The Best Ceramic Dog Bowls: Durable Dinnerware for Your Doggo!



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ceramic dog bowls

When it comes to dog bowls, the wide array of options can be overwhelming. 

But don’t worry! We try to help you make a good choice below, as we talk about ceramic dog bowls — some of the best doggo dishes around. We’ll outline the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic dog bowls, and then we’ll identify some of our favorite models on the market.

Read on to learn more or check out our quick pick recommendations below! 

The Best Ceramic Dog Bowls: Quick Picks

  • #1 USA Custom Gifts Personalized Pet Bowl [Best Customizable Option] — Want to add some personal flair to your pet’s food or water bowl? The USA Custom Gifts Bowl is a great choice.
  • #2 Waggo Dipper Bowl [Best Low-Cost Option] — This is the perfect option for owners who want a simple, no-frills ceramic dog bowl that’ll get the job done without breaking the bank.
  • #3 Modern Artisans Stoneware Water Bowl [Most Durable Option] — If you want a ceramic water bowl that’s built like a tank and designed to last, the Modern Artisans Bowl is a great choice.

Why Do Some Owners Prefer Ceramic Dog Bowls?

Ceramic dog bowls are certainly not ideal for all owners, dogs, and situations, but they have a ton of things going for them. Here are a few reasons ceramic dog bowls are such a popular choice among pet owners: 

  • Ceramic dog bowls are easy to clean. Ceramic bowls are often dishwasher-safe, meaning you can clean them with the rest of your dishes. The ceramic glaze makes the bowls easy to wipe down by hand as well if necessary. 
  • The best ceramic dog bowls are available in a number of fun colors and designs. Ceramic bowls are often quite stylish. You can get intricate bowls decorated with your pup’s name, or you can select a color and pattern that matches your home’s decor.
  • Most ceramic dog bowls are heavy (in a good way). Ceramic bowls are usually heavier than their plastic or stainless-steel dog bowl counterparts. This will usually prevent the bowl from sliding around while Fido is chowing down. 
  • Good ceramic dog bowls are non-porous. High-quality ceramic dishes feature remarkably smooth, non-porous surfaces. Accordingly, they are less likely to harbor harmful bacteria or food residue. 

Disadvantages to Ceramic Dog Bowls

While ceramic dog bowls are an excellent pick for many owners, there are some downsides to take into consideration. This includes:

  • Ceramic dog bowls can break if dropped. Ceramic may be a pretty material, but it’s also breakable. Ceramic bowls can easily need replacement after just one hard drop on the floor. Moreover, if your pooch occasionally tries to pick up his food bowls and move them around, ceramic bowls may not be the safest choice. 
  • Ceramic dog bowls can be kinda noisy. This is a pretty minor problem, but ceramic dog bowls will make a noise as your pup’s ID tag dings against it repeatedly. 
  • Ceramic dog bowls may chip. Even if you drop a ceramic bowl and it chips rather than breaks entirely, it’s still not safe for Fido to use. Your doggo could easily cut himself while eating from a chipped bowl. Plus, chips, however tiny, can harbor leftover food residue and bacteria. 
  • Some ceramic dog bowls use lead-based paint. You’ll find that some ceramic dog bowls use lead-based paint in the glaze (more common with ceramic dog bowls manufactured in China). This isn’t healthy for your doggo, so make sure you pick out an FDA-approved ceramic bowl.
Best ceramic dog bowl

The Seven Best Ceramic Dog Bowls

There is no shortage of ceramic dog bowls on the market, but some are definitely better (and safer) than others. We share a few of our favorites below! 

1. Waggo Dipper Bowl

About: The Waggo Dipper Bowl is simple and sturdy, making it a reliable ceramic bowl for any home. 

Waggo Bowl 1 1

Waggo Dipper Bowl

  • 100% ceramic construction
  • Available in 3 sizes and 8 colors
  • Meets FDA safety standards

Features: Waggo Dipper Bowls come in 2-, 4-, and 8-cup capacities making them great for pooches of any size. The simple striped design is bound to fit perfectly in your home with your choice of eight different colors.

These bowls are made in China, but they are FDA-approved and meet human-consumption standards according to the manufacturer. So, you won’t have to worry about the ceramic glaze harming Fido.

Additionally, these bowls are dishwasher safe for ease of use. 


Owners love how these heavyset dog bowls stay in place during dinnertime. The minimalistic design also earns plenty of praise, as owners report that it looks great in a variety of households. 


Some pet parents have found the bowls to be slightly smaller than initially assumed, so consider purchasing a size up for your large fur baby. 

2. Bone Dry DII Lattice Square Ceramic Pet Bowl 

About: This excellent Ceramic Pet Bowl Set from Bone Dry comes with two sturdy and attractive ceramic feeders at an affordable price. 

Bone Dry Lattice Bowl

Bone Dry Lattice Ceramic Bowl 

  • Available in 4 colors, 3 sizes, and multiple shapes
  • Comes with silicone ring to prevent sliding
  • California Prop 65 compliant and FDA approved

Features: You’ll love the adorable pawprints on these bowls in navy, light blue, pink, or grey. These bowls are made in China, but the manufacturer explains that they are FDA-compliant, meaning they should be safe for your pooch.

