9 Pieces of Pet Memorial Jewelry

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best pet memorial jewelry

If you have a pet that has passed away, pet memorial jewelry can be an elegant and touching way to remember you beloved pet. Here are nine of our favorite pieces from Etsy.

1. Hand-Stamped Dog Memorial Necklace

This piece of pet memorial jewelry is available from Etsy and features a customized hand stamped disk with a paw-print charm.

personalized pet memorial jewelry
  • Price: $35 (can go up to $40 for some chain lengths)
  • Made of sterling silver
  • Features a 1″ disk topped with a paw print charm
  • Hand stamped with your pet’s name
  • Etsy seller with 5 star rating and +1,400 positive reviews

2. Dog Bone and Charm Necklace

This piece features a dog bone and a small charm with your pet’s initial engraved.

pet memorial necklace
  • Price: $29-$33.50 (depending on length of chain)
  • Bronze with 14k gold filling
  • Choose initial to stamp on charm
  • Select from 3 different fonts for the initial
  • High-rated Etsy seller

3. Pet Memorial Bracelet With Engraved Initial

This pet memorial jewelry features an elegant bracelet with a small paw-print charm and a stamped charm with your pet’s initial.

pet memorial bracelet
  • Price: $50 (with charm)
  • Filled with 14k gold
  • Add more charms for extra charge
  • Another high-rated Etsy seller

4. Pet Memorial Charm Necklace

This pet charm necklace contains 3 charms which the user can choose. This is a great affordable option for those looking for a piece of pet remembrance jewelry.

pet memorial jewelry engraved
  • Price: $26.50
  • Choose 2 personalized hand-stamped charms
  • Choose 1 dangling charm (can be a birthstone, dog bone, cross, etc.)
  • High-rated Etsy seller

5. Pet Memorial Bracelet Cuff

This pet memorial cuff bracelet is a touching and elegant way to remember a pet that has passed. This personalized silver cuff can be customized to your desired message.

dog memorial bracelet
  • Price: $22
  • Made of tarnish-resistant aluminum
  • Customize with your own text
  • Reliable, high-rated seller

6. Pet Memorial Pendant Necklace

These custom pet memorial pendant necklaces are lovely while remaining affordable. The design is a simple silhouette portrait of your pet, for you to wear as a pendant.

dog memorial necklace
  • Price: $16 (or $21 to include chain)
  • Pendant is the size of a penny
  • Custom silhouette portrait of your pet
  • High-rated Etsy seller, with +1,000 positive reviews

7. Pet Silhouette Necklace

One piece of pet memorial jewelry I really love is this dog silhouette necklace. This is the style of necklace I ordered when my own dog passed away. I find these very stylish yet sweet, and it’s nice to have something you can wear at any time to remember your pet.

This pet remembrance necklace comes from Just Plain Simple.

dog memorial jewelry
  • Price: $42
  • Made of sterling silver
  • Several different designs available for different dog breeds
  • Also offers designs for cats, horses, and even monkeys!
  • Incredible Etsy seller rating, with a 5 star rating and +900 reviews.

8. Pet Remembrance Charms

This piece of pet memorial jewelry is similar to other offerings, but provides a unique writing style that I think makes it stand out quite a bit.

pet memorial charms
  • Price: $35-$55 depending on chain
  • Made of sterling silver
  • Features one disk that says, “you left a pawprint on my heart”
  • Features another disk with your pet’s name
  • Plus a paw print charm
  • Disks can be made to be flat or slightly cupped
  • Trusted Etsy seller

9. Pet Memorial Keychain

This pet memorial keychain lets you carry around a remembrance of your pet wherever you go. This item offers a lot of personalization at an affordable price.

  • Price: $23
  • Printed on aluminum dog tag
  • Choose an animal symbol, pet’s name (from a choice of fonts), and dates
  • Tag also contains words “forever friend,” or your custom choice of words
  • Choose a final symbol and color for the bottom of the keychain
  • Mega Etsy seller with +5,000 reviews and a 5-star rating

Looking for other ways to remember your pet? You may want to consider a dog casket, a pet memorial stone, or a custom pet portrait.

Which piece of pet memorial jewelry appeals the most to you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Do you have bracelets that you can put ashes in


Dear Meghan, thanks for your amazing guide. I am Capri, a new Etsy shop owner, making personalized pet portrait memorial necklace for my customers. I would like to see if you are interested in including my store or website http://www.meowloverclub.com into the list, as I think it will be fantastic memorial gifts as well. Thank you very much and have a great day!

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I’d like to order the dog tag, but I want it with just 3 names…can I get it that way? How durable is the aluminum and does it change colors ?? Thank you, Kathy

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Thank you so very much for listing my Etsy store.
I have made several bracelet that came from your web site.
I will make any of your 13 LOSS OF A DOG QUOTES or any custom quote your customers would like.
Is it Ok if I put a link from my store to your store?
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That’s great to hear Clinton! Yes, you may certainly link to K9 of Mine if you’d like.

Jenny R

This is an awesome website with some very nice items to help with the loss of a fuzzy loved one. Thank you for the good taste. JR


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