8 Best Dog Carrier Purses: Toting Your Dog Around Town

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Dog Crates & Carriers By Meg Marrs 9 min read June 6, 2019 7 Comments

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Dog Carrier Purses: What Dogs Are They Right For?

Dog carrier purses can be very handy when you want to take your pet out on the go. However, they aren’t suitable for all dogs. Dog purse carriers are best suited for teacup breeds and extremely small dogs weighing less than 10 lbs.

Some pet handbags may be suitable for dogs 10 – 15 lbs, but I suggest careful measurement and study before buying one of these dog carrier purses for a 10 – 15 lb dog.

Many buyers with 10 – 15 lb dogs struggled to find a properly sized carrier. Many owners think that the dog carrier handbag they go to purchase for their pet will fit, only to find that it’s too small.

7 Best Dog Carrier Purses: Reviews

We’ll be reviewing the best dog purses for toting your small dogs around the town. Here are our top picks!

1. Sleepypod Atom

Sleepypod Atom pet Carrier, one Size About: The Sleepypod Atom is a messenger bag style pet carrier from the Sleepypod team – a brand known for high-quality carriers. In fact, they are one of the few companies with carriers that have been crash-tested for car safety and passed with flying colors!

Price: $$$
Our Rating:


The Sleepypod Atom is a high-quality and sturdy carrier, while still maintaining a lightweight design. It features a snuggly, fur-lined interior with large pockets on the sides for your pet’s snacks, leash, and other necessities.

The Atom is an airline-approved carrier as well, which means that it meets the requirements set for major airline’s carry-on regulations. This dog carrier can even be attached to rolling luggage, held by the top handle, or used with a shoulder strap.

The Sleepypod Atom comes in five stylish colors (Blossom Pink, Dark Chocolate, Jet Black, Robin Egg Blue, and Strawberry Red). The carrier’s size is 10.5″L x 17″ W x 8.5″ H and can hold dogs up to 8lbs (and cats up to 12lbs).

PROS: Buyers adore Sleepypod products, noting the attention to quality and superior design. Carrier can also be easily attached to rolling luggage.

CONS: Reviewers note that this dog carrier purse is best suited for extremely small teacup breeds. For larger dogs, buyers suggest the Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed.

TOP DOG PICK: With raving reviews, a proven quality design, and a host of handy features, we award the Sleepypod Atom as our top pick for pet carrier purses!

2. Fashion Dog Carrier Purse

Petparty® Fashion Dog Carrier Dog Handbag Dog Purse Tote Bag Pet Cat Dog Hiking Backpack for Small Dog and Cat Only 15' Inches in Lenght

About: The PetParty Fashion Carrier Purse is a dog carrier that’s stylish enough to pass off as a regular purse – with your pup inside!

Price: $
Our Rating:


The PetParty Fashion Carrier features several pockets for easy pet storage, along with ventilation panels that ensure your pet gets plenty of airflow.

Inside pads can be removed for easy washing, and the carrier comes in seven different unique designs, styles, and colors.

The purse carrier’s size is 40cm x 29cm x 21cm. It’s designed only for very small toy dogs or puppies.

PROS: Owners love that the mesh sides and covers can be covered by various velcro flaps and zippers, allowing the carrier to easily pass as a regular purse depending your needs.

CONS: No option for a messenger-style strap – just the top handle. Some reviewers also note a chemical smell that must be aired out. Again, really only suitable for very small (less than 10 lb) dogs.

3. MG Collection Dog Carrier Purse

MG Collection Stylish 2 Tone Quilted Soft Sided Travel Pet Carrier Tote Hand Bag for Only Small Medium-Sized Cats Dogs Puppy

About: The MG Collection Dog Carrier Purse is two-toned quilted designer dog purse with an elegant look and a discreet design that can easily pass as a traditional fashion purse.

Price: $
Our Rating:

The MG Collection Dog Carrier Purse is a soft-sided carrier with a top that features a plastic mesh ventilation flap, which can be covered with quilted fabric for doggie-discreet privacy. The carrier also has four large grommets to allow for additional airflow.

The purse’s four hard bottom studs keep the carrier slightly raised, protecting against dirt, and the two large velcro side pockets are great for storing treats and leads when out and about.

The purse’s interior contains a spring-clip leash that allows owners to secure pets to the carrier – no bouncing out! Plus, the stiff removable bottom section adds additional structure to the base of the carrier, ensuring it won’t cave in.

This pup purse comes in three color variations: black and white, purple and white, or turquoise and grey. The carrier’s exterior dimensions are 16″ L × 8″ W × 12″ H, while the interior is – 15.5″ L × 7.5″ W × 10.5″ H.

PROS: Owners love that this bag does not resemble a classic carrier, making it a sleek and stylish alternative.

CONS: Main top panel at one end is secured with velcro, so if your pet really wanted to get out, it wouldn’t be too difficult. Some owners also wished the pockets were secured by something other than velcro.

4. Argo Petagon Pink Dog Purse Carrier

Argo by Teafco Petagon Airline Approved Pet Carrier, Tokyo Pink, Medium

About: The Argo Petagon Pink Dog Purse is an airline-friendly dog carrier, functioning not only as a stylish purse, but also doubling as an airplane carrier – it meets the IATA requirements for flying!

