Belly Bands for Dogs: What Are They and Which Are Best?

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Dog Care By Ben Team 13 min read January 20, 2021 25 Comments

dog belly bands

Housebreaking a dog can be one of the most difficult aspects of pet care. While going through this trying time, belly bands can help facilitate the house breaking process, at least in the case of male dogs.

Quick Pick: Best Dog Belly Band

What Are Dog Belly Bands?

Dog belly bands are exactly what they sound like – a band of fabric that goes around your pet’s belly. Because your dog’s penis is situated in a rather forward position, a band going around his belly also covers it up.

They discourage urination to a degree, but their primary purpose is to absorb any urine your dog releases. They are often used in conjunction with an absorbent pad or liner of some sort.

There are similar products for female dogs, but because of their anatomical differences, belly bands for female dogs essentially equate to little shorts or underwear. They must provide crotch coverage to be effective, which means they have to deal with the troublesome tail area.

Although they are still called belly bands by some, they really have more in common with doggie diapers. They’re an entirely different thing, so we’ll cover them at some other time. For the purposes of this article, we’ll be discussing belly bands for male dogs only.

What Do Dog Belly Bands Do? The Belly Band’s Purpose

Belly bands are primarily designed to absorb urine, but they’re helpful in a variety of circumstances. Some of the most common uses include those detailed below.

Shielding for Sprinklers

Belly bands are great solutions for dogs who are housebroken, but unable to contain themselves when they become excited.

With a little practice, you can probably learn the differences between situations in which your dog will need the band and situations in which he can go au natural and feel the wind on his, uh, belly.

If your dog seems to be peeing more often than usual, something else could be up, so make sure to consult your vet if your dog is displaying any new or unusual behavior having to do with urination.

 Housebreaking Aid

Like it or not, some breeds and some individual canines are simply harder to housebreak than others are. While you should still take steps to properly house train your pup, a belly band can help get you through this difficult time with a few less messes to clean up.

 Discouraging Marking

Some male dogs are seemingly determined to claim your entire zip code as their territory, so they feel the need to “mark” various items with a few drops of pee.

Although neutering and training can help end the practice for some dogs, it doesn’t always work. For these dogs, a belly band can prevent damage to your furniture (and embarrassment, should your dog choose to mark a stranger’s bicycle or other inappropriate objects in public).

 Incontinent Dogs

Like humans, dogs suffer from any of a variety of health problems. Others are simply of such advanced age that they often have trouble controlling their bladders. Belly bands can help prevent accidents in these dogs, who simply cannot help it due to incontinence.

Dogs with accident issues may also benefit from an incontinence dog bed specifically designed for older dogs who can’t always hold it in!

 High-Stakes Situations

Perhaps you have a dog who is normally pretty good about peeing in the proper place, but you are heading to a high-stakes situation. This could be a relative’s house, the pet store, or anywhere else in which an accident would be exceptionally awkward.

 Unaltered Females

As said above, females require a different type of belly band than males do, but some models marketed for female use can be helpful for preventing the mess associated with your dog’s cycle.

Note that a typical male-oriented belly band will not work for these purposes (unless you use some creative engineering, but it’s easier to just purchase those designed for girls).

Characteristics of Good Dog Belly Bands

As with virtually every other dog product in the world, there are good belly bands and not-so-good belly bands. Some of the traits that separate the best from the rest include:

  • The best belly bands are made from high-quality fabrics. Your pup’s belly band is going to have significant contact with his body, including some of his most sensitive bits, so you’ll want to be sure it is made from a soft, comfortable fabric. This can include anything from 100% cotton to polyester blends; but, it must be comfortable for your pup.
  • It is imperative that you use a belly band that fits properly. Dog belly bands that do not fit properly may fail to catch your dog’s urine, or even worse, they may be too tight. This can potentially cause damage, and it can definitely cause discomfort. Ensure you get a properly fitting belly band by measuring your dog carefully and selecting a well-rated product.
  • The design should not allow wet fabric to remain in contact with your pup. Forcing your dog to wear a wet band around his body for prolonged periods is a recipe for bacterial and fungal infections – not to mention general discomfort. Fortunately, most well-conceived belly bands are designed to be used with an absorbent pad, which will wick moisture away from your pup’s skin.
  • The best belly bands are available in a variety of colors and patterns. Your dog will not care at all if his belly band is blue, green or purple with pink polka dots. However, you may prefer to purchase a band in a given color (might as well rock that belly band in style), and most of the best brands produce a wide variety.
  • Machine-washable belly bands are preferable to those that require hand washing. Because you’ll need to wash your pup’s band frequently, you’ll certainly appreciate a belly band that can stand up to the rigors of frequent machine washing.

