5 Best Dog Caskets: A Fitting Resting Place to Help Honor Your Pet

Dog Loss By April Reid 12 min read April 19, 2023

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best dog casket

There are few things more devastating than losing your beloved best friend. And it’s understandable: Our pups are members of the family and hold a special place in our hearts.

One of the best ways to honor your companion and the memories you share with him is to give him a proper place to rest.

Some pet owners opt to use an urn to contain their pet’s ashes. However, a casket will let you say goodbye with a burial ceremony, which you and your family members may prefer.

We’ll help you pick out the ideal casket for your pet and share a few things to think about while making your choice below.  

The 5 Best Coffins for Dogs

We’ve tried to make things easier on you during this difficult time by assembling a few of the best pet coffins on the market. 

Each of the five discussed below have received excellent reviews for their durability, appearance, and sturdiness. Most come in various sizes, allowing you to find one that’s suitable for your dog. 

1. Pet Memory Shop Casket

Best Overall Dog Casket
Pet Memory Shop Casket

The Pet Memory Shop casket is made from durable, high-impact plastic and comes in various sizes. 

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About: The Pet Memory Shop Casket is a simple, high-quality casket available in two different colors — black and white — and three different sizes to accommodate every breed. It also comes with extra-strong adhesive tape and step-by-step instructions on how to seal the casket properly. 

The casket itself is made from durable but lightweight high-impact plastic. It’s airtight, completely waterproof, and can withstand extreme conditions without bending or breaking. 

Pet Memory Shop is considered to be one of the most trusted manufacturers of pet memorial products in the US, so you can rest assured that all products undergo stringent quality checks and adhere to strict safety measures.


  • Comes in three different sizes; small (8 x 10 x 8 inches, up to 40 pounds), medium (24 x 12 x 8 inches, up to 65 pounds), and large (32 x 16 x 11 inches, up to 110 pounds)
  • Two different color options (black or white)
  • Made from durable, high-impact plastic that has undergone rigorous testing 
  • Comes with step-by-step instructions and adhesive tape


  • Extremely durable  
  • Comes with everything you need to prepare the burial 
  • A range of colors and sizes to choose from 


  • Some owners reported that the size dimensions provided online weren’t accurate, and are off by a couple of inches
  • Not biodegradable

2. Sweet Goodbye Cloud Casket 

Most Affordable Dog Casket
Sweet Goodbye Cloud Casket 

This soft cotton dog casket is easy on the budget and comes in several colors. 

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About: The Sweet Goodbye Cloud Casket is designed to give your pet an honorable, dignified farewell at an affordable price. The casket is made from soft, biodegradable wool and features a built-in pocket where you can add a handwritten note and your pup’s favorite toy or treat. It also comes with a burial kit, which includes a ceremony guide book, heart and flower garland, memorial marker, and a reusable bag to store precious keepsakes.  

The casket measures 12 by 13 inches in its largest size, which is ideal for a small dog. There’s a range of color options available, including lavender, teal, and gray, and you can also personalize the outside of the casket with your best friend’s name. 


  • Made from biodegradable, natural wool and lined with cotton 
  • Several different color choices available 
  • Built-in pocket
  • Burial kit included  


  • Great value at an affordable price 
  • Plenty of ways to personalize the casket 
  • Comes with a ceremony book to help guide you through this difficult time 


  • Only large enough for puppies or small adult breeds 
  • Will make carrying your pet to the burial site tricky

3. Parazoo Dog Burial Box

Best Biodegradable Dog Casket
Parazoo Dog Burial Box

This dog burial box is made from biodegradable materials that won’t harm the environment.

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About: Biodegradable pet caskets don’t just give our companions an honorable resting place; they allow them to become a part of the natural world around them. This can be a comforting idea for many pup owners, and if you feel the same way, the Parazoo Burial Box is worth considering. It’s made completely out of bamboo fiber, which is fully biodegradable. 

The casket itself is simple but elegant, with a smooth texture and embossed paw print design at the top. The material is also easy to decorate with the likes of markers, paint, and stickers, which will allow you to add a personal touch and any final goodbye messages. 

