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5 Best Outdoor Dog Kennels: Keeping Your Canine Safe Outside!

Dogs love spending time outside, but without a fenced in yard or electric dog fence, owners will need outdoor dog kennels to keep their canines safe and secure.

Dog kennels are also great for those running their own dog boarding facility, as it some outdoor dog kennels are designed to hold multiple dogs at once.

We’ll be detailing the key features to consider when selecting an outdoor dog kennel, as well as recommending top picks.

Outdoor Dog Kennels: Factors to Consider

  • Material. Most dog kennels are made of either steel wire, chain-link or expanded metal. Different materials will provide varying degrees of durability (and will also result in a different look, so personal tastes have an influence here too).
  • Size. Outdoor dog kennels come in a variety of sizes. Your ideal kennel dimensions will depend on your dog’s size and if you plan on housing a single or multiple dogs in your kennel. You’ll want to provide plenty of space for your dog to move around and play. Also consider if you plan on including a dog house or other objects in your kennel, as this may also require a larger structure.
  • Weather Resistant. You’ll want to ensure that the kennel you choose to sturdy and weather-resistant against the elements, especially if you’ll keeping your kennel in an outdoor, unprotected area such as a backyard.
  • Enclosed Top. Some kennels come with enclosed tops, while others are open. Owners with small dogs who are concerned about predators will want to make sure to purchase a kennel with a covered top.
  • Material Cover. You may also want to consider purchasing a tarp-style cover for your kennel. This provides protection, protecting your dog from the heat in the summer, and keeping out snow and rain in the winter.
  • Number of Doors. You’ll also want to consider how many doors you dog kennel has. Some kennels provide a set of double safety doors so that a dog cannot rush out when you enter the kennel. Some kennels also provide waist high doors so that owners can put in food, water, and toys without allowing the dogs to escape.
  • Food and Water Attachments. While food and water dishes can be pushed and attached to kennel walls, some high-end kennels come with food and water dishes pre-attached to panels that can then be swung around to the outside of the kennel. This lets an owner add food and water without stepping in to the kennel at all.
  • Digging Prevention. Some dog kennels come with digging bars that sit agains the ground, around the edge of the kennel. These bars prevent dogs from digging under the kennel and escaping, and are great for owners with digger dogs.

Advantek Pet Gazebo

pet gazebo

About: The Advantek Pet Gazebo is a outdoor dog kennel that allows your dog to relax outside in a safe, enclosed area.

Price: $

  • Unique Design. This dog kennel’s octagonal design sets it apart from others.
  • Various Sizes. The pet gazebo comes in several sizes, and gazebos can be linked together for play areas.
  • Sturdy Construction. Made from steel and powder-coated in AztekGold finish for protection against weather wear.
  • Includes Cover. Comes with polyurethane reversible gazebo cover that is water resistant, to protect your pooch from the elements.
  • Easy Setup. Fast and easy installation, with no tools needed.
  • Good for Medium to Large Pets. This kennel is ideal for dogs up to 100 lbs, measuring an assembled size of 60 x 60 x 60 inches.

Pros: Unique design, with ability to connect gazebos. Also is fairly easy to disassemble and travel with.

Cons: Small dogs may be able to get under the bottom bars – some owners resolved this by lining the bottom with bricks or stones. Some owners with larger, tougher dogs find this kennel to not be sturdy enough.

AKC Uptown Premium Kennel Kit

uptown premium kennel

About: The AKC Uptown Premium Dog Kennel is available from Home Depot. It’s a sturdy, relatively easy to setup outdoor dog kennel made of welded steel, along with a waterproof cover.

Price: $$

  • Lockable Gate. The lockable gate helps make sure you pets stay put, and the raised legs make it easy to clean the kennel area without hassle.
  • Size. Measures 4ft wide X 8ft long X 6ft tall.
  • Easy Setup. No tools are required, making this kennel is fairly easy to set up
  • Materials. Steel welded wire for durability, powder-coated finish, with no sharp edges. Also includes a waterproof cover.
  • Officially Endorsed By AKC. As an added word of praise, this is the outdoor dog kennel endorsed by the American Kennel Club.

Pros. Owners note that this kennel has a solid, durable construction and that their dogs love lounging outside in the kennel.

Cons. This model may not be ideal for large and hyper dogs. If your dog is a digger, you’ll need to make sure to place this kennel on a solid foundation. However, for relatively calm down, this outdoor kennel seems to do very well.

Need more customization? If you like this style of outdoor dog kennel but want different sizing, Lucky Dog offers a nearly identical design, put with multiple size options and customizable panels that allow you to set custom sizes for your dog. kennel.

PetSafe DIY Dog Kennel

DIY outdoor dog kennel

About: The PetSafe Do It Yourself Kennel is a outdoor dog kennel made from 12.5 chain link fencing. It features a convenient door which can be opened and closed to let your dog in or out.

Price: $$

  • Materials. Made of durable 12.5-gauge chain link and galvanized steel that is weather-proof and rust-resistant.
  • Fairly Easy to Assemble. Basic tools are required, but it should still be easy to construct.
  • Multiple Sizes. This dog kennel is available in 3 different sizes to choose from:
    • Boxed Kennel Medium: 7.5L x 7.5W x 6H feet
    • Boxed Kennel Large: 12L x 7.5W x 6H feet
    • Boxed Kennel X-Large: 13L x 7.5W x 6H feet

Pro: Owners note that this construction can house even the tough and rough dogs. This outdoor dog kennel is also on the more affordable side, making it a good economy choice.

Cons: Not as attractive as other outdoor dog kennels. Some also note that the large gaps are not safe for puppies, and that the holes at the top and bottom of the gate can allow a small dog to escape. For this reason, this kennel is probably only suitable for larger dogs.