Price: $$
Our Rating:

The Argo Petagon is incredibly light-weight, weighing in at just 2 lbs. It features water-resitant padding, five external zipper pockets for storing belongings, as well as straps designed for easy seatbelt attachment during car travel and for easy over-the-shoulder carrying.

The carrier is designed with a large top mesh opening and smaller side mesh opening for feeding, along with dual layer mesh windows for added ventilation.

The Petagon is recommended for pets 15 lbs and under. It measures in at 17.8 x 9.5 x 11 inches.

PROS: Reviewers love how many pockets this dog carrier purse has and also note how comfortable the straps and handles are.

CONS: Again, some reviewers find this dog carrier purse to be too small for their miniature dogs, so be sure to measure your pet to see if this item is appropriate.

TOP DOG PICK: This dog purse carrier seems to have it all – tons of handy openings and mesh panels for dog ventilation and viewing, plus a host of other features users loved. This dog carrier purse gets our #2 spot for top dog purse carriers!

5. Houndstooth Dog Carrier Purse

Anima Houndstooth Purse Carrier, 13.5-Inch by 6.5-Inch by 10.5-Inch, Brown

About: The Houndstooth Dog Purse is a fashion-forward carrier boasting stylish pattern that doesn’t sacrifice your pet’s comfort.

Price: $
Our Rating:

This carrier features imitation leather trim and striking houndstooth pattern. Two storage pockets on each side of the purse are ideal for holding small items, and the purse is available in three houndstooth colors patterns.

This purse pet carrier is really only suitable for very small teacup dogs – it’s recommended for pups 3 lbs and under and measures 13.5″ x 6.5″ x 10.5″.

PROS: Discreet mesh ends allow for the carrier to easily blend in as a normal purse. Tops and sides can be zipped and velcroed for showing or hiding the dog.

CONS: This small dog carrier purse does not have many helpful product photos, but some user-uploaded photos on Amazon provide a better look at what to expect from this dog carrier purse.

6. Petego-Bitty Soft Pet Purse Carrier 

Petego-Bitty Bag Soft padded small pet shoulder carrier bag tote. (16'L x 9.75'W X 10.75'H)

About: The Petego-Bitty Soft Pet Purse Carrier features an Italian Emanuele Bianchi design that will have your pup riding on your arm in style.

Price: $$
Our Rating:

This purse boasts super soft suede outside fabric and soft nylon orange interior. The shoulder strap is padded to ensure the owner’s comfort as well as the pup’s! Plus, there’s an inner leash attachment to keep the dog contained in the purse.

This carrier measures in at 6″ x 9.75″ x 10.75″ and only comes in one color.

PROS: Reviewers rave about how comfortable this bag is to carry, its style, and how easy it is to clean.

CONS: Some buyers wish the straps were long enough to be used in a cross-body design. The padded piece that adds comfort to the strap is not actually attached – it is held on by velcro. Some found this rather annoying and wished the padded piece was permanently attached.

7. Django Canvas & Leather Pet Tote

DJANGO Dog Carrier Bag - Waxed Canvas and Leather Soft-Sided Pet Travel Tote with Bag-to-Harness Safety Tether & Secure Zipper Pockets (Medium, Olive Green)

About: The Django Canvas & Leather Pet Tote is a high-quality pup purse with all the bells and whistles. While it’s definitely on the pricier side, it’s a great choice for owners who want a lasting, durable carrier they can tote around town.

Price: $$$$
Our Rating:

The Django carrier is designed with waxed canvas and leather on the outside, with 230T nylon on the inside for silky, soft, water-resistant fabric.

The interior also offers a Sherpa-enclosed footpad and a harness tether to keep your dog safe. The footpad is removable and machine washable for easy cleaning.

You’ll have plenty of room for treats and gear, as this carrier offers four exterior and interior zip pockets. It even has credit card slots in the front zipper pocket when you want to travel light with Fido.

This carrier is designed for dogs up to 30 lbs, and the size is 4.5 in length x 8 in width x 12.5 in height. It comes in black, blue, and green colors!

PROS: Owners love how this carrier blends style and practicality – many note that it’s the best purse carrier they’ve used. Owners say this carrier can easily pass as a fashion purse, and several folks comment on how they adore the generous number of pockets.

CONS: This is definitely one of the priciest dog purse carriers you can buy, so it’s best for those with some money to burn!

8. LoveThyBeast Dog Tote Carrier

LoveThyBeast Industrial Voyager Pet Tote, Medium, Natural/Orange

About: The LoveTheBeast Dog Tote Carrier is a unique durable canvas carrier that can transport your pooch to the beach and beyond!

Price: $$$$
Our Rating:

This pet tote is made of double-layer canvas for durability and support, while using zipper closures designed with fur guard protection so you don’t need to worry about your pup’s fur getting caught!

The built-in leash restraint will keep your dog safely put, while the sturdy food pad will keep the carrier raised up.

This carrier clocks in at 14 x 8 x 13 inches.

PROS: Sturdy design and ideal for owners looking for this specific style bag.

CONS: Not many options for pockets. Note: this product currently only has one review on Amazon. Due to lack of more comprehensive feedback, we suggest ordering a different dog purse carrier, unless this specific style is something that you desire.

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Good article but purse dog carriers are supposed to look like women’s purses. A lot of these don’t. Women look for dog carriers that look like their own purse so they don’t have to carry their own purse and a dog carrier separate and also they want it to look fashionable and hide their dog so they can take them into restaurants and stores without people noticing them.


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