11 Best Indestructible Dog Toys: Top Picks For Aggressive Chewers

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Toys By Meg Marrs 29 min read June 5, 2019 19 Comments

best dog toys for aggressive chewers

Some dogs like it ruff and tear through normal toys like they’re nothing. But even rough and tough dogs deserve some solid toys in their lives (and you certainly don’t want to let your dog get bored, unless you’re totally fine with your dog tearing through your house and wreaking havoc!)

You want dog toys for your tough chewer, but the wrong type of dog toys won’t last a single hour. Even worse, when tough dogs chew through some dog toys, they risk seriously harming themselves. Just as owners of rough dogs often need to purchase chew-proof dog beds, you’ll need chew-proof toys as well!

In this guide, we’ll show you how to find dog toys built specifically with tough chewers in mind, plus we’ll share our top picks when it comes to rough and tough dog toys.

Quick Picks: Toughest Dog Toys

  • #1 Pick: Goughnuts MAXX 50 Ring. A tough-as-nails rubber chew ring that has several layers inside, showing the red rubber when it’s time to replace the toy. If it shows red, send it back for a free replacement!
  • #2 Pick: West Paw Tux Stuffable Treat Toy. This ultra-tough toy can float, bounce, and fly through the air. Plus it has a pocket that can be stuffed with treats for food-dispensing fun!
  • #3 Pick: Kong Extreme Dog Toy Rubber Ball. Kong’s legendary black rubber is the toughest around, and this puncture-resistant ball is said to withstand even super strong chompers.

Honorable Mentions: Other Tough Toys

  • Best Soft Toy: Tuffy Mega Boomerang Made with luggage-grade material and several layers of cross-stitch, it’s the one fabric toy that has a chance against your pooch’s teeth.
  • Best Rope Toy: Mammoth Flossy 3-Knot Tug Rope Made of colorful rope fibers that clean your dog’s teeth while he plays. Just don’t let him ingest the fibers!
  • Best Tough Frisbee: The Kong Flyer A flying frisbee made from Kong’s tough red rubber- great when you’re sick of your dog breaking apart plastic frisbees at the beach.

Continue reading for more in-depth reviews

Indestructable Dog Toys For Aggressive Chewers: Finding the Best Materials

When it comes to heavy-duty dog toys for tough canines, you need to select one made of suitably tough materials. Below, you’ll find a few of the materials that you want to seek out, as well as a few materials you want to make sure to avoid.

Ideal Materials For Tough Dog Toys

The following materials are some of the very best options, which should stand up well to your dog’s dental daggers. You’ll still want to use caution at the outset (no material is truly indestructible), but these materials are usually very durable.

Rubber. The vast majority of dog toys created specifically with aggressive chewers in mind are made of rubber. Rubber is durable and virtually indestructible, so this material should be your first pick in a dog toy.

Just look for rubber toys with soft, malleable edges that are smooth and not sharp. Soft rubber toys are also great for puppies who are teething!

Thick rope material. Rope toys are another popular dog toy for tough chewers. Rope toys are durable, easy to clean (just throw them in the wash), and relatively safe.

Even if your dog ends up eating a few strands of cotton rope, it probably won’t send them to the emergency room. Even better, most rope toys can double as tug-of-war toys, providing fun for canines and their owners!

Rope also makes a great leash material for tough dogs that might bust or chew through traditional leads.

Materials to Avoid for Tough Dog Toys

Chew toys made with the following materials or items are almost never strong enough for power-chewing pups. Generally speaking, you’ll want to avoid them entirely.

Squeaker toys. Squeaker toys are tons of fun for dogs, but the risks are just too high for tough chewers.

Rough dogs can easily tear through most “indestructible” squeaky dog toys on their mission to find the noise-making device inside. Once they find that squeaker, they usually eat it, and that’s no good.

Squeaky toys may be acceptable for interactive use if you watch your dog closely, but they should never be given to dogs for solo play. 

Plush or fleece toys. Plush and fleece toys are usually absolutely adorable. After all, who doesn’t want to see their dog chewing on a Darth Vader doll?

Unfortunately, indestructible plush dog toys simply don’t exist. Most aggressive chewers will tear right through these toys like butter and eat up the insides, causing digestive issues, discomfort, and potentially even more serious medical issues.

