The 9 Best Beef Tracheas for Dogs: Tasty Treats For Four-Footers!

Chews By Kate Brunotts 18 min read July 24, 2023

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Searching for a new way to spoil Spot? Beef tracheas are pretty nifty treats that some dogs go bananas over.

These treats serve as a safe, tasty way to show your four-footer just how much you care, and they even provide a few health benefits. Also, while they don’t last a super-long time, tracheas give your pupper a great outlet for exercising his natural chewing instincts in a safe way.

We’ll explain everything you need to know about beef tracheas for dogs and share a few of our favorites below. 

Best Beef Tracheas for Dogs: Quick Picks

  • Natural Rapport Beef Trachea Treats [Best Overall Beef Tracheas]: Made in the USA, meticulously cleaned, and smoked for additional flavor, these treats sit head-and-shoulders above the competition.
  • Best Bully Sticks Premium Beef Trachea Chews [Runner Up for Best Overall Beef Tracheas]: Available in a variety of size options, processed safely in the U.S., and priced very attractively, these chews are an excellent choice.
  • Amazing Dog Treats Beef Trachea Rings [Most Affordable Beef Tracheas]: Perfect for owners with tight budgets, these treats will keep your dog chomping away happily while being gentle on your wallet.
  • Ghoulish Gourmet Beef Trachea [Best Flavored Beef Tracheas]: Made in the USA and marinated in tart-and-tasty apple cider vinegar, these tracheas taste and smell better than most alternatives, making them great for picky pooches.

What Are Beef Tracheas?

How are beef tracheas made

As you might’ve suspected, beef trachea treats are made from a cow’s windpipe, which is a cartilage tube that extends from the mouth to the lungs. While that may not paint the prettiest picture, beef tracheas serve as a relatively nutritious treat option for your furry best friend. 

To prepare them for consumption, manufacturers section up the beef trachea and bake them at a high temperature. Most of the time, there aren’t any artificial preservatives or ingredients used while creating beef tracheas, which is an added bonus. 

The 9 Best Beef Tracheas For Dogs 

Intrigued by the idea of giving your dog a beef trachea? We get it, and they certainly have a lot going for them!

Here are some of our favorite beef trachea for dogs to spoil your sweetheart with.

1. Natural Rapport Beef Trachea Treats

Best Overall Beef Tracheas for Dogs

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Natural Rapport Beef Trachea Dog Treats - The Only Beef Trachea Chews Dogs Need - All Natural Dog Treats for Small and Large Dogs (3 Chews)

Natural Rapport Beef Trachea Treats

All-natural, 6-inch-long, smoked beef trachea treats that are made in the USA.

About: These beef trachea for dogs from Natural Rapport are 100% beef and made in the USA. You’ll get three tracheas per bag, with each being about 6 inches long. And to provide some extra flavor, these trachea treats are smoked with wood. 


  • Pure beef treats manufactured and sourced in the USA
  • 6-inch-long tracheas are big enough for most large dogs
  • Because they’re smoked, they don’t smell too bad
  • These tracheas are cleaned thoroughly to reduce stains and mess


  • Owners were impressed that they were relatively clean
  • Dogs seemed to love the taste of these chews
  • The 6-inch size was perfect for a variety of four-footers 


  • These tracheas are a bit expensive, but many owners found them worth the extra cost
  • A few owners felt that these tracheas were smaller than advertised 

2. Best Bully Sticks Premium Beef Trachea Chews

Runner Up for Best Overall Beef Tracheas for Dogs

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Best Bully Sticks Premium 3 Inch Beef Trachea Dog Chews (50 Pack) - All-Natural, Grain-Free, 100% Beef, Single-Ingredient Dog Treat Chew - Promotes Dental Health

Best Bully Sticks Premium Beef Trachea Chews

Free-range, grass-fed beef is the only ingredient in these all-natural trachea chews.

About: Skip surprise ingredients with Best Bully Sticks Premium Beef Trachea Chews, high-quality chomper treats made with a single item: 100% natural beef. Harvested from free-range, grass-fed cows, they’re fully digestible and won’t splinter (according to the manufacturer).