Using a Dog Belly Band Properly: How to Put It On

When you first introduce your dog to a belly band, make sure lots of treats and praise are involved. Take baby steps and don’t force your dog into a situation he is clearly unhappy with.

Follow a process similar to how you introduce a dog to nail clippers, a dog treadmill, or any other kind of new – and maybe a bit scary – object.

Start by placing the belly band on the ground in front of your dog. Let him sniff it, and give him treats + praise. Next, try lying the belly band over his back area while lavishing him with those tasty training treats. Then finally, try placing it on him. Some dogs may need to go through this process more slowly than others.

It’s essential that you make sure your dog does not associate the belly band with a negative experience, and be sure you do not use it as a form of punishment. Belly bands should be used as a temporary measure in most cases, to help prevent messes while you train your dog where he can go and where he can’t. They aren’t a permanent solution, but rather, a training or situational aid.

It’s also important to make sure that the belly band fits your dog properly – it should cover his penis, without constricting it at all. He must still be allowed to urinate, should the need arise; you just want to prevent the urine from ending up on your carpet of pillow.

  • Pro Tip #1: Always purchase two or more dog belly bands. This way, you’ll have a fresh, clean band on hand whenever the band in use becomes wet. While you’re using the back-up band, throw the wet one in the wash.
  • Pro Tip #2: Consider an extra-wide (5-inches or larger) for your pug, basset hound or dachshund. These breeds require a slightly wider band to attain a proper fit.
  • Pro Tip #3: If you have multiple dogs, but are not sure of which one is the culprit, band one at a time. When your belongings become wet, you’ll have identified the guilty party.

The Importance of Liner Pads for Dog Belly Bands

Most dog belly bands are designed to be used with a liner, such as an incontinence pad, panty liner or feminine hygiene pad. This is because these items are designed to wick the moisture away from your dog’s skin, thereby improving his comfort and helping to avoid infections.

Some bands come with their own liners, which are typically designed to be washed and re-used, while others are designed to be used with disposable pads. Convenience-minded consumers will probably prefer the disposable route, while environmentally conscious customers may prefer reusable options.

Note that for larger dogs, who may release a relatively large quantity of urine, it may be necessary to use two liners at a time.

Best Dog Belly Bands

There are a million belly band options on the market, but they aren’t all created equally. The following six products rise above the masses and provide the best options for pet parents.

1. Teamoy Washable Puppy Belly Band

About: Teamoy Washable Belly Bands are high-quality dog belly bands made from premium materials to ensure that your dog’s accidents stay contained. They feature a large, single, wide Velcro strip and elastic at the front and back to keep the band securely wrapped around your dog.


  • PADDED & SOFT: 3pcs. Super-absorbent and durable. The middle section is uniquely designed with leak...
  • WIDER MAGIC TAPE CLOSURES: Teamoy belly bands are better than most others on the market. We...
  • REUSABLE: Waterproof outer layer. Washable belly wraps for dog are more economical and...
  • MACHINE OR HAND WASHABLE: The durable and great quality fabric will last for a long time even though...


  • Teamoy Belly Bands packages come with three different color bands to keep your pup looking stylish
  • Available in a variety of colors, patterns and textures, including denim
  • Double-layered microfiber liner and waterproof exterior layer prevent leaks
  • Machine washable (air dry)
  • Comes in 7 sizes: XS through XXL

PROS: Teamoy Washable Belly Bands are not only effective, they are available in a variety of colors, giving owners more fashion choices for their pet. Most owners were extremely pleased with these dog belly bands.

