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cool dog kennels

Keeping a dog crate on hand is always a good idea. You never know when you’ll need one, whether your pup’s recovering from an injury or needing to travel in style. Sometimes your fur kid just needs a place of his own to veg out, too.

But that doesn’t mean you have to opt for a boring wire eyesore!

Today, there are plenty of cool dog crates with unique features and awe-inducing aesthetics for the modern home, so it’s easy to hook your pup up with some stylish surroundings. 

Below, we’ll share our top picks for cool dog crates and discuss what to look for before buying any crate.

Cool Dog Crates: Quick Picks

  • #1 Diggs Revol Dog Crate [Coolest Divided Crate]: This great-looking crate comes with a divider, making it perfect for young pups who’ll need more space as they grow.
  • #2 OriginalDogFurniture Dog Kennel [Coolest Handmade Crate]: Made from stained plywood, this crate will give your dog a charming and stylish place to chill.
  • #3 KindTail Small Pawd [Coolest Collapsible Crate]: Proving that crates can be both cool and convenient, this crate looks great and collapses to help you save space.

Our Favorite Coolest, Most Unique Dog Crates Around

Cool dog kennels and crates

Below, we’ll share some of the coolest dog crates around, ranging from convenient, collapsible kennels to futuristic finds. We’ve gathered something for every pup parent, whether you’re looking for something to fit in with your decor or stand out like art. 

1. Diggs Revol Dog Crate

Coolest Divided Crate

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Diggs Revol Dog Crate

Diggs Revol Dog Crate

Great-looking wire and plastic dog crate that comes with an included divider.

About: Diggs’ Revol Dog Crate allows you to scale your puppy’s stomping ground up or down as needed with its included divider. It’s also collapsible, letting you stow it away as needed.


  • Made with non-toxic plastics
  • Equipped with handles and wheels for traveling convenience
  • Diamond-shaped mesh is designed to reduce risk of snags and pinched paws
  • Ceiling hatch (along side side door) and removable tray allow for easy cleaning and access
  • Made in China

Options: Available in small and medium, and large size options with 4 colors to choose from. The manufacturer calls them “gray, ash, pine, and charcoal,” but we’d just say the crate is available in gray, white, green, and black.

digg crate


  • Simple assembly and pop-up design
  • Diamond mesh pattern allows in plenty of air 
  • Unlike most plastic-sided crates, this one allows plenty of light in
  • High-quality construction


  • Some owners found it a bit heavy 
  • It’s on the bulkier side

2. KindTail Small Pawd

Coolest Collapsible Crate

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KindTail Small Pawd

KindTail Small Pawd

Stylish, lightweight crate that is easy to collapse when you need to store it.

About: KindTail’s Small Pawd leaves the woes of wire in the past with its lightweight, aesthetically pleasing plastic design. Featuring an ornate pattern of cutouts on all four walls, your pup can happily see out and breathe easy while he’s inside this pup pod.


  • Lightweight plastic design
  • Doors latch for securing as needed
  • Tight edge seals save you from the mess sometimes found in collapsible kennels
  • Made in China
  • Suitable for dogs 5lb – 15lbs

Options: Offered in 2 size options (small and medium pawds) and 4 colors: gray, pink, white, and green.


  • Fun design fits in with most home’s looks
  • Easy to wipe clean
  • Offers plenty of ventilation


  • Only appropriate for smaller dogs around 5 – 15lbs
  • Relatively short in height, so even light leggier breeds might be a little cramped
  • Not FAA approved for air travel 

3. OriginalDogFurniture Dog Kennel

Coolest Hand-Made Crate

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OriginalDogFurniture Dog Kennel

OriginalDogFurniture Dog Kennel

Good looking, spacious dog crate that’s handmade from stained plywood.

About: OriginalDogFurniture’ Dog Kennel is a crowd and paw-pleaser, through and through. This statement piece of a crate is handmade using unique patterns that’ll be the talk of the dog park, whether you go with the slatted look or a circular bonanza.