Latex or vinyl toys. Again, these toys are often cute and fun, but they just aren’t durable enough for tough dogs.

When dogs bite through toys like these, they can also create sharp edges that will destroy your dog’s mouth and cause extreme discomfort (as well as potentially lead to an infection).

Hit-or-Miss Materials That May or May Not Work for Power Chewers

Many materials used to make indestructible dog chew toys fit neatly into one of the two categories discussed above, but others aren’t so easy to characterize.

They may work for some dogs, yet be completely inadequate for others. So, just be sure that you supervise closely (especially during the first few play sessions) if you select a toy made from one of the materials below.

Kevlar. Kevlar is a fabric used in the manufacture of bullet-proof vests, sails, drum heads, and other items which must stand up to a considerable amount of wear and tear. And over the last few years, many manufacturers have begun making Kevlar dog toys.

There are a number of reasons Kevlar dog toys are intriguing options for power chewers. For starters, it has a tensile strength five times greater than steel! But part of the reason it stops bullets, knives, and (theoretically) your dog’s teeth is that the fibers of Kevlar are extremely tight. This makes it difficult for things to punch through the material.

But in practice, Kevlar doesn’t always work well for chew toys. It does appear capable of standing up to some dogs (even power chewers), but it seems to fall apart pretty readily when others get their chompers on it.

 Firehose Material. A few manufacturers make their toys from fire hoses. Firehose material is built to withstand incredible internal pressures as well as the wear and tear firehoses experience during use, so it is certainly a material worthy of consideration.

But unfortunately, it isn’t quite as awesome as dog owners may hope. While firehose dog toys do appear to hold up well for some dog owners, they have failed spectacularly for others. At least one family found themselves spending thousands of dollars to save their dog after she choked on part of the toy.

So, while you may want to give a firehose dog toy a try, be sure to use caution when doing so.

Which Type of Indestructible Dog Chew Toys Are Best for Your Pup?

Now that you understand the types of materials that usually work best for power-chewing pups, it’s time to talk about which dog chew toy shapes and designs are best.

There are a lot of options on the market, and they each work best in different situations.

For example, some dogs need a chew toy that they can enjoy alone, while others need a chew toy that’s also fun to throw around at the park.

We’ll talk about the pros and cons of the various chew toy styles below.

The Classic Bone Chew Toy

Bone-shaped chew toys are usually best-suited for dogs who like gnawing on things for long periods of time.

They offer your pet two or more different shapes (the thinner middle section and the bulbous ends) to enjoy, and they’re usually easy for dogs to hold and manipulate.

On the other hand, bone-shaped chew toys are not very good for interactive play with your pet.

They’re too heavy to work as throwing toys, and they don’t work very well for tugging games either.

Nevertheless, there’s a reason the classic bone shape is so popular (aside from the cuteness factor), and the best dog chew bones often make great heavy-duty dog toys for power-chewing pups.

Indestructible Dog Balls

Ball-shaped chew toys are best suited for dogs who want to play fetch or chase toys that bounce in unpredictable ways.

They will not only hold up to wear and tear better than most alternatives (such as traditional frisbees), they’re safer than tennis balls, and many will work with ball-launching devices.

Solid rubber dog balls are ideal, but some indestructible dog balls are hollow inside. As long as the materials used in the construction are resilient enough for your dog’s teeth, either style will work fine.

However, ball-shaped chew toys are utterly useless for tugging games, and they aren’t great for solo chewing sessions either.

Heavy-Duty Tug Toys

A lot of super-resilient dog toys are designed for playing tugging games with your pet.

These toys usually have some type of “handle” for you and your dog to grab, and they’re built from materials that have a high tensile strength (which simply means that they won’t break easily if you yank on each end).

Some will work for fetch or solo-chewing time too, it just depends on their materials and design.

At any rate, many power-chewing dogs love to play tug of war with their peeps, so these are some of the best indestructible dog toys for pit bulls, Rottweilers, and other pups that like to pull.

Dog Toys That Hide Treats

If you have a brainy, easily bored canine, you may want to consider dog toys that hide treats inside.

These types of toys will usually keep your pet busy for long periods of time, as he’ll have to work diligently to obtain the tasty prize.

These types of toys don’t work well for fetch or tug of war, but they’re great for giving your dog an outlet for his chewing and problem-solving instincts.

