The 10 Best Frozen Dog Toys: Help Your Canine Chill Out!



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Just like we enjoy a tasty, frozen popsicle when the temperature ticks up, our furry friends often enjoy something cool to chew on as well. And a frozen dog toy is the perfect way to accomplish this!

But frozen chew toys are also useful for another purpose: They can soothe the sore gums of teething puppies!

Frozen dog toys come in many varieties. Some are designed specifically for chewing, while others are designed to hold frozen treats or wet food.

No matter which kind you choose, frozen dog toys are a must-have for all dog owners! We’ll identify a few of the best ones on the market and share some safety tips below!

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Best Frozen Dog Toys: Quick Picks

  • #1 Nylabone Chill & Chew Freezer Dog Bone [Best Overall Frozen Dog Toy]: Featuring an easy-to-grip bone shape and made by one of the leading chew toy manufacturers, this is the best option for most dog owners.
  • #2 Nylabone Chill and Chew Puppy Toy [Best Frozen Dog Toy for Teething Puppies]: This two-part chew toy gives your teething pooch two different textures to enjoy some mouth-soothing fun and stimulation.
  • #3 Multipet’s Chilly Bone Toy [Most Affordable Frozen Dog Toy]: Need a fun and functional frozen chew toy that’ll help keep your canine cool yet won’t break the bank? This one will get the job done and leave plenty of room in your dog-care budget.
  • #4 Classic KONG [Best for Multiple Applications]Even though the Classic KONG isn’t specifically designed to be a frozen toy, you can fill the internal compartment with any dog-safe liquid or paste your pet likes. Plus, you can use a KONG for dozens of different training drills and games.

Benefits of Frozen Dog Toys

frozen dog toy

Frozen dog toys provide a variety of valuable benefits, and they can help elevate your dog-care game to a whole new level. A few of the benefits they provide include: 

  • They last a while. Many dogs fly through pig snouts or cow ears and other chewable treats. However, frozen dog toys are naturally harder than most other options on the market. Because of this, they tend to last longer. If your dog flies through other chews too fast, a heavy-duty frozen toy may be the way to go. Many even can hold food and treats inside to provide extra chewing fun! 
  • They’re pretty darn safe. Though they should still be used under your supervision, frozen dog toys are pretty safe in most cases. Dogs aren’t as likely to choke on them as they would be with a bone or similar chew, but they fulfill the same basic chewing need. Furthermore, many frozen toys are made to withstand quite a bit of chewing, so the odds of your pooch breaking through them are pretty low. 
  • Dogs love ‘em. Most dogs love chewing on frozen toys. They feel good on their gums and often come with some sort of tasty food as well. Some frozen toys are even puzzle-like, making them perfect options for dogs who need some mental stimulation. 
  • They provide cool relief in the summer. When the summer rolls around, our dogs may need some help staying cool. Shade and puppy pools can only help so much. Just like people often turn to cool snacks in the hotter months, our dogs can benefit from a frozen toy or frozen dog treats in the summer to help stay cool. Plus, because they’re frozen, these toys stay cold for an extremely long-time – even when it is hot outside.
  • They’re excellent dog-management tools. Frozen toys can often be filled with food of some sort. Even if they can’t, though, many dogs just love to chew on something cold. This can be extremely useful when you need to keep your pooch busy for a while, like when you have company over or need to take an urgent call. 
  • They’re soothing for teething puppies. Puppies are a lot like babies. They are often in pain when their new teeth are coming in. When they are, something cool to chew on is often helpful. There are tons of puppy teething chews out there, so you’re sure to find something your pooch enjoys chewing on.
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The 10 Best Frozen Dog Toys

frozen dog chew

There are several great frozen dog toys on the market. The best one for your doggo will depend on his personality and your situation, so be sure to check them all out.

Here are some of our favorites: 

1. Nylabone Chill & Chew Freezer Dog Bone

About: The Nylabone Chill & Chew Freezer Dog Bone is a straightforward toy, that is shaped like a bone and is designed to be frozen.

