The Best Artificial Grass for Dogs: 8 Great Choices (and 1 to Avoid Completely)

For The Home By Kate Brunotts 18 min read July 21, 2023

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Best artificial grass for dogs

Grass makes an excellent ground cover for pet parents, but it can be expensive and difficult to maintain. It can even be impossible to grow in some areas, such as porches or shady parts of your yard. 

So, many owners are opting for artificial grass instead of the real stuff

Artificial grass works out well for many pet parents, and it eliminates a lot of the problems that occur with real grass. Additionally, most doggos will quickly learn to use artificial grass for bathroom purposes with a bit of encouragement. 

We’ll explain why artificial grass might make more sense for your yard, point out some of the things to look for when picking an artificial grass for dogs, and identify a few of our favorites on the market (as well as one you should completely avoid). 

Quick Picks: Best Artificial Grass for Dogs

  • Petgrow Grass [Best Overall Artificial Grass for Dogs]: This artificial grass is made out of sturdy fibers, looks great, and provides excellent drainage to help prevent odors. 
  • WMG Grass [Best Budget-Friendly Artificial Grass for Dogs]: Despite its affordable price tag, this artificial grass is constructed well, durable, and should get the job done for most pet parents. 
  • Golden Moon Grass [Best Artificial Grass for Picky Dogs]: This artificial grass is thick, plush, and feels the most natural, making it perfect for dogs who are substrate-selective. 

Things to Look for When Picking an Artificial Grass for Dogs 

potty training grass for dogs

So, what should you look for when picking out artificial grass for your canine companion? Here are some factors to take into consideration: 

  • Fade resistance: The best artificial grass is treated with UV-resistant materials to cut down on fading. Your dog obviously won’t care about the turf fading, but faded turf can be an eyesore for owners who install it over large areas. It may even cause you to run afoul of HOA regulations or upset your neighbors.
  • Cost: Artificial grass is cheaper than a fresh lawn in terms of lifetime costs, but you’ll still have to cough up some cash up front. So, cost will always be a factor you should consider. Just remember that it often makes more financial sense to spend a little more up front on a high-quality option, which will almost always hold up better and last longer.  
  • Ease of Installation: Some artificial grasses come in one large piece, while others are separated into smaller patches you’ll need to line up. Either option can work, just be sure to pick an artificial grass that’s easy for you to install and makes the most sense for your dogs. For example, if you have a really big yard, a single piece will likely prove easier to install. But owners with small, oddly shaped yards will likely find it easier to install artificial turfs sold in small pieces.
  • Durability: You’ll want to pick a thicker, more durable artificial grass if you have a big dog or a pack full of pooches. Smaller, daintier doggos won’t inflict as much wear and tear on an artificial turf, but it is important to note that good durability is rarely (if ever) a problem with any product.
  • Drainage: Smaller grass patches may come with a drain tray to catch fluids as they seep through. This will help keep the turf dry and prevent odors. Just note that artificial grasses made for larger, outdoor spaces should have a proper layered draining system that helps filter waste to the ground beneath it. 
  • Appearance: You can choose between different grass blade colors with an artificial patch, and some look much more realistic than others. This is a much more important consideration for owners who’re using artificial grass to cover large portions of their yard — appearance doesn’t matter as much if you’re just using a patch on your patio for pee pee purposes.

8 Best Artificial Grass for Dogs

artificial turf for dogs

Ready to take the plunge and try out an artificial grass for your dog? Here are some of the best grass options on the market for your mutt! 

1. Petgrow Grass Turf

Best Overall Artificial Grass for Dogs
Petgrow Artificial Grass Turf

A durable, high-quality artificial turf with 4-toned grass blades for enhanced realism. 

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About: Petgrow’s Artificial Grass provides your pooch with a comfortable place to play or potty throughout any season. The artificial grass is super easy to install and has a low 0.8-inch blade height, which makes for quick cleanup. 


  • Can be securely installed with tape or staples
  • 4-tone color designed to look like real grass
  • Easy to trim to size
  • Weighs about 70 ounces per square yard
  • Drains directly into the ground 

Options: This grass comes in sizes running from 4- to 82-feet long and can be trimmed to fit any indoor or outdoor area. 