  • Good source of glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health
  • Offered in 3-, 6-, and 12-inch sizes
  • Package counts vary by length, with 12-inch being 12-count, 6-inch being 20-count, and 3-inch at 50-count
  • Made of Brazilian-sourced beef that’s lab-tested, baked, and inspected in the USA


  • Great mix of sizes to choose from
  • Owners report that dogs enjoy the flavor
  • Large package counts great for stocking up or for multi-dog families
  • Lab testing for safety is a huge plus in our book


  • Some owners found the smell to be too intense
  • Some pet parents complained that they were greasy

3. Amazing Dog Treats Beef Trachea Rings

Most Affordable Trachea Chews for Dogs

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Amazing Dog Treats - Beef Trachea Rings (3-4 Inch, 12 Count) -Premium Dog Chews- Great for Small Size Dogs - Excellent Source of Glucosamine and Chondroitin- Great for All Breeds

Amazing Dog Treats Beef Trachea Rings

Affordable, preservative-free, single-ingredient beef trachea treats.

About: If you’re looking for a tasty treat for your best buddy that won’t break the bank, these trachea rings from Amazing Dog Treats are a great pick. With up to 50 pieces per pack, these single-ingredient treats are sure to keep Fido’s tail wagging. 


  • Bulk options of 12, 25, or 50 trachea pieces per pack
  • Compact 2- to 4-inch pieces are perfect for pint-sized pups
  • These single-ingredient beef rings are made without preservatives
  • Made from free-range, grass-fed cattle in Turkey


  • Affordable price point for a hefty amount of trachea chews
  • Ideal size for small dogs 
  • The cows they’re harvested from are treated well


  • These tracheas aren’t made in the USA
  • Not recommended for large dogs

4. Naughty Spotty’s Ghoulish Gourmet Beef Trachea

Best Flavored Beef Trachea for Dogs

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No products found.

Ghoulish Gourmet Beef Trachea

US-made, 6-inch-long beef tracheas marinated in apple cider vinegar.

About: These beef tracheas from Ghoulish Gourmet are flavored with an apple cider vinegar marinade to give them some extra flavor and cut back on owner-offending odors. The 6-inch-long tracheas come in packs ranging from three to 12 chews to keep your canine busy chompin’ and entertained.


  • Dehydrated at low temperatures to preserve nutrients
  • Sold in packs of 3, 4, 8, and 12
  • 6-inch-long treats are ideal for medium to large-sized dogs
  • Made in the USA


  • Owners loved how long these trachea chews kept their pups entertained
  • Unique marinade helps cut down on odor
  • Great choice for medium to large dogs


  • Some dogs may not love the apple cider vinegar flavor 
  • May be too large for little dogs to chew

5. Nature Gnaws

Best Beef Tracheas for Dogs from a Beloved Brand

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Nature Gnaws

Nature Gnaws Beef Trachea

Brand recognition makes this chew a trusted pick for many, along with its top-notch testing practices.

About: Knowing and trusting a brand is important, and these beef tracheas by Nature Gnaws offer peace of mind compared to smaller labels. Featuring the sole ingredient of beef trachea, these chews are processed using human-grade food testing practices.


  • Each chew measures 6 inches
  • Offered in 6- and 12-count packages
  • Slow-cooked without artificial colors, flavors, or fillers
  • Manufactured in the USA with Argentinian-sourced beef


  • Brand recognition gives these chews a paw up over lesser-known competitors
  • Size works great for medium and large dogs
  • Nature Gnaws has the Gnaw-It-Forward program that donates chews to rescues around the U.S.


  • These are too large for petite pups
  • A few picky dogs refused to even try chewing these

6. Bully Sticks & More Beef Trachea Chews

Best Happy Cow Beef Tracheas

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BULLYSTICKS & MORE 6 Inch Beef Trachea (6 Inch - 6 Pack) | Beef Trachea for Dogs | 100% Grass Fed Beef | Dog Parents Choice Beef Trachea Dog Chews | Long Lasting Beef Trachea Dog Treats

Bully Sticks & More Beef Trachea Chews

Natural beef chews harvested from free-range, grass-fed cattle from Brazil.