Plus, yummy treats are always a good thing!

Novel Chew Toy Designs

There’s no shortage of creativity among dog toy manufacturers, and a few companies make novel toys, which don’t clearly fit into one of the categories discussed above.

These types of toys usually feature unusual shapes or designs, which are often designed to address specific needs.

The West Paw Zogoflex Hurley is a great example (scroll down to see an in-depth review of this particular toy).

It’s more-or-less bone-shaped, but the manufacturer has tweaked the design a little bit to make it easier for dogs to hold with their paws and mouth.

Another example is West Paw’s Zogoflex Jive Ball. Unlike “standard” balls, this one is designed to not only be super-durable, but also to bounce in unpredictable ways that drive dogs crazy.

It’s tough to make broad generalizations about the applications that are best for these non-traditional toys, so you’ll just have to evaluate them on a case-by-case basis.

Indistructable Chew Toys

When Buying Chew-Proof Dog Toys, Get the Right Size

When it comes to getting the right dog toys for your aggressive chewer, it’s important to keep size in mind.

Toys that are too small can easily cause large dogs to choke. Use the same discretion with dog toys as you would use with a baby – if it could potentially cause a choking hazard, avoid it at all costs.

Make sure your dog toys are always too large to swallow!

Also, generally speaking, the larger the toy, the better it will stand up to your dog’s teeth and jaws.

As long as the toy is small enough that your dog can play with it and gnaw on it, it’s generally a good idea to opt for the largest toys possible.

Best Indestructible Dog Toy Brands For Rough Canines

Many dog toy companies market their toys as tough, but few stand up to the test. These manufacturers are proven pros when it comes to creating tough, durable dog toys that can withstand the powerful jaws of your chewer!

Kong. Most famously known for their Kong ball, Kong creates some of the most durable dog toys on the market. They also have a pretty decent variety, providing balls, toys, snacks, and more.

Many Kong toys also have a hole that can be filled with treats or goodies that will keep your dog occupied while you’re away (if you’ve got a Kong, make sure to check out our list of the best recipes to insert in your Kong ball!)

West Paw Design. West Paw Design is another dog toy brand that does a really fantastic job at creating great dog toys for tough chewers. All their toys are made in the USA (Bozeman, Montana to be specific), safe, and 100% tough chewer guaranteed (which means you can send back any destroyed toy and get a new one for free). All their toys are also FDA-compliant and recyclable. See the full variety of West Paw Design’s great toys!

Nylabone. Nylabone specialized in dental dog chews that help promote good canine hygiene. With chews and toys in a variety of sizes and designs, Nylabone is a favorite of veterinarians. Check out the full collection of Nylabone offerings!

Breeds That May Need Especially Tough Toys

Power chewers come in all shapes, sizes and breeds, so there aren’t any cut-and-dry rules regarding which dogs will need premium chew toys and which ones can get by with run-of-the-mill versions.

However, there are a few breeds that usually require heavy-duty dog toys.

For example, you’ll often need indestructible dog toys for pit bulls and other breeds with blocky heads and big jaws. We’ll list a few of the breeds that most commonly need super-strong toys below.

  • American pit bull terriers
  • American Staffordshire terriers
  • Beagles
  • Siberian huskies
  • German shepherds
  • Shetland sheepdogs
  • Bull terriers
  • Jack Russel terriers
  • Labrador retrievers
  • Golden retrievers
  • Australian shepherds

Cheap Chew Toys Are a Bad Investment

We wanted to make one last point before we dive into a few of the specific chew toys that are good for power chewers:

Dog ownership is often expensive, and we all have budgetary limitations. But while you can try to save money on some purchases for your pet, don’t skimp on your dog’s chew toys – especially if your pup is a power chewer.

Simply put, cheap chew toys may endanger your dog.

You won’t care that you saved ten bucks on a chew toy if your pup ends up in the vet’s office, racking up thousands of dollars in medical bills.

Also, safety concerns aside, cheap chew toys don’t save you any money in the long run.

You’ll just end up replacing them more quickly and spending more money over time. Just go ahead and pick up a few of the best chew-proof dog toys you can find.

Durable Dog Toys

11 Best “Indestructable” Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers

Here are our choice picks when it comes to the best dog toys for tough chewers. While no dog toy is 100% guaranteed to be indestructible, these dog toys come as close as it gets.