  • Drainage holes allow pee to drain and prevent retained rainwater
  • Durable design held up to most owner pups 
  • Most dogs quickly learned to “use” this artificial grass


  • The material may a bit rough
  • Some owners may prefer longer fake grass blades

2. WMG Grass

Best Artificial Grass Value Pick
WMG GRASS Premium Artificial Grass

A great-looking yet affordable turf that drains quickly and comes in several sizes. 

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About: While it may not be THE most affordable artificial turf around, this artificial grass from WMB may provide the best overall value, thanks to its combination of quality and a budget-friendly price tag. The fluffed grass blades span 1.38 inches long and have a soft feel that pet parents and dogs love. 


  • 4-toned for a realistic appearance
  • Large drainage holes
  • Non-slip rubber backing
  • Weighs 70 ounces per square yard 

Options: These grass patches come in packs of 1 to 4 pieces ranging from 3- to 13-feet in length. 


  • Provides great value for your dog-care dollar
  • Easy to install with turf staples 
  • Provides a consistent look throughout, even when using multiple pieces


  • Some owners found the blades too shiny
  • Not the most durable grass patch available 

3. Golden Moon Grass

Best Artificial Grass for Picky Dogs
GOLDEN MOON Artificial Grass

A soft artificial grass with long, nice-looking blades that'll appeal to people and pups.

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About: If you’re looking for a lush-looking synthetic lawn, this artificial grass by Golden Moon is definitely worth considering. The grass boasts 1.7-inch long blades to keep your canine comfortable and has a realistic look to match your yard’s aesthetics. 


  • 1.7-inch long blades
  • Weighs about 144 ounces per square yard 
  • 5-tone colored grass 
  • UV-resistant blades 

Options: This artificial grass comes in sizes ranging from 15 to 78 square feet large. 


  • Super soft feel
  • Some of the longest blades available
  • Most dogs love the feel of this grass
  • 5-toned color gives this grass a realistic look 


  • A bit more expensive than other grasses 
  • May be difficult to get separate pieces to “match” visually
  • Can get hot in direct sunlight 

4. Starroad Turf 

Best Artificial Grass for Making a Small Potty Station
STARROAD Artificial Grass for Dogs

A compact potty patch that’s great for giving your doggo a small bathroom station.

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About: If you just need a bit of artificial turf to potty train your pooch, Starroad Turf is a great pick. This affordable artificial grass is super comfy, has a four-layer drainage system, and is UV-protected to retain its color. 


  • 4-layer drainage system
  • Weighs 2 pounds per patch
  • Trimmable design
  • 1.18-inch tall grass blades
  • Made with special construction techniques to achieve a soft feel

Options: This artificial grass comes in a single 39.3 by 31.5 inch patch. 


  • Great size for balconies or patios
  • Works well for potty training and can be used on top of a doggie litter box
  • Drains easily with 4 permeable layers 


  • Difficult to piece together for a larger outdoor space 
  • Does not come with installation materials 
  • Some owners reported strand shedding 

5. SavyGrow Grass

Best Weighted Artificial Grass for Dogs
SavvyGrow Artificial Grass for Dogs

Heavy, UV-resistant grass patches that work great for potty stations or larger areas. 

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About: Looking for a heavier artificial grass? Well, this four-toned SavyGrow grass may be just the ticket! It has a mid-length blade height of 1.2 inches, and each patch weighs about 8 pounds. You may still need to secure this grass to keep it in place when covering large areas, but its weighted design will help keep it in place when used as a patio potty option.


  • Non-slip rubber backing 
  • UV-resistant blades
  • Built-in drainage holes
  • Trimmable design
  • Weighted to help stay in place 
  • Mid-length 1.2-inch-long grass blades

Options: This artificial grass comes in a single 3.3 x 5 foot size. 


  • Heavy turf stays in place well when unsecured
  • UV-resistant design
  • Small size is ideal for patios
  • Dogs seemed to enjoy using this soft grass   


  • Taller grass blades may be more difficult to clean
  • Some dogs took some convincing to use this grass
  • Frequent rinsing is required to prevent odors

6. Zen Garden Grass Patch

Best-Looking Artificial Grass for Dogs
Zen Garden Premium Artificial Grass

A natural-feeling, realistic-looking turf that won't compromise your yard's aesthetics. 