CONS: In general, owners had very few bad things to say about Teamoy Belly Bands. A small number experienced minor problems with the size of the bands, so be sure to measure your dog carefully and consult the manufacturer’s sizing guidelines.

2. Brooke’s Best Belly Bands for Male Dogs

About: Brooke’s Best Belly Bands are premium belly bands that utilize a few interesting innovations to function more effectively. For example, they are made with three rows of snaps rather than Velcro, which gives a more secure fit, while still allowing you to customize the size to suit your dog.


  • BELLY BANDS - Your Solution for male dogs with excitable urination, marking behaviors and urinary...
  • LEAK-PROOF & WATERPROOF - Waterproof fabric with elasticized sides to provide a comfortable, perfect...
  • WASHABLE & REUSABLE - Super absorbent pad wicks moisture away to prevent discomfort and irritation....
  • ADJUSTABLE FIT - Sturdy snaps ensures your dog can't remove the belly band and allows for an...


  • Brooke’s Best Belly Bands use snaps rather than Velcro to stay on your dog
  • Waterproof outer fabric with elasticized margins helps prevent leaks
  • Super-absorbent liner wicks moisture away from your dog’s body to prevent infections and irritation
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee ensures you can shop with confidence
  • Available in 4 sizes, including XS, S, M and L

PROS: Brooke’s Best Belly Bands are some of the best-rated bands available, and most owners have been pleased with their choice. They are made from high-quality materials and most owners reported that they fit very well. The use of snaps rather than Velcro is also a nice feature and they keep the band in place more securely 

CONS: Quality comes at a price, and Brooke’s Best Bands are definitely priced with this in mind – you’ll pay more for this two-pack than any of the three-pack options in our review. However, they still represent a great value, and come in fun prints, like ladybug and cow-patterned. 

3. Mkono Dog Belly Wraps

About: Mkono Dog Belly Wraps are unique bands, featuring a different design than most other bands on the market. They have a curved shape, which provides a tighter fit and prevents leaks more effectively than those with elastic bands. Mkono Belly Wraps have a mesh layer, but are best used in conjunction with a disposable liner.


  • Dog Belly Band size M: waist size 13"-15", best for small dogs. Mkono dog belly bands are...
  • These are useful for untrained puppies, male dogs in heat, and dogs that suffer from excitement...
  • Material: made of high quality and soft cotton, comfortable for daily wear. These belly bands are...
  • Please measure your dog's waist in front of the back legs before purchasing to ensure a good fit. WE...


  • Three Velcro strips help keep the band in place
  • Each pack comes with three different colored bands (blue, yellow and white)
  • Machine washable for maximum convenience
  • Available in S, M, L and XL

PROS: Most dog parents raved about their Mkono Belly Wraps, reporting that they worked well and held up to repeated use. The combination of the unique design and the high-quality Velcro fasteners provided a great fit.

CONS: Several owners reported sizing issues. The manufacturer admits that their sizes run a bit small, and they recommend measuring your dog carefully with flexible ruler or tape measure to ensure proper sizing.

4. Pet Parents Washable Dog Belly Bands

About: Pet Parents’ Washable Belly Bands are are comfortable and capable belly bands that fit dogs securely. The feature elastic at the front and rear sides of the band and two strong Velcro strips to keep the band from popping off when your dog runs, jumps or plays.


  • LARGE DOG BELLY BANDS - Best for large dogs and puppies, waist size 20" to 25" male dog wraps....
  • 3 WASHABLE DOG DIAPERS IN 3 COLORS PER PACKAGE - One each of GREY, RUST, and BLACK dog belly band....
  • MALE DOG WRAPS - Easy-to-use dog belly bands. Useful for untrained puppies, males spot dog marking,...
  • SOFT & COMFORTABLE DIAPERS FOR DOGS- To increase your dog's comfort and acceptance our doggie...