1. Nylabone T-Rex

Nylabone Durable Dental Dinosaur Chew Toy (Dinosaur Varies)About: This dinosaur dental chew toy is a Nylabone favorite, featuring a kick-ass T-rex design. Watch your pup wrestle with a T-rex, all while cleaning his teeth!

  • Designed specifically for tough chewers. This toy’s rounded nubs and bristles help clean teeth and control plaque and tartar build-up. And these pup toys are much more fun than trying to brush your dog’s teeth.
  • Up to 50lbs. Said to be suitable for dogs that weight up to 50 lbs.
  • Made in the USA. This chew is made in the USA – always good to see your dog toys aren’t coming from China.
  • Available in several dino shapes. Maybe a t-rex isn’t cool enough for you. Maybe you need even MORE dino options. We feel ya, and luck for you, this toy is also available in Brontosaurus and Stegosaurus. Can’t choose just one? Grab the whole set of dino chew toys!


This dog toy is tough and durable, all while cleaning your doggie’s teeth! As a major bonus, the dinosaur shape is probably the coolest dental chew you’ll ever see.


Not much in the way of cons. Your dog may not fancy these chews due to preference, but that seems pretty unlikely considering the killer reviews from other owners.

2. West Paw Zogoflex Hurley Tough Dog Bone

About: The West Paw Zogoflex Hurley Tough Dog Bone is a rough and tough dog toy for aggressive chewers – a bone-a-fide win (haha — get it?). Simply put, this is one of the best dog chew bones around for solo chomping, and it is also great for playing fetch.West Paw Design Zogoflex Dog Toy, Hurley, Large (Colors Vary)

  • Floatable. This dog bone can float in water, making it great for playing fetch at the beach or pool.
  • 100% damage free guarantee. If your dog destroys the Hurley bone, get a new one sent to you ASAP!
  • Made in the USA. Manufactured in Bozeman, Montana, like all West Paw toys.
  • Easy to clean. This toy can just be thrown in the dishwasher to be cleaned.
  • Super safe. This toy is BPA-and-Phthalate-free, non-toxic, and FDA compliant.


This dog toy does it all – it floats, it’s tough as heck and can be gnawed on all night, and it can even double as a fetch toy!


While many owners adore the Hurley and other Zogoflex dog toys, they have shown to not really be indestructible. Several buyers on Amazon report their dogs tearing apart these beloved bones. The good news is that their customer support is great, and they’ll send you a new one no problem. However, be aware that there are dogs that have totaled these things.

3. West Paw Tux Stuffable Tough Treat Toy

West Paw Zogoflex Tux Interactive Treat Dispensing Dog Chew Toy for Aggressive Chewers, 100% Guaranteed Tough, It Floats!, Made in USA, Large, Granny SmithAbout: The West Paw Tux Stuffable Treat Toy, designed for aggressive chewers, adds in the option to insert treats and goodies, which are dispensed as your dog plays.

  • Hollow space for treat dispensing. You can stuff the Tux toy with treats, encouraging your dog to play and engage with the toy, keeping him stimulated.
  • Floats, bounces, and flies. This dog toy can serve as a one stop shop for your canine fun – it can float, bounce, and be used for fetch!
  • Easy to clean. As with the Hurley bone, the Tux can also be tossed in the dishwasher for a quick and easy cleaning.
  • Ultra tough. The Tux is designed specifically for dogs that love to gnaw.


Owners are awe-struck at this toy’s ability to stand up against tough chewers. Like all West Paw products, it too is made in the USA and comes with a 100% aggressive chewers guarantee.


In a few rare cases, canines still manage to bust through this toy. However, the huge majority of owners with tough chewers have found that the Tux takes the cake.

4. West Paw Bumi Tug-o-War

West Paw Zogoflex Bumi Interactive Tug of War Durable Dog Play Toy, 100% Guaranteed Tough, It Floats!, Made in USA, Large, Granny SmithAbout: The Bumi Tog-o-War is yet another West Paw product, this time with a funky tug-of-war tough toy that aggressive chewers and humans will both enjoy!

