Best Dog Crate Beds & Mats: Padding for Your Pooch’s Crate

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Dog Beds By Meg Marrs 12 min read February 9, 2021

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Many dogs spend a large portion of their dog in their crate while their owners are off at work or out running errands. We all want to keep our beloved four-legged pals comfy while they’re in their crates, which makes a quality dog crate bed essential!

We’re covering what to look for in a dog crate mat, plus detailing a few of our top picks.

No time to read the full review? Check out our quick picks below:

Best Crate Beds For Dogs: Quick Picks

  • Pick #1: Big Barker Crate Pad [Best for XL Dogs]! This fan-favorite dog bed for large and extra-large dogs works great in a variety of large dog crates.
  • Pick #2: K&H Self-Warming Crate Mat [Best for Short-Haired Dogs] This non-electric self-warming bed is great for short-haired breeds that need extra warmth in the cold.
  • Pick #3: P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle Crate Pad [Best for Travel] This lightweight & portable crate pad is perfect for on-the-go travel.

Note: We’ll be focusing on crate beds for indoor use below. If you are trying to keep your dog comfy while outside, be sure to check out our article about the best dog bedding for kennels and dog houses.

What to Look For in a Dog Crate Mat

When picking out the perfect dog crate pad, make sure to consider these factors:

Fit. Naturally, you’ll want a dog crate mat that fits the size of your canine’s crate. Make sure to take accurate measures of the crate, and double check the measurements of the dog crate pad you’re considering.

Durability. Durability is an important factor for dogs that chew through their bedsyou’ll need something tough that can withstand your pup’s paws if your dog is rough with his stuff. The most indestructible dog crate pads and beds usually have tear-resistant features and heavy-duty stitching. You may also need to consider a durable crate mat if your dog has separation anxiety issues, since these dogs can to be destructive when left alone.

Thickness. Since your dog will likely be spending a lot of time in their crate, you’ll want to make sure their crate mat is substantially stuffed. Look for beds with memory foam or several inches of cushioning. This will be especially important for older dogs with arthritic issues, and you’ll want to consider getting one of the orthopedic dog beds available to prevent their joint issues from getting worse.

Think About the Temperature. Keeping your canine comfortable means not only providing the right kind of padding or support, but also ensuring he doesn’t get too hot or cold. If your home is on the cool side, you may want to look for a soft, plush bed that’ll help your dog stay warm. Conversely, elevated beds allow a breeze to pass under the bed, which will keep your pet cooler (it’s also worth mentioning that elevated beds provide some of the same joint-coddling benefits that the best orthopedic dog beds do).

Look for a Washable Pet Mat. Washable dog beds are worth their weight in gold, as fur, slobber, and other grody things will eventually start to foul all dog crate pads. Washable crate beds are not only easier to keep looking good, but they’re also less likely to develop odors too.

Consider Your Dog’s Specific Issues. Some dogs have medical problems or behavioral quirks that you’ll want to consider when comparing dog crate pads. Waterproof dog crate pads, for example, are very helpful for older dogs with bladder control and incontinence issues. On the other hand, extremely skittish dogs are sometimes spooked by elevated beds.

Best Dog Crate Beds: Reviews & Ratings

Here’s our assessment of the best dog crate beds to provide super comfort for your beloved canine! Let us know what you think in the comments.

1. Orthopedic Dog Crate Bed by Big Barker

About: The Big Barker Dog Crate Mat is a thickly cushioned crate mat with four inches of luxury orthopedic support foam and a heavy-duty tear resistant cover which is 100% waterproof.

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Big Barker Orthopedic 4' Dog Crate Pad Fits 42' x 28' Crate - Waterproof & Tear Resistant - Thick, Heavy Duty, Tough, Washable Cover - Luxury Orthopedic Support Foam Inside - Made in USA

Orthopedic Dog Crate Bed by Big Barker

High-quality dog bed with 4″ of orthopedic support foam and 100% waterproof cover

The cover zips off for easy cleaning, allowing you to simply throw the cover in the wash in case of accidents. The firm padding is perfect for larger or older pets who need extra support or for dogs who try to dig and nest in their bedding.

The Big Barker Dog Crate Bed comes in several standard sizes and is machine washable.


  • Perfectly Sized. Because these pads fit perfectly into the tray of standard-sized crates, accidents will not spill onto your carpet or wood floor.
  • Foam. The high-quality foam in this pad is thick and supportive. Will not fold over on itself or flatten over time.
  • Several Sizes. This bed comes in four sizes to fit standard sized crates, from small (30 inches X 21 inches) to large (48 inches X 30 inches). The largest-sized pad weighs about 6 pounds.
  • Colors. Comes in brown only.


