19 Corgi Mixed Breeds That Will Make You Audibly “Aww”

Mixed Breeds By Meg Marrs 1 min read July 10, 2023 6 Comments

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corgi mixed breeds

Corgis: they’re long, low-to-the-ground, and too cute to handle!

Today we’re celebrating all the awesome forms corgis come in – check out these aww-dorable corgi mixed breeds – don’t forget to tell us your favorite in the comments!

Corgi / Dachshund Mix

Corgi / Australian Shepherd Mix

Coegi / Pomeranian Mix

Corgi / Rottweiler Mix

Corgi / Golden Retriever Mix

Corgi Shiba Mix

Corgi / Dalmatian Mix

Corgi /Chihuahua Mix


Corgi / Spaniel Mix

Corgi / Terrier Mix

corgi terrier mix

Corgi / Pitbull Mix

Corgi / Bulldog Mix

Corgi / Dachshund Mix

Corgi / Black and Tan Coonhound Mix

There’s nothing like combining the long and low design of a Corgi with a coonhound mix‘s love for smells!

Corgi / Labrador Mix

Corgi / Husky Mix

Corgi / German Shepherd Mix

Corgi / Border Collie Mix

Corgi / Jack Russel Mix

What was your favorite Corgi mixed breed? Share your thoughts below!

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Meg Marrs

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I love all dogs. We have an eight month old Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy. She’s asleep on my lap now!. The mixes are interesting. A small breed mix is so cute ☺️. Larger breeds, not so much, for me at least. But I could love them all!


Most of these pictures don’t work…

Ben Team

Sorry about that, Kyle! Sometimes people move or delete photos they’ve posted on social media, which makes them disappear on our site.
I’m working to replace them now.
Thanks for reading!


I have three corgi mixes! They’re such adorable, headstrong little things and boy, do they LOVE to herd. They’re the best!


I love all of them!


I have a Corgi & Beagle mix.


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