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About: If aesthetics are one of your most important considerations, this Zen Garden Grass Patch may be your best bet. It not only looks just like real grass, but it feels pretty darn realistic too. You might have to pay a bit more upfront for this grass, but most owners were happy with their decision and felt it looked great. 


  • Realistic-looking 4-toned color grass blades
  • Grass blades are 1.6-inches high
  • Rubber backing with embedded drainage holes
  • Lead-free design for safety 
  • Weighs about 70 ounces per square yard

Options: This grass patch comes in several large sizes ranging from 10 to 23 feet long. 


  • One of the most realistic artificial grass patches available
  • Most dogs adjusted to this grass fairly quickly 
  • You can order a small sample of this grass to make sure you like it


  • Pricey
  • Longer grass blades are trickier to clean
  • Some owners needed to add additional drainage holes

7. LOOBANI Grass Pee Pads

Best Odor-Resisting Artificial Grass for Dogs
LOOBANI Dog Grass Pee Pads

A long-bladed artificial grass with permeable backing and great odor-resistance.

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About: LOOBANI grass pads are ideal for owners who just want a small patch for a patio or as a potty training aid. These affordable artificial grass pads come in packs of two and have an antimicrobial backing to help reduce odors. 


  • Permeable backing for quick drainage
  • Compact size 
  • Antimicrobial backing helps reduce odor
  • 1.18-inch blade height
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use 

Options: This grass patch comes in three different sizes ranging from 18- to 28-inches long.


  • Available in sizes small enough for potty tray use
  • Antimicrobial backing and drainage system helps reduce odor 
  • Many pet parents reported that they were easy to clean


  • One of the thinner grass patches on the market
  • You would need to put several of these together to cover a larger area
  • Super small size might not work for larger dogs 

8. SunVilla Turf

Best Owner-Rated Artificial Grass for Dogs
SunVilla Realistic Artificial Grass

Very well-rated artificial grass mats that’ll work indoors or outdoors. 

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About: While it’s not perfect for all situations and scenarios, most owners love this artificial grass from SunVilla. And it isn’t hard to see why! It is not only UV-resistant and frost-proof, but it also has a realistic look, thanks to its multicolored blades. It also features a permeable backing to provide for quick, effective drainage. 


  • Lead-free artificial grass
  • Realistic look and soft feel
  • UV-resistant
  • Permeable backing for drainage 
  • Durable 4-layer design 

Options: This artificial grass comes in several sizes ranging from 7 to 325 square feet. 


  • You can purchase a sample swatch to see it in person
  • Most owners raved about the quality
  • Durable turf holds up to frequent use 


  • Grass blades don’t always stand up straight
  • Some owners in hot climates reported melting
  • Installation can be time-consuming for large areas  

One Artificial Grass to Avoid: Spend Your Money Elsewhere

As you can see, there are plenty of excellent artificial grass options available. But not all artificial grass is suitable for furry friends, and you’ll want to avoid artificial grasses that are similar to this patch offered by Moisee

This cheap artificial grass has little to no drainage, so it won’t handle regular use from dogs. It’s also super lightweight and thin, so your doggo could unintentionally move it out of place.

Cheaper grasses like this one are also much more likely to unravel, which can represent a safety hazard if your dog ingests the strands. Given all of these factors, it — and other cheap artificial grass patches like it — are not great picks for you or your pooch. 

The Benefits of Artificial Grass for Dogs: Why Use Artificial Grass? 

artificial grasses for dogs

Real, live grass may be the default choice for many pet owners (and homeowners in general), but there are a number of reasons to consider switching to artificial grass (or adding it to your bag of tricks).

