrier featuring imitation luxury branding and other fancy details.


  • Made from lightweight, washable faux leather
  • Soft padded interior
  • Collapsible design that makes storage easy
  • Recommended for dogs up to 9 pounds 
  • Comes with multiple exterior pockets 


  • Extra mesh windows provide dogs with great ventilation
  • Owners loved the fashionable design 
  • This carrier is accepted by many airlines


  • Doesn’t allow dogs to ride with their head inside very comfortably
  • Some hound Houdinis could open this purse’s zippers and escape 

4. MG Collection Dog Carrier Purse

About: Love bringing your dog everywhere without advertising the fact that you have a four-footed companion? Well, the MG Collection Dog Carrier Purse may be exactly what you need! At a glance, this quilted, two-toned, designer dog purse projects elegance and style, while simultaneously serving as a great dog carrier. It’s equipped with a mesh panel for ventilation, but you can also close the included flap when you need to keep your pet out of sight. 

This carrier purse is soft-sided, but it features a stiff removable bottom section to give the carrier some structure while your dog is in transport. 

Most Discreet Dog Carrier Purse

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MG Collection Stylish 2 Tone Quilted Soft Sided Travel Pet Carrier Tote Hand Bag for Only Small Medium-Sized Cats Dogs Puppy

MG Collection Dog Carrier Purse

A sleek and sophisticated soft-sided carrier purse that makes it easy to keep your pooch out of sight when need be.


  • Soft-sided carrier looks like a stylish purse 
  • Included fabric panel provides pooch privacy 
  • Built in Velcro pockets and collar clip 
  • Bottom studs help protect carrier from dirt
  • Includes a mesh panel and grommet holes for ventilation 


  • We love the styling of this purse-style carrier 
  • The privacy panel is great for traveling incognito
  • Many pet parents found the carrier  sturdy and suitable for daily use


  • This carrier’s straps aren’t super padded 
  • Some owners wished the pockets were secured with zippers instead of Velcro 

5. Sleepypod Atom

About: The Sleepypod Atom is a messenger bag style pet carrier from the Sleepypod team – a brand known for high-quality carriers. In fact, they are one of the few companies with carriers that have been crash-tested for car safety!  

This sturdy yet lightweight carrier contains large pockets for treats and waste bags and is airline-approved, making it a great choice for traveling pet parents. 

Best Dog Carrier Purse for Air Travel

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Sleepypod Atom pet Carrier, one Size

Sleepypod Atom

A stylish, airline-approved, crash-tested carrier with multiple pockets, a plush interior, and a built-in harness clip.


  • Sturdy, padded carrier designed for dogs weighing up to 8 pounds
  • Airline-approved and crash-tested
  • Fur-lined interior
  • Included harness clip
  • Large mesh panel for ventilation 


  • This carrier is approved for airline travel and can be attached to rolling luggage
  • Extremely durable and crash-tested 
  • Easy to clean 


  • This is one of the priciest carriers around
  • Only suitable for pretty small pups (those weighing less than 8 pounds) 

6. Django Canvas & Leather Pet Tote

About: One of the bummers about pet purses is their capacity – most are only suitable for dogs weighing 10 to 15 pounds. But the Django Canvas & Leather Pet Tote is capable of carrying canines weighing up to 30 pounds. Impressive capacity aside, this high-quality pup purse comes with a ton of bells and whistles, such as a water-resistant lining, padded carrying straps, multiple pockets, and a leather base. . 

This carrier is pricier than most other options on our list, but it’s the only real choice for owners of dogs bordering on the “medium” size class. Plus, it has a lot of the high-end features some pet parents want. , 

Best Purse Carrier For Heavy Dogs

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DJANGO Dog Carrier Bag - Waxed Canvas and Leather Soft-Sided Pet Travel Tote with Bag-to-Harness Safety Tether & Secure Zipper Pockets (Medium, Olive Green)

Django Canvas & Leather Pet Tote

A relatively spacious pet tote that features zippered pockets, lots of interior padding, and a water-resistant lining


  • Removable, water-resistant, and washable base
  • Included collar clip for safety
  • Large zipper pockets 
  • Designed for dogs up to 30 pounds
  • Scooped  head opening for comfort and ventilation 


  • Pet parents love the look of this pooch purse with its contemporary design
  • Water-resistant interior is great for accident-prone pups
  • We love the high weight capacity of this purse carrier


  • The straps aren’t very padded, so you probably won’t want to use it in over-the-shoulder fashion with big pups
  • It’s one of the most expensive pet carrier purses on the market

7. SlowTon Dog Carrier Sling

About: Looking for something a little comfier than a proper purse-style dog carrier? You’ll definitely want to consider this carrier sling from SlowTon. Thanks to its cotton construction and ergonomic styling, this carrier will keep you and your canine comfortable while walking around town.

Comfort aside, this bag comes with most of the other features pet parents want, including a premium harness clip, sponge-padded straps, and a pocket for all your pet gear. It’s also machine washable, so it is easy to keep it clean. 

Most Comfortable Dog Carrier

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Slowton Pet Carrier

SlowTon Dog Carrier Sling

A padded, reversible, sling-style canine carrier that’s comfy for pets (and their parents) and great for casual use.