About: Cattle care and contentment are focuses for Bully Sticks & More Beef Trachea Chews, as these are made with free-range, grass-fed Brazilian cows. This makes them a top choice for pet parents seeking products featuring ethically-treated livestock. All natural, these chews don’t include preservatives.


  • Each chew is 6 inches long
  • Single-ingredient chew
  • Available in 6- and 12-count packages
  • Made with Brazilian-sourced beef in an FDA-registered facility


  • We love that this manufacturer incorporates humanely treated livestock
  • Most dogs love the flavor
  • Longevity gets a thumbs-up from most pet parents


  • Residue can be messy
  • Smell was an issue for some owners

7. Jack & Pup Trachea Dog Chew

Best Beef Tracheas for Large Dogs

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Jack & Pup Beef Tracheas

Jack & Pup Trachea Dog Chew

Choose between 6- and 12-inch tracheas sourced from free-range, grass-fed cattle.

About: Give your big barker the long-lasting chew he deserves with Jack & Pup’s Trachea Dog Chew, featuring a 6- or 12-inch beef trachea that comes from grass-fed Brazilian cattle. Best of all, they’re less of a choking hazard for larger breeds than the shorter trachea sections commonly sold in pet stores.


  • Single-ingredient beef trachea chew
  • 12-inch tracheas come in a 6-pack, while 6-inch tracheas are offered in 12- and 20-count packs
  • Doesn’t contain any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives
  • Made in Brazil


  • Larger trachea sizes are both safer and longer lasting for large-breed dogs
  • Pricing is great for multi-packs of large chews
  • Made without any additives


  • They’re not American made
  • No single-count options, so you might get stuck with a 6-pack of chews your dog dislikes

8. K9 Connoisseur Trachea Chews

Best Trachea Treats for Small Dogs

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K9 Connoisseur Beef Trachea Dog Chews Single Ingredient Dog Treat, Beef Trachea For Dogs Made In USA, One Ingredient Dog Treats and All Natural Dog Chews, Glucosamine Chondroitin Dogs Treats (20, 3in)

K9 Connoisseur Trachea Chews

US-made, preservative-free trachea chews sourced from grass fed cattle.

About: If Spot is a bit on the smaller size, then these trachea chews from K9 Connoisseur are the perfect pick. The compact 3- to 4-inch trachea pieces are also a great pick for puppies who are still growing (note that these treats do come in larger sizes too).


  • Made-in-the-USA trachea chews sourced from grass-fed, free-range cattle
  • Available in sizes suitable for small doggos (3- and 7-inch tracheas)
  • Packaged in 7- or 20-count packs, depending on size
  • Single-ingredient tracheas made without added preservatives


  • Dogs seemed to love the taste of these trachea chews
  • These chews have a long shelf life so they’re great for owners who want to stock up
  • Some owners reported these chews smell better than others on the market


  • The smaller-sized chews shouldn’t be presented to larger pups 
  • No single-count options for seeing how much your dog likes them

9. The Country Butcher Filled Beef Trachea

Best Stuffed Beef Tracheas for Dogs

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The Country Butcher Filled Beef Trachea Dog Treats, Glucosamine and Chondroitin for Joint Health, Natural, Tough, Stuffed Chew Toy, Made in The USA, Sweet Potato, 5 Count - Rawhide Free, No Bone

The Country Butcher Filled Beef Trachea

An American-made beef trachea chew stuffed with delicious sweet potato, peanut butter, or chicken.

About: Kick up your canine’s chew session with The Country Butcher’s Filled Beef Trachea, a 3-inch strip of all-natural beef trachea stuffed to the brim with a tasty filling. This delicious surprise entices pickier pups to give chewing a try while also encouraging users to switch between gnawing the outside and licking at the center for added enrichment.