It’s designed to replace regular bones and similar toys, and provide plenty of safe chewing fun. Because this toy is made to be frozen, it is particularly helpful on warmer days when your dog needs some help staying cool. 

Best Overall Frozen Dog Toy

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Nylabone Dog Moderate Chill & Chew Toy Chicken Medium/Wolf (1 Count) for small dogs

Nylabone Chill & Chew Freezer Dog Bone

Bone-shaped chew toy that you can freeze and use with spreadable treats.


  • Made in the USA toy for moderate chewers
  • Contains “pockets” to hold hard or frozen-liquid treats 
  • Designed for puppies and small dogs
  • Made in a bone-style shape with added ridges


  • Bone shape is easy for most dogs to hold
  • Pockets can be used with liquid or solid treats
  • The bone will be very cold after just 30 minutes in the freezer


  • Semi-soft design isn’t great for heavy chewers 
  • Because it is small, it’ll thaw pretty quickly

2. Nylabone Chill and Chew

About: Do you have a new furry friend at home? If so, the Nylabone Chill and Chew toy for puppies might be a perfect fit. These tiny plastic-and-cloth toys can be soaked and frozen in water to give your puppy something soothing to chew on. As a bonus, this toy comes lamb, peanut butter, or chicken flavors for extra pooch appeal.

Best Frozen Dog Toy for Teething Puppies

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Nylabone Freezer Puppy Chew Toy - Puppy Chew Toy for Teething - Puppy Supplies - Peanut Butter Flavor, Small (1 Count)

Nylabone Chill and Chew (Puppy)

A two-part toy featuring freezable, peanut-butter-flavored components.


  • Multi-texture tool for teething puppies
  • Soft, small toy only takes a couple of minutes to freeze 
  • Designed for dogs up to 25 pounds
  • Great for gentle chewers 
  • Cloth and textured bone combo 


  • Multitextured toy provides hours of stimulation 
  • This chew toy freezes quickly for rapid relief
  • Two-material design gives your pooch options


  • You can’t fill this toy with treats or food 
  • Not suited for larger dogs as using the small toy improperly could be a choking risk

3. PetSafe Chilly Penguin Treat Holding Dog Toy

About: The PetSafe Chilly Penguin is the perfect option when you need to keep your pooch busy or cool on a hot day.

It’s designed to hold dog treats of all sorts, from peanut butter and kibble to beef broth and yogurt. It also provides a bit of mental stimulation for your pooch, since it takes some work for him to reach the food. 

Best Scented Frozen Dog Toy

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chilly penguin chew toy

PetSafe Chilly Penguin

A durable, pre-scented chew toy that holds liquids you can freeze.


  • Challenging rounded base to challenge your pooch
  • Stackable in freezer
  • Durable rubber with treat pockets
  • Can hold liquid and solid treats 
  • Vanilla-scented for extra appeal
  • Small and large sizes available


  • Owners report that this toy kept pups occupied for hours
  • Durable and affordable, thus providing great value
  • Easy treat access makes this a great introductory treat toys for pups


  • May be too simple for super smart pups 
  • Unlikely to last for super chewers

4. NWK Freezable Pet Teether

About: The NWK Freezable Pet Teether is another simple pet teether that works best for puppies in need of some tooth and gum comfort.

It features a traditional ring shape, but it has small bumps to help massage your puppy’s gums as he chews. Older dogs may also enjoy this toy, as it provides some stress-relief, fulfills their chewing needs, and helps them cool off in the hotter months. 

Best Gum-Massaging Frozen Toy

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NWK Pet Teether Cooling Chew Toy for Dogs Teething Toy for Puppies, Fit with Treats for More Fun (Chewing Ring)

NWK Freezable Pet Teether

Freezable, plastic-studded chew toy that will massage your pup’s gums.


