Best Water Bottle Toys for Dogs: Crunchy Fun!

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Toys By Kelsey Leicht 7 min read December 2, 2019

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Water Bottle Toys for Dogs

Some doggos can’t get enough of crunchy, scrunchy water bottles. Easy to chomp, throw, and chase as they roll, it’s easy to see why dogs love them. 

While these plastic pieces make awesome playthings, it’s important to keep safety in mind, as plain old water bottles present choking hazards in the form of the cap and the small, sharp pieces that may result from chew time. 

Fortunately, there are a few ways you can make plastic bottles safer for your pup to enjoy. Let’s look at ways to do so below! 

Why Do Dogs Love Plastic Water Bottles?

As we discussed above, water bottles are fun to chew, making them prime targets for dog chompers.

They have a nice combination of rigidity and flexibility, which really seems to excite dogs. They’re tough enough to be fun to chew, while still soft enough that your dog can squeeze them with his mouth. 

Plastic bottles also make an irresistible crunching sound with every bite, which, like squeaky toys, give your dog an audible reward for his labor.

Are Water Bottles Safe to Give Dogs?

With a few preemptive safety precautions, water bottles can be pretty safe for your dog to play with.

Before giving your pooch a bottle to gnaw on, remove the cap, as well as the label. Not only are these potential choking hazards, but if the plastic is ingested, they can cause stomach upset, obstruction, or other ailments. 

It’s also a good idea to cover the bottle in a dog-safe material, so he can’t access any small or sharp pieces. This will help protect his mouth and prevent him from swallowing plastic.  

Just note that these precautions won’t make a plastic bottle 100% safe. And as with all dog toys, always monitor your pupper when he plays with water-bottle toys

However, many of the water bottle toys below take care of these steps for you, and help make plastic bottles safer for your pooch’s playtime!

Best Water Bottle Dog Toys

Looking for a plastic bottle dog toy for your buddy? Check out these awesome empty water bottle dog toy options.

1. Max and Neo Fox, Bear and Wolf Water Bottle Dog Toys

About: The Max and Neo Water Bottle Covers are plush slips fashioned after cute woodland creatures. Just insert a water bottle in the cover, and your dog can happily munch away.


  • YOUR PURCHASE HELPS A DOG RESCUE: For every dog toy sold, we donate an identical dog toy to a dog...
  • DOG RESCUES: Each month we donate to different rescues throughout the USA. At the end of every...
  • WATER BOTTLE CRACKLE AND TEXTURE: Place an empty plastic water bottle (not included) into the toy....
  • DOES NOT INCLUDE WATER BOTTLES: We have chose not to include water bottles as we are environmentally...

Features: These stuffing-free toys can accommodate water bottles up to 16.9-ounces in size though they can be used without a bottle as well. 

Made with durable, plush material, these toys let your dog enjoy the crunches and scrunches of water bottle play safely, preventing accidental ingestion and injury from sharp edges.

They’re also reusable, and best of all, Max and Neo donate a toy to a rescue for each one purchased!


The plush material of this toy not only protects your dog’s gums but also allows smaller pups to get a good grip on otherwise bulky water bottles. The toy can also be used without a bottle insert, allowing the fun to keep going even if you don’t have one available. The floppy tails and limbs of the critter design add to the fun, as your dog can fling it around in play.


Serious shredders will likely make quick work of this cute critter. Some dogs and plush just don’t mix, and those adorable little limbs could be accidentally ripped off and ingested. If you have a destructive doggo, we’d recommend you pick another toy.

2. Ethical Pets Stuffing-Free Dog Toy

About: The Ethical Pets Dog Toy is a stuffing-free way to have water bottle fun without any boo-boos. Crafted in a cute critter form, this toy works  with or without a bottle inside, and the included squeakers enhance play. 


  • Stuffing free
  • Extra durable
  • Add a Plastic water bottle for Extra crunch and crinkle
  • Always supervise your dog during play

Features: The textured plush fabric stands up to chewing while protecting your pooch’s teeth and gums from harm, and the inner pouch secures standard-sized water bottles with a Velcro closure

The lack of stuffing makes for mess-free fun, and Ethical Pets’ focus on creating sustainable dog toys makes it a durable, reusable, eco-friendly addition to your pup’s toy box.