  • Reversible pattern makes it a 2-in-1 accessory
  • Adjustable safety harness hook 
  • Padded, adjustable shoulder strap
  • Designed for dogs up to 15 pounds
  • Accessory pocket included


  • Provides a comfy way to carry your canine
  • Included pockets are always a nice addition
  • Durable materials used in the bag mean it’s built to last
  • It’s super affordable


  • Some owners may find the styling too casual
  • You can’t use a sling during air travel

8. Hayner Fashion Pet Carrier

About: If you’re looking for an ultra-cute carrier for a super small pup,you’ll certainly want to consider this cute tote from Hayner Fashion. This carrier looks exactly like a high-end purse, yet it’s designed to keep your pet safe, secure, and comfortable while accompanying you. 

Complete with a harness clip, two mesh panels for ventilation, and two different types of carrying handles (two for hand-held use and one for over-the-shoulder toting), this carrier has everything pet parents need. As a bonus, it’s priced really affordably given its quality. 

Most Stylish Carrier for Ultrasmall Dogs

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Fashion Pet Carrier Dog Carrier Purse Dog Handbag Pet Tote Bag for Small Dog and Cat Airline-Approved

Hayner Fashion Pet Carrier

A super-stylish purse pet carrier that’ll have you looking great while carrying your pint-sized pupper around town.


  • Premium styling that any owner would be happy to show off
  • Waterproof interior
  • Designed for dogs up to 8 pounds
  • Zippered closures
  • Exterior phone pocket 


  • This pet carrier is airline approved
  • We think it’s one of the best-looking pet carriers available 
  • Inner waterproof lining is perfect for potty training puppies


  • Some of the gold hardware pieces fell off for some owners
  • This bag doesn’t have a very long strap 

9. Sherpa Park Tote

About: Pet purse carriers are certainly great, but they can end up keeping your canine a little confined at times. But at least one carrier – the Sherpa Park Tote – helps you sidestep this problem in an interesting way: It opens up into a padded pet blanket. This gives your pooch a nice way to enjoy your next trip to the park or pool, while still giving you a convenient way to carry him. 

This bag is suitable for dogs weighing up to 12 pounds, it comes in two colors, and the whole thing is machine washable for convenience. 

Best “Convertible” Dog Carrier Purse

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Sherpa Park Tote Pet Carrier, Medium Black

Sherpa Park Tote

A soft, affordably priced carrier that opens up and lays flat to serve as a comfy pooch blanket for your next picnic.


  • Tote can be converted to a travel blanket 
  • Made from lightweight, machine-washable material
  • Designed for dogs up to 12 pounds
  • Roll-back sunroof panel
  • Collapses for storage 


  • Provides more flexibility than most other purse carriers
  • It’s super affordably priced
  • Pet parents loved how easy it is to clean
  • It’s perfect for traveling pet parents


  • It’s not the most durable pick for everyday use
  • As a soft-sided carrier, it won’t always retain its shape well 

10. Johomviin Carrier

About: If you live in a humid area or want to provide your dog with as much ventilation as possible, the Johomviin Carrier is a great choice for you and your pet. Unlike many other carriers, which only have a single mesh panel, this carrier features mesh paneling along the top, as well as both the front and back of the carrier, providing your pooch with more airflow (not to mention, increased visibility). 

The lightweight carrier is made out of an easy to clean Oxford cloth material, and it comes with imitation leather details to keep it looking great (without costing a fortune). 

Dog Carrier Purse with the Best Ventilation

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Johomviin Dog Carrier, Cat Carrier, Pet Carrier, Foldable Waterproof Premium PU Leather Oxford Cloth Dog Purse, Portable Tote Bag Carrier for Small to Medium Cats and Small Dogs

Johomviin Carrier

A soft and comfy pet carrier with handy storage pockets and surrounding mesh panels to provide plenty of ventilation.


  • Made from waterproof Oxford cloth
  • Fabric floor mat included
  • Features multiple storage pockets
  • Comes with a mesh, zippered closure
  • Imitation leather footed base


  • The bag material and interior base are easy to clean
  • This carrier is super secure while still providing plenty of ventilation and viewing opportunities
  • Checks off most of the “must have” boxes 


  • Doesn’t include a padded strap
  • This bag is a bit bulky and doesn’t fold down like other options on the list

11. Minsong Pet Carrier  

About: Want a pet carrier that you can color-coordinate with your own wardrobe? This stylish Minsong Pet Carrier is the perfect choice, as it is available in several gorgeous colors.  

This carrier also features a waterproof interior to protect the purse from accidents or spills, and the bottom pad can be removed for easy cleanup. Additionally, both sides of the bag have deep zippered pockets for phones, keys, or waste bags. 

Best Dog Purse Carrier for Matching your Outfit

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Fashion Pet Carrier Dog Cat Carrier Purse Soft-Sided Leather Handbag Pet Tote Bag for Small Dogs Puppy and Cats TSA Airline Approved (Red)

Minsong Pet Carrier

A stylish, purse-style pet carrier that is available in a litany of different colors so you can match the wardrobe you are wearing.


