The 9 Best Indoor Dog Potties (and 2 to Avoid)

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Dog Care By Kate Brunotts 16 min read June 21, 2022

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Indoor Dog Potties

Are you searching for the perfect potty for your pooch? Do you want your dog to learn how to poop and pee in one spot so you can stop going for walks every few hours?

Well, most owners prefer for their pet to poop and pee outside, but there are cases in which it’s more convenient to provide your dog with some sort of indoor dog potty. 

There are a number of different kinds of indoor bathroom facilities available for dogs, so we’ll give you a lowdown on the loos and identify a few of our favorites. Check ’em out! 

Quick Picks: Best Indoor Dog Potties

  • #1 Bark Potty [Best Overall Indoor Dog Potty]: Bark Potty provides your pooch with a comfortable and odorless indoor potty that can simply be used, discarded, and replaced after about a month’s use.
  • #2 Fresh Patch [Best Real Grass Indoor Dog Potty]: If your dog demands the look, smell, and feel of real grass, it’s hard to beat these natural grass indoor potty pads.
  • #3 Amazon Basics Puppy Pads [Best Disposable Pads]: Perhaps the simplest solution for your dog’s indoor bathroom needs, these affordable pads are effective and easy to use.
  • #4 Rocket and Rex Washable Pee Pads [Best Reusable Pads]: These washable pee pads provide you with a convenient, hygienic, and eco-friendly way to let your dog relieve himself inside.

Reasons to Use an Indoor Dog Potty 

Is your canine companion a good candidate for a contained can? Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider an indoor pooch potty for your furry friend. 

  • Your pooch is still getting the hang of potty training. House training for some puppies could take up to a year even with consistent guidance. Having an indoor dog potty in the meantime can help you cut down on clean up while your furry friend is refining his skills. 
  • Your dog is injured or sick. Sick or injured dogs may not be able to make it outside, or help themselves from having an accident. An indoor dog potty can give your pooch a safe and comfy place to go while he’s focused on recovery.
  • You live in an area with bad or extreme weather. If you live in an area with extreme heat or cold, it can be difficult to take your dog out safely at all times in the day. Having a backup indoor dog potty ensures that your pooch will be able to safely relieve himself in the event that you can’t head outside. 
  • You are injured, ill, or otherwise unable to walk your dog. If you’re physically unable to take your dog outside for the time being, an indoor potty can make an excellent temporary substitute for you pooch to relieve himself. 
  • You have a challenging work or school schedule. Managing time between work and our pets can be challenging, but that doesn’t change the fact that our furry friends still need to go! Having an indoor dog potty is great for peace of mind, but in this scenario, you may want to consider checking out some of the best dog sitting sites, so your dog can get a mid-day bathroom break.
  • You have an inconvenient living situation. You might live in a high-rise apartment, or somewhat far away from an accessible place for your pooch to potty. An indoor potty can be a lifesaver for those times when your furry friend won’t be able to make the trek. 
  • Your pooch has a fear of the outdoors. If your is dog scared of going outside, you may want to try an indoor potty while trying to build his confidence. 
  • It might be beneficial to have a backup option. Having a backup potty option can provide you with valuable peace of mind and is worth considering if you have the space. In the event that your dog does need to go inside, at least it will be in a contained space. 

The 9 Best Indoor Dog Potties 

Ready to find the best bathroom for Buddy? Without further ado, here are nine of our favorite pooch potties for convenient, contained relief. 

1. Bark Potty

Best Overall Indoor Dog Potty

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Bark Potty Indoor Potty Tray

Bark Potty

A multiuse, disposable indoor potty filled with odor-neutralizing bark.

About: The Bark Potty touts itself as the “dog park in a box,” as it gives your pooch the chance to sniff around and answer nature’s call in pretty much the same way he’d do so outside.