Some of the most compelling reasons to consider artificial turf include:

  • Artificial grass is more durable than live grass. Real lawns can be difficult to maintain, especially since your dog can easily dig up real turf or create dog urine spots on your lawn
  • Artificial grass requires less water than live grass. You obviously don’t need to water artificial grass like you do a real lawn to keep it healthy, which is a huge benefit — especially in water-starved areas. You still may want to hose it down periodically to help keep things clean, but you’ll still conserve a bunch of water in comparison. 
  • Artificial grass doesn’t need pesticides or fertilizers. Pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers – all of which can be dangerous for dogs – aren’t needed for artificial grass. You also don’t have to worry as much about your artificial grass harboring bugs or ticks that could sicken your pet or family. 
  • Climate isn’t an issue for artificial grass. Unlike real grass, which must be grown in a suitable climate, artificial turfs will work just fine in nearly any climate or season. 
  • Artificial grass can work in apartment settings. You can set up some artificial grass in places real grass won’t work, such as balconies and patios. This will allow your pooch to poop or pee between proper walks, and it’ll prove incredibly convenient for you. It also looks nicer than plastic potty pads or dog litter boxes, which can also confuse some dog about where they should potty.
  • Artificial grass won’t leave your dog’s paws muddy. Your pooch won’t destroy your carpets of floors with her muddy or wet paws if you switch to artificial grass. This not only reduces the amount of cleanup you’ll have to do, it may also save you money on carpet cleaners and other services.
  • Artificial grass can serve as a great indoor potty station. If your puppy isn’t old enough to experience the outside world yet, or you just want to set up an indoor dog potty for your buddy, artificial grass patches can work very well.   
  • Artificial grass can be more affordable than the live stuff. While you may have to spend a bit more upfront to install turf into a larger outdoor space, artificial grass ends up being cheaper for most pet parents once you factor in the cost of regular lawn maintenance. Even if you don’t spend much cash to care for your lawn, you’ll have to invest plenty of time and labor to maintain it. 
  • Artificial grass is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Artificial grass can also be used inside for potty training or assisting disabled or senior dogs who can’t make it outside, but you can also use it outside in lieu of natural grass. 

Disadvantages of Artificial Grass for Dogs 

best artificial grass for your dog

Using artificial grass comes with a lot of benefits, but there are also some downsides. Consider the following potential problems artificial grasses can cause: 

  • Artificial grass can get hot in direct sunlight. Since artificial grass is made out of plastic, it can get a little toasty from sitting in the sun all day. If you live in a particularly hot climate, you might want to consider other outdoor options. 
  • It won’t grow back. Artificial grass obviously won’t grow back if destroyed — you’ll just have to rip it up and replace it. So, be sure to stick to durable options and consider how rough your Rover is with things like real grass and carpets before taking the plunge.
  • It can retain odors. While high-quality artificial grasses have built-in drainage, they can still smell bad, especially on warmer days. But you can help combat the smell by hosing off the surface after it’s been “used.”  
  • Artificial grass still requires some maintenance. Artificial grass is easier to care for than a live lawn, but you’ll still need to budget for installation and clean it every once in a while to keep your yard fresh. Many artificial grasses can last for years (if not decades), but if your furry friend is a bit more on the rough side, you might need to replace it sooner. 
  • Not all dogs are crazy about it. You’ll have to train your dog to use artificial grass, but some pups will use it more easily than others. Unfortunately, artificial grass just cannot fully replace the natural smell and feel of fresh grass. If you live in an apartment and are desperate for a potty patch for your pup, real grass potty pads like Freshpatch may be an option to consider if your dog turns up her nose at the fake stuff.
Megan’s Experience With Fake Grass

Hey gang! Megan here.

Just wanted to chime in about my experience trying to get Remy to use artificial grass after his surgery. Post-surgery, Remy wasn’t allowed to go down stairs or walk much, so I thought our best bet would be to put down some artificial grass on the porch for him to use. But he wouldn’t have anything to do with it, despite my best efforts.

We even tried sod, but he wouldn’t go for that either. It was the yard or bust for him!


Is Artificial Grass Safe for Dogs?

dog artificial turf

Generally speaking, artificial grass is safe for dogs.

However, it’s important to monitor your pooch the first few times she tries it out. For example, you’ll want to make sure your canine doesn’t try to consume the artificial grass blades or dig at it obsessively. 

Moreover, some artificial grass patches may become too hot for your dog depending on where you live, so you’ll want to monitor the temperature of the grass. You should also rinse off the patch every once in a while to keep it clean for your canine. 