  • Doesn’t contain corn, soy, grain, or artificial ingredients
  • Stuffed with sweet potato, peanut butter, or chicken and rice
  • Come in 1-, 5-, and 10-pack options
  • Made in the USA


  • Filling keeps dogs engaged longer than plain tracheas or chews
  • Most doggos seem to enjoy the taste
  • Several filling flavors to chew from


  • Might be too small for large dogs
  • Filled tracheas can be messier than other options (Feeding outside or in an easy-to-clean crate may be best)

Tracheas not the ideal option for your pet? Check out beef cheek rolls for dogs!

Are Beef Tracheas Safe for Dogs? What Are the Pros and Cons?

Are you considering giving your canine a trachea treat? Before bringing home the beef, it’s important to understand the benefits and potential pitfalls of these unique dog treats. 

beef trachea safety for dogs

Here are the pros and cons of beef tracheas to factor into your decision. 


  • They’re pretty safe. Beef tracheas tend to be relatively safe since they’re easy to chew and don’t have too many pointy parts sticking out of them. They also require minimal processing on the manufacturing side, so they might be a great pick for pups with sensitive stomachs. 
  • They’re unlikely to damage your pet’s teeth. Since beef tracheas are made out of cartilage, they’re softer than many other dog delicacies. These treats also soften as your dog works on them, so they’re unlikely to damage teeth. That said, it’s always a good idea to check with your vet before offering tracheas if your pooch has to deal with existing dental issues. 
  • Beef tracheas are pretty affordable. When compared with other all-meat dog chews, beef tracheas come up as one of the most affordable options. You can get a beef trachea that’s made in the USA for under two bucks, and they’re even cheaper when you buy them in bulk. 
  • They provide a few nutritional benefits. Beef trachea happens to be a great source of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate. These naturally occurring compounds can help alleviate pain from canine arthritis, hip dysplasia, or other joint issues. 
  • Beef tracheas come in several flavors. If your pooch is picky, there are plenty of beef trachea flavor options available. You can also find beef tracheas pre-filled with mutt morsels, or you can simply stuff ‘em yourself. 
  • They may provide some dental benefits. Though they’re not quite as effective as dog dental chews, beef trachea treats can help loosen plaque from your dog’s teeth. However, these benefits are limited and not a substitute for brushing your best buddy’s teeth. Don’t expect Spot’s breath to smell minty fresh after chewing on one of these, either. 
  • Dogs usually love them. Most dogs fall head over heels for beef tracheas. That being said, every pooch is different so there’s a chance (albeit a small one) that your furry best friend won’t enjoy these treats. 
  • Tracheas keep your canine entertained. They don’t last for super-long times, but tracheas can help keep your pup occupied for a little while and provide some mental stimulation and enrichment. 


  • Tracheas represent a potential choking hazard. As with any treat, beef tracheas can cause choking in rare cases, so be sure to monitor your mutt properly while he’s nomming. Also, make sure the treat you give him is suitable for his size. 
  • They may upset your dog’s tummy. Some dogs simply won’t mesh well with these treats, so watch out for any signs of digestive issues while testing out tracheas. 
  • Tracheas may leave stains on your stuff. Unfortunately, these treats can leave a greasy residue on your carpets and upholstery. To avoid such problems, make sure your four-footer is on a surface that’s easy to clean while enjoying these treats. 
  • They can get pretty grody. These treats can get kinda nasty if not kept in an airtight container or refrigerated. Some tracheas can carry a scent as well, though most owners find them less fragrant than other chew options, such as bully sticks. 
  • Tracheas won’t last long for super chewers. Tracheas are a bit softer than other chew options, so they may not last as long as comparable options. Your pooch may tear through these quickly depending on his chewing habits. 

Offering Beef Tracheas: Tips & Tricks

offering beef trachea to dogs

Beef trachea chews provide excellent canine enrichment and loads of furry fun, but as with any dog chew, there are some rules of the road to follow so everyone remains happy and, more importantly, safe.