  • Tug away. This colorful tug-of-war toy can actually stretch to twice it’s length, for unlimited tugging potential!
  • Unique “S” shape. Features unusual interactive shape that can let two dogs or humans and canines get in on the fun. Toy can be used to tug or to fetch.
  • Easy on the mouth. While this toy is tough and durable, it’s also designed to be gentle on your dog’s mouth.
  • Floatable. Like other West Paw dog toys, the Bumi also floats in water!


Owners describe the Bumi as a tug-of-war tank – it can withstand even the toughest of dogs and don’t break a sweat! Like all West Paw toys, the Bumi is also made in the USA and has a tough chewer guarantee.


Again, no toy is 100% indestructible all the time for every dog. Once in a blue moon a god-like dog may be able to bust through this thing, but those cases are extreme outliers. This one is a safe bet!

5. Tuffy Mega Boomerang

TUFFY Mega Boomerang, Durable Dog ToyAbout: The Tuffy Mega Boomerang is one of the few dog toys for aggressive chewers made of fabric that can withstand those tough teeth!

  • Available in several colors. Available in tiger, brick, or chain link design pattern.
  • Floats. This is another tough chewer dog toy that floats!
  • Machine washable. Just toss it in the machine to get it clean.
  • Frisbee or tug. This toy can be used as a frisbee fetch toy or a tug-of-war toy.
  • Tons of layered stitching and material. This Tuffy dog toy features several layers of luggage-grade material with several layers of cross stitching for additional safety and protection.


One of the VERY few ultra-tough soft toys suitable for chewers. The extra layers of webbing and stitching make this one of the rare soft toys that tough chewers can enjoy.


Not many – as with all “indestructible” dog toys, some dogs will total the toys, but most owners have found the Tuffy Mega Boomerang — and most other Tuffy dog toys — to be terrific!

6. Kong Flyer

Kong Rubber Flyer, Large, RedAbout: The Kong Flyer is a great durable dog toy from the Kong collection, fit for throwing with your furry friend.

  • Tough and durable. The Kong Flyer is made out of the classic and trusted KONG natural rubber that’s also non-toxic.
  • Ideal for fetch. This toy is perfect for playing fetch with your tough chewer.
  • Super safe. Since the Kong Flyer is made of rubber, it’s softer on your dog’s teeth and gums than classic plastic frisbees.
  • Available in several sizes. Comes in small and large size.
  • Made in the USA. KONG toys are manufactured in the USA


The best frisbee dog toy for tough chewers, this baby can withstand powerful jaws that normally bust through traditional flying disks.


Some buyers believe that KONG has changed the design of their Kong Flyer and find that the new flyer does not fly as straight as the previous model.

7. Kong Extreme Rubber Ball

Extreme Ball Medium/LargeAbout: The Kong Extreme Dog Toy Rubber Ball is another highly-rated Kong product, tough enough to withstand aggressive chewers and their relentless teeth. Considered by many an indestructable dog ball, this is an excellent choice for pooches that demolish your run-of-the-mill tennis balls!

  • Ultra bouncy and durable. This bouncy ball for chewers is the most durable dog ball on the market.
  • Puncture resistant. This rubber balls claims to be completely puncture-resistant.
  • Made in the USA. Like all KONG products, this rubber ball is made in the USA.


This 3-inch sized super ball is bouncy and fun for your dogs to chase around (whether inside or outside).


None except that some owners have purchased the Kong ball where it has a hole drilled through the middle, and in other cases it appears to be a solid rubber dog ball. Either way, this is a relatively indestructible dog ball that should hold provide hours of fun.

8. Mammoth Flossy 3-Knot Tug Rope

Flossy Chews Cottonblend Color 3-Knot Rope Tug, Medium, 20-InchThe Mammoth Flossy 3-Knot Tug Rope is a durable rope toy with double benefits, cleaning your dog’s teeth while you play!

  • Several sizes. Comes in 5 different sizes and lengths depending on your dog.
  • Promotes healthy dog teeth. The rope fibers will floss your dog’s teeth as he chews and tugs!
  • Cotton-blend of colors. Made with three different colors woven together for a fun design.


Owners note how thick this tug rope is at a whopping 2 inches, making it super tough and durable. Owners also like that the rope toy has 3 knots, making it easy to keep one’s fingers out of your dog’s way while playing tug of war!


Unlike most other dog toys listed here, this one is made in Mexico, not the USA.