Despite its biodegradable materials, the casket is exceptionally durable. It features a thick shell that won’t warp, reinforced ribbing for additional support, and a secure buckle structure to keep things airtight. At 17.5 inches long and 12.5 inches wide, it’s suitable for small to medium-sized breeds. 


  • Made from biodegradable bamboo fiber 
  • Measures 17.5 inches long and 12.5 inches wide 
  • Embossed paw print design on the top 
  • Secure buckle structure 


  • Ensures the environment isn’t harmed while letting your pup become a part of the natural world 
  • An extremely durable and secure design  
  • Easy to decorate and personalize


  • Only one size option available 
  • It’s not the most attractive casket around

4. Pinnacle Handmade Pet Casket 

Best Premium Dog Casket
Pinnacle Handmade Pet Casket

A beautiful, solid oak casket that can be custom made to your dog’s size 

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About: The Pinnacle Handmade Dog Casket might be on the pricier end, but its solid oak design is absolutely stunning, and with two handles on either side, it will allow you to safely carry and transport your pup with the respect he deserves. 

The casket comes in three different sizes. The largest option is suitable for medium to big breeds, while the smallest option can accommodate breeds under 18.5 inches tall, such as Chihuahuas and Shih Tzus. You can also contact the seller directly to get a custom size made for your dog.

At around 3 to 4 inches thick, the casket is robust and exceptionally durable, and its furniture-grade coating adds a beautiful glossy finish while protecting the wood’s surface from damage.


  • 3 to 4 inches thick, solid oak construction 
  • Two handles on each side 
  • Three different sizes
  • Furniture-grade coating 


  • Handmade in the USA; able to contact the seller to get a custom size made
  • Gorgeous overall look with a glossy finish 
  • Durable and easy to carry 


  • It’s fairly pricey
  • Custom-built caskets are likely to take some time to build

5. Sweet Goodbye Cocoon Pet Casket 

Best Cocoon-Style Dog Casket
Sweet Goodbye Cocoon Pet Casket 

This cocoon-style dog casket comes in several styles and sizes, and also makes it easy to personalize the ceremony.

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About: Voted as “Best for Pet Memorial Services” by LUXlife magazine, this cocoon-style pet casket is eco-friendly, secure, and has everything you need to hold a ceremony that truly honors your companion. It’s made by the same manufacturer of the cloud clasket featured above. So, it too comes with the burial guide and all the additional ceremony gifts. 

The main difference between the cocoon and the cloud casket is the actual design. The cocoon style is easier to transport and better suited to large dogs — the XL size is even suitable for Great Danes — while the cloud shape is exclusively for small breeds. 


  • Made from premium wool material; biodegradable 
  • Five different size options, with plenty of color choices 
  • Cocoon style with a built-in carrying cradle 
  • Includes burial kit guide and additional ceremony gifts


  • Can accommodate giant breeds 
  • Can personalize the ceremony and make it special, thanks to guide book and the included gifts 
  • Easy to transport and carry


  • Some pup owners reported that they were sent the wrong color
  • As with most other fabric-style vessels, it may be tricky to carry your pet

How to Bury Your Dog

how do you bury a dog

Losing your best friend is a devastating experience, and unfortunately, navigating the aftermath can feel impossible at times. One of the many heart-wrenching decisions you’ll need to make is how to deal with your best friend’s remains. Some owners opt for cremation, but others prefer the sense of closure a ceremonial burial can bring.

Note: If any of this starts to become too overwhelming, please take a breather and refer to our how to deal with pet loss article.

If you choose to bury your dog, you first need to properly research the relevant state and local laws. Some states do not allow deceased pets to be buried in backyards at all, while others have specific requirements, such as burying them at least 3 feet deep, or ensuring remains are far away from a water source. 

Once you have researched the applicable laws, and have determined it’s legal to bury your dog, you’ll next need to choose a location, buy a size-appropriate casket, and consider how to say your final goodbye. 

For some owners, a final goodbye means saying a few words and including their dog’s favorite toys within the casket. However, this is a very personal decision and you should say goodbye in whatever form you feel honors your best friend best.