The various bowl sizes hold ¾ of a cup, 1¾ cups, and 3 cups of food, making them best suited for smaller breeds. They are all dishwasher safe and feature silicone rings that help prevent them from sliding around your kitchen floor.

Bone Dry also offers similar paw lattice patterned products like feeding mats and accessory bags, so all of your doggo gear can match! 


Customers love the sturdiness of this bowl set and appreciate the stabilizing silicone ring, which keeps the bowls in place. This two-piece set also proves to be a cost-effective option for many owners. 


These bowls hold a max of 3 cups of food, which should be plenty for most small to medium-sized dogs, but larger doggos may need something bigger.

3. USA Custom Gifts Personalized Pet Bowl 

About: If you want a dog bowl that is as unique as your pooch is, check out these personalized ceramic feeders from USA Custom Gifts

Personalized Dog Bowl w/Name - Ceramic Bowl for Dogs and Cats - 2 Sizes for Small and Large Dogs - Little Hearts - Pet Dish for Dry or Wet Food and Water, Pet Owner Gifts, Custom Pet Food Bowl
98 Reviews
Personalized Dog Bowl w/Name - Ceramic Bowl for Dogs and Cats - 2 Sizes for Small and Large Dogs - Little Hearts - Pet Dish for Dry or Wet Food and Water, Pet Owner Gifts, Custom Pet Food Bowl
  • CUTE CUSTOMIZATION: Click "Customize Now" and start to design your great quality pet bowl. Perfect...
  • DURABLE MATERIAL: Our pet bowls are made of durable ceramic material. Dishwasher and Microwave Safe.
  • THOUGHTFUL GIFT FOR YOUR FURRY FRIEND: This bbowl feature a perfect gift with your pet's name on a...
  • This glorious pet bowl proudly designed and elegantly printed by USA Custom Gifts in California, US.

Features: These dog bowls look great as-is, but they can also be customized with your pup’s name on the front and back. The black and white designs come in bone, heart, and paw print varieties for further customization. 

These bowls are dishwasher safe, so it’ll be super easy to keep them clean. While they don’t specifically state that these bowls are lead-free, they should be, given that they’re made in California.

The bowls run about 7 inches in diameter and can hold up to 8 cups of food. With their large size and sturdy construction, these bowls are perfect for larger-sized pups. 


Owners are impressed by how well-made these custom ceramic dog bowls are and appreciate their heavyset design. These bowls also are big enough to feed XL doggos!


There are relatively few critical reviews for this bowl. A few owners note that these bowls can become stained by wet foods.

4. Bone Dry DII Paw Patch & Stripes Ceramic Pet Bowl 

About: These adorable Bone Dry Paw Patch & Stripe Pet Bowls are well-built, cute as a button, and feature a silicone base to prevent skidding. 

Bone Dry Stripes

Bone Dry Paw Patch & Stripes Ceramic Bowl

  • Available in 3 sizes and 2 different colors
  • Features a silicone rim to prevent sliding
  • California Prop 65 compliant and FDA approved

Features: When you purchase these bowls, you’ll get a full dinner set of two to satisfy your dog’s food and water needs. The ceramic bowls come in gray or navy, and they’re available in ¾ cup, 1 ¾ cups, and 3-cup capacities. 

The durable bowls are made out of porcelain ceramic, and they’re dishwasher safe. Notably, each bowl has a removable silicone ring, which ensures that they’ll stay in place while your pooch is chowing down.

These bowls are made in China, but the manufacturer claims they are FDA-compliant, and should, therefore, be safe for your doggo. 


Owners love the removable non-skid rims for protecting their floors and keeping the bowls sturdy during mealtime. The bowls feel well-made and sturdy enough for daily wear and use. 


These bowls tend to run a bit shallow, so consider ordering a size up. Moreover, they may not be the best pick for pups who tend to splash water out of their dish since they aren’t super deep. 

5. AG-UNICORN Ceramic Pet Bowl

About: This modern-looking pet bowl from AG-UNICORN is perfect for pups who jostle their dish during mealtime, and it is one of the best ceramic dog bowls with a stand available. 

AG-UNICORN Ceramic Pet Bowls with Stand - Dog Cat Water Bowl and Food Dish -Heavy Weighted & No Tip Over Pet Comfort Feeding Bowls -Dishwasher Safe & Easy to Clean
369 Reviews
AG-UNICORN Ceramic Pet Bowls with Stand - Dog Cat Water Bowl and Food Dish -Heavy Weighted & No Tip Over Pet Comfort Feeding Bowls -Dishwasher Safe & Easy to Clean
  • 【HEAVY WEIGHT & HARD TO BE TIPPED OVER】Ceramic food&water bowls for puppies, dogs, cats. Bowl...
  • 【CERAMIC MATERIAL & DISHWASHER SAFE】Pet bowl is made of Ceramic with bamboo stand to prevents...
  • 【POPULAR MARBLE TEXTURE DESIGN】Stylish and modern design will blend in with decoration in your...
  • 【HEALTHY SAFE MATERIAL & NON-TOXIC AND LEAD-FREE】This used to be a human salad bowl that was...