9. Tuffy Ultimate Ring

TUFFY Ultimate Ring, Durable Dog Toy (Junior, Red Paw)The Tuffy Ultimate Ring is a soft toy that’s much more durable than most other plush-style toys on the market. Just note that the manufacturer recommends using it for interactive games (tug-of-war, fetch, etc.) rather than unattended chewing sessions.

  • It floats. The Tuffy Ultimate Ring floats, which means you’ll definitely want to bring it along when letting your pup swim.
  • Rated as a 9 on the Tuffy TuffScale. This is one of Tuffy’s most durable options, and it should work well for dogs who make quick work of lesser toys.
  • Easy to clean. Need to wash the Tuffy Ultimate Ring? Just toss it in your washing machine and then let it air dry.
  • Made with four different layers of fabric. This not only makes the toy more durable, it provides a great texture and mouth-feel for your pooch.


This toy is great for tugging back and forth with your four-footer, and it also works great for fetch-style games (it appears to fly quite well). Additionally, several owners reported that – with proper use — their Tuffy Ultimate Ring has lasted for a very long time.


This toy contains two squeakers. And while you should avoid giving aggressive chewers squeaky toys for solo chewing use, it’s probably safe to use squeaky toys for interactive play, as you’ll be paying close attention to your pup.

10. West Paw Design Jive Zogoflex Durable Ball Dog Chew Toy

West Paw Zogoflex Jive Durable Nearly Indestructible Dog Ball Chew-Fetch-Play Dog Toy, 100% Guaranteed Tough, It Floats!, Made in USA, Large 3-1/4-Inch, Granny Smith The Jive Zogoflex is a relatively indestructible dog ball that is perfect for aggressive chewers who love to play fetch. And this toy is not only safer and tougher than a tennis ball, it is also more fun for dogs to chase, as it bounces in unpredictable ways.

  • This fetch toy floats. This makes it ideal for playtime at the pool or beach.
  • Several sizes and colors. The Jive Zogoflex is available in three sizes and three different colors.
  • Environmentally friendly! You can recycle your Jive Zogoflex once you’re ready to replace it.
  • Made in the USA. All West Paw Design products are made in the USA.


Most owners who tried the Jive Zogoflex loved it. These toys appear very durable, and they provide hours of fun for your pet. Additionally, you can use just about any ball-throwing device to launch the Jive Zogoflex a country mile. This should help provide plenty of exercise for your high-energy canine.


While the Jive Zogoflex was durable enough for most dogs, it isn’t perfect. A few dogs were able to destroy it. A few owners also mentioned that it was a bit heavy, especially for small dogs.

11. Goughnuts MAXX 50 Ring

Goughnuts Indestructible Chew Toy MAXX 50, Black Ring If you’re done screwing around and want the toughest chew toy money can buy, you definitely need to checkout the Goughnuts MAXX 50 Ring. This toy is not only tougher than nails, it has a very helpful safety feature built in.

  • Visual indicator makes it easy to assess the product’s safety. The outer layer of the Goughnuts MAXX 50 Ring is black, while the inner layer is red. As long as you don’t see red showing, it’s safe to use.
  • Backed by the manufacturer’s guarantee. If your dog exposes the red coloration, simply send it back to Goughnuts for a free replacement.
  • Made in the USA. All Goughnuts toys are made right here in America.
  • Works for fetch or solo chewing. Despite being thick, heavy and super-durable, all Goughnuts toys float.


By and large, most owners raved about the Goughnuts MAXX 50 Ring. It appears capable of taking everything most dogs can throw at it, and the included visual indicator system gives owners great peace of mind. Several owners reported that it has outlasted every other chew toy they’ve tried.


There aren’t many downsides to the Goughnuts chew toys. A few owners complained that they smell kinda gross for the first few days, but this odor goes away pretty quickly. They’re also black, which may make them easy to lose in some cases.

Goughnuts toys are also a bit pricier than most other toys, but this is clearly a case in which you get what you pay for.

Special note for pit bull owners: As an APBT owner, you already know that your pooch could probably chew his way out of a bank vault, given enough time. But fortunately, several owners reported that the Goughnuts MAXX 50 Ring was one of the most indestructible dog toys for pit bulls they’d ever encountered.

Chew Toy FAQs

The entire subject of chew toys – especially those designed for aggressive chewers – sparks a number of questions in the minds of owners. We’ll try to address a few of the most common below (but don’t hesitate to post your own questions in the comments section!)