  • The sewn-in absorbent pad and waterproof outer layer work together to prevent leaks
  • Machine washable (air dry), making cleanup easy and hassle-free
  • Comfortable and soft fabric will keep your dog comfortable while wearing the band
  • Available in three sizes: S, M, L

PROS: Most owners have been very pleased with Pet Parents Belly Bands. In addition to providing a comfortable fit and leak-proof design, many users found that the Velcro was very strong, which kept the band appropriately tight and in place

CONS: Very few owners had negative comments about Pet Parents Belly Bands, although a very small number experienced problems related to sizing. This is a common problem across all brands, and is typically avoidable by measuring your dog carefully and following the manufacturer’s guidelines.

5. Wegreeco Washable Male Belly Bands

About: Wegreeco Washable Belly Bands are highly effective belly bands with a great denim-look. In actuality, they are made from an eco-friendly blend of fabrics, with a waterproof laminate to prevent leaks. More absorbent than most other bands, supplemental liners are rarely necessary for Wegreeco Washable Bands.


  • ★3 Pack in one package for Pet Belly Bands Diaper. Great for dogs waist size 18.5" to 20". Please...
  • ★ Wegreeco Washable Male Dog Wrap provides super-absorbent,long-lasting guard, specifically...
  • ★ Durable material for washable belly bands,the outer shell is leak-free lamination fabric,which...
  • ★ Wegreeco belly band wraps are great for Urinary incontinence,Excitable urination,Male marking...


  • Large, single Velcro strips provide a secure fit
  • Machine washable and machine dryable on low-heat settings
  • Elastic sections at the front and back help prevent leaks
  • Available in five sizes (XS through XL) to ensure a good fit

PROS: Most owners were highly satisfied with Wegreeco Belly Bands and loved the way they worked for their dogs. Few users had problems getting a good fit, and most explained that the Velcro strips held the bands securely in place. Several users also enjoyed the denim aesthetics and found the bands to be quite stylish!

CONS: A small number of pet parents experienced problems with the stitching, and a few noted that the Velcro stopped working as well after a few months of use. However, the vast majority of owners found the bands to work well.


Have you ever used a belly band for your pooch? What was your experience like? Did you find one particular brand or model to fit better than others? Let us know all about it in the comments below – make sure to tell us about the dog you used it for too (breed, size, etc.).

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Thanks for this post! It was very helpful. I had issues finding xxl sized bands for my huge dog (100 lbs.). I even had to make diapers for him and they were still a little small. I bought the pattern online. They weren’t enough to hold urine because he drinks almost a gallon a day or more in a hot day so he’s a flooder. I got desperate because nothing was working. Out of desperation I had taken a men’s sm/med sized depend and put both of his legs thru the leg holes ( I turned it sideways to do this) and put 3 human urine pads all side by side, into the crotch area of the sideways depends. I adjusted it to make sure the crotch area where the pads were placed over the top of his penis to make sure it wouldn’t leak. I had amazing results! I had to leave the house for about six hours (he’s paralyzed) and I couldn’t believe the pads were soaked but it actually helded up without making a mess. Granted he peed enough for 10 medium dogs but it held up. I use the generic depends from Walmart for around 7 bucks for 20 of them. Now I feel I can leave for a little while without coming home to a huge mess. I’m currently making homemade ones to work with the pads as they are cheaper. Belly bands really work. I am amazed! Now my dog can drink loads while I am gone and not flood the house. If you need something for a huge dog until you can get belly bands shipped to your door…this is a quick idea that may help you huge dog lovers out there!

Ben Team

Awesome, Joni! Glad you figured out a solution for your pooch!