Features: Unlike other ceramic pet bowls, this pet bowl comes with a slightly elevated wooden stand to help keep the bowl in place. If your pooch likes to tip over his water or food bowls, these dishwasher-safe feeders are an excellent pick.

While this bowl has a 3-cup capacity, it only measures 6 inches wide, making it smaller than most. The bowl is lead-free, so it is safe for your doggo.

The manufacturer doesn’t disclose the origin for these bowls, which makes us think they’re likely made in China (manufacturers who produce goods in the USA usually scream as much from the mountaintops).

However, the manufacturer explains that these bowls were initially designed and marketed as human salad bowls, so we feel reasonably confident they’re safe for your pupper.  


Overall, customers love these bowls for smaller pets and appreciate their thoughtful, modern design. The elevated dog bowl stand makes it more difficult for mischievous pets to flip over their water or food dish. 


Despite the stand, some persistent pups were still able to tip their food bowl with this product. Moreover, the smaller capacity is limiting for larger-sized breeds.

6. Should We Go? Ceramic Dog Bowl

About: Should We Go? Ceramic Dog Bowls are specifically designed to be extra heavy, making them difficult to knock over for your clumsy canine. 

Features: These tough dog bowls are made to last. The large bowls weigh 2 pounds and can hold about 4 ½ cups of food. Small bowls weigh about 1 pound and will hold up to 2 ½ cups of water or food. 

All Should We Go? Dog Bowls are made in China, but they’re FDA compliant. They are also dishwasher safe, and they come in five different modern designs that will look stylish in any home. 

The company also partners with a pet rehabilitation facility, so you’ll be supporting a good cause with your purchase. 


Owners love the sturdiness of these bowls and appreciate their beautiful, modern design coupled with the heavy sturdiness of the ceramic. The dishwasher-safe feature also makes these bowls easy to clean.


There’s no silicone lining these bowls, so they may be more susceptible to sliding around on hardwood floors. However, their considerable weight makes slipping and sliding less likely.

7. Modern Artisans Splash-Free Stoneware Water Bowl 

About: These Ceramic Dog Bowls by Modern Artisans are made for splash-free dinnertime so your pooch won’t leave a mess behind with every meal.

American Made Splash-Reducing Stoneware Pottery Water Bowl for Cats, Pets, and Small Dogs (Small Size 24-oz Version)
203 Reviews
American Made Splash-Reducing Stoneware Pottery Water Bowl for Cats, Pets, and Small Dogs (Small Size 24-oz Version)
  • Ideal for small dogs that slosh their water, cats that tip their bowls, or animals traveling in an...
  • Sturdy water bowl is handcrafted on the potter's wheel from solid stoneware clay and high-fired;...
  • The shape of the clay helps keeps the bowl upright while the wide, inverted curve rim helps to...
  • Blending beautifully with any decor, the American-made off-white glaze is chip-resistant,...

Features: These artisan bowls are as functional as they are attractive. The manufacturer doesn’t share their country of origin, but they are finished in an American-made glaze and they are FDA-certified.

These bowls feature a unique, round-rimmed design to prevent sloshing and spillage. You can purchase the bowls in 3- or 6-cup sizes, making these bowls perfect for medium to large-sized breeds. 

Notably, these bowls are a great solution for pets on-the-go. The curved-rim makes it easy for food to stay put even when placed in a moving vehicle. While these are the priciest bowls on the list, the ceramic bowl’s excellent craftsmanship helps ensure they will last. 


This bowl has proved to be a great solution for owners with sloppy drinkers and eaters. The deep bowls are perfect for travel since they can hold a lot of food without taking up a lot of surface space.


Since the bowls are particularly deep, it can be difficult for smaller pups to reach the bottom of their bowl. 

Caring For Your Ceramic Dog Bowl Set

Once you’ve picked out the best ceramic food bowl for your pooch, follow these quick tips for proper dog bowl maintenance.

  • Inspect your ceramic dog bowl regularly. It’s always important to inspect your pup’s ceramic dog bowl set regularly for any chips or scratches. Even if you haven’t dropped the bowl, it’s possible your ceramic set was damaged in the dishwasher. Remember, any chip in ceramic food bowls can be harmful to your pooch, regardless of size. 
  • Be sure to clean it regularly. As you would with any dog bowl, it’s important that you remove any leftover food or residue your pooch leaves behind after finishing his meal. Not only will this keep your home smelling fresh, but it will also ensure that your bowl isn’t harboring nasty bacteria. 
  • Wash ceramic dog bowls in the recommended manner. While many ceramic bowls are dishwasher-friendly, not all are. Make sure you wash your bowl according to the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent potential damage or chipping.  

Got a sloppy drinker? Check out these no-spill dog bowls!


Finding proper pet supplies for your pup’s day-to-day life is important for his health. Ceramic food and water bowls make a great solution for a wide swath of pet owners.

Have you had any success with these bowls? What makes ceramic dog bowls essential for your pooch? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments below!

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