Are there any indestructible squeaky dog toys?

We aren’t aware of any squeaky dog toys on the market that would qualify as “indestructible.”

Most squeaky toys are plush animals that contain a small plastic squeaker. Plush toys usually aren’t tough enough for power chewers, and squeaker can cause serious health problems if swallowed.

You may, however, be able to safely use a squeaker toy for tugging games, fetch or other types of interactive play. Just be sure to keep a close eye on your pooch while doing so. 

Are “indestructible” plush dog toys really tough enough for power chewers?

Plush dog toys are certainly cute, but they’re rarely strong enough to withstand serious chewers.

Even dogs who can’t or don’t chew right through the plush material will likely pull the seams apart, eventually opening up the toy like a pistachio nut.

But we’re always interested in reviewing new and innovative products, so let us know if you’ve found a plush dog toy that is tough enough for your toothy terrier!

Are indestructible dog toys really worth the additional cost?

Many owners just decide to give their dog the cheapest chew toy they can find, with the understanding that they’ll simply buy a new one once necessary.

But let’s be clear: This is a terrible idea.

Not only will you spend more on cheap chew toys over time, cheap chew toys put your dog’s very life in danger.

As we explained above, it doesn’t make sense to save a few bucks, only to find yourself writing a big check to your vet at a later date.

Can you make homemade dog chew toys for aggressive chewers?

We are big fans of DIY solutions, but making homemade chew toys for power chewers is generally a bad idea. The potential dangers involved with doing so simply outweigh the benefits of making your own toys.

Plus, chew toys aren’t really that expensive, so you wouldn’t end up saving that much money anyway.

Accordingly, this is one of those things that falls under the “leave it to professionals” heading.

But, you can always scratch your DIY itch by making a cool interactive dog toy for your pet

Chew Toy Safety Tips!  

Some chew toys are definitely safer and more durable than others, but no toy is truly indestructible. Chew toys are an important dog-care tool, but you must be sure to keep your dog’s safety at the forefront of your mind.

So, be sure that you always employ the following safety tips:

  • Don’t allow your dog to chew on his new toy unsupervised for a week or so. This will give you some time to verify that the toy is capable of holding up to your pup’s chompers.
  • Inspect the toy after each play session. Look for any serious damage and proceed accordingly. If your dog puts a few tooth marks in a hard-rubber toy, it may still be safe to use. But, if your pooch has managed to peel or rip off any pieces, you should discard it or return it to the manufacturer.
  • Keep your pet’s toy clean. A lot of owners forget to clean their pet’s chew toys on a regular basis. Your dog’s toys certainly don’t need to be sterile, but you don’t want them to become coated in saliva, bacteria, and dirt from the kitchen floor. This is especially important for dog toys that work in conjunction with treats.
  • Use care when playing with tug-style toys. Many dogs love playing tug-of-war, and there are a number of great toys designed for doing so. Just be sure you don’t jerk the toy while it’s in your dog’s mouth and always ensure he gets a good grip with his teeth. Failing to do so could lead to very painful (and expensive) dental problems.
  • Be careful with toys if you have multiple canines. Some dogs become very possessive of their toys, which can lead to fighting, intimidation, and other types of social strife among your pups.


So there you have it — 11 of the best, most durable dog toys for aggressive chewers! Do you have more toys to add to the list? Share your favorite rough and tough dog toys in the comments below!

Got a super chomper on your hands? Make sure to also check out our articles on chew-proof dog harnesses, heavy duty dog leashes, and heavy-duty escape-proof dog crates too for those rough and tough canines!

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I got a 2yr old pitador who tears up everything


Oh, in my humble opinion, I think http://tuftoys.com belongs on this list. They do a range including a very tough and durable translucent TPR super toys, a match for any aggressive chewer

Meg Marrs

Thanks Andy, I’ll have to check those out sometime!

The Bearden Pack

Zogoflex Hurley is our favorite toy as of today. They still haven’t destroyed it.


our cockapoo breaks all her toys iv soent a fortune help ???