We won’t cover the in-depth, step-by-step process here. But when you feel ready, please do check out our full article on dog burial. We’ll guide you through everything and also mention a few other factors you need to consider, such as the climate and any safety issues.

Pet Cremation vs Burial: Do You Have to Bury Your Dog?

pet urn vs casket

No, you do not have to bury your dog — and in many areas, you aren’t even allowed to. There are other options available though, with the most popular being pet cremation. 

Cremation for dogs is typically more affordable, and you can choose to have the ashes kept in an urn or a keepsake. There are two ways a cremation takes place:

  • Group: When pets are cremated together. This is a pretty budget-friendly option. 
  • Individual: When your dog is cremated alone. This is pricer than group cremation, but it ensures the ashes that get returned are just your pet’s.

If you still want to experience a burial, but do not want to tend to the remains yourself, you can also opt to have your pup buried at a pet cemetery. They will take care of everything for you, including digging the hole and maintaining the area. Keep in mind though that pet cemeteries can be expensive, and sometimes come with yearly maintenance fees. 

Pet Loss Resources

resources for people who've lost pets

Our dogs are a part of the family, and losing them is understandably heartbreaking and tough. But remember that you don’t have to deal with your grief alone

Make sure to reach out to friends and relatives during this time, and get in touch with 

a therapist that specializes in grief. We also have a few pet loss resources of our own, including comforting quotes and tips for dealing with dog loss.

Many owners also find that paying tribute to their pup through memorial stones or jewelry can help with the healing process. 

Dog Casket FAQ

You likely still have a few concerns about burying your dog, and whether it’s a suitable and safe option available. We’ll answer some of the most common questions below, so hopefully you will know if a burial is the right choice for your pup by the end of this section. 

However, if the answers don’t meet your expectations, remember that there are other ways to honor your best friend, such as cremation. 

What is the best way to bury a dog?

There is no “best” way to bury a dog. While there are certain regulations to follow depending on your state, such as burying the remains at least 2 feet deep or away from a water source, how the actual burial takes place is a very, personal choice. You should carry out the burial in a way you feel is best for your family and gives your companion the respect he deserves.

How long after a dog dies should you bury him?

Some owners know when their dog is ready to cross the rainbow bridge, while for others, it can come as a sudden shock. Unfortunately, regardless of how “prepared” you feel (we know, nothing can prepare you for this), there are some time constraints you need to be aware of. In most states, you must bury the remains within 24 to 48 hours, though ideally within 3 to 6 hours after death.

Large dogs should almost certainly be buried within a few hours, as unfortunately once rigor mortis sets in, the body will harden and make it incredibly difficult to properly move the remains.

What can I use for my dog’s coffin?

Generally, you can use whatever materials you prefer. However, it’s best to opt for durable, secure materials that won’t bend or break during the burial.

Keep in mind you shouldn’t bury your dog in a biodegradable casket if euthanasia has been used. Euthanasia contains harmful chemicals that, if ingested by the natural wildlife, can cause serious harm.

What is the best material for a dog casket?

Durable materials, such as solid oak, metal, and high-impact plastic, are the best for dog caskets. Avoid flimsy materials that bend easily or can’t withstand a lot of weight. 

Biodegradable materials like bamboo fiber are also suitable if you want to lessen the environmental impact and have your pup be reunited with the earth.

Can you bury your dog in your yard?

This ultimately depends on the state or local laws applicable in your area. In some states, you can bury your dog in your yard under certain conditions, such as if the area is away from a water source and the remains are buried at least 3 feet deep. However, in other states, it is against the law to bury pet remains in your yard.


A casket will allow you to bury your dog with the respect and dignity he deserves. As our list above shows, there is a wide range of caskets available on the market. Some can be easily personalized, while others are made from biodegradable materials to minimize the environmental impact. 

It can be difficult to decide, but know that whatever you choose will honor your companion. Please feel free to share your personal experiences with grief, pet loss, and burial in the comments down below, or any other pet loss resources that have helped you through this difficult time.

how to bury a dead dog
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