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best soft sided dog crates

Traveling with dogs can be tricky, and often your dog will need some form of containment while you’re away from home – when it comes to giving your dog a safe space while on the go, soft sided dog crates are an excellent solution!

They’re easy to transport and lightweight, making them great for all sorts of travel. Whether you’re visiting family, traveling for work, or camping on vacation, we’ll help you find the best for your pooch.

Best Soft Sided Dog Crates: Quick Picks

  • AmazonBasics Folding Soft Crate [Best All Around] This crate comes in 5 colors and 5 sizes, with the biggest soft crate we’ve seen (42″) that can house even large dogs!
  • 2PET Foldable Dog Crate [Best For Small Dogs] Durable and a bit more affordable than other options on our list, this soft crate is great, but will only work for smaller dogs.
  • K&H Soft Travel Crate [Best For Car Travel] Designed to clip into car seat belts, this soft-sided crate is perfect for excitable dogs that distract their owners in the car.

Soft Sided Dog Crates: What Are They Good For?

A soft sided dog crate is great for you if your needs align with these features:

  • Lightweight & Portable. Soft-sided crates are lightweight and ultra portable, making them great for travel. You can pop them up at grandma’s, the vet’s, a train station, camping, in a pet-friendly hotel – some can even be used as airplane-friendly carriers for in-cabin flights!
  • Easy to Collapse and Set Up. Since soft-sided dog crates are convenient to assemble, they are ideal for those of us who don’t like to fiddle with screws and tools.
  • Work Well With Calm Dogs. Soft crates are ideal for calm, relaxed adult dogs who simply like to have their own space, but don’t necessarily need to be carefully contained. They’re are suitable for anxious dogs who are calmed by being in their crate.
  • Ideal For Smaller Dogs. Soft sided dog crates are good for small and medium dogs, but aren’t as suitable for big breeds, since most collapsable crates simply aren’t big enough to house larger-than-life canines (although there are exceptions, which we’ll detail below).

When Soft-Sided Crates Won’t Cut It: Not Always The Best Choice

A soft sided dog kennel isn’t great for you if:

  • You have a rough or destructive dog. Soft sided crates aren’t suitable for keeping your dog contained if he really wants out. They’re much easier to rip and escape from than a conventional hard sided crate – they’re quite easy to bust out of for determined dogs!
  • You need a safe car crate. Soft sided dog crates cannot be used as car crates to keep your dog safe while driving or while on the move – the soft sides provide no protection at all. They’re far better for simply giving your dog a safe hangout space to call his own.
  • Your puppy isn’t house trained yet. Since soft sided dog kennels are made of fabric or other soft materials, accidents aren’t easy to clean up. The crates will get stinky quickly if your puppy is still having accidents in her crate!

What to Look For in a Soft Sided Dog Crate

There are a lot of factors to look for when trying to find a perfect soft sided dog kennel. If you think a soft sided dog crate is right for you, then be sure to consider these features before making your purchase.

1. Windows & Ventilation

A good soft sided dog crate has windows that are usually made of plastic, mesh ventilation, or both.

Mesh can provide more ventilation in hot, muggy weather, but plastic windows can protect more against rain or cold. Decide what makes the most  sense for your pup and your travels!

2. Quality, Light-Weight Frame

Look for a well-built yet lightweight frame for your soft-sided crate. This thin, metal pop-up frame will be similar to tent poles or a child’s parachute tunnel. If the frame is too heavy, the crate won’t be as portable and easy to transport as you may like. However, flimsy frame quality might result in a crate that collapses with just a tiny breeze! Finding an ideal balance is key.

3. Visibility

Decide how much visibility you want your dog to have. Some dogs do best when their crate is a dark, quiet, safe space for them. Others like to be part of the action and want to see everything that is happening around them.

Many soft-sided crates have zippered portions or adjustable covers, which allow you to control how much visibility your dog has depending on his mood or personality.

4. Cushioned Mat Bottom

Ideally, your new soft sided dog crate will include a mat. If not, or if you don’t like the one that comes with your mat, you’ll need to get one to keep your pup comfy!

Make sure to consider what you need in a crate pad – older dogs may need more orthopedic materials, while potty-problem dogs will definitely need something waterproof and easy to wash.

5. Appropriate Size

Many soft-sided dog crates are quite small, so be sure to triple-check what size crate you want for your dog. They should have room to comfortably stand up and turn around inside the crate.

Keep in mind that if you’d like to carry your smaller dog, you should find a crate with a shoulder strap. This won’t be possible for larger dogs.

6. Ease of Assembly

Some soft dog crates require more assembly than others – the vast majority are a breeze to set up. Some don’t even require any tools for assembly!

If you’ll be assembling and disassembling your crate often for traveling from place to place, we definitely recommend looking for a crate that specializes in easy, quick assembly.

The 5 Best Soft Sided Dog Crates

1. AmazonBasics Folding Soft Crate

Amazon Basics Folding Portable Soft Pet Dog Crate Carrier Kennel, 30 x 21 x 21 Inches, Khaki

The AmazonBasics Folding Soft Crate comes in five sizes (21”, 26”, 30″, 36″ and 42”) and five colors (black, blue, grey, khaki, and red), giving you lots of options for customization!

The crate is made of water-resistant durable polyester and PVC material The inside cushioning is made of plush fleece for canine comfort!

This model has a top and side door that can be opened via zipper. All four sides feature breathable mesh windows to keep your dog cool and air ventilated.

It also provides several pockets on the sides and folds flat for easy transportation and storage. There’s a top handle and shoulder strap as well, giving you multiple ways to transport your pup.


Owners love all the pockets and have found that they can use a carabiner to prevent Houdini hound escapes for clever dogs that have figured out how to use zippers. Owners say that it seems roomy and stable, and love the reinforced corners, to reduce wear and tear!