  • Made of stained plywood
  • Sliding door for securing as needed
  • Measures 43” x 23.6” x 28.7” making it appropriate for medium and large dogs
  • Made in Ukraine

Options: Offered in 6 unique patterns in various wood stain colors, while the pillow insert comes in 4 colors: brown, beige, gray, and purple.

etsy dog crate


  • Excellent size for snoozing comfortably
  • Quality construction, per reviewers
  • Incredibly cool patterns available 
  • Easy to assemble


  • Not ideal for chewers
  • No base, so your floor is exposed if a mess occurs (just grab a crate bed and you’ll be good to go)

4. Bowsers Moderno Dog Crate

Coolest Crate with Modern Styling

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Muttropolis Moderno Dog Crate

Bowsers Moderno Dog Crate

Sleek and sophisticated, dual-door dog crate with stainless steel hardware.

About: Bowsers Moderno Dog Crate is a fresh take on canine comfort and containment, as it’s designed to be part of your home rather than an afterthought. With a sleek floor plan and barred design, it’s not just another bulky crate — it’s furniture fit for a pooch prince… with a view!


  • Crafted of wood and stainless steel bars
  • Includes two door openings (front and side) for easy access
  • Stainless steel sliding lock for keeping pups secured
  • Made in Canada

Options: Offered in 3 sizes: medium, large, and extra-large.


  • Simple design fits in with most home decor
  • The horizontal bar sides let in maximum light and air, helping your pup feel less enclosed
  • Dual door design allows you to position it as you see fit and still have access


  • No returns are accepted, so triple check your measurements
  • Not recommended for heavy-duty chewers or escape artists 

5. WLOWood Modern Dog House

Coolest Uniquely Shaped Crate

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WLOWood Modern Dog House

WLOWood Modern Dog House

Hexagonal crate with a see-through acrylic door and bed insert for your dog’s comfort.

About: WLOWood’s Modern Dog House is the ultimate home away from home for any four-footer.  Taking customization to new heights, this hexagonal crate can be stained in a number of colors to suit your home decor palette.


  • Constructed of natural wood stained in a pet-friendly finish
  • Comes with a bed insert for the perfect cozy hangout after assembly
  • See-through acrylic door allows your dog to still feel like he’s part of the action
  • Made in Turkey

Options: Available in 4 sizes, ranging from medium to XX large, with an optional nameplate feature, 6 wood hues, and 4 cushion collars.


  • Roomy enough for most dogs to stretch out comfortably
  • Latching door keeps pupper contained
  • Incredibly customizable
  • Large cutouts allow for maximum ventilation 


  • Not a good option for escape artists or chew-happy hounds
  • Can be too bulky for smaller spaces

6. Fable Pet Signature Dog Crate

Coolest Futuristic-Looking Crate

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Fable Pet Signature Dog Crate

Fable Pet Signature Dog Crate

Minimalist dog crate, made from bent wood and featuring unique ventilation holes.

About: Fable Pets’ Signature Dog Crate takes a minimalist approach to canine housing with its sleek, natural design. The perfect hangout for a small doggo with style, it features a grated door that lets in maximum light and air for added comfort and peace of mind. 


  • Made of bent wood in a neutral honey oak finish
  • Plenty of holes for ventilation 
  • Secures with an elastic fastener
  • Made in China

Options: Available in small and medium sizes with 2 door options: white plastic or clear acrylic.


  • Maximum air holes allow your dog to still feel included, even when tucked away (a social barkerfly’s dream)
  • Easy to wipe clean interior
  • Blends in with most home decor


  • Not a good choice for chewers
  • Not secure enough for use during travel

7. DenHaus BowHaus

Coolest Circular Crate

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DenHaus BowHaus

DenHaus BowHaus

US-made dog crate with a sliding door and a compact, circular design.

About: DenHaus’ BowHaus tackles canine care and comfort with a unique home décor flare. Crafted into an end table, this eye-catching crate saves plenty of space with a sliding door and compact, round design.


  • Durable fiberglass construction
  • Starburst cutouts offer excellent ventilation and added pizzazz
  • Suits dogs up to 30 pounds, per the manufacturer
  • Made in the USA

Options: Offered in small and medium sizes, and 2 finishes: black and silver-gray.


  • Ultra cool, modern design fits in most homes
  • Perfect for smaller doggos who love to curl up 
  • Lightweight and easy to move around for cleaning or rearranging


  • Not as secure as other options
  • Not spacious enough for most small dogs to spread out comfortably

What Makes a Dog Crate “Cool,” Anyway?  

neat dog crates

We’re all used to the standard wire dog crates or plastic airline crates, but manufacturers are stepping up their game big time in recent years with exciting new looks, materials, and features. The sky’s the limit now, and it’s never been a better time to browse the market to jazz up your dog’s digs with a cool dog crate. 