Big Barker is known for their high-quality dog beds – they’re a favorite among owners of large breeds. The thickness of the foam in this crate pad will not disappoint. Additionally, unlike other dog beds, owners report that this pad is chew resistant, making it a great choice for destructive dogs. This bed is also made in the USA, so you know you’ll have solid quality


Compared to other dog crate mats, the Big Barker Crate Pad is quite expensive. Big Barker beds are also not designed for smaller dogs – they really should only be used for larger or giant breed dogs.

2. P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle Crate Pad

About: The P.L.A.Y. Pet Crate Pad comes in five different sizes and six fun colors. The cover does not detach, but the whole bed is machine washable and dryer safe.

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P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle Crate Pad

P.L.A.Y. Pet Lifestyle Crate Pad

Lightweight, portable crate pad that’s machine washable and dryer safe

Even the extra large pad is lightweight, coming in at under 4 pounds. If you will be moving your pet’s bed frequently, this is a definite benefit!


  • Five Sizes. This pad comes in five standard sizes that fit most crates. The smallest pad (XS) measures 20 inches by 15 inches while the largest (XL) is 42 inches by 28 inches.
  • Colors. There are six great color options including cream, cocoa, vermillion, pumpkin, sea foam, and pistachio.
  • Eco-Friendly. Unlike other beds, this dog crate mat is stuffed with an eco-friendly polyfill. The high-loft Planet Fill filler is made from recycled bottles and offers a moderate amount of cushioning for your four-legged friend.


What this pad lacks in cushioning, it makes up for in softness. The squishy fill and velour-like cover make it a pup pleaser. Because it is lightweight, it’s great for travel or car rides.


Despite this bed’s softness, it does not contain any foam padding and probably doesn’t provide enough support for large dogs or old dogs. Owners report that this bed is also a poor choice for chewers.

3. Reversible Paw Print Fleece Dog Crate Bed

About: If you’re looking for a cushiony bed for your dog’s crate that offers a good balance between comfort and affordability, the Reversible Paw Print bed is another fine choice.

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Reversible Paw Print Fleece Dog Crate Bed

Reversible Paw Print Fleece Dog Crate Bed

Lightweight, budget-friendly crate pad with reversible cover

The filling is overstuffed poly fiber which is machine washable and dryer safe. These lightweight beds are relatively thin but are supportive enough to be comfortable for most dogs. Each bed comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Eight Sizes. This bed comes in lots of sizes to fit nearly every crate. The smallest is 14 inches by 11 inches, the largest is 52 inches by 34 inches. There are six other sizes in between.
  • Colors. There is only one color choice, plush blue acrylic fur with black paw prints on one side, and white fleece on the other.


Dogs really seem to love the soft, plush fabric of this bed. Many pets want to use it right out of the box. And because it’s so lightweight, this bed is great for summertime use.


If you’re expecting a thick mattress, you’ll be disappointed; many owners complain that this dog crate mat is too thin, and that the actual bed sizes are also somewhat smaller than the listed sizes. The fleece also sheds quite a bit of fiber, so may require a bit of clean up if your dog is rough with his bed.

4. K&H Manufacturing Crate Pad

About: The K&H Manufacturing Crate Pad offers three great crate pad options: memory foam, self-warming, and odor control.

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K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Crate Pad Gray X-Large 32 X 48 Inches

K&H Manufacturing Crate Pad

Self-warming crate pad that’s perfect for chilly canines

The memory foam pad is soft and squishy, providing additional softness for your doggie’s crate. The self-warming pad radiates your pet’s body heat offering comfort to pups that need extra warmth. The odor control pad has charcoal in the inner layers which absorbs unwanted pet odors.

All three options are one inch thick and have non-slip fabric on the bottom and soft microfleece on top.


  • Machine Washable. Covers do not detach, but all three styles are machine washable.
  • Several Sizes. This bed comes in several sizes to fit various crates, from small (14 Inches X 22 Inches) to large (37 inches X 54 inches) and has several sizes in between. The largest pad weighs less than 4 pounds, making it a lightweight choice compared to other brands.
  • Colors. Color choices are limited to mocha and gray for the memory foam and odor control pads, while the self-warming pad comes in mocha, gray, and tan.


The self-warming version of the dog crate mat doesn’t make a loud crinkling noise (which tends to be an issue for other self-warming pet beds). The clever slits on the corner of these mats make them the perfect fit for almost any sized crate.