This indoor potty consists of a low-profile box that’s filled with odor-neutralizing bark and a grate to prevent the bark from being scattered around your house. The Bark Potty is sold as part of a subscription service, and each recyclable box lasts about a month.


  • The grate prevents dogs from tracking bark around the house
  • Built-in poop bags are included for easy waste clean up
  • The box can be used for up to a month and then recycled
  • The bark’s scent is enticing to many pups
  • The subscription plan ensures you’ll have a new indoor potty when you need it 


  • Owners raved about potty’s ability to absorb odors
  • Most dogs used it without hesitation
  • The recyclable frame is eco-friendly
  • More cost effective than disposable pee pads
  • Shipping is free


  • A subscription is required (though you can cancel at anytime)
  • Loose stools can create a mess

2. Fresh Patch Dog Potty

Best Real Grass Indoor Potty

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Fresh Patch Standard - Real Grass Pee and Potty Training Pad for Dogs Under 15 Pounds - Indoor and Outdoor Use - 16 Inches x 24 Inches

Fresh Patch Dog Potty

A disposable indoor potty made with real grass so your dog feels like he’s outside.

About: Some dogs are a little reluctant to use a paper pad as a bathroom, but the Fresh Patch Dog Potty uses real grass to give your dog the outdoor experience from inside your home (or on your porch or deck). Each Fresh Patch lasts up to a month, and you can simply discard the entire contraption when it’s time for replacement.


  • US-made pee pads featuring real grass
  • Choose between mini, standard, large, or extra-large sizes
  • Fully disposable grass patch can be replaced every 1 to 4 weeks
  • Real grass is enticing to most furry friends
  • Sod mat helps absorb odors 


  • Most dogs love using these pads
  • Owners reported that odors were minimal
  • Stress-free ordering and no subscription required


  • A couple of customers reported bugs in grass
  • Some of the pads are already brown when they arrive

3. PETMAKER Puppy Pad

Best Artificial Grass Pad

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Artificial Grass Puppy Pad for Dogs and Small Pets - 20x25-Inch Reusable Training Potty Pad with Tray - Dog Housebreaking Supplies by PETMAKER


A reusable alternative to real grass, consisting of artificial turf and a drainage layer.

About: If your dog wants to go in a grass-like area, but you want to avoid the hassle of real grass, you may want to consider this reusable turf pad by PETMAKER. Consisting of an artificial grass pad, a drainage grate, and a leak-proof tray, this system makes it easy to provide your pup with an indoor bathroom facility.

Note that you can also place a disposable pee pad or paper towels in between the turf and tray layer for extra absorbency. 


  • 3-piece system with turf mat, base tray, and detachable grid tray
  • Choose between small or medium sizes
  • Can be used on its own but it’s also compatible with pee pads
  • Non-toxic grass-like mat
  • Drainage system keeps “grass” dry for continued use


  • Most dogs used this potty without issue
  • Owners report it is well-made and durable
  • More cost-effective than real grass pads over the long term


  • Doesn’t combat odors as well as some other options
  • May be too small for big dogs

4. Amazon Basics Puppy Pads

Best Disposable Pee Pads

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Amazon Basics Dog and Puppy Pee Pads with Leak-Proof Quick-Dry Design for Potty Training, Standard Absorbency, Regular Size, 22 x 22 Inches - Pack of 100

Amazon Basics Puppy Pads

A disposable, affordable, easy-to-use indoor bathroom option for your pooch.

About: If you’re looking for something exceedingly simple, pee pads are a tried and true solution. And while there are a ton of options on the market, these puppy pads by Amazon Basics are easily the best pick. Effective, absorbent, and available without a subscription, these pads are the best option for many pet parents.

Note that you can just place these right on the floor or use them in conjunction with a reusable litterbox or pad holder.