Cool is in the eye of the beholder, of course, but these new crates are a huge step above the norm.

Here are a few features that some of the coolest crates now have:

Creative Designs That’ll Wow Guests

Forget having a hunk of wire around that looks more like doggo Alcatraz than your best buddy’s hangout. Today, crates come in new shapes, sizes, and styles that fit in your home’s motif. From hexagonal cutouts and crisp lines, to colorful finishes, cool dog crates fit in any décor. Some are even designed to pull double duty functioning as dog crates and furniture-style end tables!

Unique Materials That Go Beyond Basic Wire

interesting crate materials

You aren’t limited to just plastic or wire anymore! There are new dog-safe materials around now that better suit the modern home and your pup.

Wood is a favorite, as are high-quality plastics and thicker metals. Some crate doors even feature see-through acrylic, giving you a clear view of your dog when he’s tucked away.

Must-Have Features Along With Bonuses

Basic dog crates have fewer features than their cool counterparts who’re designed for the modern world and our needs as pup parents. 

With cool dog crates, you can expect things like wheels, additional storage, and better ventilation, among many other in-demand add-ons. Don’t worry, your favorite staples are still here, too, like dividers and collapsible designs.

Customization Options

crate customization options

Crafting a one-of-a-kind doggo hangout is possible with some sellers who offer customizations to take your dog’s new home from merely cool to out-there-awesome. You can select everything from nameplates to colors with the click of a button. 

Picking a Cool Crate: Things to Think About

While cool factor is certainly a selling point, there are key factors you should keep in mind when browsing for a dog crate, including: 

  • Safety: Not all crates are created equal, and while a design might look cool, some lack important key safety features, like proper ventilation or easy access.
  • Security: A crate should always be secure, regardless of its cool factor. Adequate locking mechanisms are a must, especially if you plan on using the crate during travel (always check an airlines requirements though – most of the more stylish dog crates don’t meet airplane crate requirements). If you have a Houndini of an escape artist at home, this might mean looking for a heavy duty dog crate with dual locks.
  • Durability: Make sure the crate isn’t just pretty, or you’ll wind up replacing it when it doesn’t withstand day-to-day use. This means selecting quality constructions with lasting materials like durable metal or thick plastic and skipping the cutesy mesh or canvas constructions.
  • Chewability: If you have a chewer, you should steer clear of wood or other tooth-tempting materials. It’s a good idea to skip crates that feature ventilation slats that are wide enough that your pooch can fit his mouth through them, which may lead to injury.
  • Ease of cleaning: Accidents happen, and cleaning a crate without a slidable bottom is a bite. Some offer drain holes at the base for easy hosing and drainage, too, though they can be a pain indoors if no drain covers are provided. Porous materials like unfinished wood are also a bust, particularly for those with accident-prone pups.
  • Travel Friendliness: If you’re planning on using the crate to contain your fur friend during travel, make sure it can easily go from point A to B. That could mean being small enough to stow under an airline seat for little guys or featuring tie-downs and handles if you want to place the crate in the back of a truck. No-skid bottoms are also ideal in this regard.
  • Portability: Moving a crate around and storing it can be tricky, but some, like wire crates, are collapsible, which makes toting or storing them a breeze. Others, like plastic airline crates, are big and bulky and take up a lot of space when not in use.
  • Price: Cool features usually come with a higher price tag. That said, you shouldn’t fall for gimmicks charging an arm and a leg for something unnecessary.
  • Size and shape: Some cool dog crates have dimensions that differ from the norm. While this isn’t always an issue, it can make shopping for a dog crate bed or crate cover more difficult down the line. It also might mean taking up a bit more room in the house.
  • Longevity: If you’re purchasing a crate for your puppy, make sure you consider his ultimate size before plunking down a lot of money on a cool crate he’ll only outgrow in a few months. Some crates come with dividers that help him grow into the space, saving you money in the long run.

In the end, your ultimate goal is to wind up with something that works well for you and your dog and keeps him safe. Consider what matters most to you, and don’t be afraid to compare and contrast models to get the kennel of your dreams.


Do you have any of the crates on our list? Do you have another super-cool crate we didn’t mention? Let us know in the comments!

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