I have used many brands including most of those in the article plus others. Overall, size is the primary issue — either not enough overlap to hook the velcro securely yet if I go up a size, they’re often too long and definitely too wide, covering his entire waist AND chest!!) The Vets Best bands in xxs/xs that I got on Chewy.com have adjustable waist elastic on one side, are soft and are less obtrusive with a narrower strap around the back that stays very secure. The band is narrower, however, so there have been a couple of overnight accidents, so they’re better for shorter periods when liner can be changed more frequently. (My neighbor said it looks like a tiny weightlifter’s belt!) Another favorite is Mkono. I love the shape that curves forward and ensures my Yorkie’s “business” is covered. Despite being small, he puts out more urine than a panty liner can hold (even incontinence liners). So I cut a heavier duty (#4, #5 or #6) incontinence pads in half because ny dog needs the greater absorbency but full pads are too long for x-small/small belly bands. I prefer Always Discreet pads because they are thinner and the core turns to gel beads when wet rather than a glob of wet, gritty/powdery gunk in other brands. Regardless of brand, however, the absorbent material occasionally falls out, especially if I am away from my dog for several hours and he’s peed a bit more. Regarding skin irritation, quality liners will generally have a stay-dry covering. Plus I change the liners frequently and use unscented/sensitive baby wipes (Pampers are a generous size so I cut them in half. Don’t need a big wipe for a 7-pound dog!)

There are a few washable and disposable belly band liners on Amazon, so am wondering what other people’s experiences with these are. And am curious about what other people use as liners. Thanks!!

Ben Team

Hey, Lorraine. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences!
We also appreciate all the effort you’re going to on your doggo’s behalf!

Diana Spain

I use a belly band with my incontinent 16-year-old Chihuahua, Tito, and have found the ones by bellybands.net to be fabulous. They are very high-quality, durable after many washes, soft and comfortable for my little old guy’s delicate skin, and very effective. Their website is also very helpful in choosing the correct size and style, they have many attractive and fun patterns to choose from, and they have girl bands as well, although I have never used them. I highly recommend bellybands.net!

Heike Fisher

I have a male English Bulldog, he has a narrow treachea and we are not risking his life for a neuter.
We have tried many many bands and finally saw someone with Alfie brand male wrap.
Omg I love them!! 3 pk is 20 dollars, they are terry cloth with 2 rubber straps inside with a liner, we use a panty liner and a size 1 diaper when my boy wears them.
The rubber straps hold the diaper so nothing falls out or moves!! I love the bands and my boy Walter looks very handsome in them.

Susan Mccarty

I have been using belly bands from Little Squirt as well. Way better than the cloth ones and they have never come off. My dog is a huge marker and I wouldn’t take him anywhere without his little squirt belly band. They have been a lifesaver.

Susan Mccarty

I have been using belly bands from Little Squirt as well. Way better than the cloth ones and they have never come off. My dog is a huge marker and I wouldn’t take him anywhere without his little squirt belly band. They have been a lifesaver.

Robert Ingram

We have developed a new type of Belly Bands for Male dogs , that out performs both cloth and Disposable bands these bands use common panty liners , uses very comfortable and durable material that stays in place due to its design , and does not need to be laundered, These bands should be included in your next “Best of”

Robert Ingram

We have had issues with one of our pups marking on everything , we were nervous about taking him visiting, and have tried every concievable belly band that we could find at our local pet stores. A then we came across a website ( http://www.littlesquirt.dog) that had a different approach to Belly Bands.
These are made out if the same material as wetsuits , and use disposable panty liners , the cool thing we found about these bands is any liner will work from the light skinny ones to the ones that can hold a lot of ligiud . Our pup had a tendency to get out of the cloth bands, these new bands stay in place
and when the pad gets wet , the band its self stays dry . After using the band for over a year ,we have purchased these for freinds and family, no complaints so far , its been over 18 months now and still hoing on the origanal band we purchased

Mastiff Mom

Where are the belly bands for giant breeds? My boy has unresectable bladder cancer and needs some help overnight.

Ben Team

Aw, so sorry about your pooch, Mastiff Mom.
Try these — they’re available in pretty large sizes.
Let us know how they work out for you!

Dee Dee

Can you recommend a good affordable belly band that has straps/suspenders that goes around the dog’s chest similar to a harness. This straps ensures the belly band stays on the dog no matter how hard they try to get it off or how much they move. I’ve found a few but they are expensive. Would like a functional affordable band with straps or suspenders.

Meg Marrs

I haven’t seen anything like that Dee Dee. Can you show me the ones that you have seen?