  • Leakproof pads come in 4 different sizes 
  • Absorbent pads turn liquid to gel upon contact 
  • Reliable 5-layer design
  • Choose between 50, 80, 100, or 150 count packages 
  • Pads can hold up to 1.5 to 5 cups of liquid depending on the size


  • You can select the perfect size for your pooch
  • They protect floors better than most similar pads
  • Most dogs use these without issue
  • They’re more absorbent than similar products


  • They’re disposable and must be replaced after each use
  • No adhesive backing is included

5. Rocket and Rex Washable Pee Pads

Best Reusable Pee Pads

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Rocket & Rext reusable dog pads

Rocket and Rex Washable Pee Pads

A reusable, eco-friendly alternative to disposable pee pads.  

About: If you like the idea of simple pee pads but want a more sustainable, earth-friendly option, these washable pee pads from Rocket and Rex are definitely worth considering. And in addition to being ultra-absorbent, these machine-washable pee pads come with adorable bone-patterned graphics.


  • Set of 2 washable pee pads (so you can use one while washing the other)
  • Adorable bone print or solid grey pattern options
  • Pads are made of 4-absorbent layers
  • Attached leak-proof backing 
  • Generously sized pads are great for smaller furry friends and big best buddies alike 


  • Machine washable and easy to clean
  • Very cost-effective over the long-term
  • Owners were pleased with the large size of these pads


  • A few owners reported lingering odors
  • You’ll end up washing these very frequently

6. Puppy Go Here Litter Box

Best Traditional Dog Litter Box 

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PuppyGoHere PuppyGoHere Indoor Puppy Litter Box. Little Boy Blue Color, Size Large: 24' x 20' x 5'. Opening is on The 24' Side. Review Size Diagram Prior to Ordering

Puppy Go Here Litter Box

A reusable litter box for your furry friend.

About: Litter boxes may be most commonly associated with cats, but dogs can learn to use them too! If this sounds like a winning strategy to you, you’ll want to check out this reusable litter box from Puppy Go Here. It’s a pretty standard litter box, except that is features an easy-access “door,” which is great for skittish doggos. You can use it with pee pads or just about any commonly used litter product.


  • Made in the USA  
  • Designed for dogs up to 20 pounds
  • Low to the ground 3-inch entry point for easy access
  • Easy to clean design
  • Works with several different kinds of absorbent materials 


  • Very durable box should last for years
  • You can experiment with different litters
  • A tidier option than many other indoor bathrooms


  • More expensive than traditional litter boxes
  • Only appropriate for small dogs

7. Nature’s Miracle Disposable Litter Box

Best Disposable Dog Litter Box

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Nature’s Miracle Disposable Litter box

Nature’s Miracle Disposable Litter box

A disposable, baking-soda-infused litter box you can fill with your choice of litters.

About: This disposable litter box set from Nature’s Miracle alleviates the unpleasant task of washing your pet’s indoor bathroom — you can simply chuck it periodically and replace it with a fresh one. Lightweight, waterproof, and infused with odor-neutralizing baking soda, this is a great option for owners who simply want a simple, no-fuss solution.


  • Litter box sold as a two-pack
  • Made from recycled paper
  • Leak-proof design
  • Perfect for small pups
  • Infused with baking soda for odor protection


  • You don’t have to wash a grody litterbox
  • Owners reported it absorbed odors well
  • Can be used with pee pads or your choice of litter


  • They’re intended for cats, so they only work for small dogs
  • Disposable products aren’t super eco-friendly

8. Richell Paw Training Tray

Best Plastic Grate

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Richell Paw Trax Mesh Training Tray, Brown

Richell Paw Training Tray

A plastic training tray that holds pee pads and protects them from your pup’s mischief.

About: Pee pads are a popular indoor dog potty solution among pet parents, but many owners run into a problem when using them: Their pup chews the paper or scatters the pads all over the place. If that sounds like your dog, you may want to pick up this plastic training tray from Richell Paw. Designed to easily hold doggie pee pads (and keep them out of your doggo’s reach), this secure frame will put an end to many pee-pad problems.