Compared to other heated dog beds, the self-warming version of this pad does not reflect much heat. The mats are also somewhat thin and may not provide enough cushion for dogs that need a lot of padding.

5. Kuranda Crate Bed

About: The Kuranda Crate Bed is an elevated, cot-style pet bed. It consists of two basic parts: A PVC dog bed frame and a ballistic nylon sheet. The nylon sheet is abrasion resistant, easy to clean, and smooth to prevent fur from sticking.

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No products found.

Kuranda Crate Bed

Elevated, cot-style bed that fits inside a crate

Although it looks identical to the regular Kuranda Dog Bed, this model features slightly shorter legs to give your dog more headroom while inside the crate. This model has 3” legs, while the regular Kuranda features 4.75” legs.   

Because the bed elevates your dog off the bottom of the crate, it provides many of the same benefits that the best orthopedic dog beds do.


  • Peace of Mind. The structural integrity of the dog bed frame and fabric is guaranteed by a 1-year warranty.  
  • Strong and Sturdy. Despite the lightweight materials used in the bed, it is capable of supporting dogs weighing up to 100 pounds.
  • Available in Multiple Sizes. You can get the Kuranda Crate Bed is several different sizes ranging from 25” x 18” to 44” x 27”.
  • Colors. The Kuranda Crate Bed is available in Burgundy, Forest Green, and Smoke.


The Kuranda Crate Bed offers a completely different way to keep your canine comfortable while he’s chillin’ in his crate. It’ll not only take a lot of the pressure of your dog’s joints while he’s snoozing, but it’ll also keep him cooler during the warm summer months.

It’s also worth mentioning that this bed may not trigger your dog’s chewing instincts the way traditional, pillow-style beds often do.


The Kuranda Crate Bed doesn’t have many user reviews that we could find. However, given that most owners who try the traditional Kuranda Dog Bed rave about it, and the two beds are identical aside from leg height, we feel comfortable recommending it here.

6. Paws & Pals Pet Bed for Cat and Dog Crate Pad

About: The Paws & Pals Pet Bed is a soft-and-cozy pet mat that is perfect for dogs who like to “nest” while taking naps. It is filled with high-density foam and polyester fiberfill, it features an ultra-soft fleece and synthetic fur cover, and it has a cushioned rim that works like dog crate bumper pads.  

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Paws & Pals Pet Bed for Cat and Dog Crate Pad - Deluxe Premium Bedding with Cozy Inner Cushion- Durable Model - 1800's Newspaper Design

Paws & Pals Pet Bed for Cat and Dog Crate Pad

Cozy bolstered bed with a soft fleece & synthetic fur cover

The Paws & Pals Pet Bed features a busy newspaper-style print that looks great and will help to hide fur and dirt.


  • Breathable Design. Although this bed will certainly keep your canine cozy in the winter, it also features a breathable design that’ll help prevent your dog from getting too toasty in the summer.   
  • Easy to Transport. The Paws & Pals Pet Bed is lightweight and easy to transport, which may be very important for owners who travel a lot with their pooch.  
  • Available in Multiple Sizes. This bed comes in three sizes: small (21” x 17”), medium (24” x 20”), and large (29” x 25”).
  • Washable. The Paws & Pals Pet Bed is machine washable. Just toss it in your washing machine on the gentle cycle, and then let it hang dry.  


Most owners who tried the Paws & Pals Pet Bed were very happy with their choice. Several owners reported that it was well-built and durable, and most pets appeared to find it very comfortable. The bed’s low price-point also elicited plenty of praise.


A few owners complained that they appear to run slightly small, so if you’re debating between two different sizes, select the larger one. Additionally, this is not a dog crate pad with a removable cover, although you can just toss it in the washing machine when you need to clean it.

The Paws-Down Winner

Depending on your dog’s age and activity level, you may need a thicker more supportive dog crate mat or you may prefer a lighter, easier to clean bed.

However, most pet parents will find the K&H Dog Crate Mat to be the paws-down winner when it comes to comfort and price.

The bed has various versions that cat fit your dog’s unique needs – older or larger dogs will opt for the memory foam, while smaller, more fragile pooches might benefit from the self-heating edition. Plus, owners can appreciate the fact that these beds are machine washable and light enough to use around the house, on the couch, or on a road trip.

Have you used any of these dog crate mats? Have you found a truly indestructible crate pad? Do you know of a model that’s spectacularly easy to clean? Have you tried a waterproof pet mat that was especially awesome What’s your top pick?

Share your thoughts in the comments!

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