For the best beef trachea experience with your dog:

  • Feed on easy-to-clean surfaces. Beef tracheas can be messy, so always offer them to your dog in a crate, on a tiled floor, or outdoors for easy cleanup. Feeding them outside also helps you avoid the stinky smell of some tracheas in your house.
  • Keep tracheas and other chews away from stainable surfaces. Not only can chews like tracheas stain items with smoke or grease, but your dog’s saliva can also leave less-than-savory marks behind. Steer clear of couches and furniture entirely.
  • Offer beef tracheas as an occasional treat. A daily beef trachea may lead to belly upset or weight gain. Instead, stick to offering them as a healthy chew three times a week at most, spaced at least a day apart. A rotation of chews and treats also keeps canine enrichment interesting.
  • Pick beef tracheas of the proper size. Tracheas that are too small are choking hazards, while those that are too long can be too large for little dogs to chew comfortably. Small pups do best with 3- or 6-inch chews, while medium and large pups should have at least 6-inch tracheas. Never offer your dog a trachea he can fit entirely in his mouth.
  • Know your dog’s chew style. If your dog prefers to gobble down and swallow chews in large pieces, beef tracheas may not be the best option. Look for larger chews he can’t fit in his mouth completely.
  • Monitor your pup. Always keep an eye on your dog as he enjoys a chew, no matter how many times he has safely enjoyed one in the past. All it takes is one swallow for disaster to strike.
  • Check with your vet. If your dog is on a special diet that must be low in things like protein or fat, ask your vet before offering any ingestible chew, including beef tracheas. It’s always best to err on the side of caution.

Storing Beef Tracheas

storing beef trachea

As with any chew, beef tracheas must be stored properly to avoid spoilage and mold. But properly stored, some tracheas may last for months.

For safe beef trachea storage:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Storage needs vary by a product’s processing. Some can be stored in a dry, cool place like your pantry, while others may require refrigeration. Some can be frozen, too, for a longer shelf life.
  • Note expiration dates. You should review the expiration date of every edible dog item, especially if you tend to buy buy food and chews in bulk. Sometimes these dates are small and tricky to find. Marking the date with a permanent marker in large, easy-to-read writing makes it more convenient to spot these at a glance in the future while doing doggy inventory.
  • Store chewed tracheas in the refrigerator or freezer between uses. Prevent bacterial growth by refrigerating or freezing your dog’s chews in a zip-lock bag if he doesn’t eat it entirely in one session. Leaving them at room temperature not only can cause funky odors but it can also make your pup sick.

DIY Stuffed Beef Tracheas

stuffed beef trachea recipes

Making your beef trachea chews at home is relatively easy and cheap. Going the DIY route also offers complete control over processing, letting you skip any smoking or artificial ingredients.

Just note that some owners will find it a little creepy to prepare raw animal parts, so squeamish folks might want to stick to commercially prepared offerings.

To bake your own beef trachea chews:

  • Purchase raw beef tracheas. Usually, you can score these for cheap from local butcher shops or grocery stores. You can also bulk-buy from meat distributors online.
  • Preheat your oven to 190℉. 
  • Place raw beef tracheas on a rack over a cookie sheet to allow fats to drain during cooking.
  • Bake the beef tracheas for 12 hours. Cook the pieces until they’re dark and hard to the touch. Size and thickness can affect cook time.
  • Allow the beef tracheas to cool completely before serving to your canine.
  • Store beef tracheas in an air-tight container or package.

You may need to adjust the cooking temperature and time based on elevation. Some pet parents also receive great results from making raw beef tracheas in a dehydrator.

At this point, you can stuff your DIY or premade beef trachea chews to make them even more enticing to your pooch.

A few favorite stuffed beef trachea chews options include:

stuffing beef trachea
  • Peanut butter: Peanut butter is a four-footed favorite, as this sticky substance keeps them occupied for ages with endless licking. Just grab a dog-safe, xylitol-free peanut butter and line the inner cavity of the chew. Always check the ingredient list thoroughly, as xylitol is poisonous to dogs!
  • Pumpkin: Add some canned pumpkin to the trachea and pop it in the freezer until hardened for a fiber-rich goodie. Make sure it’s pure pumpkin and not pumpkin pie filling. Those are loaded with spices, sugar, and fats that will cause stomach upset.
  • Sweet potato: Steam or boil sweet potatoes and mash them into a smooth texture. Fill the inside of the tracheas and freeze until hard. Like pumpkin, this is a fiber-filled treat.
  • Canned dog food: Grab your dog’s favorite canned food (pate style works best!) and use a butter knife to smear it around the inside of the trachea. You can serve as-is or freeze the trachea.
  • Kibble pieces: Adding kibble pieces to the fillings above is a great way to up the fun and reward your pup as he chews. Crumbled treats can also be used.