  • Choose between brown, green, or pink tray frames 
  • Snap-in frame holds potty pads in place
  • Slightly elevated design protects floor
  • Included grate stops dogs from chewing on pooch pads
  • Easy to clean plastic design 


  • Securely protects pee pads from your dog
  • Pet parents found it very easy to use
  • Non-skid bottom keeps the tray in place


  • You may have to fold large pee pads to make them fit
  • Not suitable for big dogs

9. BrilliantPad Self-Cleaning Potty

Best Self-Cleaning Indoor Potty

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BrilliantPad Self-Cleaning Potty Pad

BrilliantPad Self-Cleaning Potty

A self-cleaning indoor dog potty system that automatically replaces soiled pee pads.

About: Searching for a futuristic potty solution for Fido? This self-cleaning indoor potty from BrilliantPad might be worth considering. Designed to automatically wrap up used pee pads, this indoor bathroom station is the perfect option for some pet parents.

Do note that this indoor dog potty earned relatively low ratings from owners, but we wanted owners to know it was an option.


  • Used pads are automatically wrapped and sealed to reduce odor
  • Pads can be set automatically renew up to 3 times a day
  • Suitable for dogs up to 25 pounds
  • 5-layer pads are super absorbent
  • Pad dispenser uses a standard plug to power pad rotation throughout the day 


  • The automation makes things very convenient
  • The pads included are thick and absorbent
  • Most dogs used it without issue


  • It’s more expensive than other options
  • Several owners had difficulty getting it to work properly

Two Indoor Dog Potties to Avoid 

While there are plenty of suitable indoor potty options for your furry friend, there are a couple of sub-par picks you’ll want to avoid. Here are two indoor dog potties you’ll want to skip considering in your search: 

1. Litter Boxes That Aren’t Built To Last

Some litter boxes simply aren’t built for regular use by our darling dogs. For example, this litter box form Lovhop doesn’t provide your pooch with easy access to the bathroom. It’s also reportedly too small for some cats, so it’s highly unlikely that this will be generous enough for your precious pooch. 

2. Photoshopped Indoor Potty Systems  

This Omeuamigo potty tray may seem like a good option upon first glance, until you realize that the featured pictures are photoshopped. If the manufacturer couldn’t be bothered to even take a photo of a dog with their product, how likely do you think it is that they invested the time and money to produce a high-quality product?

Additionally, this product has very few reviews, and the ones that do exist are fairly negative.

Things to Think About When Picking a Dog Potty 

indoor potty for dogs

Before picking out a dog potty, you’ll want to take a couple of factors into account to find the perfect pick for your pooch. 

For starters, not all dog potties are big enough to accommodate large dogs, so you’ll want to pay special attention to the size of your selection if you have a big best buddy. 

You’ll also have to choose between disposable versus reusable options.

Disposable potty solutions may be cheaper upfront, but it may be more cost effective to invest in a reusable potty solution if you aren’t dealing with a temporary situation. It’s worth noting that some “reusable options” (i.e. trays or litter boxes) may still need disposable litter or pad to absorb accidents. 

Some of the most common styles of indoor dog potties are as follows: 

  • Traditional Litter Box: Traditional dog litter boxes generally feature a lightweight plastic tub, which you’ll fill with some type of absorbent litter (such as cat litter or alfalfa pellets).
  • Disposable Litter Box: Similar to a traditional litter box, except they’re usually made from some type of recycled paper product and designed to be discarded after a short time.
  • Pee Pads: Sheets of paper that generally have an absorbent inner layer for soaking up liquids.
  • Plastic Grates: These are essentially flat litterboxes designed to hold a pee pad or absorbent material — the grate helps prevent your dog from having to stand on the wet pad.
  • Live Grass: A relatively new option many pet owners are using, these are basically pee pads with swatches of live sod, which give your dog the feel of being outdoors.
  • Synthetic Grass: An artificial alternative to live grass pads, these indoor potties look like grass yet they can be washed and reused.
  • Self Cleaning Litter Boxes: These pad dispensers automatically seal up used pads and replace pads according to your set schedule. 
dog litter box

It’s worth noting that pups may have potty preferences, too. While you’ll most likely need to train your dog to use any of these options, some pups may prefer one style over the other, so it’s possible you’ll have to try out multiple before finding the ideal indoor potty for your pooch. 

