25 Vizsla Mixed Breeds: Athletic Best Buddies!

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Vizsla Mixed Breeds

The vizsla is a striking red-coated furry friend that’s sure to win over your heart with his affectionate and outgoing personality. These Hungarian gundogs are plenty of fun, but it’s also worth considering some sprightly vizsla mixed breeds while hunting down the perfect breed for your family. 

Below, we’ll share 25 vizsla mixes with unbelievable looks and hearts of gold. Take a gander at these boisterous and beautiful best buddies!

Always Meet Pupper Parents When Possible!

It’s especially important to take the time to meet the parents of mixed breed furry friends. This will give you great insight into what your puppy may be like, which is incredibly valuable since a mutt’s mannerisms can be very difficult to predict.

Spend some time with both parent pooches to make sure your potential puppy is a good fit for you and your family.

Getting To Know The Vizsla

The traits of vizslas

It can be challenging to predict the personality of any mixed breed pooch, but understanding the parent breeds can offer an insightful look into what your furry friend may be like. That being said, the vizsla is responsible for half of the genetic code of the canine cuties listed below, so here are a couple of key pointers on these pretty pooches:

  • Vizslas are medium to large-size dogs. The lean vizsla stands about 22 inches tall at the shoulder, weighing anywhere from 45 to 65 pounds. These furry friends are members of the sporting group and live between 10 and 14 years. 
  • The vizsla has plenty of energy. If you’re looking for a lazy, low-energy dog breed, the vizsla isn’t for you. These energetic furry friends need plenty of exercise and mental stimulation on a regular basis to stay happy. They do best when paired with active owners and excel in agility work. However, after a long day of chasing squirrels, these sweethearts are sure to curl up next to you. 
  • Vizslas crave companionship. The breed was bred to work closely with humans, so it’s no surprise that these four-footers can’t get enough of human companionship. These “Velcro dogs” don’t like being left alone for long periods of time, and should be placed in households where someone is usually home. 
  • These canines are pretty clean. Thankfully, the iconic red coat is fairly easy to care for. A vizsla coat sheds a low to moderate amount and requires a quick weekly brush. These pups don’t typically have a strong doggy odor which is a plus. 
  • You’ll find that the vizsla is fairly friendly. The vizsla gets along well with just about anyone, including kids and other pets. However, these enthusiastic pups may need some guidance so that they can interact with others safely — they often forget their size. 

25 Spirited Vizsla Mixes

Without further ado, here are some of the cutest vizsla crosses that might make the perfect canine companions for your family!

1. Vizmaraner (Vizla / Weimaraner)

These handsome hounds are sure to find a way in your heart. These vizal Weimaraner mixes are athletic yet loving “Velcro” dogs, so be prepared for plenty of cuddles and fun!

The Vizmaraner wants nothing more than to spend as much time with you as possible. These dogs make perfect running buddies and are sure to turn heads with their dashing good looks. 

2. German Shepherd Vizsla

Who can resist that face? The German shepherd vizsla cross is a hardworking, loyal canine companion that is sure to brighten your most challenging days. These sweet furry friends have plenty of energy, so you’ll want to make sure they get plenty of exercise. 

The vizsla German shepherd mix might be prone to shedding more often than a purebred vizsla, so make sure you have your vacuum ready.

3. Labrala (Vizsla / Labrador)

The Labrala is a friendly Lab mix with plenty of energy and cuddles to go around. These smart canine crosses excel in training as long as you have some treats, and typically make amazing family companions. 

Just make sure that these boisterous best buddies are given plenty of time to burn off some steam outside. 

4. Vizsla Staff (Vizsla / American Staffordshire Terrier)

Are you on the hunt for a deeply devoted dog with plenty of energy? The vizsla Staffy cross is a playful, loving canine companion that will keep you on your toes. 

While your pooch may have a bit of a strong-willed personality from his Staffie parent, he’s happy to acclimate for any owner who’s willing to take the time to patiently train this sensitive mutt. If you’re willing to put in the time with these pups, they are happy to pay you back with endless puppy kisses and loyalty. 