Like unstuffed versions, you must refrigerate or freeze stuffed beef tracheas between chew sessions. Refrigerated shelf life ranges by the stuffing used, ranging between two and five days.

Beef Trachea Alternatives

There are plenty of other great all-natural dog chews available if you’d like to experiment with more than just beef tracheas for your pooch. These include:

  • Bully sticks: Made of beef pizzle, these chews come in stick or braided form and last a fair amount of time. The smell can be off-putting, however, and they can lead to weight gain if given too often. Bully sticks are great for moderate to heavy chewers.
  • Beef tendons: A cow’s thick, connective tissues can withstand a decent amount of chewing, but they’re not strong enough for super chewers. Tendon chews are best for gentle to moderate chewers.
  • Yak chews: These chews are made of cooked and dried yak milk and are entirely digestible. If you find a yak chew too hard, you can always microwave it for softening and offer it again once it’s cooled. Yak chews are a good choice for gentle to moderate chewers.
  • Pig snouts: A pig’s sniffer makes a surprisingly good chew, as it’s rich in protein and iron while giving your dog a little something-something to gnaw. They don’t last as long as other natural chews, however, so they’re best for gentle chewers.
  • Cow ears: Like beef tracheas, cow ears are highly digestible and gentle on teeth. They’re not as messy as other chews, either, though they can be chewed into smaller bits, creating a choking hazard. Cow ears are best for gentle to moderate chewers.

Beef Tracheas for Dogs: FAQ

beef trachea faq

These beefy bits aren’t as common as some other chews, so you may still have some lingering questions about beef trachea. Let’s run through some together.

Is beef trachea safe for dogs?

Beef trachea chews are safe for dogs, but precautions are necessary to keep your canine happy and healthy. For one, always purchase beef tracheas from a trusted source. U.S-sourced product is best, but you can still find top-notch choices from other countries, such as Brazil or Australia. Purchasing the right size is critical too, as too small of a chew can lead to choking. Lastly, always monitor your dog with any chew, including beef tracheas.

How often should I give my dog beef trachea?

As always, ask your vet about a suitable frequency for giving your doggo treats. That said, most dogs can enjoy a beef trachea up to three times a week, but this depends on your pup’s size, food tolerance, and how much chew he’s ingesting per chew session.

Beef tracheas can be too rich for delicate systems, so tread carefully. If you notice digestive upset, contact your vet. He or she may recommend cutting back on the amount or frequency of trachea your dog has or eliminating them from your pup’s diet entirely.

How many beef tracheas can a dog have in a day?

A beef trachea a day is probably too much for most dogs. It could lead to stomach upset or weight gain. Most dogs can tolerate a trachea up to three times a week to ensure a balanced, healthy diet and no tummy troubles.

Can dogs choke on beef trachea?

Dogs can choke on a beef trachea like any chew or toy. This is why selecting the correct size and supervising your dog as he chews is essential. Never offer a chew or toy your pup can fit entirely in his mouth. Take the trachea away if you notice your dog gnawing off large chunks.

Is trachea good for dogs’ teeth?

Beef trachea chews may help to remove buildup on your dog’s teeth between brushings. They’re not as hard as other chews like bones, either, so there’s not as much risk of tooth breakage. Overall, they’re likely a good addition to your doggy’s dental health routine.

How long does it take for a dog to chew a trachea?

This answer depends entirely on your dog’s size and chew style. Some pups finish a chew in a matter of minutes, while others may need several days of gnawing away to use one up.


Beef tracheas can make an excellent treat for your canine companion. With a simple recipe, nutritional benefits, and a taste most dogs love, you can’t go wrong with a these treats. 

Has your dog tried beef tracheas? What’s his or her favorite treat? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments below! 

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