Sanitation & Hygiene: The Importance of Keeping Your Dog’s Indoor Potty Clean 

Keeping your dog’s potty spot won’t just keep things clean, it will also keep your furry friend safe. Unfortunately, dog urine can contain leptospirosis bacteria which is zoonotic, meaning it could be passed on to people and other species. 

Dog feces can also contain giardia or other parasites, so you’ll certainly want to clean your dog’s indoor potty as soon as you’ve noticed a new addition. Here’s how you can properly clean your pup’s potty:

  1. Wear protection. To start, it’s a good idea to wear gloves to protect yourself while cleaning your dog’s potty spot. Make sure your pooch is safe and secure so that you can focus your attention on thoroughly addressing the mess.
  2. Remove as much waste as possible. Once you’re protected, you can use poop bags and paper towels to help pick up and discard the waste. Be sure to check out some of these dog poop disposal ideas before you settle on a solution.
  3. Rinse down the potty with hot water. Rinse or wipe out any residue using hot water. If you’re using a reusable pee pad, at this point, it can be machine washed, though you might want to give it its own load. 
  4. Make sure you get rid of disposable potties as needed. If you’re using a disposable potty, make sure to replace it per the manufacturer’s recommendations. 
Puddle Spread to Your Floor?

If your dog’s urine somehow escapes the confines of his indoor potty, you’ll want to be sure to clean the area thoroughly. Not only is this important for hygiene’s sake, but it will also help prevent odors from triggering your pup to tinkle outside the potty.

You’ll want to use an enzymatic or oxidizing carpet cleaner in these cases to avoid long-term problems. 

Teaching Your Dog to Use an Indoor Potty 

teach dog to use indoor bathroom

It’s important to note that oftentimes, you’ll still need to teach your dog how to use an indoor potty before he’ll use it reliably. Here are some strategies that might make it easier for Fido to go inside. 

  • Bring the outside in. Is there a particular plant that your dog likes to “go” on while outside? If possible, it may be helpful to bring this plant inside and place it on top of the indoor potty. It could be enough of a cue for your furry friend.
  • Place the potty near the door. If your pooch is used to going outside, placing the indoor potty near the door may make for an easier transition for Fido. You can also try bringing the indoor potty outside, have your dog go on the potty outside, and then move the potty inside. 
  • Take your pooch on a “walk”. A potty trained pooch may not understand that he can go on the indoor dog potty. You could try leashing up your pooch and taking him on a walk around your home, only to stop for sniffing by the dog potty. 
  • Praise your pooch! Whenever you do catch your dog using the indoor dog potty, be sure to reward with lots of praise and treats. There’s nothing like the power of positive association! 
  • Try another texture. Some dogs may naturally take to one potty type over another. You may have to tinker with different potty styles before landing on the ideal solution for your furry friend. 

Where Should You Keep an Indoor Dog Potty? 

You’ll want to keep your dog’s indoor potty in a place that’s easy for him to access. It should also be in an area that’s easy to clean, just incase of accidental spillage.

If you have a puppy, it may be useful to keep your dog’s potty enclosed in his playpen. It’s also likely to retain some odor, so you probably don’t want your dog’s potty anywhere near the dinner table. 


Indoor pooch potties can be an excellent tool for young puppies, elderly dogs, and any dog in between! With a variety of potty styles to choose from, your pooch is sure to find an option that suits his needs. 

Has your dog used an indoor potty? Which one are you going to try? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!

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