5. Transylvizsla (Vizsla / Transylvanian Hound) 

This rare hybrid hound is sure to add plenty of spice to your life. In true hound fashion, the Transylvizsla will likely keep his nose to the ground and needs plenty of firm, positive training to direct his curious character. These athletic furry friends love playing an engaging game of fetch and are happy to cuddle up after a long day of running around. 

6. Vizsla Dachshund 

This vizsla dachshund mix takes on the long body of the wiener dog and pairs it with adorable red coat of the vizsla. This charmer is a compact cutie, and is likely to follow you from room to room. 

You’ll find that this marvelous mutt has a strong prey drive leading him to chase anything he can. You’re guaranteed to have lots of fun with this playful pooch. 

7. Vizsla and Boxer 

Take the comical boxer and cross with the handsome vizsla and you get quite the charismatic canine!

The vizsla boxer mix is likely to be an excellent family companion, who’s always up for the next adventure. These silly sweethearts are super friendly but will need firm, positive guidance to point them in the right direction. With a vizsla boxer mix, you have a permanent puppy that will always bring a smile to your face.

8. Golden Vizsla (Vizsla / Golden Retriever) 

If you’re seeking a true best buddy, there’s no better place to find companionship than in a golden vizsla. This cute cross loves to dole out plenty of kisses and is eager to please, making him an excellent canine companion. 

As long as these pups are given lots of belly rubs and time outside, you’re bound to have a happy-go-lucky furry friend.

9. Vizsla Beagle 

The vizsla crossed with the bodacious beagle gives you a friendly fellow who trusts you almost as much as his nose. These adventurous furry friends are always up for the next adventure and will pair well with active owners. 

As long as you have plenty of treats, you’re sure to find a new best buddy in the vizsla beagle mix.

10. Vizsla and Rhodesian Ridgeback 

The vizsla ridgeback is a stunning dog with a sweet, though sometimes serious personality. These pooches are plenty affectionate with their families, though they can be somewhat aloof around strangers, so you’ll need to pay special attention to the socialization process. 

A vizsla ridgeback is incredibly loyal, so you can count on these big best buddies to have your back. \

Check out some other Rhodesian ridgeback mixes!

11. Vizslapoo (Vizsla / Poodle Mix)

A Vizslapoo is the ultimate sporting companion, always up for another quest or agility training. These active dogs are incredibly smart and love being around their families. As another plus, their shaggy coats are also fairly easy to maintain. 

So long as these sporty furry friends get enough exercise, you’re sure to love having a playful pooch like the Vizslapoo. 

12. Vizsla German Shorthaired Pointer 

The vizsla GSP cross is a natural one, mainly because the two parent breeds share a lot of the same qualities: They’re both friendly, active, and eager to please. 

You can expect that these magnificent mutts make amazing running buds and dependable canine companions. These intelligent dogs are also incredibly apt for learning new tricks. 

13. Whippet Vizsla

Cross the adaptable whippet with a friendly vizsla and you’ll get a docile, good-natured furry friend that loves to play, but can also enjoy relaxing on the couch. This well-balanced mix loves his family more than anything else and does well with kids and other pets.

On the plus side, he may inherit the whippet parent’s tendency to bark fairly little, making these great apartment dogs as long as you can provide plenty of daily exercise. 

14. Vizsla Rottweiler

The loving and loyal vizsla Rottweiler mix is a true best friend that will likely follow you from one room to the next. These energetic pups love showing their goofy side to their loved ones, but may be a bit more reserved around strangers. 

Start socialization as soon as possible to help these fantastic friends grow into doting, darling dogs. 

15. Vizsla Corgi

The vizsla corgi is a sight to see with his stocky yet adorable frame. These lively pups crave playtime with their favorite people, and are sure to reward you with plenty of cuddles if you’re willing to throw the ball just “once” more. 

16. Great Vizsla (Vizsla / Great Dane) 

The Great Vizsla is a gentle giant with a huge heart to match his large frame. This unique cross creates a super friendly four-footer that gets along well with everyone in the family. 

Make sure these pups get plenty of training early on. These pups may be prone to forgetting their size, so it’s imperative that they master their mutt manners as soon as possible. 

17. Doberman Vizsla (Vizsla / Doberman Pinscher)

The sensitive furry friends bond closely with their family members, though they might not be sure of strangers upon first glance. The Doberman vizsla is an elegant athlete and watchdog, eager to do anything for his loved ones. If you take care of these loyal pups, they’re bound to do the same for you. 