How Do You Clean & Maintain Artificial Grass for Dogs? 

how to clean artificial turf

One of the best things about artificial grass is that it requires significantly less maintenance than live grass. You’ll need to follow the cleaning instructions provided by the grass manufacturer, but most grasses can be cleaned using warm water and a non-toxic, eco-friendly soap. 

Many pet parents use a dog-safe odor eliminator on or below the grass to help combat odors. Just make sure you test out any cleaning agents on a small section of the artificial grass before committing to use across the entire space. 

Also note that when your dog eliminates on the artificial grass, it’s best to clean up after them immediately. If you have a hose available, watering down the spot where they peed can help cut down on the smell later. 

Dealing With Doggie Doo

Dog urine is simple enough to get rid of — just hose down the area and it’ll wash away. But poop is a little more problematic.

Don’t worry! We’ve compiled several great dog poop disposal ideas for you. Check ’em out!

How Do You Train Your Dog to Poop and Pee on Artificial Grass? 

best artificial dog grass

Dogs can be picky about where they poop and pee, so be prepared to spend time acclimating your pet to the artificial grass

Essentially, you’ll want to use the training method of teaching your dog to pee in one spot and apply that method to the artificial grass patch. You’ll basically want to walk your dog to the same spot on the artificial grass during her next scheduled potty break and wait until she does her business.

This can take some time, but once your furry friend “goes,” reward her with some of her favorite treats. Repeat this process until your dog gets the gist of it. Once your hound gets the hang of it, she’ll be able to recognize the potty spot and answer natures call naturally. 

If your pupperino doesn’t get the idea and refuses to go on the artificial patch, you may want to use a dog poop training spray to move things along.

Think a real grass patch may be the better option for your pooch? Check out our head-to-head comparison of Fresh Patch and Doggielawn!

Artificial Grass for Dogs: FAQ 

Are you still struggling to find the perfect patch for your pooch? Check out these commonly asked questions and answers to find an ideal artificial grass for your furry friend. 

Should you use one large piece of artificial grass for dogs or multiple small pieces? 

There are pros and cons to both approaches. Small pieces are easier to replace, making it easy to swap out the small piece without the price and headache of replacing the entire yard. On the other hand, a large piece of grass is easier to install neatly and will often look better once it’s set up.  

Which fake grass is best for dogs?

Different dogs have different needs when it comes to artificial grass, so just consider your canine and select one of the options discussed above.

Can dogs pee and poop on artificial grass?

Yes! Dogs can pee and poop on artificial grass, but mutt messes should be cleaned up promptly to help keep the artificial grass in tip-top shape. 

Is artificial grass worth it for dogs?

Artificial grass can be a convenient and cost-effective solution for pet owners, especially when compared to a traditional live lawn. Pet parents will still need to clean artificial grass semi-regularly to keep it clean for their canine companions. 

Does dog urine smell on artificial grass?

Artificial grass can definitely hold a urine odor if not properly maintained. This is why it’s so important for pet parents to opt for grass options with sufficient drainage and wash the turf frequently. 

What’s the difference between pet turf and regular turf?

Pet turf usually has an embedded draining system and is typically heavier-grade for regular use with furry friends. 

How durable is fake grass for dogs?

High-quality fake grass can be incredibly durable for dogs so long as it is installed correctly. Pet parents with rowdier pups might want to opt for a heavier artificial grass option.

Thinking Twice About Artificial Grass for Your Dog?

Artificial grass can be a remarkably convenient solution for many owners and their pets, but it certainly isn’t ideal for all situations. So, some owners are left using real, live grass.

But you don’t want to select just any old grass at the garden center! Some grasses are much better suited for families with four-footers than others. Accordingly, we’d recommend checking out our article about the best grasses for dogs before selecting a specific sod or seed.

Looking to add mulch too? Great thinking, just make sure to choose a dog-friendly mulch option!


Artificial grass can be an excellent tool for pet parents. In addition to serving as a potty training aid, these patches can make a permanent lawn replacement that’s usually less expensive than taking care of fresh grass.

Does your dog like artificial grass? Have you tried any of these artificial grasses? Tell us all about it in the comments! 

dog safe mulch for gardens
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