The crate can’t be taken apart to go through a washing machine, so you must scrub it to clean. It also doesn’t have any sort of carrying straps, so you it’s not ideal for those who want to carry their dogs inside of it. Like all soft-sided dog crates, it’s not suitable for dogs that will try to escape their crate.

2. K&H Soft Travel Crate

K&H Pet Products Travel Safety Carrier for Pets, Dog Crate for Car Travel, Dog Soft-Sided Carrier for Medium Dogs, Portable Car Seat Kennel, Gray/Black Medium 24 X 19 X 17 Inches

The K&H Soft Travel Crate is a uniquely shaped soft-sided crate specifically designed for car travel and available in three different sizes.

The K&H Soft Crate is designed to be secured through the use of the average car seatbelt. It also clips behind the seat headrest for added stability.

Large mesh sides provide you dog with plenty of ventilation and visibility, and there’s also two entrance/exit doors so that it’s not difficult to remove your dog when the trip is over. While it’s not a crash-tested car crate, it is suitable for keeping your dog from distracting you on the road – which is very important for driving safety!

This crate is also a breeze to assemble – no tools are needed, so you can expand and collapse it in just a few minutes. The crate can also be completely broken down to lie flat for super easy transportation.


  • Small (17″ x 16″ x 15″)
  • Medium (24″ x 19″ x 17″)
  • Large (29.5″ x 22″ x 25.5″)


Owners note that this crate is a lifesaver for dogs who get very excited or hyper in the car. Having a crate to secure them is lifesaving, especially when considering how big a danger distracting dogs can be on the road.


This crate is definitely not crash-proof, and will provide little protection in the event of a car crash. Still, it’ll secure your dog and prevent distractive driving.

3. 2PET Foldable Dog Crate

soft sided dog kennel

The 2PET Foldable Dog Crate is an attractive, smaller crate that’s easy to transport, even with your dog still inside! It opens from the top or front and is best suited for smaller dogs.

This soft-sided crate is covered in a soft Oxford 600D fabric cover that is water resistant, fully removable, and machine washable, making it a breeze to clean.

It also includes a waterproof mat as well as a washable fleece cushion to serve as the crate’s bottom pad.

This crate comes in several sizes, from small (20 inches) to extra large (32 inches). The 28 inch version (large) is confirmed to fit dogs up to 25 lbs. , and the 32 inch version (XL) is believed to comfortably house dogs up to 50 lbs, but this cannot be confirmed by any owners.

Its ample windows made of mesh panels are good for dogs that like to see outside. The manufacturer donates a portion of each sale to charity, as a bonus!


Customers love the easy set-up, and find it easy to use to transport small dogs. Customers also commented on how attractive the crate is.


Some customers feel that the crate’s zippers and mesh have a “cheap” feel. The door can be a bit cumbersome, as the door is somewhat small for the size of the crate and must be velcroed open.

4. Arf Pets 3 Door Folding Soft Crate

best soft sided dog crates

The Arf Pets 3 Door Folding Soft Dog Crate is another great option for a soft-sided dog crate, and the larger size can even fit dogs weighing up to 70 pounds.

It comes in a soft blue-grey and has doors on the front, side, and top, allowing for three different points of entry and plenty of ventilation.

This crate is built to last with a heavy-duty frame, washer-friendly material, and a waterproof base. Its unique folding design allows it to be assembled or collapsed easily, using a snap frame with retractable springs.

This crate does not have a shoulder strap (opting for traditional handle straps instead), but you probably don’t want to shoulder your Labrador in a crate, anyway!

Since the Arf Pets 3 Door Crate lacks a carrying case or mat, so you may need to purchase some additional accessories.


Owners love how convenient this crate is for traveling with large dogs, saying that it’s easy to fold and buckle down for transport. Their dogs love how roomy the crate is, and that every window can be opened or closed for the dog’s comfort!


Owners stress that you should buy a pad for the bottom of the crate, since it definitely needs some extra cushioning. They also say that although the canvas is strong, this crate should not be used for puppies or dogs that still chew and escape – some dogs escaped in under an hour! Make sure to measure the dimensions of the crate and your dog – some customers found the crate a bit too small for their pets!

5. Petnation Port-A-Crate E2

best soft sided dog crate for small dogs

The Petnation Port-A-Crate E2 is the lowest-cost option on this list. It’s small, easy to carry, and cute with a bone cutout window!

This soft-sided dog crate is lightweight, can be assembled without tools, and comes together in seconds!

The outside is made of a heavy-duty tight weave mesh fabric, stretched across a steel frame skeleton for support and strength. It’s also made of waterproof material, making it easy to clean in the event of messes.

This crate has mesh windows and superior airflow and has doors on the front and top, but not the sides. This crate is available in 6 sizes, ranging from 16 inches (holds up to 10 lbs) to 36 inches (holds up to 70 lbs), so be sure to check what size is right for your dog.  Petnation provides a handy measuring guide to ensure you pick the right size for your pet.

While this soft-sided crate does not include a mat, Petnation makes mats that are meant to accompany the crate, which can be purchased separately.


Customers love the lightweight style. Some even say their dogs prefer this to their normal crate! Customers report using the crate for years, a testament to good manufacturing. They love the easy washing of the crate and say that it doesn’t hold stink in.


Like all the crates on this list, this crate will not work for dogs that are not crate trained! They’ll chew their way out in no time. Some customers found manufacturing issues resulting in zipper malfunctions or torn mesh, but this was pretty uncommon.

What do you use your favorite soft-sided dog crate for? What features do you love? Let us know in the comments below!

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Kayla Fratt is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant through IAABC and works as a conservation detection dog trainer.

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