  • Stylish purse-style carrier featuring faux leather and available in 6 colors
  • Front and back mesh panels for ventilation
  • Waterproof interior 
  • Approved by many airlines
  • Designed for dogs up to 8 pounds 


  • It’s one of the most stylish carriers around and comes in several colors
  • Colored mesh provides visibility while still maintaining the style of the back
  • Waterproof interior is perfect for puppies


  • Some owners noted that this bag can develop creases over time 
  • It’s a bit stiff, which may compromise canine comfort slightly 

12. Noble Duck Dog Carrier  

About: If you just want something functional rather than fancy, you’ll want to  consider the Noble Duck Dog Carrier. This carrier features a pretty neutral aesthetic and a minimalistic design to suit owners with a more reserved style.  

In terms of construction, this carrier is made from breathable cotton and polyester, boasts an open top your pet can stick his head through, and harness hooks on both sides of the interior for safety. 

Best Low-Key Dog Carrier Purse

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NOBLE DUCK Small Dog Carrier Purse with Pockets, Portable Small Dog/Cat Soft-Sided Carrier with Adjustable Safety Tether, Versatile Pet Carrier Tote for Subway/Shopping/Hiking/Traveling (Black)

Noble Duck Dog Carrier

A simple, straightforward pet carrier that’s easy to carry, won’t get in your way, and features an unassuming design.


  • Low-key styling
  • Waterproof interior is great for accident-prone pets 
  • Made from lightweight polyester cotton fabric
  • Harness hooks included on both sides 


  • This carrier is deeper than most, making it great for small pups with long legs
  • Owners love this minimal yet sleek design 
  • Great for pups who like to ride with their heads out
  • Very affordably priced


  • Candidly, we think the black model looks much better than the brown model
  • Many owners had to add a blanket to make this deep carrier suitable for their pups 

13. HDP Paw Style Dog & Cat Carrier Purse

About: Looking for a pet carrier purse that’ll elicit plenty of “awwwws?” The HDP Paw Style Purse may be perfect! Covered in tons of adorable little paw prints, this bag comes with a plush interior for your pupper’s comfort and a waterproof bottom to help prevent problems with spills or accidents.

Best of all, this bag is available in two sizes — one for pups weighing up to 10 pounds and another for four-footers weighing up to 13 pounds.

Cutest Pet Carrier Purse

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carrier purse

HDP Paw Style Dog & Cat Carrier Purse

A precious pooch purse featuring adorable graphics, and a removable interior pad for your canine’s comfort.


  • Allows your pup to ride in “head-out” fashion
  • Waterproof base with removable bottom pad
  • Small features 1 harness clip; medium includes 2 harness clips
  • Medium model is designed to hold two pets


  • We think the paw-print design is too cute for words
  • The medium-sized model will carry two pets
  • Owners report that their pets appear quite comfy while riding in these bags


  • The straps aren’t adjustable
  • This purse doesn’t include any storage pockets

Carrying Your Pet in a Purse Safely

using a pet carrier safely

Pet carriers are generally safe, but you still need to make sure you use your pet carrier purse properly to avoid any issues. Adhere to the following guidelines whenever using a carrier purse with your dog: 

  • Always use the harness clip. A harness clip isn’t a substitute for teaching your dog how to sit in a carrier purse properly, but it can help keep your dog contained as an emergency backup. Just be sure to connect the clip to a harness rather than a collar to prevent neck injuries. 
  • Practice with your pooch. Before taking your pooch out on the town, practice using the carrier purse in a familiar environment. Create positive associations with the carrier and give your dog time to adjust to it before using it in new spaces. 
  • Keep your canine comfortable. Monitor your dog’s heat levels and make sure you take breaks from the carrier purse regularly so that your dog can use the restroom and drink water. 
  • Check for wear and tear. Regularly inspect your dog’s carrier purse for signs of wear and tear, especially after washing the purse. You don’t want loose threads wrapping around your dog’s claws, toes, or tail. 
  • Don’t leave your dog unattended. Never leave your dog unattended, especially while riding in a carrier purse. Being left alone in an unfamiliar environment is unsafe and unsettling for your furry BFF. 

Dog Breeds That’ll (Usually) Fit in Pet Carrier Bags

Yorkie Feeding Tips

Most carrier purses are designed to support ultra-small pooches under 15 pounds, give or take. Many pups will temporarily fit in a purse carrier as puppies, but here are some common purebred pooches that will likely fit in a purse carrier, even as adults:

  • Bichon Frise
  • Boston Terrier
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • Chihuahua
  • Jack Russell Terrier
  • Maltese
  • Miniature Pinscher
  • Miniature Schnauzer
  • Papillion
  • Pomeranian
  • Pug
  • Schipperke
  • Shih Tzu
  • Silky Terrier
  • Toy Poodle
  • Yorkshire Terrier
Other Options

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Dog carrier bags can be amazing tools that benefit you and your best buddy. Just make sure to pick out a suitable carrier that keeps your canine comfortable and safe while out and about. 

Have you used a carrier purse for your dog before? How did he or she like it? We’d love to hear your experience in the comments below!

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