Lisa Beth

I have the same issue with my Sam! My little Houdini has managed to wiggle out of the belly bands I’ve tried! They fit him great, the velcro holds yet he always manages to wiggle out! I will be watching to see what you find!!!


I used the Teamoy brand, and it’s a good value. But my male Italian Greyhound developed an aversion to belly bands completely, which is frustrating as he’s a marker.

In analyzing this turn of events, I realized that 1) he finds the ripping sound of Velcro disconcerting, especially belly bands with wide Velcro; 2) in order to keep the band in place on a slim and smooth haired dog, it has to be snug. Snug means elastic along the shaft of the penis can become uncomfortable. It was shortly after I noticed a “dent” or impression on my dog that he rejected the bands.

Disposable bands are less rigid, without Velcro, and softer in tender areas. But they are very expensive to use.

I removed the gathered elastic on one side of the Teamoy belly bands, so that the side facing toward the tail will be softer. I make sure the front (closer to chest) is wrapped snugly, but leave just a little more slack on the side toward the tail.

Hope this observation is helpful to someone else. My dog still resists the bands, but like elephants, dogs can have long memories. Will let you know if I find another product that he tolerates better.

Meg Marrs

Great little hack there Noreene – we really appreciate you sharing! Hopefully your IG will give the bands another shot. Do keep us in the loop if you come across a better solution!

Janet Crudele

Can you please tell me from which website I can order male wraps disposable, large to extra large? I am having difficulty finding a place other than Amazon. Thank you.

Meg Marrs

I believe Amazon may be your best bet! You could try Petco as well.


I bought my XL Pet Parents belly bands on chewy.com for approximately $27
I will say similar to the comment above the elastic is a bit too tight on the tail side. I am going to try her idea but am also going make an extension piece so it’s not too tight since I can not buy any bigger than the XL


So I have a male lab. Cant control problems. 108lbs. Have belly band. Everytime he sits or moves laying down it comes off. Can ya help me ?


I have purchased three different mnfg male dog bands they fit perfect but always slide off. Any suggestions. Thanks


I use the Wegreeco Belly Bands for both my Miniature Schnauzer (Medium) and Yorkie mix (x-Small) who are both highly prone to marking. I loved the Wegreeco until the Velcro stopped working. I wash mine in cold water, occasionally using white vinegar to help with the urine smell, and hang to dry. I always close the velcro and place them in a mesh bag to separate from the other items I’m washing. I’ve only had them a year but problems with the Velcro have been happening for at least 6 months. I am looking now to try another type and hope I have better luck next time. I spent well over $100. for 10 bands total and expected my investment to last longer than a few months.


I got very well made bands from Etsy for my constant male- marking senior Jack Rascal. They are very securely closable with long bands of velcro, but at 4 inches wide just not wide enough. I have to put two on at a time. The bands bunch together and are not the 8 inches wide therefore together, ending up about 6 inches. He can scoot out of them (and has a couple times in the 2 weeks we’ve been trying them) somehow when working at it for awhile at night (I let my dogs free in the house at sleeptime)or when I leave them alone for a longer while during the day. He also manages to still mark at times so I think the stream can still somehow escape at times. He persistently removes any inserts so I’ve given up on them. I’m desperate. He marks anything that touches the floor: appliances at corners like washer dryer refrigerator, cabinet corners, furniture legs, blanket edges, books, toys, drapes & curtains, bathroom fixtures, baseboards, doors, wall corners–its ridiculously destructive. I’ve replaced carpet in my house with washable floors! His continued home with me depends on finding a more effective band. HELP

Meg Marrs

Hi Ruth,

If he’s scooting out of them easily than they may be too small. I’m sure having two scrunched bands around his waist is also a bit more irritating than one, which may add to his determination to escape them. I’d check out some of the bands we listed above from Amazon – you might have better luck with a different size or style.

I’d also consider getting a professional trainer involved. Belly bands aren’t really a viable long-term solution to a dog with housebreaking issues. They’re an aid, but not a fix. You’ll need to enlist some help to stop your dog from marking on a regular basis. Good luck!


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