  • Built-in pouches for solid or liquid treats 
  • Textured bumps help soothe dog’s teeth
  • Thick ring for light to moderate chewers
  • Ring stays cold for long periods of time
  • Suitable for puppies and adult dogs alike 


  • Designed to soothe inflamed gums 
  • Easy to freeze and offer to your pet 
  • Pet parents found it very durable


  • Some owners noticed a new toy smell that might be off-putting to some dogs 
  • Manufacturer recommends replacing the toy every 3 months for tough chewers

5. KONG Dog Toy

About: The KONG Dog Toy is a classic toy that has been around for decades.

It’s made out of natural rubber and can be used as a chew toy or a fetch ball. The hole on one end allows it to be stuffed with all sorts of yummy treats, including hard treats and pastes like peanut butter.

Best Frozen Dog Toy for Multiple Applications

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The Classic Kong

Classic KONG Toy

A time-tested, trainer-approved chew toy that can be filled and frozen.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Available in sizes for puppies, adults, and seniors
  • Multiple rubber strengths are available 
  • Bounces when thrown 
  • Can be frozen when filled with a dog-safe filling 


  • Holds up well for all but the heaviest chewers 
  • Difficult design keeps dogs entertained for long stretches of time 
  • KONGs are largely held as a must-have for every pet parent


  • Heavy chewers might need the “Extreme KONG” series
  • KONGs aren’t frozen toys on their own and will need a liquid filling to get the full frozen effect

6. HyperPet Licking Mats

About: LickiMats are a great way to keep pups entertained, and they can be frozen with your pup’s favorite treats! This lick mat from Hyper Pet is simple, yet effective in keeping your dog entertained or acting as an easy-to-clean slow feeder. Simply spread your dog’s food or treats onto the mat, freeze, and serve! 

Lickimats aren’t specifically designed to be frozen, but they work marvelously in this fashion. In this way, they not only work for meal time, but whenever you want to give your dog a frozen treat too!

Best Frozen Dog Toy for Anxious Dogs

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Hyper Pet IQ Treat Lick Mat for Dogs, Dog Slow Feeder & Cat Lick Mats | Great Alternative to Slow Feeder Dog Bowls & Cat Slow Feeders | Perfect Dog Licking Mat, Cat Puzzle Feeder & Dog Enrichment Toys

HyperPet Licking Mats

An easy-to-use feeding mat that you can freeze for hot or anxious doggos.


  • Different textured surfaces to keep your dog engaged
  • Made in the USA 2-pack 
  • Thin design freezes quickly 
  • BPA-free rubber and plastic design 
  • Dishwasher safe design 


  • Acts as a slow feeder 
  • Helps keeps dogs entertained during stressful situations
  • Portable, affordable, and durable design 


  • Not meant to be chewed, so lick mats might not be great for teething pups 
  • The mat might move around a bit when placed on hardwood floors

7. Multipet’s Chilly Bone Toy

About: Multipet’s Chilly Bone Toy is perfect for pups who prefer a softer feel to their dog toys. These affordable toys come in packs of two and have a soft, canvas exterior. Simply wet the toy and freeze it before handing it over to your hound.  

Most Affordable Frozen Dog Toy

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Multipet's 5.5-Inch Chilly Bone Dog Toy This Canvas Toy(Colors May Vary)

Multipet’s Chilly Bone Toy

Budget-friendly, canvas toy set that you can freeze before chew time.


  • Pack of two frozen toys
  • Canvas cover is pretty durable
  • Suitable for small and medium dogs 
  • Soft design is perfect for puppies 
  • Includes a freezer-friendly bag


  • Soft texture is perfect for young pups 
  • Super affordable price point 
  • Great for teething pups with delicate teeth  


  • Some owners complained that it thaws too quickly
  • Not a great pick for heavy chewers

8. APETBABY Dog Crate Chew

About: The APETBABY Dog Crate Chew provides your pooch with a delicious frozen treat while he relaxes in his crate. Simply fill up the crate chew with dog-safe peanut butter or broth, freeze and then attach to your dog’s crate. This chew is easy to clean and can help your furball create a positive association with his crate. 