18. Vizsla Springer Spaniel (Vizsla / English Springer Spaniel)

This sweet cross is super friendly and makes an excellent hunting companion with his alert and loyal demeanor. The vizsla springer spaniel craves constant connection and will do well in households where someone is usually home. 

These highly-trainable pups certainly love to be the center of attention, so make sure you have enough time to share with these loveable dogs. 

19. Vizsla Mastiff

Looking for a large loveable furry friend? The vizsla mastiff might be a great choice with his courageous yet good-natured personality. These sweet family dogs do great with children, though they’ll need positive, consistent training to ensure that their size doesn’t become a safety issue. 

For the most part, the vizsla mastiff mix is a docile, loving furry friend that is always awaiting the next play session with the ones he loves most. 

20. Vizsla Collie

This striking mix is a result of the friendly vizsla and dignified collie. These pups make excellent family members and do well with adults and kids alike. Plus, they’re incredibly intelligent, so you won’t have trouble training these eager pups. 

With that in mind, these athletic dogs need to be kept busy. You’ll want to invest in a couple of puzzle toys and games to keep these dogs entertained. 

21. Vizsla Bloodhound

This mutt is a curious, friendly hunter with floppy ears and the emblematic vizla red coat. These pups like to keep busy and follow their nose, almost to a fault — they’ll need a patient owner who can guide their hunting dog breed instincts with firm yet positive training. 

22. Australian Cattle Vizsla (Vizsla / Australian Cattle Dog) 

Vizsla mix 2
Image from Rescue Rovers.

The Australian cattle Vizsla makes an alert, curious companion that isn’t as “clingy” as his vizla parent. While these mutts certainly love their humans, they are a bit more independent, and enjoy staying occupied. 

These active four-footers will benefit from plenty of exercise and agility tasks that put their herding instincts to good use. 

23. Vizsla Chihuahua 

Need a compact cutie? This vizsla Chihuahua cross might just fit the bill. These loving lap dogs will still need plenty of playtime, but they won’t need as much exercise as their vizsla parents. While this cross is generally friendly, he may be apprehensive around strangers, so early socialization is key. 

24. Vizsla Greyhound

The vizsla greyhound mix is an incredibly well-balanced dog with a friendly yet gentle nature. These elegant furry friends appreciate plenty of exercise opportunities, though they’re fairly adaptable as long as their activity needs are met. You’ll love spending time with these swift sweeties. 

25. Vizsla Rat Terrier 

Vizsla rat terrier mix
Image from Adopt a Pet.

Look at those ears! These friendly mixes are bound to win you over. Vizla rat terrier mixes tend to do well with just about anyone in the family. That being said, they do have a strong prey drive, so they’ll need to be socialized with any other household pets from early on. With a playful disposition and natural curiosity, these marvelous mutts will steal your heart. 

Where Can You Find Vizsla Mixes? 

As with any designer dog, a specific vizsla mix can be challenging to pin down. Here are a couple of ways you can narrow down your search for a particular pooch:

  • Start with the internet. Using an online search engine like Petfinder makes it easy for you to find adoptable dogs in your local vicinity or throughout the country (if you’re willing to make a road trip for your canine companion). You can filter your search results by breed, so tracking down a vivacious vizsla isn’t too tricky. 
  • Check your local shelter. Adopting is an awesome way to welcome a canine companion into your life. Call your local shelter and ask if they know of any vizsla pups within their network. Just remember to get your marvelous mutt’s full history from the shelter staff before making a commitment to ensure your furry friend is a good fit for your family. 
  • Seek out a vizsla rescue organization. You might be able to find some vizsla mixes through a rescue organization catered to these red-coated cuties. 
  • Use your network. If you happen to know someone who has a vizsla mix, ask them about their breeder. While they may be able to point you in the right direction, remember that it’s important to take the time to seek out a reputable dog breeder. 


These vivacious vizsla mixes are sure to leave a paw print on your heart. If you’re ready for tons of fun, unmatched loyalty, and boundless energy, one of these sweet vizsla mixes might make the perfect pooch for you. 

Have you met any of these canine combos? Which vizsla mix was your favorite? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments below! 

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