Our 95lb lab mix is a chewer who has fallen in love with the sqeaker he dissected from one of the many soft fabric animals he has had. The unique thing about this one is that it is made of a soft but durable latex type material and is shaped like an hourglass about 2in. long × 1in wide. It is soft enough that he need only chew softly to induce sound so he has managed to not puncture it until now, that is. While cleaning the removable reed insert I managed to break it. The poor dog was frantic the whole time I was cleaning it and I’m afraid now that I have killed it, well, I have killed it. What to do. Any ideas?


Look on line for squeekers to replace it. I had a service dog who loved two moderate sized stuffe toys. About once a month one had to go to the mending hospital as he chewed a hole or flattened the air squeeker. I found several types of squeekers, incuding some that sound like yours. I purchased a bag of air squeekers, would insert one and mend the “wound” with a different color of thread each time so I would know when it was “funeral” time , and a new toy replaced it.

Jacy Barber-Edwards

My 70+lb Bull terrier / American Bulldog mix has managed to destroy every toy I have given her. Even the extra large extreme Kong didn’t last a month. The nearly solid Kong extreme ball lasted a few weeks before she was half through it and eating dime size chunks. XXl nylabones are nubs in a few days and even the roped disappear and end up tangled in her poo all in the yard. I have no idea what to get her anymore.


Not certain how to help you with a toy, but if you are running short on ideas for exercise not requiring a toy, may want to look into a “dogpoweredbike” or “dogpoweredtryke”. They are a bit of an investment, but either you or your dog or both can power them. Trying to find the right “tryke” for my Dobie as he is hard on exercise-play toys.

Danette Jeanne Van Dusseldorp

Be extremely careful with rope toys. I had a dog that died due to intestinal obstruction caused by the accumulation of those tiny rope fibers. I was careful to take them away whenever they started getting damaged to where he could get off pieces, but it still killed him. I now avoid rope toys altogether with my other four dogs.

My dogs are very destructive with toys, but Benebones are some of their very favorites.

Danette Jeanne Van Dusseldorp

It must be a bulldog thing.

I think we are just doomed to frequent toy replacement.

Angie Fontana

I’d like to challenge all the indestructible toy makers. Our pup destroys everything in under 30 minutes. Is like to offer him as a toy tester so we can find a truly indestructible toy for the lab.

Ben Team

Sorry you’re having trouble finding a toy that’ll last for your pup, Angie.

But, on the bright side, I think you’ve just hit on a concept for the most adorable reality show of all time. Five teams work against the clock to devise a truly indestructible toy, and once finished, they toss them all into a ring with five waiting pups. Chaos and unbelievable cuteness ensues…

I see Adam Savage hosting it.

Kidding aside, be sure to let us know if you find something that can handle your pupper’s teeth.


I have a lab mix, would like to know what would be a good chew toy for him. He is one and is about 50lbs.


My lab/pit mix DESTROYED a king


Stay Away from Nylabone!! Or at the very least, check your pup’s Nylabones regularly! I work at a boarding facility and parents bring in their dog’s nylabones all the time. These things get very sharp VERY quickly. I’ve seen some that could genuinely be used as a weapon, ground down to a needle point. I don’t think I’ve ever had a Nylabone pass through my hands that wasn’t worryingly rough or sharp, sometimes to the point where we cannot in good conscious let the dog play with it. Be careful and replace regularly if you go for one of these!


This list seems to be an ad for Kong, West paw or Tuff toys. I have an 8 year old boston terrier who is an aggressive chewer. ALL the toys you listed don’t last longer than 5 minutes with my dog. The one brand you don’t mention is the only brand I buy, Bionic. Bionic brand of dog toys is put out by outward hound and it is the BEST indestructible dog toy out there. It took me a few years of wasting my money on other dog toys to find Bionic and it is a little expensive (around $30-40) but they are worth the investment. Also they are guaranteed–and the guarantee is NOT based o the dog breed.(some guarantees with strong dog toys are only against certain breeds, which I found out the hard way, please read the fine print on guarantees).

Ben Team

Hey, Kathy. Some pups can destroy just about any toy, but KONG, West Paw and Tuff Toys hold up better than most.
We’ll take a look at Bionic toys and consider including them in a future article update.
Thanks for reading!

Albina Smith

Wow, it’s an amazing talent and a very good blog. I have also made some toys for my dogs at home. Now I’m a little bit busy for others work. So I’m buying toys for them from an online store named Zen Dog Zone. It’s a very good online store for dogs.


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