Best Frozen Dog Toy for Crate Use

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No products found.

APETBABY Dog Crate Chew

A rubber, crate-mountable chew that’ll hold frozen liquids or spreads.


  • Unique design that fits directly outside dog’s crates
  • BPA-free durable chew 
  • Great for spreadable treats like dog-safe peanut butter
  • Flexible rubber toy
  • Helps dogs learn to love crates


  • One of the few frozen dog toys designed specifically for crates 
  • Convenient option for pet parents that’s easy to clean
  • Can help with crate training 


  • Fairly small crate chew might not work for larger breeds 
  • This crate chew won’t hold up to super chewers 

9. GUCHO Penguin

About: For a soothing snack and toy, hand Spot one of these fun GUCHO Penguin toys. These toys are made of beef-flavored rubber, and can be enjoyed on their own or filled with your dog’s treats of choice. With a fairly large opening, this toy doubles as a great slow feeder, too.

Best Frozen Dog Toy for Small Breeds

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GUCHO Penguin Dog Chew Toys, Freezable Stuffable Puppy Treat Dispensing Chew Toys, Natural Rubber Interactive Puzzle Game Dog Toys for Small Medium Large Dogs, Fun to Chase and Fetch, Beef Flavor

GUCHO Penguin

A multi-use chew toy you can fill with various liquids before freezing it.


  • Penguin toy bounces and rolls for extra fun
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Holds wet and dry food
  • Perfect for medium to large size dogs
  • Takes about 2 to 3 hours to freeze


  • Dogs absolutely love playing with this toy and stay occupied while hunting for treats
  • Beef flavor keeps dogs enticed even when toy is not filled
  • Can be used for Fetch or other play 


  • Not a great pick for super chewers 
  • Too large for small pups

10. Chew King Dog Toy

About: This large dog toy from Chew King can hold up to 1 cup of food making it a great slow feeder or toy for large furry friends. Once filled, the Chew King can be frozen and then served. The square design makes this toy super stackable for easy storage and meal prep for your marvelous mutt.

Best Frozen Dog Toy for Large Breeds

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Chew King Premium Treat Dog Toy, XL, Extremely Durable Natural Rubber Fillable Toy Collection, Frozen Feeding, All Breed Sizes

Chew King Dog Toy

A big-and-bulky chew that can be used to hold food or frozen liquids for Fido.


  • Large 1 cup capacity 
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup
  • Stackable design
  • Equipped with a safety air vent at the bottom
  • Durable rubber design


  • Perfect for larger pups or dogs who like a cold slow feeder 
  • Super affordable price for a large, durable toy
  • Dishwasher friendly design makes these toys easy to clean


  • Toy is on the heavier side so it may not work for smaller furry friends
  • Some owners found the food opening too small

Frozen Dog Toy Safety


While frozen toys typically aren’t any more dangerous than your average dog toy, there are a few safety pointers you should keep in mind:

Supervision is Vital

Supervision is required for any toy. Even the most durable dog toys are not indestructible. Dogs can and will bite pieces off of toys, especially if they are heavy chewers. When this happens, the broken piece can become a choking hazard.   

Furthermore, some frozen toys are filled with gel.

While this keeps them frozen for longer, it also means that the gel will leak out if the toy is punctured. If your dog is using the toy without supervision, they may consume quite a bit of this gel before you notice it. 

Encourage Licking

Frozen toys are generally meant to be licked, not chewed. This is one of the reasons they’re often filled with frozen food.

The frozen treats encourage the dog to lick them as they melt, instead of trying to chew straight through the toy. 

Try to encourage your dog to lick whichever frozen toy you choose. The easiest way to do this is to add food, especially wet foods and pastes. They make spreadable dog treats that are designed for this exact purpose. 