Owners loved the reusable nature of this toy and the fact that it’s machine-washable, allowing you to keep it fresh and slobber-free. Many dogs love the squeakers, though they can be removed if you’d like, which is another bonus. Reviewers found the toy to be durable, though most appeared to be small dog owners.


This is another toy that seems to fall victim to shredders. It may stand up to chewing, but if your dog tends to shred or yank at fabric, this is not an ideal pick, according to reviewers.

3. ZippyPaws — Happy Hour Crusherz Water Bottle Dog Toy

About: A cheeky nod to happy hour, these adorable ZippyPaws Plushes let your dog chow down on a bottle safely. There’s something for every pup, including whiskey for the hounds and rosé for the fancy floofs. 


  • Cool Dog Toys - Happy Hour has never been so fun! Find the perfect drink match for you and your...
  • No Stuffing Dog Squeaky Toys - This Zippy Paws dog toy has no stuffing. Rather than being soft and...
  • Replaceable Water Bottle for Dogs - Each Happy Hour Crusherz toy comes with a water bottle that can...
  • Squeaky Dog Accessories - Each toy also comes with a squeaky water bottle cap that can be reused...

Features: This stuffing-free dog toy leaves the fluff behind, and its included squeaker cap enhances play.

The included Velcro-fastener keeps water bottles safely tucked away, letting your pup nom-nom-nom up a storm without risk of injury. Reusable and washable, the Happy Hour Crusherz are ready for ongoing play.


Free of the dangly appendages many canines love to annihilate, owners found this plush toy to have a longer lifespan than similar items. Pawrents enjoyed that the squeaker cap is removable as it makes the toy safer for dogs that love to ingest all things squeaky.


Some reviewers noted their pooches seemed to have an obsession with the Velcro, so if you have a curious pooch, you might want to keep searching. The toy also appeared to have an issue with durability, with strong chewers destroying it rather quickly. The included squeaker top doesn’t fit many water bottles, as well.

4. JW Pet Dog Ball

About: A way to simulate the irresistible crunchy bottle sound without an actual bottle, the JW Pet Dog Ball is a non-toxic rubber ball with a tempting inner plastic layer. Free of plush and stuffing, it’s a great pick for power-chewing puppers, and unlike a bottle, it maintains its shape for rounds of fetch.


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  • JW Pet Toy Collection: Designed especially for dogs, our full line of versatile and durable chew,...

Features: Designed for safe play, your pup can enjoy his favorite plastic bottle sounds and textures without the risk of sharp edges.

The flexible design and multiple size options let your four-footer easily lift it and toss it around, thereby allowing the little guys to get in on the action too.


This is an excellent choice for destructive doggos who rip soft, plush toys apart. Owners gave it a paws up for keeping pups engaged with its crinkle and crackle sounds. It’s an ideal pick for doggos that love water bottles but can’t be trusted with the real thing for one reason or another.


Durability is questionable, according to reviewers. Heavy chewers seem to destroy it quickly, with some puncturing the inner plastic ball. Others found the toy a bit too noisy for their liking.

DIY Water Bottle Toy: Make Your Own Puptastic Toy!

You don’t have to spend big bucks on a new toy, as there are plenty of homemade dog toys with water bottles you can make yourself. We’re all about DIY dog toys, as they allow you to control the materials, look, and, ultimately, the durability of the final product. 

Check out this wooftastic water bottle dog toy cruncher by Ammo the Dachshund, for instance.

DIY Bottle Toy by Ammo the Dachshund

It doesn’t get much easier than this homemade water bottle toy from Ammo the Dachshund. You most likely won’t even need to leave the house to make it. 

DIY Water Bottle Toy

Difficulty: Easy


  • Old t-shirt or about 1-yard of scrap fabric
  • Plastic bottle


  • Scissors

Just wrap a plastic bottle in an old t-shirt or large fabric scrap and secure it in place by tying the ends. If you have sewing skills, you could get a little fancy and sew the ends or use Velcro to make it reusable, too.


Does your fur baby go bonkers over bottles? Have you tried any of these toys or have another you swear by? Let us know in the comments!

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