Advantek Modular Outdoor Dog Kennel

advatek dog kennel

About: The Advantek Modular Outdoor Dog Kennel is made of galvanized steel, that’s been power-coated and made weatherproof.

Price: $$$

  • Size. Available in 4 x 4ft or 4 x 8ft.
  • Materials. Galvanized, power-coated, weatherproof steel with 1.5 in tubing and 8-gauge wire for durability and security.
  • Easy to Assemble. No tools required, easy assembly.
  • Double Doors. This kennel features double doors, allowing owners to open top doors to feed pets without them escaping, while bottom doors can be opened to let dogs in and out as desired.
  • Pet-Proof Lock. Uses pet-proof locks to prevent canine escape.
  • Easy Cleaning. Raised leg design allows owners to easily clean the kennel, while also keeping the kennel dry and comfortable.

Pros: Great for owners who want to make sure of the double doors, allowing owners to feed their pets without opportunity for escape.

Cons: Not much to report here – it’s a well received kennel among owners.

K9 Kennel Store

The K9 Kennel Store provides a large number of super advanced, customizable outdoor dog kennels. We will be detailing the Complete Kennels (the standard offering) as well as the Ultimate Kennels (which are their deluxe editions).

K9 Kennel Store: Complete Kennel

The K9 Kennel Store’s Complete Kennel is similar to the standard outdoor dog kennels already listed, but with tons of bonus featured and added benefits.

complete dog kennel

Price: $$$$

  • Several Sizes. Available in seven different sizes depending on how much space you want to give your dog, from 6x6ft to 18x18ft. In addition, kennels use modular designs, which means you can swap around the shape and size of the kennel by moving the panels easily.
  • 5 Minute Setup. Quick and easy setup with no tools required.
  • Materials. Customize and choose your material – thick welded 6-gauge wire or 14-gauge expanded metal.
  • Digging Bars. K9 Kennel Store kennels come with digging bars, which are bars placed an the ground, along the edges of the kennel to prevent your dog from digging out.
  • Snap N Lock Food Bowls. Snap and Lock Food Bowls are designed to clip easily into your dog’s kennel, for raised, mess-free eating. Install the brackets anywhere on your kennel and clip in the bowl to keep it in place.
  • Covered Canvas Tops. Kennels include waterproof canvas top to keep out the elements.
  • Roof Support Bars. Some models of the Complete Kennel also provide roof support bars, adding further support for the canvas tops.

For Dog Care Professionals:

K9 Kennel Store also provides larger scale kennels designed for vets, breeders, dog boarders, or other pet service operators.

In addition to the features above, Pro Series kennels can have multiple compartments for different dogs, can be backless to rest against a building, can be made with designated “play zones” and more.

K9 Kennel Store: Ultimate Kennel

For those who want the cream of the crop for their canine, K9 Kennel Store also offers Ultimate Kennels, which are tricked out with even more bonus features!

ultimate outdoor dog kennel

Price: $$$$

Extras that come with Ultimate Kennels include:

  • More Sizes. Ultimate kennels provide additional sizes, as large as 8x24ft.
  • Swivel Bowl Brackets. These swivel bowls are installed into your kennel’s door panel at manufacturing and allows you to easily swivel in food and water to pets without needing to enter the enclosure, saving time and preventing opportunities for escape.
  • Dog Septic System. Dog septic systems allow you to easily scoop the poop from your dog run and deposit the materials into an in-ground septic container – this makes cleaning up after your dog easy as possible. Also comes with a dog waste scooper shovel!
  • Flooring Tiles. Flooring tiles give a hard surface for your kennel to rest upon. Owners also have the option to upgrade to raised flooring if they choose.
  • Canvas Top With Roof Support Bars. In addition to the standard waterproof canvas, the ultimate kennels also come with roof bars, providing the most stable roof setup for your outdoor dog kennel. This is ideal for dogs who will spend large amounts of time in the outdoor kennel and need a roof that will hold out rain and snow on a regular basis.

In addition, the K9 Kennel Store provides a host of other bonus accessories you can add to your kennel, including:

  • Fans, misters, and cooling systems,
  • Heating and warming pads
  • Kennel lighting
  • Doggy doors
  • Potty training areas
  • Auto-feeder and watering bowls
  • Braces, brackets, wall-stablizers, and anchors, and grounding stakes.
  • Safety doors, sliding doors, glass doors
  • Dog houses
  • Climbing prevention
  • Welded wire roofs
  • Canvas side covers
  • and more!

Pretty much any nifty feature you can think of, and K9 Kennel Store has it.

For convenience, we’re using the pros and cons section to cover all K9 Kennel Store offerings.

Pros. The advantages here are obvious – all kinds of features and sophistication that no one other kennels even come close to offering. K9 Kennel Store also is loaded with extras and bonus upgrades you can add to customize your kennel exactly the way you’d like it. If you’ve imagined a cool feature, K9 Kennel Store probably offers it.

Cons. These kennels are more advanced than other, and therefore, also more expensive (especially when you factor in shipping). Another problem is that the K9 Kennel Store is quite difficult and confusing to navigate, so if you’re used to a streamlined shopping experience, you may be thrown off by K9 Kennel Store’s messy and cluttered website.

Final Evaluation For Outdoor Dog Kennels

Ultimately, K9 Kennel Store is the best when it comes to decking out a sturdy kennel with the coolest bells and whistles. It’s the best choice if you can afford it, without a doubt.

However, if the price tag is too high for you, the Advantek Modular Outdoor Dog Kennel is another, more affordable choice that is a  solid recommendation.

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