Inspect Regularly

You want to make sure that the toy isn’t about to break by inspecting it regularly. Most of the time, durable toys don’t break within a matter of hours. Instead, they get broken down over days or weeks. 

You want to catch the wear-and-tear before anything breaks. If our dogs are chewing on something and break a piece off, they’re going to be able to eat it before we can get to them – especially if they’re determined. 

This is why it is so essential to catch the rips and tears early. 

Clean Regularly

Your dog will end up slobbering all over his toy, and the resulting film and grime can quickly build up on their toys. Frozen toys are even more susceptible to bacteria because they are often filled with food. 

Over time, this can make your dog sick or turn them off from chewing on his frozen toy. We recommend cleaning your pet’s frozen toys regularly. A quick scrub before you throw the toy back in the freezer is all you may need. 

Many are machine-washable, which can cut down on cleaning time substantially. This also provides you with an opportunity to inspect the toy. 

Best Frozen Dog Toy FAQs

Are you still having trouble landing on the perfect frozen dog toy for your pooch? Here are some commonly asked questions and answers you may find helpful for making your decision. 

What dog toys can be frozen?

In most cases, you’ll only want to freeze dog toys that are made for that specific purpose. Some toys may become brittle or break once frozen, which will not only ruin the toy but it may also endanger your pup. 

What can I freeze for a teething dog?

Teething pups can enjoy dog toys that are designed to be frozen. Just make sure your toy of choice is puppy approved (like a puppy teething KONG) so it’s gentle on your pup’s growing teeth. 

Can you freeze dog toys for teething?

Generally speaking, you should only freeze dog toys for teething that are designed to be frozen. Most of the time, safe frozen teething toys are made out of some type of flexible, soft rubber. 

Are frozen dog toys safe?

Frozen dog toys are pretty safe as long as you use them in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines. Freezer-friendly dog toys are usually made out of durable, flexible rubber that’s soft on the teeth and less likely to splinter than an actual bone. 

What can I stuff a frozen dog toy with? 

You can stuff frozen dog toys with any pooch-approved foods like dog-safe peanut butter or yogurt. There are also plenty of DIY stuffed KONG recipes you can experiment with to keep your pooch entertained. 

DIY Frozen Dog Toy 

Want to make a quick, frozen toy for your canine companion? Convert a sock into a soothing dog toy with this easy tutorial from Instructables. All you need is a long sock that’s no longer in use. 

To make the toy, simply tie the sock into a ball, soak it in water, squeeze off excess moisture, and freeze. Once it’s frozen, you can play Fetch with this frozen dog toy or give it to your pooch to enjoy on his own accord.

Additional Ways to Keep Your Canine Cool 

pools for dogs

Frozen dog toys can be a great way to keep your furball comfortable throughout the summer months. Check out these additional strategies to keep your canine cool:

  • Treat your pooch to frozen treats. Frozen treats like pupsicles or ice block treats can be a great way to cool off your canine while serving up some scrumptious DIY delicacies. 
  • Make sure your dog stays cool in the car. Cars can heat up quickly, so you’ll want to take precautions to keep your dog cool in the car. Some dogs might need a cooling vest or other aid to stay comfortable. Your dog should have access to plenty of water while on road trips and should not be left alone in the vehicle. 
  • When in doubt, stay inside. Try to take your dog outside only during the coolest parts of the day, especially if you have a breed that struggles in the heat. 
  • Give your pooch a cool hub to retreat to. Your dog should have a nice, cool area in the house to relax and recharge. Some pups have special dog beds for summer or specialized cooling dog beds for additional relief.  


Frozen dog toys can be the answer to keeping your dog occupied and cool. They can also be an excellent option for puppies who are teething, since the cold and gum massage may reduce their discomfort. 

While these toys are usually pretty safe, you should still follow appropriate safety guidelines to prevent choking. 

Why are you looking for a frozen dog toy? Is there a favorite toy we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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